but it's so boring at home

MBTI as stuff I've heard in the nurse's office over the years

ENTJ “Hurry up and get me some ibuprofen. I gotta get back to class so I don’t end up with some shitty job like yours.”
INTJ “Chemistry accident”
ENTP “*holding tissue in nose and ice pack over face* I wanted to see what happened if I smashed my face into the desk”
INTP “I was attacked by a basketball in gym class”
ESTJ “Dammit Gabby’s 2 minutes late for her meds where is she”
ISTJ “Dealing with all these idiots has given me a migraine”
ESFJ “Okay you can stay back there for twenty more minutes but don’t tell my boss I’ll get fired”
ISFJ “Don’t worry about me, just need a bandaid. *HUGE BLOODY SKINNED KNEE WITH GRAVEL IN IT*”
ESTP “So he punched me in the face so I pulled my blade on him and I think I’m gonna be suspended again”
ISTP “Um I nearly cut my hand off with a saw and had to have surgery”
ESFP “HEEEEEEY LADIES HOW’S IT GOIIIIN no im not here for any reason its just that geometry is boring”
ISFP “*to nurse* uuuughhh…my stomach hurts… *to other person* the truth is i never studied for this test we’re taking in class right now”
INFJ “I was just walking along having existential thoughts when I tripped on my shoelace down the stairs *mind you this was a fucking fourth grader what the fuck*”
ENFP “Well I was spinning around and around and then I hit my head on the cabinet and I think I’m gonna puke”
INFP “*crying* Reality sucks let me lay down”

Draco is definitely not gay, part four.
  • Draco: Saw the pictures in the paper, Potter. How delightfully humiliating that you could still be so oblivious after all this time.
  • Harry: They were hiding in my shrubs under multiple concealment charms, Malfoy.
  • Draco: You didn't notice four different photographers from four different papers hiding in your shrubs while you wandered around your home starkers. I wish I found that more difficult to believe. They took 72 photos!
  • Harry: Did you... Buy all four papers? And... count out the photos?
  • Draco, studying his fingernails: Why you insist on pulling me into these frightfully boring conversations, I'll never understand. You can go now.
  • Harry: You're in my office!

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Peter Parker x Shy/Scared Reader

Summary: Even though Peter’s been busy with saving the world, you’ve been feeling neglected and unwanted. He notices and decides to do something fun to cheer you up. 

Word Count: 2,453 (my longest one so far, holla)

Warnings: heights, panic attack, language, fluff, sad stuff. Let me know if I missed any. 

A/N: Alrrright guys, hopefully this turns out okay. I was thinking about making this into a series depending on how much you guys dig it. If you do, then I will post all about what I’m going to do for the series to see if you guys are interested. Sound good? As always, feedback is definitely appreciated. I never get any, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or right. Enjoy!

Ever since Peter told you he was the big ‘ol Spiderman, it felt like your guys’ weekly hangouts and movie nights were coming to an end. Of course you understand that he’s saving the world and stopping the bad guys, but it leaves you worried and afraid for his well being. He always seems distracted around you and it fills you with a darkness. Telling Peter would make you seem selfish, so you bury it, hoping it won’t poke its way through. 

Being the shy, reserved, person you are, you definitely had difficulty talking to Peter, especially since you’ve always had a never ending crush on him. After a while of trying to ask him if he could hang out, you stopped. It wasn’t worth the pain of going through to only be rejected once again. 

However, what you didn’t know was that Peter noticed you putting up your walls again. He didn’t want to lose you and decided he was definitely going to do something about it. Starting tonight

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18th May 1152 Eleanor of Aquitaine married Henry Plantagenet, Count of Anjou and Duke of Normandy, he was 11 years younger than she was. The marriage took place in Poitiers, but within two years the pair were crowned King and Queen of England at Westminster Abbey. The union of Henry’s Angevin territories in Britain and northern France with Eleanor’s dynastic lands in Aquitaine created an Anglo-French empire that stretched from Scotland to the Pyrenees.

Henry set about consolidating his domains with vigour, and so did Eleanor. She travelled inexhaustibly, shoring up loyalties and cementing the new political bloc, spending long periods on the road ensuring the monarchy was present and relevant across its many cultural divides. When Henry was away, she became intimately involved in directing the empire’s governmental and ecclesiastical administration. Famously, she also sponsored unparalleled artistic activities at her home court in Poitiers, making it a unique centre of troubadour poetry and music.

Over the next twelve years Eleanor bore Henry five sons and three daughters. Two of their sons, Richard and John, would be kings of England. Not surprisingly, her life with Henry was stormy. She may well have encouraged her sons to rebel against their father in 1173 and after that he kept her penned up as a prisoner in England until he died in 1189. Under both Richard and John she was active in matters of state and she died eventually in a nunnery at Fontrevault in Anjou in her early eighties in 1204, having been for much of a lifetime probably the most powerful woman in Europe.

when nursey goes home for the summer, he gets p bored alone in the penthouse when his parents go on business trips, so he gets himself The Sims 4 to entertain himself. at first it’s all very normal- he makes a sim and plays its life, kills it a few times. then he’s texting dex one day and he gets inspired- he makes a sim dex. he texts dex a picture of the finished sim- red hair, freckles, flannel- all proud of himself and dex sends back a ‘haha nice’ in a very jack fashion.

it should have ended there. it didn’t.

nursey moves dex into a nice little starter house, cheats to get his handiness skill way up, and puts him into a sports career. he makes money and fixes up the house. dex starts aging a bit more so nursey decides to get him a significant other to start a family with. but who is good enough for this buff, handy, slightly surly sim dex? well, only a sim nursey of course.

by the end of the summer, nursey has created his and dex’s life together and they’re old men with three kids, five grandkids, and a log cabin with a garden. he has no idea how he’s going to face dex at the start of school.


