but it's really cute cause you can hear in his voice when it was recorded maybe

EXO When They Get Hit On By Another Girl *Supermarket

A/N ~ I may or may not be doing a ‘Hit on’ thread with difference scenes and bands.

Scene - You and your boyfriend are next in line in the supermarket, but you forget to grab a tub of ice-cream. You turn to your boyfriend, who already guesses you’re going to leave them by your facial expression. “I forgot the ice-cream.”
“Y/n, no”
“I’ll be a minutes - promise, Just let me get it” you run off.
few seconds pass and your boyfrined is putting the items on the table to be scanned, however the cashier had other things in mind to scan.

He calls after you to no avail. He huffs silently and put the groceries on the scanner.
The girl doesn’t even get a chance to speak to him as he tells her to wait a second so he can run to find you.
“Y/n!” you jump in your place and turn around to see minseok at the end of the aisle “Babe, hurry up”

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The girl inspects him quickley before beginning to flirt casually, “Are you new here? I don’t see you around often”
“No,” he looks up quickly to smile at the cashier, “My girlfriends apartment is around, maybe you know her”
“Um, I don’t think s-”
“Hey, there she is” his smile widen as he takes the icream from you to put on the scanner.

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Automically looks for you when they call him up. He smiles politely at the girl and she greets him shyly. She calls over a co-worker to remind her of the code for lettuce.
“You’re really handsome” The coworker says trying to ignore the cashier, “Would you like to-”
“Oh look who came back” he says smiling over at you speed walking towards him
“Um, who-” The coworker begins to ask, trying to get back his attention, but its useless as soon his smile widens from seeing you.
You start explaining yourself as you walk up to him, “I didn’t know which flavor to get, but i figured we could mix them.” Lay doesn’t hesitate in peeking your lips quickly causing you to laugh at his sudden affectionate outburst, “Geez didn’t think you’d be this excited about ice-cream.”

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Jokes with her for a bit but keeps mentioning you
“Theres a party I’m going to at 10, ”
“Oh I love parties” he says, causing the girl to smile as well
“If you’d like -”
“But I already have plans with my girlfriend tonight, raincheck?”
You get back on line smiling up at the cashier and apologetically at your boyfriend.
“Babe - she was wondering if we’d like to go to a party tonight”

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“Y/n!” you turn around as you hear your name being called. You automatically recognize who the voice belongs to an settle quickly on an icrecram, racing back to chen.
“What’s wrong? are you okay?”
“Yeah, The items are bing scanned”
“Don’t yell across the supermarket!” You chide him, seeing the girl still in shock by how far when’s voice could reach.

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Doesn’t even notice the girl talking to him.
She giggles and repeats again, “You’re really tall”
“Oh yeah, i get that a lot” he shuffles his eyes to see when you’re coming back
“So my shift ends in an hour -”
“Oh that’s good for you! you must be tired, get home saftley then.”
you make your way back putting the tub of icecream on the scanner.
“I’m here”
“Yah! stop leaving me in line on the last minutes.”

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Non-attentive enough for the girl to even get a word in.
She looks at him trying to catch his eyes, but kyungsoo is focused entirely on the itmes being scanned and then the computer that displays the price behind the girl.
“So how’s your night going?”
“Good, thank you” he says as if it were an automatic response. You come back and he looks over to you and finally smile, “I think that’s a new record.”

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You made sure to make it back quickly, but stop in your tracks when you saw your boyfriend still on line. You walk up to him and put the cream down on the basket that was on the ground by his feet.
“Did you let people pass you again, so you didn’t have to talk to the cashier?”
He smiles at you fondly, making you laugh as his obvious answer to your question.

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He’s been grociery shopping with you before and already new to stay clear of this cashier.
“I swear, my girlfirend always does this.” He tells the cashier, while he hands her the grocieres out of the basket. “She’s so cute, it’s sickening” he jokes, hoping thats enough for her to get the hint.

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Once Upon A Dream

Title: Once Upon a Dream (Part One)

Summary: Prince discovers that the other sides have never had dreams before and decides that he must remedy that. One miscommunication, several poor attempts at flirting, and a boatload of self-loathing later, three of the sides find themselves in a relationship—and Anxiety is not one of those sides. He would only cause nightmares, after all. (It takes a sword fight, an argument with Anxiety’s self-loathing personified, and a sobfest to convince him that this is not the case.)

Ship: (Eventual) Polysanders

Word Count: 3,324

Warnings: swearing, self-loathing, brief mentions of nsfw stuff, mentions of being trapped/claustrophobic situations; if there’s absolutely anything else you need tagged please let me know!

Beta’d by the fantastic @randomslasher

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memory // peter parker

summary: best friends till the end…or rather, best friends until two months ago. what happened to you, and why did you suddenly disappear? an arcane letter with a single date on it is all peter has left of you as he ponders a love that could’ve been.

word count: about 2.8k

a/n: so comic was very light-hearted, so i took some time to write something a little more on the angsty side. i stayed up last night for this, because i just love it so much!! do i even need to say it’s unedited anymore? also thank you so much for all the notes comic got (about 150 in 2 days !!!!!) and have fun reading this one, i hope you love this as much as i do!! <333



On the floor sits the Spider-Man suit in a small pile. A few feet away are the remnants of what appears to be a LEGO Death Star. The shelves are stocked with books, and the desk has some kind of mechanical parts scattered about. On the wall hangs an Iron Man poster. Looks like that poster’s been there a while.

And finally, sitting on the bed is Peter Parker. His earbuds hang in his ears, but he’s not listening to anything. His eyes are faintly bloodshot from crying just a few minutes ago. The phone in his hand shows that he was looking at a picture. The girl in the photo is you, grinning and holding up a peace sign next to him. You’re both in black pants and a red polo, the uniform of an old job.

In his mind, he remembers a long forgotten memory. When that picture was taken, he’d just made a lame pun about popcorn (“Here’s a bad joke about popcorn. Wait, never mind, it’s too corny!”) Of course, you thought it was the funniest thing ever and got caught mid-laughter while Peter tried very hard to not laugh with you. He remembers how contagious your laughter was, and how it sparked up something something very pure inside of him. He wishes for what could’ve been.

Peter stands up and walks over to his desk, moving aside the mechanical parts and digging up a piece of paper. He takes a seat and a deep breath before he starts writing.

You looked up just as Peter walked in. Well, not really walked so much as awkwardly shuffled. His pants looked like they could slide off his waist at any given moment, and his shirt was definitely three sizes too big. You burst out laughing, to which he looked a little miffed.

“Oh my god, who gave you that uniform?” You quickly told someone to cover you for a few minutes as you grabbed Peter by the arm and dragged him into the back room.

“Uh, there was this guy, I think his name was, like, Josh -”

“Josh! Here, if you’re going to work at this honorable movie theater, you can’t look like that.” You shut the door behind you and tossed him a new polo and pants.

“Wh - Josh told me these” - he motioned to his ill fitting attire - “were all you guys had!” Peter gaped at the clothes you gave him, sliding his hand into his pocket to retrieve his name tag.

“Yeah, well, you’ll learn quickly that he’s notorious for messing with people.” You grab his name tag, which reads, ‘Parker Peter’. “I thought Peter was a first name, but cool. Parker Peter.”

“Yeah, I’m Park - wait, no, I’m Peter Parker! What the hell?” He grabbed it back and looked at it before groaning. “Did Josh do this too?”

“Uh…he didn’t. He just kinda gave me the idea to do it.” You gave him a mischievous smirk and winked. “Sorry, Parker Peter. See you ‘round.”

Peter could only stare in utter shock as you clicked the door shut behind you to let him change. It was in that moment that he realized that he was crazy for you, and he smiled.

Or at least, tries to start writing. His hand starts shaking, just a little at first. But it gradually becomes so bad that he can hardly hold the pen anymore. Peter sets the pen down and runs his hands through his hair.

When he met you, it was like he was alive again. As though he hadn’t been breathing right this whole time and he had just figured it out. He knew you were going to be one of his closest friends that summer.

Peter sets his head in his hands, wondering how this ended up the way it did. He writes a few lines about how you never pick up when he calls you, or how you never text back anymore. He crumples up the paper into a ball and throws it into a random corner of his room. It bounces off of the wall and, coincidentally, into the trash can.

“Yeah! Come on, maybe you have a hidden talent here. See if you can beat my record!” You encouraged Peter, giving him that grin that he can’t say no to.

“Ugh, fine. I’m only doing this ‘cause you want me to, Y/N.” Peter reluctantly stepped up, taking the crumpled up Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice mini movie poster and aimlessly throwing it. Miraculously, it landed in the trash fifteen feet away.

Cheers erupted from the crowd of teen workers, and suddenly everyone was high-fiving and fist-bumping Peter. You went on about how you just knew he could do it and how proud you were and how far he had come. You threw your arms around Peter in a big hug. He hugged you back, smiling wider than he thought was possible until he spotted a dark gaze from someone standing nearby. Josh.

“Peter! If you want dinner, there’s pasta in the fridge for you!” A faint voice from downstairs briefly jolted him back to reality.

“O-Okay! Thanks, May!” Peter called back before returning to his thoughts.

Maybe if he’d written you sooner rather than waiting so long, or if he’d taken his chance when he could, something would’ve been different. Maybe if you hadn’t moved away.

Peter stood nervously in front of the theater. It was about mid-July and he decided he wanted to do something about his massive crush on you. So, courageously, he’d asked if you wanted to hang out sometime. In his hand was a single white rose. Earlier, one of its thorns had pricked his thumb, so now a Captain America themed band-aid was wrapped around it.

He stood there, watching as the sun shining above started to make him sweat. He smiled awkwardly to people going in and out, but paused when he heard something. He turned the corner to see something he wished he’d never seen.

You were entangled in Josh’s arms, and you were kissing him. You laughed your beautiful laugh, the one Peter had imagined hearing when you saw him with the rose. “No, babe, I have to go. I can’t leave Peter waiting. He’s my best friend.” You chuckled and gave Josh a tight hug. Over your shoulder, he looked at Peter. Slowly, his face contorted into a smug smile. It was the same one Peter had been given when Josh played his first prank on him.

Unable to do anything else, Peter fled the scene. He tossed the rose into the first trash can he could find and ran. He ran as fast as he could until he got home. May looked confused.

“Back already? Where’s Y/N? And the rose?”

Peter gave no response as he stood there for a moment, panting. Finally, he went upstairs and locked himself in his room.

He brings his hand to his face, inspecting the scar on his thumb. Peter thinks the scar is just a reminder of why he doesn’t need to contact you anymore. You’re fine. You probably found yourself another Peter and another Josh.

Peter wonders how he was so oblivious to Josh that whole time. It’s only in retrospection that he remembers how much you talked about Josh to him. Or how you sneaked glances at him while making batches of popcorn and giggled.

He vividly remembers the last letter you wrote him, nearly two months ago. The only thing on the entire sheet of paper was a date. That date is today. Your signature, a cute collection of squiggles ending in a few hearts, was absent. But there’s no mistaking that handwriting for anyone else’s.

Peter nearly drove himself crazy trying to figure out what it meant. Is the date a memory of something that happened last year today? Is it a warning? There’s no way that it’s a threat. Or, to be optimistic, is it the day that you’re coming back? His stomach had taken a sick turn when he wondered if it was a suicide note.

Now? Well, it’s almost nine PM. And nothing happened. Is this some kind of joke? Is it supposed to be funny, but Peter just took it too seriously?

“Peter, are you okay?” You asked gently. Peter quickly wiped away a tear, but he gave himself away with his flushed cheeks. “I’m sorry, I really am.”

“I-It’s okay,” he said, trying to muster up a smile. It wasn’t okay. He didn’t get the joke. He didn’t know why it was so funny for him to get popcorn butter dumped on his head. As a prank.

“No, it’s not,” you shook your head. “I told Josh to use popcorn, not the butter. Maybe he didn’t hear me right or something…” You sat down next to him on the floor of the back room.

Peter wanted so badly to tell you. He wanted to tell you about the cruel smile Josh had on his face as he dumped the bucket of butter on him. He wanted to tell you everything. But he didn’t, because he knew how heartbroken you would be. He couldn’t bear to see you stop smiling.

“It’s okay, Y/N, it really is,” Peter reassured you instead.

“Here, I’ll cover you for the rest of your shift. You go home and wash up, okay? And then we can hang out,” you grinned. It worked instantly, and soon, Peter was smiling too.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Yeah, same here, Parker Peter.”

You were the light of his life. You always made him so happy, except for now. This whole day, Peter has been anxious and worried that something bad will happen. Maybe it is just another old prank. But he can’t help but think something was supposed to happen that didn’t. There’s a strange feeling in his gut telling him there’s something he’s missing.

Or maybe the only thing he’s missing is you.

The back room had become Y/N and Peter’s spot. No one really hung around in there, so they occupied the space when they had nothing better to do. They would just sit in silence on their phones, only disrupting the quiet to show each other memes. Other days, they’d talk about everything there was to talk about. It was a place that harbored good memories. The tiny back room with nothing more than shelves with extra uniforms and a table.

It was good until Y/N dragged him back there to talk about something important. There was a worried look in your eyes, and you were more energetic than usual. But this time, it was nervous energy.

