but it's okay because we're 'different people'

people can be so… calculating about adam’s arc, in the name of defending his ambition, and i find it fucking creepy tbh. to me, his arc was as much about accepting himself as a work in progress, as a human being with inherent worth just for being, not depending on what he achieves. that’s not to say he’s not going to go on to do great things, but he knows that he’s more than what he achieves now, that it’s okay to make mistakes and have setbacks. and also that there’s more to life than ambition– there is love, friendship, silliness, magic. fuck’s sake

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I know that racism is really prevalent between black and white people (mainly white people being racist to black people) but just because you feel upset or offended by that doesn't mean it's okay to be racist back. I know we're lucky our racism is minor but racism is racism in any for and you can't fight fire with fire. It's when bullying victims end up being bullies, it's just a never-ending cycle and it's going to go nowhere.

There is a big difference between racism and prejudice. Prejudice can go both ways but racism is a systematic oppression of a people by and for the benefit of another race who holds more power, systematically and socially. Black people are not oppressing white people. It’s not “prevalent between black and white people,” it’s ingrained in our society against black people and other minorities. You are not a victim of racism. Black people cannot institute nor perpetuate racism against white people. Period. End of discussion.

If you can’t take a joke at your own expense, or far worse, if you feel uncomfortable with people pointing out acts of racism that you may be complicit in, fucking unfollow me. I promise not to miss you too much and hopefully I won’t lose too much sleep over it.

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Second It's Okay To Be White asker - I wasn't trying to get you to disagree with BLM as you claim I did in the tags, I was simply asking how BLM is okay and 'it's okay to be white' isn't? Also people have legit said it's not okay to be white inn response to the posters.... I'd also like to point out that I'm not a troll, I just enjoy debating and hearing different opinions, we all have the right to disagree with each other as long as we're respectful which is my intention, not to troll.

“It’s Okay to be White” is quite obviously a response to BLM and a perceived persecution complex. Before BLM existed, no one needed to say that it’s okay to be white because everyone knows it’s okay. Minorities standing up for their right to exist is not oppressive to white people, but somehow, this is what some white people got from this. Are there assholes out there who actually do believe that it’s not okay for white people to exist? Sure, I guess, there are people out there who say everything. There is a difference between asking white people to think about what whiteness means and why it is important to be self-critical and saying that white people shouldn’t exist. The former is the far more common sentiment, but there’s a lot of white people not interested in hearing that and instead translating it as a direct attack on their right to exist, resulting in bullshit like It’s Okay to be White.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I really don't think you understand how much complexity there is to the les mis fandom seriously it blows my mind. There's so many different shippers and headcanons that people have and its okay if people don't agree on something because there's just so much opportunity for us. Go on, ship your exr. Ship your Enjonine. Headcanon your nonbiary jehan or your Jewish cosette. Because everything works here. Canon doesn't completely matter because a) everyone is dead and b)there's really nothing set. This fandom has so much possibility, and sometimes it makes me sad to see how little we get along. You don't have to agree, but a mutual respect and love for these Amis needs to happen. We're all in this together here, it's important to know that an Eposette shipper can still be friends with a Marisette, or an Enjonine with an Enjolferre. Go for your heterosexual Enjolras, or the aro ace Jehan. The Les Amis would want that camaraderie between us. #whatwouldenjolrasdo

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Okay, first of all it's okay that you express your opinions on this social media website but it drives me insane when people think that their ideas are the only ones whose right. I'm a republican and it's not because I agree with ALL that they have to say but I agree with a lot of it. But I hate when people go around acting like we're complete douchebags when all we're really doing is expressing an opinion just like you guys. Stop singling people out. They can have different ideas too.

you aren’t seen as “complete douchebags” because of the fact that you have opinions, you are seen as “complete douchebags” because of what most of those opinions are