but it's the same photographer

I drew this pic of roger like last year but forgot to post it so I’m doing it now!! I literally can’t even tell if it looks bad anymore… maybe don’t compare it to the real pic too much

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Do you have any tips on drawing eyes/ noses bc I can never draw them properly. Thank you

Let me just post some progress shots of some eyes and noses and faces coming together because it’s difficult for me to know exactly where to start.


Photograph by tvshows-addict and frugprince

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Rating: Explicit

Words:  186K - Complete

An epic love story in which Harry is way too in love, Louis is in denial of his sexuality, and they write songs instead of actually talking to each other.  

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Hi i was the one who sent in the family photo hc!!! I have another one that i absolutely adore. I wanted to make a comic from Geoff perspective seeing jack before transitioning having a mood/vision board. It started out with cute dresses and make up and a nice vacation spot for geoff and her to visit on holiday. Mostly her life with goeff being happy even tho she lives in a shitty apartment in a shitty phobic area. Pt 1 (im on mobile sorryy)

But as time goes on they get into some nasty business and meet nasty people (turned family).Slowly she replaces vacation spots with mugs shots and dresses with guns and Geoff starts to worry. He pulls her aside one day after seeing her placing up a bloody picture of gavin that was featured on the front page of the los santos newspaper. He asks why she has changed why she supports them all and why she has given up her dreams of pampering and vacations. Pt2!

But she just smiles and says that this is her dream and she wouldnt change it for the world.  (Or st like that but it got abandoned a very long time ago)

When Jack told him she wanted to start transitioning he supported her wholeheartedly, of course. He could see how much happier she was whenever she got to let loose and let down the front that the unforgiving neighborhood around them made her use. She started wearing dresses, cute, flowing and full of bright colors and patterns, she started experimenting with makeup, and was of course a natural at it, and for the first time in a while, Geoff saw her smile brighter than ever. The area around them didn’t lighten up, however. There were still people that would eye them in disgust, people who would shout things out their car windows, and people that made Geoff fear for her safety, but she never seemed to back down, not when Geoff was by her side. 

Nonetheless, he wanted her to have a place where she felt safe, so he bought her a tiny house by the beach that he could come and visit her in, one that she could lay out on the beach in the warm sun and sand and be herself. But they get close, and some of Geoff’s personal life bleeds in. It soaks the pretty corners of her life, the ones she kept out of their unconventional life, and her life goes from pretty red nails and summer dresses to broken knuckles and bloodied heist gear. He still has this image of her, her hair blowing in the light breeze from the ocean, the sun giving her a warm halo of light and highlighting each freckle on her skin, a smile gracing her lips as she talks animatedly to him, stuck in his mind. It vastly contrast to the woman standing before him, a gun shoved in her back pocket and her hair tied back, hanging a battered picture of their Golden Boy, a sneering, bloodied smile on his lips, on their wall like a trophy, her bruised knuckles smoothing the photograph with care. 

Its hard to picture the same person on the beach, and it worries him. Has he taken that safe, carefree warmth away from her and plunged her into this life? He voices his concern one day, and Jack laughs, and its warm and the freckles on her cheeks are the same ones Geoff remembers in the sun on the beach. She grabs his hand and squeezes it. “This is my life, this is my dream, Geoff. It’s who i want to be. I never really wanted to be a princess, but queen of Los Santos sounds pretty damn good to me.” And Geoff laughs too, because he realizes now that the waters inside Jack were never calm, they were rough and wild and hungry, and Jack couldn’t have fit in better with the Fakes if she tried.

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I'm really disappointed the paps went through all the trouble to travel to Bora Bora, rented a hut and/or a boat to take pics in a place where celebrities & other famous people go for holidays & we just got few lousy pictures of the dismals. What, there wasn't any other celebrity there? It's like they were just hired to photograph BC & Weirdo only. The same goes for the Cali trip. What? No other celebs were in California that day?

