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Could you list all of the tropes that you consider "feel good violence"?

Okay, “Feel Good Violence” is very simple as a concept. It’s violence that feels good, when you’re reading it, when you’re watching it on screen, because for the perpetrator violence can feel really damn good. However, that is violence when taken outside of context. It is violence without consequences. It is violence for the sake of violence. Violence that serves no purpose but to prove the character or person is tough.

Protagonist Sanctioned Bullying - Bullying in general is a fairly popular method to achieve “Feel Good Violence” because bullying does feel good. The audience sympathizes with the protagonist, so when the protagonist acts they cheer for it. Its not presented as bullying by the narrative, but it is still bullying. Usually it’s a rival or a character set up to “deserve it”, but sometimes not.

Making people afraid makes you feel tough. Many authors will fall prey to the sweet lure of bullying and not even know it because bullying is violence without fear of consequence. Most often, they’ve been the recipients rather than the perpetrators, and acting as the bully is a very different ballgame. It is an emotional and psychological high. You feel big, strong, safe, and untouchable. Powerful. In their worst incarnations, most superheroes become bullies.

Bullying is all about control, protected status, and freedom from consequences. An entirely fictional world creates the opportunity for all these things, with the narrative itself siding with the bully. Bullying is Feel Good Violence writ large in real life. It’ll follow you into the fictional world just as easily. Power is a high you never forget.

This is very common trope for characters who also act as a means of self-insertion by the author. For them, it isn’t bullying. It’s an example of how awesome their character is and how tough they are.

Everything But Dead - When the only morals applied are if someone died, the rest is sanctioned without comment. There are no narrative consequences for the character’s behavior, and everyone cheers them on. Anyone who calls them out is an acceptable target, usually evil, or the protagonist wins them over in the end because their actions are “justified”.

By Any Means Stupid - This is the “by any means necessary“ trope, where the violence really isn’t necessary and the author just wanted an excuse to paint the room red.

Unprovoked Violence Is Always the Solution - This is the one where the protagonist skips all the other steps and goes straight to preemptive violence against a total stranger, for no reason other than it makes them appear tough. Usually not framed by the narrative as bad, but it is. Oh, yes, it is. Worse there usually aren’t any consequences for the hero physically assaulting someone in a room full of witnesses because everyone knows they’re the hero, right?

Random Violence Before Strangers is A-Okay -  The protagonist disembowels a bully in front of their victim in order to protect them and receives effusive thank yous. Nothing comes from this. The bad guy is dead. We all feel good. All is right in the world. Except… violence freaks people out.

Acceptable Targets - These are people designated by the writer as non-entities and targets for violence regardless of narrative context. A very slippery slope that is ever descending. But, you know, it feels good? Sure, so long as you’re not on the receiving end. This kind of dehumanization happens in real life too, just in case you were wondering.

Beating Up My Source - You have a character who collects information from an old standby, they threaten and beat up that standby regularly to show they’re tough. At what point does this seem like a terrible idea? Never! Hey, they’re a bad person so you feel good, right?

Waving My Gun Around - Trigger discipline is just the beginning of this problem. A gun is not a toy. but you’ll find a vast array of narratives who use it that way in order to look tough.

Killing Your Way to the Top - You can’t really destroy organizations like this. Killing the people at the top will just lead to someone else taking their place. Whenever you create a power vacuum someone will fill it. You can’t destroy an organization by killing. It doesn’t work. But, it feels good!

Must Obviously Be Boy - Because female fighters are unicorns and the mooks have never laid eyes on a woman before. Usually part of a larger narrative issue with violence, but acts as a “get out of jail free” card.

Clear the Building - That time the character decided to knock everyone out to prove that they are tough. Weirder when it happens on stealth missions.

I Am Not Gaining Levels - When you’re reading a book and the character is fighting like it’s a video game. They fight everyone like they’re in an RPG chasing XP. Why? We don’t know, but it makes them feel good.

Let Me Shoot Him Twenty Times - We could call this spray and pray, but let’s pretend for a moment the magazine could run dry.

Magic Bullets - The bullets that go where you want, stop when you want, and don’t cause accidental casualties. You know, like the protagonist blind firing through a wall and hitting a four year old playing in the yard across the street.

Body Armor Always Prevents A Blow-through - Nope!

New to Training, Perfect Sparring - That time the main character took on their evil rival (school’s top/better trained student) in a sparring match and won, especially when it was their first day.

Sparring Just In General - The vast majority of Western media doesn’t understand the concept or purpose of sparring. Many authors seem to think its a UFC match where you just beat each other up and the first thing you do during training to “assess your capabilities”.

Queuing for Combat - This is an old Hollywood trick where the burden of a group fight is lifted as the stuntmen wait their turn to fight the protagonist. Particularly egregious in written action sequences where the author doesn’t grasp the concept of teamwork. It also warps the understanding of how many people its possible for a human to fight at once.

Terrible At Torture - Torture is a terrible way to gain information in general because it doesn’t lead to a confession so much as confirmation bias. The subject will tell you whatever you want to hear because they want the pain to stop. It’s even worse when done poorly, which it is 90% of the time. Usually, media uses it for shock value or to prove how tough a protagonist is. Torture is not putting a blowtorch to someone’s foot and hoping for the best. It’s far, far more complicated than that. Neither torturer nor subject come out of the experience whole. Besides, the unimaginative protagonists say, “screw you!” The clever ones lie.

What Is: Dress for Success - How we dress our characters is often necessary for crafting a sense of narrative realism. This comes in often as a reason for why its so difficult to take female action heroes seriously, but it happens to the guys too. Not a bad trope on its own, but often symptomatic of a larger narrative approach to violence that ends with “feel” and “good”.

