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Mmmm slow makeouts with Fionn late at night while it's dark, and it's raining outside, the only light coming from the sparse heat lightening in the clouds. Maybe you're in your underwear and one of his old shirts, no bra, and he's still in his sweater and jeans from the day, too intertwined with you to worry about changing out of them.

Jesus Christ… This sounds like such a dream right now. You’ve been cuddling and kissing and making out since he arrived home in the early afternoon, sprawled out on your bed as the weather outside took a turn for the worst and made the both of you feel content and cosy; him in a thick sweater and jeans and you in nothing but a pair of knickers and one of his t-shirts. And neither of you have eaten and it’s passed the dinner-mark of the day, nearing 11pm as the thunder rolled through the sky and lightning lit up the dark space of the bedroom, cracking out but neither of you care because you’re too engrossed with one another. 

Sometimes you lay upon him and sometimes he lays upon you. Sometimes you drape yourself over his body and sometimes he drapes his body over your body. Sometimes you sit up with your legs crossed and sometimes he sits up against the headboard. Sometimes you get up for a wee and sometimes he gets up for a wee. Sometimes he has you locked in his hold as he peppers kisses around your face and sometimes you have him locked in a hold as you pepper kisses to his face.

It’s quiet between the both of you. It started off with him explaining his day and how he had been jumping from building to building to get photoshoots and press interviews done and it had ended with you expressing your love for him and how you hadn’t been able to do much sketching or painting on a canvas because he wasn’t there to give you inspiration. But that’s it. There are no plans being made and no meaningless talk or pillow-talk happening as you lay there in his arms and feel his fingers raking through your hair.

“Are you getting hungry? I’m getting a little hungry. I can whip up some sandwiches for us? S’too late to order in and I’m not going out in this weather to find somewhere,” he murmurs, straining his neck away from you to look down and smile, “I think there’s some leftover bacon in the fridge from this morning. I can make some egg and bacon sandwiches? Know you love them.”

“You really know what gets me going,” you giggle, leaning up on your elbows, “I would love a sausage on the side.”

He whines out and scoffs, “you really know how to make things dirty.”

“I wasn’t being dirty, Fionn! There are some sausages in the fridge that need to be eaten.” xx

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Just had a weird spur of the moment headcanon. But bear with me for a sec... AU, where RFA is in highschool with MC, and MC is with Jumin, and one day MC is sick and doesn't show up, so Jumin sneaks into MC's room to bring her stuff and fluff ensues.

Haha, that sounds super cute! Depending on how close they were (I’m assuming they were super tight in the au you were suggesting) I don’t think it’s unlikely. (I accidentally read this wrong the first time and wrote them as good friends that fall in love??? I’m sorry I can’t read to save my life sometimes??? *facepalm* I hope you enjoy this anyway) Maybe it would go something like this? (Also I’m making them all the same age because I’m a lazy):

MC was feeling abysmal as she closed the door to her bedroom, cradling a tissue box in her arms as she returned to bed. Looking to her phone, she noticed class was over in the time she had inadvertently passed out on the couch downstairs. She opened the messenger to ask Jumin for the homework– as they shared most of their classes being honor students–when her window slid open of its own accord to reveal a familiar head of dark hair. Her hand flew up to cover her mouth as she laughed at his unceremonious entrance, unrepentant as each limb and a bag followed.

“Oh my God, Jumin, you did not.” She managed in between giggles.

His deadpan expression softened into a sheepish yet devilish smirk. “You have your ways of avoiding your mother, I have mine. Please excuse the intrusion.”

She waved him off, unperturbed. They’d been climbing in each others houses for years now, they were hardly strangers. “You could have just emailed everything to me, you didn’t have to come all this way. I don’t want to get you sick too.” MC insisted with a sniffle. More than that, she didn’t want him to get in trouble with his father over something so trivial.

“Where’s the fun in that? I’ll be fine.” He grinned, removing a neat folder from his bag with everything she needed to catch up, she was sure. “For you.”

“Thank you,” She placed the small stack of papers on her nightstand. “How long did you have to fight Zen to be the one to bring it to me?” MC asked dryly.

She was delighted to hear Jumin laugh, holding up his hands from their original position crossed over his chest. She loved it when it was just the two of them. He always seemed so comfortable, so liberated compared to his usual withdrawn reticence. “You got me, I had to beat him at rock paper scissors before he relented. Which makes no sense considering we live a block away from each other. In terms of efficiency, I was the most viable option.”

