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adorable clip of Raven and Chelsea posing as a cute couple with a baby in season 4 of That’s So Raven :)

So this is something I’ll likely never write, but couldn’t get out of my head, so here goes.

(inspired in part by @queercapwriting and their Supergirl/Wynonna Earp x-over fics)

So, the scenario is this.  Maggie Sawyer and Nicole Haught end up at the same police convention (or any other convention, I guess they could both be avid train enthusiasts, I just figured police convention would be easiest), and because this is fic, they meet, and they hit it off, and they bang all weekend.  They both have the same mindset of, “This is vacation banging: meaningless sex with someone I’ll likely never see again, and thus have no reason to hold back from having as much fun as possible.”  A grand time is had by all, even when Nicole fell off the bed and hurt her ankle, because the ice had a second purpose later.

Next year, they both go to the same convention, and again, they find each other, take some time to catch up with each other (approximately the time it takes them to make it to one of their rooms, which ever is closer), then proceed to relive the events of the previous year, but this time they both came prepared for a weekend of kinky vacation sex, and an even grander time was had by all, even when Maggie got a noise complaint filed against them, because they just moved from Maggie’s room to Nicole’s and kept going.

The third year, however, they’re both dreading the convention.  Obviously, they’re each expecting the other to show up at the convention, ready and waiting for another wild sex weekend.  It’s their entire relationship, apart from some idle conversation between rounds, so it’s not an unreasonable expectation to have, but things have changed.

Between the second and third years, Maggie “Definitely-almost-murdered-by-Cyborg-Superman-no-it-was-not-just-a-flesh-wound-I-nearly-died-and-that’s-why-I-had-a-death-bed-realization-it-wasn’t-just-because-I-woke-up-and-saw-Danvers-and-decided-I-had-to-keep-doing-that” Sawyer got together with Alex Danvers, and Nicole “I-knew-something-weird-was-going-on-in-this-town-but-people-kept-lying-to-me-I-thought-I-was-going-crazy-because-no-one-else-wanted-to-acknowledge-the-obvious-demons-make-this-whole-town-make-sense-thank-you-very-much” Haught found Waverly Earp, so now they’re both in loving, committed relationships, and trying to figure out how to break it to the other that all the wild and kinky vacation sex they were probably expecting is definitely off the table.

Cue Maggie and Nicole avoiding each other at the convention for the whole first day, even though everyone had the same schedule of events. This really presents more of a problem for Nicole than Maggie, since Maggie can just duck behind someone bigger than her, aka nearly everybody else at the convention, and it should be easy to avoid each other, but this is fic, so of course they’re going to keep crossing paths, how else do we entertain ourselves?

Finally, they end up at the hotel bar later that night, they sat down next to each other, not noticing who it was until it was too late.  They saw each other, and it was like a Pokemon Trainer battle.  No more running away from the conversation.

It’s awkward, and after a few false starts, Maggie blurts it out, “I can’t have sex with you, I have a girlfriend!”

“I can’t sleep with you either, I have a girlfriend too!”

Cue laughter and relief, as Maggie and Nicole both dig out their phones and start showing off pictures of their girlfriends, bragging about how awesome they are, and generally being obnoxiously in love. They deal with being away from their girlfriends for the weekend by bonding together, building an actual friendship, and bragging about Alex and Waverly as much as humanly possible.  They promise to stay in touch, and actually do, because being gay and female at the same time does not always make for easy life on the police force, and having someone to bitch to who gets it is nice.

The sequel would obviously be the next year, with Alex and Waverly tagging along.  They knew Maggie and Nicole were friends, but didn’t really know the details about precisely how they met.  Of course, the details come out almost immediately, but Alex and Waverly are secure in their relationships, and trust that that’s all in the past, so they all get a good laugh out of it.  So, when they end up booked in neighboring suites, it’s not jealousy driving Alex to make Maggie scream her name at the top of her lungs over and over, and it’s not jealousy fueling Waverly as she makes Nicole gasp her name faster and faster.

When Nicole sees Maggie walking funny the next morning, exactly the same way she’d seen her walking in previous years, she bursts out laughing.  As soon as Nicole limps two steps, Maggie realizes what she’s laughing at, and joins her.  Everybody else is just staring at them, like what’s so funny about continental breakfast?  Do the lesbians know something we don’t? (Spoilers, Alex and Waverly come down, and they don’t get it either, so the answer is usually yes, but in this specific case, not really.)

Holy crap, this got long, I don’t know where it came from, and I should be going to sleep.

