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Could you list all of the tropes that you consider "feel good violence"?

Okay, “Feel Good Violence” is very simple as a concept. It’s violence that feels good, when you’re reading it, when you’re watching it on screen, because for the perpetrator violence can feel really damn good. However, that is violence when taken outside of context. It is violence without consequences. It is violence for the sake of violence. Violence that serves no purpose but to prove the character or person is tough.

Protagonist Sanctioned Bullying - Bullying in general is a fairly popular method to achieve “Feel Good Violence” because bullying does feel good. The audience sympathizes with the protagonist, so when the protagonist acts they cheer for it. Its not presented as bullying by the narrative, but it is still bullying. Usually it’s a rival or a character set up to “deserve it”, but sometimes not.

Making people afraid makes you feel tough. Many authors will fall prey to the sweet lure of bullying and not even know it because bullying is violence without fear of consequence. Most often, they’ve been the recipients rather than the perpetrators, and acting as the bully is a very different ballgame. It is an emotional and psychological high. You feel big, strong, safe, and untouchable. Powerful. In their worst incarnations, most superheroes become bullies.

Bullying is all about control, protected status, and freedom from consequences. An entirely fictional world creates the opportunity for all these things, with the narrative itself siding with the bully. Bullying is Feel Good Violence writ large in real life. It’ll follow you into the fictional world just as easily. Power is a high you never forget.

This is very common trope for characters who also act as a means of self-insertion by the author. For them, it isn’t bullying. It’s an example of how awesome their character is and how tough they are.

Everything But Dead - When the only morals applied are if someone died, the rest is sanctioned without comment. There are no narrative consequences for the character’s behavior, and everyone cheers them on. Anyone who calls them out is an acceptable target, usually evil, or the protagonist wins them over in the end because their actions are “justified”.

By Any Means Stupid - This is the “by any means necessary“ trope, where the violence really isn’t necessary and the author just wanted an excuse to paint the room red.

Unprovoked Violence Is Always the Solution - This is the one where the protagonist skips all the other steps and goes straight to preemptive violence against a total stranger, for no reason other than it makes them appear tough. Usually not framed by the narrative as bad, but it is. Oh, yes, it is. Worse there usually aren’t any consequences for the hero physically assaulting someone in a room full of witnesses because everyone knows they’re the hero, right?

Random Violence Before Strangers is A-Okay -  The protagonist disembowels a bully in front of their victim in order to protect them and receives effusive thank yous. Nothing comes from this. The bad guy is dead. We all feel good. All is right in the world. Except… violence freaks people out.

Acceptable Targets - These are people designated by the writer as non-entities and targets for violence regardless of narrative context. A very slippery slope that is ever descending. But, you know, it feels good? Sure, so long as you’re not on the receiving end. This kind of dehumanization happens in real life too, just in case you were wondering.

Beating Up My Source - You have a character who collects information from an old standby, they threaten and beat up that standby regularly to show they’re tough. At what point does this seem like a terrible idea? Never! Hey, they’re a bad person so you feel good, right?

Waving My Gun Around - Trigger discipline is just the beginning of this problem. A gun is not a toy. but you’ll find a vast array of narratives who use it that way in order to look tough.

Killing Your Way to the Top - You can’t really destroy organizations like this. Killing the people at the top will just lead to someone else taking their place. Whenever you create a power vacuum someone will fill it. You can’t destroy an organization by killing. It doesn’t work. But, it feels good!

Must Obviously Be Boy - Because female fighters are unicorns and the mooks have never laid eyes on a woman before. Usually part of a larger narrative issue with violence, but acts as a “get out of jail free” card.

Clear the Building - That time the character decided to knock everyone out to prove that they are tough. Weirder when it happens on stealth missions.

I Am Not Gaining Levels - When you’re reading a book and the character is fighting like it’s a video game. They fight everyone like they’re in an RPG chasing XP. Why? We don’t know, but it makes them feel good.

Let Me Shoot Him Twenty Times - We could call this spray and pray, but let’s pretend for a moment the magazine could run dry.

Magic Bullets - The bullets that go where you want, stop when you want, and don’t cause accidental casualties. You know, like the protagonist blind firing through a wall and hitting a four year old playing in the yard across the street.

Body Armor Always Prevents A Blow-through - Nope!

New to Training, Perfect Sparring - That time the main character took on their evil rival (school’s top/better trained student) in a sparring match and won, especially when it was their first day.

Sparring Just In General - The vast majority of Western media doesn’t understand the concept or purpose of sparring. Many authors seem to think its a UFC match where you just beat each other up and the first thing you do during training to “assess your capabilities”.

Queuing for Combat - This is an old Hollywood trick where the burden of a group fight is lifted as the stuntmen wait their turn to fight the protagonist. Particularly egregious in written action sequences where the author doesn’t grasp the concept of teamwork. It also warps the understanding of how many people its possible for a human to fight at once.

Terrible At Torture - Torture is a terrible way to gain information in general because it doesn’t lead to a confession so much as confirmation bias. The subject will tell you whatever you want to hear because they want the pain to stop. It’s even worse when done poorly, which it is 90% of the time. Usually, media uses it for shock value or to prove how tough a protagonist is. Torture is not putting a blowtorch to someone’s foot and hoping for the best. It’s far, far more complicated than that. Neither torturer nor subject come out of the experience whole. Besides, the unimaginative protagonists say, “screw you!” The clever ones lie.

What Is: Dress for Success - How we dress our characters is often necessary for crafting a sense of narrative realism. This comes in often as a reason for why its so difficult to take female action heroes seriously, but it happens to the guys too. Not a bad trope on its own, but often symptomatic of a larger narrative approach to violence that ends with “feel” and “good”.

Beautiful and Badass - This one is a very specific female fantasy, which is that you can meet all the cultural standards and definitions for beauty while being in direct defiance of them. These are the female characters who are never touched by the combat they engage in. They are always graceful, always elegant, always beautiful in motion and the narrative will pause to tell us this often. “She fights like she’s dancing.” For these characters, their supermodel-esque beauty is a natural extension of their being. They don’t work at it. Combat is incidental. It’s a set piece to tell you how awesome the character is. It generally amounts to nothing, serves no real narrative purpose, but by god the author is going to walk us through it in excruciating detail. Combat and character are separate, and consequences are for other people.

My Instincts Performed A Wheel Kick - Your instincts just don’t work that way.

There’s probably more, but that hits most of the major sins.

Keep in mind that many of these tropes are not issues by themselves. They often work when context and consequences are taken into account by their narrative/setting. Generally, this results in characters with no accountability for their behavior and exhibit no responsibility for their actions. The issue, of course, is that responsibility and accountability are what make well-written violence work. Violence often drives the narrative. It’s part and parcel to who the character is, and their decision making. It’s the difference between a character who presents themselves as tough or skilled and one who actually is.


