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Zach Dempsey X Reader imagine

Warnings: Cursing, very slight sexual abuse 

~* Y/N’s Pov*~

 "Okay everyone, please remember to do the homework I assigned on page 416" 

 Chemistry was probably the worst class of the day. Not because I was bad at it, its just boring. So here i am sitting in the back of the class waiting for the bell to ring for lunch. Today my boyfriend and I were supposed to skip lunch to hang out. Zach and I always do this and honestly its so much fun. We could go to the park, which is where we go most of the time, or we go through some random drive thru and get food from there.

 While I was lost in my thoughts, I didn’t notice that every one was already packed up. The bell finally rang and everyone went to lunch while i was still putting my things away. The teacher left and told me to turn off the lights on my way out. The room was empty but that quickly changed as Bryce Walker came in closing the door behind him which left me confused. I never liked Bryce he always seemed like an asshole.

 "Hey (Y/N)“ he said approaching me. 

 "The fuck do you want Bryce?" 

 "Ya know (Y/N), you’ve always had this attitude towards me and i think you might have a little crush” he answered. 

 " Its quite the opposite actually. Now excuse me but i gotta run" I said passing him and making my way to the door. 

 He grabbed my wrist and pulled me back before i could open the door. Before i knew it, I was trapped between his body and the wall and his lips were on mine. He was…making out with me? For some reason I thought this was gonna take a violent turn rather than him kissing me, but either way I didn’t like it. I pushed him off but he just put me back in the same position.

 "C'mon (Y/N), Zach doesn’t have to know. I mean i know you want me, what girl doesn’t?“ He said Now there were tears in my eyes. I was both afraid of what was gonna happen next and what Zach would think. 

 Before things went any further I tried pushing him again, this time he stumbled on my school bag that had fallen from me a few minutes back. He was now on the floor and i took this chance to get my bag and hurry out of the room. I walked outside the classroom and was instantly led to the cafeteria. 

 ~* Zach’s Pov*~

 I was sitting at a table with Justin, Alex, Montgomery, and a few other guys but i wasn’t really paying attention to what they were saying. I was too busy looking from my phone to the door that (Y/N) usually enters the lunch room from. 

 "Yo Dempsey” i hear Justin yell I turn my attention to him and he continues talking to me. 

 "Who are you looking for dude?“ He asks 

 "Im just waiting for (Y/N) to hurry up and come, its been five minutes since lunch started and shes never really this late”

 "Bro its just five minutes chill" And just as he finished his sentence I saw (Y/N) walk into the cafeteria. My smile was quickly replaced with a worried expression when i saw that she was crying. We locked eyes for a moment but she looked away and started making her way out of the school. I then saw Bryce walk out from that same door and the thought finally hit me that he wasn’t with us at lunch either. I suddenly realized what probably happened and i honestly didn’t know what to do, I was torn between going after (Y/N) to comfort her or going to Bryce and beating the shit out of him. Before i knew it i was already standing in front of Bryce and yelling at him. We went back and forth. 

 "Oh calm down Dempsey, nothing even really happened" Bryce said with a stupid smirk on his face.


 At this point Justin and Marcus were holding me back and telling me to stop, scared that i would say something about the tapes. They eventually let me go and i made my way outside looking for (Y/N). She couldn’t have gone that far, right? I got in my car and drove around campus until I found her on a bench near the tennis court. I got out and sat by her.

~*(Y/N)’s Pov*~ 

I saw Zach walking towards me but i didn’t look at him. He looked really mad which scared me. ‘Was he mad at me?’ I thought. Thats when he sat next to me and pulled me into a hug.

 "(Y/N) what exactly happened back there?“ He asked while pulling away sounding really worried.

 "I was just in class packing my things up when he walked in saying dumb shit then kissed me” I answered, still not looking at him.

 He then knelt in front of me putting his hands slightly rubbing my knees and trying to catch my gaze. 

