but it's really good and i highly recommend it

I went to see Logan last night and it was absolutely brilliant. I’m always a fan of superhero films that try to break the mold a little but this is a whole new caliber of superhero film. It’s emotionally devastating, completely committed to it’s characters and it’s setting, and a beyond perfect send off for two of the longest running on screen superheroes of all time.

Its also unflinchingly violent, but if you can handle that I really couldn’t recommend it more highly. I’m gonna be thinking about what this film had to say for itself for a long time. Not just a good superhero film, a really great film that happens to have superheroes in it


fanart of @queerlorenzo‘s amazing fic lost in emotion! i’ve read it like five times already, highly recommend/10!! captions are quotes from the fic

info on manta rays and jellyfish referenced from wikipedia because i’m a microbiologist and barely know anything about marine biology (also oh god my handwriting is atrocious)

I highly HIGHLY recommend The Adventure Zone (@theadventurezone) podcast if you’re into DnD and some of the funniest fucking dialogue I’ve ever listened to. Taako is my favorite character so far. 

Supergirl: Being Super #1

This one is good. Very good. To get into its strengths quickly, I give it props for being tightly focused on one core story - something of a rarity in Supergirl media for the last 5 years - and for having strong character voices from its protagonist and the supporting characters. It’s also absolutely gorgeous to look at - not just pretty, the art really draws you into the world it’s building. It is unconventional by Supergirl standards as it changes a lot of things you’d expect a Supergirl story to have in it but it’s extremely well executed and stands up on its own very well. Highly recommended.

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Have you heard this voice acting someone did of Bendy that apparently the creator the game themself actually commented on and said they'll hold onto it? Its really good and I highly recommend taking a listen.

I’ve seen a few voice acting clips for Bendy, so I’m not sure which one you’re talking about. They’ve all sounded pretty good so far, so I wouldn’t be surprised which one TheMeatly is holding onto. Still, congrats to whichever voice actor that was. ^^

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Hey Logan, what's your favorite song right now?

my fave song is probably Chocolate Milk by cocainejesus (dont be put off by the artist), its really soft and good background music, i highly recommend a listen or two.

thanks for asking! do you have a fave song?

I don’t have a tumblr but have been fallowing you for 2 or 3 months and I was wondering if you have ever thought of making a game list for otome games? 

Hey Tabetha!  Thank you so much for the message and for your support!  That means so much to me!!

I have considered it, mostly because I have a need to organize things and make lists lol, but there’s already a great one by @englishotomegames!  Their list is very detailed with platforms and if they are free or not and lots of other info, and each game has a synopsis on its post so you can get idea of what it’s about!    So since there is already that one, I always felt like making one myself would be like copying. Plus it’s really good, and they put a lot of work into it!  It’s always been my go-to ever since I found otome games!

Anyway, if you haven’t checked out @englishotomegames yet, I’d highly recommend it!  And thank you so much for the message and for asking!!  I really appreciate it ^_^

ALSO! For anyone who’s read carry on and wants a book with similar romantic themes I HIGHLY recommend Simon vs the Homosapiens Agenda ITS SO GOOD and brilliantly written and sweet and I really loved it. It’s not fantasy like carry on, it’s contemporary but it is equally as cute and wonderful.

has tumblr watched gentleman’s agreement because i think they’d love it? it’s an expose on antisemitism starring gregory peck and it tears apart the passive gentile liberals like you would not believe. like, i was shocked this was created in the 1940s. it was really interesting and good and i highly recommend.

Help a girl out 😂

So I just downloaded this Otome game called “Outlander” and it’s the best because you don’t have to wait and shit for story (from what I’ve done so far). There are like 10 or so guys to woo, and the plot seems good so far! Highly recommend you all get it.

Anyways ~ I want to get more prizes and stuff but I need people to get the game and enter my code in their friend list ~
My code is : Hedgehog

I’m tagging you all cause I know you love me and will do me a favor, right? Right!

If hedgehog doesn’t do anything, enter sb9zgz

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The pain lasts just a moment.

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Hi, first of all, your art is really really nice! ;) For the question, do you have/use art-books for study or reference? (if so, name a few titles??)

Hey there, thanks for the compliment!  And no, I don’t really use artbooks to study or reference from, just to have on my shelves to occasionally look at when I’m feeling particularly inspired.  
I have a lot of Akihiko Yoshida and Yoshitaka Amano, as well as Miyazaki’s Naausica comic, and some movie art books.  I highly recommend Kazuo Oga’s stuff because its beautiful and inspiring.  I have a few more books, but those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head.
I don’t have any real “reference” books, although I can recommend a few books to get as they are in general, very good for teaching art ethics and design.  
Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter by James Gurney
Picture This: How Pictures Work By Molly Bang
Tuesday Tips by Griz and Norm
Anything by Andrew Loomis, which you can download for free at this point so go get some of his stuff!

I’m sure there’s more, but I’m not familiar with the good ones.  If there are any more books people can recommend, I can edit it in.  Good luck!

“Lucy was a scarlet ghost prowling through the city. Emotions were cut off; it wasn’t the time nor place.”

- By the Moonlight, @acnomogia

Assassin Lucy AU


This is the art that inspired Mogi and I’s collab. The art plus my constant screaming about wanting a fic with Lucy looking fly as she assassins in the night. 

I highly recommend reading By the Moonlight. It’s a lovely fic for the angst lovers and it is just as lovely as Mogi so ye. 

@doginshoe be affected by this. 

@arkarii our collab shall rise from the heavens soon. 

I’ve recently watched Sistar Soyou’s Tips For Weight lose and I have to say that I was really impressed with the way she was talking very clearly and giving very good advices and being funny at the same time. What I loved the most is that when she said “Don’t listen to celebrities because their workouts may not work for you, find exercises that work for you,”  because I think its really important, since not everyone is suited for lets say Tiffany’s 5-3-2 thigh exercise ect. I highly recommend everyone to watch her video since it may encourage everyone to help a lot of people to lose weight in a healthy way.


“And that is what RENT the movie ends up being. Sympathetic to an underclass that was violently screwed over by the system, but ultimately the embodiment of the voice of the ruling class … Rent takes an inherently political issue and depoliticizes it to make something comforting and consumable. Rent looks pretty, and does as little as possible.”

I highly recommend watching this video essay. To understand all of her points, you really have to watch the full thing. It’s long, but well worth it! She addresses both the musical and the film and does an excellent job pointing out where it’s message is weak, compares it La Bohéme, and even briefly discusses the similarities between aspects of Rent and Hamilton, another show that’s largely about a revolution. This includes (briefly) bringing up one of Hamilton’s major criticisms, which is basically that it glosses over some of the real problems of one of the “whitest things to ever happen”, and fails to really dig into any current issues in the American Dream™, etc. Even if you disagree, I think it’s a really interesting video! If nothing else, you’ll learn some stuff about those musicals about revolutions we all know and love.

Hello! Are you reading Mockingbird? If you aren’t, you should check it out! It’s a solid title with amazing art and writing. And if you don’t read comics but like Bobbi on Agents of Shield, I still highly recommend it–it’s not hard to jump into, and I think it’s a good title to start with. The main creative team on the book are also all women! Bobbi Morse is one of my favourite characters in the Marvel universe, and I’m very happy with her solo title.

Despite everything it’s not making enough sales, and if it goes on for much longer, Marvel will cancel her book. If you can, please buy physical copies to support Mockingbird! Full disclosure: I’ve been buying digital copies since I can’t afford to maintain my old comic habits anymore, but as Mockingbird is the only on-going I read now and I really want it to continue, I’ll make the effort to go to a comic shop for the next issues. Please consider it!