MC smiled. Jihyun was right, he was ever the scientist. But she thought the practicality was adorable, and it made him a lot more honest than most. It was refreshing that she never had to wonder what he was thinking since he was always open about it.

“Wait just a second, you must be thirsty after running here and climbing that tree. Let me get some water,” She exited before he could protest and returned with two water bottles, one to keep her hydrated and the other to make sure he was drinking properly too. Though she doubted he had problems with his health considering how he regimented just about everything.

“Thanks.” His voice was quiet, low. The sound of it never failed to soothe her, even now as her head throbbed slightly from oversleeping.

There was a comfortable silence for a while, their gazes wandering, most often to each other. A light blush often colored their cheeks whenever either was caught staring, accidentally or not, and Jumin’s hand came up to rub the nape of his neck. 

MC was curious at the sight of the gesture. He only did that when he was nervous. “Is something wrong, Jumin?“ Was his stepmother acting up again? “You know you can always stay here if you’re not comfortable at home.” She said softly, her hand reaching out to cover his in the hopes of comforting him. She had wanted to talk some sense into his parents for a long time, but she knew they would only take out whatever she said on him the moment she was gone. She hated how powerless she was to stop it. Anything she could do to help, he had but to ask.

He shook his head. “No it’s not that, but thank you, MC.” His words were suffused with a warm gratitude that was somewhat shy. “It’s…actually…” His gaze moved to the floor, lips pursed until he managed to force the words out. “Would you have preferred it if Zen was the one to come instead of me?” She could see the faintest of blushes coloring the tips of his ears.

“Much as I would appreciate whoever came to deliver the things I need, I think I’d have to say no.” She hedged. His head shot up immediately to stare at her in surprise as her hands fiddled with the sheets, pulling at a stray thread on one of the corners as she her face flamed.

A slow smile she didn’t see overtook his face, more radiant than any he’d worn all his life. “Truly?” He asked. 

She nodded, mortified and unable to look at him and down-spiraling as usual. God he was going to think she was one of those crazy kids at school desperate to get his attention for all the wrong reasons, nice going you idiot. As if he doesn’t have enough girls hitting on him on a daily basis! Way to ruin everything, all he wanted was a real friend and you had to take it too far, stop being selfish and–

Her thoughts were halted in their tracks when she felt the velvet brush of lips and the lightest pressure on her forehead, her eyes widening and her cheeks darkening even further. All she could do was blink and stare at his crisp white collar, mouth slightly agape as he took a step back. He was blushing a bit too, despite his indulgent smile.

“Before you self-destruct,” He began, knowing all too well how she overthought things sometimes. Her brows would knit and her face would scrunch up in quiet horror in the most endearing way, though he always halted her before she could go too far with it and come to the wrong conclusion. “I like you too,” He revealed, his voice no louder than a murmur.

“O-oh.” Was all she could manage to say. Holy crap holy crap holy crap this was not a drill, Jumin liked her plain ass back. At this rate, she was going to need a hospital for an entirely different reason. She had liked him for a long time, but never wanted to make him uncomfortable with the expectation of something more considering the kinds of experiences he’d had with women all his life.

“But the most important thing right now is your health,” He continued, wrapping a spare blanket from the closet around her shoulders. “We can address this more as soon as you’ve rested. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to call on me if you need anything.” His voice was as stern as it was sincere, largely because MC was stubborn to a troublesome degree about asking for help. He didn’t want her to hesitate, even if all she wanted was to talk. “Feel better, MC.” Shooting her another one of his delightful small smiles, he climbed back out and down the tree, heading home to tell his father about another impromptu student council meeting no doubt.

Her hands came up to cover her face, trying to hold in the shrill scream climbing up her throat. He had to be the cutest combination of awkward and charming she’d ever seen. Hoping it wasn’t a fever dream and giddy for tomorrow, she got to work on the day’s assignments so that she could go to bed early.

