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you were not kidding, the tsar is eeeeeeevil! this last chapter revealed a little bit of his motivations, but i cant stop being curious about his past now and how was the relationship between him and pitch before this all. can you tell us anything about the tsarina or their son? i have a habit of wondering about people that are only mentioned in stories, and im loving your worldbuilding in this one x_x

The Tsar is definitely not being all that nice to Jack at the moment (he’s evil as all get out). :D We’ll definitely find out more re: his motivations too, and the relationship he used to have with Pitch.

We’ll find out more about Mihail (the Man in the Moon / son) and Agnessa (the Tsarina) as the story progresses. But…maybe not a ton more.

Agnessa is a grounded, good-hearted person. She’s under no illusions re: her husband and has made several strategic decisions to protect Mihail - she doesn’t think the Tsar would abuse him, she just also doesn’t think Mihail should spend too much time around him. Which is why we sometimes see Mihail with Seraphina, or why Eva talks about how she has helped out with Mihail a great deal. (Eva and Agnessa are close friends -> as are Agnessa and Toothiana).

Mihail is neuroatypical, and bright and observant. He sees far more than he lets on (I mean most kids do, honestly, but given he is selectively mute, he doesn’t often convey how much he knows. He speaks in the sign language of the Lune pictogram alphabet, but he doesn’t speak to everyone with that, and Seraphina is one of the few people he’ll actually converse with. Sandy’s another).

They both live quite separate lives to the Tsar. The Tsarina turns up for public appearances with him, but otherwise they don’t spend much time together. And Mihail doesn’t actually come out for public appearances due to fears of assassination attempts (something the Tsar had to deal with as a child - he’s very protective of Mihail in this sense, even as he’s kind of…aware that Mihail can’t necessarily inherit the throne either). Agnessa is also pretty adept with a stiletto knife.

Agnessa is kind of mercurial. She’s secretive, she tends to stay out of what her husband is doing, which is why we never see her around the Tsar within the Palace. She is fiercely protective/loving of Mihail, but also lets him roam, because she knows he enjoys that and doesn’t believe in smothering her child. She’s garnered some criticism for this (esp. from people who think that because Mihail doesn’t talk/doesn’t make eye contact, he couldn’t be smart enough to be let to go roam through the Palace on his own), but she defends his intelligence readily, though she does encourage him to preferably hang out with Seraphina, mostly because she knows they get along. (Seraphina kind of considers him the younger brother she never wanted but loves anyway, lol).

Phone call with my parents just now:

Mom: So Dad’s been looking at real estate in Pittsburgh, he wants to help you buy and fix up a house! What do you think about that?

[insert discussion about Responsible Adult Things like owning real estate]

Mom: So what’s going on with you?

Me: I…just spent a large amount of money on plane tickets to visit Finland and Germany this summer. *sweats*

{ okay so everyone and their mother has put in their two cents about the new movie’s take on the iconic yellow gown (myself included) but allow me to take a minute to salt about something else: the blue village dress.

I love the design of it. It looks great, it calls the original to mind while still being fresh and new and realistic, the different patterns are a nice touch. There’s just one thing I cannot stand, and that’s how Emma wears the skirt hiked up all the time.

“Belle is an active princess” is the reasoning I’ve seen. “This way she’s not restricted by a skirt”.

I call BS. That skirt is not tight or restrictive—if it was, you wouldn’t even be able to pull up one side and tuck it into your waistband like that. But more importantly, bloomers are not trousers, they are underwear. And no one will ever convince me that Belle would run around town with her underwear on full display. }


A super fast breakdown of how I’ve been painting (with blue haired Teru, bc why not) because I’ve had a lot of people tell me they like how I’ve been coloring (thank you!!!!!) and a bunch mentioned they’d like to be able to color like this too, and honestly it’s not hard nor complicated at all, so here! This is how I’ve been doing it 👍

All of you are always talking about Pete Wentz not being white and stuff but I see none of you ever talking about Gabe Saporta.
He was literally an illegal immigrant from Uruguay who self-taught himself music and If that isn’t something you guys wanna acknowledge then good bye.

When in doubt, draw Fluttershy.

“Ed had to struggle without his right hand-” Yeah ok but let’s not forget Al had to learn to function without any sense of touch and also being much bigger than he used to be, and of course he wasn’t the injured one so I’m sure he didn’t get as much attention and help as he deserved

Do not fucking underestimate how much Al went through he’s so much stronger than people give him credit for

a lot of ppl seem to be rlly salty about the max-lucas-dustin thing and it’s like,,, they’re 12 lmao i’m sure it’s gon be mainly cute and funny and used as comic relief if anything like idk i’ve even seen ppl say “omg what if this ruins lucas and dustin’s friendship??? ):” like, did y’all forget who they are lmao 

When you’re trying to be positive

but tumblr can be one of the most negative places on earth

No I don’t read Hyrda!Cap

I don’t acknowlege Hydra!Cap

Until that storyline resolves to be something else….I won’t touch it with a 10ft pole.

Happier (Aren’t You?)

Summary: Can you write something to do with the new Ed Sheeran song Happier? I was thinking in like the view of Dan’s ex who’s watching him fall in love with Phil?’

Genre: Songfic

Song: Happier

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: Elements of angst

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It’s been the longest month of her life and she has a million things on the tip of her tongue she’s dying to say and confess, but not whilst everyone is around. And not whilst Dan has the biggest smile on his lips as he looks down at his phone a couple of minutes later.

“Who are you texting, Howell? We’re all right here!” someone jokes, and Dan laughs and holds up his hands in surrender.

“Just Phil” he replies, the smile never once faltering.

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When I correct husbandry, I am not attacking you. I know we all make mistakes—we’re human after all—but when someone points out that your husbandry is dangerously incorrect, please listen to them. Start doing more research. Get more educated opinions.

It’s not a personal attack and I never mean to come off that way. I am trying to help you, so please, please listen.


The Avengers as music albums.

Height placement and its significance regarding shiro and keith's potential as leaders

Preface: I’m studying animation and recently started looking into storyboarding. If there’s anything I’ve taken away from it, is that every shot has a purpose. 

So I thought about some scenes in VLD and realised that there might be more to episode 1 than meets the eye. Long post ahead.

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the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura


03-12-16 ∴ I run.


trc month } day 9 - universe alterations

Syaoran loses his memories and Sakura has to look for them