Beautiful and Badass - This one is a very specific female fantasy, which is that you can meet all the cultural standards and definitions for beauty while being in direct defiance of them. These are the female characters who are never touched by the combat they engage in. They are always graceful, always elegant, always beautiful in motion and the narrative will pause to tell us this often. “She fights like she’s dancing.” For these characters, their supermodel-esque beauty is a natural extension of their being. They don’t work at it. Combat is incidental. It’s a set piece to tell you how awesome the character is. It generally amounts to nothing, serves no real narrative purpose, but by god the author is going to walk us through it in excruciating detail. Combat and character are separate, and consequences are for other people.

My Instincts Performed A Wheel Kick - Your instincts just don’t work that way.

There’s probably more, but that hits most of the major sins.

Keep in mind that many of these tropes are not issues by themselves. They often work when context and consequences are taken into account by their narrative/setting. Generally, this results in characters with no accountability for their behavior and exhibit no responsibility for their actions. The issue, of course, is that responsibility and accountability are what make well-written violence work. Violence often drives the narrative. It’s part and parcel to who the character is, and their decision making. It’s the difference between a character who presents themselves as tough or skilled and one who actually is.


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The paladins as dogs

so ok luckily for you guys i went through a dog phase in elementary school so clearly im qualified to do this 

Shiro- Alaskan Malamute 



-pack dog, needs a squad

-gentle but protective 

-tough but not agressive 

Keith- Karelian bear dog

- Agressive 

-not trusting of outsiders 

-fiercely loyal if you gain its trust 


-stubborn, once it starts fighting a bitch it aint gonna stop

Hunk- Leonberger

-gets along with everyone

-quickly adapts to whatever situation theyre in


-smart socially and situationally 


Pidge- Border collie 

-The smartest™

- cautious 

-protective, dont mess with their toys

- tenacious 

- alert

Lance- whatever the fuck my dog is 

-tries to act chill even tho everyone knows they’re not chill 

- sleeps a lot

-short attention span

-is annoying but its ok we still love them

- a lil bit weird 

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I know you're busy so take your time with this ask! I was curious what you think everyone's spirit guardian would be (for the RFA plus maybe the minor trio?). A spirit guardian is usually in animal form, so it's kinda like a spirit animal in simple terms. It's a guardian that doesn't have to match the personality of the person, per se, but compliments them and challenges them to grow in some way.

What an interesting ask! Haven’t seen anything like this before

Zen:  A bear

Originally posted by naturegifs

  • The bear stands for strength and confidence
  • Its for taking leadership, and take action without fear
  • Although Zen is often stereotyped as a confident narcissist, there is more to him than that. Because of his past, he needed to get more confident in himself, and a bear spirit would help to give him confidence and inner strength
  • This spirit animal can symbolize healing abilities, whether it’s at the physical, emotional or spiritual level
  • I think this would suit Zen, so he can grow into a more content and confident person on the inside as well what he shows people

Yoosung: A deer

Originally posted by naturegifs

  • The deer stands for gentleness, sensitivity and being able to get through obstacles in life
  • With its gentleness, grace and innocence, it would connect Yoosung to his inner self, and show him that he doesn’t have to be more “tough and manly” to be an adult, but rather accept his nature
  • With its ability to get through the bad times your life and move into a new “terrain”, it would help him come at ease with the whole Rika situation. Learning to accept that there are several different stages in life and not just focusing the one you’re in right now can be difficult, but the deer would show him how to do so without necessarily forgetting the other stages

Jumin: A panther

Originally posted by elfmaiden

  • The panther stands for understanding of death, knowing the dark, and power
  • Even though he doesn’t act upon it, the whole situation did leave some impact on him. Seeing his best friend and leader of the group fall, and everything that happened before and after, must have made him somewhat closed off
  • It would help him understand what he really wants, what position in life he’d rather be in, and accept how things were before
  • It would help him really take the lead, and stand up for what he thinks is right

Seven: A fox

Originally posted by sunrise-mystifies

  • The fox stands for physical or mental responsiveness, seeing through deception and ability to find your way around
  • The fox is ofter seen as a trickster, but there is more intelligence and observation behind that than people thinks
  • It would help him to be more observant, and help him take wiser decision on an everyday basis
  • It also challenges him to move quick and swiftly, having confidence in that there is nothing more to do with what lies behind you. Of course, this doesn’t mean he should ignore his brother, but rather think more about what is really the best choice to make at the given moment

Saeran: A wolf 

Originally posted by won-der-land89

  • The wolf stands for sharp intelligence, deep connection with instincts, and wanting freedom 
  • It would help him trust his instincts and accept the current situation. The wolf is similar to Saeran in that it wants to be alone, and has a hard time trusting people
  • However, it would help him be more free in a good way too, and help him be more sure of himself and what he wants
  • The wolf is known for being alone, but rather than just that, it could stand for knowing your personal boundaries and learning to accept that people are different in that area

V: A butterfly 

Originally posted by maydaymarina

  • The butterfly stands for powerful transformation, renewal/rebirth, and
    the world of the soul
  • A butterfly helps with important changes in your life. It would help make the impact a bit milder, and help him with the obvious pain the situation has led him to
  • It also stands for a certain innocence and lightness in life. It would help him see the world from a slightly different point of view, and remind him of his beliefs and peacefulness 
  • It helps him show his true colours, and supports him in times of personal transformation

Vanderwood: A panda

Originally posted by thisisnotapandablog

  • The panda stands for gentle strength and nurturing ability
  • It would help him come at ease with himself, and accept things how they are. With its heart-centered energy, it would remind him to properly take care of himself and let him be at ease with who he is
  • As opposed to Vanderwood, the panda has a soft and kind-looking outside while being strong on the inside. With this contrast, Vanderwood being tough looking on the outside while maybe not so strong all the time on the inside, it would remind him that it’s ok to not always keep a strong mask while still being confident with himself and his choices 
  • The panda also teaches the importance of personal boundaries, letting him know that its fine to keep his distance in order to be comfortable and gain healthy relationships with other people
The BABY Book: Upperbang

        When thinking of tried and true fansites, Upperbang is definitely someone who comes to most babyz minds- not even just Bangsters!  She was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule and answer a few questions submitted by y’all. I hope you guys enjoy, and let me know who should be profiled next! 