“I need to tell you something, Pete,” you said quietly, jaw set.

Peter was worried, to say the least. The only other time he’d seen you like that was when you were talking about how stressed you were recently. You were trying to juggle your job, family, friends, and your boyfriend all at once. Things were getting difficult.

“I’m moving.” You finally blurted out. Peter’s heart sank as soon as you said this.

“W-What d’you mean you’re moving?” He couldn’t believe what you’d just said. He felt himself going numb with shock.

“I mean moving. Out of the city. Far away.” Peter felt the soul-crushing weight of what was going to happen. No more hours spent in the back room, laughing and chatting away. He wouldn’t get to hear your laugh ever again. He wouldn’t be able to be near your positive energy. And he would get to see you up close anymore. You’d become a distant memory, and maybe one day he’d even forget what you looked like.

You didn’t cry. You weren’t that kind of person. But Peter knew you felt it too. A claw wrapped around your hearts, squeezing as hard as it could. It was heartache.

“Does anyone else know?” Peter asked solemnly.

Your face fell at this. “Uh…yeah. I told Josh. H-He said he didn’t ‘do’ long distance relationships and dumped me. I just, uh. Thought I meant a little more to him.” You swallowed and looked at Peter.

He hugged you, arms tight around you. He wished he’d never have to let go. “Oh, Y/N,” was all he said. He thought about telling you the truth about Josh now, but he didn’t. The words never came out. He kept his mouth shut.

Peter grabs his phone and opens Instagram. He goes to your account. The last picture posted was also two months ago. It’s a picture of you sitting at the edge of a pool with a grey pitbull in your arms. You’re grinning as wide as you can. The picture is captioned, ‘The only guy worth keeping around!’

What happened? Why did you go AWOL on the world? Or did you do it on purpose?

“I didn’t do it on purpose!” You exclaimed as he rubbed his arm.

“So you’re telling me it was a total accident that you punched me.” It didn’t hurt that bad anymore, but he knew it was going to ache later.

“Uh…yeah…?” You gave him a sheepish smile. “Here, I’ll kiss it to make it better.” You slid up the sleeve of his t-shirt and placed a kiss on the warm skin by his shoulder.

Peter stared at you, unable to form words for a few seconds. “Man, my cheek really hurts,” he finally joked, turning his cheek towards you.

You looked confused for a moment before you started laughing. You pecked his cheek and grinned. “Better?”

“Much, much better,” Peter laughed with you. He felt like he could run ten miles, he was so happy.

Peter recalls May’s reaction to you leaving. She was sad that you wouldn’t get to have dinner with her and Peter again, or sit and play board games all day. You ruled at Monopoly.

He glances back at his phone to look at the picture of you. You look a little older, and you grew your hair out. You’re just as beautiful as he remembers, if not more.

There were days spent staying on the phone for hours and hours, sometimes even falling asleep with his phone in hand. You told him everything about your new life, and he told you everything about his life. Well, almost everything. He didn’t tell you about Spider-Man.

And then, one day, you stopped picking up. For the first few days, Peter just thought you were busy. For you, especially, life had a habit of tripping you up. But weeks went by with no response. Just one cryptic letter with a mysterious date written in black ink, which you never write in. That’s all he has left of you.

“You have to call me at least every weekend. I want to know everything! And text me all the time,” you reminded Peter.

He didn’t need a reminder, but he nodded anyway, a sad smile on his face.

“I have an idea. Let’s write each other letters.”

“What do you mean? Like in the mail?”

“Exactly! It’s so old-fashioned and cool. Like sending messages to each other by carrier pigeon, hand-written and signed and all.”

“The last passenger pigeon died in 1914.”

“I did not sign up for your nerdy ass to ridicule me like this, Parker Peter!” You make a face at him but laugh anyway.

“It was in the fine print,” Peter winked.

You threw your arms around him for the last time. “God, Pete, I’m gonna miss you so much,” you mumbled into his shoulder, the one you punched only a few weeks before.

“I’ll miss you more, Y/N,” he whispered into your hair. You didn’t let go for the longest time, but when you did, a smile was on your face.

“Write me in case I don’t make any friends, okay?” You said as you slid your sunglasses onto your face.

“Please. You’ll make friends. But I will anyway.”

You turned to leave but stopped. You quickly ran back and gave Peter a kiss on the cheek. “Don’t forget about me. I’ll be back one day.”

“I couldn’t forget you if I tried.”

Peter sighs. Who is he kidding? He’s foolish to think something would really happen. Two months and no word from you. Why would some enigmatic date on a piece of paper mean anything?

He loosens the tie around his neck, feeling stupid. He should just focus on what’s happening in his life. But Peter just can’t let go of you, because you told him to remember.

Maybe that’s all you’re supposed to be. A memory.





Somewhere nearby, but not close enough for Peter to notice, sits a shadowed figure in a crouching position. Her suit keeps her blended into the night. She’s watching him pace around his room. His phone is still opened to a picture of a girl. She feels something inside of her, like she’s supposed to remember something but doesn’t. A long gone memory begins to resurface.


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Dances At Midnight

Request: Can you do a rip x reader, where your his daughter and you know he goes back in time to get Y/N (that’s why the timeline is so fucke up) and while he’s gathering the legends at the beginning she’s kinda like,“woah he’s kinda cute” in her head and its snart. and so snart is so sweet to her like when she can’t sleep he dances with her and when she’s sad he makes her tea and talks with her but then he starts liking her a little more and then rip is kinda like woah back tf off and snart is like i love her

A/N: Yeah! I’ve never written Snart before. I hope I do him justice! I know your request was super long and I hope I got everything in there. Also, I still suck at dialogue. Sorry. Thank you for requesting!

Pairing: Leonard Snart x Fem!Reader

Words: 747

Summary: Snart falls in love with Rip’s daughter. Snart hopes Rip doesn’t kill him.

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chapelseed  asked:

Eri does her own mumble storm.

The members of UA Heroics class 1-A are, all in all, a pretty unique bunch of kids.

Each of them with their own little twist of personality shinning through on a daily and mundane basis. From Tooru’s unshakable enthusiasm to Teny’s po-faced seriousness, their classes and time spent with each other was always filled with some sort of well known oddity or habit from one of them shaking things up to keep the day-to-day grind of school from becoming too much.

As time wore on, each of the kids learned and adapted to their fellow classmate’s mannerisms, to varying degrees, and from that familiarity came the one thing one can never avoid when spending a significant amount of time in the presence of others, in-jokes.

The most prevalent of these in-jokes, was the habit of one Midoriya Izuku to go into what most of his friends have dubbed, “The Mumble Storm.”

Whenever Deku’s thought process got to involved, and he began to spiral into what at times felt like an endless stream of contemplation, one of his classmates would inevitably have to drag him out it, before one of the teachers decides to do it themselves…and pair it with a detention for disrupting class.

At first this habit of his creeped out a good number of the class, but since time had worn away the shock, the only real reaction they seem to have for it now is shouting out, “Whose turn is it to snap him out of it?” 

And when Kaminari started hearing the beginnings of a particularly involved mumble storm while studying in the common room and not wanting to lose whatever little concentration he’s managed to obtain, he was about to say just that, when he stopped himself.

Since when was Midoriya’s voice that soft pitched?

Looking up from his study book he looked across the room at the couch in front of the TV, where he saw the usual trio of Eri and her “Mama and Papa” sitting when he came in an hour ago, and from his position near the kitchen corner he could see the green and brunette heads of the two “parents” looking back and forth between each other and the little white lump of hair sitting between them on the couch.

Curiosity peaked, he walked towards the couch, leaning over the back rest and what he saw awed him down to the very core of his soul.

Eri was hunching forward, pulling at her lower lip, one foot tapping insistently, and was muttering a seemingly endless stream of thoughts, the intensity of her thought process and the sheer thickness of her verbosity almost weighing down the air around her, almost making it seem like her rumination were floating in mid air above all their heads, spiraling out of her mind with no restraint.

To his eternal shock, Eri was having her very own “Mumble Storm.”

He had to tell everybody.

Izuku and Ochako were in a very odd predicament, one moment they were talking to Eri about what they had planned for the day, and the next they were drowning in the little girl’s mumbling.

“-there’s that new ramen stand a few blocks away that Uncle Kami kept talking about, but uncle Tenya said it’s full of bad stuff that would cause “cardicat arrest” so maybe-”

All they did was ask her where she wanted to go to lunch, and once she started deliberating on where to go they couldn’t stop her, her speech becoming more muddled and rapid as she went on.

“-Of course there’s that Chinese place that Big bro Sero keeps bringing take out from, but Big bro Shoji is allergic to most of it and Auntie Mina says it makes you fat so we can-”

Deku had the distinct impression that he’s viewing something very familiar, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

“-and the place Uncle Kaka always goes too is too spicy for everyone else, and the places Big bro Shouto and Big sis Momo take me are too expensive, and everyone gave Big Bro Mineta a weird look when he said he went to a “cat maid cafe” but that sounds really cute-

Ochako, on the other hand, knew exactly what the little girl was doing, and the resemblance to when Deku did it was utterly incredible, but right now, the initial shock of seeing Eri do it knocked all the knowledge she had acquired about stopping “mumble storms” out of her head, and all she could do was stare in awe and hold on for dear life alongside Deku as it ran its course.

Just when she was about to try and find a way to stop it, she felt the weight of the couch shift slightly starting at the head of the back rest, causing her and Izuku to lift there eyes to find the rest of the class watching.

Mina and Tooru had their phones out, obviously recording every lovely minute, the pink heroine looking about ready to burst with joy, eyes shining and grin stretching all the way across her face as she whispered in awe, “This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.” 

The invisible girl was shaking, well, her cloths and phone were shaking, obviously indicating she and Mina were on the same page, though all she seemed able to say was, “Oh my God.”

“See?” Came Kaminari’s voice from further right, his own grin rivaling Mina’s, “She really is her Papa’s daughter!” He was just putting back his own phone in his pocket, seeing Mina has reconnaissance covered, “I am never letting this go.”

“Wasn’t one of you enough?” Sero rubbed his head, looking more annoyed then amazed, addressing Deku and the unresponsive Eri in equal measure, though a corner of his mouth was twitching up every so often, “Mumble duty was enough of a pain as it is…”

Deku shook his head, finally managing to get some focus back, though only just enough to stare at Sero in confusion, “Mumble duty? What are you talking about?”

“It’s how we decide who needs to bring you back to reality when you start another Mumble Storm,” Kirishima laughed, his eyes on Eri and his mouth pulled to the side in a smirk, “And it looks like it just doubled…”

Izuku gaped at his classmates, “You have a name for it?” He shook his head, “Never mind, just…how do you get me out of it? Eri-chan’s been going at this for a few minutes now!”

Oh my God.”

Satou shrugged, “We each have our own way, though I don’t think most of those ways would work here…” He scratched his chin, “Maybe if a bake a quick little something for her and put it under her nose like smelling salts…”

Ochako was torn between laughing herself silly and feeling sorry for Izuku, the former feeling only just barely winning out when a snort escaped her.

Tokoyami side eyed him, “I am fairly certain that’s not how smelling salts work…besides,” He looked directly at Eri, the girl now muttering to herself about the pros and cons of Sushi versus Yakiniku, “I don’t think giving her more food to think about would be of much use here…”

Oh my God.”

I usually drop a bit of ice down the back of Midoriya’s shirt.” Todoroki pointed out, the boy in question giving him a flat look to convey as well as he could how he felt about that particular method, “…Though doing it to her seems a bit…cruel…”

Momo tapped her fingers on her forearm, forehead scrunched up, “We should have made precautions,” She shook her head with a frustrated sigh, “It was inevitable that this would happen…” Izuku opened him mouth to question why exactly it was inevitable, when Tooru spoke up one more time.

Oh my God.”

Katsuki, who had been quietly glaring at them all until now, growled in anger, “Oh just zip it See-through!” He turned to the three on the couch with his signature toothy scowl, “Look, I’ll just flick her on the ear, that always works on Deku so no reason…it…shouldn’t…” He trailed off as he noticed Ochako and Izuku straight up glaring at him, and a minor twitch of his eye to his right reveled the rest of the class doing much the same,”…work on her.” He sighed, “Fine, but what are we supposed to do? Just wait until she’s-”

“Got it!” Eri suddenly exclaimed, snapping out of her mumbles in a single leap seemingly unaware that she was doing it at all as she turned to Izuku with a grin, “Papa! I want to-” Noticing the dip in the couch, she looked up to see the rest of the class looking at her, half with shock and half with unabashed grins, and waved at them, “Oh! Hey everyone!” They all waved back, Mina looked like she was holding back tears as she smiled, and went back to Izuku, “Papa, can we go to McDonald’s?”

Izuku, still reeling from this whole ordeal, could only smile and nod, “S-sure Eri-chan, go get dressed and we’ll get going.”

“Okay!” She got up from the couch and rushed out of the door, waving to the rest of the class as she went.

Mina sniffed, her lips wobbling and black eyes shimmering with tears, “That girl is a blessing.”

Aoyama patted her shoulder with a mild smile and a nod, “Of course she is, plus,” He turned towards Izuku and Ochako, who were just finished letting out sighs of relief when they heard him and saw him stare at them, “It seems that she’s finally put a long unanswered question to rest.”

