but it's so flawless and perfect


you take my hand and drag me head first fearless

Popping the Question

Just a quick one off of Liam helping his best bro, Jaal, prepare to pop the big question.


“Nervous?” Liam grinned at the fidgeting angara who was sitting on the other end of the couch fussing with his rofjin.

Jaal drew in a deep breath, stilled his hands, and exhaled slowly. “I admit,” he confessed, “I am feeling a bit apprehensive.”

“Well, you shouldn’t be.” Liam leaned over from where he sat and punched the other man lightly on the arm. “We’ve gone over this scenario a hundred times. You’re going to be fine. It’ll all work out, you’ll see. You love her, don’t you?”

“Of, of course I do,” Jaal stuttered, looking slightly offended that Liam would even have to ask him such a question. “Have I not made it clear that my very heart beats for her? That I want nothing more than to remain by her side for the rest of my days?”

“Perfectly clear,” Liam chuckled. “And believe me, the feeling is mutual. Ryder lights up like a Christmas tree every time you walk into the room.”

Jaal looked confused, his mouth turning down at the corners. “Christmas…tree?”

“Never mind,” Liam waved off the question. “I’ll explain it to you later. The point is, you have nothing to worry about. She’s as smitten with you as you are with her. With things beginning to settle down with the Kett and the new colonies up and running, it’s time to look toward the future, you know? Make a home. Make a life…preferably one that doesn’t involve being shot at and traipsing around inside of Remnant vaults.”

Jaal nodded, “I suppose…I suppose you are right. I just…I want this moment to be as perfect as she is.”

“And it will be,” the human man assured. “Everything has been arranged just like you wanted it. I saw to it myself.”

Jaal let out a relieved sigh. “You…are a good friend.”

“I try my best. Which reminds me…” Liam leaned over the arm of the couch and dug around inside of a bag, pulling out a small, black box. “Here,” he pressed it into the other man’s hands. “I went ahead and picked this up for you…well…technically for Ryder.”

Jaal’s face lit up. Excited, he cracked open the box. His large, blue eyes drank in the sight of the small jeweled band nestled within. With slightly trembling fingers, he plucked the ring from its velvet confines to examine it closer. He’d come up with the design himself after learning that humans exchanged jewelry with one another as a symbol of their commitment and he’d wanted to give Ryder something as unique as she was. The angara had no such custom but if it was a part of his Darling One’s culture, he wanted to honor it, to show her the depth of his devotion in a way she was familiar with and would understand.

The blue and purple swirled stone he’d had harvested from his home planet of Havarl glittered from within its silvery setting, reminding him of the vastness of space his love had crossed to come into his life. He felt a smile tug at his lips. It was more than he had expected. Flawless. Almost as beautiful as the woman he hoped would soon be wearing it. His heart stuttered happily in his chest at the thought.

“Well?” Liam pressed, “Its good right?”

“Mmm,” Jaal rumbled. “It is perfect.”

“You want to run through it one more time?”

“Yes,” Jaal nodded. He felt slightly more confident with the ring actually in his hands. “If you do not mind.”

“Sure thing. So,” Liam pushed himself up off of the couch to stand. “From the top then. Just take a deep breath, relax, and pretend that I’m Ryder. You’ve got this.”

“Right. I can do that.” Jaal nodded and also rose from his seat and approached the other man. He closed his eyes for a moment, picturing his beloved in his mind and instantly felt more at peace. More centered. He opened his eyes and gingerly took Liam’s hands into his own, imagining his love’s small, soft hands in their place. Yes. He could do this.

“Sara,” the angara began, swiftly taking a knee as Liam had advised him was traditionally custom for one asking their other half for their hand in marriage. “My heart and my soul, I feel as though I have always loved you…”

At that moment, without warning, the door to Liam’s little sanctuary slid open. Gil, the ship’s resident engineer, came striding in. “Hey, just came to invite you two to…poker…tonight…uh…” Gil blinked. The sight of the crisis specialist seemingly being proposed to by their angaran crew mate, ring and all, stunned him silent for a moment. “I can, uh, I can come back later. Sorry, uh, sorry to interrupt…”

Liam and Jaal stared after the man as he turned swiftly on his heel and disappeared back out the way he had come. Liam looked amused. Jaal’s expression, however, ran more along the lines of acute distress.

The human burst out laughing at the angara’s distraught look, “Better get a move on, mate, if you want to keep the element of surprise. With Gil’s mouth, I give it about a half hour before the whole crew knows something is up. You don’t want him blabbing to the Pathfinder.”

