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Must Love Cats- Chapter Two

Levy hadn’t planned on being a pet sitter when she’d moved into the city. She also hadn’t planned on pet sitting for a sex god either, but here she was.

AKA the one where Levy is a pet sitter, Gajeel is her client, and Lily is the glue that binds them together.

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  • Important first date question: Do you drop a frog that pees on you or keep holding it
Dating The Power Rangers Cast

Ludi Lin: It would be epic. It would be the most fun you would ever have and be romantic as fuck but it would never work. His is mature, prolly suave, and busy and has a flight to catch and yo ass have hardly been out the country. He’ll take you to paris, wine and dine you, rock your world, then probably leave in the morning with a good excuse. He’s all cultured and philosophical and you can’t talk about anything but Tv shows he never took time out to watch cuz he’s living his life probably doubling as an international spy. You literally can’t relate to his extravagant ass. You will also never be good enough for his mom, she will treat you nice but hate your ass behind yo back cuz you not worthy and she knows.He eats the healthiest food and works out 24/7 and your snorlax ass aint gonna cut it. him: Come jog with me babe? You: Its 6:00 in the damn morning Ludi! He got big goals and aspirations so if you still licking dorito crumbs off your laptop, stay in your lane. The name is  Lin, Ludi ..Lin

RJ: Also the most fun you will have, within the country that is. He’s a simple guy though, I doubt you’ll get jet setting or rock climbing. He probably take you to a movie, a nice place to eat and maybe some laser tag. He watches all the shows you watched and can talk to you for hours about it. He is funny and the laughs will never stop unless you’re sensitive cause I can see him accidently hurting your feelings for a laugh and not getting why you’re mad. He introduces you to his whole family really early on and always taking selfies with you to post on his social media.The sex is good and he’s always eager to learn more. Big flaw is, he looks like he’s goofy and hates romantic committment, will date your ass for like five-seven years and never do anything else. He good at wasting your time, like years. You waiting for marriage, then you gonna die waiting! You: what you are we? RJ: We are farmers, bum ba dum bum bum bum bum

Dacre: LOL.LOL.LOL. Dating him will be a learning experience.I see him ruining your fucking life. I see him getting lots of texts from people tryna fuck and then him playing if off like it aint mean what you know it fucking means. “we’re just talking, chill.” is his catchphrase. I see him fucking the life outta you but having you stressed every single second of the day; wondering is he really cares for you. Beyonce’s Lemonade is your most played album. He probably flirts with everyone without noticing. He probably dont text back for days. You wanna confront him about it but that accent got you bugging. He talks to you in the most respectful, caring way, smooth motherfucker. When you go on  dates yall probably dont do nothing but eat at his place, watch netflix and fuck. He aint gonna never claim you. You lucky if you make it into an instagram photo, he always on instagram cuz he a insta-hoe. What I am saying is he’s a thot/fuckboy fusion and you aint ready for that.

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That's just it. They don't know them or how they interact. How are they happy for people who haven't shown themselves together? They know nothing about the girl. What exactly do they ship? That it's ABC?

Anything but SamCait it seems Anon….I know crazy huh?? 

Going forward remember this is wrong…..there is NOTHING to see here 

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And when they’re being adorable and cute and flirty….yep still not allowed

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When they look at each other like this…YOU MUST AVERT YOUR EYES!!

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The ultimate NO NO when Sam legit cannot contain his happiness & wants to devour her in front of EVERYONE….Yep there’s ppl watching Sam….but again look away…THIS IS WRONG!!