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The paladins as dogs

so ok luckily for you guys i went through a dog phase in elementary school so clearly im qualified to do this 

Shiro- Alaskan Malamute 



-pack dog, needs a squad

-gentle but protective 

-tough but not agressive 

Keith- Karelian bear dog

- Agressive 

-not trusting of outsiders 

-fiercely loyal if you gain its trust 


-stubborn, once it starts fighting a bitch it aint gonna stop

Hunk- Leonberger

-gets along with everyone

-quickly adapts to whatever situation theyre in


-smart socially and situationally 


Pidge- Border collie 

-The smartest™

- cautious 

-protective, dont mess with their toys

- tenacious 

- alert

Lance- whatever the fuck my dog is 

-tries to act chill even tho everyone knows they’re not chill 

- sleeps a lot

-short attention span

-is annoying but its ok we still love them

- a lil bit weird 

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I know you're busy so take your time with this ask! I was curious what you think everyone's spirit guardian would be (for the RFA plus maybe the minor trio?). A spirit guardian is usually in animal form, so it's kinda like a spirit animal in simple terms. It's a guardian that doesn't have to match the personality of the person, per se, but compliments them and challenges them to grow in some way.

What an interesting ask! Haven’t seen anything like this before

Zen:  A bear

Originally posted by naturegifs

  • The bear stands for strength and confidence
  • Its for taking leadership, and take action without fear
  • Although Zen is often stereotyped as a confident narcissist, there is more to him than that. Because of his past, he needed to get more confident in himself, and a bear spirit would help to give him confidence and inner strength
  • This spirit animal can symbolize healing abilities, whether it’s at the physical, emotional or spiritual level
  • I think this would suit Zen, so he can grow into a more content and confident person on the inside as well what he shows people

Yoosung: A deer

Originally posted by naturegifs

  • The deer stands for gentleness, sensitivity and being able to get through obstacles in life
  • With its gentleness, grace and innocence, it would connect Yoosung to his inner self, and show him that he doesn’t have to be more “tough and manly” to be an adult, but rather accept his nature
  • With its ability to get through the bad times your life and move into a new “terrain”, it would help him come at ease with the whole Rika situation. Learning to accept that there are several different stages in life and not just focusing the one you’re in right now can be difficult, but the deer would show him how to do so without necessarily forgetting the other stages

Jumin: A panther

Originally posted by elfmaiden

  • The panther stands for understanding of death, knowing the dark, and power
  • Even though he doesn’t act upon it, the whole situation did leave some impact on him. Seeing his best friend and leader of the group fall, and everything that happened before and after, must have made him somewhat closed off
  • It would help him understand what he really wants, what position in life he’d rather be in, and accept how things were before
  • It would help him really take the lead, and stand up for what he thinks is right

Seven: A fox

Originally posted by sunrise-mystifies

  • The fox stands for physical or mental responsiveness, seeing through deception and ability to find your way around
  • The fox is ofter seen as a trickster, but there is more intelligence and observation behind that than people thinks
  • It would help him to be more observant, and help him take wiser decision on an everyday basis
  • It also challenges him to move quick and swiftly, having confidence in that there is nothing more to do with what lies behind you. Of course, this doesn’t mean he should ignore his brother, but rather think more about what is really the best choice to make at the given moment

Saeran: A wolf 

Originally posted by won-der-land89

  • The wolf stands for sharp intelligence, deep connection with instincts, and wanting freedom 
  • It would help him trust his instincts and accept the current situation. The wolf is similar to Saeran in that it wants to be alone, and has a hard time trusting people
  • However, it would help him be more free in a good way too, and help him be more sure of himself and what he wants
  • The wolf is known for being alone, but rather than just that, it could stand for knowing your personal boundaries and learning to accept that people are different in that area

V: A butterfly 

Originally posted by maydaymarina

  • The butterfly stands for powerful transformation, renewal/rebirth, and
    the world of the soul
  • A butterfly helps with important changes in your life. It would help make the impact a bit milder, and help him with the obvious pain the situation has led him to
  • It also stands for a certain innocence and lightness in life. It would help him see the world from a slightly different point of view, and remind him of his beliefs and peacefulness 
  • It helps him show his true colours, and supports him in times of personal transformation

Vanderwood: A panda

Originally posted by thisisnotapandablog

  • The panda stands for gentle strength and nurturing ability
  • It would help him come at ease with himself, and accept things how they are. With its heart-centered energy, it would remind him to properly take care of himself and let him be at ease with who he is
  • As opposed to Vanderwood, the panda has a soft and kind-looking outside while being strong on the inside. With this contrast, Vanderwood being tough looking on the outside while maybe not so strong all the time on the inside, it would remind him that it’s ok to not always keep a strong mask while still being confident with himself and his choices 
  • The panda also teaches the importance of personal boundaries, letting him know that its fine to keep his distance in order to be comfortable and gain healthy relationships with other people

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do you think it's possible to someone to "work up" to being butch? or is being butch something inherent that can't be gained or lost?

That’s tough! I think there is something essential about butchness that is usually present for a long time before most of us recognize it, to the extent that many of us recognize other butches before they recognize themselves. So I don’t think it’s like a piece of clothing you take on and off- I do think to some extent it’s the sort of thing you either are or aren’t but if you find that butchness just makes a lot of things click for you in your head or is a space that seems to explain women like you, then odds are good that it’s yours to claim if you want. I think there are certainly people who consider themselves butch that I honestly don’t consider butch but I wouldn’t walk up to another woman and tell her she was appropriating it unless it was done offensively.

I think most of us don’t hop out of the womb thinking we are lesbians, let alone that we are butches. I started hesitantly calling myself a lesbian (rather than queer, and God I used some embarrassing labels as a teen) right around 18 after having been out for a few years already, and that same year I started tentatively seeing myself as butch, changing the way I dressed, allowing myself to relax into a comfy form of gender nonconformity. None of it was on purpose, but I found that the more I grew to like myself, the more comfortable I became with myself, the more I grew to understand and not be ashamed of my sexuality, the more comfortable I felt in ties and button downs and oxfords and mostly men’s clothes and so on. And while I experience the same pressure to disidentify or transition that every nearly other butch I know has experienced, by 20 I was doing some of the work of reidentifying and during that time I read “Stone Butch Blues” and a whole ton of work on butches from the 70s to the 90s and started realizing, “Ahhhhhhhhh there is a place for me here, there is a term for women like me, and more importantly there is a history of community around this experience.”

