but it's the fact that it's a dog

for some reason, pit bulls get shit on for being aggressive and “naturally violent”

yet the same is never said for chihuahuas and other lap dogs which routinely have aggression issues because of everything things “aww look at the leedle gwowling dog how cute is that~” and owners frequently don’t bother to train them how to behave properly and allow them to get away with aggressive behavior such as snapping at people.

Like, don’t get me wrong I love chihuahuas and other small dogs but they honestly get so many “free passes” on being aggressive or any other aggressive behavior despite the fact that bites and attacks from them can potentially as severe as a larger dog. They get “free passes” when they snap and bite at people, children, other animals, etc. because “they aren’t naturally violent”.

No singular dog breed is “naturally violent and aggressive” because they’ve been bred to work with and live with people, however, any dog can potentially have aggression issues for a number of reasons, including some of the more stereotypically gentle dog breeds such as labs. 

If You See A Service Dog...

while it’s working:

  • talk to the person and not the dog. the dog could be trained for any variety of jobs, most of which that it needs to be paying attention constantly for. if it becomes distracted during a crucial time, it could quickly become unsafe for the person it is aiding.
  • don’t pet the dog. you probably shouldn’t even ask to pet the dog in the first place because it is working. if the person tells you you can, then it’s okay.
  • don’t make kissy noises or snap your fingers at the dog. dogs with less experience, and even ones with years of training, can still be easily distracted.
  • don’t offer treats or food to the dog. the dog is likely trained to ignore food or treats unless given to them by their person. this could break their training and teach them habits they have already unlearned.
  • if you have a dog, even if yours is really friendly, don’t let them approach the service dog.
  • don’t ask the person why they have the dog. people’s disabilities and other conditions are personal, none of your business, and you have no right to know. you also shouldn’t ask them to prove their dog is a service dog by having it do some task. every dog is trained differently, and for different tasks and you still have no right to know.
  • don’t interact with the dog or person, even if you think you’re helping. ask first. don’t pick up the leash or move their other items without permission.
  • don’t draw attention to the dog by shouting ‘look a dog!’ or pointing. the dogs are essentially medical equipment, like a wheelchair or oxygen tank, and aren’t a spectacle. 
  • don’t take pictures of the dog, especially without permission. its rude to take pictures of anyone without asking, and service dogs are medical equipment that you shouldn’t be photographing in the first place. it’s awkward for everyone

i personally don’t use a service dog, but my best friend cj does (he asked me to write this post for him), and we encounter all sorts of things every day. doing the above makes it easier for the dog to do its job. 



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Can we please start quantifying the weight of dogs in chihuahuas? :D

Originating from Tibet, the Tibetan Mastiff weighs in at about 20 Chihuahuas.  The Tibetan Mastiff itself is not a true Mastiff. The term “mastiff” was used by the Europeans who first came to Tibet because it was used to refer to nearly all large dog breeds in the West. Early Western visitors to Tibet misnamed several of its breeds: The “Tibetan Terrier” is not a Terrier and the “Tibetan Spaniel” is not a Spaniel. A better name for the dog would be Tibetan mountain dog or, to encompass the landrace breed throughout its range, Himalayan mountain dog. 

  • yes im tiny, yes im sparkly, and yes i have a squeaky voice, so can you fuck right off and stop calling me cute
  • im a fairy, not a pixie, dont even call me that those guys are assholes
  • my fairy dust allows you to fly, but its only for a while and you constantly come back asking for another fix, what am i man, your drugdealer?
  • im your gardener to this exotic wilderness behind your house and you constantly ask how i manage to keep them all so healthy and i always say its ‘love’ but really its my bloom magic
  • people think im really badass cause i got this wingspan tattoo on my back but its just my real wings, im such a fraud i know i know
  • i accidentally walked into some weird ingrown tree house and stumbled upon a very serious looking fairy meeting, jesus fuck guys your magic looks more satanic than witches
  • fairies are really connected to the moon apparently so whenever theres a new moon you freak out and panic so bad because you think it’s gone forever and aw sweetie its gonna be okay
  • additionally, fairies are also very good friends with werewolves thanks to this fact, so dont be confused when you see a swarm of fairies riding a giant dog on a full moon
  • AND, fairy x werewolf for adorable innocence and curiosity about everything they come across together
  • i was running away from my friend and accidentally bumped into you and you crashed into the wall and diSAPPEARED IN FRONT OF ME JESUS FU—oh wait you just turned back into your tiny fairy form, okay—DONT DO THAT TO ME
  • listen, i understand you and animals are very connected and they are attracted to you, but you cant have a deer and five squirrels living with us, please put the rabbit down—no, the birds have to go too, please babe—pl—
  • say what you want but fairies party hard as shit, how the hell do they manage to drink a whole keg with their tiny little bodies omfg
Dating Alex Standall would include:

