but it's so flawless and perfect


you take my hand and drag me head first fearless


How would I know how to get back to the future? Who do I look like? Marty McFly?

it snows on earth c:

rose sips tea and reads a book indoors while regularly checking to make sure that The Aesthetic is intact. she deigns to make one (1) snowman

dave makes a perfect replica of sbahj out of snow. rose tricks him into licking a mailbox. she tells him the only way to unstick him is to cut off his tongue and then records his worried indecipherable screeching

dirk has only ever seen snow from the internet so while he knows its cold he doesnt know its That Cold. he sticks his bare hand into the snow and his expression just. flattens. he says nothing but he’s screaming inside

roxy hasnt ever felt snow either but she thinks that texture-wise it’s like cotton balls so she performs a flawless swan dive into a snow drift and emerges 2 minutes later with pneumonia and the biggest grin you’ve ever seen 

Welcome to Afterlife- Ch 1||Philinda

Summary: Specialist Melinda May is on a mission to track down and rescue a lost SHIELD team that was investigating a tribe of possible Powered People in the forests of China. She works alone, she’s always been alone. Its better that way. Phil Coulson was raised in a home that admired and respected their Inhuman ancestors. At 20 he was given his birthright and became one of the healers for new Inhumans in Afterlife. When Specialist May gets put in Phil Coulson’s care this change for both of them.

A/N: Sooo this is my new Prompt verse. Thank you to the always perfect and flawless @agentsphilinda for betaing cause she is perfect! This isn’t really plotted out so if you have any ideas or anything pm me I will see what I can do LOL! this part is mostly fluff with some Angst mixed in for flavor. Enjoy!


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Okay but Alec lounging in their bed, still sleepy despite it being 12pm, constantly yawning, his hair a mess, his breath a new weapon for killing demons, his face feeling greasy, his beautiful gorgeous boyfriend is getting ready in front of him and he’s just so incredibly foolishly ridiculously happy. And as he looks at Magnus’s flawless frame lazily moving to finally put on the outfit after spending the last hour picking it out, he stretches out his arms towards him and mumbles “Noo, come back to bed and tell me more about the time you met Mother Teresa.” Magnus chuckles, giving him a fond look and shakes his head: “You know I want to darling, but there’s a client waiting and i don’t wanna be late… another hour.” Alec pouts as he sees the perfectly sculpted chest disappear from his view and be replaced with a flowy white shirt. “Oh,” he says, a smirk tugging at his lips, “you don’t have to get dressed up for me.” Magnus looks over at him, amusement evident in his eyes, his eyebrows raised, but continuing to button up his shirt. “Fiiine,” Alec sighs dramatically and gets up from their bed to walk up to his boyfriend, wrap his hands around his waist and catch his lips in a kiss, “but I like what I saw.”

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I'm currently rereading Vicious and it's the best ever I love it so much !!

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Most compliment the signs get
  • Aries: "I really love your personality"
  • Taurus: "you're so gorgeous/I love your face features"
  • Gemini: "your eyes are so pretty I'm jealous"
  • Cancer: "you're the most adorable/your big eyes are the cutest thing ever "
  • Leo: "you're so hot/I am in love with your hair"
  • Virgo: "I love your style/you're so stylish"
  • Libra: "I really like your face its flawless"
  • Scorpio: "I am in love with your eye color"
  • Sagittarius: "your lips are really pretty"
  • Capricorn: "you're just so beautiful"
  • Aquarius: "your eyebrows are perfect I want them"
  • Pisces: "you're literally the cutest thing ever"
  • (Check sun/rising)
Are we really not going to talk about how:

Charming and just flawless Duncan’s laugh is?

Or how calming and soothing Sjin’s voice is?

Or maybe how even though Sips is a dick has a fucking great sense of humor?

And how perfect and sweet Nilseyy is?

And how fucking crud but also adorable that Rythian is?

Or how lovely Zoey’s voice is and how she sometimes fumbles with her words?

And how fucking adorable Kim’s laugh is with its ability to make you feel so warm and happy?

But lastly how this entire group of people seem to always find a way to make you smile and brighten your day. Not even trying to, they just succeed.


And yet again I just stare at the awesomeness!

