but it's still a thing i love about the first anime

I think my favorite thing about Yuri On Ice is that I REALLY can’t anticipate the way Yuri acts??

When I first started the anime I thought I wasn’t going to like Yuri much, he seemed like a lot of the usual ‘talented but socially awkward anime protags’ - he instantly reminded me of Onoda Sakamichi from Yowapeda, actually. I thought they were gonna be more similar. 

But Yowapeda’s really cheesy, has a big cast, and focuses more on the friendship/team aspect; YOI is like… so aggressively mature and Genuine, which is the word I always round back to when trying to describe the anime. Yuri feels like a real person because even though he’s so anxious and unsure of himself a lot, and dorky and easily flustered, he’s also got a lot of strength to his personality and his own less appealing traits and selfishness shine through, still. Which I think is something that doesn’t happen a lot with most protags like him?

I’m somewhat limited, I’ve only watched Yowapeda and Free! so I’m not well versed in the sports-anime tropes, but Onoda is a good example of a really likable protag who’s… a little one-note, I think? Like, I adore Onoda, he’s great, but he’s not nearly as compelling as Yuri in terms of depth of character (in my opinion anyway). Onoda’s kind of the ‘heart’ of the team, he’s the optimism and tenacity. But that’s also, sort of, all he is? 

Meanwhile Yuri’s someone who’s already recognized as being great at what he does, it’s just that he’s constantly holding himself back. He even admits that, despite having support around him at all sides, he still felt very alone and afraid, which is! Really interesting!! Yuri isn’t just some flatly written, nervous person with a heart of gold who just needs more practice to excel. He’s a person with worries and self-doubts but he’s also selfish, he has a hard time recognizing things outside of himself, and it hinders his ability to really grow as a person. 

I think that’s why I find his relationship with Viktor so refreshing and compelling. Viktor isn’t just a driving force who helps Yuri become a technically better athlete, he’s constantly helping Yuri recognize new things about himself, things that force Yuri to be thoughtful and grow as a person. The fact that he’s Yuri’s idol as well as an immensely accomplished skater helps Yuri take his words to heart, but I think the fact that he’s a clear love interest too - or, more specifically, not a lifelong friend or family member - is what really gives him an advantage in bringing out Yuri’s full potential. He can recognize aspects of Yuri that other people might never have been able to see, and he can coax them out through a mutual bond of trust and affection. 

And what I REALLY love, and what is seen in episode 5 too, is that Yuri is also giving Viktor a chance to be surprised and learn new things! Viktor is disappointed in Yuri (and surprised, I think) at Yuri’s attitude to a fellow skater/admirer, which has a lot to do with Yuri’s hyper-focus on himself and inability to see his own worth through the eyes of others, I think. Viktor also doesn’t expect Yuri to be disobedient, or to have the audience gravitate to his performance, despite flaws. He realizes this is part of Yuri’s appeal, too.

All in all, Yuri is just an extremely compelling protagonist, and certainly one of the view I’ve cared for so genuinely, one that’s always acting beyond my expectations. I find myself so terribly invested in his performances (my heart was racing during his free skate program…!), I want him to learn and succeed! To grow as a person and become more comfortable and understanding of himself. It’s so refreshing to have a protagonist like this, who’s easy to admire but feels so human, too. 


Ok so I have a lot of feels again and I need to type out another rambly mess LETS GO
-victor perspective. VICTORS FUCKING PERSPECTIVE. shoot me already
- victor and chris are bros I love it
- yurio has fangirls who think he is a literal angel in other words they are legit all of us
- pitchits contact pic for yuri is a poodle if that isn’t the cutest thing ever
- pitchit is “peerless when it comes to skilful selfies”
- victor calls yuri “sleeping beauty” I LOVE VICTORS POV SO MUCH
- “yuris life and live has taught me about a whole world that I’d never known before” FUCK. ME. UP.
- the first thing yuri says when he wakes up is “where’s victor”. as though he is surprised to not see victor asleep next to him.
- “help me victor” enter: a near naked victor wanting to snuggle
- yuri leaning on victor to fix his skates
- and then telling him off for being too GOOD a coach make up ur mind boi
- yuri having the confidence to demand they go sightseeing this character development got me so emo
- look at them bopping around going shopping and being tourists
- throwback to ep 5 when victor said he wanted to burn yuris tie lol good times
- otabek taking no interest in getting to know the other skaters but he wants to be friends with yurio and I’m so happy for my son (also I low key ship them already soz not soz)
- victors gotten so much better at understanding yuri since ep 7 and i am living for this healthy communication
- the two of them walking through christmas markets and discussing presents and victors birthday I feel like I’ve read this exact fanfic so many times
- YURI FUCKING BOUGHT RINGS??? Did he just do that? He just did that. Here marks the spot where I McFreaking Lost It.
- eXChanGiNG RiNGs??! And yuris all blushy and victors tearing up and I just,,
- like soon we’ll be able to unironically call them husbands wtf
- reveal of the banquet backstory I have so many feels about this which have been more eloquently explained by others, so here I’ll just say: YURI VS YURI DANCE OFF?!?
- pitchit once again representing the fandom with the obnoxiously loud marriage congratulations
- also I 10/10 appreciate how in this universe no one thinks it’s unusal for two men to be engaged. No one questions it. The entire restaurant is applauding them. A direct comparison is drawn between victor and yuri getting married and JJ and his female fiancé getting married. Thanks @yoi writers
- victor is a romantic sap: CONFIRMED
- guang hong and leo are boyfriends: CONFIRMED
- minami is still yuri trash: CONFIRMED
- yuri is a sexual drunk: CONFIRMED
- I am dead: CONFIRMED

I need this off my chest

Ok, this rant is coming from an Animator, storyteller, video game lover, final fantasy lover and someone who loves to tell stories. 