- - - - - - - - - -

The Stats

  • Name: Upperbang
  • Age: 22
  • Fansite operating age: 3 years
  • Bloodtype: A+
  • Twitter: @UPPERBANG

The Questions

What drew you to BAP and BYG? 

        Their different music style compared to other groups, especially when they debuted. ^^ Yongguk’s personality made me fall in love :)

What was your most embarrassing moment in front of OT6? 

        One time at a fansign, I dropped my camera and every single member saw it happen. They asked me if it was okay TT TT

Your favorite photo of Bbang that you’ve taken so far? 

         It’s the first one I ever took of him (Included below)

What is something unique about Bbang that you don’t think international fans get to see?  

         용국오빠 볼 때마다 마음이 따뜻해요 … his warmness? You can get a sense of it through the screen but in real life it is SO MUCH MORE.

How do you think OT6 has changed over the years? 

        They’ve definitely become more mature and they act like seniors for the newer groups, being kind and offering advice ^^

Have you ever seen Yongnam or Tigger :D? 

        I have seen Yongnam and Natasha!! I am hoping to meet Tigger soon xD

Is it difficult running a fansite? 

        It has its challenges, but I do it gladly for Yongguk. I am also a student so attending classes and attending BAP’s schedules can be tough sometimes.

What’s your favorite friendship within OT6? 

        All of course, but Himchan & Jongup! ^^

Which era/concept has been your favorite so far? 

        Warrior… One Shot… ahh do not make me choose! TT TT 

Has running the fansite changed any other aspects of your life? 

        Only positively- I have gained more experiences and I have made a lot of friends. :)

- - - - - - - - - -

        I just wanted to say thank you to Upperbang one more time for being gracious and answering every question I asked her. She was super busy but still participated. She loves our fandom just as much as she loves our leader, and I hope y’all continue to support her for years to come. We love you, UB!


Chapter after chapter, my appreciation for this sweetheart grows stronger and stronger. Not to mention, I’m glad that Pixelberry introduced its first trans character dealing with real life issues…that actually works for all the characters and it’s one of the main reasons I like this new book so much. Together with the outstanding graphics, the detail psychological insight, the “losing/gaining nerves” and the soundtrack: you nailed it, @playchoices! 👍🏻

But Andy Kang has a special spot in my heart. He deals with a lot of issues, first of all discrimination, and still is such an amazing creature and a good friend. I didn’t choose him as a LI (my current one is Ava…although it was a tough call and I’m considering replaying the book to play Andy’s route), but he’s definetly gonna be my BFF. 

Long live, King Kang!

Equipment of Zendikar in D&D, Part 2

Hello again! Since Part 1 I’ve been working on turning some more equipment cards from the Zendikar blocks into magic and mundane items for D&D campaigns set in Zendikar.

Hedron Blade
Magic Weapon (any sword) - Uncommon
You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon. This weapon deals an additional d10 force damage against Eldrazi and constructs.

The main focus with the Hedron Blade was to find something that could equate to deathtouch in D&D, a game in which an instant-kill ability would be pretty overpowered for what is presented as a common item. Making it deal d10 additional damage makes it much more potent than a standard blade, giving it the big boost to damage against “colorless creatures” (specified here as eldrazi and constructs) to equate to deathtouch.

Pennon Blade
Magic Weapon (any sword) - Rare  (Requires Attunement)
Up to 5 times per short rest, when making an attack with this weapon, you can add a bonus to the roll equal to the number of allies you can see within 30 feet of you. Do this before checking if the attack has hit.

The rules I used for the Pennon Blade are mostly lifted from the Saving Face racial ability of Hobgoblins, but allowing it to be used multiple times per short rest, and used before knowing whether the attack hits or fails. The core of the effect stays however, giving a similar advantage to a the actual card, that is, a bonus based on allied creatures.

Spidersilk Net - Martial Ranged Weapon
Special, Thrown (range 10/30)
Attacks made using this weapon against creatures with a flying speed gain advantage. A large or smaller creature hit by a Spidersilk Net is restrained until it is freed. A net has no effect on creatures that are formless, or creatures that are Huge or larger. A creature can use its action to make a DC 10 Strength check, freeing itself or another creature within reach on a success. Dealing 5 slashing damage to the net (AC 10) also frees the creature without harming it, ending the effect and destroying the net. When you use an action, bonus action or reaction to attack with a net, you can only make one attack regardless of the number of attacks you can normally make.

This one’s pretty long, but that’s because the rules for nets are anyway. I went about adapting the net to represent the Reach mechanic in D&D, which I did by extending the standard range of the weapon and giving the wielder a bonus against flying targets. The Spidersilk Net would cost 4gp due to the extended range and bonus against flying targets, and weigh 2lb. since it’s made of a lighter material than a standard rope net.

