but it's their 13th year and i know i'm gonna love it

raeseddon  asked:

Out of curiosity, what is it about the Friday the 13th movies that has captivated you for so long? They were never my impossibly long running franchise of choice (that honor goes to Night of the Living Dead) but I'm always interested in hearing other horror fans talk about why they love the series they do. Is it the nostalgia factor, the idea that a lot of them are in fact, Very Good Movies in their own right?

This is something I hope to tackle during the Countdown, because it’s one of my favorite subjects.

Focusing mainly on Parts 2, 3 and 4 – because that’s where my loyalty was most definitively built – these are horror movies, but they’re not just horror movies. They’re also movies about young adults getting to have the kinds of “vacations” I used to dream about as a kid. You know, the whole idea of being out on their own in a pretty dead town where the only thing to do was act on their impulses.

Crystal Lake had a lot in common with Pleasure Island from Pinocchio – get there and have your fun, but be careful, ‘cause you’re gonna pay for it.

I just love that aspect of the earlier films. The whole “bunch of friends mixed with non-friends thrown together for what essentially amounted to weeklong parties in the woods.” If you only know F13 by its reputation, this sounds off, but when you see the movies, it’s pretty clear and it has a lot of layers.

(And FYI, that was my main problem with the remake: It knew this, but it didn’t really understand this.)

Beyond that are other reasons, of course. I enjoy Jason as a character. I love the fact that he evolves from movie to movie, more often by happenstance than by storyline direction. I love that no two Jasons are exactly alike.

Thanks to changing trends, different directors and the simple fact that the franchise was “worth more” or “worth less” depending on the year, the F13 movies grew to have quite distinct flavors, too, and they hit upon so many mostly-lost horror “trends.” Part 5 is trashy. Part 6 is MTV. Part 7 is direct-to-video style. Part 8 represents the era when cinema wanted to get hipper but didn’t always know how to do that. Part 9 is ‘90s sci-fi. Part 10 is 2000s spoofy. Like, look at the each movie’s release date and then match it up with other movies that came out in those years. You’ll find that it makes SUCH WEIRD SENSE.

I could go on for hours, really.