but it's pretty fun to experiment

What to do when you’ve hit a language slump:

(or that inevitable moment when you’re either unmotivated or you feel like all of your work is for nothing or you think maybe learning this language is silly) (spoiler alert it’s not):

-Listen to music in the language. Listen to how cool that music is; wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to sing it and understand what you’re singing?!

-Go watch some tv shows or movies in the language. Wouldn’t it be freaking awesome to be able to watch it without all the subtitles? And sometimes subtitles can be inaccurate (if only slightly); you can watch with the accurate storyline!

-Read a book that has something to do with the language. Is there a character that speaks the language? Does it take place in the city/country where the language is spoken? Just…soak it all in; it’s cool right?

-Take a break from grammar and the usually stuff and do something fun with it (whatever that may be). Look up some pretty vocab, some aesthetic posts, random idioms, etc.

-Listen to someone speak the language. Sounds beautiful, right? Wouldn’t you like to be able to do that and converse like that? Wouldn’t it just be the most amazing experience to go somewhere where people speak that language and you can speak it right back?!

Point is: Everyone gets language slumps; it’s completely normal. But I promise your work has not been for nothing. It will (and already is) paying off


The day before yesterday I was lucky enough to visit the Mary and witch’s flower themed “Garden Sand Cafe” Studio Ponoc have opened for a limited time at Tokyo’s Skytree Tower.

It was pretty amazing! the food was delicious and meticulously thought out and presented with such fun! The walls covered in concept and cel art and characters from the film and the staff and dishes added a little magic and a lot of entertainment to the experience! you. I highly recommend definitely trying the Magical Rainbow Tea Soda which comes with an assistant to help you out and cheer you on :D but I cannot reveal its magical secrets Witch you will have to discover for yourself :P

You can also cosplay in the clothes provided and get your picture taken in front of a huge film backdrop with characters! And of course there’s a pretty big range of film merchandise to be purchased. But the meal itself comes with a few little themed souvenirs too :D if you’re in Japan in the next few months I’d definitely recommend taking this rare window to visit!


I’m probably just stupid, to be honest.
But let’s be real, trying on and actually finding a purchasable item is an impossible task.

I just want pretty things to wear why it gotta be so hard

◦ Sky ◦

have this quick watercolor for now coz term breaks over and school starts today uhuhuhuhu ;_; i actually wanted to add some background but im not really sure what to put hahaha. anyways, hope yall like this one~


No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. Within the black-and-white striped canvas tents is an utterly unique experience full of breathtaking amazements. It is called Le Cirque des Rêves, and it is only open at night.

My contribution for the prompt game with @tonystarkstoga. Short and a day later than usual but hey, it’s here now. Be warned, for ridiculousness awaits you!

I choose vodka,” Tony says, his voice deep and serious, leaving no room for doubts or arguments.


At least there shouldn’t be room for them. Apparently New York’s newest, crazy, son of a bitch hasn’t gotten the message though. Too bad. Tony almost likes the guy. Or would, if it hadn’t been for the villains’ latest demands.

Tony sighs in exasperation. “I choose vodka,” he repeats, slower this time. He makes sure to convey just how stupid he believes–knows–them to be with his tone, just to piss them off.

He is loveable like that.

“How can you-” Floaty the Conqueror, or whatever his ridiculous bad boy nickname is, trails of in confusion.

“Well, you’ve given me the choice between my team mates’ life and the life of a little kid,” Tony comments with the air of a man who’s been handed a thousand demands just like this one in the last month. “There can hardly be a better choice for a drink then when facing a moral dilemma like this one, can there? They tend to be quite hard on the stomach, you know?” he adds reasonably. “Maybe you should read Kidnapping for Idiots, or else we’ll be having a lot of similarly embarrassing conversations in the future.”

“I suppose that- wait!” Floaty calls out in sudden realisation, “You’re just trying to distract me until you can free yourself!”

“I’m not.”

