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Just Ask - Tom Holland x Reader imagine

Title: Just Ask
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: Tom admits to Harrison that he loves you
Word Count: 630
Warning: None.
A/N: Written for anon - ‘Tom and “i’m so in love with her that i don’t know what to do"’. Also, I might write a part 2 for this, so please let me know if you’re interested in that.

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anonymous asked:

I ❤you and your writing. B + C met during a games night at mutual friends when they got ultra competitive over a game of Monopoly. It's only right that he proposes during a game of Pictionary with the gang. Except Clarke is so focused on trying to win, that the 'subtle' theming of all the clues (i.e. totally obvious films/books etc about love and marriage, especially picked by Bellamy) totally passes her by... Cue much hilarity amongst their friends, and much exasperation/love from Bellamy. ❤

Thanks for the prompt!! I tweaked it a little, firstly because I was going on memory and forgot it was specifically pictionary, and then secondly because the thought of someone proposing to me in public/in front of people genuinely horrifies me and I couldn’t bring myself to write it lmao. Hope you like it anyway!


“So, marriage.”

Bellamy drives off the road, blinking at the TV as Princess Peach zooms across the finish line while his screen is black, Waluigi falling into the abyss.

“Was that intentional?” He asks, finishing the race on autopilot and in twelfth place, as Clarke snuggles into his side and presses her smile into his shoulder.

“It was a conversation I’ve been trying to figure out when to have.”

“And you decided the last three seconds of Rainbow Road was the right time?”

“Two birds, one stone.” She tilts her head and smirks up at him, and he can’t help the way his irritation instantly disappears. She might be ruthlessly competitive, but he’s also like ninety percent sure she wants to marry him, and he can’t find it within himself to be upset about anything when he’s thinking about that. “So what do you think?”

“What do I think about marriage? In general?”

“Sure. And to me, specifically.”

“Is this you proposing?”

“No way,” she snorts. “You know I don’t half-ass anything, ever. If I propose, I’m gonna sweep you off your feet.”

He grins. “Fair point.”


“So–” He shrugs. “I don’t know. Marriage in general has never been a big dream of mine, mostly because I was pretty relieved Mom never married any of the guys in her life. It’s not like– It was still hard for her to leave some of them, but it would have been harder if there were legalities involved.”

Clarke kisses his shoulder again, nuzzling into him a little, and he puts his arm around her. “As a child of divorce, I can attest that the legalities don’t make any of it easier.”

“I guess I didn’t get the appeal of it for a long time.” He pauses. “But ever since we started dating… Well, I get it now.”


He kisses her hair. “Yeah. I want to tell everyone all the time how awesome you are and how awesome our life is together. It’s a lot easier if we do it all at once, with all the people important to us watching. And then everyone else can just take a hint from the rings.”

“Sappy,” she accuses, but he can hear the smile in her voice.

“Plus there are tax advantages and healthcare and stuff.”

“Well if it’s for tax advantages.” She straightens a little, still under his arm, and picks her controller back up.

“Hey.” He pokes her in the side. “You can’t just leave it at that. This is when you’re supposed to tell me what you think.”

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goldenwolf001  asked:

Please take your time. It's already so hard dealing with life, and putting your time and strength on us is already the most you can do. Don't feel obligated to give us something every week, especially if you don't feel right. I'm really sorry you feel this way, and it's okay to take a step away for a while. Please rest up, as we will always be here, supporting you. I hope you feel better soon.

Honestly… I was just gonna be like “hahaha you’re probably right.” and then just not do anything to change anything after the first message.

But it seems… you guys are pretty insistent that I take a break ^^; I dunno. Maybe it’s easier to see it from the outside than I can see myself that I need one. Especially if there’s a bunch of you saying to do so.

I wasn’t going to, even after the influx of messages, but I was thinking about it last night while trying to get some sleep and I think maybe you guys are right.

Drawing and working on the comic is not the problem. I absolutely enjoy doing that and have no feelings of burnout or tiredness working on it at all. It’s almost a way of escapism for me because I like my own story and I enjoy working on it and fleshing it out and seeing it become a thing in the real world. I really enjoy that to no end!