It’s just that the Dismals are unlucky when it comes to getting papped Nonny.  The same goes for the christening of Pilo, that time when Ben took the hermetically sealed pram for a walk around the Heath carrying no nappies, that time the Dismals decided to take Pilo for a pram walk around the block and the nasty paps were hiding in a deserted residential area on a Sunday morning but pap-savvy Ben failed to notice them, all those times when they were the only celebrities spotted at airports during the pregnancy, that time when Emily and Weirdo hugged while Ben looked like a douchebag wearing sunglasses next to them, that time the nasty paps were swarming the IOW and they had to close down the roads to keep everything private, that time the Dismals took a stroll on Primrose Hill and Ben didn’t buy the flowers for Dismal Dora, that time when the nasty paps followed the Dismals to the Cotswolds and none of the Batches neither Madame Famewhore spotted the nasty pap except for Ben who was looking straight into the camera as he pecked his wife oh so lovingly

that time when they just happened to bump into a group of teenagers in Venice and took a group picture with them that was then published on the local paper (it happens, especially when none of the teenagers pictured in a fan selfie have social media and they want to share the good news with their fellow students to make them deathly jealous) but the metadata was messed with and made no sense, that time a nasty pap followed poor Ben to the Cotswolds and pictured him having lunch with his parents sans Weirdo, both of the times when the Dismals were stalked by nasty paid-for-their-services pap agencies but only the second (adjusted) set ended up on the Fail (after the paid for pap agency held off the exclusive just for them), that time when what we first thought was a sneaky fan but then realised it was a nasty pap photographed Ben flying out of London to New York alone, but the next morning he did the test pap walk with his wife and rented yellow-sock-wearing-baby, that time when the Dismals were the only celebrities to be papped at Malibu so the nasty paps followed them around Malibu back to their hotel, that time when Ben was papped travelling back from New York alone (seemingly neglecting to buy tickets for his wife and baby who presumably swam back to London), that time Ben was papped coming out of a rented flat to throw the stalkerinas off his scent, that time the nasty paps managed to get pictures of the moving men as they loaded up a truck with pristine new furniture and a couple of dead plants and drove away to a destination unknown, that time the nasty paps managed to get pictures of the Dismals and their baby son at the airport in New York but blurred Pilo’s face (although they weren’t required to do so by law) because they’re nice while Weirdo was smiling straight to the camera, that time when the nasty paps got shots of the Dismals in London but no one bothered to buy them so they were circulated only on Tumblr instead…

Yes.  The Dismals have had A LOT of bad luck when it comes to the paps.  Strangely enough, the same didn’t hold true during their … 17 year old courtship  :P

The bad luck only descended upon them when Ben needed a red carpet girlfriend for The Imitation Game.  Funny that  :o)

Orion Part 1

Pairing: Taekwoon x OFC

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: there are a few tbh…AU, mentions of war, severe injury, body horror (of sorts), amputations, PTSD, abortion, pregnancy, sex, alcohol, mature themes and language

Wordcount: 13500 split in two parts: PART 2

Synopsis: She finds herself in the Saharan desert trying to heal wounds from her life, and he’s there, fixing himself too along the way.

Notes: So this is so monstrous I had to chop it in two parts. Its very AU, its long, its intricate, annnnd its been in my head for a long time and I hope you guys will like it! It deals with rather difficult subjects as a whole, and I’ve done a lot of research to make this as accurate as possible so I hope I didn’t mess up anywhere…if I did please let me know! Enjoy xoxo

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The Revolution is Inside: Radical Self Love By Any Means Necessary

[In this black and white photo the author Sonya Renee Taylor, an African American cis woman,  stands naked near a window with white blinds and curtains.She has dark skin and is cupping her large breasts as she stares out of the window.]. 

[Image is an iconic black and white photo of slain civil rights leader Malcolm X.  He is looking out of a window with white curtains, slightly opening them with one hand.  In his other hand he is holding a large rifle.  He has on glasses, a light colored suit, white shirt and black tie.]