I know some people are offended by the idea that not every lesbian can just decide to be butch but that’s their problem and not mine- it’s my honest opinion that there’s something about us that sets us apart from other women that usually stretches back a lot further than we can see without talking to other butches and putting the pieces together. I think most women have to “work up to” understanding that we are butch and “work up to” getting comfortable with letting that show to the rest of the world in how we move and dress. But I think there is something about experiences as a gender nonconforming girl and teenager and so on and the things that come with that and with being gay that binds us together in a way that means no, you can’t just be butch because you want to and, conversely, there are a lot of people who have space here and have no interest in claiming it for any number of reasons.

“Butch” is also not just one thing. I don’t behave or dress the same way as every butch I know. There are tiny and big artsy/craftsy butches and tiny and big academic butches and tiny and big sporty butches and all of these women will usually dress and behave a good bit differently- we aren’t all feminists, we aren’t all the same -degree- of gender nonconforming though I dislike quantifying that. We don’t necessarily share anything except being lesbians and being gender nonconforming in such a way that most of us couldn’t blend in as heterosexual women even if we tried or wanted to. A lot of it is just a vibe that’s hard to explain. But I know other butches when I see and spend time with them. I think if you’re wondering about yourself, just talking to some butches you know and love about their exeriences is likely to help. But I don’t think it is useful to start off with this idea of what butches are in your head and check off boxes- read what women have written, talk to other women, and see what connects.

Sorry this is long but I didn’t want to give a half answer. Hope it helps, and feel free to ask more questions if you want.

I once met a guy whose blue sweater highlighted his eyes, and his smile highlighted mine. I once met a guy who laughed at me when I’d try to get on my tippy toes to be taller than him.
He was funny,smart, dorky and awkward. But all in the cutest kind of ways. His touch was soft and loving before he even knew it, and his eyes begged to be loved again. He hadn’t yet known he needed me, but told me he loved me just after a few weeks. After that, his personality unthawed and began budding like spring flowers after a brutal winter; delicately, and not all at once. Even now she watches him grow, silently smiling, helping carefully when needed. His taste grew sweeter as the words she wanted to hear, flowed out smoothly, bouncing off his tongue. The intimate time we spent together soaked like fine wine, as time passed it gained so much than what it started out to be. We were in the deepest and hardest parts of love.
What makes or breaks a relationship is the power of adjustment. The feeling of a ship in a hurricane. Undoubtably tough, but he was always willing to fight, and I had grabbed on never planning on letting go, the storm would pass and they’d balance in beautiful harmony. It was, and is, the greatest euphoria. It is in you, it is in me, and that too will bloom its own flower, and always stay necessary to the universe.
—  April 26, 2017
Daiya no Ace Act II  Chapter 72: Ban Lifted

When we read the title, we couldn’t help but wonder which ban exactly is lifted?

Oh, this one?

Oh, we should be worried now that Mima gets serious? (now the Saiyan flame is no longer exclusive to Seidou huh?)

N    O    P    E

It’s THIS one.


How could I forget that Eijun has that in his repertoire????

So I dig into the past chapters and find these panels.

It is the pitch that Eijun has wanted badly to practice with Miyuki but Furuya got him instead. The mention of number 11 and splitter are in different pages, so I didn’t make the connection that those are the same pitch. It also seems that it’s likely the pitch that cause a walk or a dead ball. It is only after @robottoranger pointed it out (thanks!) that I figure out the dead ball in on the picture is unlikely for splitter since the pitch only drops, it should be another pitch that does. Her guess is that the cutter, which is possible, but I think it can be any inside pitch to that particular spot that is too close to the body/head. No other spot could affect Eijun that badly. Eijun must’ve had a flashback to that one pitch, and yet he persevered.

The splitter is one of the later numbers. Pitches numbered above 7 are those Eijun’s struggling with. The first mention of splitter is far before the semifinal to Spring tournament and since then Eijun should have practiced intensively with Miyuki, especially with him starting in Hakuryuu’s match, and yet this pitch is banned. It could only mean that this pitch is so unstable and unreliable that Miyuki feels the need to ban it, probably :D. Either way this pitch is going to be tough for Eijun. If he manages to throw this pitch, enough to keep Mima down, it’ll be a boost to Eijun’s confidence and discontinued ban on the pitch so he can perfect it. If not, hopefully Eijun can pick himself up and keep pitching as well as he has (interestingly, the team he’s trying that pitch out is also known for its mobility, so… second time’s the charm?… or third?). Fingers crossed?

Other highlights in this chapter:

I’d never get bored for Eijun gaining the recognition (and wariness) he deserves. So far he manages to shut down the batting lineup with no runs and only five hits. That’s really, really amazing. He’s definitely no Furuya, Hakuryuu is aware of it but they give Eijun his due nonetheless. I’ve got the feeling this is gonna be the norm the more Eijun pitches in official matches.  ٩(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

I find it fascinating that we see more of Miyuki and Eijun’s consideration when they are pitching. Initially I thought that it’s because Eijun’s starting to use more of his head and making his own judgment, but then I realize it’s only part of the reason, it’s because now Miyuki has more pitches to work with. Before he only has one or two options in a certain situation, he now has more pitches to choose from. At the same time, it also serves to show well Eijun and Miyuki understand each other, not once Miyuki has to call for a time-out to talk with Eijun on the mound, which is an interesting contrast to Furuya who is in need of constant reminder.

… I feel like that in this particular match, Terajima-sensei keeps driving the point home that right now Eijun’s the better pitcher than Furuya. While I am happy for Eijun’s finally getting the spotlight, it feels rather excessive. But then again, we haven’t really seen the extent of Eijun’s numbers so… it is a showcase of Eijun’s skill and ability. After this match, we probably won’t see as much, and hopefully more on Furuya’s recovery. (I don’t want to see Furuya end like this. I want to see these two rivals to compete with each other at the top of their game dammit. Rivalry with other team is common, but rivalry within the team? Gimme that!)

My fave scenes from this chapter:

Kuramiyu, of course. And Harusawa. Eijun’s panicked face and declaration and Haruichi’s flabbergasted reaction. Honestly, Eijun… don’t change.

BTW, we haven’t seen the effect of the changed strategy for the offense. Next chapter?

Democracy is weird because basically, it’s the only system of government that has an open invitation to kill itself.

In order for democracy to stay true and alive, there are a few things that need to be established: freedom of religion, freedom of press, freedom of speech, voting rights, all that. Any notion that any of these things should be eliminated, either in whole or for a specific group of people, should be rejected outright.

What instead happens is that we give people with these viewpoints an equal platform to express themselves on this notion of “we have to because we’re a democracy”, thereby spreading them further. And then we stick our heads in the sand and hope people see the light and reject these notions on their own.

It’s like if you got sick, and there was a vaccine to heal you, but you instead figured you’d tough it out and hope your body and fight the virus on its own.

In a weird way, the only way democracy can survive is if it does something outright undemocratic: remove specific voices and viewpoints from the public space to prevent hateful and bigoted views from spreading.