“Shit,” came Jaal’s muttered reply as he quickly rose to his feet and straightened himself. Just like that, the nervous fluttering filled his stomach once more.

*drops this* Oops… *rolls away in silent*

(( THIS IS AMAZING!! I love all the broken hearts and it’s honestly such a cute art style!! Thank you for sending this in but also ow my heart. But again. Flawless. Beautiful. Perfect. I would die for Brooke Mell. All of these are thoughts running through my head when I look at this. 

Thank you so much for submitting this, you charming lily!!- Mod easter ))

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your collab with keilattes is the reason i'm alive

same, anon, s a m e. kei’s yuuri also saved my life so now we have motivation board #2

it snows on earth c:

rose sips tea and reads a book indoors while regularly checking to make sure that The Aesthetic is intact. she deigns to make one (1) snowman

dave makes a perfect replica of sbahj out of snow. rose tricks him into licking a mailbox. she tells him the only way to unstick him is to cut off his tongue and then records his worried indecipherable screeching

dirk has only ever seen snow from the internet so while he knows its cold he doesnt know its That Cold. he sticks his bare hand into the snow and his expression just. flattens. he says nothing but he’s screaming inside

roxy hasnt ever felt snow either but she thinks that texture-wise it’s like cotton balls so she performs a flawless swan dive into a snow drift and emerges 2 minutes later with pneumonia and the biggest grin you’ve ever seen 

OKAY day6 as an entity is already underrated but park sungjin is like one of those jades so fine, so perfect n so precious hidden under 100 year layers of rock n nobody truly appreciates him because they don’t know hes there ??? to be HONEST…his perfectly versatile voice aside, the fact that he can tackle any song in literally any language is one of the most unreal things I have ever known to have occurred to mankind.  his english n chinese pronunciation are so good but you always KNOW its him because his voice is unique n flawless…n remember that time someone asked him on after school club why he ignores all the english questions when he knows what they’re asking n he’s like ‘this is a total MIS-UNDER-STANDING’ like uhh…..???? hes fucking hilarious too… everyone in day6 brings something new to the group but sungjin is the rock. his impeccable, stable n mind-boggling voice, his lov for over sized clothing n his hair, his love hate relationship with all his members, his inability to feel embarrassment n unchanging busan accent n every little thing about him is unbelievable. I love that guy.

Imagine Jared Leto is Your Best Friend’s Dad - Chapter 9

The song On My Mind by Ellie Goulding inspired this chapter. Totally suggest to listen while reading!

Chapter 9 - On My Mind

It was fun while it lasted, but all things must come to an end. We gathered our belongings and placed them by the door. Dasha and Sydney’s parents picked them up. And it was just Allegra and I.

“Allegra!” Mr. Leto called from the kitchen. “These clothes need to be washed.”

“Yeah, but who’s going to walk Kerri home?” she asked.

“Oh, that’s right.” He crept around the corner as he dried a bowl with a paper towel.

His head rested against the wall as he looked at me. His grin stretching from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat himself. “I’ll walk her home,” he said.

“But Dad!-” Allegra whined in protest.

“Sorry honey.” He cut her off, still drying the bowl. “You need to hit those clothes. They’re a mile high!”

“Fine.” She fumed.

“Besides… it be nice to see Ms. Sanders and Nico – it’s been a while,” his eyes lit up as he thought.

Apparently, I had no say in this matter. I stared back at Mr. Leto, trying to see what lurked behind his eyes. Was there another trick up his sleeve?

“Just give me 5 minutes Kerri and we can head over.” He told me before quickly shuffling away.

After Allegra and I said our goodbyes, I fetched my things, making sure everything was packed. I didn’t live far away at all, like 2 ½ blocks down, but I guess no neighborhood not matter how nice is safe to travel alone in the evening.

Butt up and head down, I bent over, trying to squeeze everything in my bag. There was this one section that just wouldn’t zip. It was stuffed to the max. I thought I heard something behind me but I was too focused on this. If Allegra wants to make a joke about how silly I look, so be it. I placed the bag between my legs as I pushed down with one hand and tried to zip with the other. Once it finally fit, I stood up straight, and flung my hair back. I turned around and to my surprise, I saw Mr. Leto there leaning against the wall.

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Inquisition companions react to the Inquisitor having luxurious hair, and i mean RIDICULOUSLY luxurious hair. It's like their hair is from a L'Oréal commercial all the time, even when it's raining, it's that ridiculous.