Request: hi:)) could I please request a 13rw oneshot with Zach Dempsey x Reader where Zach is basically in love with the reader but she’s totally oblivious and all his friends joke and stuff about it but in the end he kisses her or something and then they get together pretty plss

Requested by: @clemmyclueless

A/N: Ok so this is my second fic so bear with me but i thought this ask was really cute so here goes nothing! (sorry its so short!)

Warnings: None

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Fem Reader

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“Hey hotness” Zach said smirking.                                                              “Hello Zach” Y/N responded as she shut her locker and turned to him.           “Want me to help you out with those books?” He asked trying to be helpful.      “Nah, its alright, I got it” Y/N said as she walked away. Zach watched her walk away until she entered a class room. He turned around and walked over to his friend group and started to talk with them. 

“I saw you talking to Y/N over there. Is she still very oblivious?” Justin said turning to the group The rest of the group laughed.                                       “Hey, its not her fault. I’m just not obvious enough…I guess?” Zach responded second guessing himself.                                                                                     “Dude shes so oblivious that she wouldn’t know your flirting unless it hit her in the head” Bryce said laughing.                                                                            “Shut up Walker.” Zach said angrily.                                                                    “Hey don’t get mad at me for speaking the truth” Bryce said while throwing his hands up in the air.                                                                                            “Whatever, I gotta get to class.” Zach said as he slung his back pack over his shoulder and walked away from the group heading to his next class.

Zach sat at his desk daydreaming about Y/N. He loved how her smile was radiant and how she was just like a big ball of sunshine. When ever she was around, it was like the whole room lit up. He just loved how every little thing she did was beautiful. Like how she would twirl her hair between her fingers when she was bored. Or how she would twist her silver ring around and around her finger when she was nervous. She was just so beautiful that she didn’t even have to try. Zach was quickly woken up from his daydream when Y/N bumped into him. 

“Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention” Y/N said apologizing.                                        “Its alright. You can bump into me any time princess” Zach winked at her.        “Um ok?” Y/N said confused as she walked away.                                              “Hey wait up!” Zach yelled running towards Y/N.                                                “Yes?” Y/N asked Zach.                                                                                      “Can I walk you home? Your house is really close to mine so ill be walking that way anyway” Zach said.                                                                                       “Sure, you can walk me home” Y/N said shrugging.                                          “I totally get it if you don’t want m- wait I can?” Zach questioned.                       “Yup” Y/N said popping the p.                                                                            “Alright sweet” Zach said nodding to himself.

As they walked together they talked about everything and anything. They talked about how they lived so close but never really knew. They also talked about how they were in almost all the same classes but never really talked before. They even laughed about some things and Y/N laughed at Zach’s jokes (even though they were really cheesy). When they got to her house he walked her up to the door. 

“So I guess ill see you on Monday then?” Y/N asked as she began to unlock her front door.                                                                                                     “Actually I wanted to ask you something” Zach said stopping her from what she was doing.                                                                                                            “So I’ve kind of really liked you and I don’t know if your not getting my hints or you don’t return the feeling but if you don’t that’s fine and I underst-” Zach got cut off by Y/N crashing her lips on to his and kissing him. He was surprised at first but once he registered what was going on he kissed back. Y/N pulled away and started smiling.                                                                                              “God I’ve been waiting for you to ask me out for like forever now!” Y/N said giggling.                                                                                                              “Wait. You so you’ve liked me the entire time I’ve liked you?” Zach asked.          “Well I’ve always liked you but I never knew if you returned the feeling so I never asked you out.” Y/N said shyly.                                                                  “What? I thought I was being super obvious.” Zach laughed.                            “Really? hmm I never noticed, But then again i’m very oblivious” Y/N said smirking.                                                                                                             “Ya. I kinda figured that out, but would you like to go out tomorrow? Maybe to Monet’s?” Zach asked.                                                                                        “I’d love to” Y/N said giving Zach a peck on the cheek. She then turned around and went inside the home.                                                                                  “Sweet” Zach said feeling all giddy inside. He turned around on his heel and started to walk home feeling very happy and he wished tomorrow would come sooner.                      

Second Love (pt. 01)

Pairing: Yoongi | Reader.
Genre: Angst, SummerLove AU, Fluff & (future) Smut
Word Count: 9k

A/N: This is the first part of this “short story”. I’ll upload the second part next week. Enjoy! <3

Pt. 01  |  Pt. 02  |  Pt. 03

Winter, 2016

You hate Sundays.

You have always hated them. There’s something about them you can’t quite decipher… 

Is it because you know the weekend has come to an end and a new boring week is going to start? Is it monotony? Loneliness? Sadness? Nostalgia?
You hate Sundays, but this specific Sunday, today, you can feel a heavy feeling in the back of your head.

Is it because of the cloudy sky? Or is it just you? Is it the cold weather of Seoul’s Winter? Or is it just you?

You sigh and rub your temples as you place your head in the window, the only thing separating you from the freezing glass is your grey beanie.

It has been a rough day at the hospital. Running up and down and not even stopping to have a cup of coffee. The snow has blocked some of the main roads and it has caused a few accidents. Blood, bones, people crying, more blood…

You hate Sundays. No, you hate winter Sundays.

