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Yes! Please continue your mutual pining fic aghhhhalhddkdkhf

Well since you twisted my arm! This is Part 2 of this S3 canon divergence fic. Since I got lots of ask prompts to continue the story expect more as I fill them. Again, these are timed so I can’t get as much story in as I would like but it will all spin out eventually (and be on the archives too) 

T | 1k 

Emma spent the weekend working extra hours. Running down her skips helping her to avoid thinking of other things, things that wore leather and eyeliner. But by Sunday evening she had run out of distractions and found herself wandering the apartment waiting for Henry to return. After the fifth time getting excited by voices in the hall she turned on the TV and the Xbox and did her best to sink into the quest Henry had chosen.  

A half-hour later the door banged open and Henry called “I’m home! Hey, you’re playing without me.”

Emma paused the game and turned to greet her son as he barreled into her on the couch.

“I’m trying to catch up with you,” she said as she tousled his hair. “You have a good time?”

“The best!” He pulled away “I’ll be right back.” As he disappeared into his room Emma heard a faint chuckle and she turned to see Hook standing in the entryway. Her heart did a summersault at the fond look in his eyes as he stared after Henry.

She stood and his gaze shifted to her and the fondness was replaced by something more guarded. They locked eyes for only a moment and then Emma shifted her gaze to Henry’s door.

“Seems like he had a good time.” Her voice was flat and she hated it.

“Aye.” His boots clicked on the floor as he moved closer. “Swan, I wanted to assure you that Regina didn’t inform me that you hadn’t been consulted about this arrangement. I would not have come if I had known and if you wish I will refuse to fetch him again.”

Emma looked at him as he spoke and saw the sincerity etched on his face and in his too blue eyes. He was giving her an out. She had told him not to follow her, to stay away and he was willing to still do that for her despite having the perfect excuse to see her. She only needed to say the word and he would disappear from her life and fade back into her memory.


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365 Days with Vampire Tokuten CD: Mukami Azusa (Translation)

Request from Ghostbunnies. You’re always so sweet I hope you like this adorable bit of Azusa fluff ♥ c:

Apologies for any mistakes in advance, I still don’t have much confidence in my audio translations (/)u(\)

(Translation under the cut - Do not use/repost without permission)

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What is this sormik seduction thing is you talk about in your latest ask?? I.NEED.TO.KNOW 😍😍😍😍😍

What I was talking about is this pose that Mikleo pulls out three times in the space of less than 30 minutes of game time (assuming you know the puzzle to open the gate into the depths of Tintagel Ruins):

It’s kind of this super model-y pose that he does starting at that point in the game and then it pops up here and there later on (I distinctly remember seeing it a few times in either Lastonbell or Pendrago).  It’s not super obvious as anything overtly distracting or seductive, although he doesn’t use it much before this point in the game (if at all) … until you put him into an alternate costume, namely, his swimsuit (pretty sure the cat ears/collar/tail isn’t helping either lol):

(More screenshots plus some commentary behind the cut)

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Coworkers and their opinions on Ricardo’s small orange.

Hop On My Bike

Here’s another Trimberly fic cause i was sad.                                                   


  Kim was pissed. No pissed didn’t even begin to describe how angry she was. She didn’t even start the fight. This was all Amanda’s fault. She had taken a liking to picking on Trini before Biology class. Didn’t matter though, it’s not like her parents would ever believe her. No here’s what really happened:


It was Monday Morning and Kim was walking over to the high school.

“Hey stranger need a ride?” Kim turned her head at the familiar voice. There she was. The greatest person ever. Only the most beautiful girl Kim had aver met. Also her girlfriend. Trini.

“Not if i have to ride on the front of your bike babe.” Kim smiled warmly at the yellow ranger. It’s not Trini’s fault she had crashed her car. It really wasn’t this time. You see what had happened was Trini was driving her car on her way to the Quarry and Kimberly had just so happened to be on her morning run. She had been wearing a yellow sports bra and pink leggings. And of course, Trini being the gay mess she was, crashed her car into a tree. So see? not her fault.

“Come on Kim it’s not that bad,” The Latina mused.

