but it's oskar!!!

it’s been a great con so far and we’ve already taken lots of pics (that’ll post at the end of the weekend), but i thought i’d share this gem with y’all in advance because…it sure is something.

marco is me

star is @pastryghost

oskar is @ronaldofrymans

Ramblings of a fanboy

King Butterfly thought Star and Marco were dating but also showed he was okay with it. He could run at speeds of at least 120 mph so if he didn’t like Marco he could have easily taken Marco out. Also Marco didn’t deny it the first time. Also this show will be the death of me.

Finally Finished this Fan Art, just wasting time till I have to work all afternoon >v>;;;

But I LOVE STAR VS FORCES OF EVIL and all the dudes in it pff-

So have them and of course Star~!

anonymous asked:

Why did Star lose interest in oskar randomly and like Marco in his stead? It's like oskar was written out of the story or forgotten. Will Star confront him in screen or something? She was smitten last time he was there and now he got replaced with Marco like....I know I rambled on but...wtf man?

Well, granted that we don’t know yet what’s going to happen right now between Star and Oskar -I don’t think he’s going to just disappear like that, Star’s feelings simply changed. Her crush on Oskar was “he’s cute he’s a bad boy who doesn’t abide to any rule!”, her feelings for Marco, even though not directly addressed yet, are definitely deeper. So I wouldn’t say that it happened “randomly”:

- While never explicitly addressed, it’s not unlikely for her crush on someone like Oskar, who “plays only by his rules”, to be in part fueled by Star tendendency to hate rules, to run away from her responsabilities. But Star is growing now (Into the Wand and Page Turner indirectly made a point about it), so the reason that brought her to like Oskar might be slowly fading out

- While the passing of time is not that apparent in the show, and while in cartoons big changes obviously happen with big, apparent events, Star’s relationship with Marco has been evergrowing since the beginning of the show. Nothing strange about her feelings slowly getting stronger and stronger. Love is “overwriting” the crush.

- “Feeling changes” doesn’t mean “I’m a fickle unstable girl”, meant “FORESHADOWING AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!”

This is just my interpretation, obviously, but I think that, if anything, Star’s feelings changed in a rather smooth and natural way. This is not what happened:

Girls Day Out (Star still crushing hard on Oskar) —-> Bon Bon The Birthday Clown (Star suddenly has eyes only for Marco)

what happened is

Girls Day Out (we get reminded that Star is still crushing hard on Oskar)  —> Sleepover (Star talks about how feelings change. Even hen they’re about something you thought you were sure about) —-> Gift of The Card (Star is shown being more affectionate than usual with Marco, viewers get told about her crush, and she’s even affected by Marco not wanting to have breakfast with her, but she’s still very unaware about it) —–> Naysaya (Star keeps being unaware about her feelings: not thinking about what Marco dating Jackie would entail, since it’s not in her nature to be possessive of anything, not even friends, she’s supportive and happy for Marco) —-> Bon Bon The Birthday Clown (when Marco actually gets a date with Jackie, Star realizes that what she feels for Marco might not be “simple” friendship, but something else, something that can’t be shared and that she’d like to be only between her and Marco. At the end of the episode she might still be not completely aware about it or, even likelier, in denial)