“You’re not?”

“I’m not,” Tony assures Floaty–and that name sounds too cute, now that he thinks about it, he’ll have to rename the guy or else fighting him will be difficult. “I wouldn’t waste both our times like that. I freed myself half an hour ago, while you were arguing with your bodyguard.”

Floaty pales rapidly and scrambles for his gun. “You’re bluffing!”

“I’m really not,” Tony calmly raises the gun in question. “On a completely unrelated note, you really should have read Kidnapping for Idiots first. I’ll be sure to have a copy delivered to your cell. It’s got an entire chapter dedicated to me, right under the bold DO NOT KIDNAP line. But I suppose experience is its own kind of teacher after all.”

Later: “Sixty-seven minutes? You’re losing your touch, Tones,” Rhodey shakes his head in mock disappointment.

“Nah,” Tony smirks, all smug satisfaction. “It was pretty fun, seeing Natasha dangling in the air like that, spitting mad but unable to do anything but plan murder. Poor Floaty though, I don’t think he’ll even make to the prison.”

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Hey Eila! I remember you talking about how you are an UI/UX designer without having learned about anything like that in school. How did you get interested in this? And how did you learn more and get experience? Any good online resources to suggest?

How to Become a UX/UI Designer - A Comprehensive Guide

I’ll just do a comprehensive guide on this :D

Is UX/UI designing right for you?

You’ll love User Experience Design if…

1. You love analyzing & solving problems

As a UX designer, your job is to deliver the most effective way to solve users’ problems and achieve business goals through design.

To accomplish this, you must understand:

  • The business: The nature of your client’s business and what they want to achieve.
  • The users: Who are they? What do they need to solve their problems?
  • The overlap: How can you provide a user experience that aligns users’ needs with the business goals?

When you have insights into these key factors, you can translate them into an optimized, implementable design solution. It can be anything from an improved user flow or information architecture, more focused messaging, or new features.

2. You love psychology (cognition & behaviors) — To design for usability, you need to understand how different types of users behave, think and process information.

3. You love researching — It’s a huge advantage to know what the competitors (of your clients) are doing and what works for them. Stay on top of trends among your target users and what’s new in the design & tech world. These insights will help you make design decisions.

4. You value functionality and efficiency as much as aesthetics — Sometimes you must sacrifice beauty, but if it boosts sales by 20%, so be it. A good designer can balance the best of both worlds.

5. You are attentive to details — There are more components to a website or app than its primary features. You must make sure to cover all scenarios that users may need, even rare ones, like error messages, forgot password popups, on-boarding, etc. You don’t want users to get stuck in limbo somewhere, become frustrated, and quit forever. This comes with experience and from studying other people’s products.

You’ll love User Interface Design if…

1. You love to communicate visually

As a UI designer, your job is to design the best way to visually communicate a clear message at first glance. You’re not just a “pretty-maker.”

Your design’s purpose is to communicate:

  • The brand: What is the brand image? Fun & young, sophisticated & classy, or formal & reliable? How is it different from the competitors?
  • The goal: What can users accomplish on this website or app? What is the most important call to action? Is it to sign up, subscribe to a newsletter, or buy something?

2. You love psychology (perception) — You have a huge advantage as a designer when you understand how visual elements affect people’s perception. How does certain colors, typography, or layout make people think and feel? You can guide users to take the actions you want, or even increase their perception of the product’s value.

3. You love consistency—A website or app is much more memorable and easy to use when the design is consistent. Pick a visual style that fits and stick with it. The same elements should be linked the same function (e.g. everything related to signing up is orange).

4. You are adaptable — Aesthetic is subjective. And your clients know more about their business than you do. What is beautiful to you may get a huge backlash from their users. You should make recommendations based on your expertise as a designer, but it is ultimately your clients’ business, and they have the final say.

Continue to the next sections on design resources, how to get started as a UX/UI designer, and tips on becoming a better one.