“Babe, you’re literally riding your little brothers bike to school.” The pink ranger teased.

Trini rolled her eyes at her girlfriend’s stubbornness.

A Black, 2016 Porsche Boxster pulled up on the curb in front of them.

“Well, if it isn’t Angel Grove’s very own freak show. Wheres the rest of your clown squad?’ Amanda sneered.

Trini lowered her eyes and tried to block out Amanda’s voice.

“What’s wrong Dora? lost your way home from Mexico?” Amanda sassed.

“Leave her alone Amanda.” Kim shot back

Amanda glared at Kimberly long and hard.

“No. You don’t get to talk Hart. Not after what you did. So I’ll talk to anyone however I want to. Amanda hissed.

“Later losers.” Amanda rolled her window back up and drove away.

Kim an Trini walked in silence.


It happened again after first period. Trini was getting some books out of her locker.

“Hey little dyke. how are ya?’ Amanda asked.

“Fine. Get out of my way.” Trini tried to shove past Amanda.

“Now now DeeDee is that anyway to treat a friend? No wonder you’re stuck with the freaks and geeks.” Amanda flashed Trini a too wide smile that reminded her of a shark.

“Please just leave me alone.” Trini pleaded.

“You’re worthless you know? You’ll never have any real friends. Kim only likes you because it’s all she has. Someone better will come along and you’ll be all alone again.” Amanda sneered.

Amanda walked away leaving Trini to break down what she said.


The last straw was in gym class. It was the only class all five of the rangers had together.

Everyone was doing stations today. Kim was at the jump rope station, Zack was at the pull up bar, Billy was with Jason doing push ups, leaving Trini to fend for herself at the rope ladder.

“Come on fatty can’t you do anything. I thought Mexicans were supposed to be good at climbing things.” Amanda and her entourage of cheer leaders laughed.

The teasing came to a halt when Amanda shook the rope, sending Trini falling onto her back. Trini tried to get up but Amanda had put her foot on Trini’s chest.

“Gather around everyone. Come see the flying dyke.” Amanda smirked.

“Get off me Amanda.” Trini warned.

“Or what? are you gonna kiss me? what are you gonna do you fag? COME ON EVERYONE COME SEE THE ILLEGAL GET DEPORTED.”  Amanda laughed

The blonde looked down an smirked. “no on cares about some stupid little dyke like you.”

Out of nowhere a blur of short black hair tackled Amanda to the ground.

“KIMBERLY WAIT.” Jason yelled, but it was too late.

“Get off of me you dumb bitch!” Amanda screamed.

“QUIT TALKING TO HER LIKE THAT.” Kimberly commanded.

Amanda swung first. Her fist collided with Kimberly’s mouth. Blood gushed out of Kim’s now open lip. Kimberly swung her fist into the air and her fist collided with Amanda’s jaw.

“YOU BITCH.” Amanda swore.

Before either one of them had another chance to hit each other anymore, Coach Cleveland separated them.


The two girls each came up with two very different stories. Kimberly’s, obviously, was the truth, while Amanda came up with some tale about how Trini and Kim were bullying her.

They bought Kim’s story. Both girls were suspended for a week and Amanda got detention for the rest of the year.


Later that night Trini showed up at Kim’s window with donuts.

“Hey champ.” Trini purred. Kim flashed a smile at the shorter girl.

“Shouldn’t you be in bed?” Kim asked.

“I should but I though my brave girlfriend deserved a treat after defending my honor.” Trini beamed.

“And would my treat be the donuts or you?” Kimberly smirked.

“Nerd.” Trini gushed.

Kimberly put the box of donuts aside and pulled Trini into her lap on the bed.

“Sorry you got suspended because of me.” Trini apologized.

“It’s okay, donuts and kisses make everything better.” Kim pouted.

“Who said anything about kisses?” Trini questioned.

“I took a punch to the face for you. I better be getting a kiss.” Kim purred.

“I guess I have no choice then.” Trini fake sighed.

“Nope.” Kim smiled as Trini leaned upward and pulled Kim into a sweet kiss.

Yeah. Kim would definitely take a beating for Trini.