If you tell a neo Nazi to fuck off, they always echo that “so much for the tolerant Left” horseshit. They love saying that, because they desperately try to paint you as the bad guy and gain sympathy while inviting others to listen to them. Because the big bad lefties told him to shut up.

But here’s the thing: we saw what happens when people like you get your way. And we’re not letting that happen ever again.

  • Yako's character development: is shocked out of complacency and decides she wants to have an active role in crime solving before realizing it's not so easy. responds to Neuro's criticism by no longer putting herself in danger and instead finding what talents she already possesses and making them grow. becomes more thoughtful and less easy to scare. gains lots of friends due to her open nature and gift with understanding people. is a human being and runs away when the going gets tough, but realizes her mistake and that she should be trying to make the situation better. uses her own strength to stop X and saves Neuro with the rest of the humans. evolves into a wonderful young lady who travels the world to stop bloodshed before it even starts.
  • Neuro's character development: realizes he JUST MIGHT have fought to the death because he LIKES humans. MAYBE.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how much sense of humor changes from generation to generation. Going back and watching old comedy movies, for example, can be pretty tough at times because to our modern sensibilities, they move so slowly and each joke is telegraphed from miles away. This isn’t because they were poorly written, of course, but because they were pioneering jokes that were entirely novel at the time. What we grew up thinking of as funny drew on that humor, and much of its impact is gained from the divergences it takes and complexity it adds to that original structure. This presents two equally exciting possibilities for the future. One is that our children and our children’s children will continue our chuckles arms race to construct increasingly arcane jokes with ever more byzantine layers and implicit references, to the point that memes in 40 years might as well have been broadcast by aliens. The other possibility, though, is that our current trend towards abstract post-modern humor is a blip on the goofs radar that passes in time, and instead everyone from this generation seems increasingly crazy as we get older. 

I’m imagining an old woman in the backseat of a car with her family in the year 2075, who, upon spotting the imposing cylindrical form of an energy spire in the distance giggles and whispers under her breath “…Long boy”. Her granddaughter asks her parents what it means, and whether or not they should be worry, to which they only shake their head sadly. “The turn of the century was a weird time.” is all they say. 


Chapter 1: Yet Another Starting Line

Rating: T

Pairing: Akatani Mikumo/Bakugou Katsuki

Notes:  This work is, by and large, inspired by the @ask-protoheroes blog and is set in the same AU. Checking it out before, after, or during the reading of this fic is highly recommended.

Also read on Ao3

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Gourgeist Headcanons

For @rosamiibo. Thanks for the request!

  • Old legends state that a pumpkaboo evolves when the spirit trapped inside it loses all recollection of its past life. Pumpkaboos often become confused and undergo personality changes prior to evolution, and display aimless, bemused behaviours after becoming gourgeists. Some say this is due to their loss of memories. Modern research contradicts this, however, as it suggests that ghost-types are not deceased spirits at all, but a very ancient form of life.             
  • The singing of a gourgeist is a common motif in cheap horror films. 
  • Gourgeist contests are held locally in Laverre every year. People enter their pokémon to be judged on size, colour, smoothness and glow, but the results are often a product of bias. 
  • The part of a gourgeist’s body that resembles a pumpkin is tough and does not contain any pain receptors, hence why the species is renowned for its defensive abilities. Its clumped hair, however, is incredibly sensitive, so pokémon will resort to simply pulling it in order to gain victory over them.      
  • Gourgeist are at high risk of developing fungal infections and rot, so must be fed precautionary medicines twice a week. Because the bulk of a gourgeist’s body does not contain any pain receptors, they tend not to notice infections before they have reached an advanced stage, hence why they must be medicated even when healthy. 
  • A singing gourgeist is a hostile one, even though it may not sound that way. They show affection by glowing brighter and making no sound at all.
  • A contemporary myth states that those who dare to fall asleep to the sound of a gourgeist’s lullaby will become trapped in a pumpkin themselves, eventually to become one of them. It is particularly popular among children and young teens (much like the Bloody Mary story is in our world), who will sometimes play gourgeist song at sleepovers to test out the legend, usually chickening out and turning it off before they get anywhere close to slumber. Needless to say, there is no truth to it. 
  • Although gourgeist and pumpkaboos resemble pumpkins, the biological structure of their flesh is nothing like that of the vegetable.
  • The tradition of carving pumpkins originated in Laverre and came about as a way of warding off gourgeist. Those who lived in the outskirts of the city would carve smiling faces into pumpkins and place them at the front of their houses on the night of a new moon. Then, when legions of gourgeist came wandering and chanting through the streets, they would be tricked into thinking that one of their kind had already laid claim to the souls in the house, and was standing guard outside having claimed it as their territory. Again, this is a mythical tradition, and has little basis in fact.                 

@poshcy​ There are 2 things I love!

1. the Lord Jesus Christ



okay okay okay, so right after BTS debuted (2 years ago) Namjoon and Yoongi got invited to this radio show’s 1st anniversary thingie, where the MC interviewed them along with a few other underground rappers including this FUCKO named B-Free.

here’s a pic: 

look at this dick ^^^ (why’s he wearing glasses inside a coffee shop??)

okay, anyways, so everything is going great. Real fun, real interesting, then B-free notices how many BTS fans are in the audience and things. GET. HEATED.

so this other guy and Namjoon are talking about BTS’ album (the first one, O!RUL8,2?) and the dude goes “would you consider it to be hip hop?” and Namjoon is like “yeah” and dude goes “hip hop is more of an attitude, I’d say your album is just rap” and then B-free goes “not even that, its just an album with rap in it” 


and so Namjoon is all like “yikes!” but just trudges forward, explaining how he totally gets what they’re saying (he’s being super duper respectful here) and how he used to be an underground rapper like them and he’s trying to balance out the rap and hip hop in their genre and style. 

then the conversation shifts and the MC goes “so how do you feel when you put on make up for a show?” and the word he uses for make-up (boonjang) means like disguise but then B-FREE OUR FAVORITE DICK FACE goes: “no that’s not boonjang! that’s “yeojang”!” (which is when males disguise themselves as females) 😑😑😑😑


(look at Yoongi!)

