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I have a klk question, and I apologize if you've answered it before, but, do you find any significance in Ryuko taking a big bite out of an unpeeled lemon in her introduction? Like, was it just meant to make her seem hard? Or like, does it have some subtext I don't understand? Is she ever seen eating lemon/drinking lemonade as a background thing? I've always wondered about this. Thanks.

I gotta be honest with you: I’m atrocious at talking about symbolism. There’s a reason that my hundreds of essays hardly ever mention it. 

So… I haven’t especially covered this before, but I can provide some Thoughts.

First and foremost, the lemon scene has been largely understood as a homage to FLCL, a coming-of-age anime worked on by Gainax—the studio that Hiroyuki Imaishi and Masahiko Otsuka left to found Studio Trigger, which is the team behind Kill la Kill

In the first episode of FLCL, Naota, the protagonist, refuses to drink the rest of the sour, “Lemon Squash” pop that his friend Mamimi didn’t finish. He claims that he “[doesn’t] like sour drinks” and proceeds to toss the can aside.

However, at the end of the episode, Mamimi offers Naota the sour pop again, and his reaction changes. While he repeats his sentiment—“I told you, I don’t like sour stuff”—Naota doesn’t toss the can aside this time, instead guzzling the drink down.

So, when Ryuko, the protagonist of Kill la Kill, begins the first episode of her show not just forcing herself to consume something sour, but does so purposefully, without flinching… there’s probably something there. Kill la Kill’s director Imaishi did work extensively on FLCL, after all.

But what exactly is meant to be conveyed in either series is entirely dependent on how the “sour” symbol is understood.

On the one hand, the “sourness” could be a symbol of “first love.” For Naota to accept the drink in FLCL would be to accept an “indirect kiss” from Mamimi, who had been drinking from the can previously. The “first love” idea seems supported in Kill la Kill, with Ryuko noting, after Mataro steals her lemon (at least in the original Japanese script), “You’re that eager to learn what first love tastes like?”

Mataro: Bitch, don’t try to be all witty! I’ve had my first kiss!

And with the idea of “first love” comes the idea of childishness. Though it may have some… Unfortunate Implications, in both FLCL and Kill la Kill, it could be said that getting into a first romantic relationship is a sign of growing up. The fact that Naota initially refuses to taste “first love” represents his initial refusal to come of age—and the fact that Mataro in Kill la Kill insists that he has had his first kiss (or “get[s] way more action than [Ryuko]!” in the dub) represents his desire to seem “grown-up” and experienced.

Ryuko’s utterly blase eating of the lemon would then also imply that she has had romantic relationship(s) in the past and is not afraid of them.

However, with all of this, the “sourness” could simply be a larger metaphor: a metaphor of adulthood, maturity, that kind of stuff. Naota deciding to take in the sourness at the end of the first opening episode signifies that his show is going to feature his coming of age—something he initially didn’t want anything to do with, but that the story is going to push him to experience regardless. Ryuko immediately biting into a lemon could then signify that she’s already come of age, but—and more likely, considering Kill la Kill’s ending—it could also signify that she’s not afraid of the hardships, challenges, and “sourness” that comes with coming of age.

In this way, I also see the “sourness” as a bit of a metaphor for moving forward rather than running away. The lemon pop in FLCL is first featured when Naota struggles to tell Mamimi that his brother is seeing someone else—a hard, difficult, “adult” situation that’s not fun and not comfortable. Naota throws the can away, perhaps representative of how he wants to run away from this problem. At the end of the episode, though, Naota has revealed the truth to Mamimi, and he then drinks the pop, signifying that there’s no more running away: he’s growing up, whether he likes it or not.

But disregarding the FLCL tribute, a character introduction that features the character biting into a raw, unpeeled lemon is powerful on its own. It tells audiences right away that this character is badass—whether her lemon-eating is because she’s not afraid of growing up or hardship or “first love” or because of any other reason, you shouldn’t mess with this chick.

So I got this shitty review for Melodies Unheard, and while I’m not Deaf or HoH, I’m still offended.

Apparently, Deaf dancers and skaters would never be able to perform better than their Hearing counterparts because not being able to hear means they can’t show the emotions needed in their performances. Meaning a Hearing person would obviously skate better and it’s “impossible” for Yuuri to have beaten anyone as a Deaf skater.

Sister Vs. Spider

Request: I absolutely adore your writing! Could you do an imagine where the brothers 15 year old sister has severe arachnophobia and they help her when there’s a spider in the bunker? (Double heart emoji that my computer is being mean about!)

A/N: I was laughing while writing this one, so thank you for making me smile! I’m sorry if this isn’t exactly what you wanted, and I am totally willing to rewrite it if you would like, because I may have overexaggerated a little but, nevertheless I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! ALSO, I AM SO SORRY ABOUT NOT POSTING THURSDAY! Some drama and not good things came in but it’s all good now! ALSO THANK YOU GUYS FOR OVER 300! I AM SO SO SO HAPPY AND OMGSH THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL WITH ALL MY HEART!