Cassandra: It takes her some time to see it, and so it’s not until they have been camped for several days in the Storm Coast that she begins to notice. No matter what they go through, what they crawl through, the Inquisitors hear is flawless. And Cassandra is not a vain person, not exactly, but…well, even the most down to earth person can feel the prick of jealousy when placed against perfection. When she finds out that it just naturally does that she’s a little miffed but otherwise just accepts it.

Solas: It’s a curiosity and no mistake, but once the mage realizes it is biology rather that some enchantment that keeps their hair  in that state he loses all interest. It’s not as though they have any tips to help him alone after all.

Vivienne: Her reactions are similar to Solas’s, but rather than losing interest she encourages them to flaunt it at ‘an appropriate level, darling. Nobility will envy you for what they cannot have, and you ought to make the most of your gift.”

Sera: Hair is hair, and only nobs or prissy nobles care about it. Except…except Inqy’s hair is perfect all the time, like all the time, and it’s starting to bother the Red Jenny. She suspects magic until they find out it just grows like that, and then she suspects a prank. Finally Sera spends two weeks straight trying to startle them or find them with even a single hair out o place before giving up in a huff. 

That is not normal.

Blackwall: It’s quite obvious to anyone with eyes that the resident Warden cares little for the appearance of his hair or beard, but the state of both is exacerbated when he is next to the Herald and their flawless coiffure. If he is a regular in the Inquisition party he may well start upping his grooming practices, but if not than he simply ignores it and goes about his business. There are bigger things to worry about.

Varric: This shit is golden. A hero character saving the world with flawless hair? Nothing says stereotypical character more than that, and nothing sells more than a stereotypical character doing the unexpected. This is going to make him a mint.

Dorian: It takes less than a single day of trudging through the twisted red lyrium future and then the attack on Haven for Tevinter’s most fashionable pariah to notice something odd about the Herald. But once it clicks he can never unsee it. The mage spends long hours perfecting his own carefully groomed appearance, and yet he has seen Orlesian nobles spend hours in salons and not look as good as the herald doing rolling out of their bedroll. It haunts him day and night as he hunts for the answer, finally culminating in him storming their quarters while the Inquisitor bathes and demanding to know the truth. When he finds out it simply happens he is heart broken, and slinks away to spend all his days in despair.

Iron Bull: The Qun doesn’t care about the herald’s particular style, and so there was nothing in the reports about the phenomenon. If it’s almost any color under the sun he gives it no more than a raised eyebrow and a good way to tease the ‘Vint. But if it’s red he can’t keep his eyes off of it, and will eventually give in to the urge to touch it– with the Herald’s full permission.

Cole: “Tie it back, push it away, its just hair. They always look but I don’t know how to tell them looking doesn’t make it work. Seeing your hair makes them happy. And sad, and jealous and sometimes they smile. I tried to thank it, but your hair won’t talk to me– it’s afraid of my hat.”

honestly tho rose the murderer couldve been such a good twist and moral. like.. steven builds up such a flawless mental image of rose, only for it to come under questioning when its revealed she shattered PD. then the gems explain that she wasnt perfect, that sometimes drastic measures are needed, and that the world isnt black and white. steven understands and moves on.

but because of the bismuth episode, we’ve ended up with rose the hypocrite instead. i genuinely cant trust anything shes ever said and the show mixes messages so much and i just uuughghh????? what a wasted oppertunity

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you know that one gif where zayn is sleeping in just a towel and liam gently tries to wake him up by caressing his cheek.. i always wondered what happened next.. (maybe zayn slowly blinking his open with a soft smile when he sees liam and pulling him on top of him to cuddle or more;)) only if u want to could you please write another canon drabble? yours are soooo good! (for inspiration: zayndrogynous*tumblr*com/post/157117474724)


Liam’s not sure how long he’d been there. He thinks maybe just a couple of minutes but it was probably longer than that. He must be in creeper territory by now considering this should have only taken a minute at the most but he couldn’t help himself. He was caught completely off guard by the surge of emotions that took over his body and mind the minute he laid eyes on Zayn.

At first he couldn’t understand why. He’d done this a hundred times before. It was deemed his job ever since they all discovered that Liam was the only one able to rouse Zayn from his precious slumber without having their heads bitten off. Secretly, Liam loved it. He loved knowing that this was another thing that made his relationship with Zayn special, that he was the only one able to coax a smile and a laugh from a sleepy Zayn despite his well known love affair with sleep.