 "Is that all that happened?“ I nodded

 ”(Y/N) are you sure? Cause i swear if that fuckass tries anything on you i will-“ 

"Thats all that happened Zach” i cut him off while smiling at him. 

 He smiled back, then stood up and made me stand up too. He led me to his car. 

 "You wanna just skip the rest of the school day?“ He asked "Cause im really not in the mood to see Bryce in the halls”. 

 "Yeah me neither, we should just get food and go back to my house" I answered. He pressed a quick kiss on my lips, turned on his car and we pulled out of school grounds.


The moment in which we were all Ten.

Loved You Then

“I haven’t seen you in years yet it feels like you never left,” you say with a breathy laugh, unable to meet gazes with his. You twiddle your thumbs over your lap, trying to find a distraction. “It was hard—strange—going on without you.”

Jaehyung’s expression softens, surprised at your response. “Well,” he sighs, “nobody said it was going to be easy.”

Synopsis: A bittersweet reunion between two childhood friends — two hidden lovers — who have been split apart for four years.

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Pairing: Jaehyung x Reader ft. Younghyun // childhood friends!au

Genre: light fluff and angst ^^

Word Count: 2.8k

A/N: just wrote a very small scenario for my baby jaehyung :’) this doesn’t really have much to it, i just wanted to test the waters ^^ my goal was 10k, but the plot lacked a lot of depth and detail so i cut it out to a couple of small scenes

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Just wanted to say that I blame both man hell and Maggie (or at least the use that was made of these two characters) for the mess that has been Kara and Alex relationship for the largest part of S2. Producers and writers clearly favored Sanvers at the expense of Danvers sisters, just like they favored karamiel at the expense of Danvers sisters, and they shouldn’t have done that. Sacrificing the central relationship of the show for the sake of the f/f relationship was a bad move. The cw might be involved too though, because after Lexa’s mess, they might be trying to win back the queer audience. Anyway, I am well aware that not only man hell, but also Maggie, got in the way of Kara and Alex relationship, and it’s a shame. And I do not support the proposal, it was rushed and inappropriate imo.

Error text popup

I’ve been getting an odd popup on my screen that says it is a ‘Windows Error’.

It tells me that ALL of my information (i.e. my name, address, email, social, passwords) have been compromised, and that I should call such-and-such a number.

It won’t allow me to click the ‘back’ button, the ‘x’ button’, or anything else. 

This has happened 4 times now, and only when I use Tumblr. 

My guess is that it is a popup that could either be a potential virus package, or it is a scam to get you to call the number by whatever means necessary.

Reblog if you’ve had this too.



More old sketches

Back when I drew him as more….conflicted.

The Elf and the Dwarf

Overall Summary: Erebor was reclaimed and the line of Durin had not ended. You were an elf and now that your quest was over, you didn’t know what to do especially since you gained feelings for a certain King Under the Mountain. 

Chapter Summary: You and Thorin finally have a one-on-one

Categories: Humor, Romance, Angst

Pairings: Thorin x Fem!Reader

A/N: This is the second to last chapter of this series because this just needs to end. Once I am done with this series, it will go through some MAJOR EDITING and will be moved to A03 as well 

Strike Through = Current Chapter

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 -Chapter 7 - Chapter 8  - Chapter 9

As the festivities begin to slow down, you decide take a look around to see who was still left. Bard and his children left many hours ago and you were left talking to Dis.

She was not as intimidating than you originally thought. She was actually quite funny. You could see where Kili and Fili got it from, honestly. She told you about her days growing up with Thorin and you didn’t realize that Thorin was quite a happy dwarf.

When you had seen her yawn, you had dismissed her and told her to go to bed. She agreed as long as you agreed to come back tomorrow for tea to which you agreed to.

You look around. The company had seemed to move from the head table to mingle with the other dwarves, humans and elves that were left.

Bilbo was currently in a conversation with Legolas and the others with their families, but there was one of the company members missing: Thorin.