Trailblazer’s Boots
Wondrous Item - Rare (Requires Attunement)
Wearing these well-worn traveller’s boots grants the following advantages:

  • You ignore difficult terrain.
  • In a location unfamiliar to your character, you gain advantage on your Wisdom (Survival) rolls.

Landwalk isn’t really something that can be applied to D&D, so I went with the idea of these boots being an item that helps the wearer navigate tough environments, both for physically walking through difficult environments, and in taking the previous wearers’ experience as implied by the flavour text. I was partially inspired by the Boots of the Winterlands magic item in the Dungeon Master’s Guide, which gave me the idea for the ability to Ignore difficult terrain.

(Trusty) Machete - Simple Melee Weapon
1d6 slashing damage, Light
This weapon grants its wielder advantage on Strength challenges relying on
using the machete for leverage, such as forcing open doors, or for cutting foliage.

Designing the Machete as a D&D item was surprisingly complicated for me. I toyed with the idea of it having the Versatile rule for slightly more damage, but that didn’t seem appropriate as machetes are generally designed to be used with one hand free. As such, I went with Light instead, allowing the wielder to use other items, including other weapons, in their free hand. Naturally it also had to double as a tool, so I added the advantage on strength checks for general machete uses. This combined with the item’s stats  as a weapon would put it at a price around 15gp. Since it’s one-handed but pretty sturdy, 2lb. would be an appropriate weight.

That’s it for this lot, I would love to hear feedback or if you use these in any of your games! I’m going to be making some non-equipment artifacts as well as the other equipment of the Zendikar blocks in following posts.

anonymous asked:

do you think it's possible to someone to "work up" to being butch? or is being butch something inherent that can't be gained or lost?

That’s tough! I think there is something essential about butchness that is usually present for a long time before most of us recognize it, to the extent that many of us recognize other butches before they recognize themselves. So I don’t think it’s like a piece of clothing you take on and off- I do think to some extent it’s the sort of thing you either are or aren’t but if you find that butchness just makes a lot of things click for you in your head or is a space that seems to explain women like you, then odds are good that it’s yours to claim if you want. I think there are certainly people who consider themselves butch that I honestly don’t consider butch but I wouldn’t walk up to another woman and tell her she was appropriating it unless it was done offensively.

I think most of us don’t hop out of the womb thinking we are lesbians, let alone that we are butches. I started hesitantly calling myself a lesbian (rather than queer, and God I used some embarrassing labels as a teen) right around 18 after having been out for a few years already, and that same year I started tentatively seeing myself as butch, changing the way I dressed, allowing myself to relax into a comfy form of gender nonconformity. None of it was on purpose, but I found that the more I grew to like myself, the more comfortable I became with myself, the more I grew to understand and not be ashamed of my sexuality, the more comfortable I felt in ties and button downs and oxfords and mostly men’s clothes and so on. And while I experience the same pressure to disidentify or transition that every nearly other butch I know has experienced, by 20 I was doing some of the work of reidentifying and during that time I read “Stone Butch Blues” and a whole ton of work on butches from the 70s to the 90s and started realizing, “Ahhhhhhhhh there is a place for me here, there is a term for women like me, and more importantly there is a history of community around this experience.”

I know some people are offended by the idea that not every lesbian can just decide to be butch but that’s their problem and not mine- it’s my honest opinion that there’s something about us that sets us apart from other women that usually stretches back a lot further than we can see without talking to other butches and putting the pieces together. I think most women have to “work up to” understanding that we are butch and “work up to” getting comfortable with letting that show to the rest of the world in how we move and dress. But I think there is something about experiences as a gender nonconforming girl and teenager and so on and the things that come with that and with being gay that binds us together in a way that means no, you can’t just be butch because you want to and, conversely, there are a lot of people who have space here and have no interest in claiming it for any number of reasons.

“Butch” is also not just one thing. I don’t behave or dress the same way as every butch I know. There are tiny and big artsy/craftsy butches and tiny and big academic butches and tiny and big sporty butches and all of these women will usually dress and behave a good bit differently- we aren’t all feminists, we aren’t all the same -degree- of gender nonconforming though I dislike quantifying that. We don’t necessarily share anything except being lesbians and being gender nonconforming in such a way that most of us couldn’t blend in as heterosexual women even if we tried or wanted to. A lot of it is just a vibe that’s hard to explain. But I know other butches when I see and spend time with them. I think if you’re wondering about yourself, just talking to some butches you know and love about their exeriences is likely to help. But I don’t think it is useful to start off with this idea of what butches are in your head and check off boxes- read what women have written, talk to other women, and see what connects.

Sorry this is long but I didn’t want to give a half answer. Hope it helps, and feel free to ask more questions if you want.

I once met a guy whose blue sweater highlighted his eyes, and his smile highlighted mine. I once met a guy who laughed at me when I’d try to get on my tippy toes to be taller than him.
He was funny,smart, dorky and awkward. But all in the cutest kind of ways. His touch was soft and loving before he even knew it, and his eyes begged to be loved again. He hadn’t yet known he needed me, but told me he loved me just after a few weeks. After that, his personality unthawed and began budding like spring flowers after a brutal winter; delicately, and not all at once. Even now she watches him grow, silently smiling, helping carefully when needed. His taste grew sweeter as the words she wanted to hear, flowed out smoothly, bouncing off his tongue. The intimate time we spent together soaked like fine wine, as time passed it gained so much than what it started out to be. We were in the deepest and hardest parts of love.
What makes or breaks a relationship is the power of adjustment. The feeling of a ship in a hurricane. Undoubtably tough, but he was always willing to fight, and I had grabbed on never planning on letting go, the storm would pass and they’d balance in beautiful harmony. It was, and is, the greatest euphoria. It is in you, it is in me, and that too will bloom its own flower, and always stay necessary to the universe.
—  April 26, 2017

Reality G L I T C H Auditions.