The problem is, after I post a page I often have to trudge through a handful of comments that irk me. But, being a content creator who wants feedback and interaction, most of the time I just don’t say anything and ignore it, focusing instead of the good feedback and positive words and people who actually have interesting and supportive things to say. Most of the time it’s perfectly fine. I can brush off annoyances and comments that just repeat the same thing over and over and over again (you want a good laugh, check out the dA comments on page 63 and take a shot for every comment translating the wingdings)

But yeah, this week it just got to me, mostly because of everything else happening right now. I’ve mentioned I’m sick, I dunno how many of you read that the reason I got sick is literally from stress and emotional strain, and I’m also moving as well as trying to do some work for a paid client I need to put more focus on. (as well as my mom recently being sick and having injured herself from a fall and various other smaller things). It feels like a hand has got my by the throat and is choking me most of the time.

Not to mention the escapism of working on the comic is not working right now, because while I’m enjoying myself drawing the comic, I get knocks on my door as people remind me “don’t forget you have to do this and this and this before Tuesday, ok? And the time I’m trying to ignore life and just focus on my art is making the real life I’m trying to ignore more and more stressful. Even though all I wanna do is draw the comic.

I’m going to take next week (this week?) off. Or rather, I’m not gonna have next Saturday as the deadline for myself, so I can work on the comic if I want but it isn’t going up next Saturday and I don’t have a week deadline for it. Maybe I can draw some other things or maybe I can just do some packing or the paid work or something. Despite being sick, life (or rather the people in it) refuse to give me time I need to not do anything at all or I’d spend the time sleeping.

Honestly I’d rather work on the comic like normal, but I think you guys are right and it’s just too much right now.

Of course I’m also scared shitless of the 14 coming up. Please sign those forms and make those phone calls guys. The net neutrality thing is NOT helping my health at all.

But yeah. Just a general thanks for all the kind messages and nice words. I wish I wasn’t a person whose emotions shut down when I get support and don’t know how to respond, but in this case just the number of you sending word has peer-pressured me in stepping back and taking a breather, which I would not have done otherwise.


(A/N): This story was first published on my old tumblr page (foxxy-stories). Don’t panic. Also, this is my newest creation. I only posted it several days ago on my old blog. So, enjoy a one-shot with Loki. :)
Pairing: Loki x reader
Warning: mentions of killing
Words: 2737

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid


(Y/N) was different than the rest of the team, unusual than the two Asgardian Gods that were occasionally living in the Avengers Tower. On the outside, she looked like a normal human being, but inside, she was a mutant – a very rare mutant. Wanda was a successful experiment that gave her incredible powers. They said she was the strongest Avenger that could knock out even the Hulk. Unfortunately, they didn’t know exactly what Y/N could do. The team only knew about the ability to cause pain with one look. She could take down a crowd of people with one glare. Unfortunately, that wasn’t all. With a single touch, she was able to kill anyone or anything. Her palms were the most dangerous thing in the world. She felt like a monster. The day she came to the tower was the day she kept herself away from the team. What if she kills someone by accident? What would happen next? The girl didn’t know how to control the ability. No matter how much she tried, whatever her palms touched, plants, animals, people, it died.

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I’ll Never Forget Him

Summary: When Dan slips and tells the entirety of the internet a secret about Phil, he tries desperately to cover it up. He just doesn’t try hard enough.

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None 

Word Count: 1,271

A/N: I really hope you guys enjoy this one. I’ve spent over three months crafting it to make sure that the whole thing is perfect. This really means a lot to me so please enjoy yes yes.

Hello crafties!

