but it's the only way i could figure out how to convey that she was a shapeshifter

How Did It Come To This?

Title: How did it come to this?

Pairing: Reader x Demon!Dean

Theme Song: Time is Running Out by Muse

Word Count: 2345

Based off this imagine

Author’s note: Finally!!

(Note to myself: I won’t set dates to fics I haven’t written yet, ever)

So, this is my first one-shot guys; any kind of feedback is always welcome :) 

Dean goes on a hunt solo and disappears, leaving no trace behind. The reader is out looking for him until she finds him, but he seems…different (a tiny bit sexier if you ask me hehe) Enjoy ;)

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One week. One week had crept by since you last saw his face. And now, here you were, sitting alone in a bar regarding the drink in front of you, wishing it would deliver on its promise and fill the aching gap in your chest.

It all began one late afternoon, when you and the boys were looking up cases as things were quiet in the area. Dean had found something he said was “worth looking at”.

Just before you could ask for details about it, he began packing his duffel bag, saying that he needed to go check it out, alone. Both you and Sam protested against the idea, but seeing that Dean remained resolute, you didn’t push the matter any further.

So, without a moment to waste, Dean grabbed the keys of the Impala, left the motel room you three shared and drove off. An hour later, your cell phone rang, eagerness making you jump to the night table where it lay, earning you an amused smile from Sam.

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