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just a collection of all the reblogs and posts i have and enjoy on study tips, life hacks, and everything on my studyblr. this is always being updated, so tune in for more! (most are not mine, i mainly just want to save these for later use, so credit goes to the studyblr! if you’re a creator and you’re reading this, i really enjoy your content, and obviously that’s why i like quick access to your great posts!) 

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Summer Holidays: ReggiexReader! Oneshot

hey guys, just a quick lil fluffy oneshot I wrote about Reggie! I’m not really sure if I like this one, but I just wanted to write something kinda cute. If anyone has any prompts, please send them to my ask, though I can’t promise I will write them all!

Summary: Reggie x (Y/N) Flufffff.

(This gif is NOT mine. Credit to @joeck for this beautiful Zach Dempsey gif. Obv I’m aware its not Reggie, but I think it fits this oneshot so wellllllll.)

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H-hey... Do you do requests? If you do, can I request a Percy Jackson drawing? It's for my best friend, we haven't seen each other for a while and wanted to give something to her. Of course, I'll credit you for the art. And if you don't take requests, it's okay, I understand.

i did a quick sketch of Percy so i hope this is ok!

Free! -Timeless Medley- Kizuna/Bonds Summary (spoilers? yeah i guess)

This movie is an Iwatobi centered recap of Eternal Summer, but for the most part it was a recap of Haru’s character arc in ES and how Makoto, Rin, Nagisa, and Rei supported and helped him figure out his dream for the future. Second to that, Makoto’s ES arc was also prominent in the film, for the obvious reason of how Makoto’s arc ties into Haru’s in ES. Unfortunately Rei and Nagisa’s episodes (3 and 5) weren’t in the film. More or less it was Eternal Summer with all the Samezuka scenes cut, except for interactions between Rin and Iwatobi.

The film starts off with new clips right away. The opening scene is Haru’s dream about an interaction between him and Ikuya in middle school after Haru quits the swim club. They don’t speak until just as they pass by each other when Ikuya says “Why did you quit swimming, Haru?” This is a good beginning into Haru’s entire development, starting at one of Haru’s lowest points after he beat Rin in that race, leading up to discovering the reason why he wants to swim. This also briefly shows how the Iwatobi Middle Team grew apart when Haru quit after the events of Starting Days (which is also shown in a montage in the opening theme). When Haru wakes up, its the beginning of the new school year/the start of Eternal Summer. Haru and Makoto go on a morning run with Nagisa and Rei, but before meeting them there’s a flashback of when Makoto and Haru first met and how they grew up together up until present day (so there’s new scenes of cute little kid versions of makoto and haru as well as scenes from season 1). After that it’s the opening theme, Rising Free, which is in the style of a typical anime opening and includes footage from the ES opening and new animation. Ikyua and Asahi are included in the opening.

From here on its mainly clips from Eternal Summer with a few new bits here and there, but not much. Included from ES is the race between Haru and Rin in ep 1, the races in ep 6, some of ep 8 to highlight Makoto’s arc (Kisumi is also in the film in case you were wondering), most of ep 9, the fight from ep 11, almost all of ep 12 minus Rin talking about his time in Australia, and the Iwatobi scenes from ep 13 up until the end of the relay but surprisingly not the scene where Nagisa and Rei cry; though they make up for this with a new clip at the end of the national tournament where Haru is thanking Nagisa, Rei, and Makoto for everything they done for him. 

Within the main recap there is a new scene between the events of ep 9 and 10 where Nagisa and Rei talk about how they’re worried about Haru. This is where Asahi makes his cameo. He and his team walk by behind Rei and Nagisa, and he’s talking about how he overcame his swimming struggle through mental training advice by the kid with the glasses. Rei overhears this and remembers when he met Asahi in Starting Days, but Asahi is gone before Rei can call out to him; so sorry Rei/Asahi fans, they didn’t reunite. Only the lower half of Asahi’s face and the back of his head are shown.