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things i’ve learned while playing overwatch, as a lucio main:

  • symmetra is useless, but somehow can still get play of the game
  • junkrat mains are egotistical

  • pharahs spawn already injured, somehow stay alive the entirety of the match

  • the moment you hear “its high noon” you’re fucking dead, no matter what

  • bastion mains are the nicest people in the world, always thank for healing / good at protecting healers
  • ana’s are the most annoying, always putting u to sleep right as the rest of the team rushes in on yours
  • tracers die the moment they leave spawn, regardless of whether theres enemies around. it doesn’t matter. they will die.
  • reinhardt good at protecting healers, never thank for healing
  • dont fuck with reapers
  • just dont
  • genji’s are CONSTANTLY hurt, not actually super annoying about getting healing
  • soldier 76 is a tough old shit to deal with, but good in helping heal the team/take down the other team (sidenote: can snipe, very handy)
  • mei’s are SUPER annoying to play against, SUPER good to play with
  • roadhogs also super annoying, but very good on same team
  • zenyatta: i can be your anlge, or yuor devil,
  • mercys are constantly dying and cannot even defend themselves but refuse to stay behind the big guys, what are you even doing (constantly favor one player and follow them around, What Are You Even Doing)
  • widowmakers are kind of easily forgettable, take a lot of demage, never ask for healing
  • where the fuck is sombra i saw them a moment ago and then they’re gone again what the fu
  • doomfist good at hurting others when the player is good with them, otherwise pretty useless / dont even get a chance to heal them
  • torbjorn isn’t that bad to play with actually? helpful as hell
  • nobody EVER wants to play winston
  • d.va’s can be good with the right player behind them, constantly need healing
  • hanzo’s never need to be healed?? they’re just always Good
  • orisa kinda like bastion in that they protect healers, need a lot of healing but rarely thank
  • zarya’s are motherfuckin tanks, can take a lot of hits, are super annoying to deal with
  • other lucios: get over here you twitchy bastard i am The True Lucio and i Will Win

and finally, moira:

  • constroversal opinion: better than mercys?? super good to team up with, often need healing, always got my back, practically never die (at least until they nerf her)

so yeah this is my Hot Take on character mains

allsortsoflicorice  asked:

You are my go-to expert on Vincent and Lucretia, so I have a very quick question: did Vincent confront Hojo (and subsequently get shot) before or after Sephiroth was born? Many thanks! Licorice

The very quick answer is that we don’t know for sure, but most likely after. But it’s the very long answer that takes into account why exactly the fandom is so divided on this issue and where the confusion comes from.

In the original game, we see the flashback as a montage of disparate scenes, with little to no dialogue and very little indication of how much time has lapsed between each one. But because of the quick succession of them, each scene only a few seconds long, interspersed with modern-day Vincent’s occasional narration, it comes across as seeming as though there isn’t a whole lot of time that lapses between each scene.


At 1:13, Vincent narrates, “After that, a child was born to Lucrecia… That child’s name was… Sephiroth…” Immediately after this narration, we see Lucrecia (who was already established to be pregnant in an earlier scene) fall down in the inn, then we cut to the scene of Vincent running into Hojo’s lab to yell at him, at which point Hojo shoots him.

This seems to have left most people (myself included) with the impression that Vincent was narrating the birth of Sephiroth, and then the flashback was showing us what he had just told: Lucrecia falls down presumably because she is going into labor, and Vincent freaks out due to complications she’s having in delivery and immediately goes to yell at Hojo about what he’s done to Lucrecia because Vincent believes she’s currently dying (or has already just died) in childbirth.

To be fair, this idea was already seeded much earlier in the game by Sephiroth himself. When questioned about his parents by Cloud/Zack in Nibelheim, he says that his mother was named Jenova and she died giving birth to him. Although we as the player later learn that Sephiroth was mistaken/lied to about the identity of his mother, Vincent’s flashback about Lucrecia and her pregnancy doesn’t seem to discredit the idea that she was believed to have died in childbirth after all, and that perhaps that much was true and Sephiroth was only given a false name. (It’s also worth bearing in mind that the low-poly SD sprites weren’t really high def enough to let us see a pregnant belly even if they meant to convey one, and that such things were routinely forgiven and excused as graphical limitations back then. [See also: Hojo pointing an empty hand at Vincent, a gunshot sound effect, and us all accepting that he pulled a gun out of somewhere and didn’t just shoot bullets of of his hand.])

It also doesn’t posit the idea that Vincent believed her to have died in childbirth, exactly. Nor does Vincent ever say it. He indicates that he believed her to have died, yes (when he says, “Lucrecia…you’re alive,”), but he never suggests she died in childbirth. But the game already put that idea in our heads, and without it ever being denied, we tend to read the rest with confirmation bias.

