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i ship sangbum, so i dont prefer the ending to end up with the boys being separate from each other. yknow, sangwoo in prison and bum being free. even if sangwoo is going to be in prison, i’d like to see bum suddenly go crazy because then he doesnt have anyone else to give him the attention he needs anymore like sangwoo did.

i wonder how the people who dont ship sangbum will react like when they see bum like that

“Some of the 2P characterizations are just lazy  They’re supposed to be the opposites of their 1P’s, but so much potential depth is tossed aside in favour of making them edgy.  2P England could be so much more than what the fandom makes him - a laidback, (healthily) self-confident bloke who’s fairly open about his emotions, but sometimes cares too much - is instead made into an Alice in Wonderland-esque yandere character.  Why?”

Another frequent characterization of 2P!England that I’ve seen (especially in Hetagames) is that he’s a wilting flower woobie and the “nice one” out of the 2P’s.  

- Mod V

do you ever get tired of tumblr rp™? tired of constant ‘this is the only view that is correct™’ or #constantvagueing? literally coming online is such a struggle because there’s nothing but negativity and that negativity is reinforced by others encouraging negative behavior rather than encouraging a positive one. it’s understandable to be frustrated or write a few comments but i feel like a huge part of the role play community thrives on discourse, drama, and mob mentality. there’s no forgiveness, no understanding, and absolutely no way to know what will set someone off. are they having a bad day? are they just mad and looking to rumble? it’s scary.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Persona 5 ships that you personally really like and ship?

This may seem boring, but I don’t have any ships. ;A; It’s something I don’t really think about tbh but I LOVE seeing what everyone else’s ships are!! Like some of them are so cute??? Happy sailing, everyone. LOL

My Favorite and Least Favorite Thing about your Sign


Life of the party, knows how to make everyone laugh

Can’t accept when they’re wrong, explosive 


Loyal, will stick by your side for a very, very long time once you gain their trust, attractive, pulls people towards them

Hypocritical and materialist 


Passionate and so, so witty and intelligent 

Doesn’t know when to stop talking (sorry, cliche, but true), refuses to acknowledge their emotions or the emotions of others


Responsible, a just and kind leader, clever, often the voice of reason

Honestly, they can dish it but they can’t take it, takes everything way to personally 


Best person to party with, knows how to hype everyone up

Self-obsessed and doesn’t think of anyone’s needs but theirs


Easy to talk to, reasonable, a great listener

So, so judgey, thinks their way is the best way


“Cool person” vibe, approachable and good conversationalists

Cares too much about maintaining their image


There’s something so magnetic about them, attracts people, sexxxxyyy (in my opinion lol)

They try way too hard to be deep and mysterious, can’t take responsibility for their actions


Amazingly funny, laid back, makes everyday an adventure

Can’t face reality or anything that doesn’t fits into the world they’ve created for themselves


Also can be the voice of reason, extremely driven, an effortless air of elegance and coolness around them

Unapproachable, they have a crazy superiority complex 


Magnetic, they stand out and are different without even trying, you want to be friends with them

Closed off, can get stuck in a cycle of sadness of self-pity that can be very frustrating for others


Genuinely kind with hearts of gold, that friend you’ll always be able to hit up ten years later, a deep and dark side to them that’s hidden but appealing 

They victimize themselves, never takes people’s advice on things but will still complain forever

good morning to everyone but the people who think it’s okay to hate on bands who decide to change up their music style

So this is a comparison of Yuzuru’s routine before his short and free skate. Basically he did every step his routine with the same timing both times (and probably every other time >___< WOW):

  1. Stretch at the board
  2. Lift his hands when his name is called
  3. Make the cross sign with his hands (to remind himself to keep axis straight in jumps)
  4. Stretch his shoulder (imitate jump take-off)
  5. Put his hands togetherb

They even joke that though Yuzuru’s routine is the same, the cameraman’s routine (angle of camera) is not the same XD

TS Entertainment does not deserve Untouchable
TS Entertainment does not deserve Secret
TS Entertainment does not deserve B.A.P
TS Entertainment does not deserve Sonamoo
TS Entertainment does not deserve their trainees
TS Entertainment does not deserve their staff

TS Ent. has only survived this long due to the goodwill and dedication of their employees and has done nothing but underpay and overwork them in return. Their lack of professionalism and communication has no place in the industry and my heart goes out to every soul who’s stuck working in that mismanaged hellhole of a company.


Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)