Taking nude photos unapologetically, is what a body activist is supposed to do right? This was my thought as i stood bare and terrified before the camera of renowned photographer Saddi Khali.   That same question and its accompanying terror greeted me again, several days later when the one hundred camera clicks of my unclothed flesh arrived in my email inbox, Despite the waves of nausea,  I opened each one. Every click left me in awe of how the angles of the camera  made my silhouette slope and bend in a perfect landscape, a landscape I felt like I could share with the world.

Then I clicked on THE photo, the one that would undo all the awe and glory. I clicked on the photo that told me, while yes, the photos were beautiful; the blatant and unadorned round belly and stretch marked thighs in them were not.  Without the window dressing of a girdle, the dress cinched at the waist, the myriad hooks,snaps and buckles that fasten this body into visual submission, I was quite simply: naked and fat. There was no special camera angle hiding or morphing my nakedness into graceful slope. This photo was my actual body, standing beside my bedroom window, aging and fat; a truth I was ashamed of. Instantly I was clear, “Nope, no one would be seeing this photo." 

When I founded The Body is Not An Apology three years ago, it was a selfish endeavor.  I needed the courage to share a photo. It was a photo in which I felt incredibly beautiful but I did not believe I had the right to feel beautiful. I, like so many other people in so many other bodies, believed that beauty, value, worthiness had to be conferred upon me like some royal title.  I needed help owning beauty and the more other people owned their beauty the more empowered I felt to own mine.  It was in community that I learned to embrace and declare my own magnificence.  

Today, three years later, I own beautiful like a champ! I know when I am stunning and I am confident enough to declare.  It has been an awesome breakthrough, releasing the shame of feeling beautiful. Now, different questions cement me in fear.bring back the terror. The biggest of those questions is owning and sorting through what a body activist is to do when she does not feel beautiful.  What do I do when the insecurities that plague all of the planet show up in my inbox and say I am fat, old, ugly?  

I went back to the photo, the one with my belly round and full as the whole world and I forced myself to look at it. What is awesome about the work of radical self love is that it is rarely about how we look and so much more about how we see.  When I allowed myself to see my body beyond all of the "shoulds” and shames, I was not simply naked and fat. The photo was deeper.  There were centuries underneath. When I looked this time, I saw slain civil rights leader Malcolm X.  I saw him in an iconic photo standing at a window, peering through the sheer drapes, rifle in hand, committed to the preservation of his body and the bodies of those in his community “by any means necessary”.  The quote associated with the image tells us. "We declare our right on this earth…to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary.“  

That image was the answer to my question about what to do when i feel fat and old and ugly.  It is the answer to the questions we have about all bodies the world would rather hide beneath a rock of shame than see in their unapologetic grace.  The anser is to declare  our right to be seen on this earth in our bodies.  We have the RIGHT to be seen in our large bodies, our bodies with cerbral palsy, our Arab bodies, our Black bodies, our bodies with amputations, our gay bodies, our bodies with Bipolar disorder, our bodies with acne or braces or stretch marks ALL have the RIGHT to the visibility of humanity.  The fights for  revolutionary traditions that came before me, to declare my right

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First off, I just wanted to say that I really love your account :) but I've been away from tumblr and have been quite busy so I haven't been able to keep up with Richard and Lee, so I was wondering if you could fill me in on all the latest news about these two adorable dweebs. And I don't mean their current roles they're playing, just sightings and stuff lol. I hope that didn't sound weird :/

Hey anon, thank you that’s very sweet of you to say :D.

Idk how long you’ve been away but they were spotted buying furniture together, shoutout to @wirkmood for finding the link :D.

They were also spotted having dinner together

Then Lee was spotted in Berlin but was too shy to be photographed :p fans account is here and translation of it is here.

With the extended edition of BOFA having come out theres also been more instances of clothes sharing and a couple of mentions of one another and sweet anecootes.

Lee posted a picture of himself skiing on twitter yesterday, which seems to be from the same holiday where they were photographed skiing together. Its unlikely he is skiing right now as its very early in the season and doesn’t match with his previous selfies of being in the woods. I like the idea of Lee having fallen and instead of helping, Richard just laughs and takes pictures xD. 

I think thats it in terms of recent activity, sorry it took me so long to get back to you :s thanks anon <3.