The post credits scene is the teaser clip for Yakusoku/Promise. Sousuke gets lost in the Nationals stadium buying a Coke (typical) and on his way back to the team he stops to watch the race that’s happening, which is the race Ikuya is swimming in. There are quick shots of him swimming butterfly and back so it’s unclear what he’s swimming in but my guess is its an individual medley. Sousuke is shocked when he sees Ikuya swimming, commenting “who the hell is that guy?” which is a clear sign that Ikuya has greatly improved since middle school, and possibly became an all-round swimmer but that’s still unclear. The final scene is Ikuya at home talking to Natsuya on the phone about his results and training, saying he “won’t lose to anyone" along with a shot of a lotus flower. Only part of Ikyua’s face, his eyes, and a distant full body shot are shown. The ending wasn’t very long, but it foreshadows that Ikuya will probably have a significant role in the future films. 

Sorry to anyone who was hyped about seeing grown up Ikuya and Asahi in the film only to be let down that they make obscured cameos, don’t worry because everyone is probably a little disappointed with that. It’s only a recap film so it kinda makes sense that they didn’t have larger roles in order to not distract from the main plot. They’re also probably just making cameos to lead up to a proper appearance in Take Your Marks (or so I think)


its the english translation of the japanese name kurea which can mean deep red or love or favourite depending on which kanji. it can also be derived from the gaelic “claidheamh” which means sword. either way, its spelt C-L-A-R-E as you can see in both her insta bio AND in the credits of the doc


Still falling for you

Hi guys! Sorry this is a little late but its been an eventful day here! But pleas enjoy this super short in celebration of Jim Kirk’s birthday! I have not done my usual tight editing process because It has been such a quick turn around and I just got back so yeah- enjoy!

Note: I got the gif from google because tumblr was being horrible. So credit to the tag in the image, even though i cant find them on here!

Also huge thanks to @annalisehartmann!

For those who are interested I built it off the back of one of my previous Imagines called ‘Three Nights’ which you can read here!

PROMPT - NONE! It’s Jimbo’s birthday!

PAIRING - Jim Kirk X Reader

WORD COUNT - 2,583 words

SUMMARY -  “I think I’m falling in love with you.”


Still falling for you

The stark white lights of the Enterprise’s hallways assaulted your eyes as you skidded around one of it’s many corners; your standard issued boots barely gripping the freshly polished black floor. The soft squeaking of worn rubber against the slippery surface beneath your heel, doing little to warn passersbys as you ducked wildly to the side; narrowly missing an approaching science officer.

“SORRY!” You cried, your head tilting over your shoulder as your body arched inwards in a defensive stance of the large cardboard box you carried.  

This was one of your most important missions yet as a senior security officer, and to hell were you going to mess it up.

You were approaching your quarters in record time when the small metallic communication device clasped to your waist erupted to life, the shrill tones causing you to flinch in suprise for the uptenth time. Sighing with frustration you slowed your pace significantly, reluctantly shifting the box in your arms dangerously to the side; allowing you to flick the slick lid of the device open.

“Listen here McCoy” You began, your tone one of warning as you struggled to keep your panting to a minimum. The box balanced across your left arm wobbled dangerously as your steps became uneven, a curse quickly dying on your lips. “I know I’m late! I can’t help it! But if you could stop calling me every two seconds then I might just-”

“Jim’s not turned up.”

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Spider-Man Deescalates the Superhero Arms race

Spider-man does not appear in the intro to Spider-Man: Homecoming. That’s because, at the time of the intro, Peter Parker is seven years old. He’s off somewhere in an apartment in queens, watching the Avengers battle Loki over and over again on the TV. A second grader, utterly mesmerized by the heroes on the screen. When The Avengers hit theaters, my little brother was in the second grade too. Like Peter Parker, he fell in love with Iron Man and Captain America after they blew up NYC in that 2012 climax. They excited him. They inspired him. They showed him, and young Mr. Parker, a heart and a spirit that Marvel has struggled to find since. And now, as Peter Parker comes of age with his latest screen debut, he brings that heart, that soul, back to a genre that has been desperately wanting it.

