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-might be a spoiler for those who didnt get one of jumins bad ends!!- RFA + v reacting to finding out mc died from jumping out of jumins window to escape in his bad end? You don't have to if the content is too personal or uncomfortable for you!! Just wanted to see how someone would interpret the aftershock

boi, i can go on a long rant about jumin and tell y’all why i think his route is absolutely underwhelming, does him no justice to his character, and how it was extremely uncomfortable in so many ways. the ending you’re talking about is one of the most underrated endings in the mystic messenger fandom, which is very disappointing and i think slightly disturbing

like MC literally fell to her death because in that route, you have to repeatedly reject jumin’s advances and say you want out. and the game kinda PUNISHES you if you have that attitude. this bad ending occurred just because you the player repeatedly says no and some of MC’s dialogue options even has her begging to get out of jumin’s house. and i think that shit is messed up

BUT ANYWAY aside from my mini rant up there, you asked a very good question! when i got jumin’s bad ending where MC fell to her death i was s h o o k and could only wonder how the rest of the RFA and V would react…let’s explore that, shall we?

  • jumin and v stared at the open window. the curtains flutter gently. from the window, they can see the peaceful starry night sky
  • the screams, shouts, and car horns contrast wildly against this peace a few seconds later, after your body hits the ground
  • v calls the police immediately. jumin is unresponsive. all he was doing was staring out of that open window. you were there - you were there one moment ago. where did you go? he doesn’t even fight back when police arrived at the crime scene. all he could do was stare at the window and wondered when you’d come back
  • the days that followed were a blur of chaos, disbelief, anger, and grief for the rfa
  • they lost two friends that day.
  • jumin han who was being investigated by law enforcement, and MC whose body is lying in the morgue
  • v tried his best explaining what happened to the rfa, but of course, the man tries keeping some secrets and details to himself to spare the group of any pain. but no, yoosung, jaehee, zen, and seven aren’t having any of that bullshit anymore. they all fall to despair
  • all they knew was that MC was kept in jumin’s place for a few days, against her will. they remember how much you desperately reached out to them, pleading to get out and go back home.
  • in one way or another, each of the members blamed themselves
  • jaehee should’ve tried harder. she went over there herself, to confront jumin. that wasn’t enough. it’s never enough
  • she remembers your voice over the phone, you were whispering because you didn’t want jumin to hear you. you were on the verge of tears. you were so so scared, but trying to keep it together, for jaehee.
  • she should’ve fought more. she should’ve stayed longer. she could’ve done something.
  • if yoosung was already apathetic with his schoolwork before, his performance hits an all time low after he hears news of your death. 
  • he locks himself in his apartment, reading the text messages you and he exchanged before your death. most of your last words contained nothing but fear. 
  • why didn’t he see it? why didn’t he see your pain?
  • zen is vengeful. the moment he hears the news, he jumps on his bike and drives over to jumin’s place. jumin was being escorted out by police.
  • nobody could hold back zen, and he already tackled jumin to the ground. he only managed to land two blows before security wrestles him off jumin. only two hits, and such forceful blows gave jumin a broken nose and black eye
  • he screams and rages, as some officers drag him away. 
  • “i thought at the very least, you would’ve kept her safe. but she’s gone! she’s gone because of you!” jumin doesn’t even respond to zen’s accusations. blood drips down his emotionless face. he didn’t even react to the pain. and that only pissed zen off more. 
  • zen and jumin are escorted to their respective police cars
  • even though v left out vital details of MC’s death, seven finds out by himself either way. he neglects his secret agent work. he doesn’t answer anybody’s frantic texts or calls. he locks himself in the bunker.
  • all he did was replay and the recording of your death
  • your expression moments before your death would forever haunt seven.
  • he couldn’t read it. he couldn’t figure out. what were you feeling, before you passed? 

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Until the dawn, let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on” (x)

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David Tennant - Room 101

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