(he is killing this JERK-OFF in his mind!!) 😑😑😑

Okay now Namjoon is still being a little sweetie and Yoongi is like “yeah Imma let you have this leader” so Namjoon says that he’s still uncomfortable with wearing make-up and understands why the underground scene would make fun of idols for wearing it, but he also understands the kpop industry and knows why he has to wear it (good bby) 😊😊😊


he calls out Namjoon for being two-faced. Saying stuff like “So what is it you want to do really?…If you say its awkward and you don’t like it, then why are you doing it? and what do you want to do?” 

and while B-Free is just WAILIN’ (Whalien 52, buy on iTunes support our boys ✌️ ✌️ ✌️ ) on BTS, Yoongi reaches for his mic and there’s this cute exchange where Namjoon gives his hyung his mic since Yoongi’s isn’t working 






its actually pretty mild, Yoongi is super polite but super direct and just lets B-Free know that he just wanted to be able to reach out to as many people as he could with his music (he includes Namjoon in this wish as well).
He talks about wanting to be a sort of bridge between the kpop industry and underground hip hop rapper scene. 
He then talks a bit about his experiences as an underground rapper and producer and how he experienced a lot of hardships in Daegu and how it was really tough BUT THEN B-FUCK OFF INTERRUPTS AND GOES: 

“Oh so you went to Seoul because you didn’t want to experience any hardships?” 

(I’m him ^^^)

Yoongi continues to be very polite even though he’s obviously ruffled and he goes: “No I came to Seoul cuz I wanted to continue to do music with my hyungs and because I wanted to gain recognition” 

and B-Free once again interrupts and goes “So its just about money?”
(really dude? 😒😒😒 bad taste) 

and Yoongi is like “no” he says he’s happy to have a broader audience that he can affect with his music and he’s very very grateful. 

After this things get even more heated (can you believe it??) because B-Free won’t shut up (he’s being super rude! Leading pointless conversations on a radio show that he’s a guest on) and B-Free asks the boys how Bangtan became Bangtan. 

Then Namjoon–god bless him–goes on this boring as shit ramble about how the group was just a hip hop group with no dancing but it got messed around until it became the BTS we know and love today and THEN


B-FREE GOES: “…You know, like SUGA said before about how he faced hardships and that he couldn’t make a dime, well, that was the case for all of us too. It’s like that for everyone, but the difference is, are you able to withstand it until the end…? I just feel like you and I are people who could have been walking the same path, but you weren’t able to resist the temptation.” 



Then Yoongi goes (god bless him) 

“I don’t really understand what you mean by temptation.” 

You can tell he’s pissed. EVERY ONE KNOWS



Like, brah, B-Free, be free and  let it go

So the host is like trying to get everyone to chill out and tries to change the topic but B-FUCK is like “I’MMA LET YOU FINISH BUT–” and then he’s going on some thing about BTS using the backtrack of Kanye’s song Black Skinhead and rapping over the original lyrics and how disrespectful that is. 

And Namjoon just kinda goes “well the lyrics were really R-rated so we had to change em so that it’d be appropriate for our fans and it was only used as background music for our dance” But B-Free isn’t having it.

And if I’m being honest, I don’t really get it…but like, does B-Free need to be antagonizing these two boys on this radio show in front of people like??? Cool your jets man! 

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By this time the MC finally gets B-Free to SHUT UP and things move on and the radio show closes up…


If you’d like to watch a video of it in English here ya go! x 👈👈👈

So anyways after this, everyone goes home BUT B-FREE IS STILL NOT DONE! Boy still has shit to say!

A bunch of angry fans start tweeting B-Free about how disrespectful he was and he just goes: “Truly bless to have come from nothing and have people talking about me. only makes me want to work harder and make better music and maybe i can be a better person in the process. i just make fun of things from a perspective where if a man wears make up and dance like lady gaga, i just meant to make fun and that’s it.”


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Then he goes on to tweet some cheeky shit about how he’s getting so much attention and how these fans need to chill and find themselves a boyfriend

He also posts this picture:

“calm down…” targeting BTS fans who were at the radio show 

Obviously someone is having some jealousy issues here, like: YIKES

The best part is, is that BANG PD makes this tweet: 

“I think that speaking what’s on your mind is the basic attitude of hip hop. But no matter what the genre, shouldn’t you know when the time or place is or isn’t appropriate? It was another’s party to celebrate their one-year anniversary. If you can’t keep what you have to say to yourself, wouldn’t it be better to not come on?” 

Yessssss! 👏 Get 👏 him 👏 DAD! 👏

Namjoon just so happens to drop this “TOTALLY UNRELATED TRACK” about people not taking idol rappers seriously…like okay, sure Joonie, you’re not just trying to roast B-Free, sure…¯\_(ツ)_/¯

here it is: x

And here are some of my fav lyrics: 

-Yeah I’m a fucking monster idol. young fans hate me cuz I’m a fucking monster. Hip hop fans also hate me cuz I’m a fucking idol rapper who can’t come to their concert

-Doing music that I wanted to do, being able to say the things I’ve wanted to say, the moment I waited for, the fact that I can attain the dream I was desperate for

-I’ve included here the thoughts of mine, of someone who’s just had a lot on his mind and has been craving for something




Y’all know Cypher Pt. 2 right? Did y’all hear Yoongi’s verse? Did you know it was basically signed: “To: B-Fucko, Sincerely: Min Suga”? No? Well now you do!

Here’s the song we all know and love: 🙌

And here’s Yoongi’s verse: 

My domain is dopeman.com, scolded many with a mic
Speech and action are like shackles,
my crime is assault with my tongue
You’re so bad ever since you were born
If you’re gonna whine about this beat, just leave
Look at the arrogance of the hip-hop con artists
When you were playing underground,
BTS was playing at ground level

Compared to you who sleeps all night,
I’m a workaholic, shoppaholic

Overspending on my pens that are more in number than
your fans, if I go all in and shoot, it’s a goal in
Goal in, I’m ballin
, when I hear your rap,
I’m about to throw up
My voice even bewitches your girlfriend
The studio is my playground,
my partner is a pen and paper

You think being escorted makes you powerful,
I hope you put down your mic
If I’m the sun, you’re the moon,
because when I rise, you go down
All you hip-hip designer brand bastards,
come down from the foamy bubbles
Hey you brats, your crappy rap is a burden to others

Take a break and wait, just go to Hawaii, go home**
See how far I go, all the rotten roots will be replaced
Everyone, let’s play a game,
without efforts, you’ll just be grieving
You think you can do music?
Just go look for a part-time job*

Although your short and thin career
will get you nowhere I hope you survive,
keep rotting away, that’s your label

Your life is like a mudfish, your rap is recycled
You save up and divide up the flow,
write it up and use it again
Hey beat, know that you’re embarrassing,
just with 24 measures, you lay down sick
Compared to your size, your rap is so thin
Like your parents, my heart hurts every time I see you
I’ll put a period at the artery of your music career

(I bolded the parts that matched up with the topics that were discussed at the radio show and the shit B-Free was throwing at the boys) 
*B-Free mentions during the interview that he currently had a part time job to help pay his bills or something and I thought that this line drove home the point that Yoongi was rapping with B-Free in mind…

EDIT: **
Omg! The most helpful anon helped me come to this realization! I knew that B-Free was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and then moved to Seoul to pursue a music career buT IT DIDN’T CLICK UNTIL RIGHT FUCKING NOW THAT OUR GOD MIN SUGA PUT THAT IN HIS SONG! Like if you were kind of on the fence of “hmmm maybe Yoongi’s verse in Cypher Pt. 2 is about B-Free maybe noooot.” NOW THERE IS NO EXCUSE! Yoongi made DEAD SURE everyone knew who he was dissing on! 
Holy CRAP! What a brave and smart move! Yikes! 