Before I hit you with this angst masterpiece I’ve been working on, enjoy this little piece of silliness!

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You sighed into your hot cup of, well, whatever Sam had picked up from the store earlier that morning. Being mid-October, you were chilled. Your sweater was soft, and made the little couch in one of the spare bedrooms seem just a bit cozier than before. Your brothers were out, hunting the demons they had tracked for a week. You were taking the night off as they wanted to handle it alone, something about Crowley’s minions, and not wanting you to get hurt. Basically, their code for overprotective.

You didn’t mind though, and you were craving some time to binge watch some TV and rest your muscles. You smiled into the cup of liquid again, and giggled at the lines written for your favorite characters. You were sincerely enjoying your off time as you pushed your blanket over to let your socks hit the floor. You were determined to make it to the kitchen and back before the next episode began. Netflix only gave you fifteen seconds, but you were up for the challenge.

You began to skid down the bunker halls, sliding down the step into the kitchen. You poured the rest of the liquid into the mug and smiled as you tried not to spill as you quickly paced back to the doorway of the kitchen.

Amused, you let your socks glide onto the hard floor, and watched the liquid. The second you looked up, you dropped the mug and screamed a sound of pure terror. You flung yourself onto the kitchen’s island and gripped the side of it. You kept your eyes glued to the place just above the doorway as you ripped your phone out of the elastic waistband of your leggings and dialed the number you had memorized.

You placed it to your ear, awaiting the rings to allow a voice through. You felt shivers roll down your spine as tears threatened to break out of the corners of your eyes. The leap you had made from the doorway to the island had taken all your breath control, and fear threatened your sanity.


“Y/N?” Sam answered on the fifth ring.

“SAMMY!” you screamed.

“What is it Y/N? What’s wrong?” Sam sounded just as panicked as you. The sound of your distress made him extremely nervous.

“Sammy, there’s a huge, a huge, and it’s, it’s so viciously starring!” you rambled.

Dean’s voice cut in, “What is viciously starring, damn it Y/N, what’s going on?” Dean yelled through the phone.  

“S-s-s,” you stuttered out, not being able to form the word.

“Shapeshifter, space monkey, what is it?!” Dean demanded through the phone.

“SPIDER!” you screamed as the spider fell down into the doorway from its previous position.

Sam exhaled, and Dean grunted, “Are you freaking kidding me!? You hunt monsters for a living and you’re freaking out about some little spider!?”.

“Dean!” Sam scolded.

“I have a fear of spiders you moron, and it JUST JUMPED AGAIN!” you screeched, causing both your brothers to let out a noise of discomfort on the other end.

“Can you guys come back and help me before it-!” you screamed again as it continued moving to make its web.

“I don’t know, you called me a moron, so,” Dean sarcastically answered but your screams made his answer change almost immediately, “We’ll be there as soon as we can”.


He hung up and you were gripping the kitchen island with all your might. The spider had no idea you were in the room, let alone praying for it to drop dead. You picked up a plastic cup that had been left out on the island you were currently positioned on. You threw the cup at the spider but missed by a long shot. The spider didn’t even flinch.

You then decided to throw more objects, really anything you could get into your sweaty hands. You also opened the fridge with your foot, throwing ice cubes at the web, but always missing. The spider had now made himself a comfortable little strand of silk that he was resting on while you balanced to get more objects to use as bombs against your enemy.

If something did come close to hitting the little pest it would simply move over. Now it seemed to be taunting you, and mocking your every miss.


Your brothers made an appearance just outside the kitchen door.

“Y/N?” Sam asked, as you paused, mid throw of an orange.

“SAMMY!” you smiled and yelled, but fear stilled laced your yelp.

Dean chuckled, “This little guy?” he pointed to the spider that was creeping up its line of web. He quickly smooshed it between his thumb and middle finger.

You sighed in relief, letting out the breath you had been holding since the start of your battle with the spider. Dean took down the strand of web as Sam made his way past the mess of food and objects on the floor. He shook his head at you as he helped you down from the island.

“You know you’re going to have to clean all this up, right?” he asked.

You shrugged, “It was worth it,” you smiled. He put an arm around you.

Dean moved towards the two of you, “I don’t know, he’s kinda cute,” he laughed.

“Don’t compliment the enemy of mass destruction,” you warned.

“Why? Scared?” he laughed as he pushed the mess into your eyesight.

You squealed and jumped onto Sam, gripping his side with your legs.

“DEAN!” Sam chided.


You cleaned the mess up after an intense persuasion to let go of Sam. You then made yourself a new cup of hot liquid, and moved towards the doorway to the TV room. That’s when you dropped the cup and screamed, once again.

“SAM! DEAN! IT’S BACK! IT’S COME BACK TO GET ME FROM THE DEAD!” you screamed as you rushed down thee bunker halls to find the spider killers, or as they were also referred to as, your big brothers.