Ochako raised an eyebrow at the flashy blond, suspicion gnawing at the small of her back, “What question?”

“A question regarding your mumbling habit mon ami,” He grinned, “And now we’ve got  the definitive answer, that its hereditary.”

Izuku stared at him blankly, “What?”

Well, if it was infectious we’d all be doing it, but instead the only other one we’ve seen doing it is our precious petite licrone,” Something glinted in his eye, “And why wouldn’t she? Her Papa does it all the time!”

Izuku stared at him more, his eyes widening with comprehension before his face flushed a bit, he excused himself and got up from the couch to get ready for lunch, though as he past Aoyama the flashy student couldn’t help but notice how the corner of his mouth twitched up ever so slightly.

Mina laughed a little next to him, sniffing one last time before turning to him and saying, loud enough for both Izuku and the rest of the room to hear, “Lets hope she doesn’t inherent Ochako-chan’s competitiveness, that would be weird to see!”

The girl in question bolted up from the couch, hot on Izuku’s trail, only sparing her pink friend a brief withering glare before she left.

Shoji sighed, “One of these days you two are going to push them too far.”

Aoyama laughed, “Well of course, that goes with out saying.”

Mina giggled, “But they just make it too easy!”

(The class ended up inviting themselves to join the trio for McDonald’s, even managing to drag Katsuki into the mess, the employees somehow managed to keep their heads cool as 21 kids piled up next to the cash register, though they were baffled that a bunch of teenagers didn’t even complain once as the little girl took her sweet time in deciding what to order.

Eri ended up insisting that she and Deku share a kids meal, which he relented to once she promised him they would share the toy All Might figure too.)  

anonymous asked:

Hey! You're account is really great! Can you do RFA + Saeran finding out MC loves to sing and does so often but sings kind of bad and knows it

So late. If it’s any consolation I’m tone death. Thanks for the request Anon! 


Your singing along to the radio while making lunch when Yoosung and Saeyoung walk in.

It was the first time he had heard you singing so clearly and…it was not good

Seven cracks a smile and holds his hands together, “You have the voice of an angel!”

You roll your eyes. “Psh, I know right? I should have my own concert.”

Yoosung watches the transaction with a smile.

“Well there is a musical audition in town. Why don’t you audition?” Seven snickered.

“Sounds perfect,” you reply.

To Yoosung you seemed pretty serious and he started to worry.

He was torn between wanting to be supportive and wanting to protect you from humiliation.

He kept thinking about it for days and listening for improvement until he finally sat you down.

“We need to talk…”

You sigh, “If this is about LOLOL and how I separated from the fight to steal loot, I said I was sorry. I even offered you guys some.”

“You offered 10% after we all died—“ he interrupted himself. “No, it’s not about that.”

“You’re lucky I offered ten…” you mutter.

Not the point,” he insisted. “I want to talk about your singing.”

“My singing?” You were very confused now.

He took a deep breath. “It’s bad. You…can’t sing.”

You smirked. “That’s it? I know—“

“Your pitch is off and you can’t hit high notes.”

“True but…”

“When you were watering the plants and singing the neighborhood dogs started howling.”

“Ok, hurtful.”

“I mean we could get you lessons but it will take a lot of work.” He held your hands. “I want to support you.”



“I know I’m bad at singing. I don’t care to get anybetter.”

“Oh…” So he had over worried again.


“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean—well I did but, it came out mean right? Oh man I really am an idiot!”

You held his face in your hands. “It’s ok. I’m glad you were honest with me.”

His violet eyes perked up. “Really?”

“Of course.” You smiled and then cast your eyes to the side. “That last comment really hurt though…”

“I’m so sorry! I’ll do anything to make it up to you?”

“Anything?” You gave a mischievous smirk and got closer to him.

Yoosung pouted fiercely.

This was not what he had in mind…

“Yoosung! Distract the guards while I get the treasure!”

“I feel so used,” he responded.

“Oh come on, if you do a good job we can have some real fun afterwards.” You leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

He sighed and continued on with a promise of his reward.


You almost didn’t make it through but you had held strong.

When the “Promiscuous Jalapeno Topping” the musical had ended you were finally able to breathe without bursting into laughter.

Zen looked at you expectantly.

“You have such a great singing voice Zen,” it was the only really positive thing you could say.

It was true though, the man had a great set of pipes.

and a great set of abs…

He smiled brightly. “I practiced every day for that role and I pulled it off,” he stated proudly.

“Your hard work really shows.” You ate some more popcorn.

“Hey! What about you?”


“I want to hear your singing voice!” He changed positions to face you on the couch.

“Um, I don’t think so. It doesn’t compare to yours at all.” Maybe flattery would get you out of this.

“I’m a professional. I just want to hear your beautiful voice, please?”

Aw man, his pleading face was too much. Too cute… Overpowering will to defy…


His eyes lit up as he waited.

You started to sing a favorite song of yours and you could slowly see his facial expression fall.

You stopped and covered your face. “See that’s why I didn’t want to! I’m not good ok?”

“No babe! Its ok, I think it sounds beautiful, because it’s the voice of the person I love some much.”

Smooth my man.

You moved your hands to look him in the eye. “Really?”

He nodded. “Like the sweet melody of a graceful whale.”

“A whale?!”

“Wait no I meant—“

You threw a pillow at him. “I can’t believe you called me a whale!”

You stomped into the bedroom and locked the door.

He knocked on the door. “Sweetie wait, whales can be sexy!”

“Please stop talking!” you yelled.

Poor Zen


She had wanted to stay in for the night but no, everyone wanted to go out to Karaoke

The only reason Jaehee agreed was because there would be free food and alcohol

What she hadn’t expected was you getting drunk

“Alright, it’s MC’s turn to sing!” Yoosung declared.

“Hold my shrink!” You slurred and handed a glass to Jumin and made your way to the front.

When you grabbed the microphone and when you started to sing along with the song it was a mess

No one expected you to be so horrible of a singer but you put on a good show

Jaehee snatched away Seven’s phone as he tried to record you while cheering you on

When the song was finished you bowed and almost fell over if Zen hadn’t have caught you

The scene was so graceful she took a picture before collecting you from Zen’s arms

It was time to head home.

Jaehee excused the two of you and left the party

Getting you to the taxi was easy but getting you out and to your shared apartment was not.

Finally, you were both inside and she basically carried you to bed.

She took off your shoes and jacket and left you alone for a moment so she could change.

When she came back it looked like you were asleep and curled up in the blanket.

She laid down next to you and sighed.

“You really are an awful singer,” she stated moving some hair from your face.

“I know,” your voice startled Jaehee. “But it makes people laugh so why not?”

“You should be more careful,” she stated.

You moved closer and reached around her waist to hold her. “Thank you for taking care of me.” You kissed her neck.

Jaehee blushed. “Of course.”

“How about I repay you?” you spoke low moving down underneath the blanket.

“Wait you should probably sleep—“

She felt you kiss up her legs and waited in anticipation.

And waited. Than waited some more.

She lifted up the blanket to reveal you had fallen fast asleep on top of her.

Your head in her lap.

You sure caused a lot of trouble

Jaehee thought about whether to set an alarm clock or bang a pan to wake you up in the morning as revenge.


You were looking over some work files at the kitchen table with headphones in, singing to the tune.

Being tone death was a real punishment. Even when you think you sound good, you probably sound horrible.

Which is why you only sang in private where no one could here.

Let me be. Let me be. Go ahead and set me free.”

Two hands grabbed your shoulders and you jumped out of your chair and swung your fist.

A large hand caught it and surprised grey eyes stared back at you.

“Jumin,” you said in relief.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you had headphones in and couldn’t hear me.”

You checked the time. “It’s so early. Is everything ok?”

“The day ended early due to some appointment cancellations so I came home.”

You nodded. “I was just doing some work. Elizabeth is in the bedroom sleeping.”

He returned your nod and sat down in the chair next to you.

You sat back down and put one head phone in, leaving the other ear available in case Jumin wanted to talk.

“You’re not going to keep singing?” he asked.

You look wide eyed at him. “You heard me?”


You groaned assuming he was teasing you. “Go ahead and make your jokes.”


“My singing. I’m horrible at it.”

Now his eyes widened. “That’s ridiculous. You sound lovely.”  


“I was listening to you for some time before I interrupted your work.” He kissed your hand. “Your voice is so calming for my nerves.”

You blushed. No one had ever complimented your singing before.

Nervously you continued to sing just for him and did so often.

It turns out he was tone death too.

The gang clapped as MC finished her song during karaoke.

“That was wonderful darling,” Jumin kissed you gently as you sat next to him.

“Did he hear the same thing we did?” Zen whispered.

“Well they say love is blind,” Yoosung shrugged.

“Does it make you deaf too?” Jaehee asked.


You were singing aloud while doing some laundry.

You weren’t very good but you couldn’t help but sing. The solution was to turn the music up louder than you.

Saeyoung walked by the doorway but did a double take to whistle and clap for you.

“Encore!” he yelled.

You smirked and threw the last of the clothes in the washer. “Very funny.”

“I am,” he responded leaning against the doorway.

“I’d like to see you do better.”

“I’ll have you know that I am a talented singer. In fact I’ll be the first hacker spy rock star in space.”

“Oh really? Prove it,” you challenged. “Sing for me.”

“Alright, prepared to be serenaded my lady.”  

He didn’t even need music as he started to sing a slow song and you had to admit it.

His voice was heavenly.

You let him sing the entire song and when he finished he was even cockier.


“It’s not really rock star material per say,” you avoided the question.

He pinched your cheeks lightly. “Don’t be a Grumpy Garry.”

“I’m not a Grrrumpy Garrry,” you responded as he still pinched your cheeks.

He chuckled and released them.

“Where did you learn to sing like that?”

“Your super-hot boyfriend had to learn a lot of different skills for his work. I cross dressed as a famous foreign super star one time.”

“Wow,” you said in amazement. “And they had no idea?”

“Not until they tried to kidnap me and I kicked ass, wah!” He posed in a ridiculous kung-fu style.

You giggled. “Still, I wish I had your skills.”

“You don’t need them. Just keep singing how you like. I enjoy it better your way.”

You blushed. “Real smooth popstar.”

He smiled and planted a kiss on your lips.

“So did you wear something scandoulous or classy?”

“Psh, no amount of clothing can contain all this sex appeal but I’m one classy bitch.”

“Haha, you do have nice legs.”


He had been invited to spend lunch with his brother’s friends but the conversation had turned to a strange topic.

“If the girl you liked was a horrible singer how would you tell her?” Yoosung asked.

“I would tell her that even if others didn’t appreciate her beautiful voice I would treasure it more than any pirate,” Zen sighed dramatically. 

“Why would you need to tell her? Surely someone already mentioned her horrible singing to her,” Jumin responded.

“Video tape it for my enjoyment and save it for a good laugh,” Seven said confidently.

“You’re all horrible!” Yoosung cried.

Saeran sipped his drink and stayed quiet.

“What about you Saeran?” Yoosung asked.

“What about me?”

“Is MC a good singer?” Zen asked.

“I don’t know,” he responded. He had heard MC hum a few times but wasn’t sure about the quality.

“So if MC was a horrible singer what would you say?” Saeyoung pushed.

“That she was a horrible at it and should refrain from singing in public as to not embarrass herself.”

“That’s horrible too!” Yoosung cried.

“You’ll break her heart! And if you hurt her feelings I’ll hurt you,” Zen boasted getting heated.

“I thought it was fine,” Jumin commented confused.

Saeyoung put his arm around his brother. “Look bro, you gotta be smooth. Don’t end up alone like Jumin.”

“Excuse me, I’m right here,” Jumin glared. “Also, I’m not alone. I have Elizabeth.”

“So I should lie?” Saeran retorted.

“Just be nice about it at least. I would be supportive and just let her know with kindness,” Yoosung piped in.

Saeran didn’t really get it. He thought about it the entire way home too.

As long as he never heard you sing it wouldn’t be an issue.

He walked in the door to be greeted by you.

“You’re home! I need your help,” you tell him.

“I have to analyze this song for one of my classes.”

What. He thought.

“Listen to this part and tell me what you think it’s about.”

You hand him your phone and ear phones. He tries to listen but some of the words are unclear.

“The words are hard to hear,” he says.

“It goes like this.” You start to sing out the part and he realizes his worst dilemma coming true as he finds you are not the best singer.

“Well?” you finish.

He panics and says the first thing that comes to mind.

“I’ll treasure your voice more than any pirate.”

“Wait, what?”

He can feel his face get warm. Out of the entire conversation why had Zen’s words stuck with him?

“I mean, your great at singing…”

“Are you teasing me? I’m horrible at singing,” you snicker.

“Wait you know?”

“Yup, realized it when my mom signed me up for choir. I mouthed the every song because I sounded so bad.”

Of course she knew. He hated this.


“Did the guys tell you something weird?”

Hit the nail on the head.

He nodded.

You sigh. “Look, just be honest with me. Your words can be harsh sometimes but I know you mean well. Just be you and I’ll be happy.”

He was really relieved to hear that. He was happy yet pained at the thought of being so accepted still.

“Now help me with this song,” you smiled.

“Ok,” he smiled and kissed your forehead.