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So that there my friends is the tale of B-Free and our BTS boys…

But wait!

There’s more!

Just recently our favorite fuck-off, B-free made some tweets regarding his past behavior (I’m honestly surprised this guy is still relevant like ???) 

so we’re like: “cool…thanks I guess? I mean you’re still an ass-hat, but sure.”
(also this was right after BTS got major worldwide with HYYD2 like, how convenient you felt remorseful right about now…) 😒😒😒


When pressed by Army’s to properly apologize to BTS he goes: 

(oh wait, there’s more!) 

(to be fair, Army didn’t need to be antagonizing him like this, like yeah, let him do his thing wtv–idk when he was gonna see BTS next time, but if he wanted to do it face to face, let him do it face to face…no reason to ride his ass about it…
but from a totally biased point of view…DRAG HIS ASS!!

And then, our mighty hero (who had so much wonderful character development in the last like 3 hours) takes his last breath, and falls: 

Good heavens what a piece of work

And that my friends, family, country-men is the full story! (as I know it) 

Will we get a response from BTS?
Will Namjoon release another song thats-not-about-B-Free-but-totally-about-B-Free-at-the-same-time?
Will Our Lord And Savior Min Yoongi finally rid this world of the scum that is B-Free? 



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happiness vs money 

like personally i am not in the best of financial situations i mean im an intern getting $12 an hour but words can not explain how miserable this job makes me. ive been there for a year and have nothing to really show for it except the fact that ive gained back weight that i was so proud to have lost and i think about throwing myself down the stairs every morning just to get out of that day in the office

but as any newly graduated individual, i thought it was my only option. its a professional job, looks good on my resume, and pays semi-decently so i figured ok i can tough it out

but i went out on a walk today with a friend who is a waitress at a small local place in my town and she gets paid more than me every week, gets to interact with people all day, and typically doesnt have to work until 4 or 5, so she’s got most of the day to work on herself and things that are important to her 

honestly………….. even the thought of making the switch has me so happy. like, my dad isnt gonna like the idea, i know that already. but with the way ive been feeling for the last 6 months, i think i want the happiness over anything else. and the freedom. i mean, having my job rn means that i go in at 8 and leave at 5 with subzero energy to do anything i find personally fulfilling.

i feel like thisll be a good step and maybe people see it as a downgrade or a step backward but i definitely dont. after the almost year ive spent at that office honestly cleaning public restrooms with only my tongue would be an upgrade

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hey !! youre super cute ily ! also i'm recently recovering from an ed and slowly gaining weight and trying to learn how to accept myself and my body and its tough but it feels good to love myself !! i hope you have a lovely night !

Im so proud of you!! It gets easier I promise you. Soon a meal will just be a meal, or a memory to keep with others. I wish you luck in your recovery love! ❤🐝

Liam- You’re Stronger

Request-  Could you do an imagine in which you have just turned into a werewolf and liam helps you through it. thx, love

A/N- Here you go :)

The night was still and quiet as water lapped at the dock on the shore of the lake. The gentle brushing of the waves against the dock was the only sound that echoed across the water. At least it was the only sound, until the gritty noise of snarls and growls began to down from the rocks above the lake.
Farther up on the shore, Lydia’s lakehouse sat on top of the rocks. A warm glow emitted from the living room as Scott, Lydia, Malia and Stiles slouched across two of the soft couches inside.
Malia frowned as she rested her chin against one of the arms of the couch, thinking about the snarls that were coming from the basement. She remembered a time not so long ago when that had been her chained up down there while a wild party had been going on above her. The last part of her junior year had seemed so complicated at the time, but she had no idea just how troublesome things could get.
She remembered just how wild she had felt that full moon night, but luckily her friends had been there to help her. Stiles, Scott, Lydia and Kira. Kira. Kira, who had given up a normal life to save them. Kira, who had deserved more than this.
The kitsune had always been kind to her, even though Malia may not have been the nicest. Kira had always tried to help her adjust to a normal life, and when Malia thought about this, she couldn’t help but think about what was going on in the basement. Someone else was down there, trying to adjust, and Malia hadn’t always been the best at kindness, but maybe she could take a cue from Kira and try to be.
Another growl ripped up from the stairs to the basement, and Malia sighed. “Maybe we should go down there.”
Lydia frowned. “You think the chains are going to break?”
“No, we just replaced them,” Malia told her. “But maybe Liam can’t handle her by himself. He was in the same place a just few months ago.”
“I have faith in him,” Scott said confidently. “He told me he could handle it.”
“And you believed him?” Stiles questioned with raised eyebrows. “You believed the kid who almost turned during a lacrosse game? The one who’s so responsible that he can make sure a new werewolf doesn’t break out of her chains?”
Scott frowned. “Stiles, he’s not a baby.”
Stiles scoffed. “Yes he is, Scott. A tall, sixteen year old, muscular baby, and he’s been a werewolf all of-what? Six months? Not to mention that he’s been blabbing about this girl to us for months, before you even had to bite her, Scott. You don’t think that the moment she begs to be let out, Liam’s not gonna jump up and do it?”
“She might not do that,” Scott protested. “And Y/n’s a smart girl. She probably knows what’s happening to her.”
“I hope so,” Stiles said with a sigh. “Otherwise this is gonna be a really long night.”

