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The sweet Sophie Hunter/Cumberbatch in Friends and Crocodiles (2005)

Au where Eren wants to get revenge against the Ackermam for the death of his mother. So he plans on making Mikasa the niece of the infamous Levi, fall for him then he’ll marry her and destroy the Ackerman family. What he doesn’t know is Mikasa knows nothing about her family’s past or that her parents were killed because of that past. Ofc Eren doesn’t plan of falling for this strange girl. He never planned on finding himself torn between getting revenge and living happily with the daughter of family that destroyed his. After Mikasa’s parents die Levi decides to leave the family business and raise Mikasa away from all that. The nice red headed woman next door is a life savor as he knows nothing about little girls and she helps him raise Mikasa. At first he only allows her to help out of desperation but he finds himself feeling comfortable with her. Eventually she becomes his girlfriend. He often feels he is undeserving with all the blood on his hands. He fears that Mikasa and Petra will day find out about his past. To make this even more of a soap opera Armin is Mikasa’s bestfriend. He immediately likes Eren and when he sees how Mikasa’s eyes light with Eren around he’s happy to know Mikasa found someone to love. He’s taken by Erens friend Annie. She’s something else but he gets the feeling she doesn’t like Mikasa’s, hates her even. He knows she’s a good person but he feels that’s something is off, he doesn’t want to believe it though. Then there’s Annie a girl poised by her father, made to believe that Mikasa’s parents and Levi are directly responsible for her mother’s death and he father’s down fall into debt and alcoholism. She grows up filled with hate. If they hadn’t murdered her mother shed have lived a happy life with a mother and father that loved her and not a man full of resentment forcing his plans on her. She meets Eren in high school and learns of their mutual hate for the Ackerman. They decide to work together to destroy them. She meets Armin and hates him. He can see right through her and she hates him for it. How can he know her so well when they barely know eachother. He makes her feel like a good person, makes her believe she can be a good person and she cant afford that when she needs to hold onto that hate to destroy Mikasa. Cue dramatic telenovela music for this melodramatic silly au

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if bg really is ending before(or during) the single drops, he'll have more than enough promo. because that's a scandal. it's one of the things he's most known for. he had more pap walks than any other celebrity with their baby, and it was the main focus of jho promo. the guy from 1d who had a baby is now the guy from 1d who found out he wasnt the dad after a year. oh look, and he has music out! done.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Louis wants the fans to know he has music coming but he can’t look so career savvy to the gp before babygate ends honestly. It’d be more transparent than Liam finding out he isn’t the dad in the middle of Cheryl’s baby clothing company. People pick up on things like that. He’s better off seeming lowkey. At least for babygate ending.

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susie campbell doodle?

susie campbell doodle.

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so here’s the deal

I kind of want to open headcanon requests again but I’m not really a fan of writing ‘RFA reacting to MC doing x’ anymore. SO I’m going to open requests, but these are the kinds of things I’d rather write about:

  • random, small character building things such as this and this
  • character analysis like this and this
  • shippy things between two (or more) characters like this
  • stupid, joke ones things this and this
  • most to least likely to do something, like this and this

I just find ones like that way more fun and interesting to write. Hopefully that’s okay;;;;

             ( me: damn okay we gotta figure out what Nurse looks like under the pillowcase

             me @ me: nasty mouth and sharp teeth

             me: ,,,,,, sWEATS )