“How am I supposed to work when you act so cute?” you exclaim and kiss him back.

Cheer Up, Buttercup/Day6 (Jae)

Originally posted by bigbang-yellow-crowns

Summary: All you needed was a birthday cake, but you left with an obnoxiously cute nickname from some guy that you totally, definitely, did not like.
A/N: First Day6 fanfiction! Hope you guys enjoy!
Scenario: Bakery!AU, Fluff
Word Count: 2070

You woke to the sound of an alarm clock blaring in broken tones, high-pitched and filled with static. It was five am, and you were in hell.

Not literally, though you might as well have been. What else was a summer at home between semesters? What’s worse, you had your little brother’s twelfth birthday today; and by all accounts—at twenty-one—this should not have been an issue. Just get the kid a new bike and watch him crash it or something, right?

Nooooo. Your mom insisted that her baby boy be treated like a prince. Your older sister lucked out, having gone abroad for the summer, which left you with your family’s specific brand of crazy.

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Slight of Hand

Originally posted by seasideliving

“Pleaseeee,” you’d been trying to convince Eggsy to say “yes” all night.

“No!” He exclaimed not taking his eyes off the television.

“Eggsy, please,” you begged like a child, clasping your hands together and squeezing your eyes shut.

“No, I ain’t teachin’ my bird to pickpocket,” His voice was firm and authoritative.

You pouted for a moment before conjuring up a plan; if begging didn’t work perhaps reverse psychology would.

“Fine.” You said matter-of-factly, leaning lackadaisically on the arm of the couch as if you’d given up.

“Thank yo-”

“I’ll just figure it out myself.”

“Whoa, if there’s one thing ya ain’t doing is ‘figuring it out yourself’.”

“Then, you teach me,” you smiled smugly, knowing he wouldn’t be able to say no.

“Alright,” Eggsy sighed running his hands through his hair.

“Thank you.” you said victoriously, repositioning yourself on the couch to face him.

“Don’t get ahead of yaself. They’re some rules you need ta know. First; ya don’t take from kids, women, or the elderly. Everyone else is fair game,” he paused for a moment, his brows furrowing as he mulled it over over in his mind.

“What’s the other rules,” you inquired.

“Now that I think about it, that’s my only rule. But there’s a couple ways you can go about it; violence, distraction, and using a crowded area,” Eggsy almost sounded like a professional. “Aight, I don’t like this method and won’t use it, but I’m gonna tell ya just for the hell of it. The violent method; it’s basically shaking someone down, whether its with a knife of gun or a blunt object, either way it’s dangerous, and recklessly. It’s daft, just don’t to it. Then, there’s the distraction method; I usually do this one with one of the guys. There’s a couple of different ways to go about this. First, find a bloke that looks like he has just 'enough’ money.”

“What do you mean 'enough,” your brows furrowed together.

“Well, if he’s like us, he ain’t got much money. If he’s rich he’ll be real suspicious when some chav approaches him, ya know? Find someone with just enough, they carry enough money to make a profit, but too stupid to have any alarms go off when we walk up to 'em.”

“Oh.” you whispered.

“This is what ya do; find your target and follow them for a bit, obviously not too close. When you get a good feel of your target, this is when you start the actual pickpocketing. You’re going to "find” the ten pounds they drop. You approach them like,“'cuse me sir, did you drop this?” They’re too busy thanking you for bein’ a good Samaritan to notice your partner takin’ their wallet outta their back pocket.“

"Oh, that’s easy,” you said over confidently, causing Eggsy to roll his eyes.

“Well, that ain’t the hard one, luv. The hard one is just pocketing someone’s wallet as you walk by. We usually do this while on the tube; it’s always crowded and no one notices when they get bumped into a little bit. Again, you pick who looks like a good target, then you watch them; try to figure out where they keep their wallet. Then, when you’re getting off, bump into them a little and while you’re doing that just slip ya hand into their pocket. With enough practice they won’t even notice until they get home.”

“Okay,” you thought over what he told you. “So, when are we going to do this?”

“Do what?” He looked at you as if he had no clue what you meant.

“Pick pocketing…”

“I thought you just wanted to know how to do it. I just can’t take ya pick pocketing!”

“Why not?”

“What if we get caught? I mean, my record is already pretty damn long so one more offense won’t 'urt, but you’re trying ta get into medical school! I’m not letting you ruin your life for something that stupid.” Rarely was he the voice of reason, but when it came to the well being of other’s, especially yours, he was always looking for their best interest.

You were silent for a moment, he was right….but you really wanted to do this and when you set your mind to something, regardless of your better judgment, you went for it.

“Please, Eggsy, it’ll be my first and last time.Promise,” He looked at you for a moment, his expression unreadable.

“Alright, let’s go.” He said lifting himself from the couch and headed towards the door.

“Wait, what?” You weren’t expecting him to give in so easily.

“Yeah, well go in a few minutes. I jus’ gotta call one of me mates.”

“Call him for what?”

“To make sure the trains don’t have much security on them tonight,” he explains walking into the bedroom to take the call. “Don’t want ya gettin’ caught.”


Half an hour later you found yourself on the tube wondering what you’ve gotten into. Eggsy was busy trying to explain to you which was the bet candidate for your scheme. It was long before he pointed someone out to you.  

“Him.” Eggsy pointed.

“Him, who?” Questioning which men in the crowded area he was referring too.

“The tall, middle aged bloke in the suit.”

“Isn’t he a little too posh…and old?” You questioned.

“Nah, ya cute,” he gave you a quick wink. “He’d never suspect you of bein’ a pickpocket. Anyway, he can’t be that old.”

“You sure about that?”

“Of course; just bump inta him, apologize, bat those lashes and take his wallet.” He made it sound a little too easy.

“Ok,” you whispered more to yourself than him. You could hear the beating of you heart or maybe that was your common sense kicking in. Too late! You were throwing all caution into the wind. The extra money wouldn’t hurt either, you rationalized.

You abruptly bumped into the tall gentlemen as the train jostled and slide your hand in and out of his pocket.

“Sorry,” you sincerely apologized, feeling the immediate regret.

As soon as the next stop came, you bolted for it. You weren’t exactly sure what you running from, no one was chasing you, but you needed to get away. Your parent didn’t raise a thief, even if it was just for the thrill and even if you sort of needed it. You were suppose to have your life together by now, but here you were running down random streets in London’s East end.

Pausing to catch your breath, you heard quiet footsteps behind you.

“Ma'am, I believe you have something of mine.”

“Um, what?”

For an older man he was quick on his feet.

“May I have my wallet back please,” to your surprise the man didn’t seem angry or the least bit upset. “If I hadn’t known better, I wouldn’t have noticed my missing wallet.”

“'Course,” you pulled the wallet from you pocket with a trembling hand. “Sorry, I jus-”

“I know, no need to explain. Gary already told me.”


“You’re the young lady Gary is courting, correct? He told me you wanted to learned how to pickpocket, and as brash and reckless as he can be, he wanted it to be a controlled environment.”

You were a tad bit stunned. How did Eggsy know him? People like the man standing in front of you never give people like you or Eggsy the time of day.

“I’ve heard about how ambitious you are,” he continued when you didn’t speak.

“And I’d like to proposition you for a career opportunity.”

Oh great, he was some sort of perv. You rolled your eyes and began to back up.

He in turned rolled his eyes.

“I’m not inquiring you of that kind of proposition. Gary told me about your endeavor into medical school and your troubles,” He was referring to your financial troubles; if it weren’t for them you’d would have completed University a year ago. Albeit, paying your own way through school was a task in itself. “He speaks of you highly, and I’m willing to go out on a limb–even negating the circumstances of our meeting–to finish paying for your schooling, if you work for my company.”

“Why would you do that? Especially after I took your wallet.”

“If you knew the circumstance your Eggsy and I met, you wouldn’t worry about that.” A subtle smirk dances across his mouth.

You weren’t sure why, but the smirk out you at ease a little. Maybe you should trust this men. After all Eggsy and him did have a good repertoire.

“Can I ask your name?”

“Forgive me, a gentlemen shouldn’t go without introducing himself. You can call me Harry.”

“I’m not sure if I’m exactly what you’re looking for, though?”

“I’ll tell you what I told your boyfriend, If you’re prepared to adapt and learn, you can transform.”


This was written by our lovely @fitness-metamorphosis

Please remember to send in requests and submissions! xoxo

Dog Sitter (Frank CastlexReader) Pt. 3



Six months later and you were still locking yourself out of your apartment on a regular basis. The first time it happens, you wait outside your door for almost thirty minutes. You pace past Frank’s door five times before you finally gain the courage to knock. When there was no immediate response you wait another couple of minutes before you muster up the strength to call into the room.

“Hey Frank. It’s (Y/n). Uhhh..I kind of locked myself out of my apartment again. Do you think you could help me get it open again?”

There are a few silent seconds in between your question and the sound of a chair scratching against the floor. The door in front of you opens and Frank fills the space left behind.

“How long have you lived here?” He asks with an unimpressed expression. There’s a small inflection in his voice that causes you to narrow your eyes.

“There’s no need to be patronizing.  I just happen to have the memory of a goldfish.” The man let’s out a half laugh, but you can’t tell if it’s because what you said was funny or if he thought you were being stupid. He moved past you and closed his door behind him.

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A Certain Romance(Acoustic)
Arctic Monkeys
A Certain Romance(Acoustic)
A Certain Romance(Studio Acoustic)
from Straighten The Rudder

“Don’t you know, oh it’s a funny thing you know
We’ll tell them if you like
We’ll tell them all tonight
They’ll never listen”

The Theatre// Josh Dun

Requested: Hi!! Can I request a Josh Dun imagine where you’re in a Broadway show and Josh said he was going to pick you up from the theatre after your show, and once you think the coast is clear at the stage door, some fans stick around and bombard Josh? Thank you so much :) I love your stuff!


              You were currently at rehearsal with your theatre group; it had been a stressful few months of preparation and practice as this was your first leading role. You’ve always dreamed of being a lead, ever since you joined 3 years ago. This was a dream come true, and you knew nothing could ruin it for you.

              Singing the last line, of the last song you smiled. Making your way off stage, smiling at the rest of the cast as you did so.

              “That. Was..AMAZING!” The director smiled, pulling you into a hug. “You’ve grown so much as an actress Y/N since you first joined. I’m so proud of you.” She gushed, causing a blush to rise in your cheeks. She had been the director of the group for years before you started, so she had seen you go from minor roles with only 2 lines, to being the lead in the current production. “Now go get changed and prepare for tonight. Is Josh coming to see his leading lady?” She nudged your arm, causing your smile to widen and face to turn a brighter shade of red. Josh was your boyfriend of 3 years now; you two had grown up knowing each other through Tyler. So you got to see him grow into the passionate drummer he is today, and he saw you grow into the actress you are. You were really hoping that Josh would make it to opening night tonight, considering the European leg of his tour had just finished last night. You were beyond supportive of his dream, and loved watching him preform his heart out at any point you could; so him missing a couple of your shows never bothered you. His mom had been a fan of yours since you began, so you knew if he missed a show she would have a recording for him to see the next day. Though, thinking about it you knew it would hurt a little bit of he missed tonight. It was your first leading role, and he knew how much this meant to you. It was your dream that you had always strived for.

              Shaking your head softly you walked over to the female dressing room. There were some people from the cast in there, cleaning off the make-up that had been applied for the dress rehearsal and buzzing about how crazy tonight would be. Everyone put in months of practice, giving up free time to memorize lines, songs and choreography. It was always a big deal when you could all show off what you had been preparing for. Walking over to the spot where you had left your bag to practice, you grabbed out your grey Twenty One Pilots shirt, and a plain pair of jeans. Nothing too fancy, unlike the outfits you found yourself preforming in. This year, everyone had chosen to preform ‘Black Swan’; so needless to say your costumes were far from plain.

              “Hey Y/N, are you ready for tonight?” One of the newer girls, Natalie asked shyly. If you remembered correctly this would be her first Broadway performance. She was probably nervous beyond belief and looking for some reassurance; like you had done before your first show.

              “I’m nervous, considering its opening night.” You began, walking over to a change room with the girl right on your heels. Curious as to what you were going to say next. “But I’m excited. I love preforming, I love entertaining the audience. The theatre has kind of become a second home to me, you know?” You had begun sliding out of the costume you were dressed in, wishing you had help with it as you struggled not to break anything on it.

              “I know, well I can see how you guys love this place so much. I finally got the confidence to pursue acting, I want to get over my shyness and social anxiety.” Natalie explained, most likely playing nervously with the hem of her shirt while she spoke. “So after tonight, maybe I won’t be so shy with who I am.” You couldn’t help but smile at her words; she reminded you a lot of herself back when you first began. Except you hid yourself in the storage closet at this time your first opening night; having to be coaxed out by Josh.

              “You’ll do great Nat. You haven’t cried, puked, or locked yourself in any closets yet. That is a very good sign.” You joked, stepping out of the change room, placing your costume back in its designated spot. “Ask around sometime about how people reacted before their first show. You will get some pretty funny stories.” You smiled, listening to a small, yet shy giggle escape her lips.

              “So which one were you? Puking, crying or the closet?” Before you could answer, you heard a familiar voice speak up from behind you.