She pulled the blanket he had retrieved for her closer in the hopes that she would warm more quickly, which made her notice it was her favorite one: the gray one. The one she had draped over his shoulders when he’d appeared one night, eyes wide and terrified; desperate to be as far away from what she assumed to be his home. It had been raining heavily and she hadn’t known him all that well yet, but he had seemed trustworthy enough at school. So she pulled him inside without a second thought despite the lack of explanation. She then led him to the living room and asked him to wait in the quietest voice she could manage, only moving when she saw him nod imperceptibly. She didn’t ask him any questions, just prepared Earl Grey tea–thank God Jihyun had gushed about him to her– and chose the blanket because it had matched his striking eyes. The ones that had seemed so dull and clouded when she first met him, like the mist that guards a heavily fortified fortress. After pouring the tea and setting up the couch for him to stay the night, she remembered asking him if he wanted a book or a movie or something to help him fall asleep, to which he replied that she pick her favorite movie. The next two hours was spent watching Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. She’d hoped the music and the intricate artwork would help him grow drowsy, but it was clear he was wide awake throughout even though he was still as a statue. She would have been worried if it hadn’t been for the sound of his even breathing filling the silence. He’d seemed remarkably poised and implacable at school, like nothing could ever faze or deter him. So what on Earth had the power to make him withdraw into himself to this degree? 

When the movie was over she turned off the lights and found the newest book she’d intended to read, pulling up a chair deliberately in between him and the front door. Soon after that, his eyes closed and the next time she looked up he was sound asleep. Her jaw set at the sight, remembering the strange but strong scent of perfume that clung to his chest when she’d wrapped the blanket around him. If anybody came looking for him–no matter who it was– she was going straight to the police. That morning, they left the house and she accompanied him to retrieve his things before they left for school as if nothing had ever happened.

To this day, she thanked her rarely lucky stars that her own family had been gone for the weekend and she had been able to let him stay somewhere safe for the night.

After the incident she noticed little changes in his demeanor each day; a pencil appearing on her desk before she could ask for one, a question she’d written while taking notes answered in an elegant script on her page when she returned to class from the restroom, notes brought to her house when she was ill just like today. His attempts at conversation were still tentative, but much more apparent than before, and she always responded with her full attention. It didn’t take long for their conversations to run deeper than they ever would have imagined, engrossed to the point where entire hours would pass without their knowledge. Soon they were inseparable; she couldn’t remember being so close to somebody all her life.

She buried her face in the blanket, the memory from two years ago bittersweet. Her heart would always break at the thought of what he might have lost that night, but she always hoped he would remember it for the same reasons that she did. The start of a wonderful friendship and the slow emergence of a lifelong love.

I’m sorry I kind of got carried away with this AU idea, but I hope you like it anyway??? Thank you for enabling my endless thirst somebody please protect this boy he is all I think about. 

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Hey Fudge, my name is Brandon and I think your posts about positivity and everything are great. I think what you do to uplift people is so nice and I want you to know you're an amazing person. As for me, it's already too late to help me out of this 6 year thing but that's ok. I am who I am and I can't change that. To be honest, I've cut before but I stopped because the physical and emotional pain I've already feel is much worse. I'm just so tired you know? So tired of crying myself to sleep.

It’s never too late for anyone I’m really sorry to hear you think so…

But I want you to know Brandon that things will get better eventually and that its okay to feel really sad and lost right now. But I believe in you, just keep fighting you deserve to be happy again someday and I want you to keep fighting for that, I want to see things good for you again someday!

Late pregnancy sucks

me right now

Originally posted by stefanieshank

Except instead of the rainbow, there is (warning graphic content ahead) a load of Braxton Hicks contractions, which seem to lead absolutely nowhere, too much discharge to come out of one vagina, which requires a regular change of sanitary pads except I CAN’T FUCKING BEND BECAUSE I’M HUGE, sleeping on a towel (just in case the waters break and I don’t want to ruin the mattress), constantly itchy skin on the stomach as it’s now stretched beyond its limit, and the knowing that things are going to get MUCH worse before they get better. Thank you for your attention.

Hearts Apart

Rating: PG
Summary:  Nick has had years to come to terms with his crush–Griffin, on the other hand, doesn’t quite know how to handle it.
Notes: Some angst. Happy (Belated) Birthday, Shipboyswantitaldente
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Nick was tired, and Griffin could hear it in his voice.

Still, they went on; there was work to do, no matter how many restless hours passed by, more matter how many yawns dropped from Nick’s mouth.