Now, the idea of Vincent believing Lucrecia to have died in childbirth hinges on two other ideas:

  1. That Vincent never saw Lucrecia again after she gave birth.
  2. That Lucrecia gave birth basically at the same time that Vincent was shot by Hojo.

If either of these ideas are discredited, then the “Vincent believed Lucrecia to have died in childbirth idea” falls apart.

Then Dirge of Cerberus came along with its better graphics and still no visibly pregnant Lucy, and also Vincent catching glimpses of Lucrecia no longer pregnant, and everyone cried retcons and inconsistency because they thought the original game was trying to say that she should have been pregnant in scenes where DoC doesn’t show her as such.

Most notably, there is this one: https://youtu.be/SyeAD1NKnVw?t=3h9m12s

Immediately after Hojo has shot Vincent, Lucrecia comes ambling in holding her visibly flat tummy, apparently not pregnant. And then to make matters even muddier, Vincent takes note of her being there and says her name. This dashes both the idea of Lucrecia being in the middle of giving birth at that moment, and the idea that Vincent never saw her again after she had the baby.

If we suppose that Squeenix is no longer trying to get away with implying late-term pregnancy by having a lady sprite hold her stomach instead of actually putting a round belly on her—a tenuous supposition given their antics with Hojo’s sprite, I’ll grant you—then we must conclude that either Lucrecia is still very early in her pregnancy at this point, or that she has already given birth and has more or less gone back to her pre-pregnancy shape. (And the implausibility of a woman going back to size 4 soon after giving birth is where we’ll now grant “graphical limitation” excuses, or least “lazy and idealistic storytelling.” But just because it’s not realistic doesn’t mean they don’t mean for it to be the case.)

“But wait,” I can hear the naysayers naysaying, “obviously Lucrecia couldn’t have had the baby yet, because she never got to hold her baby. That means that Lucrecia had to have ‘died’ when she gave birth, because otherwise how would she have been unable to hold her baby when she’s clearly able to walk around the mansion like that? Can’t she just walk into his nursery and pick him up?”

And the answer is: not if Sephiroth is somewhere else.

Note this scene: https://youtu.be/SyeAD1NKnVw?t=3h12m7s

[Lucrecia shakes Hojo by the shoulders. “Give him back! Give my son back!” Hojo seems unfazed. “And how is your experiment proceeding?” he asks coolly, referring to the dead man floating in a tube next to them. “I don’t know!” Lucrecia cries, recoiling from Hojo and running away. “I don’t know, I don’t care!”]

“Let me see him!” she cries off camera, wailing in anguish. “Just once!”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If Sephiroth was in the manor, Lucrecia wouldn’t need to be shaking Hojo’s shoulders and pleading with him when that physical energy would be better spent breaking down a door. This is not the depiction of a woman who is too polite to see her son in the next room without first obtaining Hojo’s permission; Lucrecia is physically unable to reach Sephiroth, wherever he may be, and Hojo is somehow involved (whether physically, bureaucratically, or in some other capacity) in her being denied access to the baby.

My best guess is that Lucrecia was incapacitated for some time due to a difficult delivery, and Sephiroth was removed from Nibelheim as an infant before she was able to get out of bed. Later, Vincent confronted Hojo about something other than Lucrecia supposedly dying right at that moment. Your guess as to what that was is as good as mine, but something I do love to explore in fanfiction.

“But wait!” say the naysayers again. “Sephiroth says that he remembers Nibelheim. Surely he must have been there at an age old enough to form memories—not as a days-old infant!” To which I’ll simply point out that he also seems to have memories of Gast, and please look at the timeline involving Gast’s escape from ShinRa before you cast doubts on Sephiroth’s ability to have memories from infancy.

Ah yes, the timeline. The timeline, mind you, is a piece of shit when it comes to the events of the Jenova Project and Sephiroth’s age, because it seems to have been created by people whose greatest concern is making sure the frontmen of their boyband aren’t too old to earn teenage girl adoration. By which I mean their decision to place Sephiroth, Genesis, and Angeal at around age 20 in Crisis Core.