Since Iron Man first armored up in 2008, escalation has been the name of the comic book blockbuster game. Bigger names, bigger casts, bigger battles. More stars, more effects, more money. From Marvel to DC, escalation has defined the genre, and superhero fatigue has settled in. Hard. Homecoming is not the cure. It is not the new direction, the shift in business strategy, the shining herald of what’s to come. It is, however, a damn good respite, a brilliantly colorful bastion that reminds us why we all got hooked in childlike glee on these movies in the first place. It joyfully recaptures that superhero spirit by looking backwards instead of forwards, prioritizing personality over pizzazz, and fully understanding its own limitations.

Momentum is the key to escalation. It’s the reason Marvel announces films five years in advance, and it’s the reason we’ll stick around through every credits sequence from now ‘til judgement day. The MCU is always looking forward, dazzling us with the next installment before the last one even hits the screen. Very rarely, in this race to the never-ending finish, does anyone stop and take the time to look back. The franchise never surveys its accomplishments. It never gives us time to breathe. The ostensible appeal of a united film universe is the breadth of lore that can be developed over time, but what does that matter if we never get the chance to revel in it?

This is where Spider-Man offers a well-needed break. It takes the time to look backwards instead of forwards. The villain’s whole backstory hinges on the repercussions of that giant battle from the first Avengers. Peter Parker’s entire understanding of himself and his place in the world comes from a culture where Captain America conducts the pacer test and the Age of Ultron is taught in tenth grade social studies. Hell, five minutes in we get an extensive “and now, from Spidey’s perspective” take on Civil War. And it works. It’s funny. For the first time in years, we get to gaze back at all those ticket stubs we bought and remember why. It takes us back to that original Avenger Promise and all the glorious, goofy fun that came with it.

That goofiness shows through every corner of Homecoming, a movie that prioritizes being silly over being loud. There may be no award here for most bombastic comic book romp, but there is a trophy case of personality and heart. Tom Holland’s biggest exploits include catching an elevator, holding a boat together, and swinging on a jet plane. Nothing of the army-battling, world-ending caliber we’ve come to expect. There’s high-budget hijinks to be sure, but compared to the hordes of faceless robots, ridiculous space fights, reality distortions and twelve-man battle royals that have inundated us for years, Spidey’s set pieces feel refreshingly pedestrian.

In fact, Michael Keaton’s blue-collar Vulture repeatedly shows disdain for, and fear of, Tony Stark and the rest of the crew. He’s a thief, not a supervillain. All he wants is to take his score and get out. He’s not here to bend space-time, commit genocide or take over the universe. And in that same vein, Peter Parker seems more interested in accidentally webbing innocent people and buying deli sandwiches than halting the apocalypse. Tony Stark shows up a handful of times just to remind Spider-Man of this. Stay close to the ground, he says. Be a friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man. Know what you can do, and know what you can’t. Know what you’re good at, and know what you’re not.

That’s the real power of Homecoming. It limits itself. It understands that not every hero is Thor, that not every fight is a war. “If you’re nothing without this suit, you don’t deserve it,” Stark chastises Peter after his best attempt at a major action sequence goes awry. An action sequence is only as compelling as its hero, after all. In one breath, Robert Downey Jr. addresses Spider-man, and Spider-Man. Don’t rush to graduate so quick. Focus on the character, on the spirit, on the things that made people like Peter Parker and my little brother care in the first place.

About a month ago I watched Iron Man for the first time. It was the only MCU film I’d missed. The first one. And I was fascinated to discover how…quiet, it was. When the credits rolled, I felt satisfied because for 126 minutes Robert Downey Jr. made me smile, and he made me care. Almost a decade later, Tom Holland has made me do the same. Spider-Man: Homecoming feels like it fell out of an alternate timeline where the blockbuster arms race didn’t reach such ridiculous heights. A timeline where the character was enough. Where success wasn’t measured by an effects budget.

