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text post sentence starters  /  original version here

  • “bro, you look so cute right now. dude, you are so fucking adorable.”
  • “wanna watch this murder documentary with me?”
  • “i may act like i’m sassy but if you’re mean to me there’s a 900% chance i’ll cry.”
  • “i may act like I’m clueless but actually know what’s going on at al times.”
  • “attention: i need attention.”
  • “i don’t have a nervous system. i’m a nervous system.”
  • “drugs? no thanks, the only ‘high’ i need is the natural rush you get from commiting a murder.”
  • “i think i’m subconsciously trying to ruin my own life.”
  • “why fall in love when you can fall on the floor and never get up?”
  • “i try not to sound like an asshole but it’s really hard because i am an asshole.”
  • “i don’t want to look 'pretty’, i want to look otherwordly and vaguely threatening.”
  • “i’m the nicest, sweetest, most rage-filled person i know.”
  • “girls are so soft and amazing and nice and beautiful and mysterious and complex and loving and caring. i don’t remember what i was going to say but i’m just gay.“
  • "i’d love to relax but that’s just not realistic.”
  • “contrary to popular belief i’m actually soft and have feelings.”
  • “this could be less hetero.”
  • “to be honest i just need a hug.”
  • “why can’t I be mentally chill instead of mentally ill?”
  • “this is it, this is how i die: lack of attention.”
  • “are we just friends or is this flirting serious?”
  • “i have this problem where i isolate myself from civilization and then get upset because i’m lonely.”
  • “i may be ugly but at least i have an ugly personality too. consistency is key.”
  • “i don’t wanna get involved in drama i just wanna know 103% of the information on what happened.”
  • “i am bysexual as in i’m not interested, goodbye.”
  • “i could win an olympic gold medal in being ignored.”
  • “fill your heart with bees. if someone breaks your heart then they have to deal with the bees.”
  • “i’m so tired of not being a multimillionaire.”
  • “i panic a lot of other places besides the disco.”
  • “which layer of hell do you think you’re going to?”
  • “my kink is being right.”
  • “my kink is being home alone.”
  • “you’re really sensitive for a selfish asshole.”
  • “i can tell myself to be heartless but in all reality, i have a big heart and can’t treat people badly, that’s just not me.”
  • “what about netflix and kill?”
  • “no offense but why does everyone hate me?”
  • “i’m a strong independent introvert who don’t need no social life.”
  • “why do i get struggles instead of snuggles?”
  • “if a conversation goes on too long without being about me, i’m out.”
  • “i’m small, queer and something to fear.”
  • “all this sadness is bad for my skin.”
  • “i’m cute and perfect but also unstable, violent and self-destructive”
  • “i’m beautiful and underappreciated.”
  • “she’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s me.”
  • “sorry for being awesome, loser.”
  • “is 'no’ an emotion? because i’m feeling it.”

My fav boys in cute blue checkered shirts is what I’m here for 


Finally, the curse is lifted!

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DanganXSpongebob Part-3

1- Matsuda is a genius.
2- Friends Forever.
3- F.U.N.
4- The sweater.
And the third part of these is finnished! And omg it’s me or Matsuda look really good? It’s my first time drawing him an Ryoko and I’m surprise by how cute they end. Well, I hope that this make you smile or even laugh. Thats the only propose for these -also its turning kinda funny to do too- anyway, I hope you like it!

Part 2:


Anonymous said: could you imagine that new pokemon getting a super doting trainer thinking it has successfully disguised as a pikachu, only to have its wooden tail fall off one day, poor thing would have a panic attack over if their trainer will still want them i bet

okay arguably i got a little carried away BUT this idea was way too cute not to run with..! ;u;

i had considered making a comic with a child, but then i thought mimikkyu’s “““tail”““““““ would be a perfect height for a walking stick - and it makes them more huggable anyway!! or at least, sylvester thinks so ^q^

VLD WLW MONTH DAY 26 - Superhero Prompt

AU where Allura is a superhero and saves Nyma one day, they end up falling in love :D

(click for better quality)

Some headcanons/basic plot for the au

- Allura, like in canon can control and channel quintessence, as well as having abnormal strength, the only difference is in that this universe she is much more trained and in control of these abilities.

- Nyma is the comic book nerd who works at an art store and is really gay for this one superhero who she’s never met but always melts when she sees her on TV.

- One day on her way back from work, a building collapses and traps Nyma in the rubble along with a few other people. It turns out the building has collapsed as Allura is having an Intense battle with Prince Lamester 

- Allura sees the people trapped and goes to help them, pulling Nyma out first.

- Basically, they lock eyes and fireworks spark, Nyma’s just sitting there lookin cute dumb, because oh my god its the hot superhero from tv. Allura gives her a quick smile before leaving to help everyone else.

- Nyma sits there in shock for a few minutes, barely noticing the fight between Allura and Pinecone Linguine finishing and Allura heading towards her, triumphant.