I moved the full post to my design blog on Medium and rewrote it to be 100x better. Here’s the [link right to the post].

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Everytime i find a new ship i like i get to enjoy it for like less than a minute before theres a whole new swath of antis flooding the tags, calling me straight and fetishizing and abusive. Everytime i think ive blocked enough there is more and im just getting so tired. its never ending. fandom isnt fun anymore :(

anti-shipping has become its own type of fandom experience, hasn’t it? people get interested in a new canon, identify the ships that they don’t like are Bad, and preemptively start warning everybody that if they ship the Bad ship they are Bad People.

fandom really isn’t fun right now. I think it will get better someday but for now it’s pretty stressful. The good news is that you can get to a point where you’ve blocked most of the vocal antis, though it might take a while! After about 500 blocks on my main, I’ve reached the point where even though I regularly browse the search (not even the tag) for one of my favorite pairings I only see a lone hate post every 3-7 days.

(pro tip: if you see a hate post, block the blog and refresh the page. antis usually post waves of hate and a single block will often eliminate the next 3 or 5 nasty posts at once.)

Horoscopes - Scorpio Season

Scorpio Season Horoscopes

Scorpio season is here to whip us into shape. With Jupiter in action, Scorpio season may feel a bit more… intense than usual.

Aries: Martian energy will intensify things for you since Scorpio is also ruled by Mars. You might feel aggressive energy entering your calm zone from the residue of Libra’s diplomatic season. Control the urge to be mean and try to learn a few things from your sister sign. Take up some meditation and plan a trip because Sagittarius season is looming in the corner waiting for the intense cloud to lift and take you into its wings.

Taurus: Scorpio’s sister sign, so it is very probable you might be feeling confused by your sudden mood swings. This season has been pretty tough on everyone and you are now in the fighting spirit. Everything seems like a challenge for you but you have the strength to overcome it. Lazy Libra season with its wonderful Venusian energy is gone and now you are left with productive energies that are making you want to wake up earlier and take over the world. Now is the time to start new projects to balance whatever storm may be brewing inside.

Gemini: Feeling scattered? More so than usual? Traveling is always fun for the Gemini. New people, new experiences and a form of running away from whatever may be bothering you. There are other cheap methods of escape and that involved getting lost in a good novel. Now is the time to pen that novel you’ve been thinking about.

Cancer: Moody Cancer is wondering why that Capricorn has not called back. With the New Moon in Taurus, they might decide to pick up the phone and send you a loving and dorky text or…not. Either way, cheer up and think about how you can be the best at everything you put your mind to. There are wonderful opportunities in the horizon, maybe that job you wanted is closer than you think, and those debts are about to get paid. Put you first, work on you and then worry about your admirers.

Leo: Somehow, everything is about you this season. You might feel like you have some superpowers and that you are being powered by Jupiter. Maybe that third eye has opened up or maybe you’re just being a bit…you. You are amazing, Leo but that does not mean you have to insert yourself into every conversation or critique people for doing the same thing you do to them. Practice what you preach. Everything seems to be aligning itself for you, you are kicking ass at work, everyone loves you and Thanksgiving/Christmas are right around the corner…

Virgo: You feel at peace after a stressful October. Things might not be at 100% but they are getting there. Some thoughts might weigh you down but fret not, you will be able to overcome the challenges. Start planning for the next few months. Friends, family and random people might seek you for guidance, make sure to try your best but to take a break when everything overpowers you. Remember, you are a natural helper but you can also easily get consumed into other people’s troubles and forget about you. This is the perfect time to start or finish any pending projects or considering ways to increase your finances. Watch the purse strings, Virgo! But you rarely go crazy with the splurging.

Libra: Surprisingly, you might be feeling in the zone and that is a good thing. You have been in a charitable mood lately, helping friends and family, being the go to person and just being the wonderful version of you that everyone loves to hate. Keep up the good work and remember to put you first once in a while because being the good mediator friend can get draining. Plan a staycation and think about how you can save the world.