I have followed Final Fantasy 15 since the beginning when it was still called Final Fantasy Versus 13 and Noctis looked more like Sasuke Uchiha than he does now. The thing I want to rant about is Luna and Noctis’ relationship. 


So my first disclaimer is I did beat the game and I have seen all the ending cutscenes, blah blah blah~ I have seen Kingsglaive, the Brotherhood anime and I have a copy of Kings Tale (not that there are much spoilers in that but still have it) I have also played the platinum and duscae demos too! 

I would like to point my first order of buisness to the statment made by Hajime Tabata, “Noctis and Luna’s relationship is more of a platonic love…” this statement couldn’t be more true! If you are unsure what that means: “Platonic love is a type of love that is non-sexual. The term is named after Plato, who described a kind of love centered on same-gender relations and included sex which underwent a transformation during Renaissance (15th–16th centuries) to get its contemporary sense of asexual heterosexual love” 

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Did Ryuko being only 17 years old and so sexualized ever bother you? I know it's extremely common in Japan and anime but I'm just curious because it has conflicted me before.


I have a (minor) degree in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I’ve dedicated a fair amount of my life to thinking about and discussing issues like these. But not only that, I was around when Kill la Kill was first airing and the “feminist!” vs. “sexist!” arguments were everywhere. It’d be nigh impossible for me to have not considered this by now.

That said? It still bothers me. It always will. When I say anything along the lines of, “I love Kill la Kill, but there are many things I will not forgive about it,” one of those “things” is definitely its oversexualization of teenagers.

This could be a very long discussion (that no one probably wants to hear from me anymore), so I think Rantasmo’s Needs More Gay video on Cutie Honey sums up my thoughts about Kill la Kill more succinctly and eloquently than I could:

chillice9 replied to your post: “Absolutely love your metas & ndrv3!! I’m quite interested in Umineko…”:

Ive started the NV and i must say really slow start, i cant wait to see if its as intense as many says. I hope we get another When they cry series sometimes. I have a good feeling about Umineko and well Higurashi is already my all time favorite (the anime was also a masterpiece imo)

Episode 1 is great from a mystery standpoint, but the start is very, very slow. Makes it all the more worth it when they finally get to the first murders, but I still remember how much I had to read about family inheritance problems and tea time before things finally picked up.

I think you’ll like it if you liked Higurashi! Umineko is definitely a subversion on Higurashi in the same way that ndrv3 was a subversion of past DR games, and both are really, really good.

A new When They Cry series was also confirmed a month or two ago! I think Ryukishi is starting work on it this year, but I have no idea when it’ll actually be released.

why play trauma center games?
-the ost is good. i love the ost
-my faves are Second Opinion’s and Trauma Team’s
-same composers of Persona 3 and Persona 4 (like Shoji Meguro and Atsushi Kitajoh)
-i literally started playing persona again because of the composers
-masayuki doi (SMTIV) drew the characters
-”a game just about surgery???” ITS ACTUALLY FUNNER THAN IT LOOKS
-do fun everyday doctor things like defusing bombs, zapping alien bodies, unlock doors with a scalpel, operate on animals when you only specialize in people–
-have you seen CR-S01
-have you
-you need to look that up
-yeah. wow.
-He’s the surgeon of Trauma Team (my most fav Trauma game)
-Trauma Team has 6 doctors (6 different gameplays):
-Classic surgery, First Response (more like screaming), Orthopedics, Endoscopy, Diagnostics (feels like Phoenix Wright), Forensics (feels like Edgeworth Investigations)
-Easier Trauma game (the others are pretty challenging)
-Cool doctors with each of their own quirks
-I swear a lot of them look like P4 characters
-Crying and feels
-If you have a Wii U and don’t know which game to play next…May I interest you in anime doctors?..

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☆ ♎ ✕

Mun questions

☆ - How did you go about getting a grip on your muse’s character?

Easy. I had to balance canon with adding some sprinkle of my own twist or spin off from series. Because can’t have him react same way he did in manga/anime to acertain event or encounter with whatever.

Can say it a matter of research as in pay attention to every little detail in series (both manga and anime) to get to learn thy character before shape him and grow him ut of his comfort zone. It was a bit of struggle but once got the hang of it it comes naturally and easy as breathing.

♎ - What is one thing you love about your writing?

That its come a long way. Can say I’m still learning but improving like detailing stuff, grammar, use more rafined rather than common words, much more organized and whatnot can say is pretty good. Compared to how it was when I first started….-laughs-

✕ - What would set you entirely off roleplaying with someone? 

I think we all been there so godmobs or mary sue’s is one thing. Or people who think know my muse better like how about instead of be scared of a 10 feet monster he  just is like hi! wanna hug? Or be more violent in this case or contrary if he;s atatcked ‘play the victim’! Ahahaha how cute byee!
Don’t get me wrong I’m all about alternating my reply in case I got wrong or its hard for you to respond or open to discuss he may have different reply to some thing within our chat/dialog or different reaction, behavior etc but when its so out of it it makes no sense or make it so I go ooc with Alibaba. “But no its how he’d react? It should be ok!“ -facepalms- please stick to rational thinking or its never gonna work.

idk why but i feel like sharing a bit about how i came to love haikyuu so much, and it’s entirely because it probably saved what little part of me actually wanted to continue living when i first saw it

it got a bit long so i put it under a cut for the uninterested

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↳ day 4: the fierce battle » your favorite scene

“Most likely… I won’t be able to forget that game for my entire life. I know our inexperience, I also know that our opponent’s strong. More than anything else, this is the first time I feel baseball’s frightening. Although I feel sorry for the retired 3rd years… we still have another year to get out revenge. If we are doing it, I want the results to matter the most. I want us to be ravenous for victory until the very end.