But there’s another thing that we have to (begrudgingly) look at in the timeline when trying to figure out when Lucrecia gave birth to Sephiroth and where that falls in the order of other events depicted.


The “30 years” often attributed to Vincent’s coffin nap is a fanon number. It’s a fanon I’ll cling to until the day I die probably, because it makes way more sense than the actual canon, but it’s fanon nonetheless.

It’s fanon that comes from the OG, when the only insight we had into Sephiroth’s age and how long Vincent had been sleeping was a passing comment made by an NPC in Cosmo Canyon who said he knew Gast, and that Gast discovered Jenova “about 30 years ago.” 30 seemed to be like a sound age for Sephiroth (25 as of the Nibelheim burning), so we all went with it. 30 years in the coffin would put Vincent at a chronological age of 57 as of Meteorfall, since his Turk age is fixed at 27 (at least, his age of “death”).

The 10th Anniversary Ultimania, unfortunately, estimates Vincent’s chronological age at “around 50” as of OG, and estimates that the events he retells in his flashbacks occurred “25~30” years ago. “Around” 50 years old - 27 years old = “around” 23 years in the coffin, which falls a bit short of that “around 25~30 years ago” range. Which either means that his entry in the 10th Anniversary Ultimania boasts a discrepancy in its own math on the same page—or that a few years lapsed between the events in question and when he stopped aging. (Or that they think 23 is “around 25–30.”)

Oh my god I know I’m getting so long winded and way too far into it now, but bear with me.

We also know that Sephiroth was more like “around 25~30” (chronologically) as of Meteorfall rather than “around 23,” mostly because his own character page says that was when he was born. So basically what I’m suggesting is that Vincent was shot and/or ceased aging significantly later than Sephiroth’s birth—like, a year or two later.

And the answer to “But wait then what was everyone doing during that time?” is probably a combination of “recovering from childbirth for a super long time,” “security rounds ad nauseam,” “finding new and interesting ways to genetically manipulate the local fauna,” “avoiding each other,” “being trapped in a horrible loveless marriage,” “wondering if this assignment is ever going to end” and most importantly “being assigned busy work by the higher offices to keep them in Nibelheim as long as possible until eventually they all killed each other and/or themselves at which point ShinRa is no longer held responsible for their fates.”

It’s also possible that Vincent was, say, shot at age 25, continued aging while “in a death-like state” for two years, and then didn’t actually stop aging until Chaos was introduced to his body (two years later, in this case). But that supposes that he was pickling for an awfully long time pre-Chaos.

It’s also possible that Squeenix really was just lazy about their pregnant Lucrecia sprite, that she was pregnant until after Vincent was shot, and that they regularly just fart all over their own timeline. The likelihood of that ever being the real answer is the only reason why I say “we don’t know for sure,” and why we never know anything for sure that isn’t stated outright.

Babygirl's Birthday(Simon Personal)