              “If I remember right, you were in the storage closet refusing to come out. Saying you weren’t able to go on, and that you made a mistake? Something about being too shy and I had to talk you into unlocking the door.” Looking behind you, your eyes met with deep brown ones filled with a familiar love. “Hey, Y/N….uh, surprise?” Josh laughed, holding his arms out. You took no time at all to launch yourself into his comforting embrace.

              “I thought you wouldn’t be able to make it.” You mumbled against his chest, smiling so wide that your cheeks began to get sore. “You were out in Europe somewhere tonight, and now you’re here?” You asked, pulling away to look up at his face, memorizing all the familiar features once again.

              “I took the first flight back that I could after our show. I wasn’t about to miss your first show as the lead.” Josh smiled, pulling you into a gentle kiss. One filled with love, and a feeling of making up for lost moments together. “Though I may not be in the front, I will be cheering you on from the back. I refuse to take any of the attention of my beautiful girl.” His words caused your face to flare up a deep red colour, he knew how much you loved hearing “my beautiful girl”. So he would always say them at every opportunity.

              “I am so sorry, we were in the middle of talking. Then I forgot you were here.” You began to ramble, pulling away from Josh when you remembered Natalie was standing right beside you guys, not knowing if she should leave, or wait for you to say something.

              “It’s alright, it was cute to see. I see the stuff Josh posts about you on his twitter all the time, and it was awesome to see it in real life.” Natalie smiled, “Now I will be off to prepare myself for the night ahead of me, and to slightly fangirl to myself that I was in the presence of my favorite drummer.” You laughed quietly, she was probably one of the most composed fans you’ve seen in a long time. Usually they at least gasp a little when Josh comes up. “See you tonight, Y/N.” She waved before walking out of the dressing room, leaving you and Josh alone.

              “How about some pre-show ice cream and catching up?” He offered, taking your hand and leading you out of the empty dressing room.


              You had a wonderful day with Josh, through eating ice-cream in the sun, to curling up in your air conditioned apartment (which felt very nice after walking through the blazing heat to get ice cream). Now you were having a shower, singing gently to yourself. Repeating the words and dance moves to yourself as the lyrics passed your lips. 2 hours until ShowTime. With a soft breath, you turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. You felt relaxed and clean, and ready to preform your heart out. Swiftly drying off you got dressed and made your way to the theatre. Though you wished Josh could have accompanied you, deep down you knew it was better if he didn’t. As he always said before your shows when the two of you would split ways, tonight was about you. About the theater group and the production all of you had worked so hard on perfecting. If he had joined, any fans in the lineup may begin to focus on Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots, rather than the performance they were about to see. Needless to say, Josh worried about that and took all precautions not to let it happen. Which is why you sat back stage, watching everyone prepare for the night alone.

              “Ready?” Your director whispered to you, currently you stood side stage. Waiting for the que for you to make your first appearance. It was nerve wracking, but you knew your friends, family and people who loved theater were waiting in the audience, ready to cheer you on with their smiles and interest.


              Walking out with the rest of the cast, everyone stood in a line across the stage. Smiles adorned your faces as everyone took one last bow. Listening to the cheer from the audience. Opening night could not have gone better, you rocked your part as the lead. You felt weight lifted off your shoulders happily as you danced and acted. It was euphoric.

              “You did it, you did amazing Y/N!!” Natalie squealed in excitement. “I did it too, we did it!” She smiled wider than you’ve ever seen her, with a new confidence burning bright in her eyes.

              “For your first time debut, you were amazing.” You weren’t being sarcastic there, when she hit the stage it was like she had been acting for her whole life. “You better be joining again for the next one!” You smiled, giving her a tight hug before you made your way to the dressing room.

              “These are for you, dear.” Jenna, Tyler’s wife had walked over. Placing a small bouquet in your arms. “You guys did great, Tyler really wanted to be here. But his grandma got sick. He did say he was going to watch the recording though, or come out for another night. And, before I forget. Josh said meet him out back by the stage doors. You know how he is with your performances, refuses to let anyone notice him.” She smiled, giving you a tight hug.

              “Thank you Jenna. Tell Tyler I’m sorry to hear about his grandma.” You gave her a small smile at the end of your sentence before parting ways to change and see Josh. You knew to take your time getting changed, and allow for the crowd to dissipate a little before going to meet him. Otherwise, who knew what would happen?

              After a good 20 minutes, you couldn’t contain your excitement any longer and made your way to the back stage door. Wanting to hear how Josh would react about your performance. Peeking out the door from side you side, you didn’t see anyone. Well besides the few people talking amongst themselves here and there. No big deal though, they would hopefully mind their own business while you minded yours. Taking a small step outside, and walking over to the spot you and Josh always met at, you couldn’t help but smile to yourself. Especially not when you saw him holding a single flower for you, your favorite flower.

              “I would’ve gotten more, but I felt this would be romantic too.” He smiled down to you, pulling you into a tight embrace. “God you did amazing out there.” He mumbled into your hair, pressing a soft kiss to your head.

              “Thank yo-“Your sentence got cut off when a group of people approached you. By the looks on their faces, and the fact that they seemed to be staring at Josh made it clear that they weren’t about to applaud you for your acting.

              “You’re THE Josh Dun, from Twenty One Pilots.” One of the girls gasped, causing the group to erupt in excited chatters and questions for Josh. You felt your heart fall a little, you knew this wasn’t Josh’s fault; but you felt slightly overshadowed. Like your performance tonight didn’t matter because of who you were dating. You must’ve unconsciously let your face match your emotion as Josh began to speak up.

              “Hey guys, I know you’re excited because you’re a fan of Tyler and I. But we aren’t the center of attention tonight, we shouldn’t even be acknowledged right now.” Josh began in a calm tone. “Tonight was about the amazing theatrical crew that preformed tonight. They were the stars, they should be getting asked questions, and being applauded. They are the celebrities right now, not me. Not Tyler. Nobody else besides the amazing guys and girls who performed tonight. Like my beautiful girlfriend, Y/N.” Josh slipped his arms around your shoulders pulling you close. You felt a feeling of complete love and compassion wash over you as he continued. “If you guys want to hang out and talk to Ty and I, then do it at a Twenty One Pilots gig. We’ll be happy to hang out with any of you who stick around after we’re done preforming, just please not tonight. Or on any night that I come to see my girlfriend preform her heart out. You guys understand right?” Some of the fans nodded and slowly left, others looked offended and stormed off. While there was a couple fans who stuck around, asking you about your acting career and how you got to where you were.

              “Hey Josh?” You tiredly asked, as the two of you ventured home after talking to fans after the show. “Thank you for what you did tonight. For me, and for everyone else.” You smiled, getting a smile in return.

              “It really isn’t a problem. This is the dream that you all share, preforming for people night after night. You deserve the recognition for it. Not to be overshadowed by us. If it ever happens again, I’ll gladly repeat what I said tonight.” He smiled, leaning down to press his lips against yours lovingly.

              It was an indescribable feeling for you from that night on, the clique understood that Josh was at the theater to see you; not take over the spotlight. So your future shows, he sat front row and center, smiling up at you the entire time.

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Please write a markiplier imagine where you're dating and you're doing a video with him and it's just really cute and everybody loves you together. I neeeeeed the fluff.

You came to the right person, doll! I hope you like this, and thank you for requesting!


“So would you be down with recording a video with me tonight, babe?” Mark looked to you, handing you the ice cream cone you had ordered. The two of you had went out for ice cream since it was a beautiful, sunny, and warm day in the city of Los Angeles. “Of course! Are we doing a game play or are we just going to make some silly video?” You asked, taking the ice cream cone from Mark and licked the chocolate ice cream scoop that was on top of the cone. “I think we might do a challenge of some sort. Maybe the whisper challenge? I know that it’s just you and I, but we could still make some fun out of it, right?” Mark rubbed your back soothingly, scooting a chair out for you before sitting himself down. You gave him a smile for a thanks, sat down, and began to lick more of your ice cream. “That sounds fun. It looks so fun when you and your friends play the whisper challenge. Those videos are so hilarious, babe.” You laughed at the thought of them, and continued on licking your ice cream. “Well yeah, I love making videos with the guys, they’re hilarious. I should talk to them about letting you into a video with us sometime.” Mark rambled, you smiled at the idea.

The two of you had arrived home after your ice cream date. You kicked your shoes off, and plopped down on the couch. “Want a soda, babe?” Mark kissed the top of your head before heading off to the kitchen. “Yes please.” You responded, smiling at the fact your boyfriend was such a gentleman. You had been dating Mark for over a year now, and you were living with him in Los Angeles, his roommates as well, they were hilarious guys and they made living there such a blast. You weren’t a Youtuber, but once you moved in with Mark, he started including you in some of his challenges, vlogs, and silly random videos. The best part, was that his fan base was very accepting of the two of you, it was rare someone had a negative comment about the two of you. The fans were always asking Mark when he was going to have you in a video again. Sometimes you’d randomly pop up while he was recording, say hello to his viewers, give him a big kiss, and run off doing whatever it was that you were doing. Everyone loved the two of you together, and nothing felt better than acceptance. 

Mark handed you the soda and sat down on the couch next to you, propping your legs up on his lap and began to rub them soothingly, staring at you as you drank your soda and smiled at the feeling of Mark’s hands on your legs. His touch was so comforting. “You ready to get recording, beautiful?” Mark said in a low, raspy voice, a slight smile on his face. His smile always made your heart skip beats. You nodded, “Yeah, I just needed to relax for a second.” You slid your legs off of Mark’s and onto the ground, getting up off the couch and grabbing Mark’s hand, the two of you hurried up the spiral stairs and to the bedroom you shared. “I gotta think of a spot we could record today.” Mark squinted his eyes for whatever reason, looking around the room. “Aha! We can do it right here.” Mark walked over the desk across from the side of the bed, placing his camera down on top of it and began to adjust it so the camera would get the two of you in the view. “Perfect.” Mark grabbed your hand and the two of you sat down beside the bed. “Nice choice of spot.” You giggled, kissing Mark’s cheek, he let out a soft chuckle, “It’s genius, am I right?” He kissed the tip of your nose, causing you to giggle again. Mark was too darn cute for you to handle.

“Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to the whisper challenge! I am here with my beautiful girlfriend, Y/N,” Mark turned to you and you waved to the camera, “Hi guys!” You said in a soft voice, giving the viewers a smile. “I know that in the last whisper challenge, I played with Matthias, Wade, and Jessie, and you all seemed to really like that, so I thought that for the third one, I’d do the whisper challenge with Y/N. If you haven’t seen my whisper challenge videos, you should probably go watch those one’s before or after you watch this video, doesn’t matter, whatever you want to do.” Mark made some hand gestures in the video, you smiled as you occasionally looked at Mark and seen how passionate he was when he recorded. It was incredible. Mark was good at what he did, and he cared so much for his viewers, which was probably the most important thing. “If you don’t feel like watching the other videos first, I’ll give you a brief explanation of what the whisper challenge is all about. Usually you have three other participants, but I decided to switch things up just for this video. The participants will be listening to very loud music and can’t hear what I am saying. So I will read the tweet, and then whisper it very quietly to the participants, they try to read my lips, and interpret what I am saying. It’d be a little different if there were actually three participants, but because it’s just Y/N and I, she will just repeat it back to me and I will tell her if it was right or wrong.” Mark chuckled after explaining.

Mark gave you your phone and headphones off of the nightstand beside him, “Here you go babe, play whatever music you like, make sure the volume is on full blast.” You took your things from Mark’s hands, “Okay.” You smiled and nodded, going through your music and pressing shuffle, turning the volume up all the way put your headphones in. Mark began to speak again, but you couldn’t hear what he saying. “So now I will be reading some of your tweets off to Y/N quietly, and see if she can understand what I’m saying over the loud music.” Mark explained before turning to you, pulling one of your headphones out for a second, “Ready?” He asked, you nodded, “Ready.” You put the headphone back in and Mark began scrolling through his phone before nodding to you that he was going to start. Your eyes made their way to Mark’s lips so you could try to make out what he was saying, “Can I sniff your doughnut holes.” Mark spoke, but you couldn’t understand what he was saying whatsoever. You raised an eyebrow and made a funny face, “Uhh.. Can I sniff your butthole?” You shouted over the music and you could see Mark burst out into laughter, “Did I get it right!?” You looked at the camera and then back at Mark who was dying of laughter.

You took your headphones off and looked at Mark, “What’s so funny?! What did you actually say!?” You let out a giggle, you wondered how off you really were. “I said, can I sniff your doughnut holes.” Mark couldn’t control his laughter, “You were in a way close.” The two of you burst out into laughter together. You could understand why Mark was laughing as hard as he was, it was pretty darn funny. “Okay, my turn. I’m just going to use your headphones and music.” You gave Mark your things and took his phone to read through the tweets he had up. “Just let me know when you’re ready, love.” Mark kissed your forehead before putting your headphones in his ears. You began to scroll through the tweets, they were pretty funny, you couldn’t help but giggle at all of them. You finally settled on one, you weren’t very sure if it was all that good, but you didn’t want to take too long picking one. You poked Mark in his tummy to show you were ready, and he positioned himself, looking at your lips. “Your pineapples are tripping down the hill.” You spoke clearly and quietly, laughing at what you had just said because it sounded just as ridiculous as a response. Mark laughed out loud before he could even say it back, “Your nipples smell like dill pickles?” He raised an eyebrow to see if he got it right, you cupped your face with your hands and burst out laughing, you laid your head on Mark’s chest and you continued to laugh. 