Scorpio: You are probably the only one that is smiling right now (or not). Things are going your way, you’ve entered a period of luck and expansion and you thrive on the drama that is going on around you (unless you’re a Pisces Moon or Rising). Hey! It’s still Halloween in November for Scorpios and the party does not stop. Fix up the house, water the plants and do some organizing. Maybe you want to transform your looks to match what you’re feeling inside? Don’t do anything drastic and do not be mean. We love you!

Sagittarius: The party animal is probably in a slump. But, aren’t we all? Take a break from people, focus on finishing some pending projects and plan your birthday shenanigans. Saturn is slowly leaving your sign, so you might feel a bit…tired? Zap that energy back by meditating and focusing on you. Things will brighten up soon once November 21st kicks in.

Capricorn: The hardworking Capricorns are gearing up for their time in the sun. With Saturn entering Capricorn in a month, you can feel it in your pores that things are going to go your way for 2018. Jupiter in Scorpio is pushing you to be more productive (super productive) and it may even be making you…happy? You have lots to look forward to and if you are feeling out of balance, try to take a break. Seriously. Relaxing will do you wonders, especially when your birthday season is closing in.

Aquarius: This is the perfect time for renovation. Aquarius is the sign of the individual and this season you might be feeling a bit out of it. Find your way back into the groove by reading up on something you have been putting off, watch some television to clear your mind or start a new project. Shopping can even be a bit cathartic for you. Reach out to a good friend that you have not talked to in a while, it might help you gain some creative juices flowing.

Pisces: This is the time for hidden truths to come out into the bright light, which might be a bit of a problem for the fish. You tend to hide but everything might be dragged out and you may or may not be ready for this exposure. Take time to think before you speak (seriously), since you can impulsively tell an entertaining tale on occasion and Scorpion energies may inspire this. Hang out with friends or take up some new adventures so you can focus on other things.

Riposte - How a line can easily have its meaning greatly altered in a different dub

I enjoy listening to both French and English dubs. It’s entertaining and enlightning for me. My first language is French, but I like hearing the English VA’s work. The nuances in their tone when they deliver their lines, the puns that were removed or added and so long. For a bilingual like me, it’s usually a fun experience. Plus, the English dub stays pretty close to the original aside when lip synch would obviously not fit lenght wise.

But at the end of Riposte, when Adrien “meets” up with Ladybug and derived the subject of conversation to Chat Noir, LB’s response is drastically different from one dub to another, changing with it LB’s POV on Chat Noir to the audience.

The English dub decided to go with :

Yes, thanskfully! Between you and me, he’s much better than me at fencing” 

For the line :

Oui, il a pris son temps. Sûrement occupé à faire le beau auprès d’une demoiselle en détresse” (translation : “Yes, he took his time. Probably busy showing off to some damsel in distress”)

In the English dub, she is complimenting Chat. Cool. Neat. Fits the “mimic fencing” animation too. But here’s a thing, it completly obliterates the original intention. 

LB loves her partner and gets perfectly along with him. But she is harsh toward him as well (she admits it in a short web video during s1). She knows he is an hard worker and skilled fighter who helps and protects her, but he is also cocky and he brags a lot. Letting her believe he does not take things seriously sometimes. The line also implied she thinks Chat flirts with other girls. After all, he did show off in front of her when she was merely Marinette (Evillustrator, Gamer). 

In the French dub, Adrien laughs it out because it isn’t far from the truth : he was indeed busy helping his Lady as a civilian. 

While in the English, he laughs at it because he just think this is funny (and perharps reminds him of a certain situation that went on earlier that day with a friend of his). 

I guess the end game is kinda the same with the “if only she knew” thinking, but for the audience, it is not. And it bugs me, because French translation isn’t much longer to say to what they went with in the end =/

here are some self care tips for when youre teensy and everything is bad.

