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Leverage OT3: World War II AU

1942 and war had reached them all at last, digging deep into the cracks of crumbling foundations. In chaos their secret bound them together, love woven far across land and sea, beyond blood and fire that lit up the skies.  

Though her spirit burned like flame, one could not follow them to war. Instead she locked them both inside the false heart sitting at her throat, the real one beating warm beneath its polished golden shell. Hidden there they stayed, away from all eyes but hers, kept secreted in safety so one day they would yet find their way back home.

The other saved their faces in the pages curled beneath his pen, remembered lovingly with strokes as gentle as their hands were once in his. Leather bound and torn, by day he kept them stowed in the pocket pressed against his breast. When night fell they were slipped beneath his pillow, to join him in his sleep and keep the darkest dreams at bay.

The last bore them in his bones with the passing of each hour, their smiles etched into his body deeper than the scars of war could ever reach. His parting gift to them had been his soul, freely given before the stains of battle could set.  He knew for him they’d keep it safe, their collateral to make sure he dare not die alone abroad.

They would find each other again and leave the past behind for good. A painting torn from a dead man’s hand could not buy back lost time, but it could guarantee a new future, and that would simply have to do.


Another Whittemore | Theo Raeken

pairings: theo raeken x reader

a/n: oh look its my queen riri

You’d be lying if you said you didn’t miss Beacon Hills, it was your home after all and as much fun as London is it can get boring. That’s when an idea popped up into your head, and with your stubborn attitude; much like your brothers, you made it happen.

And that’s how you got here, currently driving your black porsche around the school parking lot looking for a spot to park. After finding one you step out of your car and look around, flashing your yellow eyes ever so slightly when the familiar scent invades your nose. You lock your car and make your way to the main entrance of the school. Just a few steps into the hall you were already turning heads, either because of the outfit you were wearing or because of the fact that Y/N Whittemore is seen unexpectedly back in Beacon Hills High.

Ignoring all of the stares you make your way to the school office for your schedule and some more school info.

“Y/N; good to have you back.” The secretary smiled at you.

“It’s good to be back Ms.Butller.” You said charmingly.

“is Jackson here too?” She asked.

“No he decided to stay in London with mom and dad but I just couldn’t say far from home.”

“Well then, welcome back and here’s your schedule dear and your locker number and combination is on the other side.” She said handing you a sheet of paper.

“Thank you.” You said sweetly before taking the sheet and making your way towards the locker you were assigned to.

After putting all your necessities inside and closing the locker you looked around the hallway, immediately smirking once you spot your favourite redhead.

“You know it’s quite rude to not say hello to an old friend.” You said approaching the redhead who currently had her back facing yours.

“Wha—Y/N!” Lydia squeled pulling you into a tight hug which you gladly gave in to.

“What are you doing here?” She asked pulling away, still in shock of her best friend surprising her.

“London was getting boring and I missed being home.”

“Is Jackson back too?”

“Nope that jackass decided british girls are hotter so he’s staying there.“

“Well at least you’re here! Are you staying for senior year or just a vacation?” She asked.

“You’re stuck with me until graduation.” You smirked at her.

“Well for what it’s worth I missed you.” She smiled.

“I missed you too.” You smiled back at her.

“Where’s Stiles and Scotty I missed them too.” You said linking your arm with hers.

“They’re suppose to be outside.” She said walking with you towards the entrance.

As you two walks out you quickly noticed Scott and Stiles but who you didn’t notice aside from two girls who stood with them was a brown haired boy.

“Who’s that?” You said looking from a far.

“Who? The one with black hair is Kira and the one with short hair is Malia.”

“No not them, who’s the guy?”

“Oh him? That’s Theo. He kind of tried to kill us a couple months ago but he’s good now.”

“He’s hot.”

“Come on let’s go.” She said walking with you by her side.

“Look who I found wandering the halls of Beacon Hills.” Lydia chimed.

“Y/N! What are you doing back?” Scott said excitedly as he gave you a hug.

“Well I couldn’t stay far from home.”

“Stiles!” You chuckled before giving him  hug.

“Is Jackson back too?” Stiles asked.

“Nope you’ve got the better Whittemore.” You smirked.

“So are you back for good or—?” Stiles asked.

“I’m staying for senior year if that’s what your asking.”

“Sorry to interrupt but who are you?” Malia asked.

“Y/N Whittemore, I used to learn here and—“

“Do they know?” You whispered to Scott earning a positive nod.

“Know about what?” Theo spoke up.

“This.” You said before flashing your yellow florescent eyes.