okay so ive. never actually posted one of these before but i had a bunch of ideas this morning and i couldnt stop writing and this happened adljbaljsd i hope you guys like it 

this is rly rly long so i put most of it under the cut alsjdas sorry its so long i just couldnt stop writing once i started! 

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  • you had always seen each other at school and even shared a class before but the two of you had never actually talked
  • you officially meet your junior year at a party

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•ᴥ• awrf!

breaking news: adorable husbands finally get a puppy!

inspired by kiss-my-pikachu‘s request | more phan doodles here

One Night is Enough for Now [Soryu Oh x Reader] KBTBB

Requested by @ carinecaldre69 Where Soryu and the MC have been struggling to spend time together so the bidders help them out, sorry t took so long and enjoy!

“Can I have the bill please?”

“Was something unsatisfactory Miss?” The waitress questioned in concern. Shaking your head, you pushed the empty wine glass away from you and lowering your eyes.

“No, it’s just that this was meant to be a date so…” You trailed off. This had been happening far too often recently, this was the sixth date that hand been cancelled at the last minute, this time the two of you both made it to the restaurant, but just as you’d ordered your starters he’d had a phone call and had to rush back to the office to fix a problem Inui had caused. Left alone, you had cancelled the starters and just sat sipping on the wine until the glass was empty. The waitress looked at you with sympathy, nodding and scurrying off to get the bill. Resting your forehead on the table, you thought back on the past few dates. Work call after work call, emergencies with the Ice Dragon, high status guests that came unannounced that you were called in to cater to, increasing your workload and shift time immensely. No matter how much planning you did, it never worked and something always got in the way.

“Miss, the drinks have already been paid for.” Pulling your head from the table, you gave a slow nod, standing and giving her a weak smile, you made your way out of the restaurant, you hailed a cab back to your apartment, only managing to summon the energy to eat a quickly made sandwich and fall into bed, groaning with the knowledge that another date was ruined and that you had to be in work early tomorrow.

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i see a lot of “what ifs” in regard to concrete like, “what if they didnt mean she couldnt read because she has a disability” or “what if she was going to be implemented as a character who learns and grows” or blah blah blah, and i can understand the desire to want to fix this mess of a situation, but i really think its just beyond redemption at this point. i feel personally, that trying to fix it (at least, if youre nonblack yourself. i cant speak for what black fans want to do, and i wont even if i could) is just wrong and not going to help.

“what ifs” arent our reality. what if questions are wishful thinking. we can want to improve the crews mistakes as much as we want, but the fact of the matter remains that THEY STILL MADE an awful racist character and have no shame in showing it off.

if you put diamonds on dog shit, its still dog shit, yknow?

The Friends We Make {Sirius Black x Reader} *REQUESTED*

I think this is one of the last requests I received before I closed my requests. The idea was honestly so cute which is why it took me a while to write it. Thank you so much, anon, for requesting this! 💕💕💜 Two down, one more to go!



With the evening wind rushing past his black fur, Padfoot ran towards the forest where he felt most alive and free. He had been slipping away from his chambers more often recently, footsteps as light as a feather and movements as quiet as an ant. Normally, he only needed to sneak out at night in his animagus form once a month and only during a full moon when he would accompany Remus together with his other friends.

But now, he had been staying up late, making sure everyone was asleep before leaving the school grounds and running into the forest.

It was his way of exhaling all his worries and troubles and inhaling the peaceful and quietness of his surroundings. The trees protected him and the stars guided him wherever he went.

However, he was not the only student who found delight in wandering through the dark forest.