All you want to do is arrive to your small apartment, call your mom, call your sister, have a nice bath and eat some pizza while cuddling in the sofa with your American Stanford: Pongo.

As the bus makes its way through the crowded streets of the city you moved in when you were ten, you look at the skyscrapers, the lights, the snow that covers the pavement, the people (hating Sundays as much as you do for what you can see in their faces) the cars, the streets… You would usually read a book as you always spend forty five minutes in the bus, but you finished the one Mei lend you last week and you have already read all the books you own, which are a few to say the least. 

It seems like another boring ride home on another boring Sunday evening. Or at least it seems so until the bus stops. 

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When the hyungs are just a bunch of meanies, Joonyoung becomes a bored cutie ^_^

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Modern Glasgow prompt: Imagine Jamie and Claire while she's in medical school. She's exhausted, he's working his good looking bum off but still being an awesome supportive hubs. Claire may need to slow down and relax a bit eh? Thanks!

Modern Glasgow AU

Claire distractedly stirred the saucepan of oatmeal on the stove, glancing between the solidifying lumps and the dog-eared, color-coded study guide she had spent the better part of the past week memorizing.

It was Friday morning, 6:30 AM. Her final exam was at eight o’clock on the following Monday, and she had been at the library until two AM studying with her classmates. By the time she’d arrived home at half-past two, she hadn’t even bothered going into the bedroom lest she wake Jamie – just texted him that she’d arrived home safe, and literally crashed on the sofa.

He’d been working almost around the clock these past few weeks – personally supervising the printing of a three-volume special commemorative edition of Robert Burns’ poetry, complete with new illustrations by some up-and-coming contemporary artist based in Edinburgh. What with his hours at the printshop – checking the spacing, combing over each line in the galleys, adjusting the ink ratios so that the artist’s work would be that much more vibrant – and her extra hours of lab time and studying in the cramped, windowless library, they had barely spoken in almost two weeks.

Two weeks of passing by each other in their flat, like roommates sharing a space. No shared meals. No shared sleeping space. No sharing of hearts – of minds – of bodies.

Christ, she missed him. It was the longest they’d gone without making love since they married, almost two years before.

Christ, she wanted him.

But now – the oatmeal hissed, and she flicked off the burner and set down the study guide on the counter – amid piles of dirty dishes. She pivoted to the coffeemaker, poured herself a large cup, and turned to lean against the sink –

- to see her husband, barefoot, hair tousled, sleepily smiling at her from the doorframe.

“I didna hear ye come in last night,” he said, voice thick with sleep.

“It was this morning, to be exact – and I didn’t want to wake you.”

He scratched his belly, lifting up his sleep shirt to do so.

Claire swallowed.

“It’s only three more days, Jamie – then I’ll be all done. Then *we* can – ”

“I canna wait for that, Claire,” he uncharacteristically interrupted. “I’m tired of no’ sleeping wi’ ye by my side. I’m tired of seeing those dark circles under yer beautiful eyes. I’m tired of no’ even knowing what’s on yer mind, since we havena talked much these few weeks.”

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “It’s only – ”

“I just said, I canna wait for three days.” He stepped closer to her, and closer, and finally stood right in front of her, anchoring his hands on her hips.

The heat of him – once so familiar – shocked her.

Her heart called out to his –  its twin.

Her body instinctively began preparing itself for him.

His eyes bore into hers – not speaking. Their lips mutually parted in a soft gasp. Her breath quickened.

“Stay home today, Claire,” he whispered. “Wi’ me.”

“Jamie,” she swallowed the sudden lump in her throat.

Christ, had his eyes always been so blue?

“Jamie,” she said again, “it’s only – ”

“I want to make love to ye, Claire. All day. Starting now. Are ye really telling me no?”

Her mouth opened – and closed – and none of her feeble excuses seemed to matter.

She watched him watch her – his pupils dilated, his chest rapidly rising and falling.

“All day, hmm?”

Then he smiled, and she realized that this moment – this man – was all that mattered.

“I’ll gladly take ye up on that challenge,” he murmured, bending to capture her lips in a long, long, long kiss.

Sometime later he peeled away from her, slipped out of their bedroom, and returned a few minutes later with a tray full of half-eaten jars and take-away containers.

“This is all I could find in the refrigerator that didn’t look dodgy,” he winced, setting the tray down on the bed beside her.

Claire evaluated the meager spread – a half-eaten jar of roasted red peppers, a carton of rice from the Chinese food she’d ordered on Monday night, a tin of Jenny’s strawberry jam from Lallybroch, and a roll of shortbread biscuits.

“This is ridiculous,” she mused. “I can’t believe I’ve let so many things slide.”

He kissed her forehead. “It’s no’ just yer fault – it’s the two of us. Dinna fash – let’s finish up, and then we can nip down to the grocers.”

She sat up a bit and quirked an eyebrow. “I thought you promised to make love to me all day,” she teased.

He flushed – Claire watched it spread from the crown of his head all the way down to his belly. “Weel – the wee man may need a bit of rest, is all.”

“The ‘wee man’?” Claire exclaimed. “Not so wee, last I could tell – and I’d be in a position to tell, wouldn’t you agree?”

Jaime carefully lifted the tray and set it on the soft carpet, before tackling his wife to the mattress, both giggling like idiots.

“Better – have another round of – of evaluation, don’t ye say?” he wheezed.

She hooked her legs around his hips – stilling him. Gradually the smiles drained from their faces, and she looked up at him.