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When Sam points out he wants to keep Cait FOREVER…..yep that’s actually a top secret code for……..what I actually want is a blonde so and so actress who lives on the other side of the world & you know acts…..but like not really…..BUT is a pro at innuendo & allowing trolls to run a mockery of her Instagram and who’s like the complete opposite of Cait in every fricken way….okay Sam gotcha 

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So apparently there are new rules now and its actually OKAY to ship RL ppl…..like totes forgot the memo…but wait isn’t this invasion of the same privacy all you “true fans” were fighting so hard over the last 3years to protect…..hmmmmm

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Damn all these adorable pics just reminded me of how much I love the SamCait ship…..so yeah i’ll leave the hypocrites to their ass licking & cringe worthy tweets and vomit inducing hash tags and all I have to say to them is BUH BYE SHIPPERS

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harry does not have it hardest in 1d what are you even implying? harry being the 'face' of one direction is an advantage while louis niall and liam have got to convince the gp themselves worthy, harry has already gotten to approval of the gp because he's the 'star of one direction.' people will listen to harry's music even if it's out of curiosity because it's so hyped. niall and louis had to have their music exposed to the public first.

You have a really unpleasant tone which made me hesitant to answer this, but Ive seen the sentiment echoed more nicely tags so I figured I’d say something about it.

First off. I literally never said he has is “hardest.” I said he has the most notoriety, fame, and tightest association with the bands old brand. It’s an advantage in some ways (as you said, hype, curiosity, exposure) but in some ways it’s a disadvantage (most people in the gp think he’s an asshole, they want to hate him, he’s linked closely with all the things the gp dismisses about 1d).

On the other hand, the other boys less recognizable names also function in duality. It’s a disadvantage because they’re less well known, are considered (incorrectly) less talented as a result, etc. however, it also means they’re not as closely linked to the bad marketing and press the 1d brand carries, which gives them an advantage in regards to appealing to audiences who will dismiss Harry based on his name.

Like I mentioned earlier, I know people who are already rolling their eyes at Harry’s solo single based on their existing bias against 1d, who bought or jam to JHO and This Town and only realize the artists were affiliated with 1d when I told them. There are numerous different audiences to appeal to and different tactics and approaches required to get them to give ANY of these boys the time of day.

I’m in no way suggesting Harry has it harder and you should self examine considering the salty ass tone you came at me with telling me I did. What I am saying is that ALL FOUR BOYS have individual and different hurdles to overcome as they approach a rebrand, and that they’re tactics are going to look different as a result. My post focused on Harry because it was written largely in response to anxieties I saw cropping up about him wiping his fb/his SM silence.

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so are you saying that ace+het people still have the issue of dealing with denied housing and jobs because of their sexuality? because your status on how much you have sex shouldn't be an open topic, for one, and not only that they aren't truly being oppressed besides by people they open up about it. i understand they still get shit but they aren't getting oppressed or killed for not being hetronormative with their sex lives.

this is always the go-to, isnt it? god i hate this fucking argument so much because its this disingenuous copypaste that ive heard from every single fucking exclusionist alive. 

first off, to address this “how much you have sex” shit PLEASE GOD *STOP FUCKING SEXUALIZING ACES* ITS *NOT* ABOUT THE SEX THEY ARE OR ARENT HAVING, THATS NOT THE ISSUE! i cannot believe im still seeing this, the idea that by identifying yourself as ace youre somehow “bringing sex into it” rather than specifically embracing your identity and the feelings and issues it brings with it is awful, and reeks of the same shit people did to gay and lesbian folks back in the day by trying to make their identity inherently sexual. its not. its just an identity. please, please god stop.

secondly, you really wanna bring up the idea that…you arent oppressed…unless you bring it up? okay, well, alright, i guess all closeted lgbt+ people arent oppressed. ever. thats your standpoint, right? thats what youre talking about? okay glad we’re all on the same page here now because surely you must realize what a stupid fucking point that was.