I know I’m romanticizing. In the end, this is just the next piece in the Marvel Cinematic Machine, a machine that keeps turning no matter what I think. But it’s a piece that stands out, that feels unique in itself. There’s far more that makes this movie special, like the diverse and brilliant cast, the smart twists, and a level of nuanced social commentary unparalleled in a movie of this style and caliber. Someone smarter than I can, and surely will, write those pieces. But when I walked out of the theater, I was satisfied to say, “That was special. That had heart.”

anonymous asked:

I love your art work so much and the way you draw Harry is so amazing! I just have a quick question: I've been writing a Lily Luna Potter fic and I'm wondering if it's okay if I base Harry's appearance off of your art (with slight differences because I made him mixed race)? It's okay if you say no; I just want to make sure you're okay with it first :)

No problem at all! :) Perhaps if you just give a little bit of credit since it’s slightly based on the way I draw him? I would appreciate so much! Thank you for asking!

Blame - Wanda Maximoff Imagine

author’s note: I wrote this late at night, I’m pretty sure. I found it in my drafts in Word, so I decided to post it. :) Why do most of my stories seem depressing? I’ll write some fluff in a bit.

main pairing: Wanda Maximoff/Scarlett Witch x Reader

words: 398

gif credit: not mine. please message me if yours. 

There you were fighting and dominating the robots, side by side with your love, Wanda Maximoff. You were fighting with grace and skill and couldn’t help but look over to her to flash a smirk and send a wink to make her blush. Bad idea. A robot, who you thought you destroyed, impaled you with its sword. It was a quick death, the lights going out before you hit the ground. There was no pain for you, but there was an unbelievable amount of pain for Wanda.

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Ok, so Phil just shared the story behind this pic, just read it:

“ i rarely do this but i have to tell the story behind this shot.  between a little gear funk & not accurately hearing Tico count in Blood On Blood, my intro took a left to south pretty quick.  Jon just looked at me curiously.  like… “what’s going on?” but it was followed by a “shit happens” grin.  when we all kicked in to the power chord, i just held my arm up with an “oh well” look on my face & was greeted with this forgiving brotherly kiss.  god, i love this band.  photo credit: @m_amico (ALL THE WAY FROM JAPAN)”

God, I love this band!

i had to take a break from commissions bECAUSE MY FAVE BBY GOT A NEW FORM  ❄ ❤ ❄

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After Order 66, the temple is haunted with regretful clones and shocked but understanding jedi. The clones try to protect the jedi from afar, but all the jedi want to do is help them.

They try to be as obscure as possible.

Its impossible not to notice them though. Their armor is white and the sun shines on it, even with the dents and scratches in them.

But clone troopers are unmistakable to Jedi’s even out of armor. They fought together for three years on various planets and in various conditions. They know these men even if they are trying to keep a distance.

One squad, changed out every three hour, keeping a eye on the temple from a distance.

After what happened…after the march on the temple…

Well, no clone has come close to it. They haven’t dared even after the chips in their brains were exposed and removed.

Several clones had died and so had a few Jedi’s until Skywalker and Kenobi had managed to take care of the chips and the Sith Lord in the very heart of the Senate. People were still reeling from that.

Reeling from the fact that the war seemed to be over finally.

Reeling from a three year long war that was finally over and supplies were suddenly being sent back and forth. Relief effort.

Jedi’s on the move as what they were suppose to be. Negotiators once again.

And every time a Jedi set out, a discreet team of clones followed.

“…They’ve been there for two weeks now.” Obi-Wan wrapped his cloak around himself, standing with Plo.

“I know. I’ve sent messages to Wolffle. No answers. You?”

“None. I’ve sent to both Cody and Rex. I even tried Ahsoka to see if they’d talk to her.”  Obi-Wan tightened his arms around himself. “I hear even Mace has tried to contact them.”

“They feel guilty. Many are blaming them.”

“None are Jedi’s though.” Obi-Wan sighed. Plo gave a harsh breath then nodded.