(Its what you’ve all been waiting for! The #Keebie imagine of the year! Enjoy lovelies!) You woke up in the comforting sheets of the bed you shared with your long term boyfriend Simon Minter. The delicate Christmas lights you had insisted on decorating his room with lit up the walls and cast prolonged tree shadows down to the floor. The room had always been scattered with memories the two of you had shared. The time you crashed their book tour and had a photo with them. Attending the launch party and Simon not being able to take his eyes off you all night. Meeting his parents for the first time and him meeting your family. He was terrified. They asked too many questions and even made you shy. Photos of him with your best friends. He thought they were crazy. Perfect for you then. He had tried his best to impersonate their accents and failed miserably. And he left the day crying with laughter. They always had that affect on people.
Though, his side of the bed was empty this morning. There was no lanky frame with long limbs spread crazily around the mattress. No bed head or croaky voice. Not forgetting to mention, today was your birthday. Finally!
Through the closed doors, you could hear the murmurs of the boys talking downstairs, though what they were saying was unknown to you. It wasn’t like all of them to be up at the same time. Especially when the sun was still up. And it wasn’t like them to ruin their long sleeping schedule to wish you a happy birthday. There were 5am tweets for that and they would be seeing you later in the day anyway.
Reluctantly, you pulled the sheets away from you and automatically felt the cold air of the room, opting to wrap yourself in one of Simon’s baggy hoodies he had left on the side.
Your phone was already flashing up on the side and you clicked onto your WhatsApp, even if it did crash far too many times, and see some messages from YouTube friends loading through.
From Joe, one of your closest friends, it reads- ‘To Keeley, happy birthday! I’m sorry you have to spend your day with four of the worst people possible but just remember, you’re not as old as me and at least that’s something to be thankful for x’
Phone in hand to scroll through and reply to your many birthday messages, you made your way downstairs to greet them all.
“Morning” You yawn, hunting through the wooden cupboards for anything actually in date.
“Afternoon Keeley” Vikk chuckles, going to put his bowl in the dishwasher.
“Its not that late” You comment, checking the time to already read 2pm.
“Of course it isn’t babe” Simon laughs, kissing your cheek quickly as he walked past.
No happy birthday? That wasn’t like him…
“So what are we up to today?” You wiggle your brows, sticking two pieces of toast into the toaster and sitting down with the rest of them.
The boys always tried to plan some sort of party whenever it was your birthday and it was guaranteed that Simon would have plenty planned.
“Just like any other day” Josh shrugs, “Filming, editing, gaming. What else?” He smiles.
“Ohh…” you look down, feeling a little disappointed.
You didn’t want to seem rude, the boys had stuff to do and that was acceptable but it wasn’t likely that they would completely forget everything about your birthday. Ever.
“You up to anything then babe?” Simon asks nonchalantly, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.
“Might head to see the girls, celebrate my birthday and all” You mention quickly.
“What?“ JJ exclaims, far too enthusiastically.
“My birthday…” You repeat, unsure of how to react.
“How could we ever forget?” Josh grins and all four of them pull out party poppers, bursting them all over the kitchen.
“Happy Birthday Keeley!!” JJ yells, standing to give you a quick hug.
“Thanks Jide” You chuckle.
“You really thought we forgot your birthday babe?” Simon shakes his head, walking over to you himself.
“I don’t know, you guys can be pretty forgetful” You point out before he wraps you in his arms.
“Happy Birthday gorgeous” He mumbles, his head resting perfectly on top of your own as it always did. Nobody ever realised how tall he actually was.
“Thanks babe” You reply, reaching up to kiss him longingly.
“Present time!” Vikk announces, walking out and evidently going to the lounge.
All of you follow, arriving to the big room where you find it splattered with decorations. Balloons hung in pairs from the ceiling and some scattering the floor. There were banners set in askew lines along the walls with bold letters to wish you a happy birthday and a pile of differently wrapped presents all culminated in the center of the room.
With the hand on the small of your back, Simon guides you towards them, taking a seat on the couch along with the other three.
“Mine first!” Josh grins, handing you a neatly wrapped box from the top of the pile.
“Alright” You say excitedly, opening the present.
Inside is a T-shirt with ‘Thatcherjoe’ written across the burgundy material- a reference to the constant joke that he was your favourite YouTuber.
“Yayyyyy!” You cheer, “My fave!”
“Nope nope nope nope” Simon shakes his head, throwing it across the room, “You have boxes of sidemen merch for that”
“Piss off Simon, just because you’re not a good enough YouTuber” You glare at him.
“My present now” Vikk smiles, handing over a half-hazardly wrapped present.
You open the loose wrapping and find a multi bag of monster munch inside.
“You know me so well!” you chuckle, “Thanks Vikk”
“Okay so mine isn’t actually wrapped but its the thought that counts you know?” JJ grins, pulling out the sidemen book from behind him.
“Woah thanks Jide, you know I don’t think I have one of these yet” You laugh.
“You didn’t even look inside Keeley!!” He exclaims, opening the book for you to one of the first pages.
In scrappy handwriting across the page it reads- ‘If I could pick any girl for Simon, I would pick you. (Really just to stop him being lonely) -From your favourite, JJ’
“Well that means a lot JJ” You smile, “Thank you”
You put down the presents on the floor and see the big grin on your boyfriends face.
“I guess there’s one present left” He grins, pulling out a huge box from behind the sofa.
You frown, confused as to what he would possibly buy that would be that big.
Tearing off the loose paper, you come to find a big cardboard box inside, moving to open the lid with caution. You are thankful for nothing jumping out though it isn’t what you expected, the box is empty. Besides a small envelope dropped to the bottom. Lifting it into your grasp, your name is written over the front and you open it to pull out an A4 sheet of paper.
It is covered in Simon’s writing, clearly written with as much care as he could possibly muster.
You read it to yourself.
‘To Keeley, I couldn’t think of a proper present to get you today. I don’t think you could either to be honest. I didn’t want to get you something boring or classic because that’s not good enough. Over the past however many months we’ve been dating (yes I know its 14 months, 2 weeks and 3 days) I have been amazed by how extraordinary you are. You make me laugh just by being you, you look adorable every single day (especially when you have plaits in your hair) and you’ve become best friends with the guys which I am so happy about. You are the most annoying person I have ever met and I think that’s what makes us perfect for each other, especially when we laugh in exactly the same way. So, happy birthday babygirl and I hope you’re ready to jet off to Croatia this evening because I certainly am’
You can feel tears building in your eyes, it was always like you to cry (at literally anything). Something which your friends always joked about.
“Are you serious?!” You exclaim and he pulls out a pair of plane tickets, “Oh my god!” you grin, getting up to give him a huge hug.
“What the fuck did he write? She didn’t even cry at what I wrote!!” JJ questions, picking up the paper and reading it himself.
“Happy Birthday babygirl…”
(I wasn’t really sure what to put into this because Im not good with soppy imagines and i certainly know it will turn into the cringiest thing to ever greet 2016 so after hours of procrastinating and spending far too much time questioning my own writing skill, I came up with this! (And I hope you appreciate the many references to you in this because it was bloody difficult!) Anyway… Happy Birthday bro!!! You’re finally 16 you old woman!! Enjoy this imagine that I know you’ve been waiting for, of course!! Here’s to the next months of #Keebie!! I’m on my way now😂)