“So,” Liam said awkwardly as he shifted on the bottom of the basement stairs. “How do you feel?”
The steps creaked as Liam shifted, and you closed your eyes and flinched. As Scott had told you earlier, every one of your senses was heightened. That meant that that tiny little squeak of the steps was like a knife in your ears. It wasn’t exactly the volume of the sound, but the sharpness of it that drove you crazy.
“Like I want to kill someone,” you hissed through gritted teeth. “Specifically you.”
There was a part of you that realized that this wasn’t an acceptable thing to say, especially to someone you liked so much, but as the night went on you began to care less and less. Your instincts were becoming harder to ignore as the pull of the moon took its toll on you. You might not have wanted to hurt Liam on a normal night, but tonight you definitely did.
“Oh,” Liam said. His tone was casual, but you could tell your words were getting to him. “That’s…that’s okay. I know this is tough for you. Maybe once you gain control-”
You cut him off with a cry of frustration, yanking on the chains that anchored you to the walls of Lydia’s basement. “I’m never gonna gain control! Look at me, Liam!”
But Liam was already looking at you. He could see the bright, red marks around your wrists from pulling at the chains. The marks that kept healing over and over, only for you to create new ones. He could see the light sheen of sweat on your cheeks and the way your shirt stuck to your body in the warm air. But most of all, Liam could see that you were trying.
He didn’t care what you said about wanting to kill him, because he knew you didn’t mean it. He had said almost the exact same thing on one of his first full moons, except it had been to Stiles and in much more vivid detail. It hadn’t been your fault that you had almost died and Scott had bitten you, and Liam knew exactly what that felt like.
“I am looking at you,” Liam told you firmly. “And I can tell that you’re trying. And I know that you don’t think you’re strong enough to beat this, but you are.”
“Liam,” you told him, sinking your claws into your palms. “You don’t get it. I’m not like you or Scott. I’m not special. I was just some girl that was stupid enough to get stuck under that bookshelf.”
Liam frowned as he thought back to the night you had been bitten, the night the Beast had attacked the high school. He remembered bursting through the library doors with Scott, only to find several people spread out across the library, crouching behind the shelves in an effort to stay hidden.
One of those people had been you and you remembered peeking out at Liam and Scott with narrowed eyes, because they seemed to be the only ones who knew what was going on. Liam was in almost all of your classes and you had liked to think you were friends. After seeing him there with that look on his face, like he knew exactly what was going on, you realized you didn’t know him as well as you thought you did.
That was when Liam had met your eyes, but you hadn’t had much time to think about the state of your friendship after that. As soon as you looked into his baby blues, a large shape came bursting into the library, crashing through the window and tearing through the shelves.
You didn’t even have time to get a good look at the inky, dark shape before it was darting through the shelves near you. You could hear several screams, which you later realized had included your own. In all the chaos, you never noticed the shelf next to you toppling over until you heard the slow creak of the wood.
Your eyes went wide as the shelf came down, but before it could completely crush you, a pair of arms snagged you around the waist and tugged you away. You rolled onto the carpet in a tangle of books and broken wood, but you weren’t entirely safe. In the next few seconds, a crushing pain would radiate through one side of your body, blinding you with agony for a few seconds.
The moments that followed were a blur of voices and pain. You felt the shelf being lifted off of the right half of your body, but you felt no relief. Through the blur of tears and the feeling that most of your bones were broken, you realized that the corner of the enormous bookshelf had landed on your side.
“…have to save her,” you could hear a familiar voice saying. “You have to help her, Scott.”
“L-Liam,” you had croaked, but that was all you had managed to choke out.
You felt a warm hand grasp yours in the chaos, and you knew it was him. You could just make out his blurry face above yours, staring down at you with so much worry. It was funny, you thought. You didn’t know he cared that much.
“Please,” you could hear Liam begging as you stared up at the ceiling of the library. “Scott, just save her.”
“Liam, what if she doesn’t want it?” you had heard the other voice ask hesitantly. “It could kill her. I know she could die anyway, but I’m not going to do it if she’d rather-”
“P-please,” you whispered, so softly that only Liam and Scott had heard. “Please, don’t let me die.”
Tears slipped from your eyes as you managed to tilt your head toward Scott and Liam. You didn’t understand what they were arguing about and you didn’t know what was happening, but it sure felt like you were dying. If this guy Scott could save you, why wasn’t he doing it? What was there to decide?
“She doesn’t know-” Scott began.
“Please,” you had begged him softly. “W-whatever you have to do, please just-just do it.”
You just barely recalled the blinding pain in your arm, even worse than the pain from your crushed ribs, before everything had gone black. Liam remembered the look in your eyes as you had begged Scott not to let you die, and how you had just gone limp when his teeth had dug into your arm.
For a few minutes, Liam had been terrified that you wouldn’t make it. He was terrified that you could reject the bite or that your injuries would kill you before it could take, even though he had been so sure you were strong enough. But soon your heart began to beat stronger. And just like your heart, you were stronger than you had ever been.
“That wasn’t your fault,” Liam told you, pulling himself out of the memory.
You let out a scream of frustration at his words, stepping forward and yanking harder on the chains. In that moment, you heard something tear away from the wall. As you looked down, you realized that your right arm was now free.
“You should have just let me die!” you snarled. “How am I supposed to do this? How am I supposed to ever control this?!”
“Y/n,” Liam said, stepping closer to you.
“Don’t!” you cried, squeezing your eyes shut and trying to keep away from him. “Liam, don’t come near me.”
No matter what you said, Liam wouldn’t listen to you. He stepped closer, not caring that if you broke out of the other chain, you would probably hurt him. You yanked at the other chain holding you to the wall and no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t fight the urge to break free.
“Listen to me,” he pleaded. “Y/n, just listen. You were right before, okay? You’re not like me or Scott. You’re stronger. You’ve been through so much. And everything you’ve been through, everything that’s happened to you, it’s all led up to this moment. You have the power to run faster, to be stronger, but you also have the power to stay in control. You’ve been strong for so long and I know you can do it now.”
“I-I can’t!” you told him, yanking your left arm as hard as you could.
“You can,” Liam insisted. “There was a reason I told Scott to bite you, okay? It was because I knew you could handle it. Even though I had only known you for a few months, I could see how strong you were. And I loved you for it.”
With the sharp metallic screech of metal tearing from the wall, your other arm came free. The chains came away from your wrists and fell to the ground, but to your surprise, you didn’t move. The sharp claws protruding from your fingers vanished into your skin, and you stood there in the dim basement, breathing heavily.
“W-what?” you breathed.
“I loved you,” Liam repeated weakly. “And I still do. How could I not when you just proved to me why I feel that way?”
You took a few steps forward, awkward, stumbling steps that led you right into Liam’s arms. His arms wrapped around you, holding you against him as you buried your face in his cotton t-shirt.
“Thank you,” you breathed. “Liam, thank you.”
Liam let out a deep breath and only then did he realize how exhausted he was. “Any time.”
“So,” he continued as you slowly pulled away from him. “Now that you’re not a bloodthirsty killing machine, I brought something for you.”
You blinked. “Is that what you were talking about before? When you said ‘once I gain control’?”
Liam nodded and walked over to the stairs, where a black backpack rested against the bottom step. He pulled out his laptop and a couple of movies, holding them up to you.
“So I brought action, comedy, romance…” he trailed off.
“Anything but action,” you told him. “I think I’ve had enough of that tonight.”
Liam smiled and dropped every movie but the comedy, and then he carried it over to the couch in the corner of Lydia’s basement. He set the laptop down on one of the cushions and you followed him, sinking into the couch beside him. You curled up against his shoulder as Liam reached out to pull the laptop onto his knees.
“I never thanked you for saving me,” you said softly, before the movie began.
“I thought you didn’t want me to save you,” Liam said.
“I didn’t when I realized what I was,” you admitted. “But maybe being a werewolf isn’t all bad.”
“It’s not,” Liam promised, wrapping an arm around your shoulders.
And as you leaned against him, you figured maybe he was right.