The Tran family lives in the suburbs of Ohio. their twin Sons, Dante and Edgar( their mother loves literature) go to high school (sophmores.) And their daughter, Kathryn is a senior. Their oldest Theo is non-binary and just graduated. Xe are living at home while Xe get they work as a nurse. Joan Tran (their mother) is a preschool teacher. And their other mother Rose Tran Works as a radiology tech at the local hospital. —–!!!—– The Tran Family lives just past the limits of Claspia. Their twins sons Edgar and Dante smuggled the family out of the deeper part of the city as the fighting began. They watch the trenches. Their Daughter Kathryn Keeps their small cabin stocked and cleaned to prevent illness, and their mother Joan keeps watch over the children of their small community orphaned or otherwise, in the basement. Rose Tran their other mother tends the medical tents with their oldest child Theo.

Which Exsists as reality splits.

If you are interested in auditioning please send an email to phantomglitchpodcasts@gmail.com also include,


preferred pronouns

do you have a discord/can you get one

why you would like to be a part of this podcast.

(all parts are unpayed)

Also other parts will come in, if you would like to be considered for parts not listed here please let us know.

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«It might sound cliché, but we’ve really become essential and needed existence to each other. It’s like that for both work and daily life. When we’re together, I feel reassured, and I gain more confidence. I think we rely on each others because the four of us spent a long time training. It’s already been three years since the four of us started living together as well. It’s lonely to go to events alone. I feel like I’m stronger in all aspects because I have the members. In daily life, when it gets tough or I’m tired, there are a lot of times when [that stress] is relieved because I’m together with them.» – Jisoo

cr.: all4blkpnk

Daiya no Ace Act II  Chapter 72: Ban Lifted

When we read the title, we couldn’t help but wonder which ban exactly is lifted?

Oh, this one?

Oh, we should be worried now that Mima gets serious? (now the Saiyan flame is no longer exclusive to Seidou huh?)

N    O    P    E

It’s THIS one.


How could I forget that Eijun has that in his repertoire????

So I dig into the past chapters and find these panels.

It is the pitch that Eijun has wanted badly to practice with Miyuki but Furuya got him instead. The mention of number 11 and splitter are in different pages, so I didn’t make the connection that those are the same pitch. It also seems that it’s likely the pitch that cause a walk or a dead ball. It is only after @robottoranger pointed it out (thanks!) that I figure out the dead ball in on the picture is unlikely for splitter since the pitch only drops, it should be another pitch that does. Her guess is that the cutter, which is possible, but I think it can be any inside pitch to that particular spot that is too close to the body/head. No other spot could affect Eijun that badly. Eijun must’ve had a flashback to that one pitch, and yet he persevered.

The splitter is one of the later numbers. Pitches numbered above 7 are those Eijun’s struggling with. The first mention of splitter is far before the semifinal to Spring tournament and since then Eijun should have practiced intensively with Miyuki, especially with him starting in Hakuryuu’s match, and yet this pitch is banned. It could only mean that this pitch is so unstable and unreliable that Miyuki feels the need to ban it, probably :D. Either way this pitch is going to be tough for Eijun. If he manages to throw this pitch, enough to keep Mima down, it’ll be a boost to Eijun’s confidence and discontinued ban on the pitch so he can perfect it. If not, hopefully Eijun can pick himself up and keep pitching as well as he has (interestingly, the team he’s trying that pitch out is also known for its mobility, so… second time’s the charm?… or third?). Fingers crossed?

Other highlights in this chapter:

I’d never get bored for Eijun gaining the recognition (and wariness) he deserves. So far he manages to shut down the batting lineup with no runs and only five hits. That’s really, really amazing. He’s definitely no Furuya, Hakuryuu is aware of it but they give Eijun his due nonetheless. I’ve got the feeling this is gonna be the norm the more Eijun pitches in official matches.  ٩(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

I find it fascinating that we see more of Miyuki and Eijun’s consideration when they are pitching. Initially I thought that it’s because Eijun’s starting to use more of his head and making his own judgment, but then I realize it’s only part of the reason, it’s because now Miyuki has more pitches to work with. Before he only has one or two options in a certain situation, he now has more pitches to choose from. At the same time, it also serves to show well Eijun and Miyuki understand each other, not once Miyuki has to call for a time-out to talk with Eijun on the mound, which is an interesting contrast to Furuya who is in need of constant reminder.

… I feel like that in this particular match, Terajima-sensei keeps driving the point home that right now Eijun’s the better pitcher than Furuya. While I am happy for Eijun’s finally getting the spotlight, it feels rather excessive. But then again, we haven’t really seen the extent of Eijun’s numbers so… it is a showcase of Eijun’s skill and ability. After this match, we probably won’t see as much, and hopefully more on Furuya’s recovery. (I don’t want to see Furuya end like this. I want to see these two rivals to compete with each other at the top of their game dammit. Rivalry with other team is common, but rivalry within the team? Gimme that!)

My fave scenes from this chapter:

Kuramiyu, of course. And Harusawa. Eijun’s panicked face and declaration and Haruichi’s flabbergasted reaction. Honestly, Eijun… don’t change.

BTW, we haven’t seen the effect of the changed strategy for the offense. Next chapter?

Democracy is weird because basically, it’s the only system of government that has an open invitation to kill itself.

In order for democracy to stay true and alive, there are a few things that need to be established: freedom of religion, freedom of press, freedom of speech, voting rights, all that. Any notion that any of these things should be eliminated, either in whole or for a specific group of people, should be rejected outright.