“Sorry,” Nick said, after stifling his fifth yawn in the past thirty minutes. “I’ll try to edit those out later… you know how it is.” Griffin sure did, they had been working on a backlog of content to make up for a nearing business trip, but it was wearing on the both of them. He could feel his focus fading away every time Nick’s low voice flitted through his ears.

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Mew Mew Power meme.
  • ❝ Because of that, weird things happen to me, I fell and landed safely on my feet, feel sleepy all the time, and can predict weather. It's a problem! ❞
  • ❝ But I'll get FAT! ❞
  • ❝ You should excuse yourself and leave. ❞
  • ❝ I don't have the intention of cooperating with someone so vulgar. ❞
  • ❝ Don't worry, we're not going to kill you ... for now. ❞
  • ❝ It's a Chimera Animal! ❞
  • ❝ Get up!Look at me! ❞
  • ❝ It's dangerous! ❞
  • ❝ Shut up! ❞
  • ❝ Now you're scared, right? ❞
  • ❝ Too slow! ❞
  • ❝ That's so lame! ❞
  • ❝ Let's hold hands! ❞
  • ❝ Ribbon Strawberry Surprise! ❞
  • ❝ Why aren't you scared? ❞
  • ❝ I'm not scared, because I have my friend beside me. ❞
  • ❝ I will protect you. ❞
  • ❝ With love, you can do anything. ❞
  • ❝ I will take you with me. ❞
  • ❝ Come with me. ❞
  • ❝ He is the only one for me. ❞
  • ❝ It's not too late to change your mind. ❞
  • ❝ Why are you stealing everything from me? ❞
  • ❝ We've fallen into a trap. ❞
  • ❝ There won't be anyone else to save you. ❞
  • ❝ Believe. I will be fine. ❞
  • ❝ You said you'd be fine! ❞
  • ❝ I love you. ❞
  • ❝ For the Earth's future, we will serve. ❞
  • ❝ I'm late! ❞
  • ❝ Mew ____, Metamorphosis! ❞
Unread Text Messages [Taehyung x Reader]
  • [This is from your POV]
  • Tae🐶: I'm so sorry (F/n)...I just. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you.
  • Tae🐶: You deserved better than me. I really hope you're happy right now...
  • Tae🐶: I'd be lying to you and myself if I said I didn't miss you.
  • Tae🐶: Because fuck. I really miss you (F/n). So much so that I can't stop thinking about you.
  • Tae🐶: I miss the way you smiled at me as I'd poke your tummy. Do you remember? You used to tell me to stop it but I KNOW you secretly enjoyed it.
  • Tae🐶: I miss the way your eyes would shine every time you'd talk about things you love. You'd always ramble on about all the things you found interesting.
  • Tae🐶: I'd always nod and smile but ask what you just said straight after because I'd always trail away from the conversation, getting lost in the depth of your tone, the croakiness in your voice that displayed the exhaustion of the day and the slight cute lisp you always denied that you had.
  • Tae🐶: I know these texts aren't going to be read but it doesn't hurt to try right...
  • Tae🐶: I miss the times you'd lay your head snugly on my chest, and how your laughter would vibrate from your rib cage. It always gave me such a tickling sensation. It never failed to allow my lips to crack a wide ass smile.
  • ...
  • Tae🐶: I'm going to sleep now. Sleep well my angel.
  • ---
  • Tae🐶: good morning, jagi! I hope you had a good nights rest
  • Tae🐶: You remember my best friend Jimin right? He said it's not healthy for me to be still texting you
  • Tae🐶: Hahaha can you believe him? He even suggested for me to move on. 😂
  • Tae🐶: I still love you. As long as that love is still there I'm going to talk to you every moment I can.
  • Tae🐶: even if I know all of this will never be read
  • Tae🐶: you know, I remember vividly how your mother was so against you going out with me
  • Tae🐶: "idols are not to be trusted!" She said. Even though I didn't think I was worth it, you still fought for me.
  • Tae🐶: you'd admit to me late at night that it was tiring. That all of it on top of studying for your degree and your part time job was draining your energy.
  • Tae🐶: but everytime I felt guilty and said something stupid like: "it's okay if it gets too much and if you'd like to walk away. I don't want to see you hurt."
  • Tae🐶: you'd always look at me with the most offended glare. "Pfft I'm stronger than that, Tae. I love you. That's never gonna change. Even if my mum doesn't agree right now. I'll change her mind I promise and then all of this will go away."
  • Tae🐶: you'd just snuggle closer to me after that but I'd still pout. Your eyebags were deepening around then, your skin tone gradually had turned lighter. You were suffering because of me. And I hated how I couldn't help you.
  • Tae🐶: then one day it all ended. I grew some balls and strutted to your family's front door. "Mrs.(L/n), I'm Kim Taehyung your daughter's boyfriend. Nice to finally meet you." My box smile was showing. I was trying extra hard to be charming.
  • Tae🐶: after a VERY long conversation she had fallen for my charms just like you had 😙
  • Tae🐶: I felt all the weight that had held you down physically lift off of you.
  • Tae🐶: ... I...i remember the times you had look at me fondly every time I spoke. You'd just give me that knowing grin and be so engrossed in what I ever that spilled out of my mouth. Even if I spouted bullshit sometimes 😅
  • Tae🐶: I'm gonna miss all that.
  • Tae🐶: I hope you read this.
  • Tae🐶: I want you to know how much I love you.
  • Tae🐶: How much you meant to me...
  • Tae🐶: (F/n)...I miss you, baby please
  • ---
  • Tae🐶: good morning again! How are you doing today jagi? 😘
  • Tae🐶: I hope you're eating well.
  • ...
  • Tae🐶: sometimes I laugh at the thought of how many unread messages you probably have.
  • Tae🐶: but when I hear how tired my laugh sounds I realize I had lost my voice.
  • Tae🐶: because I was crying all night.
  • Tae🐶: can you imagine?
  • Tae🐶: I'm so weak hahaha I can't even be strong in these times
  • ...
  • Tae🐶: you know it's been 3 days
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago I let you go
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago you told me that you were going out with that one friend of yours that had the faulty car
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago I hesitated, worrying for the slightest second thinking I should tell you to stay or at least go with you
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago you reassured me that you'd be fine and that it was a girls night out
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago I smiled and let you kiss me on the cheek as you ran out to meet your friend.
  • Tae🐶: 3 days ago you left our shared apartment and never came back.
  • Tae🐶: when I heard the news I was in a state of denial. I couldn't bring myself to believe it.
  • Tae🐶: then I saw the wreck of a car that I had wished wasn't familiar to me. That same faulty car I was worried about.
  • Tae🐶: I should've went with you. At least then I would be with you right now and not talking on here
  • Tae🐶: I should've held your head close to mine, I should've told you it was okay and that I love you. I should've shared our last moments together.
  • Tae🐶: but now you're there.
  • Tae🐶: and I'm here.
  • ---
  • Tae🐶: baby.
  • Tae🐶: Please.
  • Tae🐶: Answer me...
Dear first love, i’m sorry || d.h