“By the way this is part of my pack Y/N.” Scott said.

“Pack? Nice.” You smiled.

“Anyways, are you gonna be at lacrosse practice today?” You asked them.

“Yeah are you gonna try out?” Scott asked.

“I’m pretty sure coach still has my spot open.” You smirked.

“You are so Jacksons sister.” Stiles scoffed.

“I have to say I missed your sarcasm Stilinski.”


“Yea, Jackson was fine without it but british people are so quiet and polite; I missed your sarcastic witty comments on everything.”

“And that my friends is the closest thing to a compliment she has ever said.”

“I prove my point.”

“Well I’ll be happy to catch up on everything with you all but I gotta go talk some stuff out with the administration.“

“Meet us at lunch.” Scott said.

“Sure thing.” You smiled before wandering off.

The rest of your day went by smoothly, but now once your last period ended you made your way to the locker room to change into your training clothes.

“Who’s that? Whittemore?” You heard couch shout your way.

“Miss me coach?” You asked sarcastically.

“Looking at the amount of descent players we have left on this team I’m glad you’re back.” He scoffed.

You looked around the team of teenage boys scattered around you  but your eyes quickly focused on another girl.

“I see I’m not the only girl on the team.” You smirked at her.

“Yea.” She said softly.

“Well I’m happy, being the only girl on the team can be tiring.”

“Tell me about it.” Kira groaned.

Practice went by well, and on it was over you and Kira made your way to the locker room to change back into your normal clothes.

Once you two were done you made your way over to your car considering you offered to drive Kira home.

Just several feet from your car you noticed your phone was know where to be seen.

“Wait— where’s my?” You said flustered as you padded down your clothes before ruffling through your bag.

“Did I leave it—? Oh fuck me.” You groaned when you realised you left it in the locker room.

Damn, I’d prefer taking you to dinner first.” You heard a cocky voice say behind you, quickly noticing it was Theo who walked passed you; a smirk plastered on his lips as you felt your cheeks turn a shade of pink.

You turned to look at Kira, her cheeks just as pink as yours as you both didn’t know how to react.

“Reaken right?” You shouted to grab his attention.

“Call me.”

Imagine the dwarves being heartbroken after you tell them that the human life span is shorter than theirs

I was bored and thought I’d try this imagine. Its my first time writing for the hobbit so I hope you understand if it sucks!  Anyway enjoy!

Words: 1,051
Paring: Slight Reader x Thorin

“What happened next?” Kili asked excitedly.
“We had to carry him home. Obviously after he threw up in the streets and allover your mother’s new boots,” Balin explained laughing.
“I hope my 100th birthday is that cool!” Fili sighed longingly.
“It will be. It’ll be the first party thrown in Erebor for a hundred years,”Thorinsaid smiling, his cheeks slightly red from the embarrassment that was his 100th birthday party. 

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do u ever go to school and the first thing u wanna do is go home and sleep because ur so fucking tired but then when u get home u dont even want to sleep anymore and ur like straight up energized as soon as u get home and like u love home so much bc home is amazing but sometimes u get sick of home and like u wanna leave home and go to the city and explore the world but at the same time all u wanna do is sit there


me at home alone on a friday night…the stages of wishing i was out with friends but then remembering its cold out and id rather be here on the couch watching the help, so its all good. taken with the oh so high definition webcam of my mac.

I’ve fallen into iwaoihina hell and I ended up making a lot of headcanons? imagines? I guess yup okay bye

Iwaizumi and Hinata team up against Oikawa whenever he did something rude and then peppering him with kisses when they think he’s had enough to show him that they do care but that he needs to stop being rude

Imagine Hinata and Oikawa being bored at home so they decide to put on makeup on each other for fun and then Iwaizumi comes home and to their surprise he joins in

Oikawa and Iwaizumi are constantly going to Hinata’s house and they somehow ended up teaching Natsu about volleyball and Hinata’s just so happy because wow they’re really good with kids and then he just imagines them with kids and he starts blushing

Imagine Hinata is in a bad mood so Oikawa and Iwaizumi try to cheer him up and they start cuddling with Hinata in the middle and just kissing his cheeks and the corner of his mouth and just his whole face until Hinata starts giggling

Imagine Iwaizumi trying to study while Oikawa and Hinata are blasting music and dancing obnoxiously and he just turns and gives them a glare making them retreat onto their bed and they just start watching youtube videos or something

Imagine Oikawa and Iwaizumi going to Karasuno to meet up with Hinata but when they get to the gym the whole volleyball team is standing there glaring at them with Hinata nowhere to be seen. Daichi and Suga step forward and with this deadly calm voice, Suga just says “If you hurt our baby crow we won’t hesitate to hurt you.” They’re scared shitless but they both manage to nod as Hinata comes skipping into the gym whistling, oblivious to the tension. Hinata just runs up to them, giving them a hug before dragging them away.