Art collab with leffie. I did the line art and she coloured it in. (My first collab ever and it worked!)
This is flawless!
You’re like the best artist with colours. This looks so calm and perfect

Have some hiccstrid

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pony && johnny??? 😮😮

vomit / don’t ship / okay / cute / adorable / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell

Ah one of my main otp’s you mean????? (I have a lot which completely contradicts its concept but– :’) ) I love them vvvvvv much they are pure beans that should never be harmed ok ;w;

Dey so special they get 3 rates ;-;

Send me a ship :’D

spock totally loves makeup

okay hear me out

headcanon where spock just loves makeup

how the hell do you think he looks so flawless all the time 

jim commenting that spock’s skin always seems to be perfect and shit man it must be some vulcan bullshit

and uhura’s like nah 

he uses tarte’s amazonian clay bb cream in the shade ivory 

his eyebrows always look so on point because he uses the anastasia brow pencil and nyx’s brow mascara 

he wakes up so early bc he has a routine,jim, and it’s perfectly logical to engage in the cultural practice of makeup

he’s a huge hoarder of eyeshadow pallets 

if morphe sells it he owns it

he has the too faced chocolate bar pallet and he sure as fuck has drawers full of brushes and pallets and color pop’s magnificently tinted eyeshadows 

his favorite lipstick is IT cosmetics’ lip flush 4-in-1 reviver lipstick stain in the shade je ne sais quoi 

his hooded look is so great because he uses velour lashes’ extra oomph 

i mean c’mon let’s be real gender norms are illogical and spock in makeup would be hot

Its like we never did

Imagine Daryl and you dated before the outbreak and he broke your heart , but regrets it and thought he lost the best thing that happened to him only for him and Rick to stumble apon you on a run.

His fingers traced over the cursive on his chest . The swirly letters that use to bound you to him. “ Y/N ” he sighed . Your name sounded so foreign to his lips , but not his mind . That’s a place you would always stay . Along the inside of his heart . You were so perfect in his memories . Flawless even . But that’s all you could be now .. A memory . Because he couldn’t tell you how he felt . Because he was stupid enough to let you walk out and not chase after you .

He growled at himself of the memory of that night . What he wouldn’t do to go back and change the way things were . To protect you in this world . To hold you just one more time . Hell just to hear your voice . He cursed at himself before tugging his shirt on , covering the tattoo. “ Who’s Y/N ? ” carol asked from the door way , clearly hearing him . He looked at her and glared “ No one ” .

She raized her eyebrow at him and crossed her arms over her chest “ She doesn’t sound like no one the way you’ve been arguing with yourself about her ”. He just stares at her . He didn’t know how to explain you to anyone . “ Mind yer business Carol ” he growls . She didn’t budge though , only pushed the subject further “ You were in love with her weren’t you? ”.

“ Still am ” he whispers . She was surprised he admitted anything being such a closed up person , but only nodded as she realised it was a sensitive subject to him . “ What ya spyin on me for anyways? Don’t ya got sum better ta do? ” he says defensively. “ Rick needs you for a run ” she awnsers before walking away .

He pushed the thoughts of you away , well he tried , before getting up and gathering his things. He than walked down to Rick where they immediately left . You on the other hand were scavenging. It was just some looted general store , but you were basically desperate for anything right now . so you’d take the chances.

You scanned the barely there shelves until you were sure nothing was there . You sighed and let your back hit the wall behind you . “ Fuck ” You cursed . “ What am I going to do now ? ” you whispered . But as soon as you spoke that you heard the roar of two engines. Your eyes widened and you darted to the back of the store in hopes of a back door . You searched as fast as you could , but there wasn’t one .

You were scared beyond words at this moment . You knew people could be more dangerous than the dead in this new world . So , with your M-9 in hand you waited at the front door . If you were going to die you were going to do it bravely. Even if you were shit scared on the inside . You listened intently as the voices got closer . It was two men by the sounds of it .

Then it got quiet as they braced themselves to find whatever was inside . And than in the matter of a minute the door was slammed open and you were met with the two men that laid eyes on you immediately. You’re eyes widened and your heart squeezed when your eyes found his . There the only man you ever loved stood very much alive .

“ Y/N ? ” Daryl asked as if he was dreaming. Your heart beat sped up as he said your name , reminding you all too well of how you still cared for him . “ H-hey ” you choked and the man beside him lowered his weapon . “ You know each other ? ” he asks and Daryl nods , his eyes still on you . “ We can trust her ” Was all Daryl said to him .

The man than looks to you and holds out his hand “ I’m Rick Grimes ” . You look at his hand hesitantly and look to Daryl . Even though he broke your heart and you felt as if you really didn’t want to trust him , you had to at the moment . Daryl nodded at you signaling it was OK . You than awkwardly smiled at him “ I’m Y/N ” .

