but it's painful to re-watch

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man i know its kinda tough because not only is stiles being pushed towards the edge but he’s being pushed over it again and again, and it’s like, nothing that remains of the old stiles is left over? it’s just this like carved out shell of what he used to be - no humor or sarcasm left over, and even if he does say them they’re like /dead/ yaknow (like that bit about the third eye i think was very purposefully done as like an exasperated and almost obligatory comment just because its kind of what people expect of him at this point) 

and like? i’ve been the #1!!!! advocate of watching him suffer pain and like i’ve wanted 2 see this collateral damage but now im just :( bc i dont think hell ever really be able to bounce back, even though the show will most likely make him act like nothing happened as soon as this is acknowledged but i just wont believe it bc i dont think that kind of emotional trauma is easily recovered from

yikes very painful and sad idk how 2 deal 

Relationships Are a Pain In The Ass || Jonathan & Dennis

Jonathan drives the car into its parking spot in front of the drive-in theater, feeling a little jittery. It took them - with Cordelia’s help - a little while to find this little corner of heaven, but it is perfect. If you’re going to watch the original Godzilla film, bad subtitles and all, you had to do it right. 

He glances over at Dennis. “Good spot?” 

To people who are attending their first band camp,

Hello! I am Jessica, a Junior trumpet player in my school’s band. I’ll just cut to it quick, you’ll hate band. At first.

You’re gonna go to bed your first night exhausted, burnt, and hating everything. You’re going to be told what to do all day. You’re going to feel like a terrible player. You’re going to be told to run the whole show “One more time” a dozen times. You’re going to be confused. You’re going to hate it. That is okay. Don’t quit.

Band camp is a long, painful process. But its a temporary pain. The sore muscles and burns are going to fade away, but the memories won’t. 

You’re going to make friends. You’re going to bond with complete strangers over being thirsty. You’re going to watch your band evolve into something amazing. You’re going to form a family. You’re going to have dozens of “That one time at band camp” stories. You’re going to cry when you realize its already over and you have to go home.

Don’t quit. Don’t miss out on the amazing experience. Don’t let a bad sunburn or sore lips ruin it for you. This is your experience. Band is the best thing that has ever happened to me, make it the same for you. 

Try your hardest, play till your lips are bruised, spin until your fingers are numb, march until your feet ache, and love it. Love that pain because it means you’re there.

Don’t quit.

taylorswift I’m seeing you tomorrow, July 11th at MetLife Stadium; section 14, row 36 seats 1 & 2!!!! I’ve seen you twice in NJ, once in Times Square, but I’ve never gotten the change to meet you or even get noticed by your gracious angelic self. You’ve been such a huge part of my life and have helped me through all different kinds of pain, and for that I would be so so greatful to thank you in person. The plan is to be holding up a “No, It’s Becky” sign so if you see one by the end of the catwalk you’ll know its us. Can’t wait to watch you do work on that stage tomorrow!!!! HELP A SISTA OUT TAY. I LOVE YOU QUEEN & SEE YA TOMORROW :) PS I KNOW YOU’RE GONNA SLAY ME SO PLS GET TO JULIA & ME BEFORE MY SOUL EXITS MY BODY XOXOXOXO

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  • me:WOW I'm actually feeling so energised today!!!!!!!!
  • body:UH oh-
  • me:-I'm gonna do loads of things and it'll be fine cos I cAN DO IT.
  • body:no. Don't do it. We're gonna burn out bad.
  • me:But I think we'll be okay :D so I'm gonna do its - yea that's right multiple things. all the things.
  • body:please really. Pls. Don't do it.
  • me:waTCH ME!
  • me:I'm fine Hahaah watch me.
  • me:woah, actually I feel a little tired now.
  • me:oh no oh no no no it's begun.
  • me:*now a zombie snug in bed in immense pain and exhaustion feeling very sick*
  • body:Told you.
  • me:okay m8 you win this round but if I sleep for a bit now then maybe later I can do the things >:3
  • body:...*stares into the camera like is on the office*

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When did you develop your eliot spencer problem? was it from the first episode or did it grow while watching? (love your blog btw)

(i mean, i think that it happened pretty normally for me? which is to say that i watched the first episode and then went OH MY GOD I JUST LOVE EVERYONE SO MUCH THEY’RE ALL JUST SO AMAZING OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD

which, i’m pretty sure, is the reaction that all right-thinking people have to that first episode, right? (i assume that everyone just agreed with me, because *of course you did*.)

by probably the end of the third episode i knew exactly where my heart lay with this fucking show, and exactly what characters i was going to lolproject all the fuck over, and also that i had a huge eliot spencer problem that was unlikely to improve. all those impressions were accurate–it was, in fact, entirely downhill from there.