Transfiguration classes were the three boys’ favorite class, mainly because unbeknownst to everyone, they had achieved in transforming into different animals while the other students were still trying to turn rabbits into hats. Sirius enjoyed the class but today, his attention was divided into two: listening to Professor McGonagall and watching his friend, James, try to balance himself on the back of his chair. It was something Sirius would do all the time but after betting that James could not do it, he immediately jumped into the opportunity to prove his friend wrong.

As he managed to balance equally, he grinned at Sirius who had a confident smirk on his face before James finally slipped backwards, crashing on the floor. Professor McGonagall immediately stopped from her discussion and turned to him, a glare fixed behind her rectangular glasses.

“Mr. Potter?”

“Yes, Professor?” James asked innocently while quickly sitting back down on his chair as though nothing had happened. The whole class watched him, doing their best not to laugh, including (Y/n) who had to cover her mouth so as not to show her amused smile. It captured Sirius’s attention but when she saw his eyes on her, the two looked away with blushing faces.

“Detention, Mr. Potter,” the professor said, her eyes now set on Sirius, waiting for him to defend his friend but he said nothing and continued to take down notes.

(Y/n) watched him scribble down onto his parchment before McGonagall called her name. She was well-behaved in the professor’s class and was often asked to demonstrate the proper ways of transfiguring things and so she stood up and walked up front.

“Ms. (L/n), would you be so kind to show the class how the spell works?”

“Yes, professor,” she answered obediently before pulling out her wand and tapping it onto the brown rabbit, turning it into a top hat.

“Splendid,” McGonagall praised before allowing her to return to her chair, continuing on with the discussion to the class.

It was the first time Sirius finally accepted to himself about his romantic feelings towards her.

As Padfoot recalled the memory, his tail wagged excitedly while he padded through the thick trees. He had been following an interesting scent for hours now but he could not find where it was coming from. He felt like it was an amortentia potion, his increased sense of smell effectively allowing him to sniff through the air for any sign of it. He could smell perfume and shampoo but he still could not identify what it was.

He was about to give up on his quest when he heard a sound nearby. Twigs snapped and a quick flash of white crossed behind the trees. Padfoot’s ears stood up alert and that’s when he saw another dog slip from the shadows, revealing its beautiful, white fur.

Padfoot barked to see if it was friendly, only for it to bark back.

He had a good feeling about this newfound friendship.

After he had returned from another night outdoors, Sirius felt more energized. He had been seeing the mysterious dog in the forest almost every night and was planning on capturing it today in order for him to bring it home, hoping the Potters would allow him. Sirius prepared a bait and a leash when James walked into the dorm.

“Have you packed yet?” He asked, rummaging through the pile of clothes on his bed and stuffing them into his trunk.

“Uh, yeah, I did,” Sirius replied, putting a chicken drum stick on a dog bowl and covering it with a newspaper.

“What’s that for?” James said, “Saving a snack for the trip? We still have tomorrow, you know.”

“I know that. This one’s for a friend of mine.”

“Is this about the white dog you told me?” James said, sitting down on the bed with a smile. “Have you seen her lately?”

“Yeah, and I want to keep it. D'you think your mom will say yes?”

“Of course! Mom never says no to us,” James smirked, “But I suggest you try and see how the dog will react to you as…you know…as Sirius.”

“Alright. Hopefully, it won’t panic or attack me,” Sirius said, “Thanks, Prongs.”

“No problem,” he replied, patting his friend at the back.

Sirius carried the bowl with him and went outside where the sun had already rose, making his way to the forest. Everything suddenly seemed unfamiliar to him during the daylight as he had been seeing the same crooked tree for about a dozen times. He tried to whistle in hopes of getting the dog’s attention but it did not come to him at all. Sirius waited and waited until he had ultimately skipped breakfast. The dog was nowhere to be found and his attempt to bring home a friend had failed. He turned to his animagus form and whined sadly, the food bowl between his mouth when he finally heard a loud bark.

The white dog chased him happily, its tail wagging wild at the sight of him. Now was the perfect time to see how it will respond to him as a human.

Padfoot slowly transformed back into Sirius, shaking his dark hair and expecting the other dog to either bite or bark but it did neither of those things.

In fact, the dog walked up to him and stood on its hind legs, its front paws almost reaching Sirius’s shoulders before the dog started to morph back into a human girl with (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes that struck his heart whenever he met them.