Summary: Sometimes love gets tired.

Word Count: 683

A/N: Everything I write seems to be generally sad so I’m sorry, I hope you enjoy nonetheless! Please let me know what you think, I would appreciate  it lots c; 


Dan’s Pov

Don’t cry. It’s not so bad, we can still be friends.”

That’s what I wanted to say. Of course, I didn’t vocalize it. In fact, I didn’t say anything. Despite my empty mouth, the words are in my mind. I loved her, once. But now I’m just tired. Her love wasn’t exciting anymore. Her words didn’t make me smile. Her presence was anything but necessary in my life. Her touch didn’t produce any feelings, and that’s all I wanted. I so desperately wanted to feel, something, anything.  So I guess when I stopped getting what I wanted, I started to forget. I forgot to hold her hand. I forgot to talk to her. Our love was now blurry picture, drifting away on the wind and yet no one seemed to make an effort to catch it. We just let it be. Maybe because the memory captured in that picture was just not worth it or maybe we are just tired, and it seems purposeless to even try.


I watched her cry. I watched the tears fall to her cheeks while she tried to catch my gaze. I saw her while she tried to lift her hand and reach my face. I backed away, too scared that if she got too close, she would change my mind.

“I’m just tired” the words came out of my mouth unannounced.

“Of me?” her voice was fragile, almost breaking. I heard the pain in her voice. It made me tremble.

“Dan, answer me.” 

Her voiced sound harsh, for someone that hadn’t made feel much lately, she was making me feel everything right now.