“I’m sorry, Jamie. For neglecting you. Nothing is more important than you.”

He swallowed – closing his eyes, full of so much feeling.

“I know, Claire. I know.”

He kissed her forehead, then her eyebrows, then the tip of her nose.

Her arms twined around his shoulders, bringing them so, so close.

“Right now is the only time I feel whole,” she whispered shyly. “School is important – but you’re my life.”

“Hush, *mo nighean donn,*” he breathed into her ear. “I know. As you are mine. I know.”

Her phone buzzed on the bedside table – and before she could reach it, he snatched it away from her hand.

“Look at this – 12 messages from Geillis.”

“She’s my study group partner, you know that – ”

“Aye.” Quickly he tapped a reply and threw the phone onto the carpet – attacking her neck with kisses.

“Jamie!” she squirmed. “What did you tell her?”

He nipped playfully at her collarbone. “I’m busy in bed with my husband.”

She sighed, happy, and not caring.

He smiled, ecstatic, and blew a raspberry on her tummy.

Her full laugh was the most beautiful sound in the world.


Dress Up (Joker x Reader)

Requested by Anon: “Could you do a joker imagine were the reader wears like all pastel colors and flower crowns and is like super shy and innocent and joker kidnaps her cos like her dads a mob boss. Smut please.”

A/n: Sorry that I didn’t deliver on the smut, I just really couldn’t make it work. ;-;

Warnings: Mature themes.

Music softly carried through the space of your room. You were seated at your vanity, expertly applying a soft toned lipstick to your lips. You leaned forward to inspect your makeup job, your lips parted as you smiled widely at your reflection. Your music picked up as you stood from the vanity. Your eyes scanned the room until you found the item you’d been looking for, the missing accessory to complete your look.

“Perfect…” you sighed happily, placing the colored flower crown on top of your head, adjusting the accessory until you were satisfied.

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The Party

Sirius Black x Reader

My heart was beating faster and faster as we walked into the family home of the Blacks. I glanced nervously at the crowd .


I hated these pureblood parties that my parents dragged me to. They were excrutiatingly boring, and so dull. The pureblood families got together every now and then to brag about their riches and accomplishments. Boring stuff. And it was another excuse for parents to find suitable brides and grooms for their children.

My eyes went through the crowd of people, searching for just one face.

Eventhough I shouldnt be doing that.

Its been over a month since I last saw him, and we had had an awful fight  before vacation began. He didnt even write to me. And his silence just drove me mad.

I found myself in the huge dining room. The long table was laid out with lots of food, and people were already sitting around it, talking and eating.

Thats when I saw him.

Sitting at the table, with a bored expression. Leaning back lazily on his chair. He saw me and sat up straight, running his fingers through his silky black hair.

“Y/N ! Come on now !”

My mother’s sudden appearence startled me. I stood staring at her with a hand against my chest.

“What is it, dear ? ” she asked, seeing my expression.

“You scared me, Mum !” I said, as she took my hand and led me towards the table.

Most of the seats were taken, except for one where my mother sat, and two others on either sides of Him.

Sirius Black had that smirk on his face now. He knew I will have to sit next to him.

“Sit !” Mum urged me, as I hesitated.

This is going to be a long night, I thought as I walked up to the empty seat and sat. He looked at me, and I just gave a nod of acknowledgment.

Sirius and I were pretty close. We were very much inseparable. We have been together for 3 years now, and he still gave me butterflies in my stomach.

We had quite a nasty fight about a month before school closed for summer. I happened to see a Ravenclaw girl pushing him against a wall like she owned him, and trying to kiss him. I was way beyond jealous, and we got into a fight. I knew it wasnt him who did anything. But I  didnt see him pushing her away either. I was just too heartbroken to reason with anything. And we havent spoken since. He tried while at school. But I didnt give in.

I tried my best, but I just couldnt resist sneaking glances at him. Both of us played with our food. I took ocassional bites to satisfy my mother, who was eyeing me from across the table.

Just as I was about to put the spoon to my mouth, I felt his hand on my knee. I dropped my spoon and it hit the plate with a loud clang. Several guests looked up at me, and Mum was glowering.

“Alright there, sweetheart ?” she asked in a sickly sweet tone.

I nodded, and I felt his fingers tighten around my knee. I bit my lip, not knowing what to do. I grabbed my goblet and took a big sip of water.

His hand slid up.

Thank god for the elaborate and frilly table cloth !

“Sirius, dont you dare !” I hissed at him, swatting his hand away.

He smirked again.

An old wizard sitting next to Sirius’ father Orion Black, asked him something. Sirius turned to face him, and spoke. His fingers were still stroking my thigh, and it was sending shivers down my spine. I put a hand over his, and squeezed it, to stop his fingers from moving. He continued talking with the man, as his fingers slowly intertwined with mine.

I missed this boy. I missed the way he touched me, and said my name. I missed everything about him.

As I felt a heaviness in my heart, he moved his hand again. My stomach did flips at that. I knew this wont go well here.I held his hand again, and moved it away from my leg.

I got up.

Excusing myself, I almost ran out of the dining room.

It was my first time in his house, so I didnt know where to go. I just went up the stairs, and found a door that opened into a small balcony. I stood, with my hands on the railings, breathing heavily.

I didnt know how I managed without him for this long. I couldnt do it anymore. I needed him. I needed Sirius Black.

Just as tears began to sting my eyes, I felt a pair of arms around my waist, and Sirius’ scent filled my nostrils. He pulled me against his firm chest, kissing the back of my neck. I just held his hands to me tightly, not wanting him to let go.

