but it's the best scene of the show ever so


“give me a broken, self-loathing man who firmly believes no one could ever love him and a strong-willed woman who doesn’t take any of his shit and gradually becomes his light and hope and sun and stars and i assure you i will ship it til my dying breath” (x)

the korrasami car scene was a scene we’d all been hoping for and dreaming of for such a long time - korrasami shippers and non-shippers alike - everyone who wanted them to be friends, the very best of friends, and believed they would. some people doubted it would ever happen - some, like me, always believed. but regardless of who you are you can fucking say it now: these girls care about each other more than any other shit and that’s so fucking important and makes this show so fucking important.

awkwardness is bryke’s favorite but they take it and turn it into something so awesome in the end, always - zuko and the gaang post-western air temple, korra and asami from now and always into the future. they make you suffer for it. is it cruel? kind of. is it worth it in the end? always.


now i’ve got to be there for her son

oh my god this episod e
i was so touched by this- pearl’s beautiful singing just made it even better
so i wanted to do a screenshot redraw of a certain scene, but sadly i’m not good at adding colours, clean outlines and stuf f sweats
i really recommend watching steven universe, seems like a quirky show the first episodes but it gets real deep- probably the best written cartoon show i’ve ever seen on cn

dA link


What are your favorite scenes to film [on Glee]?

“Anything with Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt Hummel on the show.”

“I think that you know Mike [O'Malley] and Chris [Colfer] are incredibly talented actors. Everything that I’ve done with them you know is-its among the best I’ve ever done on the show, personally so.”

 — Cory Monteith

Why does everyone hate this season like this is the best acting anyone in the cast has ever done. The effects are better the makeup is so good. The plot is even totally fine. It’s a harsh world. Stop getting so butt hurt over the fact that your favs aren’t happy. This is a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE y'all. Not some fairytale land. That’s what AUs are for.

Teen Wolf Rant (Sort of)

Okay so, I just spent the past 4-5 days binge watching the first three seasons of Teen Wolf. And I’m going to rant right now, so. Yeah.


1st: The actors in this show are just…

Exhibit A:

This one right here. This bundle of sadness is the best bundle of sadness you will ever meet.

Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:


OKay their so hot and so sad. and its so sad.






AND DO YA WANNA KNOW what really fucked me up?

this bullshit… like REALLY SCOTT

YOu got me FUCkED up MAn


moving on

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Lydia is queen

the sass

so yea

oops didnt mean to click on that ^

but im just gonna leave it

OH and apparently the show is ending after the sixth season… so it’s like

could we like




that ^ isnt mine, but yeah pretty much

I love this scene, it was hilarious

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im obbsessed.. im sorry

actually no.

I’m not sorry :D


And the best episode of sao in my opinion is episode 14. The end of the World. What is there to say about this episode and why I think its so good? I could go on and on explaining everything I like about this episode or I could sum it up by saying It Is a Masterpiece. If I ever want to watch an episode of sao its always this one. I never can’t watch it. This episode also holds my favorite scene in any anime, movie, or tv show ever. Right at the end, the conversation with Kayaba Akihiko as Aincrad falls apart. Its just so well made and it shows that Kayaba wasn’t truly as bad of a person as it may have seemed. And once again I refer to the point that Kayaba is my favorite character in anything ever, so that might explain why I love this episode so much, but I think people will agree that this is the best episode of sao. Now lets get ready for some GGO


Seriously though, I’m not sure how to talk about this movie.

From what it says it’s based on a comic book, but being from a different world I have never ever put my hooves on any of the Batman comics, so I don’t know how faithful it is to the original. So all I can give you is an opinion based on just the movie alone, and see if it holds up on its own without relying on the source material.

With that said, this is one of the best superhero movies I’ve ever seen. It’s funny how much time we spend with the character of Batman/Bruce Wayne, and how easy it is to get into his story, yet how little we know about him. He is a really well developed yet mysterious character. The Joker however steals the show in (almost) every scene he’s in. Jack Nicholson does a superb job at portraying this picture of madness in the shape of a freak with a perennial smile. He is funny, he’s creepy, and terrifyingly memorable. If you have the chance, give this movie a watch. Believe it or not, it’s quite a fitting movie for this time of the year with its Gothic architecture, almost eternal night, and a very chilling atmosphere.

And now, if you excuse me, I need to get out of this pony’s hair. I also have to figure out how in the name of the Moon did she escape, from the comic and into our own world. That Spike must’ve been messing things up…again.

anonymous asked:

So did Jamie cheat on Claire? We know in the book he didnt but on the show its different. He says nothing happened but to get those bite marks he had to have his pants off. What is your opinion?