“No, of course not.”

That’s what I said. 

“Yes, of you, of everything.” That’s what I meant. 

 “Look, it’s not you..”

“ ‘Its me’ are you seriously going to pull that line on me? ‘It’s not you, it’s me, I’m so sorry’ I don’t wanna hear that I want to listen to the truth, Dan. I didn’t ask you for anything but your honesty, but you can’t even give that to me can you?”


“Leave” she whispered.

“Wait,, (y/n) I..”

“You what? Are you gonna tell me what actually happen? The real reason why after two years you want to end this like it didn’t mean anything to you. I’m not stupid Dan. I noticed how much you changed. Your indifference kills me, and… just tell me why… Please” He voice getting lower as she finished her sentence.

“I’m… I’m Moving. To London, actually with Phil. I just need to get away you know? All this uni stuff, I just feel lost and with no purpose; and also I.. I think maybe it would help if we saw other people… I just think it would be better that way, Please understand.”

The look she gave me, the one look I’ll never forget. Sadness and hurt all mixed with confusion and anger. That look that filled me with doubt, the look that almost made me take all my words back and kiss her, just hold her, all just so she would smile. She didn’t deserve all this hurt. While I didn’t love her anymore, I still cared about her. Yet, as horrible as it sounds, it seemed that whatever we had wasn’t worth it. Whatever we had was just tiring and time-consuming; I felt guilty. This love has dried up and stayed behind.  

“if I stay I’ll be a lie” yet again, of course, I didn’t say that I stumbled to the door then choke on words I’d always hide.

“I guess It’s over isn’t it, ”

I said awkwardly immediately regretting my idiotic comment.  

“Excuse me love, but we’re through. You made that pretty clear” she sighed. 

After a moment, she just added:

“Just leave.”


“Leave, leave! Don’t you understand? Have fun with your new life Dan Howell and just leave” Her hands were on her face, uselessly trying to prevent the sobs from coming out. She took one hand out of her face and ran to the door, she opened and eagerly signal me to leave.

“(y/n) listen”

“Goodbye, Dan”

“Forgive me.”

But once again, those were words I couldn’t say.

honestly i don’t even know what’s going on i just wanted to draw them and out came a shoujo-y mess.  (Note:  I was also gonna post each individually but my internet connection isn’t having it right now maybe another day for now enjoy the whole page with my addition in the corner)

I’m sure I’ll draw them in a more interesting manner once the show’s out and I actually know  what everything is gonna be.  Have I mentioned how ready I am for this show?  I am ready.  

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(I've been really curious about this lately, and you don't have to tell us but... who are your biggest fans on here??)

[ oh gosh, you mean “biggest fans” as in tumblr’s function-thing? honestly i hardly ever checked it, ( ‘cause i lowkey forgot it was there ), but i know it reacts differently depending on your activity levels.

soooo because i took all of that time off, i wasn’t receiving many notifications of sorts, and that would make anyone who, say liked 2 of my posts, my “#1 fan”.
and therefore made it pretty biased ‘cause it would make it seem anyone who even liked only a few of my posts are in the top 4 slots. 😑 ]

here comes December.

1. tahun menuju akhir, musim silih berganti, pun begitu masih terlalu banyak perkara yang tidak dapat dipadamkan oleh waktu.

2. memory should stay as memory because chasing after the past will accomplish nothing.

3. life is short, time is running out so carry on, carry on with what you have now. carry on.

4. for each of us, there will come a time, there is a time ; a time to love and a time to die. everything on earth happens in its own time, neither a minute late nor a minute early.

5. learn to let go as much as you have learned to love.

6. there is always something to be thankful for. forgive those who hurts you. it’s never too late to make things right. learn to love again in a new and better way.

7. be nice. be good. be kind. don’t hurt anyone.

8. we all need times. time to stand. time to move on. time to grow. but remember, time waits for no man. we don’t have forever. change now.

9. kalau tak mampu memaafkan, jangan berterusan membenci. kalau tak mampu mengubah, jangan pernah berhenti mendoakan.

10. learn from your mistakes. face your fears. find ways to change. pray, take a step and hope that God will lead your way.

11. have faith & trust that we can survive. hold on tight to Him and no matter what, don’t let go.

12. change and rebuild, again and again, out of the ruin, out of the rubble, out of what ever have broken inside you.