“You’re bad Sirius Black” I said.
“You’re so bad”

“Im sorry, Princess” he said, and turned me around to face him.

“Forgive me”

He leaned forward to kiss me, and he lifted me off the floor. I pulled away, hearing some footsteps.

“Someone will see us ” I said, looking over his shoulder.

“Come on” Sirius said, taking my hand.

We ran up the stairs. And he opened a door, pulling me in with him. And I immediately knew it was his room.
Before I could actually take a look at it, he pushed me against his door, and kissed me again.

“Owww” I said against his lips, making him laugh. He moved his lips down to my neck.

“Sirius ! Our parents are downstairs !” I said, pushing him away.

“So what ?!” he said, grabbing me again.

“No !!” I said as he came forward again.

He stopped, and pouted.

“Where have you been ? Did you even bother to write to me ?!” I asked.

“Im sorry Y/N!” Sirius said, looking defeated. “I didnt know what to do ! You wouldnt even look at me ! Besides, homes been hell -”

I knew what it was like for him, and I felt bad for being so hard on him.

“Please, Y/N?” Sirius said, takng my hand in his, and kissing it.

“I missed you, idiot” I said, hugging him.

Sirius smiled and pressed his lips to mine again. His hands arms came around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

“I love you, baby” he said, kissing my nose.
“I love you too ” I said, smiling.

                               * * *

I stood in front of his mirror, fixing my hair, as he sat, watching me.

He strolled towards me slowly, with a sad look on his face.

“ I dont want you to leave” he said, standing behind me, with his hands on my waist. “Lets run away”

I turned around and kissed his cheek,laughing.

“We might have to” I said, and put on my shoes.

“Just a month more till school starts” I said, and went to the door. “Love you, Black”

                                * * *

“Where have you been, Y/N !” Mum hissed as she saw me.

“Umm…bathroom” I said, shrugging.

“Come here ! There is something important” said Mum, grabbing my arm and leading me into the dining area.

“Found her, have you ?” Walburga Black was speaking to my Mum.

“This is her” Mum said, giving me a little push.

“Hmm” Walburga said, as she touched my cheek, trying to bring out a smile. “She is perfect !”

I stood staring at Sirius’ mother.

“Ah ! There ! SIRIUS !” she bellowed, making me jump. I turned to see Sirius looking at us with wide eyes.

I was sweating now. Shit, have they found out about us ?!, I thought, my heart racing.

Sirius came to us slowly. He looked at me cautiously.

“Mary, I hope you’ve met my son before, Sirius ” Walburga said, and Mum nodded, smiling at Sirius.

I felt another hand on my shoulder, and turned to find my Dad, smiling down at me. Why were they all so happy ?

“I think its time to tell them, Orion.” He said. Sirius’ father nodded and looked at his wife.

“Well, we have decided to join the Y/L/N and the Black family ” Walburga began. “And as the two of you are so well suited for eachother…”

Sirius and I stood frozen.

Is this for real ?!

“The wedding will be soon after your education at Hogwarts is complete !” Mum added happily, smiling at Walburga.

Sirius and I exchanged glances, still unable to react.

Walburga came forward to hug me.

“Welcome to the family, Y/N” she said, struggling to bring about a smile.

Sirius finally smiled as my parents embraced him.

“I think this is great !” Mum exclaimed. “We have so much to do now !!”

Just as our parents began their own conversations, Sirius looked at me.

“I cant believe it ” I said.

He laughed.

I had to join in. Sirius put his arm aound me, kissing my forhead.

Maybe this wasnt such a bad party, after all.


Summary: Reader is Sunbathing. Pietro is bored. Mischief ensues.

Pairings: fem!Reader x Pietro

Word Count: 1,755

Warnings: FLUFF, some smut ig, MORE FLUFF

A/N: This wasn’t a request but I was really struggling with inspiration for the next part of Home and this idea’s been floating around in my head for a while, so I used it as a break from serious stuff lol.

“Y/N, come onnnnnn! I’m bored, let’s do something,” your boyfriend whined.

“And I’m sunbathing, Piet. Why don’t you go for a swim or something?” You called, mimicking his tone fondly and not bothering to lift you head from its comfortable place on the sunbed.

He sighed. There was a pause and then, “Ok, love. I think I will.”

“Okey dokey,” you mumbled, relaxing back into the semi-concious state you had been in before. There was a splash from behind and you felt an affectionate smile make its way to your face.

You turned your head to the side to see Wanda sunbathing next to you. She smiled, “He will not let you get off that easily, you know.”

You sighed and let out a chuff of laughter, “Yeah. I know, but maybe it’ll keep him occupied for a bit.” Your hopes were dashed though, when barely a moment later, Pietro could be heard climbing out of the pool, “Or… maybe not,” you said dryly, still keeping your head on the sunbed.

“Piet, don’t you dare come near me, you’ll get me all wet!” you squealed as he walked towards you.

“Usually you don’t seem to mind, printsessa.” The smirk in his voice was practically audible.

You huffed at the joke but refused to move and instead ignored him.

“AAAGHH! Pietro, what the fuck!” you squawked, flailing desperately but entirely in vain – his weight was a successful hindrance to any significant movement. “Piet, it’s cooollddd,” you screeched glaring at Wanda furiously, “Why didn’t you warn me? He didn’t even speed it! You had time!”

She laughed, “I did not know what he was going to do!”