now, before i address your main point, which has been regurgitated word-for-fucking-word eight hundred thousand times, im gonna really try and get this across for what is probably the fifth time tonight: *not all oppression is the same.* this idea that there’s this…benchmark of oppression, like “you have to have THIS and THIS and THAT done to you for your identity and it has to be EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU for you to be REALLY oppressed, otherwise youre just faking and you dont DESERVE to be a member of the community” is so fucking weird and im not sure how we got here? like i get that we’ve all hurt, and it’s easy to get angry that others who have hurt, but haven’t hurt as _much_(in our minds), are wanting to have access to a safe space as well, but yknow what? itd be super fucked up if black people had told lgbt+ people that because we hadn’t experienced slavery as a group, we weren’t _really_ oppressed, and we shouldnt say that we were or are. like. thatd be really fucked up? and its the same sort of thing, not exactly, but its close. its “you arent having this and this done to you, so you’re not _really_ oppressed, stop saying that you are.” 

finally, lets talk abt this shit, this…housing…jobs…whatever…im falling asleep just barely reciting it…anyway. yknow, i doubt it. i do doubt that theres a whole lot of aspec people out there who are getting denied that kind of thing, it IS easier to hide that youre aspec in those kinds of situations. it’s probably happened, i wouldn’t be surprised, but, no, i don’t think it’s a widespread problem. if i have followers who could provide statistics, thatd be fantastic, currently im fucking exhausted and do not have the strength of will to both argue with these people and go through pages and pages of google to find obscure stats like that. yknow what does happen though? abuse. corrective rape. general mistreatment from both “regular” straight folk and from those within the community - thankfully, most of that latter bit is confined to this hellsite, as exclusionists aren’t beloved by most offline - which i feel are pretty fucking disgusting, and familiar, reactions to someones identity. no, they dont experience every single disgusting thing that happens to me as a trans person, or somebody else as a gay person, but fuck - i dont experience everything that happens to someone else as a gay person. nor does he experience everything that happens to me. i dont experience all disgusting things that happen to aspec people either? just because its different or more contained doesnt mean that its less worthy or some shit? 

idk if that’ll change your mind but i hope youre at least a little less. whatever the fuck you were before sending this. 

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Jess I know you're drunk rn but lemme tell you that you are worthy of ALL the love in the world. You are so strong--one of the strongest women I have ever known. Anyone would be lucky to be loved by you and vice versa. You're amazing and I love you, my friend!

OKAY LET ME TELL YOU A THING.  I have been hoarding this since Saturday because it actually made me cry when I read it.  Thank you so much, I appreciate you so much and that you took the time to send me this and I just sjdfksdjsdjh I CAN’T I LOVE YOU A LOT KENNEDY.

The Correspondent
Allison Stock
The Correspondent

THE CORRESPONDENT // This song is about Lise Meitner, a brilliant scientist who discovered nuclear fission and also happened to be a woman (a fact which shut her out of the notoriety and reverence she deserved). As always, this song packs a pretty significant punch in the sensitive spot where my sentimentality sits. Alliteration and emotions aside, I’m proud of this noise, and all the hard work we all put into it. And then, don’t even get me started on elementals’ perfect Joni Mitchell-esque vocals on this. I couldn’t NOT have her sing on this one. Some things just make sense. This is just one of those things.

music by me, lyrics by cleanwhiteroom, vocals by elementals, guitar by elementals’ son, mastered by elementals as well, the brilliant and tirelessly patient.


I saw the film Lucy yesterday. I see a lot of movies and don’t usually talk about them here, but this one kind of ties into some of the stuff I’ve been writing about in the last few posts, so I want to discuss it a little.

First of all, if you’re into writing or enjoy thinking about originality, I’d highly recommend seeing this movie for the sake of discussion and analysis.

Curiously, I’d also recommend it if you’re an Elder Scrolls fan who is into Vivec’s Sermons and the series’ god cosmology and stuff, since I feel that the film’s lore and ideas actually carry a lot of the same flavor - particularly when it comes to the psychology of godhood. Taken as a science fiction movie, Lucy is not very believable: the “10% of your brain” stuff they cite is completely untrue, the chemicals they describe do not give you super powers, and so on. However, taken as a fantasy story about a human ascending to something greater, I think the movie has a very interesting angle most storywriters would never consider. 