  • comb/brush your hair or ask a carer or friend to help you do it. tangles are no fun and i know from experience, the worse it gets, the harder it is to try to do it. even if you can only do little bits at a time, its better than nothing. 
  • also try braiding your hair when youre done or asking someone to braid it for you! it looks pretty and its a nice reward (if you like braids, that is).
  • drink something. it doesnt have to be water. water is good for you, but i know lots of people think water tastes yucky, especially when theyre teensy (i know i do). drink flavored water or juice or even soda! its better than not drinking anything at all.
  • if it helps you to drink, try using a bottle or sippy cup (if you can). if you arent allowed, try finding a pretty water bottle instead.
  • eat a snack. being healthy is good but if youre having trouble eating at all, just eating food is also good. if big meals are too much for your tummy, a bunch of little snacks through the day helps! 
  • try to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth at least once a day. if it helps and you can, get a kids toothbrush or kids toothpaste. (tastes way better than the mint and doesnt burn.) if you cant, its okay to just use a toothbrush without the toothpaste or only use a little bit.
  • if you have a hard time remembering to go to the bathroom, try setting an alarm on your phone to check in with your body. also remember that its okay to wear diapers if you need to! there is nothing wrong with it at all.
  • cleaning is hard, but try doing a bit somewhere just for the length of one song. its okay to pick a short song.
  • if you dont have stuffed animals, cuddling a soft blanket feels nice too.
  • if you can, it might help you to make a sticker chart with some of these things. when you do them, you can put a sticker on the chart and feel accomplished!

sans-the-skeleton-999  asked:

Any advice on color pallete challenges? Your at is breathtaking!

uhhh i can probably think of a few !!

1. going in bear in mind that it is a challenge and u may… not exactly like the colors ure given (god knows how it pained me to use that puke yellow in the ‘overboard’ palette) but dont let it overpower u!! theres always a way to make it look at least Pretty Okay, so dw itll be fine

2. color ur drawing two or even three different ways before fully going in! sometimes the variation you go with first isnt the best one and its not always clear to see, so try a few different combos and see what works best!!

3. this is just a personal preference but i usually go with the darkest color for the outlines in case i run myself into a corner without a way to seperate two colors so the drawing reads well but… idk if u go lineless this ones pretty useless fhjdjh

4. try to !! put some variation in neighbouring colors. like lets say u have a palette of 5 colors and u put two next to each other– throw that third or fourth one in!! switch it up keep it interesting and hope for the best

5. if ure worried ur drawing looks too bland put some scribblies in different places– lines, dots, random splotches of color, idk!! have fun with it!!! tell that challenge its got nothing on u and make it a fun experience for urself

honestly i dont know what im doing half the time but heres…..those

First Date.... - Rwby
  • Oscar: so ruby what did you think of the movie?
  • Ruby: it was great, i loved the katana action and the part where the guy jumped off of a building and still kept shooting the grim!
  • Ozpin: (see i told you she'd like that movie better)
  • Oscar: (oh shut up! Were on a date i don't wanna here you commenting)
  • Ozpin: (technically you asked her to "hangout")
  • Ruby: so what did you think?
  • Oscar: ssshhh! I mean i loved it, wish i could do all that cool stuff. All I've ever done is farm and stuff...not very exciting..
  • Ruby: aww pretty sure you'll get the chance me and my team have done all kinds of crazy stuff.
  • Oscar: really?
  • Ruby: yeah! Fought giant robots, make bunk beds, ride giant grim birds, i jumped from a plane with crescent rose. So i have experience in crazy
  • Oscar: so cool!
  • Ozpin: (so what next? dinner, star gazing, cuddle in front of a fire place?)
  • Oscar: (i don't know i didn't plan this far ahead..)
  • Ruby: hey! Do you wanna go grim riding its super fun. Maybe that can count as something cool and crazy!
  • Oscar: yeah! Sure!
  • Ozpin: (oh god what are you signing up for?)
  • Oscar: (A chance to hang out with Ruby?)
  • *Grim forest*
  • Ruby: first we need to find a giant grim Ursa since there are two of us. Then we'll ride!
  • Oscar: umm.... There's one right there *points*
  • Ruby: perfect! *dashes toward grim and jumps on its back* its perfect size! Come on oscar!
  • Oscar: oh my god!
  • Ozpin: (what did you sign up for again?)
  • Oscar: *gulp* to hang out with ruby....
  • Ruby: yeeehaww! maybe aftet this we can ride on a grim bird!!