(Y/n) wrapped her arms around Sirius, pulling him into an embrace while he held her against his beating chest, happy to finally bring someone to his new home.

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I saw your post about what happened to Lup and I saw this on reddit: Lup was gone looking for the Phoenix fire gauntlet but it took longer than expected. She found it and as she started to seal up the cave after hiding it Fisher started to take her memories so she also made the decision to kill herself and live as a lich (like Barry did). However because she defeated 'herself' the umbrastaff ate up her essence and she's trapped there by mistake.

i was actually thinking about this!! like at first i didn’t really consider the fact that lup could have been alive during the erasing but uh it’d be real bad because while luc erased everyone’s pasts she straight up erased lup herself so i can’t imagine how bad she would have been, but yeah i think that’s very very good and probably what happened (i mean we’ve seen that the staff does eat liches soooo) but that basically means that they’re gonna have to force the staff to give up lup

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Has your profession changed your views on men ?

Hell motherfuckin yeah

Growing up, my father was a HUGE part of my life and he took his job of being a husband and father very very seriously, I also grew up in a place where that was the “norm” everyone had double parent homes and most of us had stay at home moms. So in my younger years I had much more faith in the existence of men.

Sugaring shit on all of that. Why? Because 80% of the guys I see are EXACTLY like my dad or all of my friends dads. They’re these middle aged men with whole families and houses with picket fences and dogs, they have vacation homes with kids rooms filled with bunk beds and giant pools with water slides in the backyard. One of my previous SD’s took me to one of his vacation houses and their were pictures of the whole family hanging on the walls directly above us when we had sex on the couch where he probably had movie nights with his wife and kid.

and it really puts things in a weird perspective because you realize that this person has 2 totally different lives that are completely compartmentalized from each other. That “happy go lucky perfect family” in your town could be total fucking bullshit, the husband probably has some hot 20 year old that he’s banging on the side ITS SO COMMON.

So yes, my views on men have definitely changed, I’m no longer blind and to the fact that loyalty and monogamy are bullshit and it’s a dog eat dog world out there.

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You've raised a good pupper be proud of the beautiful boy

Aaaaa, thank you, Vi!!! I’m so glad you think so!! I’m definitely proud of my grumpy ol’ man, but oh boy, was he such a handful growing up, you would not believe… I’ve literally never known a dog so perpetually agitated, so stubborn and full of personality, and pretty darn smart in the way he uses his intelligence to his own advantage, oh man..

Some of Simba’s shenanigans over the years include (but not limited to): 

- digging a hole the depth of my entire leg the day he arrived at 3 months old (we had to buy a few bags of dirt to fill that up as long as other holes);

- conviniently dug holes under a few bushes to lay down in the shade (even though he had plenty of other places to be in the shade);

- dirtying the pavement outside and destroying 47 out of 50 cups containing holly oaks we were going to plant a few days after arrival;

- managed to pull out a meter long metal storm drain by pulling a bone that gotten stuck between its holes;

- running around the garden so much he has created paths where the grass can’t grow back;

- burried one of my gardening crocs under my hibiscus… that I only managed to find one year later;

- ate his one Simba rubber toy (ironic, I know), Pumba and Donald toys, half of his puppy blanket, chewed on our micro-irrigation hose and other hoses;

- peed on my dad’s back when we were out in the beach once;

i could go on an on honestly, Simba’s always been a riot, but thank god he’s grown to be a lot more calm in these last few years!! I hope these snippets were entertaining, though.

A Few things you should know when joining the FMA fandom

Never and I mean never tell people that Royai isn’t canon. It is. There is NO DENYING this fact. If you do you may get a reaction like this:

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or this

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We all make Nina Jokes, and a lot of them. Its not ok but its kinda a hobby and you will have to join us at some point

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Everyone loves Riza. I don’t know why but in the first 10 seconds you see her she is literally your favorite character and no one can deny that

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Hughes isn’t dead. You may have mistaken what happened in the manga/anime but he is alive… he is alive… he is alive

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Roy’s Mustache 

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everyone loves cute dogs in the fandom, this ones is my favorite

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lol come meet me in hell, I guarantee there’ll be a section for this fandom