Hi anon - in a word, no. Absolutely not. The circumstances in the series (Jamie wearing breeches) are completely different from the circumstances in the book (Jamie wearing a kilt) - but the scene was adapted without taking that one detail into consideration.

Let me direct you to what I’ve previously written on this topic. To summarize:

I haven’t seen anyone make mention of the fact that Jamie is still…not quite himself at this point. He’s not thinking straight. He’s still so confused inside - which is clear in the way he adorably tries (and fails) to explain himself to Claire. I see it as completely plausible that the hoor starts…doing her thing (because we’ve seen in previous episodes that the Maison Elise hoors are just all over Jamie, and Jamie doesn’t immediately push them away) and Jamie gets a wee bit excited, for the first time in MONTHS - and then he’s like, I canna believe this is happening, I must leave and go find Claire.


Also - let me share what Diana Gabaldon has said on her Compuserve forum:

Well…I’ll just note that the brothel shown in the TV show isn’t what I had in mind when I wrote the book.   I.e., Jamie probably wasn’t sitting at a table in a room with a lot of fully-clothes gentlemen around him–more likely, was in a private room with Charles (and perhaps one or more sycophants), with several women in a state of undress, who were pretty much having it away with any man in reach.

I love the office. I like watching it for a lot of reasons, its just a show that can make me calm within the opening scene. I appreciate shows that could put a grin on my face or even make me laugh until I burst into laughter tears. A show that can also make me cry like a baby. Every episode has a special place in my heart. I can re watch it everyday and i’d never feel sick of it.

The characters themselves feel so real. Even deeply flawed characters can make you feel for them and love them with all their imperfections.

*its a comedy show I’m making it sound so dramatic*

Jim and Pam’s relationship is probably the best relationship to ever grace tv. The little tension between the two at first. Their friendship. They’re perfect.

I love the office. Thank you for making me so happy and turning my mood 180 degrees.

To me, I think, the most beautiful thing is how I empathize with Hannibal. Especially in that last scene, where he’s finally able to hold Will, where Will say’s “it’s beautiful”.

Holding the love of your life in your arms for the first time (not just the first time though tbh) is literally the best feeling in the world. Nothing will ever feel as good as finding out that someone loves you back and being able to hold them in your arms - especially for the first time. That realization - they love me, we’re together, we’ll stay together now, is the best feeling in the world.

And I feel this when I see Hannigram. I feel so happy I can’t even describe in words, when I see Hannigram. When I see Hannibal realizing that Will loves him back. Hannibal had never felt so happy before in his life, I’m sure. 

And Hannigram makes me feel things I didn’t think I’d ever feel again. So. Much. Happiness.

Just one thing about supergirl ...

I really liked Alex in season 1 but i love her in season 2. like seriously. this whole coming out story is so well played by chyler its amazing. one of the best i’ve ever seen. especially the parts with kara… like the scene in kara’s apartment when alex thought she’s not okay with her coming out or after maggie rejected her and kara came to look after her sister… this scenes were so perfect and powerful… and there were just so many familiar feelings to me that i cried every time i watched it…. i can really relate to the whole story, the feelings you have, the fear when you finally show a part of yourself that you were trying to hide for so long…. and chyler plays this part so good…. its unbelievable….

I don’t know if everyone already watched 2x07 because i don’t want to spoil anyone but chylers acting was so perfect and lovely not just the scenes with floriana but all in one… amazing. i love her…. i really hope she and maggie will get together in the end….

there’s so much more i want to say…. but i don’t even know the right words for it.. so i’m just thankful that the writers created a story that’s so real and honest and … just perfect….

That’s all :) for now

Why The Simpsons Is the Best TV Show Ever

            “The Simpsons is so ambitious, intimate, classical, experimental, hip, corny, and altogether free in its conviction that the imagination should go where it wants, that to even begin to explain all the things The Simpsons is, and all the things it does, you would need an immense Venn diagram drawn on a football field, each circle representing different modes of comedy. And even then, summing up The Simpsons would be impossible, because the best gags, the best scenes, the best episodes, the best seasons, contain multitudes within multitudes within multitudes, like that rake gag. Trying to identify any one aspect as the key to the show’s genius would be a folly as unwise as building the monorails that destroyed Ogdenville, Brockway, and North Haverbrook, and nearly ruined Springfield. The show has been on for far too long, done too many amazing things, and been through too many evolutions.
               And yet, despite its nonstop maelstrom of satire, parody, whimsy, and shtick, The Simpsons never forgot the family at its core. It also found a deep reservoir of emotion in its depiction of the Simpson family itself, as well as the complicated dynamics between husband and wife, brother and sister, father and daughter, student and teacher, spike-haired brat and gunboat-footed, Gilbert and Sullivan–loving maniac.”