You shrug and decide to retire for the night. You wer pretty sure Thorin wouldn’t mind if you borrowed your old chambers for the night. Hopefully, no one had been given that room.

You smile as you walk the halls that you still remember. There were so many memories. So many things that they have accomplished. The greatest thing that you have ever accomplished.

You pause in front of your old quarter’s doors. It was still the same as when you had left it nearly two months ago. You knock out of courtesy and you frown as you hear a voice say ‘enter’.

You open the door and walk in to find Thorin sitting on a chair by the fireplace smoking a pipe.

Thorin stands quickly.

“Y/n. I wasn’t expecting you,” he says. You just stand there awkwardly, not exactly knowing what to do. You couldn’t possibly stay here if this was his quarters, but it is strange that he should even been here in the first place. If you remembered correctly, Thorin’s quarters were at the end of the royal wing due to safety reasons.

“Thorin. I-I’m sorry. I just thought that no one was going to be here and I’d just sleep here for the night. It is far too late to be heading back to Dale at this time,” you apologize.

Thorin just shakes his head.

“No, don’t apologize. I shouldn’t have come here in the first place. I just come here to think about things,” He says and you raise an eyebrow at him.

Thorin shuffles a bit at the unexpected scrutiny.

“Why don’t we sit for a bit and then I’ll leave you?” he asks and you nod, closing the door behind you. Thorin takes a seat back in the chair and you join him next to the fire place.

“How was your night? Did Dis have a lot to talk about?” Thorin asks after a few minutes of silence. You smile at him.

“She is an absolute jewel. I think we talked the entire night away and would’ve continued to talk if she hadn’t gone to bed,” you say and Thorin raises an eyebrow at you, wondering exactly what you talked about.

“Oh?” He asks, totally curious. “Yes. She spoke a lot about how you had the knack for dressing as a princess,” you tell him and his eyes narrow.

“A story that she heard from Frerin no doubt given the fact that she wasn’t even born at the time,” Thorin huffs and you giggle.

“You are not denying that you did dress as a princess,” you tell him with a smirk. Thorin huffs, turning away from you.

“I did no such thing,” he grunts and you laugh. He turns to you with a smile on his face. He really loved that laugh of yours.

You try to gather yourself as you catch Thorin staring.

“Sorry. It’s just. Imagine you in a dress!” you exclaim, the giggles taking over again. Thorin lets a chuckle out as well.

“If you imagine Dis with scruffier hair and a beard like mine, that is what I would probably look like,” Thorin jokes and you let out another laugh.

“I like your humor Thorin Oakenshield. I don’t understand why we haven’t been friends since the beginning,” you tell him and his smile slowly fades and he laughs lightly. “It is probably because you thought I hated you when its quite the opposite,” Thorin says, looking back to the fire. Slowly, his words start to click in your head.


“Don’t. I already know your answer, y/n. Why would an elf love me, a dwarf? A stubborn dwarf who has been nothing but a complete arse to you since the day we met. I- I should go,” Thorin says, standing.

As he walks pass your chair you grab his arm to stop him. He looks down at you and he looks absolutely heartbroken and it makes your heart clench.

“Thorin Oakenshield, I am not denying feelings for you, you stupid dwarf. I am telling you that I feel the same exact way,” You say and he pulls back in shock.

“What?” he asks and you roll your eyes. You wanted to stand to get closer to him, but because of the height difference you decided not to. IT would not help your cause right now.

“You silly dwarf. Everyone knows that I’ve been in love with you for a while now. In fact, I often became the butt of their jokes because of it,” you joke, trying to ease the tension.

“You what?” he splutters. “Oh for Mahal’s sake, Thorin! I’m in love with you stupid dwarf. Sometimes I wonder if I chose the right dwarf because you seem to be as oblivious as-,” but your musings are interrupted as Thorin closes the distance between the both of you.

His lips were just as soft as you expected, if not softer. IT was strange that it should be this soft. You thought that they would’ve been roughened with the years of travel, but they weren’t and you were glad.