What instead happens is that we give people with these viewpoints an equal platform to express themselves on this notion of “we have to because we’re a democracy”, thereby spreading them further. And then we stick our heads in the sand and hope people see the light and reject these notions on their own.

It’s like if you got sick, and there was a vaccine to heal you, but you instead figured you’d tough it out and hope your body and fight the virus on its own.

In a weird way, the only way democracy can survive is if it does something outright undemocratic: remove specific voices and viewpoints from the public space to prevent hateful and bigoted views from spreading.

If you tell a neo Nazi to fuck off, they always echo that “so much for the tolerant Left” horseshit. They love saying that, because they desperately try to paint you as the bad guy and gain sympathy while inviting others to listen to them. Because the big bad lefties told him to shut up.

But here’s the thing: we saw what happens when people like you get your way. And we’re not letting that happen ever again.

fuck okay these girls is finally out and I’ve listened to it and right now I’m sitting bawling my eyes after finishing the song and I’m just full of emotions right now. i cannot even begin to fathom how truly proud i am of the boys,listening to these girls really makes me realise how far they’ve come not just as a band but as individuals too. they have truly taken over the world and my heart cant take it. every single one of them are so precious and unique and have such raw talent that you never see nowadays. they have brought me so much happiness even before they were a band and just watching them continously grow and grow especially so quickly makes me feel so many emotions from happiness,because I know that this is everything they’ve always wanted and its finally happening. pride,because i know that if one band gives it their all,it’s why don’t we. they always give 100% and it makes me so proud to watch them achieve everything. sadness,because even though I’m proud of them for chasing their dreams,people are already really starting to get into them,they are getting bigger and bigger every single day and soon enough,they’ll own the world and they’ll no longer be that little band that had taken over my life and became my escape whenever i went through tough situations. they may gain more fame and attention and fans but they’ll always be that new little band that became my lifeline.

The Lenguapede

An undead monster for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, scalable from CRs 1-13, with stat blocks for CRs 1, 5, 9, and 13, and a table of all variable numbers for other CRs.


An empty-eyed skull faces you, distended prehensile tongue writhing as if trying to taste your scent.  Beneath it, where shoulders should be, sits another skull, and beneath that, yet more carry on in an unholy cranial chain.  The lower tongues splay out silently across the floor, pulling the monstrosity along the ground towards you like wormy centipede legs.

Keep reading

  • Yako's character development: is shocked out of complacency and decides she wants to have an active role in crime solving before realizing it's not so easy. responds to Neuro's criticism by no longer putting herself in danger and instead finding what talents she already possesses and making them grow. becomes more thoughtful and less easy to scare. gains lots of friends due to her open nature and gift with understanding people. is a human being and runs away when the going gets tough, but realizes her mistake and that she should be trying to make the situation better. uses her own strength to stop X and saves Neuro with the rest of the humans. evolves into a wonderful young lady who travels the world to stop bloodshed before it even starts.
  • Neuro's character development: realizes he JUST MIGHT have fought to the death because he LIKES humans. MAYBE.

Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy
2 Level 8 monsters
Once per turn, during either player’s turn, when a Spell Card or effect is activated on the field: You can negate that effect, and if you do, attach that card to this card as Xyz Material. When an opponent’s monster declares an attack: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; change the attack target to this card and perform damage calculation. If a face-up Xyz Monster(s) you control is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can target 1 face-up Xyz Monster you control; it gains ATK equal to 1 of those destroyed monster’s original ATK.

Can Be Found In:  Premium Gold: Infinite Gold (PGL3-EN008)

Protective effects are essential in a game so full of removal sources. From battle to effects, even the strongest monsters and setups can easily crumble in the next turn by a single play. That’s where our defense will enter into action, protecting our openings with negation and other countermeasures to avoid the opponent gain the lead or even finish us off. Decks nowadays might play powerful summons and combos in a matter of one or two turns, but with the same easiness they can be taken down and thus will require some basic backup.

“Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy” is a Xyz that alone can protect our side of the board on its own. Once during any turn, “Titanic Galaxy” can negate a Spell Card’s activation or effect to then take it away and become its material. This outcome along the default materials will be used for its second ability, in which will redirect any opponent attacks against itself and therefore protect our other monsters or even ourselves in some very rare circumstances. Finally, “Titanic Galaxy” fails to protect other Xyz Monster(s) from a destructive source it won’t be that tragic, as in return will take the victim’s ATK and boost its own permanently. Overall, “Titanic Galaxy” is a solid monster to depend on if we’re working along our other summons, as will protect our field from several threats or becomes tougher otherwise.

“Titanic Galaxy” belongs to the quite exclusive group of Rank 8 monsters, having various Decks and setups completely focused on their immediate arrival. From archetypes like Gimmick Puppet and Gagaga making its arrival immediate, to a build arround monsters such as “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” able to work arround different departments, “Titanic Galaxy” is pretty simple to bring out like any other of its kind. Its options further expand as belongs to the Galaxy archetype, with cards like “Galaxy Expedition” and “Galaxy Wizard” easily bringing Level 8 materials to work along with. Keep on mind that “Titanic Galaxy” is one of the very few instances where a Xyz Monsters doesn’t depend on materials to remain efficient, so we can revive it in later turns and gather materials afterwards by using its negation effect.