Liam approached him slowly and quietly until he stood over his best friend’s sleeping form and just admired him for a moment. It was amazing, really, how beautiful Zayn was. He’s always known this of course, but he looked different when he slept. There was an innocence about him that only manifested itself when he was asleep. He loved watching him like this, looking so vulnerable and peaceful. It dawned on Liam that he was one of the few people that had the privilege of seeing Zayn in this state. Gratitude joined the heady mix of emotions already wreaking havoc inside him.

He leaned over and placed his palm on Zayn’s cheek. His skin was warm to the touch and Liam gently rubbed his thumb across the soft skin. He stroked his cheek and allowed his eyes to roam over Zayn’s face taking in its perfect symmetry, the flawless skin, those insanely long eyelashes, the fullness of his bottom lip.

His mind started conjuring up memories from their time together. His favorites were of the two of them alone, either on the bus or in a hotel room somewhere, talking about anything and everything, snuggling together, watching movies, playing video games and arguing over who was the better player. They’ve cried on each other’s shoulders more times than they care to admit and have found strength in their bond. Liam wondered if Zayn knew what an important part of his life he had become. 

His fingers glided across Zayn’s lips lightly, not wanting to wake him just yet. He fought the overwhelming desire to lean down and kiss him. He wanted to kiss those pink lips until Zayn woke up and kissed him back.

He suddenly realized that this wasn’t the first time he felt that urge.

Liam clenched his eyes shut tight and sighed as it finally sunk in. He knew now. He finally understood why today felt different. He opened his eyes again and allowed his hand to skate down Zayn’s arm studying the numerous tattoos adorning it while he came to terms with the realization.

He couldn’t deny it any longer. Today was the day he admitted to himself what he’d known all along: He was in love with Zayn.

He loved Zayn in a way that was different from the way he loved the other boys or the way he loved his family and friends. Liam had Zayn’s friendship already but he wanted so much more. He wanted his heart, his respect, his admiration, his time and yes, his body. He wanted to hold his hand whenever he wanted, share a home with him and celebrate anniversaries and all that sappy stuff. He wanted to come first for Zayn the way Zayn came first in all things for Liam. 

He wanted everything with Zayn. 

Liam’s eyes traveled back up towards his face and he froze. Zayn was awake and was looking right at him. Liam pulled his hand away instantly, dropping the water bottle he held in his other hand in his haste. He felt his face burn with embarrassment after being caught red-handed. He probably had a dopey smile on his face the entire time he had been daydreaming about happily ever afters with Zayn. He was mortified.

“I uh - sorry, um,” Liam stammered, completely tongue-tied and unable to come up with a good excuse for his behavior. He considered just running out of the room without any explanation and took a step back, about to do just that.

Zayn’s hand reached out and grabbed Liam’s before he could make his escape.

“It’s okay, Li,” Zayn said to him, no anger or judgment visible in his face. Just that same fond smile that Liam had seen time and time again. Zayn tugged his arm down forcing Liam to sink to his knees beside him. Zayn reached his other hand up and cupped the back of Liam’s neck in that all-too familiar way and pulled him closer.

Liam’s breath hitched when Zayn brought their foreheads together. Liam’s heart felt like it was going to burst through his chest it was beating so fast.

“I love you, too” Zayn whispered softly, his eyes shining and full of hope. Liam exhaled and smiled, his body sagging with relief after hearing Zayn’s confession.

“Uh, are you - really?” Liam asked. He needed to make sure he wasn’t still dreaming all of this.

Zayn didn’t answer but his smile grew bigger as he pulled Liam in the rest of the way and proceeded to kiss him. He kissed him long, slow and deep. It was better than anything Liam had imagined.

Greet her every morning, call her beautiful, ask how her day went, remind her to eat on time, sneak up behind her and give her a back hug, cry with her, hold her tight when she’s at her weakest,dream of her, give her your hoodie when its cold, have a random talk about her plans, prioritize her feelings, take her hand in public, take stolen photos of her, and lastly keep your words because she’ll be keeping your words in her heart. You can only do this to her once in your life, so please love her right, offer her your world, give her your whole self. She may not be as flawless as the other girls around you, but she’s real and she’s not afraid to put herself out there and share herself to the world and that’s what makes her more than just any man’s definition of a perfect girl.
—  d.r.n

The Truths of Life

by Venerable Yen Pei

What is life exactly? Religious teachers and philosophers of both the past and present have offered diverse explanations about life. What is the Buddhist perspective of life?

1. Life is suffering. From birth to death, isn’t all that we experience ultimately of the nature of suffering, in the final analysis? It is only with self-awareness that “life is suffering” that we can have right, penetrating understanding of life.