Mark pulled the headphones out of his ears and you sat back up, “That was so wrong. I said your pineapples are tripping down the hill.” You wiped a tear of laughter from your face, this challenge was funnier than you thought it was going to be. After a few more tries the two of you finally wrapped up the recording. Mark turned back to the camera, as did you. “Thanks everyone so much for watching. Y/N and I really hope you enjoyed this video, so let Y/N and I know in the comment section below if there’s anymore challenges you’d like the two of us to do together. Thanks again so much for watching, thanks Y/N for making this video with me, and as always, we will see you in the next video! Buh-bye!” After Mark said what he needed to, the two of you waved to the camera, you gave a smile to the viewers and Mark turned off the camera. “That went great! Thanks for making this video with me, angel.” Mark wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you in for a hug. You wrapped your arms around his neck and gave him a peck on the lips, “Anything for you, baby.” Mark chuckled softly before pushing you onto the bed and began to tickle you, you couldn’t help but burst out into laughter, “Mark stop!” You laughed out loud as he attacked your neck with kisses. “I love you so much, Y/N.” Mark smiled against your neck. “I love you too, Markimoo.” You held him tightly. You felt so lucky to be dating this amazing hunk.

Mafumafu will tap the tambourine because he's being chased by delivery dates ( 'ω'o[Will read the comments this time]o 02/23/2015 Namahousou

Thanks to yu-tah and amachu for the recordings! I got confused a lot i realized i was listening to two different recordings like…i’m sure i stopped at 12:31mins but the talk isn’t the same…i’m slow, sorry. I woke up early to post this coz i realized they have one later today :D

What’s in here hmm…Mafu confessing his love and adoration for Soraru of course lol. 

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What if... Adrien is Gabriel and Mama’s Agreste’s ‘miracle’ baby?

For a while now I’ve had this thought circulating through my head that what if… Adrien Agreste was the proclaimed miracle child of the Agrestes Family—the first child successfully born to Gabriel and his wife after a long time of failed attempts and unfortunate mishaps.

What if…

For years, the Agrestes had been trying to have a baby however each time his wife got pregnant, something went wrong. Let’s say, his wife suffered through the tragic turmoil of two miscarriages before she had Adrien. And even his birth had its fair share of complications.  For starters, Adrien was born prematurely—exactly three weeks before his scheduled due date according to Gabriel’s record (let’s say Gabriel had Natalie help him keep track of his wife’s whole pregnancy and handle the scheduling of all her doctor visits, administration of necessary vitamins, lamozz classes, diet, etc) and during his birth, his mother had to undergo a length C-section surgery because she was having difficulty ‘pushing’.

But despite the initial scare, when Adrien was finally born; he was literally the epitome of perfection that his father hoped he would be—perfectly healthy despite being a pre-born child, rarely cried unless he was hungry or needed to be changed, didn’t give the doctors or nurses any fuss when they came to check his vitals (cause premature born children has to stay in the hospital for observation to make sure that everything was well with the child). Even the hospital workers themselves complimented that Adrien was the ‘perfect’ child.

The proud miracle baby of the high status Agreste Family.

I’d imagine that with Adrien being their first successful born child after so much that the Agrestes would be the type of parents who’d want to give him everything that he wants. What I love about Adrien’s character canonically in the series is that, despite coming from such a wealthy, famous and prestigious background, he never really let it all go to his head. He never let it turn it into an arrogant snob who used his wealth to take advantage of others (unlike some other children in his position of wealth—-Chloe Bourgeoisie. Now I understand where the term ‘bougie’ comes from. I get it now) and instead, remained quite humble and gentlemen-like. There another reason to love his cinnamon roll of a fashion prince).

I’d also pegged to the Agrestes to be the type of parents to gush over everything that their baby does and would want to keep record of it somehow, even if it’s the smallest of moments.

I can imagine Gabriel having a private collection of homemade family albums and videos that he and his wife had made together that not only highlighted some of the most memorable, cherished memories they shared as a loving couple (both before and after they got married) but additionally all of the best moments from Adrien’s childhood.

From the time he was first brought home, his first crawl, his first meal, embarrassingly cute moments from when he was toddler (pulling baby antics like putting his foot in his mouth or running around the mansion butt naked with his black kitty cat baby underwear pulled over his head like a superhero mask. Adrien’s first transformation as Chat Noir came too natural. This isn’t the first time this home-cooked cinnamon roll has played ‘superhero’. He moved like he’s been training for that moment his entire life from since he was in diapers)…

His first bath, his first walk, his first birthday (which was most likely spent at home with only a few invited friends), his first Christmas, his first word (which I have this cute idea would be tied to the first time he was introduced to Natalie. I have a feeling that Natalie has probably been with the Agreste Family for a long time. Probably since she was a young adult—like maybe 18-19. She’s clearly still young—probably no older than her early thirties and for Gabriel Agreste entrust the over care of his son in the hands of another woman other than his wife—the actual mother of his child must mean that Gabriel must have a great sense of confidence in Natalie which, given the type of high-strung fellow Gabriel is, could only come from years and years of building that strong sense of trust), his first friend (the first time he met Chloe, the Mayor’s Daughter), his first mother-son dance shared with his mother, his first fashion photo shoot and the list can go on.

I also have this small headcanon that if Gabriel does have a private collection of memories, that sometimes when he’s alone in his study, he would take out some of his favourite memories and watch them over and over again. Particularly the ones that mostly featured his wife…just so that he could remember and relish what it would be like to hear her voice and laughter again. To have that one private moment to himself to pretend; even for those few short minutes of footage, that things hadn’t changed and the love of his life was still safe in his arms instead of being whisked from this world without a trace. The only memento of her cherished existence being photos, some old videos and their precious miracle child—their perfect baby boy for whom he must now care for and protect on his own so that he too, may not suffer the same fate as his mother.

…Hmm, what if, am I right? 

And even if this isn’t a canon thing in the series. Hey, it would make a lovely fanfic. Heh, maybe I should write some ML fanfics some day to better illustrate these ideas/theories/miraculous musings of mine, am I right?

Until then, see you guys later fellow miraculers!  

~LittleMissSquiggles (2016)

Party Fun (John Swift Imagine)

Requested: Can you do a request about John where you meet him at a party and hit it off?

AN: Thanks for the request holland-maloley.  I am so so sorry that this took so long to write/post. Life got a little crazy once school started but its mellowed out now, so here it is! Sorry if it sucks, i hope you like it :)

Multiple vibrations from my phone echoed through the room, waking me from my deep slumber. I rolled over in bed not wanting to get up quiet yet, but knowing I’d have to eventually. Grabbing my phone and checking the time, stunned that I had slept in till 4 in the afternoon.

I had a text from Sammy, Nate, and multiple from Jack Johnson. They all said about the same thing, inviting me to go to a party at Nash’s tonight. I replied to all of them saying that I’d be there.

Lately I hadn’t seen my best friends Sammy, Nate, and the Jacks due to me working a lot and them always being in the studio, so I was excited to spend some time with them tonight. I had also heard they had some friends visiting from Omaha so it’d be cool to meet them.

I decided to get ready right away so I could take as much time as I wanted.

I got up and plugged my phone into the speakers to have music going while I got ready. I turned my Halsey playlist on and headed to the bathroom to take a shower, leaving the door open.


I finished getting ready, feeling rather good about myself. This new sprung confidence felt good and now I was even more excited to go to the party.

I got to my car and drove quickly to Nash’s house, it wasn’t too far away from my house. Once I got there I parked my car down the street, due to tons of cars already being there.

I walked in through the door and saw some people in the kitchen getting drinks. I met Nash, Jack Gilinsky, and Madison in the kitchen. Once Nash spotted me he embraced me in a tight hug. I was rather surprised he did this saying we’ve never been too close.

“I have to say I missed you (Y/n).” Nash said as he pulled away from the hug.

“Yeah I can tell.” I teased Nash.

Madison came over next and gave me a little hug. At first I didn’t love Madison because I’d always had this tiny crush on Jack but once I realized they were both happy I started to become her friend.

“You and Jack are cute as always.” I said in a low enough voice for only her to hear.

“Aw thanks (Y/n)!” Madison had this excited hyper energy that made everyone around her happy and cheerful.

Jack snuck up from behind Madison and brought me into a hug as well.

“Glad you could make it (Y/n).”

“Yeah me too! Where are..” He cut me off, knowing what I was going to say.

“They’re all out back, I think you know what they’re doing.”

Jack was right I did know. As usual they were going to be out back smoking.

“Thanks, I’ll see you guys later.” I waved at them and made my way to the back, through the open sliding glass doors.

Once I got out there I glanced at all of them before my eyes landed on one. He was sitting next to Nate with a big smiled on his face. He was cute, really cute actually.

“(Y/n)! Hello!” Sammy said taking me out of my trance.

“Hey guys!” I said to all the boys.

Sammy and Johnson got up and both gave me a hug.

“You’re looking rather hot.” Sammy said with a smirk plastered on his face.

Nate motioned me over to sit by him, probably too high to get up.

“Aye (Y/n), glad you could make it.” Nate said as he put an arm around me with a blunt in his other hand.

“Yeah glad I could too. Nice to see you as your usual self.” I laughed.

“Want some?” Nate said while passing me the blunt. I grabbed it out of his hand and inhaled blowing the smoke in his face.

“So who’s this?” I asked, nodding my head toward the gorgeous guy sitting next to Nate.

“Oh shit I forgot! (Y/n) this is John, he’s visiting from Omaha. John this is (Y/n), one of our good friends.”

“Nice to meet you (Y/n).” John said as he offered me his hand to shake.

“Very gentlemen like.” I said as I shook his hand.

“I’ll be right back guys.” Nate said as he got up and stumbled inside somewhere. I scooted a little bit closer to him.

“So you liking LA?” I asked.

“Actually yeah, I’ve been in the studio with Nate so much and staying at their apartment, I figured I might just move here.”

I liked the idea of being able to see him more. He was obviously super cute and seemed nice so far.

“So you sing also?”

His eyes lit up when I asked this question.

“You could say that.”

“Do you record in the same studio as Nate?”

“Yeah, we’ve been in there none stop. We don’t do it cause we have to we do it cause it’s what we love to do.”

As we talked we inched closer and closer to each other without even trying. I let him talk about his stuff and he asked me questions about my self too.

“Hey Swazz! You gettin it on?” Nate slurred from the sliding glass doors, leaning onto the opening.

“Shit, it’s probably time I take him home.” John said with sad eyes.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ll see ya later.”

“Okay, let’s try to hangout again so. Maybe just the two of us next time?” He said with a sly smirk.

“Yeah that’d be nice. Here put your number in.”

I handed him my phone and he typed in his number.

“I’ll see you soon Y/n.” He said and he leaned in hugged me. Surprised I hugged back and he walked over to help Nate home.

“Bye Y/n! I’ll see you in Swazz’s been soon.” Nate slurred again. Too drunk for anything really.

“Whatever bye Nate.” I said hiding my face so no one could see how red it was.

anonymous asked:

Hellooo, I'm a new shawol and I was wondering if you could give me information about the boys? I know all their faces and names but that's all really. You don't have to if you don't want to! :)

Well hello anon~~ i would love to inform you about the members as much as possible! I <33 I hope i can do them justice ^^

First we have our Dubu leader: ONEW

This man… /grunts/ look at him… OKAY.  INFO

So his stage name is Onew, but his real name is Lee Jinki. He was born December, 14, 1989 making him the oldest and the leader of SHINee. Tbh, he’s a little ball of fluff that can get your motors running in a matter or .002 seconds. Like… 

Can he not? lol… This man also has a fandom name for all his body parts a such as: 




sooooo to put it simply… this man is a threat to your ideal man. He’s super sweet and takes care of his members. Minho mentioned it in an interview how Jinki doesn’t think of himself as higher then any of the other members, but as their equal. He is SHINee’s pillar… their stability. The glue if I say so myself. He holds it down for SHINee and i don’t think we, as shinee world and shinee themselves, could have asked for a better leader. 

He recently went through surgery on his throat, but is completely better now! How could I forget onew condition! - this is basically him being funny or clumsy as hell with out even trying and tbh, its a completely charming point. OH, HE LOVES CHICKEN. You’ll hear a lot of jokes about that :)

His personal fandom name are: MVP’s- they were given this name because in their debut song “Replay” he says “noona you are my mvp” and well naturally, thats what they are called now! 

His smile is blinding. It legit feels like angels are throwing up on you… here have a look:

Ohkay~ so before I make this any longer, jinki is an amazing person and we’re lucky to have him. He’s strong hardworking man, and deserves all the chicken in the world for all his efforts. i love him, you love him we all love him. 



oHKAY IMMA STOP THERE BEFORE I GO OVER BOARD AND THIS IS ALREADY NOT GOOD. sooooo… he is the one and only Kim, Jonghyun. He was born on April 8, 1990. He is SHINee worlds residential puppy and crybaby.. but its okay we love and accept him and want him to cry rivers. He’s a sensitive soul and that itself is a charming point… who doesn’t love a man that shows his feelings? 