“Titanic Galaxy” on its own can already become a tough monster due its free ability to negate Spell Cards. The more Spells are countered, the more materials will gain afterwards to redirect attacks. This will let us protect our other monsters from powerful enemies, and if either we gain an ATK boost from the defeat of another Xyz and/or we work along cards like “Honest” or “Safe Zone” the outcomes will be favorable for sure no matter the attacker. The ability to negate Spell Cards not only protects our game as well fuel its other effects, but will also avoid the opponent from using Graveyard effects such as “Galaxy Cyclone” or “Kozmotown” among several others, as well taking away Pendulum Monsters instead of being sent to the Extra Deck.

“Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy” is a well-rounded creature to keep the advantage on our board no matter if is alone or with other monsters. Its Spell negation effect must be feared as will fuel its battle redirections while slightly countering certain mechanics, and once we gather other monsters its 3000 ATK will suffice to defeat any monster daring to attack our other monsters or ourselves. However, the effect to take a defeated Xyz Monster’s ATK might have problems to have a prevalent use, as with the introduction of the Extra Monster Zone “Titanic Galaxy” must rely on Link Monsters or revival effects to assure atleast one other Xyz Monster to assure this ability, which even so might never happen with its two other effects protecting its allies. But although its third effect might rarely have any uses, its other two abilities makes “Titanic Galaxy” a reliable monster to defend our field as well counter the opponent’s best moves.

Personal Rating: A-

+ Negates the use of a Spell Card and attaches it as material
+ Able to redirect any attacks to itself
+ If another Xyz Monster is destroyed will gain its ATK
+ Its Spell negation can counter certain mechanics and effects arround the Graveyard as well Pendulum Monsters

- Its ATK boost will rarely happen due its protective abilities and the Extra Monster Zone

I like you

This is my first imagine on here and i’m a little nervous but here you go ! Pairing : Peter Pan x Reader Warnings : none ENJOY ! —————–

It’s been eight months since the Shadow took you away from your abusive home and brought you to Neverland. Every single one of these eight months were pure bliss, as you discovered the meaning of a true home, and of a family. The Lost Boys were your brothers now and you couldn’t be happier. It was hard at first because, being the first Lost Girl, it was tough to fit in, but after a week or so you managed to gain their trust and enter the big family that they were forming.
Being the only girl came with a lot of advantages : you had your own hut, the work you had to do was easier than the boys’, you had your own shower… But being the only girl on an island of boys also had its cons. You wish you had a girl friend to talk about your girly problems, to advice you…
When you arrived on the island, the first person you met was Peter. He didn’t even bother showing you around the island, he only told you the rules the community lived by. You didn’t really like him at first, you thought he was rude, arrogant and controlling.
During the eight past months you and him got closer though, because he was the first one to acknowledge the fact that being a girl meant you had different needs from the guys. He really understood two weeks after you arrived, when your periods started. It was really awkward for the both of you because well, you had to talk about it to a guy, and it’s a situation he never had to deal with before. It was nothing a little magic couldn’t handle though. The awkward encounter certainly made you closer, you even still joke about it sometimes.
But Pan was still the controlling and arrogant boy he was when you arrived, that’s why you cherished the rare moments you could joke and have fun with him.
Tonight was the ritual night, which meant everyone was working to make the party perfect. You had the easiest job, which consisted in picking as many flowers as possible and decorate the location of the celebration.
The sun was high in the sky, the heat almost becoming almost unbearable as you picked flowers in the meadow that was full of tulips, roses and many other species.

You stood up from the uncomfortable position you were in once you finally filled the basket with flowers and wiped the sweat from your forehead with the back of your hand and started walking back to the camp. Hopefully Pan will be there to see you have been working hard and will allow you to go get some rest because after staying under the sun all day long you were seriously about to faint. He has been acting weird lately so you really didn’t want to make him mad at you.

You walked back to the hut and the first thing you saw was a boy looking at the flowers, his back facing you. From the all green outfit he was wearing you could tell it was Pan.

“Hi Pan” you hesitantly said, and he instantly turned around.
“Hello Y/N” he replied, “nice work”, he continued, the tone of his voice showing no emotions.
He started to walk out of the hut but you dropped my basket and grabbed his arm to stop him. He stopped walking and slowly turned around, eyeing your hand grasping his bicep and raising an eyebrow before looking back at you, as you quickly took your hand of his arm.

“What ?” he asked, sounding annoyed.

“I just wanted to know if i could go rest” you stuttered, intimidated.
He thought about it a few seconds before responding with a blunt “no”.

“Peter please i’m exhausted and I worked under the sun all day i really don’t-”

“It’s Pan to you.” he harshly stated. “And I said no. Get back to your work.”

“Why are you being such an ass ?!” You asked, raising your voice as your eyes started tearing up. “What did i do for you to be so rude all of sudden ? All i want is take a fucking break !”

“Don’t you dare raising your voice on me y/n!” he yelled at you, walking towards you and you kept stepping back until you hit the wall. His voice got lower but still harsh “This is my island and you will do what i say!”.

“Fuck you Pan!” you yelled as you pushed past him, running to your hut as you heard him calling your name.
When you finally made it to your hut you slammed the door as hard as you possibly could and angrily wiped the tears from your eyes before going straight to bed.
Fuck Pan and fuck his little celebration, you needed to rest. You were hurt, a few weeks ago you thought you were finally getting close to Peter but he started trying to push you away and being really harsh with you. You brushed it off and as soon as ou stopped thinking about him you fell asleep.

When you woke up, your head was pounding and you had no idea of what time it was.
Music from the flute and drums could be heard from outside so you could guess the celebration started. You yawned and stretched before getting out of bed and then stepping out of your hut. The boys were dancing around the bonfire, drinking and laughing. Pan was sitting and playing the flute, and as soon as you stepped out of your hut your eyes met his, and with a snap of his fingers you were alone with him on one of the beaches of the island.