If you’re interested in it, I would suggest you watch it before reading on. The post will stay here, don’t worry. Further, spoiler-laden discussion of this below the cut. 

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Thank you for the Blackwall post! You mention many of his positives but can you point me his negatives? I go too far one way or the other when I write. (Sorry for my bad englis, I hope you understand my meaning!)

you’re welcome, and your english is fine. i’ll try to keep this simple if i can. disclaimer: i took blackwall with me everywhere. along with dorian and cole, he was a constant companion, so i got to know him quite well. that said, i’m no literary expert and this is just my interpretation/observation. 

  • he’s judgemental. he’s quick to make comments and assumptions about other companions, and isn’t particularly subtle about letting them know either. i found this most evident with his dorian banter, whom he pins immediately as preening, superficial and callous. that said, he is not overly stubborn and his mind can be changed (again demonstrated by later dorian banters in which he acknowledges dorian isn’t like that, apologises for being an ass, and they get along reasonably well).
  • definite martyr complex. this much is evident through his whole “assuming blackwall’s identity and living in self imposed exile”. what happened while he was captain destroyed him, and he is determined to die on a hill for it. this lapses into self pity that borders on self obsession. you can see this in his vivienne banters too, where he is convinced she loathes him and tries to goad her into scorning or mocking him when in reality, she (apparently) just doesn’t care. post revelations, there’s a lot of this with all the companions, a sort of “go on, tell me i’m scum, everyone hates me anyway” thing. it comes across as emotional masochism sometimes.
  • he bares a pretty big grudge against anyone he considers aristocratic or snobbish, despite the fact as a captain of the orlesian army he was certainly rubbing elbows with them for many years. i’m assuming this is because he blames the Game, ser chapuis, duke gaspard, etc for what happened with lord callier’s family (and rainier’s men). pretty understandable but i guess counts as a fault, maybe?
  • overly cautious, lacks curiosity, is generally suspicious. he totally doesn’t trust cole at the beginning (though soon develops a close relationship with him), or dorian. he grouses a little when you take him to strange new places, or when you pick up things like shards. he is very wary of things he doesn’t know or recognise.
  • prone to putting people on pedestals, a combination of his low self esteem and overly romantic inclinations. he thinks gordon blackwall (a man he knew for all of a few days) and the grey wardens (an organisation he knows zero about) to be brave paragons of goodliness, and if the inquisitor has a good relationship with him he considers them to be untouchably wonderful, basically. his romance is 90% “i’m not worthy of you (please step on me)”.

there are possibly more but since i like him so much, its hard to come up with them objectively. laid out like this he sounds terrible but no, he’s a good man. he’s kind and lonely and funny. i love blackwall.

Hi Guys! So here is a fic I’ve had for a WHILE..but tbh I don’t think its that great. I’m kinda just tired of seeing it in my drafts, so I’m posting it because I do like parts of it but as I said in a previous post I don’t like it enough to tag you guys. You probably have no idea what I’m on about…and sorry I just…I dunno its hard to explain how I’m feeling and why I feel its not enough to tag you wonderful people… but yeah…so only tagging mmfdfanfic 

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recently i passed 1k and just?? i cant believe i made it to 1k like i never thought this would happen and just ahh thank you all so much! i was too busy when it happened, so i thought now i just passed 1.3k i’d pretend it’s a more worthy number and do something to make up for it!! not all of these will become edits, just the ones i feel i can make something relevant for! if you check my fandoms those will be more likely to be completedi will make 90% of them though, and will mention if it’s a tricky one for me! and you’ll be tagged when its posted!

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Before and after picture. This was a project where I had to draw a real life animal so I chose my favorite. My art teacher thought it was worthy enough to put in the district contest so he did. The contest was outdoors and it was rainy and windy out. It got blown of its stand and landed on the wet ground. He kept apologizing and I told him it was ok because it was. I now call it “The Art of Letting Go”