but it's okay because we're 'different people'

people can be so… calculating about adam’s arc, in the name of defending his ambition, and i find it fucking creepy tbh. to me, his arc was as much about accepting himself as a work in progress, as a human being with inherent worth just for being, not depending on what he achieves. that’s not to say he’s not going to go on to do great things, but he knows that he’s more than what he achieves now, that it’s okay to make mistakes and have setbacks. and also that there’s more to life than ambition– there is love, friendship, silliness, magic. fuck’s sake

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it's like "guys make sure to not hate on the album uwu" like it's okay if they change music styles. they're 4 grown men we don't need to coddle them. we haven't heard a note of new music and we're making paragraph long posts about not sending the band hate?

Yeah because it’s of the last album hate, and the concept of hate with folie that made them go on hiatus in the first place. I know they’re grown men but it’s folie hate that led to them breaking apart. Also, you have to think Pete has anxiety / depression…comments like “I hate u” and “I’ll fight you” put him down even though he knows they’re jokes, so if he’s worked really hard on something and is proud of it, and all his fans go off it on twitter (bc that’s what twitter fans are like), he’s gonna feel like shit. It happened with folie, it happened with soul punk (remember Patrick’s heart-felt letter on his site in 2012?? Yeah). THATS why we’re posting this. They may be grown men but they can get hurt still, and after last era and all the shit said about them by “fans”, we’re trying to stop that happening again and spread positivity only, because there’s been rumours that it’s very different to previous work, and that’s where hate comes from bc certain fans don’t like change. But if you don’t like me trying to prevent that then feel free to unfollow, because I can post whatever I like

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I really don't think you understand how much complexity there is to the les mis fandom seriously it blows my mind. There's so many different shippers and headcanons that people have and its okay if people don't agree on something because there's just so much opportunity for us. Go on, ship your exr. Ship your Enjonine. Headcanon your nonbiary jehan or your Jewish cosette. Because everything works here. Canon doesn't completely matter because a) everyone is dead and b)there's really nothing set. This fandom has so much possibility, and sometimes it makes me sad to see how little we get along. You don't have to agree, but a mutual respect and love for these Amis needs to happen. We're all in this together here, it's important to know that an Eposette shipper can still be friends with a Marisette, or an Enjonine with an Enjolferre. Go for your heterosexual Enjolras, or the aro ace Jehan. The Les Amis would want that camaraderie between us. #whatwouldenjolrasdo

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Wait why does it make you physically sick that people shit M*rtin with Mitch? Not judging just curious

it just…….really puts me off. there’s a pretty big age difference and that can lead to some…issues. older men looking at me in any way similar to that makes me physically sick as well, so maybe its connected to that.

other than that, i just dont like it.

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“People seem to think that just because I’m not evil any more, it means I’ll just roll over and let people say what they want about me. But if I hear one more person whispering about how I’m from the Isle, I’m breaking out the old spell book. Just because they were born in Auradon doesn’t automatically make them heroes. They can be just as bad as some of the kids on the Isle.”