“You can read minds!” you spluttered indignantly, but she only laughed. “Traitor,” you muttered, still being squashed beneath your boyfriend.

The water was freezing against your back, but his skin was warm and even though the position wasn’t exactly your first choice, it was strangely comfortable. You sighed, accepting defeat, “Whatever Piet, stay there if you like.”

He pressed a light kiss to your shoulder, “I don’t think I will, printsessa. I want to go for a swim.” He jumped off of you in the blink of an eye.

“But you just went swimming!” you protested, already suspicious.

“Yes… but not with you, my love.” And then suddenly you were being whisked from your comfortable position on the sunbed and into Pietro’s arms. You flapped your limbs like a bird trying to take flight, clutching one hand to your chest and trying desperately to talk sense into him but he was already walking towards the pool.

“No, Piet, my bikini isn’t-” your words were cut off as he sped the last few steps and dumped you in the pool. You came up immediately, gasping for air, hands clutched around you tightly and cheeks red. He dived in a second later and surfaced next to you with a cheeky grin.

Immediately you reached for him with one hand and pulled him into you, wrapping his arms around you and your legs around his waist, “See, printsessa, I knew you’d be enthusiastic once you were in the water.”

“Shut up, Piet!” you hissed, looking around frantically, “My bikini top wasn’t tied on, cause I didn’t want tan lines, you idiot!” Your bikini top was now floating a few metres away, at the edge of the pool.

“Wait-” he looked down, only now registering the fact that your bare breasts were pressed tightly against his chest, only shielded from wandering eyes by his and your arms. Suddenly he squeezed you tighter and looked around, as if to check for people looking. Your cheeks were completely red now and you groaned, burying your head in his neck.

Pietro and you had only been dating for a few weeks, having previously been best friends for years due to the avengers, and you hadn’t gotten anywhere past heavy making out and groping over clothes. You were both busy and besides you were nervous, knowing that his speed meant a high metabolism which meant a great body and whilst you were not a complete potato, you were definitely not the height of sexiness.

“Printsessa,” he spoke the word lowly, almost a growl, laying a lingering kiss on your neck. His accent came through thicker than normal and you shivered involuntarily.

“Yes?” you squeaked.

“Please let me take you back to your room, my love,” he whispered, kissing a little further down your neck, “Please, printsessa,” he mumbled against your shoulder.

“Ok,” you whispered, wrapping your hands around his neck. He swam to the shallow end slowly so as not to jostle you and walked out by the steps with you still wrapped koala-style around his body. He found a towel quickly, draped it around the two of you and then suddenly you were back in your room.

The reality of the situation hit you then, alone in your room with him, practically naked. Instead of being scared, however, you just felt incredibly fucking horny. Suddenly your lips were on his, though you weren’t sure who moved first and he was walking backwards, hands supporting your bum. His legs hit the bed and he sat down carefully. You pulled yourself ever closer to him, locking your legs around his waist, hands threading through his hair.

His hands began to wander tentatively, up and down your sides, unsure of what your boundaries were. After a few minutes, you got frustrated and pushed him back onto the bed, crawling up to him and holding his hands on yours. You glanced at him, making eye contact, as you moved his hands, placing them on your body. First on your bum, then moving and gliding over skin, touching - everywhere.

His eyes held lust and he kissed you fiercely as your hands wandered down his chest, pressing against the hard muscle. He flipped you over without warning and pressed you into the bed, his legs between yours. You could feel him through the thin layer of your bikini bottoms, making you gasp and he took the opportunity to divert his attention to your neck. Kissing, biting, sucking, lower and lower.

A skilled tongue massaged one nipple, whilst a hand squeezed the other with just the right amount of pressure, fingers trailing over sensitive skin. He moved again then, kissing your stomach and the top of your hips, and his hands moved down, hooking the waist band of your bikini bottoms and dragging them down almost painfully slowly.

“You’re so beautiful, printsessa,” he murmured against your skin, fingers edging down your body until they reached your thighs and stopped.  His mouth moved back up your body and you recaptured his lips, taking the opportunity to get rid of his shorts as you did. He smiled into the kiss at your enthusiasm, which made you smile too and for half a second the two of you just pulled back, looking at each other with love in your eyes.

You gasped again when his finger touched you there for the first time and you kept gasping as he worked your body over with expert hands. Meanwhile your own hands did their own exploring, searching every plain of his body, caressing touching… clawing.

When he finally pushed into you it hurt a little but was immediately replaced by pleasure.

“Piet, move, please!” you moaned, gripping his shoulders tightly. He did as he was told, moving slowly at first, gradually gathering pace. He touched you everywhere, worshipping your body and you returned the favour. Your movements were fevered, desperate for each other, desperate for more.

“C’mon love, you’re almost there,” he whispered, “You’re so fucking beautiful, my love.”

“Piet, please- I’m gonna,” the words were lost as he sped up, making your head roll back in pleasure.

Now you were splayed across his chest, sweaty and sated. One strong arm wrapped around you tightly, the other trailed up and down your back.

You sighed, content, drawing patterns on his chest.

“Printsessa?” He asked.

“Yes?” you looked up at him with a happy smile.

“We have known each other for a very long time, yes?”

You nodded pushing a strand of hair from his face.

“Love I-, I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a long time, and I know we’ve only been dating a few weeks but, printsessa, I’ve loved you for much longer. I’m in love with you Y/N.”

You sat up suddenly, straddling his hips and pulling him up with you. You stared at him, eyes flickering over his face, admiring.

“Love?” he asked, his voice uncertain now.