I started working on the overworld ocean for Oceanfarm! It’s implemented in a basic form now, though you can’t actually collide or interact with anything yet.

I’m not planning on anything too extensive with this, it’s mostly just a way to get from island to island. I’m not gonna have naval combat or whatever. Still, I’ll experiment with some things so it’s not just a glorified slow map screen. Maybe have like, one of those classic race-through-the-rings kind of minigames somewhere. Boating around is pretty fun on its own.

Tomorrow it will be two months since I saw BTS in person for the first time. I miss them so much. The whole experience at the concert in Chicago was amazing. The fans were so friendly, I met one of my favorite bloggers, I made memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
Can I just say that photos, no matter how HQ, do not do justice to show how BEAUTIFUL they are in person. Like you think I’m playin’. THEY ARE SO PRETTY LIKE YOU CAN’T THINK.
Jimin is such an angel. At the end, when the confetti fell, some got into the stage lights and it started to smell like it was burning. Jimin noticed and started looking around and brought it to the stage peoples attention. I know it seems like something little but damn it made me love him even more.(I have this on video if anyone is interested?) Also, did I mention he is so pretty. Like words can’t describe. He has such an amazing stage persona and its hard not to seek him out when seeing them.

Yoongi. I fell in love with Yoongi. He is so cute and he paid so much attention to us. He is so beautiful and when he raps, its like an outer body experience. I’m pretty sure he saw my big face in the crowd and fell in love too. Not to brag.

Hoseok. WHY MUST HE BE SO GREAT AT DANCING? Mama was an experience. Hobi looked so HAPPY. Boy Meets Evil too. Like he is so sexy. I met so many Jhope stans and I was so happy like YES LOVE YOUR BOY. I love him too.

Namjoon was like a little kid on stage sometimes and it was the cutest thing. He jumped around and had fun and I loved it. His dancing has improved greatly. I hope hearing the crown scream that they love him during his solo made him happy.

JIN. JIN. JIN. He is truley a visual holy shit. His solo stage was almost as beautiful as his face I swear to God. His voice is legit angelic.

Taehyung is so fucking pretty it hurts to look at him directly. He seemed a little reserved but he still is fantastic. Also, EVERYONE SHOULD HEAR STIGMA LIVE AT LEAST ONCE. I cried. No shame.

Jungkook is so fucking cute.He is such a child but then he shifts into a MAN and it is so confusing. But damnit when he put those bunny ears on its like all was right with the world. Also how do his feet move like that in Begin like holy shit.

I know none of you asked for this. I’m feeling really nostalgic an I wanted to get this out. I know I’m a terrible writer but I couldn’t help but write this, so excuse typos.
(This is my second time typing this because Tumblr ate the first draft.RIP.)

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I belive that when the translator commit to translate your project, they commit too to at least keep people informed since its a project with such a big demand? And if they are so busy with real life, im pretty sure there are other translators that could had finish the project already

I can’t believe I’m reading this… I don’t even know what to say ;;
This made me really sad..

This a little project that I made in my free time and other people is helping me to be able to release it, I  wanted this to be a fun experience for everyone involved… It makes me really sad that it’s becoming the opposite when we are so close to the release

I was really excited for finally be able to share with you what I’ve been doing for the past two years. This project has always been a positive experience since the beginning, I’m really devastated that this is happening now

Please, don’t say that about the translators, I won’t tolerate that