“What do you want Pan ?” you snapped, still annoyed with him.

“I’m sorry”, he sighed and you chuckled. “Pan is sorry ? The Peter Pan is sorry ? Wow, I must be dreaming !” you sarcastically laughed.

“Y/N please don’t…”

“Don’t what Peter ?!” you almost yelled. “You’ve been such an ass to me lately, we used to have fun together and all of sudden you started ignoring me, being rude, snapping at me ? What did I do to deserve this Pan ? What did I do to you for you to hate me all of sudden ?”. By the time you were done screaming at him you were on the verge of crying, tears pooling your eyes.

“I don’t hate you” he quietly stated.

“Are you sure ? Because it sure seems like i-”

“I like you okay ?” he yelled. “I like you, I’m sorry i was being an ass, I was just trying to push my feelings away and I just… I don’t know, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” He sighed, his head in his hands.

You sighed too and sat down next to him and laying your head on his shoulder. He tensed up for a second before his body relaxed and he wrapped an arm around you and you tilted your head up to lay a light kiss on his jaw.
“I like you too”

Mirror Witch (Witch Archetype)

Mirrors and reflective surfaces have always seemed to have a strange, mystical quality, and have long been seen in fiction and mythology as a window into the soul, or into another world.

Inspired pretty much directly by Snow White and other stories of mages using a mirror as a focus for their powers, the mirror witch uses a mirror, rather than a familiar, to communicate with an aspect of their patron. This connection has the advantage of allowing direct, reliable communication with at least a fragment of the otherworldly being.

Such witches are often masters of divination, viewing things from afar through their mirror. This makes them valuable informants or even the ringleaders of organizations and conspiracies. The example given in Villain Codex in particular is an imprisoned queen secretly manipulating her ex-husbands kingdom from within with the magic of her mirror.

As the witch grows in power, so too does their mirror, becoming supernaturally tough no matter its composition, and gaining new abilities.

Strange omens and cryptic prophecies are often uttered by the mirror, and each day, the mystic and listen. Though they may seem cryptic at the time, they usually make perfect sense at the exact moment they are needed in the near future, allowing them to react to a danger, say the right word at the right time, or get ready for battle.

By talking with the mirror at length, the mystic can ask questions of their patron, collaborating its knowledge with their own.

As they grow in power, the prophetic words of the mirror come more often and with greater detail, the witch able to ask about matters of the immediate future.

Over time and mastery, the mirror begins to express more of the patron’s knowledge, allowing them to be consulted in greater detail about certain topics.

By focusing their power, these mages can look or hear through a magical sensor, what it perceives manifesting through the mirror.

They can also use it to scry, looking upon a subject from afar with a bit of the mirrors power.

The most powerful mirror witches, however, can use sensory spells through the mirror’s scrying, and have a minimal chance of affecting the subject with other spells as well, though the nature of such transmitted spells makes it easy to become inoculated to such casting.

Interested in a divination-focused witch? This can certainly be a way to make a flavorful variant. Remember that the mirror is completely unable to move under its own power, so be sure to keep it safe. Various knowledge and secrecy-related patrons are a good choice here, adding to their options. I recommend a defensive build that uses magic to stay safe and defeat foes from afar with debuffs and damage, in addition to gathering information, using spells to give them the edge before entering a situation.

The most prominent character to inspire this archetype, the Evil Queen of the Snow White story, may have used her mirror mostly to stroke her own vanity, but that doesn’t mean your character has to. Also, consider how the nature of your patron will affect how they behave when interacted with. While a wisdom patron may be supportive and give sage advice, a patron of insanity may not even be lucid most of the time, their abilities being the interpretation of their incoherent ramblings.


They say that the magic mirror of Nedi Soulseer was buried with her, inert but still holding much magical potential. However that magical potential has leaked into the surrounding soil, creating a gravesludge from the dirt, corpses, and lingering spiritual vestiges of those buried nearby. Nedi herself might have also risen as a powerful undead.

A nation in the midst of a rebellion, Orbdai is ruled by Queen Orbd the Third, using her mastery of mirror magic to consolidate her power and watch her subjects. The leader of the rebels is none other than her own daughter, a burgeoning master of bardic magic and a friend to animals whom fights to free the nation from her mother’s tyranny.

Though homely by conventional standards, Umar spends a lot of time accentuating his features with the help of his favorite mirror. What few realize is that most of his time spent talking to his reflection is so much more, and those who insult him risk being cursed or torn apart by the sensitive ragebred skinwalker.

anonymous asked:

I started losing weight after I finished my degree. In 4 years, I gained 40lb ish. I'm now 195lb and technically overweight (i'm 5"9). I graduate in July and I think "ok, now you can spend the summer focusing on this" aaaaand.. well I lost 10lb. And then gained 5 back. And it's september now. I found it so so hard to exercise (i am v unfit) and actually hate lots of veg and forever crave salt. I wondered if you had any tips for people that genuinely find it really hard to even start weight loss

Making those small changes and healthy choices consistently is tough! It takes a lot of practice and a lot of accepting that things didn’t go as planned and trying again the next day. You don’t have to be perfect, you just can’t give up. 

Start with something small like a water intake goal, cutting down on soda/fast food/salt/whatever, walking for 15 minutes a day, making a smoothie with fruit and veggies for breakfast, tracking your intake, etc. You don’t have to do all of that at once, focus on one thing at a time. You aren’t trying to lose 40 pounds all at once, you’re just trying to lose 5 pounds eight times - focusing on those small things lead to big changes.

Take a look at my Beginner’s Guide page, it might be helpful! Happy to talk specifics off anon :)