13. stop looking for a better place to put your heart. start doing something to make your heart better first.

14. don’t stuck on the past. don’t dwell on the past. what already happened is enough. you are here now, try to live on with the best you can, with what God gives you.

15. kadang-kadang kita rasa masa terlalu cepat berlalu. tapi kadang-kadang kita yang sebenarnya tak memanfaatkan masa dengan baik.

16. you don’t have to live forever to find happiness in your life. you just need to appreciate what you have now.

17. we have to learn how to accept things that we think we don’t deserve.

18. what past is past. and the future isn’t promises for us. you only have this moment. this moment is your life. enjoy it. cherish it. live it.

19. sometimes, you can only do your best and hope that it’s good enough. you can’t please anybody until you learn how to look after yourself.

20. kadang-kadang kita masih belum dapat sesuatu yang kita minta, adalah kerana kita masih gagal untuk mensyukuri apa yang DIA telah berikan.

21. lets fight for the best. leave what is need to be leave. say goodbye to yesterday. give everything for today and tomorrow.

22. sentiasa ada ruang dan peluang untuk kita diterima di tempat lain, pada suasana yang lain. percaya dan berusaha.

23. apa-apa yang tidak baik moga segera berlalu. apa-apa yang baik moga segera tiba. apa pun, kita tetap perlu terus berdoa.

24. it’s alright to say goodbye to the past and everything that aren’t right.

25. dear yesterday, stay gone. thanks for the memory.

26. dear tomorrow, hello. may you bring something better.

27. dear past, leave me. I have so much to fulfill.

28. dear future, wait for me. lets walk together.

29. it’s time to wake up and grow up. to erase and replace. to move on and start again.

30. welcome to your life. there’s no turning back. we can only move forward, grow stronger and fight again.

31. people come and go, things found and lost, but Allah will always be with us.

p/s : well, here’s the last for this year. maaf andai ada tulisan yang tak menyenangkan.

stay good, people.

- sederhanaindah

sherlock seattle rec list

Hello lovelies!

Thanks so much to everyone at Sherlock Seattle for a wonderful weekend. It was an incredible experience to meet so many talented and passionate people, and I was blown away by how welcoming everyone was. Love you all!

Now, on to the rec list: I asked people about their favorite fics at the con, and this list is the result of those fantastic conversations. Thanks to everyone who contributed! I’d love to pass the baton to all of you, now: if you have a favorite fic (or multiple), reblog this rec list and let us all know your favorites!

(As a side note: feel free to follow my non-rec blog at @brilliantlyburning! I mostly reblog Sherlock fics and meta, with a smattering of fanart and aesthetics.)

Saving Sherlock Holmes by earlgreytea68: The classic school fic. So lovely and wonderful (as are all fics by EGT, of course). If you love teenlock and haven’t read it–well, what are you waiting for? Go read it!

Give Me Fuel, Give Me Fire, Give Me That Which I Desire by gigglesbatch: A great post-season three fic that weaves jealousy, intrigue, and whump together to create a very satisfying story.

Masked Ball by Waid: A clever ACD case fic involving tricksters–if you’re partial to ACD or case fic, I definitely recommend this one.

Who satisfies your desires with good things by Chryse: This a fantastic Bible AU based on David and Jonathan. Even if this doesn’t sound like your thing, read it–you won’t regret it. Someone else recommended all of Chryse’s fics, an opinion that I second.

adventures in adolescence by Vera (Vera_DragonMuse): Another great teenlock fic in which Sherlock and John solve John’s father’s murder. Angsty but wonderful, and brilliantly characterized as well.

Buthal by JessamyGriffith: A twisted fairy tale involving monsters and hearts. Gorgeously done, but mind the pseudo-cannibalism.

My Heart Is As True As Steel by prettysailorsoldier: This a wonderful teenlock story. Angsty and fluffy at turns, this is easily one of my favorites of the genre.

The Men Who Talked Between the Words by Odamaki: This is a masterful slow burn. Set after season three, Sherlock and John end up raising John’s daughter together. Intricate and realistic, this is one of the best parentlock stories out there.

The Gilded Cage by BeautfulFiction: This A/B/O fic has my favorite worldbuilding within the category–this author subverts the norms of the Omegaverse to create a brilliantly plotted fic with excellent characterization. Seriously, this is a classic.