“None are Jedi. The public may think what they want. I just wish they’d come to talk to us.” He looked to the building where he could spot the white armor on the roof.

“You’re not the only one.” With the war over so many Jedi’s were floundering, looking for familiarity that had been lost and found even their steadfast friends gone from their lives. It hurt, but Jedi’s did their best, kept their distance in polite respect and hoped…just hoped for the return.

“I hear you have a mission?” Plo looked to Obi-Wan. “Its not to soon? Your leg is still healing I hear.”

Obi-Wan looked down at his shiny leg and let out a shaky breath. “Its healed as well as its going to I imagine. I have to give Anakin due credits for going so quick back into the war when he lost his arm, its…uncomfortable.” A lasting impact from Darth Sidious and one that had snapped Anakin out of his funk.

It had hurt, the severing of his leg. The prosthetic was good though and Anakin had already been tweaking with it for Obi-Wan to make it better.

“Beside, the delegates of Rymark knows me. They know they can trust me, I had been there before with Qui-Gon in my padawan days.” Obi-Wan smiled. “The healers insist I use my cane though. For now.”

“Its wise to listen to them Obi-Wan.” Plo murmured, rubbing his chest where Obi-Wan knew there was a new blaster scar.

“I have to take a transport out to one of the hangers outside the temple, they still haven’t fixed it enough for ships to leave it.” Obi-Wan picked up the bag at his feet and slung it over his shoulder before pulling the cane of his belt and leaning on it. “Until I return then Plo.”

“Until you return my friend.” Plo took the offered hand and squeezed it, watching as Obi-Wan limped down the stairs to a waiting transport. He took note of a one of the clones on the roof suddenly moving. ‘And there goes the report to the clone barracks…I wonder if its Commander Cody that will be Obi-Wan’s squad.’ He mused before thumbing his coms and pondering calling Wolffle again.

Perhaps the pack would answer this time?

god ok can i just say that i’m so happy abt the way lin talks abt vanessa?? like i think when someone is at the level of fame/popularity lin is, a lot of the attention vanessa’s getting (from fans/press/whatever) is to do with him, ppl asking what she thinks of him and his success and all that. and it probably is pretty easy to get swept up a little bit, being called a genius all the damn time. but he so consistently lights up when he talks abt her, he’s so vocally appreciative and quick to give her credit where it’s due and point out how incredibly brilliant and hardworking and supportive she is, he just shines. i get the impression that they’re very equal and really see each other as a team and i love that. vanessa nadal appreciation society 2k16, tbh.

Also quick thing
I know we are all focusing on Jeremy’s amazing rhymes but can we talk about how fucking awesome the melody is
Like holy fuck
Its so so good
So we should also totally fucking give credit to Spencer Crewe and Chris Kokkinos for those awesome fucking beats

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Just read that comment someone left on your post about how its "unrealistic" and "not true". Heres something for these ho's that don't believe some girls can just get lucky. I met my guy in January, he lives out of town so he came to visit one week in January and now he's back again this week. He spoils me, pays my bills, he gave me his credit card info so I can order things online when he's not here. He fell in love with this pussy real quick

Exactly??? Like just because they’re having a harder time finding a rich man….doesn’t mean we all are?

People need to realize that there are a multitude of variables that come into play when it comes to having success in the bowl. I live in close proximity to downtown Chicago & the suburbs, so I’ve found that it’s SO EASY to find a wealthy man to spend time with because of where I live.

Men also tend to have a “type” of girl that they’re into, I’m tall but slim and petite so I tend to go for men who like to keep themselves in shape because I’ve found that they tend to gear towards girls with my body type.

We need to stop this whole “it’s too good to be true so she must be lying” BS especially sense what I’m saying isn’t super far fetched?! I mean, If I was saying I had a platonic SD who gave me 10k+ a month and jets me all over the world, and all he wants in return is coffee dates and a kiss on the cheek THEN I’m obviously a huge fucking liar, but that’s not the case. I suck dick just like all the other sugar babies out there, I know I’m not special lol