“Hmm,” you looked back at him and he gave you a look as if to say and…? “Oh!” you laughed, “Sorry, I just got distracted, looking at you, thinking about you,” you blushed but then became serious, holding his face between your hands, “I’m in love with you too, Pietro. I’m pretty sure I have been since you let me do your make up when I was drunk at Steve’s birthday party,” you said with a burst of laughter.

He groaned, pushing his face into your neck but you could feel him smiling against you. He pressed a light kiss to your shoulder again and then you squealed as he flipped you over so you were beneath him. He hovered above you, a crooked smirk on his face before leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to your lips.

“I think that comment deserves punishment, Y/N,” he murmured. You gulped, unsure what he was implying. And then suddenly you were squealing with laughter again as mischievous fingers poked at your sides and a bubble of laughter made its way from your throat.

“Piet!” you cried through the laughter.

“Yes, love,” he purred, still tickling you.

“Right,” you said, jaw set with determination. You grinned evilly and slipped a hand down his side, towards his weak spot. He jolted above you the moment you found it and brushed your fingers along the back of his knee.

“Printsessa!” He yelped, his voice scandalised and you laughed.

“Yes, love,” you purred right back at him with a smirk, reaching with your other hand to find the dip on the left side of his hip. He jolted again and let out a frustrated growl, attacking you furiously once again. Laughter filled the room until the two of you eventually collapsed in an exhausted heap, smiles adorning your faces.

He pulled you into his side again and kissed your forehead, “I love you, printsessa,” he whispered.

“I love you too, Piet.”

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Jamie is the towns local vet, he is about to close the practice for the day when Claire rushes in with a sick/injured Adso! Sparks fly between the two.

Jamie closed the last chart of the day and stretched, enjoying the soft rock playing over the clinic speakers. It had been an unusually long day, but his paperwork was finally done, and he was ready to close shop for the weekend.

Just then, a cloud of curls burst through the doors, looking about as distressed as the woman who bore them and, for that matter, the wee cheetie she was holding carefully under its belly. It wore a crest of painful looking porcupine quills; the work of a half-hour at least.

Yet his protest that it was a minute to closing died on his lips as he met with the woman’s golden eyes.

Dumbstruck as he was, it took him a minute to connect the crisp English accent to her.

“I’m terribly sorry for bursting in so late, it’s just that it seems there are no other veterinarians open at this hour, nor for the weekend, and I came home to find that Adso had picked the wrong fight -“

The kitten narrowed its eyes and let out a rumble of displeasure, as though remembering its foe and their undoubtedly bitter battle.

“Nae trouble at all!” Jamie said a tad too enthusiastically. “Ms…”

“Beauchamp. Claire Beauchamp.” 

“Jamie Fraser. Call me Jamie.” He replied, standing back and motioning the way to one of the exam rooms.

She visibly relaxed and followed him back. “Thank you so much. Lord knows the little fool deserves it -“ was it Jamie’s imagination, or did the “little fool’s” rumbling get louder at that? - “but I worry he’d hurt himself more if I left it for next week,” Claire continued, placing the cheetie on the exam table; either unfazed by its behaviour, or used to it.

Seems ye’ve caught a witch, Jamie lad. He stymied his thoughts before they could say any further stupid things.

“A porcupine, ye say? Weel he’s luckily he didna get it worse then.” Jamie commented as he placed a hand on the cat’s fluffy rear in an attempt to stabilize him.

Lightning-fast, he pinched the quill near its base and tugged, simultaneously freeing it and producing a loud yowl from the unfortunate critter.  

“One down, about seven more to go.” Claire beamed at him.

“Ooch the first is the easiest,” Jamie explained, “these last ones, weel it depends on the beast, but I dinna think yon cheetie will let them go without a fight.”

He was somewhat embarrassed to find his Scots accent deepening in her presence, and he wondered if she noticed.

“Shhh wee cheetie, dinna fash” he murmured reassuringly, petting its unquilled lower half as he slowly lowered his hand towards what currently resembled nothing so much as a sentient and very angry dustball.

A quick paw reached out and batted his hand away, hissing.

“Adso!” Claire admonished the cat, strikingly like a parent castigating a small child, “let the nice man help you.”

Jamie couldn’t hide his grin as Adso reluctantly lowered his paw, as though he understood his human’s words.

Weel if she is a witch, I’d let her enchant me any day.

She turned an apologetic gaze towards him, “I’m so sorry, he’s really normally sweet…”

“Aye, it’s the pain doing it. I’ve had it happen with horses, so a cheetie’s no trouble.” He reassured her.

“A horse? Really! I’d wouldn’t imagine they would be so foolish as to take on a porcupine.”

She shot an accusatory look at Adso, and he looked away with as much dignity as he could muster in the situation.

Jamie couldn’t help but smile even more broadly. He was uncomfortably aware that he’d been smiling far more than was normal. Complete dolt, that’s what she thinks of ye, lad.

“Not generally, but some sometimes the two startle each other and there’s a wee stramash.”

Claire laughed, and Jamie felt oddly proud to have achieved that. When, he wondered, had he become such a bonehead around women?

He returned his attention (or at least his eyes) to the kitten, gently questing for information as he divested it of its painful ornaments.

“Ye’re not from here, I think?” He asked.

“No, I’m new to Inverness. Moved here to… finish up my medical residency.”

Caught by the sorrow of her tone, he didn’t get his hand back fast enough, and found it instantly mauled by the offended feline.

Claire let out a huff of laughter, but the echo of sorrow was still there.