Green meets Blue

MariChat May 25th: Akumatized Chat


Summary: Marinette tries and fails to protect her identity.

I apologize for the Ooc-ness is this.

“Why are you dating him?” Chat asked, his voice sounding distinctly bitter.

Marinette blinked at the boy in confusion. He showed up without any fanfare and then demanded to know why she was going on a date. How did he even know about it?

“Is there any reason you need to know?” She asked flatly.

His expression flickered into something angry for a moment before fading back to something more neutral. “Just tell me.” His own voice flat.

She frowned. “No. It’s not your business who I date.” With that said she went back to drawing out her designs.

Chat lips thinned into a line. “Dating him for the pretty face, eh?” He asked dryly

She tensed up and spun around to face him again. “Shut up.” She growled.

His eyes flashed. Seems like he hit a nerve. “I didn’t really take you for that kind of girl.”

Marinette grit her teeth. “I always took you for a good for nothing mangy cat.” She retorted.

Chat frowned. “Is that what you really think of me…?” He looked almost hurt.

“Yes.” She snapped and once again tried to return to her work, though instead she ended up glaring at it.

Chat’s eyes darkened further. “Very well then.” He shook his head and left.

Marinette grimaced and looked to where he had been standing. “Good job Marinette.” She muttered self-depreciatingly.

The window to Chat’s bathroom cracked when he slammed it shut. He became Adrien as he walked into his room. Plagg almost immediately started wedeling him for cheese. To silence him Adrien tore his ring off and tossed it to the floor. It hit the ground with a clatter of ringing noises as it rolled under his bed.

He sat down at his desk and flipped on the screens. When he saw Ladybug plastered across them he screamed and smashed his hands down on his desk. His fist’s throbbed with pain as he seethed.

A black butterfly floated through his window and landed on one of his fists.

“Greetings, Heartbreaker. In return-”

“Yes. I agree.” Adrien hissed.

Hawkmoth chuckled. “Very well, go and get me Chat Noir and Ladybug’s Miraculous! Heartbreaker!”

Black energy consumed Adrien’s body and left behind a black leather suited boy with a dark red cracked heart in the middle of his chest.

The boy, Heartbreaker, clenched his fist in front of him. His fist glowed darkly. “I’ll show the world how it feels to have your heart ripped apart!” He slammed his fist into the desk again. This time the desk simply broke apart.

He grinned at his power. “First things first though, Marinette, your little boy toy-” He chuckled darkly. “-is going to get a visit.”

Marinette woke with a start and noticed her phone blowing up with notifications. She blinked the sleep out of her eyes as she grabbed it and unlocked it.

She groaned when she realized they were from the Ladyblog.

“What is it Marinette?” Tikki asked from the little nest of fabrics she used as a bed.

“An akuma.” Marinette slowly sat up. “It’s one in the morning and there’s a freaking akuma.”

Tikki looked at her in concern. “There’s never been one this late before.”

Marinette shook her head. “We’ve been lucky so far.” She stood fully and went to get dressed.

“I hope Chat realizes that there’s an akuma.” Tikki murmured.

“Let’s hope he gets notifications like I do.” Marinette said.

Finished getting dressed, Marinette quickly transformed and headed to where the reports were saying the akuma was.

Ladybug surveyed the destruction with trepidation.

The couple of people that had apparently been around when the akuma had shown himself lie on the ground crying. If that wasn’t creepy enough the ground had shards of glowing red and black crystal scattered on it.

Alya was trying to console a woman on the ground. Ladybug only realized it was the girl’s mother when she got closer.

“Maman, things are going to be alright. I promise.” Alya said soothingly. Her mother just shook her head and continued to cry.

“Alya, do you know what the akuma’s power is? Or where it went?” Ladybug asked softly.

Alya looked up with relief. “Thank god your here.” She shook her head as if to clear it. “I don’t know where he went,” She look apologetic. “But his powers…” Alya shuddered.

Ladybug frowned. “Are you alright? You look pale.”

Alya nodded. “I’m fine. He’s called Heartbreaker and can do what the name implies.” She then gestured to the crystals. “Those are what remains afterwards.”

