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Gijinka Mimikyu used CURSE!


An egg problem


i don’t say: the first time you held my hand, i was grounded to this earth in a beautiful way. like ships had come home in me. like all my dreams about flying.

i don’t say: i am so grateful for the moments you held my hair back or stroked my knuckles or fixed my dress or gave me that little reassuring squeeze or walked me through a panic attack. i am grateful for every night you stayed up late texting me and every tear you brushed away and every pint of shared ice cream. i am grateful for everything.

i don’t say: i owe you sunrises. i owe you laughter. i would fight to protect your happiness with every tooth and fiber and atom of my being. i love you deep.

- r.i.d

The Four Dragons of Legend and the Thunder Beast, from the Akatsuki no Yona OST CD.

Regarding Monster Souls (also Mettaton)

so like, I don’t often to posts like this, but there’s something I couldn’t help but notice about the way most of the fandom seems to be drawing monster souls like. (which is a thing that is more common for undertail reasons, but this is an informative posts for all)

So I’ve seen monster souls being drawn like this:

pretty standard typical heart

However, I’ve noticed monster souls don’t actually look like this, in fact

they are upsidedown hearts

you can see it when you kill toriel before her sould breaks

and the same happens when asgore dies (at least in the ending where Asgore commits suicide and Toriel becomes queen, can’t rmemember the others):

Though, perhaps something that wouldn’t match with this is mettaton’s soul:

since it looks like normal heart, but then remember the paper on Alphy’s lab:

and now look at mettaton NEO, who’s soul us upsidedown

Conisdeing Neo’s uselessness, it seems to be a prototype before Mettaton Ex (possibly made to impess Asgore since to make the impression of being a human killing machine as some has suggested), and since Alphys was working with determination, it seems Alphys changed Mettaton’s Soul, porbably injected it with determination, and made it resemble a human soul.

Remember how human souls can survive even outside of the body due to determination?

Well, Mettaton probably wouldn’t be able to have this little “heart-to-heart”, if it weren’t because he’s infused with determination

And given Mettaton’s interest in humans, I wouldn’t be surprised if he agreed with exprimenting with his own soul tomake him more human

But yeah, mainly I just wanted to point out that monster souls are actually upsidedown hearts rather than the normal heart some have been drawing them as.

Though, now I’m wondering about Frisk’s soul when it turns yellow, ‘cause it becomes upsidedown and can shoot pellets, which could be asosiated with magic. Could Alphy’s device have tempraly modified frisk’s soul into one resembling a monster soul so that they could use magic? idk just a thought.


“ Beyond darkest night waits a new dawn. I pray you greet her with a smile.“

- Haurchefant Greystone  


Ah it’s done. It was just an idea I had after reading Thoughts Unspoken from the Tales from the Dragonsong War. Since the WoD is going to be a big thing right? I’m sure, Haurchefant will be watching us during it, encouraging us through it and the following adventures. And in the end, be waiting for us at our very last journey.


So Many Bubbles!! - AHWU for May 2nd, 2016 (#315)

A lil’ compilation about Lil’J being attacked by lil’ bubbles (Or the ahwu where Gav just keeps bothering Lil’ J)

“PLUS SIZE GIRLS CAN WEAR WHAT THEY WANT” I’d really like to live by this but… there’s a big difference between wearing it, actually being comfortable wearing it, being happy with the way you look wearing it and overwhelmingly, being able to find it in your size….

This has been one hell of a fucking informative day for me! And this is what I learned so far.

THIS little cutie is an Aardwolf.

YES. CUTE ISN’T HE? He was in my last post. Aardwolf means Earth Wolf in Afrikaans.

But wait, there’s MORE.

THESE LITTLE FLOOFBALLS ARE MOSTLY MONOGAMOUS. YEAH. That’s right! They even raise itty bitty floofballs together! Then when the floofs are big, they go their separate ways.

ADORABLE RIGHT? And they’re fox sized. That’s right. FOX SIZED.


Its got tiny. fucking. pittypaws. 

But wait- you haven’t seen the cutest part.

That’s right. 

Fuck you Nature. 

me, first putting on my binder: hell yeah look how masculine you look look at this boy with his flat chest look at him go

me, after 5 minutes: you will never pass you dont even have a flat chest you’re too chubby and feminine