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Sorry but I don't see things getting worse. Harry and Louis have been MIA a lot lately. Louis is back in the U.K., not LA, after playing a mega festival and had a stunt free lads weekend :) Harry, after 15 months, launched his project on the 25th of all days, Niall commented & liked his pic (hasn't happened in ages) aka publicly supported him! Louis&H changed their headers/icons the same day, both headers have blue&green! And no baby since January!!! It's April :)

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This sorta shit pisses me off. So sit down everyone and listen to the story of what we call the “Kill Buyer/Feedlot Scam”.

What happens when you combine an Amish-dominated auction house and mostly likely an ex-convict who can’t get a real job? Killbuyers! These are guys who purchase large amounts of horses for under $400 at auctions, or they pick up horses listed as cheap or free on Craigslist. From there, the horses can either go one of two ways - to slaughters, or to private buyers. Well-trained horses can end up at another auction, or traded with another horse trader. Fat, healthy horses that may be unhandled end up in feedlots where they ship to Mexico or Canada to be slaughtered. They will never show up on Facebook. But sad, old, miniature, and very young horses end up on Facebook pages like this, purchased for no more than $100 and then sold days later for a 300% price increase. Who would want to buy old lame horses? Well, no one– at an auction. But on Facebook you can find all kinds of bleeding-heart animal lovers who will open their checkbooks if you claim that this horse you have is “shipping to slaughter” the next week if no one buys it. Even if the horse will not be accepted at the border, like a foal under six months of age. Or if you make absolutely no profit, like a miniature horse. Who cares! Let’s claim to ship them all to slaughter! People with too much money and too little sense love the idea of “saving” a horse!

Sometimes these guys are pretty good at selling decent horses for acceptable, if not high, prices. I follow the Bowie Auction House in Texas, because they at least don’t use a thousand knife emojis threatening slaughter in every post. But this guy, Brian Moore, goes to New Holland Auction, where very sad Amish horses can be picked up for cheap, and advertises them for extremely marked up rates. Not only does he do that, but he doesn’t even try to be legit. These horses are not rideable (but he rides them anyway). They are suffering from arthritis or injuries, and terrible conformation (as is the case of the Arabian mare, which he says has been bred way too many times, because that back deserves to live on in her progeny!) They either need to be picked up by a legitimate rescue or euthanized. Not hopped on and trotted around a concrete driveway with a moron on its back so that this dude can scam a couple hundred bucks out of people who think a swayback like that isn’t “too bad” (she is not even old and has a back as long as a bus. It is very bad). That’s the worst part– many of these horses are going to people with big hearts but not a lot of horse knowledge. They don’t understand the expense and time a healthy horse takes, let alone one who will drive up your vet bills into the thousands in less than six months.

I watch a page that networks horses from the New Holland auction, and several posts have been from people who “saved” horses from New Holland but either can’t afford them or can’t handle them. So back to the auction they go. No one inexperienced should ever buy a horse at an auction. And yet with these Facebook pages, they seem to draw in the most inexperienced horse owners who should be adopting horses from legitimate rescues, not scam artists who lie through their teeth about minis shipping to slaughter.

The Appy is listed as $425. The Arabian is at $613. Here are many healthy, young horses I personally purchased at an auction for at or less than $600.

Chip: $300 (no health problems outside of worms and a cough)

Jackie: $600 (no health problems)

Echo: $450 (no health problems; some behavioral issues though)

Socrates: $400 (no health problems)

Belle: $400 (no health problems; she had foundered at some point, but was healthy and sound when I got her)

Roxie: $500 (no health problems outside of being very fat)

In case any horsey people watch me… do not fall for this bullshit. These guys are making money hand over fist and laughing on their way to the bank, all while sick and skinny horses die on their lots. You do not shut puppy mills down by buying their puppies. Apply that logic to feedlot “rescues”. Do not give them money.

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God I love it when the customer insists on getting an additional discount or coupon, especially during labor day, even though our policy shows that coupons do not work for appliances. They get angry, some demand to see the manager, and shit like that. The coupons state in the print below that the percentage discounts do not work in appliances, so read the fucking thing you fucking morons. It's always one particular group of customers too.

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There are a lot of big larrie blogs, who are usually big louis fans, who constantly critize harry and say how they do it cause they care for him and Im not saying people shouldnt say if something is bothering them about Harry but its completely different for them when it comes to louis. Youre not allowed to say you dont like something about him or his promo cause they will say that youre probably a houies or het harry. Also some of them are friends with some of the biggest harry haters on here.

I typed a way too long answer and it got too boring, but my point is, follow the right people and enjoy their content! Enjoy your time here! I don’t personally know any of those blogs and I’m very happy with the environment I created for myself with my mutuals ad friends here. The criticism I see on my dash, from all sides, is generally very on point and never directed to the boys themselves (who still don’t get to be treated like perfect idols but like great people who try their best), nor is everything accepted blindly. No one and no dash is perfect, but my personal advice is not to mind who makes you uncomfortable and to avoid unhealthy places :)

//takes a deep breath

I love Rufus Barma


How about forgetting all this and running away?

what I truly love about Elizabeth Olsen is that she doesn’t put up with stupid questions. you make a comment that she must be more hollywood bc she’s from america, she’ll call you out on that shit while remaining professional/10. It’s great.