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bokuaka bakery AU

  • bokuto owns a local bakery and is the head baker/chef.
  • the staff is fukurodani’s third years: konoha, komi, washio, sarukui and yukie. komi and sarukui are baking preps. konoha and washio are assistant bakers/decorators for bokuto. lastly, yukie works front (cashier, presentation, etc.) b/c she couldn’t resist sampling and eating the baked goods in the kitchen :’)
  • akaashi decides to visit the bakery for the first time to buy something for his mother’s birthday. he only expects to stay a few mins but a very excited yukie keeps advertising more baked goods to him. he tries to politely decline but she keeps insisting lol
  • bokuto walks out from the kitchen to deliver a new batch of bread, only to accidentally drop the entire tray when he sees akaashi *heart eyes*
  • yukie is upset “…all that bread now wasted… what the heck bokuto -__-” but she notices the way bokuto’s staring at akaashi and internally smirks ;) ;) ;)
  • the entire bakery knows the next day bc yukie told lol
  • sad bokuto is sad bc he doesn’t even know akaashi’s name. “will i ever see him again ??????? ;___;”
  • BUT !! akaashi was impressed with the pastries despite not having the biggest sweet tooth and heads back to the bakery to try something new.
  • yukie: “lemme go get the head baker to recommend you something akaashi!!” she disappears and pushes a nervous bokuto out of the kitchen door.
  • bokuto becomes more talkative and energetic as he shares his bread making passion with akaashi !!!
  • yukie, konoha, and sarukui are watching them from the small kitchen door window lol
  • akaashi starts visiting more often and bokuto gives him a personal tour of the kitchen and bread making process.
  • IMAGINE BOKUTO’S ARMS WHEN KNEADING BREAD. akaashi couldn’t take his eyes off those arms… (konoha catches him staring)
  • bonus: bread puns galore. “i’d butter up your buns any day akaashi” *wink wink nudge nudge*

why did i spend time on this  a word cloud of every key word the twelfth doctor has said - from ‘the time of the doctor’ to ‘the return of doctor mysterio’ (including class because how could i not). long story short, his catchphrase is clara (the larger the word the more it was said)

long story in its entirety:

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Happy New Years!!


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My favourite Disney pricne, Thomas Sanders! :D

I don’t have words to describe how much I like this guy, so I with this little doodle I just want to thank him for all the times he made me smile >u


Assassin’s Creed III Appreciation Month!  ❤  → Week 1

Favourite Overall Character

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so like,, there's this smrookies tweet where a fan tweeted a pic of johnny with "ten you love him?" and ten responded with something like yes love him so much so i'm just asking if it's real because the tweet can't be found in the smrookies twitter anymore 👀🔍



If you wanna win her, show some interest in her. If you wanna date her, try to formulate a Q U E S T I O N