 Someone on my dash is trying to imply that they’re a better person than i am and anyone watching TBL is because they are offended and “not inured” to very fake, very campy occasional goreyness. Like, it’s fiction and a trash show, yes, but its fiction. Being offended by fictional violence doesn’t make you a better person than me. Especially when there’s plenty of stuff in the show that actually SHOULD make you offended, and it’s not the fake blood.

like, some days i end up crying through the news or feeling sick, its not like i’m heartless about real life pain. I half the time I literally faint at the sight real blood/injuries. But on multiple TV scripted, acted, intentionally filmed fictional TV shows, violence, medical drama or bloodiness just makes me think about how potentially profoundly awkward it must have been for the actors to stage and film. Because it’s fake. Its all very fake.


So I’ve got this hangover for this drama, School 2015. And the male leads.. these two are just too adorable.. you could not even choose. Yi An and Tae Kwang are definitely perfect for their own roles. So Hyun’s already had an established position as an actress and she’s only 16 years old! Certainly one of my added faves of Kdramas I’ve watched. 

The ending quote of this drama’s literally made sense. Check it out :D

Because we’re 18 years old …

18 years old ….
It’s too early to achieve your dreams.
But it’s a perfect age to start those dreams.
It’s painful when you fall.
It’s the perfect age to fall a hundred times and learn how to stand again.
Because we’re 18 years old …
we live this day like its our last.
We were able to love passionately and hate passionately too.
It’s an awkward age when we are easily scarred.
Those years are the most painful … and we go through so many hardships.
Nevertheless, once time has passed, the reason why we can say that those were happy times is the memory of someone’s warm hand that reached out to us when we fell.
Not any more or less, but just one person … approach a friend that’s crying and say this to them.
Both you and I … no matter what ordeal comes our way, we will get through it. It’s okay if it hurts.

Because we’re 18 years old.


five years: you don’t know my name, my age, my city or how i came to know of of you. all you know is that i’m a girl who’s madly in love with you and you find that endearing. i find it painful, its painful to watch you grow up and even harder to know that i’ll never get to see it up close; but, it brings me happiness to know that you’ve made it so far and you’re living your dreams. its painful knowing that you’re slowly falling apart and you think that we’ll be okay but we won’t because we’ve made you our world and its falling apart. you’re our safe haven but you’ve been it for so long and we know you need your safe haven and need your space but it’s hard to give you it when you’ve been all we’ve known since we were nine or maybe even sixteen. five years ago today you five boys were put together and today there are only four of you but the fifth one is always in your, and our, hearts. we love you all very dearly; like a mother loves their son or a hippie loves the world. or, how zayn loves his mirror and louis his carrots and harry loves louis and niall nandos and liam loves the fans. we’ll always live you and we thank you for these five absolutely amazing spectacular years and we hope that there will be more to come. everyday that you’ve been a bans has been perfect and amazing.

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Dude chill. Your freaking out over a small amount of pathetic people. Stop trying to make them feel like dirt. Its kinda painful to watch you guys trying to make such a small group feel like there nothing. It's depressing. Just sayin. /: Like, I don't even think pewey was even something I gave a shit about until people started harrasing em. I'm a lesbian, I have been for a long time. I don't see why your taking your time to insult these guys instead of real, disgusting homophobes. Like, damn.

they are real disgusting homophobes honey they’re shipping lesbians w men that’s not ok
And it’s a bigger group than you’d think lmao

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I started Hannibal because of you. And I'm caught up... Now, why do we do this to ourselves, such a wild ride, one of my most traumatic experiences from a tv show, but I want more?! What even is Hannibal?? Who is Bryan Fuller to do this to us?? It's so gorgeous, so amazing, and the acting... But my feels!!!! Hope you have a nice day.

This is the best. My dastardly plan to brainwash people into watching Hannibal is working. This season has been so crazy in its pretentiousness and boy, do I love it. And then the feels, oh the feels. The moment in this last episode with Hannibal and Will in the art gallery almost killed me. 

Thanks for your message! And I’m sorry/you’re welcome for the pain I’ve caused!

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Hey I saw you had your nipples pierced and I've been considering it for a while but I was just curious about the pain and the procedure and everything. And idk you probably get asked this a lot so sorry about that lol but I'm really thinking about looking into it.

Its cool! You need to make sure you’re comfortable with someone looking, touching, and marking your nipples first. I’m not gonna lie I’m close with my piercer and it was still awkward for me mostly because confidence and appearance issues. However the clamp sucks i will warn you ahead of time. The trick for me is to not watch. I made the mistake of watching and it made the experience worse but some people are a lot different. The aftercare is 3-4 times daily. Morning // 2 during daytime // night. The pain is based on, you. It didn’t hurt that bad but the after pain was worse. You will swell and its uncomfortable. But it goes away in a matter of days. But regardless if they heal or not always clean them at least once a day after they’re healed completely.