- When Nyma realises she tries to get up, but is still extremely dizzy and falls right back down on her butt, making Allura laugh, followed by her telling Nyma off for not seeking help from one of the many ambulances that had arrived. Nyma simply stares at her, mouth agape. Then she faints.

- Allura carries her bridal style into an ambulance because she is Stronk and gay. She’s kinda smiling because, oh my god she’s adorable, but also vry scared because, oh no, the cute girl is unconscious in my arms panic.

- Nyma waking up with flowers beside her bed +a note with a messy phone number and date proposal. 

- Things continue on from there.

ink-nero  asked:

i mean im into vore too (not sexually) bc the insides and mouths of any living thing is FASCINATING ,

god mouths are so weird but so cool at the same time. also things that look pretty dang cute on the outside may have the worlds most Scary Shit in there and you wouldnt normally know!! but its cool anyways 


jk pretends that he’s annoyed by jm. (he secretly loves him.)

Look she has her original hairstyle :D! I’m so happy to add it onto the Lizzy model <3~ Anyway I had posted the art of her but with the owner’s hairstyle that she had original onto the 3D model and she talked to me and told me it’s quite alright to change her hair but not just give her pieces out ;w;! I got so happy too bad I suck at adding physics onto her hair ;-; its still stiff..so yeah. 

Anyway i hope ya’ll love this cute cielizzy art I made oh! Right the background light color e.e..it happened again and I tried to take it out but it won’t work :s! So sorry! I still hope everyone loves it ? 

Critiques are welcome~ 


Once again I just couldn’t resist the cuteness that is The Message by @i-ship-a-lot-of-ships. ♥ ♥ ♥

anonymous asked:

Hi there. I just wanted to say that I love your artworks and doodles very very much. Whenever I see your Izuocha, this makes me so happy, you don't want to know. You make them look so cute and lovable and adorable and....... AAAAAAAAHHH. It's so wholesome!!!! And I can say that about all of the things you've drawn so far. You are one of my fave artists on this site. And I think you totally deserve the positive messages you get. Keep up the awesome work, and I hope you have a great day!!

Wh–…………you’re so kind//// Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful day too!


Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast reading the script for the first time


Rules - if you have been tagged then write ten of you favourite songs then tag ten people!

I was tagged by @heartbreakinboredom :) thank you xxx

Clarissa - mindless self indulgence
Disloyal order of water buffaloes - fall out boy
Na na na - my chemical romance
What’s wrong - pvris
Backmask - mindless self indulgence
Sugar we’re going down - fall out boy
Glitch - evarose
Casio - mindless self indulgence
House of wolves - my chemical romance
Hard times - paramore

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SUPERLATE POST NEW YEARS HOLIDAY 616!AVENGERS FAMILY BREAKFAST yes they’re wearing each others shirts and yes its still ugly sweater season and yes i did sneak in buckynat and jarvismay too (dont h8 its cute as hell)

and i bet the rest of the avengers are used to schmoopyness between steve and tony so they just mercilessly make fun of them now and take blackmail photos and tony’s sick of it while steve smiles serenely on (but he totally hunts down the photos and deletes them later) anyways if you can’t tell who they are: sam wilson+redwing, carol, jess, thor, peter, bruce, logan, clint, natasha, bucky

(clint sam and bucky are hung over as hell and natasha’s dissapointed in bucky. also bonus points for picking out objects from comics canon)

anonymous asked:

The one with Leanne is cute but that's actually not the one I'm talking about. Its this one ( westallengifs(.)com/post/163298413714/via-entertainment-tonights-instagram-story) I'm surprised you haven't seen/posted it yet cause its been posted everywhere on SM. Anyways GG and CP look beyond adorable.

I’ve seen it, but Leanne also took that one, that is why I said Leanne came through. 

Am I the only one who still doesn’t know what Keiy outfit is?? I think I’m too old for the CW Network 😭😭

I feel like you’d have to be PRETTY old to have never heard of Where’s Waldo, but apparently in Australia it’s “Where’s Wally”. Get it now? LOL

My dumbass just got KL’s costume joke. Wally=Waldo. Like duh! 😂😂😂

I think it’s cute, and a good way to hide his hair that I still low-key hate. 

After 10,000 years, we finally got another joint interview. And many more. We’ve been blessed once again this year.

Tis good when your OTP is engaged and they can’t pretend they aren’t a thing anymore. LOL

aaa hello!! i’m luna and i’m literally the worst at intros!! im eighteen and im just ur average insomniac lush employee who likes writing and cute ppl far too much. i also have a kitten who i love v much and have lots of photos if u wanna see my bb. anyway enough about me!! i can’t wait for u all to meet my peach, my plum, the actual love of my life, min jisung. i’ll have his bio and stats page up either tomorrow or the day after!! if u would like to plot u can find me on discord luna#3097 or just give this a like and i’ll send u an im!!

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