This turned out longer than I thought but I just really love iwaoihina

Hi~~ just got home from my super boring school… 😑
Because of the boredom & there’s no teacher around…. i made a sketch on Santys outfit~~ got no eyes thou… also tried to sketch in this tab, cuz i wasted so many sketch pads & bond papers… it still time consuming, & my fingahs can’t draw so much on thy digital~~

But Hope ya like it~~ ( trashy drawing )

Take A Break

Originally posted by wegotitmadeintheshade

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: honestly it’s just really fluffy and there’s a few curse words but that’s to be expected from me

Prompt: i just wrote this lying in bed bored out of my freaking mind and its just fluff with Daveed. im working on perfect part dos so theres that!!

Word Count: 628


You lied in your comfy bed, writing down whatever popped into your mind. You were currently oblivious to the world around you. Hell, you didn’t even know what time it was. You were curled up with a blanket, trying to figure out the lyrics for your next song.

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villain deku ideas??
  • he’s born with a quirk thats similiar to All for One in that he can use other people’s quirks?
  • ok lemme elaboraatee on that
  • so i was thinking he was boring with like a dot on his stomach, its small, about the size of a pencil eraser and white?? everyone is like ‘well its a Quirk but we’re not sure what?? it does??’ so his parents take him home and wait
  • when hes about one he’s running around shirtless with his dad when he suddenly starts breathing fire!! at first his parents are like ecstatic because he’s inherited his dad’s quirk!!! but then they notice the dot has turned black and its growing
  • it covers his whole torso before izuku lets out a cough and suddenly he can’t breath fire anymore 
  • the dot is small and white again
  • so they find out he can ‘borrow’ people’s Quirks by sort of breathing in and swallowing near them! it only lasts a certain amount of time though and once the dot on his belly covers his torso he loses it

more under cut because this got super long….

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Homeschooler aesthetics:

-Everyone is so fucking weirdly competitive. If you think public schoolers are competitive, just wait until you see homeschoolers play capture the flag.

-Everyone is either Vegan, Christian, Conservative, and will yell at anyone who doesn’t follow social norms or they’re some form of LGBT+, cool with fucking everything, and have dyed hair and Mohawks and shit. I’ve literally never seen an in between in my entire fucking life.

-You forget that everyone you know isn’t also homeschooled. You’re just so used to it that people being in public school seems odd and surreal.


-“What school do you go to?”

-“What grade are you in?”

-most of your day is taken up by waiting for all your public schoolers friends to come home. Its extremely boring.

-You sleep in until like 1 pm and die every time you have to get up before like 11 am because that’s early for you.

-“oh my God so do you like, do school in your pajamas?”

-“oh my god so do you like, eat lunch whenever you want?”

-“oh my god how you like, make any friends?”


-the list goes fucking on

anonymous asked:

What is the significance of Gobekli Tepe? I know it's an old temple, but why is it so important?

OH MY GOSH ANON, so glad you asked! Lemme explain~

So Gobekli Tepe was created around 11000 years ago in Southeastern Turkey. Which is indeed old. But it wasn’t just a temple – it was a temple that was built when humans were still hunter-gathers. That is to say, humankind wasn’t building houses and staying in one area: they roamed. They hadn’t invented any metal tools yet (so before Bronze Age) and they didn’t even make pottery. 

There is a theory, or idea, that religion was made because people got bored one day while sitting idling in their homes. This idea that human imagination and intuition are something humankind later developed as a result of technological advancement. 

But if Gobekli Tepe is indeed a holy site (and there are a lot of evidence to support it was, given its megaliths and lack of any evidence suggesting it was used as housing), then it means that religion came first and then other stuff came second. That is to say, religion brought people together to build the other stuff. 

Quote from a Smithsonian article: “To Schmidt and others, these new findings suggest a novel theory of civilization. Scholars have long believed that only after people learned to farm and live in settled communities did they have the time, organization and resources to construct temples and support complicated social structures. But Schmidt argues it was the other way around: the extensive, coordinated effort to build the monoliths literally laid the groundwork for the development of complex societies.”

Also for me, this is significant because it feels like a nice counter argument to the idea that religion is “made up” by people for any mundane means. If there is no society, no economy, then people were fascinated by the unknown and perhaps even touched by aspects of the Divine in the same ways people are now. That the Divine didn’t need to be “invented” by people who were bored, but was instead experienced by people as old as our species existed.