@new d&d players and dungeon masters starting because of critical role, aquisitions inc, the adventure zone, etc: 

hey listen. i know it’s really super easy to compare and set up expectations that your game, your DMing or your roleplaying should be like theirs. i know. it’s super easy to look at matthew mercer and feel like you’ll never be as entertaining as him or you’ll never be as good at roleplaying as the cast, or that you’ll never be as funny as the mcelroys.

but listen to me. i’m serious. they are professionals, but they’re playing with their friends. every single person brings something unique and great to a tabletop game, and if you let go of the expectation that everything needs to be perfect, everything needs to be like the podcasts you listen to or the shows you watch–

it WILL be perfect. d&d is a game where you can do whatever the fuck you want and you should do that, but realize that with these expectations are unfair to your fellow players, your dm, and most importantly yourself. sometimes it takes a while for people to get comfortable with how things are. sometimes it doesn’t. that’s ok. just enjoy your game as much as you can

im never gonna finish this rip but here’s an unfinished autistic!morty becoming nonverbal and signing

edit: i changed ‘speak’ bc someone pointed out it looked like ‘bitch’ lol thank u @middle1 !!

anonymous asked:

I had a dream last night I had a conversation with Gabriel reyes about how happy he was about having his engagement ring back because the one that Jack got him didn't fit so it had to be altered... Can I pls request a happy Gabe admiring his ring?

I really, really envy your dream, anon! I want fluffy Gabe and Jack dreams too damnit! He’s happy to have it back where it belongs tho! ;3

Rick and Morty!

Catching up on the latest season – figured it was about time I drew some fanart for the show!


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Favourite characters: Summer Smith (Rick and Morty)

You don’t love people in hopes of a reward, dad. You love them unconditionally.

Nothing’s more beautiful than Yuuri’s smile…

Get u a man who looks at you like Phichit looks at Yuuri…


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How I Got Straight A’s 3 Terms in a Row

Some people just seem to breeze through school, never study and get all A’s all the time; I am NOT that student. I work just as hard as I need to to get the grades that I want. But the trick to getting the grades you want isn’t just about studying your brains out, it’s about studying and planning strategically.

  1. Prepare the summer before the school year starts. This doesn’t necessarily mean studying. Go online and search for the curriculum for each class you will be taking. In Canada, you will find this information on your province’s Ministry of Education website. The curriculum will tell you EXACTLY what you will be learning. Now you can use this information however you like. You can review last year’s material where you can see it will be helpful. You can make one online document per unit and find links/videos/diagrams online that will help you when you eventually learn that unit, this will give you a preview and now you have a online study guide to help you when you learn it in class. You can teach yourself the material and make in depth notes for yourself. 
  2. Always know your grade +/- 2%. You should always, always, always, know where you stand in all your classes. Some students are able to check their grades live online, I would recommend checking your grade after every assignment that gets handed back. If you do not have that option, I would suggest having a notebook (or a bullet journal!) with a page (or two) for each class. Record the name of the assignment, the date you submitted it and the grade you received back (as a percentage and a fraction). This is a great way to see how you are doing and where you are falling short. It is also helpful when you have finals, you can visually see where you struggled throughout the year. If report cards are coming out soon and you know you’re a couple points off, make the assignments for that class a priority.
  3. Prioritize. If you’re spending hours doing one minor assignment when you have a big test the next day, you need to reevaluate. Yes I know, smaller assignments are more fun because they’re super satisfying when you finish them, but you must prioritize your assignments. I rank my assignments according to how much it is worth, how well I know the subject, time it will take to complete and how close the deadline is.
  4. Study sessions and homework time. It has been scientifically proven that doing homework in this order is the best to prevent procrastination. Small assignment –> Larger assignment –> Break. Give yourself a time limit on the smaller assignment and your break time. Do not limit yourself on the larger assignment. Make sure your environment is well lit and you’ve chosen wisely whether or not to work in a quiet or loud place. Have water and snacks, try and save your snacks for during your break as an incentive.
  5. Do homework in the library at lunch. This might seem pretty lame to some people but if you can get some friends to join you, even if they’re not doing work, it can honestly be really fun. I find that when I get home from school, I’m usually exhausted and don’t even want to think about homework. If you do your homework while you’re already at school and in that mindset, trust me it makes its SO much easier to work.
  6. Grades aren’t what you want? Talk about it. Seriously talk to your teacher if your grades aren’t what you want them to be at. Some teachers will omit quiz marks or give you extra assignments. Sometimes if you really beg they’ll let you retest. Do not underestimate what your teachers will do. You don’t know unless you try! Plus teachers will see that you really do care about their class, which means they might mark you a little easier if they know your goal grade.