2. Life is impermanent. From birth to death, we undergo constant changes every instant along with the metabolic processes in the body, thus advancing steadily towards the end of death. It is only with self-awareness that “life is impermanent” that we will be constantly vigilant, treasure this precious human life and live earnestly.

3. Life is illusory. When we probe in-depth into life, we discover that life is causally arisen, without any substantiality of its own,. It is only with self-awareness that “life is illusory” that we could live fearlessly without misgivings, as we sacrifice self-interests for the benefit of others.

This human form is rare and hard to come by. One must not live this human life in vain or let it degenerate. Moreover, one must make life sublime, by following the flawless life-outlook of the Middle Path and purifying this imperfect life that is rooted in craving, so as to accomplish the perfect, enlightened life that is based upon right wisdom. Only then can one imbue this human life with great, noble value.

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I think they didn't start filming season 4 because of Henrik's acne, they are waiting for his skin face to look batter because it's look unattractive and he play like the perfect hot guy.

i think you’re a little bit rude. acne doesn’t make someone unattractive. acne is a thing that some people have, you know? and i appreciate it so so much that skam doesn’t use tons of make up to make his skin look flawless. acne is real, and acne is something a lot of people struggle with, and are self conscious about, and what you say can actually hurt people. so please think twice before sending someone something like this. please don’t let some shows fool you because the skin there is perfect and they don’t ever have any break outs, break outs are perfectly normal and happen to almost everyone every once in a while. 

Ok so i know many people have already said this but imma say it again cause im feeling salty. Why did they make pearl the one whos good at everything and white and skinny? Shes a great singer, dancer, builder, fighter, artist, and is painted as sophisticated and intelligent (arguably the most out of all the cgs), and on top of that, shes the femme, white, skinny one. And she never seems to fully understand the consequences of her actions or apologise. Its like the crewniverse wanted to make her a flawless, perfect being who has the right to be immeduatly forgiven, no questions asked, as soon as she starts crying (in a manipulative as shit way also) about how “worthless” and gay she is for rose. It just pisses me off so much that shes pretty much painted as perfect in every way and gets so much more screen time and attention than any of the other gems (who really deserve it more than pearl, lets be honest here). Anyway sorry for the crappy phrasing im just angry

Dear Misogynists, Please Stop Calling Me A Sexist

I grew up in a home of feminism. That probably sounds odd, but it’s true.
My great-grandmother was a suffragette and chained herself to the gates of Buckingham Palace.
My grandmother has pictures of herself standing topless on a bridge with the words ‘Baas In Eigen Buik’ written on her belly, roughly translated that means 'I’m my own belly’s boss’.
My mum’s a gynecologist and dedicated her life to promoting protection and pregnancy prevention (what Americans may call 'planned parenthood’).
Me myself… I go to law school and I’m specializing in PIL and Human Rights (women’s rights are human rights fyi). I spend my internship giving women in forced marriages free legal advice.
Me and my mum, we used to have the 'we can do it’ poster in our hallway.

Perhaps it was not very necessary to tell you all that, but I feel it kinda was to make it clear how pissed I am, because I happen to know some shit about feminism, and sexism too. I’ve been called many things, that includes a feminazi, an internet feminist, I was told to shut my female mouth, etc etc. Ever since I’ve been openly criticizing Daenerys, I’ve been, to my shock, called something else entirely. 

Not often, no, just to make that clear, I hardly receive any hate. Many people agree with me but so often I’m told people don’t dare say what I’m saying because they’re afraid of being called out. It’s as if there’s a taboo on disliking Dany… Why? I don’t get it? Why is it not allowed to not admire her and not kiss her ass? Where is the law that prohibits me from being honest about my feelings for a character that doesn’t actually exist? How messed up it is it, that people anonymously tell me they agree, cause you know, they don’t want hate? The majority of messages I get is from super nice people, but for the first time in my life I have been called something I never expected anyone to ever call me… a sexist

Here’s my open letter to all these misogynists who have called me, and other people speaking their minds, a sexist in the past couple of days/weeks/months(/years?), and yes… I will call you a misogynist, because only people who don’t know shit about feminism, call others a sexist for criticizing and openly disliking a character who happens to have (to quote dear Emilia Clarke) tits.

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  • Me: Gosh I hate myself. I'm just so annoying and worthless and wish I didn't exist. I'm such a burden and everyone hates me why am I even here?
  • Friend: same
  • Me: No nope nyet nononononono take that back my friends aren't allowed to not like themselves. They are perfect and flawless sorry nope no you can't say those things about yourself it's the law nope nope n o