He is a composer and lyric writer. He recently debuted solo January 1. He took a main part in his album, “Base” and also writing SHINee’s “View’ for their most recent comeback. He also partook in writing, “Pretty Boy” for Taemin’s solo Album, “Ace” and “Playboy” on EXO’s comeback album. (as you can see, hes into writing and his songs are A++, but of course that comes from me and i’m a little bias…. haha)

His personal fandom name are: Blingers - because he is BLING BLING JONGHYUN ^^

Jonghyun is understanding and very aware of all the bad that is happening in the world. He’s the member that will say what on his mind? at least thats the portrayal i have of him. If its important to him he wont be afraid to voice his opinions and RESPECT him for that. He has brought up subjects that i believe an idol wouldnt usually bring up or openly talk about.. but nope, jjong is different. Hes proven time and time again, how caring he is not just towards his members but to his fans. hah sometimes i think he doesnt give a fuck- BUT IN A GOOD WAY. He is so humble.. all of SHINee are.. and this why they are together and shine as all five. It feels as if they havent let all this fame and fortune get to their head.. but dont get me wrong they’re still humans and as humans were not perfect lol. BUT THATS NOT THE POINT. 


He runs a radio program called: Blue Night everyday from 12am kst to 2am kst
He has insomnia so he has trouble sleeping at night… and he loves shoes. lolol. 

He was in a band before debuting and played the bass. I know he also plays guitar and piano…(?) someone can correct me if im wrong. 

OH, HES ALSO SHINEES TEASE (wait.. all of them are teases but look)







Look at how he saved that girl~ okay, so this is Choi Minho. Sweet ass mother f-er. 

He was born December 9, 1991 and is the Rapper of the group.. Well, so is Key, but yes.. the OG. This guy is the competitive sports athlete member. He loves soccer.. practically breathes it. IF IT BRINGS ON SWEAT COUNT MINHO IN. He has couple of nicknames such as: Flaming Charisma and Frog Prince. He burns with passion on a daily basis. 

His fandom name are: Flamers

Minho is the guy that comforts his members.. (they all comfort each other, but hes there to offer the hugs and lowkey harass jjong) but he offers the love that shinee needs during those emotional times. He writes majority of the raps that he does in the shinee songs and has even branched out to letting us hear his angelic voice. HE CAN SING AND SOMEONE CAN FIGHT ME IF THEY SAY OTHER WISE. LEGIT, MINHO IS A PRINCE. He gives off that aura of romantic pure guy that only wants good in the world… haha this might just be me living in my own world. HE IS AN ACTOR AND HAS ACTED IN COUPLE DRAMAS. He is currently working/ or already finished up the movie is going to be in. 

He is the tallest member of SHINee and never forgets to remind jjong LOLOL



honestly tho.. minho is a treat. is adorable and OMG OMG OMG HE IS A BIAS WRECKER.. LIKE WTF, CHOI. W.T.F.

where? who? what? when? NO. NOOOOOOOOO. YOU KNOW THAT PERSON THAT WRECKS YOUR NUMBER AND SOMETIMES YOU DOUBT IT.. YEAH. THIS IS WHAT HE DOES TO ME. this was even before all this happened… just /faints/

nah, but i appreciate minho and his part in shinee. He’s funny, charismatic, easy going and loves those around him. I THink that itself is pretty clear. OH I FORGOT HE LOVES HIS HYUNGS… YES. THE HYUNG WHORE HIMSELF. 

i truly cant get enough of him. 


This is Kim Kibum. His stage name is Key. He is SHINee’s fashionista. He loves fashion and you can see him rocking new trends or creating them himself when looking at the outfit he has on. He was born on September 23, 1991. His nickname is The Almighty Key. 

His fandom name: Lockets though on instagram he started calling everyone lil freaks… sort of renaming his fans. so either one!

This man loves musicals. He’s performed in many, and is currently going to be starting up a new one called “chess” He is known for his girl group dances.. and if i do say so myself he can rock those girl group dances, even to this day! He has a way with his body and he can dance. He goes hard in a delicate way lolol. 

He is a rapper, vocalist and dancer (tbh, they’re all dancers cause damn, their choreo isnt simple)

kibum… kibum .. kibum. what can i say? I love him? yes. He’s the type to show who he is and not hide it.. he said so himself. Hes the type to put it out there and not be afraid. I look up to him and they way he thinks… He’s hardworking, always trying to improve himself.. he’s dedicated to shinee, to everything he does and its always 100%. i feel as if he doesnt half ass the things he does. Committed. That to me is what kim kibum is. He’s also a caring towards his members… i mean, he wouldnt be the “umma” if he wasnt. Maybe that nickname was for way back in the day, but i know hes on the side lines watching out for them. 

He loves skin care~ i mean look at his skin, FLAWLESS. Thats another great way to describe him. 

He has two dogs, comme des and garcons. He currently is living in his own apartment that he recently moved into this year. HES A BIG BOY DOING GROWN MAN THINGS AND LIVING ON HIS OWN YEAAAAAHHHH. 

Oh he studied abroad in LA for i think, a year (?) again, someone can correct me, but he can speak some english and if anything understand it. ACTUALLY, hes known for knowing few other languages such as japanese and chinese. 




he knows hes hot.. he knows hes sexy, and look at him.. smug little shit. 

so this guy, hahahaha… well, he is the youngest outta them all. His birthday is July 18, 1993. He is the main dancer of shinee and now a vocalist! When he first debuted, he didnt sing as much, but guess what? This little shit debuted as a SOLO ARTIST LAST SUMMER!!

Who allowed this to happen? idk. idk. idek. 

the cute innocent taeminnie is now TAEMAAAAAAAAAN. JS. 

so im trying to think of the words to describe him but i really can only think of trouble maker? the ones that wants to cause shit… but not really? if that makes sense? Hes a joker for sure. Hes the type of smile and laugh when a member is crying -NOT IN A BAD WAY NO- BUT he’ll record you or take pictures when you’re crying. HE’S FUNNY. he blanks out and sometimes has this distance stare. OMG. HIS WTF FACE; HES KNOWN FOR THIS- HE IS “THE KPOP DUDE”

HE HATES BUGS. its actually quite funny and cute. 

HES THE YOUNGIN THAT GETS TAKEN CARE OF BY THE MEMBERS BUT ALSO IS THERE FOR THEM IN THEIR TIME OF NEED. haha (sometimes i feel like he cant take jjongs crying… lolol)

he kicks ass at dancing. that was his original role in SHINee until he blossomed into the beautiful manly fairy prince he is today. 

His fandom name: Taemints - so i heard it was that because during debut days he would carry mints and share them with his fans (?) again, people are free to correct me. 


Soooo thats it! I mean, there is A TON MORE TO BE SAID ABOUT THEM but i think i might have scratched the surface to tell you a bit about each of them. If you were looking for more factual things rather than how i perceive them then im sorry!! but i hope you were able to grasp shinee in this post! I’m glad that you’re getting into the fandom because it surely is a great one and you wont regret getting into these five shining men. They have done so much, not just for me, but for many shawols around the world- giving many of us strength to carry on. Whether it be through their songs, or talks during concerts, or little interviews… they manage to connect with us and relate with us. Sometimes it feels as if they’re the best friend we never had… you know?

i did want to point out that in the beginning each member had their “distinct” positions, but now? look at them. ALL VOCALISTS. ALL DANCERS. and i bet, if they give it a try, they can rap too :D 

SHINee is SHINee because of Lee Jinki, Lee Taemin, Kim Kibum, Kim Jonghyun, and Choi Minho. Their personalities, voices, attitudes all make up the band we love. They have grown so much to be who they are and ugh so proud. okay.


cestlavieamelie  asked:

89. It’s cute that you think you need an excuse to hold my hand.
95. Maybe you could’ve worn something less memorable? Thanks!

@how-i-met-your-mulder also asked for #89.  Enjoy!

The assignment hadn’t specified that they were supposed to be pretending to be on a date… but it had been heavily implied, and so Scully asks Mulder to pick her up at her apartment so that they can arrive in the same car.  He gets there early- for once- and lets himself in.  When Scully finally leaves her bedroom, her hair having given her more resistance than usual, he’s kicked back on her couch, his feet in their dress shoes propped up on the coffee table as he flicks through the channels on her TV.

“Mulder,” she sighs, “would you mind not putting your feet on my furniture, please?”

“My shoes are clean, Scully,” he says, but he removes them all the same.  "It’s not like I wear these that….“  His voice drops off mid-sentence as he looks up at her.  ”…often.“  She can see his adam’s apple bob as he swallows hard.  "You look nice,” he says, his voice cracking on the final word.  She smiles.

“Thanks,” she says.  The black dress, with its halter top, its plunging neckline, and its slit in the skirt that goes nearly to her hip, had been an impulse buy over a year ago, and has since been languishing in the back of her closet, next to two or three other pieces of neglected evening wear.  She can’t help but laugh at the fact that, while Mulder’s the one giving her the opportunity to wear it, it’s not, as she’d once hoped, because he’s taking her out for dinner and dancing.

Well… he is… in a manner of speaking.  Her fantasy, however, didn’t involve their being backup for a high-profile arrest, and it definitely did not involve Walter Skinner positioning himself in the restaurant to observe the proceedings and step in if things get out of hand.

Scully turns to collect her coat and purse, and as Mulder gets a glimpse of the back of her dress- or, more accurately, the near-total lack thereof- she hears him gasp.  "Mulder,“ she says, rolling her eyes, "it’s not like you haven’t seen it all before.  Far more than this dress shows.”  She turns back to him, her eyebrow cocked.  "Less than two days ago, as a matter of fact.“

"That’s not the same thing,” he says, standing and retrieving his own dress coat from the back of a chair.  "It’s one thing to see you totally naked.  It’s a great thing, of course,“ he adds as Scully’s eyes narrow.  "But to see everything hinted at like this, knowing there’s a chance it might eventually be revealed… especially when I know exactly how spectacular what’s hidden really is….”  He shakes his head.  "It’s the most erotic thing in the world, Scully.  You can’t imagine.“  Scully feels a flush climbing up her cheeks and spreading over her chest.  She smiles softly.

"Behave yourself tonight,” she advises Mulder, “and I’d say there’s more than a chance it’s eventually going to be revealed.”

The restaurant is fancy, far nicer than anyplace Scully would ever have cause to go to.  She and Mulder are in a sleek, black Mercedes, provided by the bureau, because to pull up in Mulder’s beat-up Taurus would practically broadcast that they don’t belong here.  Mulder gets out, then crosses to hand the keys to the attendant, and opens Scully’s door, taking her hand and helping her climb out.  Her stiletto heel catches in the cobblestone drive, but Mulder catches her arm, and she stays on her feet.  She takes his hand in hers.

“We’re supposed to be a couple on a romantic date,” she whispers to Mulder, as he raises his eyebrows at her.  "We should try to look like it.“

"I wasn’t complaining,” he replies, grinning.  "But it’s cute that you think you need an excuse to hold my hand.

They give their covernames to the maitre d’ and are shown to their seats in the corner of the room, their table having been selected ahead of time for its vantage point.  Scully spies Skinner at the bar, but he gives no sign he’s seen them.

“You think we’ll actually be here long enough to eat a full meal, dessert and all?” Mulder mumbles to her as he scans the menu.  "The bureau’s picking up the tab… it’d be a shame not to get as much much mileage out of that as we can.“

"Let’s order with the assumption that we’ll get to eat whatever it is,” says Scully.  She’s practically drooling over the descriptions of some of the dishes.  "I wish we could order wine with this… but something tells me Skinner would drag us both out of here by the ear if he saw any alcohol heading towards this table while we’re on the job.“

As Mulder gives the waiter their orders, Scully scans the dining room.  She spots the suspect at a table along the dance floor, sitting with the undercover agent she knows is recording his every word.  Once he’s got the confirmation he needs, the agent will signal to the others positioned around the dining room, and the arrest will be made.

Scully catches Skinner’s eye, and the AD gives a tiny, almost imperceptible jerk of his head, in the direction of the dance floor.  Scully inclines her head in Mulder’s direction, and Skinner nods.

"I think Skinner wants us to dance, so that we’re closer to the suspect when the arrest comes,” she says to Mulder, who raises his eyebrows.

“Scully, if you want to cut a rug with me, all you have to do is ask,” says Mulder.  "You don’t need the job as an excuse.“

Mulder,“ she hisses, her face reddening.  "Skinner’s watching.  Will you just come on?”  He gives her a cocky grin and stands, extending his hand, which she takes, and together, they wind their way through the tables towards the dance floor.

Scully is dimly aware of heads turning as she passes, and she begins to feel uncomfortable.  Pools and beaches aside, she can’t remember the last time she’s shown this much skin in public.

“What’s wrong?” Mulder asks, catching sight of her face as he turns to her and slides an arm around her waist, swaying her gently to the music.

“Everyone’s staring at me,” she says.  "I’m not used to it.“

"I don’t see how you wouldn’t be,” murmurs Mulder, dropping his head far enough to speak directly into her ear.  