so back in high school my aunt and uncle were having me over for a night and their son was already 17 and badass af and he introduced me to an actual blunt and i got stoned beyond belief after like ?? 3 hits and we both got mad munchies at like 3 am so i went to the kitchen, put my aunt’s pasta cake in the microwave, set time for 5 minutes and while i was waiting for the cake to heat up i fell asleep on the kitchen’s floor into what felt like a 3 year coma and when i woke up totally rested and relaxed the microwave was empty, its doors were left open, the timer showed 2 minutes had passed, and i was holding my aunt’s tortoise named jacob

Fucking Wait

Attention, Monhun Western community. for those who seem to be very very impatient on MHX’s localization, i’ll put it to you this way, if there will be no updated version of Cross, rest assured that the game will be on its way sooner then you think.

For those who still seem to think that Cross is a spinoff, NO! it is a main game, it’s just not a numbered main game. We already know how Capcom is with announcing localizations, they take time, and consideration, even if it’s release over seas in inevitable, gaming is a business.

The hash tag @gaijinhunter made, #MHXForTheWest is a great way for our voices to be heard, but it seems people have been taking this way too far as to even annoy Japanese MHX streamer’s by blowing up their chat with the hashtag. Look…. just because someone happens to live in Japan, streaming MHX does NOT mean that they can do ANYTHING to bring that game over, all your doing is making yourself, and the rest of us look bad. Let Capcom know that we want and appreciate the game in a mono tone, share the tag in post, and articles, but complaining to Capcom USA does jack shit, besides annoying Yuri.

So give it time, Capcom of Japan owe’s us nothing, we are no entitled to a damn thing, but we are grateful, and we can show that with our wallets, by buying the game when it releases.

And before anyone worries about anymore localizations, ask yourself this, before Monhun even had this big of a cult following, how many of the main games came over seas, without our voices being heard? Think about it, or look it up. Because most of em have. And if you don’t know the story behind us missing out on Portable 3RD, well it had jack shit to do with sales expectations.

For the love of God, Share this please.