Thorin pulls back and rests his forehead on yours. You give out a breathy chuckle as you open your eyes.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for that,” you tell him and he chuckles as well. “I think I do,” he tells you, pulling back. He smiles at you and you smile back, but the moment is ruined as he lets out a yawn. You giggle and stand.

“I think it’s time that you go to bed,” you tell him and he smiles. “Join me?” he asks and you nod. After disrobing, the both of you climb into bed, facing each other.

“Goodnight, amralime,” he says, placing a kiss on your nose. “Goodnight, melamin,” you tell him, smiling as you rest for the night, happy to finally be with the one you love.

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To the black lesbian who feels like she is unloved, I can assure you that it's quite the opposite darling! I'm sure you're one of the most beautiful people in the world, and if people feel as though you aren't beautiful simply because of your race, then they are quite frankly disgusting, and aren't deserving of your attention! Chin up buddy 💜💛💙

Now that I’m officially done with the academic year (junior year whaddup) it’s actually insane how much I feel like my stress levels have decreased in just 24 hours

Last night I left campus at 6 right after my environmental law final and didn’t get home until 3 am. I slept until 9 which is the latest I’ve slept in as long as I can remember and then I spent 3 hours unpacking and doing laundry and I just feel so chill and like there’s no rush and everything will get done in its own time and …its just really a great feeling and quite the opposite of how I usually feel so I’m savoring it

Also last night I found out I got an A on my environmental science final (and in the class) and the class average was a 70 so I am proud of that. I also passed chem with a B which was legitimately questionable until I saw the grade in front of me. I know grades aren’t the most important thing by a long shot but its nice to see hard work pay off

One last lil thing from yesterday- we passed through Washington DC around midnight and all of the monuments on the mall were lit up and it looked super beautiful I love DC

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could we have more sombra and genji moments?

Of course! (I assume your talking about Neon Dragon but if not, oops)

  • Sombra loves to tease Genji, anything to get him flustered and having his visor flash brightly. Genji tries his best, but whenever he’s around her, his mind is too focused on looking at her beautiful face.
  • Being self conscious of his body, Genji fears she’ll be repulsed by it but its quite the opposite. She shows him the glowing purple pieces of technology on her body, and tells him she has never found someone so exquisite. 
  • Genji falls even harder for her when she does this. Their similarities close but not too much so.
  • Whenever Genji feels comfortable enough to take off his mask, she’ll kiss his nose every chance she gets. She loves to actually look at his face, the scars unable to mark his beauty. 
  • On nights when Sombra refuses to go to bed because she has to finish hacking this and that, Genji will pick her up and carry her to bed. telling her she needs to rest or else she’ll be dead tired in the morning.

This is kind of a cute ship huehuehue

The smirk was evident on his beautiful face, his eyes training on every part of your body. You crossed your arms in front of jumper clad chest. Luke’s baby blue eyes blazed into yours as you raised your eyebrow questionably. The chilly wind swooshed by you causing a faint whistle to be heard. You were outside of the local library, it had just closed and no one was near.

 He was wasting our time, you could be doing something more important like catching up on your newest TV show, but alas Luke Hemmings was not going to allow you to slip away that easily- not if he had anything to do with it.

The blonde haired boy was not unknown to the small town- quite the opposite actually. Its not like Luke wanted parents to frown down upon him or for girls to think of him as meat or for the boys to envy him. He really didn’t. It just, well, happened. I guess you could say he’s the schools ‘bad boy’.

“What do you want, Hemmings?” You sighed running a hand through your hair.

“Oh, we’re on last name basis now, huh?” He smirked biting on his lower lip causing you to draw your attention to his lips.

“What do you want?” You said, neglecting his question all together.

You knew by the way he was looking at you that it couldn’t be much good.

“Ignoring the question now sweetheart? Well, I was wondering if you’d like to join me somewhere.” He said as you gave him a confused look. Butterflies erupted in your stomach after hearing the pet name.