“…so then Han is about to get encased in carbonite, but then Leia jumps up and she’s all, 'Han, no I love you!’, because of course the girl’s gotta let him know and-hey, do you guys hear that?” Stiles asked as he leaned back against the couch he was sitting on. “The snarling stopped.”
Malia, who had been half asleep after listening to Stiles drone on and on about Star Wars, perked her head up. “Do you think something happened?”
“Maybe she found control,” Lydia murmured sleepily, her head lolling against the cushions.
“She’s probably right,” Scott said with a yawn. “They’re probably asleep right now. Just like we should be.”
Malia looked around at her friends with a frown. Scott and Lydia were practically unconscious, while Stiles was still just as awake as he had been five hours ago.
“What if it’s quiet because she killed him?” Malia questioned.
“Then we have one less beta to worry about,” Stiles told her with a shrug. “So as I was saying-”
“Later,” Malia told him, although she had no intention of ever continuing that conversation.
She rose from the couch and walked down toward the basement steps, gently pushing open the door. Tiny thumping echoed down the staircase as her boots hit the wood, but neither you or Liam heard it. Malia blinked in the dim light of the basement, but she could see light fading in and out in the corner of the room.
You and Liam were both curled up on the couch, sound asleep as some movie played on the laptop in front of you. Malia walked over and pulled a blanket from the back of the couch, unfolding it and draping it over the two of you. You were so tired that you didn’t stir, and Malia couldn’t help but think about what Kira would have said if she had been there.
She could just imagine the kitsune squealing in delight about how cute the two of you were and then shushing herself as she realized she didn’t want to wake you. Malia backed out of the basement silently, but as she went she thought about how much had changed, whether it was for better or worse.
Kira was gone and Malia didn’t know if she was ever coming back. She hoped she would, but she also realized that while Kira was leaving, you had also appeared in her life and the rest of pack’s life as well. People were like that, she decided. They would go in and out of your life, but that didn’t mean you would forget them. It didn’t mean you would ever let go of the kindness they had showed you.
And as Malia cast one last glance at Liam’s arms wrapped around you, she vowed that she would show kindness to you, just like Kira had showed it to her. No matter how hard she had to try.

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if you're still doing the shitty days prompts maybe i could have one? because today my friendship with this girl i knew for 10 years ended. it's probably for good, because other ppl made me realise that she was pretty abusive towards me, but it still sucks. Maybe i could have a hs au where the avengers are basically an amazing squad, but tony's insecurity makes him think they hate him, especially when they pick on him, so one day he feels so alone and just starts crying and they comfort him

i’m so sorry about your friendship. that’s really tough :(

“Hey, Shortstack, hold up!” Clint calls and Tony’s head ducks down, like a turtle trying to retract into its shell. “Thor needs to rest his swinging arm.”

Tony grits his teeth, his fingers going white around the strap of his bag. The “Avengers” as they call themselves are gaining on him in the hall, any second now they’ll be jostling around him, Natasha popping her gum and winking at him while Thor asks him how the weather is all the way down there on Midgard and Steve will drawl something about how the only reason Tony’s head isn’t in the clouds is because he’s so damn short.

They’re one of the tightest cliques in school and they’re vicious in defending one another and Tony really wishes he was part of the group and not just someone they collectively like to pick on. He’s so tired of feeling alone. Of feeling like an outsider.

To his mortification, he feels tears pricking at the backs of his eyes. One bubbles up and over, glancing down his cheek before he can stop it and Tony goes stiff all up his back, hoping no one saw.

Of course he’s not that lucky.

“Tony?” Bruce says, tentative, and Tony knows he’s screwed.

The other Avengers go quiet, and there’s no way to hide how wet his eyes are, so he looks defiantly around at them and demands, “What are you staring at? Go on, hit me with your favorites. Squirt? Tiny Tony? Come on! Laugh it up!”

Their reaction isn’t quite what he’s expecting.

Nastiness, more jeering and name-calling, maybe some shoving, that would make sense. But they’re all just standing there staring at him like he cut the electricity to their bots.

“Tony,” Steve finally breathes, looking horror-struck, “we weren’t trying to hurt your feelings. I— We didn’t know you didn't—” He glances at the others.

Clint’s brow is all furrowed. “Dude, why didn’t you say something? We were just teasing—”

“Yeah, I got that, thanks,” Tony snarls and quickly dashes away another burst of wetness.

“Not like that,” Natasha says quietly. “You’re our friend. Like when we call Clint a dumbass and Thor an alien.”

“We didn’t know you didn’t like it,” Steve finishes, still clearly distressed.

“We’re not friends,” Tony says, even though it hurts him to say it. “Why would you think that.”

Apparently, this is news to them.

Tony frowns. “You. You think we’re friends?”

“You don’t?” Steve says and he seems even more upset about that.

“Okay, we’ve clearly gone about this all wrong,” Clint says. “Yeah, you idiot, you’re our friend. Why do you think we come looking for you in the hallways?”

“And at lunch,” Natasha points out.

“I sit with you in Biology,” Bruce adds and Tony protests.

“I’m the only one who can keep up with you.”

Bruce stares at him. “Yeah, and we’re friends.

“I fought three small-minded oafs behind the gym the other day because they spoke ill of you,” Thor says and Tony’s eyes go wide.

You’re the one who beat the crap out of Hammer and his buddies?”

“Aye,” Thor says, and grins proudly.

“You’re our friend, Tony,” Steve says. “We’d never hurt you on purpose. We’re sorry.” Several apologies back up his words and Steve gives him the puppy dog eyes. “Will you forgive us?”

Tony flounders. “I. Uh. I guess?”

“You don’t have to, we were stupid,” Natasha tells him.

Then Clint yells, “HUG IT OUT,” and a second later, Tony’s surrounded in bodies, all five of them hugging him at once. He can’t help but laugh, something small and warm kindling in his chest.

I think it’s interesting that Lin views tough as  imposing and rigid, while Suyin views her as ingenuitive and strong. I guess thats why Lin became an officer to gain her mothers love and Suyin evolved metal bending and created her own paradise. I just think its so fasinating that two people living through the same experiances can take away complestly diffrent messages. Suyin found liberation and freedom from her mother, while Lin found rigidness and order. 

arms appreciation post (6/28, 8/11, 9/14)

progress is tough but ultimately worth it. i’m gonna go ahead and credit supersets and quest bars as the main reasons for why i was able to gain so much muscle in such a short amount of time

can’t wait to check for progress again soon— it’s been a full month since i took that last photo