Ladybug paled as she looked at the huge amount of crystal lying on the street. “Are all of those…?”

Alya swallowed and closed her eyes. “All of them.” She confirmed.

Ladybug shook herself. “Okay then.” She turned determined eyes on Alya. “I’m going to fix this. Try to get somewhere safe, alright?”

Alya nodded and went to prod her mother into going inside the nearest building.

Ladybug frowned, where could a guy called Heartbreaker be?

Heartbreaker grinned maliciously as he left the bakery. The tears he could still hear from behind him made him feel powerful. He had looked around for Marinette and she hadn’t been there so he took the price of her missing out on her poor ignorant parents.

He smiled crookedly as he gazed forward. “So there you are, Ladybug.” He tilted his head and held out his arms like he wanted a hug. “Miss me?” He jeered.

Ladybug was looking straight through him. She could hear the cry’s from where she stood. She grit tears of her own back, took a deep breath, and turned to face Heartbreaker.

“Miss you?” She shook her head in disgust. “I don’t even know you.”

His smile thinned. “Oh but you do-” She cut him off by flinging her yoyo in an arc around him.

He chuckled as he dodged to the side. “So predictable little bug.”

She growled and pulled her yoyo back. “Lucky Charm!” She yelled and threw her yoyo in the air. The charm dropped into her hands.

“Really.” She stated flatly. “What in the world am I supposed to do with a bar of chocolate?!” She yelled in frustration.

Heartbreaker laughed. “Chocolate, oh that’s rich.” He laughed harder.

She ignored him and looked around for a way to use her charm.

He smirked and waited patiently with his arms folded across his chest.

She glared at him and huffed. “I’ll just do this the old fashioned way.” She moved towards him and flung her yoyo forward again.

He smirked and flicked the yoyo back at her.

Ladybug rubbed her head. “You… you hit me in the head with my own yoyo.” She glared at him.

“You’re so easy to predict, My Lady.” He smirked and blew on his fingernails.

Ladybug froze. “What did you just call me?”

“You still haven’t figured it out?” He laughed cruelly. “How purrfect.”

Ladybug shook her head. “There’s no way…”

“That I’m Chat Noir?” He smirked. “Sorry to bust your bubble, Princess, but I’m the real deal.”

“P-princess?” She stuttered out, dread filling her. “Y-you’ve never c-called me that-”

“Come on Marinette.” He placed his head in his hand, his fingers covered his left eye, and smirked. “You’re not fooling anybody.” Another crooked grin.

Ladybug stared at him in terror. “Was… did I cause this?”

He glared at her. “Yes, you did.” He stalked towards her. “And now you’re going to feel the same thing I did when you ripped my heart to pieces.”

Ladybug dodged backwards as he lunged at her. She quickly threw her yoyo out and swung onto the rooftop behind her.

Heartbreaker glared at her.

“All I did was date someone why…?”

Heartbreaker snarled. “You turned me down so you could go out with some pretty boy!”

Ladybug shook her head. “You never even asked me out!”

At her words Heartbreaker’s chest seemed to glow darker. “How dare you…!” He snarled

Ladybug watched, terrified, as red streaks came from all over the city and slammed into Heartbreaker’s chest. They finally came to a stop just as two streaks came from her parent’s bakery.

Ladybug gaped. “Did you just absorb all those people hearts?”

He glared at her. “Why do you care…?” He blinked and then smiled victoriously.

“Of course I care!” She frowned. “You care too, Chat.”

He chuckled. “It’s Heartbreaker and-” He pointed at her. “-I seemed to have distracted you long enough.”

Ladybug’s hand went to her earing. Her eyes widened when she realized she was too late.

A flash and Marinette stood where Ladybug had been. Tikki floated down into Marinette’s waiting palms. “Sorry Tikki.” She murmured to the sleeping Kwami. “It looks like I’ve failed.”

“That you have.” She looked up and startled when she realized he was already on the roof.

She needed a way to distract him. “So why did you absorb those hearts? Some sort of powerup?” she prodded.

“Something like that.” He moved forward and Marinette moved back until her back hit a chimney. “I think it’s time I make you suffer for making me feel this way.”