“Uh- what do you mean?” You asked uncrossing your arms.

He walked up close to you, his breath fanning your dry lips, “I wanted to know if you’d like to go somewhere with me sweetheart, just you and me.” He breathed his lips brushing past yours. Your heart beat quickened as did your breathing, your eyes flutter closed as you leaned into his lips.

A husky chuckle emitted from his mouth, vibrating against you lips. You opened your eyes to see his eyes clouded with amusement and lust. His nose brushed against yours gently as he smirked, “Is that a yes?”

You just nodded as he smiled genuinely, his hand coming up to brush your hair out of your face, “Great, see you tonight at 8 sweetheart.” He whispered as he pecked your lips before walking away leaving you alone flustered and excited.


Hi hoped you liked this! part two maybe?

Body Mods - Why They Happen to Sensible, Upstanding Kids

I was recently asked something to the extent of ‘what is the appeal with tattoos and piercings? why would you do that?’ At the time I whipped out a few lack-luster reasons (self-expression, sex appeal, pain) which only seemed to confuse and baffle the curious party.

Frankly I appreciate someone asking. I, and many people I know, get looks sometimes that just scream ’why?’ but no one ever really asks. It is not like its a secret. In fact one could assume its quite the opposite. What? You thought I got my lip pierced but didn’t expect anyone to notice?

So thinking through this encounter and others just like it that never happened I was left feeling like I should give a more satisfactory explanation, or educated guess.

So why do decent sensible kids these days get body modifications? Why tattoo yourself? Why put holes in places where they don’t belong? The simple answer? Because I can. It may be a hold over from adolescence but there is a deep feeling of entitlement and rebellion when it comes to body art. It’s like screaming 'this is mine’; it is my body and I’ll do with it as I please. You can take your judgments and norms and stick them in any one of your limited apertures.

The society that we live in screams at us to do so many, often contradictory things: to conform, to stand out, to succeed, to be cool, to be straight, to be wild, to get laid, to be good, to be naughty, to be yourself, to be geeky, to be open, to relax, to work harder. We try so hard to stand out and fit in all at once. Our brains identify and categorize and label at astounding speeds. All these things that define us for everyone else and ourselves. I can wear a suit and act like a bitch and get respect, but if I put on pajamas and act like a bitch I’m a street kid - and chances are I will take on these personas.

But even so the whole 'your body is your temple’ thing still holds true. This body is mine - finite though it may be. If we take Descartes at his word it’s true that our body doesn’t really matter, it’s our mind that define us. But with so much input and stimulation and pigeonholing and changing personalities, it is hard to hold on to what being authentically you really means. Let alone explain it to someone else. However no amount of conformity, or judgment changes the body I exist in.

Body art is a way of claiming yourself. Yes, to those around you but mostly to yourself. It connects your thoughts, your existence, to your body. You look at a tattoo and remember talking about it, drawing it, looking at pictures, looking at colors trying to decide if this was 'you’. You remember that moment were you wonder who 'you’ are.

You look at a tattoo and you remember the pain. You remember the butterflies sinking like squirming rocks in your stomach while the artists preps the equipment. You remember all the awkward positions you were in. You remember the sound. You remember the feeling of burning and pain, and you remember the minute you let it sweep over you. You remember the minute your face relaxed into that pain and you just let it happen.

You remember when all your focus, all your thoughts, were caught up in the fact that this body belongs to this mind, that this pain was a plan, a choice that you made.

Sure there are lots of reasons why people get body modifications. They are attractive, they make you look tough, but mainly they remind you of you. They set you apart from all the other struggling humans on the planet. Sure lots of people have lip rings but this one is MINE. I claim my body and my identity for me.

If you have seen Memento maybe that will help you understand. The difference is that your not trying to keep memories from slipping away, you are trying to keep yourself from slipping away into monotony, or conformity, or simplicity. They have the power to keep you from feeling like a tree lost in a forest. Body art is a reminder that autonomy and free will exist within you. Why? Because they exist on you.