but it's positive this time

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this Crunchyroll admin:

They’re so nice

and polite,

but also savage as hell

and sarcastic.

They don’t stoop to these people’s levels

and act maturely.

They’re just really polite, positive, and kind

and this makes me so incredibly happy.


time to dance // panic! at the disco


Because today I accidentally found out there’s such a thing as anti Anders month and I am so damn appalled such a thing exists, I needed to doodle some Anders bc there needs to be some positivity dammit 
Also I’m very willing to doodle requests in this theme if you message me~ 

Here’s something I want you to do for me  :  go to a blog that you appreciate, or someone you see on your dash right now, or someone who you think could use some cheering up. On or off anon, tell them something  nice.  Spread positivity  because we’re a  community  of writers. Let’s not make drama and hate make us forget that  !  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


happy belated valentine’s!

[this is a scheduled post]

Nonbinary people are amazing!

Your gender and identity is in no way “too confusing” or elaborate. You have the right to be you, and you don’t have to let anyone make you feel bad for that. Gender can be hard and beautiful and complicated and an ongoing journey. You might need a dozen labels just to describe it to yourself, and that’s okay! You might only need one, and that’s okay!

You have the right to be the awesome person we all know you are. Embrace your gender. Ignore those who try to beat you down for it. Don’t give them that power over you.

When I correct husbandry, I am not attacking you. I know we all make mistakes—we’re human after all—but when someone points out that your husbandry is dangerously incorrect, please listen to them. Start doing more research. Get more educated opinions.

It’s not a personal attack and I never mean to come off that way. I am trying to help you, so please, please listen.

Character x Reader positivity post

So I read more asks, tags and posts from other people on other blogs lately who are concerned if their favorite character would like them and I also read posts where people state that they imagine to look different (thinner, taller, no scars, etc.) if they read Character x Reader stuff or when they imagine to be with their favorite character and there’s no shame in doing this ! But that’s actually not necessarry because they would like you the way you are.

I personally like Kylo Ren and Percival Graves the most at the moment so I’ll take them as examples why they would love you, no matter what you look like:

Kylo (but this actually counts for every Star Wars character), wouldn’t even care what you look like because they don’t have beauty standarts in space. We don’t know much about his past but I can imagine that Leia told him from a young age that it doesn’t matter what people look like, only their character and ambitions count. And I mean- look what kind of weird aliens hang around at the resistance base, just for example Admiral Ackbar and Nien Nunb, Kylo grew up with all kinds of weird life forms and he probably met SO many different people when he was younger, so he doesn’t care if you’re chubby, if you have thick eyebrows or if your body is full of scars or birthmarks, what matters is that you’re loyal to him. And can you imagine what happens if someone says something rude to you ? He throws said person into the death canon, that’s what happens, so don’t worry.

Graves is the Director of Magical Security and head of MACUSA’s Department of Magical Law Enforcement, he’s powerful and people look up to him so he gives no fucks on what other people think about his appereance or him in general and so should you. Fantastic Beasts plays in a time period where they already had beauty standarts but Graves doesn’t care, he has his own preference and what a coincidence, you look exactly like the kind of person that Graves admires ! People who say something bad about you or people who make you feel bad have to face fierce consequences if Graves witnesses something like that.

Don’t think too bad about yourself, you can be sure that your favorite character would like you exactly the way you are. ❤

It’s okay if you’re not ready yet to wear something you want to. It’s okay if you’re not comfortable enough to wear something strange and different even though you want to. Learning to love your body but also to be comfortable in it and what you wear is a journey, a process and that means there will always be stages where you’re not comfortable enough to do something. But, one day you will be.

5 years ago I never would have imagined that I liked and felt comfortable wearing dresses and attention drawing lipstick, and sometimes tight dress that showed my lumps and bumps. I never thought wearing that would make me feel comfortable, beautiful and much more. But, that’s progress. It goes at different paces for everyone. But one day if you want to wear that dress you’ll be able to, you’ll feel comfortable enough to. We all have room to grow, to learn, to improve upon how we feel and you’ll get there to that next goal every time because you can. Just don’t punish yourself for being ready, you can’t force it.

It’s okay to not be quite ready to do something yet no matter how body confident you are. Take your time. Let yourself grow some more. When you’re ready you’re ready and when you’re not you’re not. xx