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More old sketches

Back when I drew him as more….conflicted.

The smirk was evident on his beautiful face, his eyes training on every part of your body. You crossed your arms in front of jumper clad chest. Luke’s baby blue eyes blazed into yours as you raised your eyebrow questionably. The chilly wind swooshed by you causing a faint whistle to be heard. You were outside of the local library, it had just closed and no one was near.

 He was wasting our time, you could be doing something more important like catching up on your newest TV show, but alas Luke Hemmings was not going to allow you to slip away that easily- not if he had anything to do with it.

The blonde haired boy was not unknown to the small town- quite the opposite actually. Its not like Luke wanted parents to frown down upon him or for girls to think of him as meat or for the boys to envy him. He really didn’t. It just, well, happened. I guess you could say he’s the schools ‘bad boy’.

“What do you want, Hemmings?” You sighed running a hand through your hair.

“Oh, we’re on last name basis now, huh?” He smirked biting on his lower lip causing you to draw your attention to his lips.

“What do you want?” You said, neglecting his question all together.

You knew by the way he was looking at you that it couldn’t be much good.

“Ignoring the question now sweetheart? Well, I was wondering if you’d like to join me somewhere.” He said as you gave him a confused look. Butterflies erupted in your stomach after hearing the pet name.

“Uh- what do you mean?” You asked uncrossing your arms.

He walked up close to you, his breath fanning your dry lips, “I wanted to know if you’d like to go somewhere with me sweetheart, just you and me.” He breathed his lips brushing past yours. Your heart beat quickened as did your breathing, your eyes flutter closed as you leaned into his lips.

A husky chuckle emitted from his mouth, vibrating against you lips. You opened your eyes to see his eyes clouded with amusement and lust. His nose brushed against yours gently as he smirked, “Is that a yes?”

You just nodded as he smiled genuinely, his hand coming up to brush your hair out of your face, “Great, see you tonight at 8 sweetheart.” He whispered as he pecked your lips before walking away leaving you alone flustered and excited.


Hi hoped you liked this! part two maybe?

"What if white people say that shit about black people?"

Really? You guys ALREADY do that since slavery. It sure hasn’t gone away…

“Don’t call me Becky! What if I called you-” You already been doing that.

“Don’t call me mayo! What if I called you-” you already been doing that.

“Black history month?! Why not WHITE HISTORY-” you already do. On every other month than February.

“My feelings are hurt! I’ve been called out for ‘racism’-” maybe because you were being racist.

Quit trying to switch it up like its some opposite game. Society already favors you, cops favor you, media favors you, etc. You guys are basically worshipped for being white. You don’t have the fucking struggle of being black. It must be lovely being white and so privileged that you can’t see your privilege.

Just saying. Probably going to get a lot of hate and racist comments…okay then. What does that fix by trying to fight me?


Street Disciple🏋🏾
•5 ft. •98lbs• 2x Open Knee Surgery: •Balance & Courtesy Lunges• 60 lbs (took a year to build up to 60 lbs.) slow and steady. 4 reps of 10 on each leg.
Confession: I haven’t really been in the world “scrolling ” like that… About 2 years ago I asked myself “what can I do more of and less of?” The answer was simple. Go within and create. Share more, make more music, leave beautiful real stories behind… Ive been so focused on improving and not complaining that I haven’t made time to look on others pages and its not because I don’t care. Quite the opposite. I just realized I spent way too much time helping others attain their own goals that mine began to fade. So, Can I just take a minute to thank those that support. I love so many that no amount of ❤️ can translate. I strive to share recipes, and injured athletes advice and yoga tips I’ve learned; whatever I can that can help us uplift our spirits. With all that is taking place in the world I cry so much that I have to turn off all outside stimulus in order to return to self… So thank you for the love and support. Words can’t express how much I appreciate it. Please enjoy my latest music video entitled “Erotic Strawberry🍓”. Working out is a piece of the puzzle but not what I do. Everyday I look at my theater degree like “that money my mommy invested and time and self sacrifice when she was alive isn’t going to waste”. The link is https://youtu.be/3ZPkjsbIWOg and in the bio section. #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #exercise #fitness #street #miami #sun #music #art #inspiration #motivation #life #nature #beautiful #beauty #coffee #beach #bodybuilding #vscocam #bestoftheday #sunday #hair #fashion #happy #artist #love #vegan #travel (at Miami Beach, Florida)

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The demise of classics means more than the implosion of an inbred academic discipline, more than the disappearance of one more bookosaurus here and there. For chained to this sinking academic bureaucracy called classics are the ideas, the values, the vision of classical Greece and Rome. These are the ideas and values that have shaped and defined Western civilization, a vision of life that has ironically come under increasing attack here in the elite universities of the West just as its mutated form is metastasizing throughout the globe. Very few in America now know much about the origins of the West in ancient Greece – and our citizens are moving further from the central philosophical and ethical tenets that are so necessary if we are to understand and manage the leisure, affluence and freedom of the West.

This ignorance of Greek wisdom should be of crucial interest to every American – not because the West is being supplanted by some global multiculturalism (as so many academics proclaim), but quite the opposite: because its institutions and material culture are now overwhelming the world. The Greeks – and the Greeks alone – bequeathed us constitutional government, individual rights, freedom of expression, an open economy, civilian control of the military, separation of religious and political authority, private property, free scientific inquiry and open dissent. And for better or worse, these are the things most on this earth now desire.

But it is foolish – and dangerous – to embrace these conventions of the West without understanding that the Greeks also insisted that such energy was to be monitored and restrained by a host of cultural protocols that have nearly disappeared: civic responsibility, philanthropy, a world view that is rather absolute, a belief that life is not nice, but tragic and ephemeral (Greek words both), a chauvinism of the middle class and an insistence on self-criticism. The death of the Greeks means an erasure of an entire way of looking at the world, a way diametrically opposite to the new gods that now drive America: therapeutics, moral relativism, blind allegiance to progress and the glorification of material culture. …

–John Heath and Victor Davis Hanson, excerpt from essay adapted from Who Killed Homer? The Demise of Classical Education and the Recovery of Greek Wisdom