I’m reading a book on religious studies and in it this one author makes the argument that religion is emotionally-driven (which is not to say there is not any intellectual side or aspect to religion – just that emotion is the predominate force.) If that’s the case, Gobekli Tepe speaks to how old these types of emotional impulses are and how vital they were to humankind. That people would build temples to forces they did not understand before erecting a hut for themselves. It’s fascinating!

(This is again not to say that religion is some… I don’t know… “primitive” function of humankind we need to “evolve” past, but just pointing out that religion often is tied closely with emotions. Emotions are valid, therefore religion is valid.)

I’m getting rambly haha.  

I’ll end with a TL’DR: Gobekli Tepe is important because it suggests that humankind built religious sites first, and then built other buildings second. As in, what brought people together originally was religion. 



march 23, 2017 // excitement

march flew by so quickly! i got a new phone and graduated junior high.

im going to visit seoul in 8 days im filled with excitement. i love traveling and adventure. its been so boring at home lately and it doesnt suit my pumped up attitude haha. thank you SO much for 2.3k followers im so touched <3

have a lovely day

The best thing happened to me today!!! Look what came for me in the post!! I’ve been freaking out for the last 4 hours and i don’t know what to do with myself 😭😭

Tom Hiddleston imagine - home is where the heart is

Originally posted by homensdoseculo

A/N - not requested but I was listening to Tom on radio one this morning and he was talking about coming home after months of travelling and had to write this cause its been in my head all day. 

Summary: Tom comes home from travelling to you, his wife, and your baby. 

Warning: fluff, nothing else really

Listen to the interview here (X)

Tom has spent months travelling at a time and normally when he did you were with him, you loved seeing him work and him spoiling you with cute surprises so you don’t get too bored. But that all changed when you fell pregnant. 

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I was tagged by the lovely @jazztastic-panda to create a mood board from my photos but lol if I know what that is.

I tried my best though! But my mood honestly is protests and water. Also fun fact that is me standing at the precipice of death and the wind nearly blew me off the edge but what’s death to a good photo

Bored; Lestrade X Reader

“I miss you,” you told your boyfriend, Greg, over the phone.

“I miss you too. Just think, only a couple more days before I can come home,” Greg said.

Greg had been in Liechtenstein working on a case that involved one of their citizens for about a week. Sherlock and John had gone with him, so the flat in 221B was empty. Even with the constant phone calls and FaceTime’s, you missed your boys, Greg especially.

“It seems like its ages away,” you complained while staring at the smiley face on the opposing wall.

“I know, I know. Just think about how great it will be when I get back. We’ll- Sherlock hold on…. I’m trying to talk to Y/N-“

“Hello Y/N?” Sherlock’s voice came on through the phone.

“What is it is Sherlock,” you said exasperatingly.

“Gavin has work he needs to be focusing on so he’ll have to hang up now. See you in a few days. Bye.” And that was all you heard before the tone came on, signaling the end of the phone call.

You sighed and looked around the flat. What to do, what to do. You couldn’t believe you still had to wait days before someone could alleviate your boredom. “I wonder if shooting the wall is as fun as Sherlock says,” you thought. Then after realizing what you thought, got up to go do something before you got to Sherlock’s level.

You got dressed and looked yourself over in the mirror. Wow, you looked great. You then preceded to sit on your bed because you had no where you could go. After a couple minutes of staring at the ceiling, you heard the door open from downstairs.

“That’s odd,” you thought. “Mrs. Hudson wouldn’t be out this late.” You got up to go investigate, hoping something exciting was about to happen. You pulled your gun out of your nightstand and stealthily made it to your door.

You could hear footsteps ascending up the stairs, almost reaching your door. You drew your gun and cocked it waiting for someone, or something, to open the door. God, you hoped it was something. That would be interesting story to tell later.

The doorknob turned slowly and the door eventually opened. You prepared to pull the trigger when Greg walked through the door followed by John and Sherlock.

“Woah!” Greg cried, when he saw the gun in your hand. You put the gun down and ran into Greg’s arms. Your Greg was finally home. “Yes, hello my darling. I missed you but can you at least apologize for almost shooting me?”

 “Oh, right. Sorry. I apologize for almost blowing your brains out,” you told him and you kissed his lips excitingly. “I’m glad your home.”

“I’m glad to be home,” he told you.

“God, sentiment,” Sherlock thought as he and John shuffled pass the loving couple.