Jamie extracted his finger from the beastie’s wee claws and tentatively pushed her on it.

“A sassenach in Inverness? That’s an odd choice, if ye don’t mind my saying.”

For a moment she looked as though she would brush him off, but then she let out a breath and something about her seemed to relax, to accept whatever it was she had to tell him.

“I don’t, it’s just… I’ve just gotten divorced. Wanted a fresh start and all that. Some distance.” She looked past the room as she said it, but returned to the present after a moment, meeting his eyes in a manner that had a hint of a challenge to it.

Jamie held her eyes, hoping he was managing to convey sympathy instead of the pity he imagined she often received.

“I understand, though for what it’s worth, I’m surprised any man would willingly part from you.”

He felt the heat rise in his face once more. Ye damn clumsy fool. She’s being open with ye and ye decide the best response is to flirt? Ye should be happy if she claps yer ears and walks out. No less than ye deserve.

Yet she did not clap his ears, nor indeed did she walk out. Jamie seized on the silence to make amends.

“I’m sae sorry, that was rude of me, I-“

“No, no. It was fine, really.” She seemed to hesitate over her next words, and Jamie held his breath.

“It’s just been a while since… I don’t know, since such advances were welcome, I suppose.”

Jamie felt as though he was bolted to the spot. He knew he should say something, but his mind had gone completely blank.

Strident rock chords broke their bubble.

“HEAVY PETTING / COME UP BREATHING” growled the singer  

Jamie looked as though someone had dropped him in a boiling pot. Ears glowing bright enough to rival a phone booth, he leapt out of the room and fumbled with the computer, mumbling something about “damn playlist,” and “Alec’s nephew, wee sod.”

Claire burst into laughter at this sudden spectacle, gasping for breath and earning an inquisitive “mrrp?” from Adso that perfectly matched the expression Jamie turned towards her as he re-entered the room. This did nothing to help with the breathing situation, which was becoming quite dire, all sound having been cut off in her mirth.

“Are you laughing at me?” Jamie asked, grinning as he leaned against the door frame.

“Yes, I most certainly am!” Claire gasped, trying to regain her composure.

Jamie found himself unable to resist laughing with her.

Another delicate bubble of silence enveloped them as they recovered.

“I should be on my way. Weekend clinic tomorrow.”

“Oh, aye. Of course.” He agreed, clearing his throat and trying to hide his disappointment. And what did ye think ye’d do, hey? Invite her to yer home just after meeting her? Along with her cheetie?

Claire picked up her unhappy but now de-quilled kitten, tucking him in the crook of her arm to prevent him from squirming too much as he saw her to the door.  

She opened her mouth, her face seeming to indicate something was on her mind. But she seemed to decide against it, simply smiling, thanking him, and bidding him a good night.

He beamed, transfixed by the warmth of her smile; a heat he felt right down to his bones.

“Nae trouble, Claire. Good night to you as well.”

Jamie stared at the door for some time after she left, enjoying the flittering of butterflies in his stomach before he realized he’d not thought to ask for her number.

The following week was one of the rare busy weeks at the hospital, and as such, Claire pushed her plans to meet the hot vet once more to the back of her mind. Yet as luck would have it, life intervened to give her another chance.

A plaintive howl emerged from behind the nurse’s desk as Claire walked up to it, eager to confirm her shift was indeed over so she could go home for the weekend.

Nurses Hildegarde, Fitz and Duncan were crowded around its source.

“I dinna care if it’s ill, it’s a mangy dog, no’ a person!” Geillis griped.

“Oh no, is Bouton under the weather?” Claire asked, leaning over to get a look at the miserable dog. Affectionately known as the “petit docteur,” Bouton was a familiar presence on the ward, beloved by the patients and staff (save for nurse Duncan, who seemed to be the only person in the world he didn’t get along with), and known for catching things that even the doctors missed.

“I am afraid so. He has been under the weather for the past few days; I am concerned for him.” Nurse Hildegarde explained, casting a sympathetic look at the poor beast.

“I’ll bring him to a vet!” Claire offered, rather too hastily.

At the nurses’ raised brows, she tried to amend her enthusiasm. “It’s just that I know a very good vet, and I live close… well, close-ish…”

Seeing her rising blush, Nurse Hildegarde hid a smile. “That would be so kind of you, Claire.”

“No trouble at all!” Claire hastily threw on her coat and rushed out, bearing a somewhat startled terrier.

“A vet, then? Geillis grinned slyly. “Think that means he likes it doggy-style?”

Nurse Fitz whacked her with a chart.  

villain deku ideas??
  • he’s born with a quirk thats similiar to All for One in that he can use other people’s quirks?
  • ok lemme elaboraatee on that
  • so i was thinking he was boring with like a dot on his stomach, its small, about the size of a pencil eraser and white?? everyone is like ‘well its a Quirk but we’re not sure what?? it does??’ so his parents take him home and wait
  • when hes about one he’s running around shirtless with his dad when he suddenly starts breathing fire!! at first his parents are like ecstatic because he’s inherited his dad’s quirk!!! but then they notice the dot has turned black and its growing
  • it covers his whole torso before izuku lets out a cough and suddenly he can’t breath fire anymore 
  • the dot is small and white again
  • so they find out he can ‘borrow’ people’s Quirks by sort of breathing in and swallowing near them! it only lasts a certain amount of time though and once the dot on his belly covers his torso he loses it

more under cut because this got super long….

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Since you’ll eventually become witches, you should be called magical girls.