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how do you get yourself to stop dwelling on something that is basically hurting you so bad that you can't even continue functioning?

I’ve found that keeping busy is pretty helpful. Find something that will distract you from what you’re feeling. I had something similar happen to me a few months ago and although the pain is still there even after months it’s not as bad. It’s manageable. I just began to surround myself with people who made me laugh or people I could easily get along with. If being around people isn’t your thing, then perhaps watching movies and shows can take your mind off of it for a little while. The trick is to not try to suppress it, rather to let it flow through you until it makes its way out of your body if that makes sense. I’ve noticed that when I try to suppress any hurt and pain I feel, it ends up worse than when I first began to feel it. Now, I just let the pain come for a little while and then I just find something to do. A project, maybe go out with a friend, go on a trip out of town. Don’t sit and dwell on things that could’ve been, it’s not healthy. Also, try talking about your feelings to someone. Cry it out, hug it out, talk it out. It literally relieves so much of that pain you feel deep down love. 

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You’re lonely too.

deathless ♚ sentence meme

       She bit her words out painfully, digging her nails into her arms as though she meant to bore out the vulnerability she felt in her very core. Kakashi merely watched her without words, frowning, scaling the degree of her pain by how she seemed to curl away from him as a flower wilting before the encroaching winter months.

He could see her pain in all of its brilliant splendor, and (perhaps on some level) he could even  understand her pain–but he could not  f e e l  her pain. Instead, Kakashi placed a tentative hand upon her shoulder and squeezed,

“I’m not worth the effort, Sakura.”

There was nothing left worth salvaging in him.

Her shudder leeched into his skin, into his very bones, and the weariness extended its feelers into his head, unfolded its wet wings to beat them in time with the rise and fall of her shoulders.

                         “Forget about me.”


Speaking as a straight man, I don’t understand why all women aren’t lesbians.

I’ve pooped in the shower twice. I have one plate, and I can’t remember the last time I washed it.

I spent all of yesterday watching Game Grumps with the air conditioner running. It was breezy and comfortable outside.

I’ve had intense pain in my abdomen for a month now, and I don’t want to go to the doctor, hoping it will just “go away” on its own.

All straight men are like this. If they claim they’re not, they’re lying. Trust me.



((if you’re not watching good witch. You’re missing out. Poor Dan man its painful because all you can see is Arno, the poor baby lol.

I also ship madam mayor with mirabeau because she reminds me of him. Also Pierre’s voice actor is in there somewhere so sweet.))

i wonder if gabriel’s reactions to the winchesters are directly proportional to the siblings they’re meant to hold

illusivexemissary, thoughts?

So many ideas.. So many things I want to say, to share.. Making the decision to write a book was the best choice I could make. Its really an unreal experience starting out with just a simple theme and watching it blossom into something special. Something so many people can relate to..to be inspired by. I don’t care about notability. I want to show that one lonely soul that no matter how hopeless the situation seems, you will make it out. No matter how scarred you become, no matter how defeated you feel, the only thing that matters is you’re alive. Because then you have lived.. you have experienced.. you have learned. And that’s the most beautiful thing about pain. I write to help, to ease, and to love. “Bringing Me Back” Will hopefully be finished by this year’s end(:
—  Heaven Holland

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name: Kael
time/date: 27/07/2015 7:24 pm
average hours of sleep: 4 hours on a good week
last thing i googled: watch the land before time online (I was feeling nostalgic)
birthday: June 25
gender: Male
height: Last I measured, 5′5″-5′6″
fav color(s): Green, blue, pastel pink, purple. black & white (those black and white aren’t technically colours)
happy place: My room or the bathroom where I’m left alone, or Kiwanis Memorial Park because its very picturesque.
fav movie: So many
last book i read: Manga: Tokyo Ghoul:re , Novels: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
most used phrases: “I’m in pain” as of late. “Bye”, “I’m making coffee” and “fuck it”
what i last said to a family member: “ I’m officially a member of tera housing co-operative”
fav beverage: Coffee. record of today. 8 cups. Record of last week, 10 cups in a day.
fav food: chicken. anything chicken.
dream wedding: A black and white wedding at the  Delta Bessborough hotel with purple pansies. purple pansies everywhere. fuck roses i want pansies.
dream job: I went through a phase of wanting to be an animator and I studied that for a very long time. Now I just want to own a cafe. A safe quiet space for writers and artists to work with occasional live music and local art on the walls.

I Tag: anyone who wants to do it, tumblr isnt letting me tag people anymore and its lagging.