but it's the first photo in a long time i look good in


prepare for a v long v emo v incoherent post

today i got to see my favourite band play for the eighth time. they did a short acoustic set including you the room which theyve never played before and their new song winters weather. they sounded so so good n i cried a few times but so did patty so its cool. seeing how far these guys have come over the last couple of years made me super emotional and im so incredibly proud of everything they’ve achieved
after the set was a signing and the first time i got to speak to the guys since december. first i saw foley who was worried about ruining my drawing by signing it which was v cute, he andy and ali all signed it n we took photos n talked for a lil bit, then i went over to ben n patty. they both signed my stuff and ben was like ‘look, this is lottie from the drawing’ and patty looked almost offended n was like ’.. i know, we’ve met like 7 billion times’
i took pictures w them and spoke to ben about the shirt i designed. he told me its gonna be online soon and available on tour in may !! and that they’ll leave one aside for me on one of the dates im at. he thanked me for drawing it n i was like lol thanks for buying it
this band means everything to me and im so so so grateful for the huge positive impact they’ve had on my life
i cant wait for the headliner this may !! im gonna be at underworld on the 13th, sheffield and also slam dunk south (editing this because i ended up doing both london dates, sheff and notts)