You shake his hand and he smiles back at you “ You gotta group Y/N ? ” . You shake your head no “ Its been just me even before this whole mess ” . Daryl dropped his gaze to his feet when you said that . He never meant to let you go . “ Well we got a group at a prison not to far from him . You pull your weight and you’ve got a spot there ” He tells you and you almost cry .

“ I’d like that ” you smile .


When you arrived at the prison you were greeted by at least eighty people . You got along nicely with everyone and even got to hold Judith , who took a real liking to you . You were now in a cell that you shared with a nice woman named Carol . She treated you as if you were her own daughter .

You were making up the top bunk with some blankets when Carol walked in “ I brought you some clothes hun ” . You smiled and stepped down eagerly wanting to change “ Thank you ”. she nodded and was about to leave to let you change when she turned back around “ I don’t mean to pry , but were you the Y/N Daryl is in love with by any chance ? ” .

Your eyes widened “ Excuse me ? ”. She shrugs “ Daryl said hes still in love with a girl named Y/N and when rick introduced you he said Daryl knew you before all this ”. You didn’t know what to say . Daryl never told you he was in love with you and didn’t even chase after you that night you left him . You just bite your lip “ uhm I don’t know really ” .

She nods “ I understand ” . She than walks off to give you your time to change . You quickly changed into the freshly washed v-neck and jean shorts . They fit you rather nicely and you swiftly placed your dirty clothes in the basket Carol had instructed you to . You sighed now as you were left with the thoughts of him . You plopped down on your bed and played with the hem of your shorts . You slid it up slightly to reveal Daryl’s name in cursive letters . “ Daryl ” You whispered when you looked at it like every other night .

What he did was wrong , but everything in you loved him . God you loved him . You mindlessly traced your finger nails over the letters as your mind wondered . You quickly pulled your shorts back down when you heard heavy footsteps approaching and straightened your back . To your surprise no one came in . But you didnt hear any walking away either .

So , you hopped down from the top bunk and walked out of your cell to find Daryl leaning over the rail . You mentally sighed and followed his lead “ Its been awhile ” . He nodded “ I thought you were dead Y/N ” . You bite your lip “ I thought you were dead too .. I about lost my damn mind ” . He looked over to you confused “ Why? ”. you didn’t want to look him in the eyes . You felt as if you would crumble if you did so you just kept looking down over the rail “ Because to loose someone you spent loving for so long can drive you crazy Daryl ” .

He looks down “ I know ” . Your eyes widened “ You know? ” . He shifts his weight from side to side nervously “ I know what I did to ya was wrong Y/N , every day I regret what I did , but I’d be lyin if I said I didn’t love ya then and a even bigger liar if I said I didn’t love ya now ” . You could cry you were so happy .Without any warning you crashed yourself into Daryl . Your arms went around his torso and you buried your head into his chest like you use to do .

He didn’t flinch when you touched him , he never did if you were the one touching him , and held you to his chest . His hand slowly wrapped into the back of your hair and his other cupped the small of your back . “ I can’t live without you again Y/N ” he whispers . You sighed into his chest “ Just don’t hurt me again and you won’t have to ”. He leans his for head down on yours and kisses your temple softly “ I won’t .. I promise ” .

You than look up at him with a smile that seemed to cure him of every bad thing he’s been through and say “ I love you so much Daryl ” . His blue eyes sparkle “ I love ya to Y/N and ima prove to ya that I do ” . You shake your head “ You don’t have to silly . I believe you ” . He than hesitantly kissed you as if he was scared you might run away . “ Ima prove it by keeping you not only safe , but mine for the rest of our life ” .

That’s all you ever wanted to hear from him . To know that he was going to stay with you and keep you safe . He than kissed you again when you heard a laugh . You and Daryl turned to find Carol with a bright smile “ I knew you were that Y/N . I’m glad you found your way back to each other guys ” . You smile “ Thanks Carol ” .

You watch her walk away to give you to some privacy when you barely hear a “ Me too ” from Daryl .


It was later that night when you find yourself in Daryl’s bed where he currently was tracing the tattoo of his name on your thigh “ I thought you would have it removed ” . You look up from his chest “ No , did you have yours ? ” . He moves his shirt over slightly to show your name was still there . You snuggle yourself back into his chest “ I guess we both didn’t want to let go ”.

He than kisses your head again “ We never did ”.

So I decided to buy the Benefit Hello Flawless foundation. I’ve always used the Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation or foundation stick, but lately I’ve noticed its too pink for my skin. I needed something with a yellow undertone, so this one was perfect. I’m in the lightest shade “I’m pure 4 sure” Ivory. I haven’t actually worn it out yet, but for just trying a little on, I like it!