“Mulder,” she sighs, “Can you please be serious?  If the suspect has anyone keeping watch in the dining room, and they get out of here once he’s arrested, I don’t want them to remember me or remember what I look like.”

"Maybe you could’ve worn something less memorable?“ Mulder suggests, running his fingers up and down her spine before placing his hand flat against the exposed small of her back, spanning the entire width of her hips with his fingers.  She inhales sharply… and over Mulder’s shoulder, she catches sight of Skinner, watching them dancing closely with an expression that says, all too clearly, I knew it.

Before Scully can suggest to Mulder that they should maybe step back a bit, Skinner jumps to his feet.  Scully turns quickly to see the undercover agent handcuffing the suspect, reading him his rights, and before there’s time to react, the suspect is being led away.  All around the restaurant, other undercover agents are standing, preparing to leave.  It’s the fastest, most efficient arrest Scully can remember seeing in a very long time.

Skinner approaches them, tucking his cell phone into his pocket, having just informed the agents outside that it’s over.

"You don’t need to stick around, agents,” he tells them.  "We’re sending everyone who was borrowed from other departments home.  The agents assigned to the case can handle it from here.“  

"Yes, Sir,” says Mulder.  He leads Scully back to the table… but as she picks up her purse, preparing to leave, Mulder pulls out his chair and sits back down.

“Mulder, what are you doing?” she asks.  "The bureau’s not going to pay for this meal if the suspect was apprehended before it was served.“

"The bureau won’t need to pay for it, Scully,” he replies.  "I will.“  Scully gapes at him.

"Mulder, this is one of the most expensive restaurants in DC,” she says.  "I appreciate the gesture but-“

"But what?” Mulder asks.  "You don’t think you deserve a fancy dinner every now and then?“  He shakes his napkin out and places it on his lap, then stretches his legs out underneath the table, pushing on her chair until it’s far back enough for her to sit down.  "Scully, you deserve to eat like this every night of the week.  I know I haven’t taken you out yet- not properly, anyway- but it’s only been a couple of weeks.  Now… will you sit down?  The waiter’s headed this way.  He probably thinks you’re getting ready to storm out or complain about his service or something.”  Reluctantly, Scully takes her seat, just as the waiter arrives at their table.

“Is something wrong, Ma'am?” he asks.  "Can I bring you anything while you wait for your meal?“  Scully glances at Mulder, who raises his eyebrows at her expectantly… and finally, she looks back up at the waiter and smiles.

"Yes, actually,” she says.  "My date and I would like to see the wine list.“

New interview [full transcription]
  • Jesse: Hellooo.
  • Amy: Hi, Jesse!
  • Jesse: How are you?
  • Amy: I'm good, how you doing?
  • Jesse: I am so excited to talk to you! Did you hear that the fans in Dallas have gone [mental] [if someone knows what the exact word is, please let us know!]
  • Amy: Oh [laughs] that's awesome!
  • Jesse: And a major shoutout to your biggest fan in Dallas, Tyler Bennet who alerted me to the announcement.
  • Amy: Aaww thanks for telling me that. I mean, we really do have incredible fans, it's been like one of the things that makes it so fun, you know? I mean, it's fun to get up on stage and perform but having people all over the world that, like, really care and, like, get it and you know it's just music, we're not changing the world but it feels really good, it feels like we're doing something that means something to people and, man, it just means that much more to you, you know?
  • Jesse: Well, the last time we saw Evanescence in DFW was for Edge Fest 2012, I interviewed you backstage in a bunny suit?
  • Amy: [laughs] Yeah, I remember.
  • Jesse: It seems like after that show you all kind of... just went quietly away. Talk a little bit about what you've been through this past few years.
  • Amy: Oh my lord, it's flown by! Err - Well, the biggest thing in my life, to be totally honest, at the moment is my SON, which I had in the meantime. He's turning one tomorrow. So... [chuckles]
  • Jesse: OH MY GOSH, baby Jack! He is the cutest thing I've ever - I just want to eat him up!
  • Amy: Oh my lord, he is sooo cute! Okay but he has four little teeth now and they're razor sharp and every time I pick him up he gives me this big hug and just chomps on my shoulder [laughs] and it huurts so bad. He's awesome, he's doing well, he's just started to walk and say all kind of crazy words in I don't know what language. But he's really cute and we're really excited about him, it's been a really great experience I can't really describe, it's been an amazing experience from day one since [chuckles]. Just a lot of love, a lot of new inspiration and feelings, you know? There's a whole transformation that takes place that's just your mind and your body and your heart, everything just feels like "WOW I didn't know I was capable of all this stuff", you know? I didn't know I was capable of feeling so many feelings and that my body was capable of doing so many things [chuckles] And now, it's cool because I guess I thought, to a certain degree, "okay one day, I'm gonna grow up and have kids and stop all this crazy rock'n roll business and I'm gonna just focus on being a mom and - I do! I wanna be a mom, like I wanna be great at that, I wanna be the best I can possibly be, but I feel [??], and inspired and empowered and excited about life. Like, I don't want to retire, like I guess maybe as a kid I thought that's how I would feel. I feel really cool, it's funny 'cause I'm doing more, like, in a day that I have done in a long time. Like everyday it's BOOM you're up, you're going first thing, you know? [chuckles]. And I'm taking care of him but also, it's a gym, I lost 21 pounds! Genuinely, it's really, really hard [laughs]
  • Jesse: Do you feel like Superwoman? 'Cause my best friend had a baby and...
  • Amy: ARGH!
  • Jesse: Once it sank in and once she found her groove she just... I'm like "Who are you and can I have some of this?"
  • Amy: I'm going - I'm not kidding, it's like "I'm READY TO GO"
  • Jesse: [laughs]
  • Amy: You definitely feel like you're - err - operating like at highest capacity a lot of time. Which is like, actually makes you feel really good. Like - I don't know, sometimes, when I'm not doing anything, nothing productive, I start to feel pressed, like "Man I need to work but I don't wanna work", I just feel like lame. But now, you know, it's him, working for him, that's a motivator and you sort of wanna be awesome for the sake of that person you love so much. And I'm working on myself and getting excited and getting ready for the end of the year and the shows and knowing that we have, you know, these fans who care and are excited about it, just - It's awesome! Like, I wanna be a mom and a rock star and all those things all at once, it's incredible! If you can, absolutely [laughs]
  • Jesse: I'm glad that you brought that up because it's kind of an interesting prompting, this interview at this juncture of your life and your career, because it kind of mirrors that of your dad, in a small way, doesn't it? Wasn't he in a band when you were born?
  • Amy: Oh, yeah err - yes. My dad, you know, ran away to California with my mom to, you know, be a rock star and get a record deal and - my dad's a great musician, he plays a lot of instruments and has a beautiful voice - But you know, due to the all L.A, you know playing gigs and bar things and early eighties, I mean late seventies-early eighties... Well, then he found out my mom was pregnant with me and I guess when I was born and stuff he was like "Man, this is not the life that I want for my kid, we're gonna go back to Florida, I'm gonna get a radio-station job and like, do that." He's, you know, made a career, a wonderful career at the radio and voice work.
  • Jesse: Has he offered you any words of wisdom, any guidance on how to kind of navigate this new path you're on?
  • Amy: Ouh, I don't... I need to talk to him more... He just called me before I called you. I mean, he said "Hey I got the best of both worlds 'cause I don't have to really do it. I just came home and had my family and then you grew up to be a rock star so I can just live my career through you" [chuckles]
  • Jesse: Back in April you guys announced that you'd be performing for the first time in three years at Ozzfest, in Japan, where's there a catalyst for this particular decision?
  • Amy: You know, I - everyone still out there, we're gonna do something really cool, not super often, this is a special thing but I was just at a point, like when I heard about it, I was like "November? I think I will be back by then", like I feel like I can get my body back and like he will be seventeen months older or something, and gosh if I really wanna do this, like I'm feeling like in my head, like be everything at once, and I don't know, like I rather just do it. Take him with me, and just start now, not wait, you know and it's just a cool thing to have people go "hey come to Japan" you know, and rock out. I mean, it's more complicated than that but then again, it's not, like we'll do all the work to have things taken care of and just fun stuff but like... We get to go to Japan, like I mean, just in general, it's an opportunity to go to Japan. Like so many people are just like "it's a lot of money and it's a big - like why would you go, where would you go, I don't even know", like, we'll go do that, I want that for him, so... We're taking the family [laughs] I'm gonna have my baby on a really, really, really long flight and I apologize in advance to everyone on the plane, I am gonna do everything I can to try to get him to shut up and go to sleep. I can't... No guarantees [laughs].
  • Jesse: The shows now, this week you announced the shows that - three stage sideshows - I think you're kicking it off in Nashville and then you're coming to Dallas...
  • Amy: Yup!
  • Jesse: ... And Los Angeles. By the way, on behalf of all the Dallas fans, thank yoouuu. Where's there a particular reason what we got so lucky?
  • Amy: Oh, yeah. I wanted to head that direction because it's the shorter flight, again about like the baby on plane [laughs].
  • Jesse: Baby high five for Jack! Awesome!
  • Amy: It's like, I mean we could have done New-York but I was like "yeah I need to go the other way, just make it eleven as opposed to fourteen hours" I tried to be in between rock and baby but that's really hard. So, yeah we rehearse in Nashville, it's like a hook for the band. We live all over the country and it's like a central location where we have been rehearsing for the past years. So, we'll get to get there and practice and make sense of the show right there. And Nashville's great for that, anything you need, anything that goes wrong, they've got it covered.
  • Jesse: And is it the same lineup, you, Terry, Tim, Will and Troy?
  • Amy: Yup, it's gonna be rad, the guys are really excited err - just talking to them a lot this week, we're just starting to put together like ideas about set lists and maybe who's gonna open. We don't know that stuff yet.
  • Jesse: On behalf of all the Dallas fans, HOT DAMN GIRL, that's fantastic!
  • Amy: [laughs]
  • Jesse: That's fantastic, I'm so thrilled.
  • Amy: Hopefully this is the beginning of more, more shows to come in the future.
  • Jesse: You just answered my question [laughs].
  • Amy: Yeah, I thought I might! You know, once we do like a set and I feel like "We got this" then it's a lot easier to go "cool" and like accept opportunities and like it's always a good time for this, there's stuff going on that we'll be looking for next summer, for potential ideas.
  • Jesse: Now the biggest question that I've got from fans on Twitter when I found out that I was going to interview you and it was the tweet that you recently posted about going through old files, older recordings, new dreams and I think, you starting the fire again. What is the potential for a new Evanescence album?
  • Amy: Actually, err - I haven't been working on new material for Evanescence. I've been working on new material on my own. Err - so right now, I just went through like a lot of studio - well, I have a studio in my house, I did like that record last year that was like old school music and I do little things there but now that I'm getting there again... I wanted for a long time to flex some different muscles and make music that's - I don't know, I always wanted to make music that's completely true to myself and I love Evanescence I'm stoked to go back on tour and play music with Evanescence. But honestly, lot of musics I listen to these days are very different from that and I collected, it's a big mix. It's fun for me to be something else a little bit, so actually like the first thing is I have been - just for fun - going out there and playing with weird cover songs (chuckles)
  • Jesse: What are you covering?
  • Amy: And I - I don't wanna tell you yet!
  • Jesse: Teaaase!
  • Amy: I'm gonna record them, I'm gonna finish them out and then I'm gonna release them online pretty soon, just like kind of one at a time.
  • Jesse: I love the work that you did on War Story, I think one of the songs from Aftermath just got an Independent Spirit Award but could you talk a little bit about the other project you've been working on, called Indigo Grey. That looks really amazing!
  • Amy: Yeah, I hope it is! I - I think it really is, those guys are so talented. They're, here in New-York, these guys that came out of like Riverdance, where they grew up and just wanna do something creative and unique and edgy and different. So that's like Irish step mixed with like hip-hop and they do a lot of stuff with cool live music. It's kinda hard to explain, because they're just artists, kind of all over the place. They wear like gas masks and do weird dances, it's really cool. So they're putting together like a kickstarter and they're doing like a live experience thing that I'm - I'm still trying to understand, it's like drones and it's interactive somehow, like the audience takes part on what happens, sounds crazy but it's awesome. I don't know exactly when that is gonna be but also, in the meantime, they're doing like these little short films and the first one that they've done is really cool, you know, and we sort of scored it, Dave Edgar and I. So we did the music, a all bunch of it, and then there's actually a cool song-song like by me that I did in my studio. It's not like a song with a bunch of vocals, it's definitely more like rhymes and music but err - that's me making my music so...
  • Jesse: Yeah, yeah, the video in the kickstarter thing was really amazing so I, I really wanted to make a point to ask about that. I can't wait to see how that progresses. The last time they updated it was like June 16, so I keep waiting for more updates.
  • Amy: I know, they're just still, we're just talking about "okay, which day are we gonna release it" I'm keeping on touch but I'm not really sure.
  • Jesse: Amy, thank you so much for taking the time to call in. I know, the pre-sell for the Evanescence shows started yesterday but general public sale are gonna be on Saturday, I predict an immediate sell-out. Happy early birthday to Jack and congratulations to you and your family.
  • Amy: I'm so grateful for that, thank you!
  • Jesse: See you November 15!
  • Amy: Alright, we'll see you soon, it's gonna rock!