Marinette squeaked when his hand gripped her throat. “How about you tell me what I did first!”

He hummed. “I already told you. You turned me down and then went out with some brat instead.”

“But I didn’t…” She froze at his slowly angering expression. “I don’t remember that. Please tell me.” She begged softly.

He considered her for a moment. “I suppose I can. I have all the power after all, but first.” He grasped her ear with his other hand and pulled out her earing. He then repeated the task on her other ear. “There, no more Ladybug.”

Marinette couldn’t hold back her tears. She had lost.

“Oh come on. Don’t you want to know where you went wrong?” He seemed almost gentle now.

The girl nodded.

“It was probably because you made me fall for you.” He chuckled at her forlorn expression. “Really though, it was because you turned me down last week like it was nothing and then had the guts to ask out some random kid instead of me.”

She blinked in confusion. “How could I have asked you out if I already turned you down?”

He looked condescendingly at her. “You turned me down as Adrien, Marinette, not Chat.”

“Oh.” She said softly.

“I thought that you had a crush on Adrien and it would have been simpler to date as ourselves. Yet you had no hesitation in dismissing me and my feelings.”

“I was trying to get over you. Adrien you.” She grimaced and tried to take deeper breaths as his hand had loosened a bit. “I didn’t think Chat had feelings for me at all.” She shook her head slightly. “If I had known…” She bit her lip. “I’m sorry Chat.”

He blinked at her in surprise and the heart on his chest pulsed red. “You’re sorry? Wait are you saying that if I confessed to you as Chat…?” He didn’t seem to be able to continue.

She looked him in the eye. “I had, have, feelings for both sides of you.” His grip on her neck loosened further. “I shouldn’t have tried to get over Adrien you by dating some random guy.” He let go of her. “I-” She took a deep breath. “-love you.” She pulled him towards her and kissed him square on the lips.

He froze and the heart on his chest seemed to pulse rapidly before glowing brighter than ever as he started kissing her back.

Marinette’s eyes widened when his akumatized state collapsed and the akuma came flying out of his chest.

Adrien’s confused eyes stared back at her.

Wasting no time Marinette grabbed her earrings from Adrien and put them back on. She transformed and purified the akuma and was surprised by the Lucky Charm sitting on the ground from earlier. One Miraculous Ladybug later and she could feel the soreness leave her neck.

She turned to see Adrien sobbing quietly into his knees.

She pulled him into a hug. “Shh. I forgive you.” Adrien just shook his head. “Fine.” She smiled at him. “I love you, Adrien, Chat.”

He looked up at her in surprise and she took the moment to reconnect their lips.

Everything else would eventually need to be dealt with, but for now Ladybug was just glad that Adrien was alright.


molly weasley;

“[harry’s]’s not your son,” said sirius quietly. “he’s as good as,” said mrs. weasley fiercely. “who else has he got?”

for @padfootd


Hey y’all, it’s been a long time ! Sorry for the hiatus, I’ve been busy with school and with this lil guy up here ^^^ Say hi to my new roommate. He doesn’t help me drawing at all and loves to wake me up at 4 am to play with my feet.

If I didn’t paint anything at least I started filling a sketchbook and it’s honestly so satisfying to have all my doodles in a single tiny notebook, you can’t even imagine.

there’s a new trend on i’ve seen on fb lately where women post a status saying that if their boyfriend doesn’t see the status for an hour, the bf owes her a date that has to be planned out completely by him???????

if you feel the need to publicly pressure your partner into doing something nice for you………..you maybe shouldn’t be in a relationship??

I sometimes wonder if Bioware fully considers the implications of decisions characters make in their games…? Like Alistair seemed like such an asshole in Redcliffe, but he had good reason to be furious with Fiona.

Thoughts under the cut.

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jonghyun.948 리허설 가자
근데 하트…음향팀…사랑넘쳐아주?

But the heart … the sound team … love is very overflowing?

jonghyun.948 instagram update 170525

*sigh* Where is the line of professionalism between “the customer wants these changes, so I should make them” and “the customer doesn’t know what they’re doing that’s why they paid me to do it, and that change is bad”?