The Unlikely Death, Vol.1 (The Adventures of the Late Sherlock Holmes) by Niko Ford: Sherlock Holmes in space! A brilliant story in which John is suspected of having murdered Sherlock Holmes, and as part of the rehabilitation process must spend time with Sherlock’s hologram, who is only too happy to solve the mystery of his own murder. Go buy this right now!

The Burning Heart of Molly Hooper by PinkGlitterMasturbation: A slow burn fic that ends with Sherlock, Molly, and Irene in a polyamorous relationship. Great for fans of Sherlock/Molly or Sherlock/Irene.

How the mouth changes its shape by breathedout: Genderswapped Sherlock and John investigate a murder in a lesbian club in the 1950s–in other words, everything I never knew I desperately wanted.

Pure By Night by crimson_adder: A spooky ACD story with werewolves and supernatural elements: perfect for Halloween!

The Edinburgh Problem by snorklepie: Absolutely one of my favorite case fics. A masterful slow burn complete with shady art students, beautifully imagined original characters, and everything else you could ever want–read it immediately.

His Heavenly Cradle by BashfulBunny: A soft Omegaverse story chock-full of hurt and comfort. Lovely, but heed the tags: it deals with abuse and miscarriage.

A Land so Wild and Savage by doctornerdington: A Victorian AU in which John is an explorer and Sherlock is a botanist, and they explore the northwest passage. Currently a WIP.

The Paradox Series by wordstrings: Absolutely one of my favorites. Dark, disturbing, and absolutely fascinating, this series shows how a relationship between a sociopathic Sherlock and John might go. Simply stunning–if you haven’t already, read it now!

The Moonlight and the Frost by CaitlinFairchild: A classic post-season three case fic, this story deals with all of the tension between Sherlock and John beautifully. It’s never easy, but it’s masterfully done. Read it immediately if you haven’t already!

Naked, Stripped, and Raw by Nikoshinigami: This series won awards for characterization, and it’s easy to see why. Eerily similar to series three (although it was written prior), these stories get to the heart of the characters.

At Night In the Floating World by PoppyAlexander: This is quite possibly the most immersive alternate universe I’ve ever read: a dystopian world in which John is an assassin and Sherlock is a geisha. Gorgeously done, and nothing short of brilliant.

Thank you all so much for a wonderful weekend! It was incredible to meet so many insanely talented people. Thank you for sharing your talent, your joy, and your recs!

Magic? More Like Mag… Not!
(what to do when your world is, quite literally, standing still.)

Let’s start it off big and bold: magic rocks. Seriously, what could be better than the ability to shoot fire out of our hands? Or to knit bones back together with the lightest of touches? A good system of magic, particularly in the medieval fantasy genre, can be the turning point of a plot. Sure, you need good characters, a tight plot, and a world that is both believable and bad ass, but let’s be real, here – if your magic system sucks, or is unbelievable, the book is going to be put down in favour of something better.

But magic, for all its inherent awesomeness and power, is a terrible, terrible, terrible thing and should never, under any circumstances, be employed in a society that doesn’t want to crash and burn under the weight of its own collective laziness. I absolutely forbid you from using it in your next foray to the fantasy genre. 

… Wait, despite my direct order you still think magic rocks and you want to make an arcane society to put Harry Potter to bed? Fine. It’s your story. Do what you want, but I’d like to let you in on a little secret, and it’s something that – for better or for worse – might help you understand that beautiful new world you’re creating regarding how society and magic are two forces that, when brought to a head, lead to the ultimate developmental stand-still.

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8 years, part 3: 1 of 2?

This takes place a year later. They are all now 15. And the prompt from The 100 ways to say I love you is: “I’ll walk you home.”

Also, ignore the question mark. These were only supposed to be one prompt for eight years since the beginning of middle school, but it’s a whole year! A lot of things can happen. And maybe like this, I can get through the prompts a little faster. :) I only have 95 more prompts to go. I can do it.

And I know its been forever, but I was busy. I’m really really sorry.


Lucas had stayed over at Topanga’s a lot later than usual. He had bought himself two hot chocolates and a muffin to compensate for dinner.

His Mama would not be happy with him when he got home for the sad excuse of dinner, but he made sure that he asked her permission to stay late today.

Riley had begun to work at Topanga’s and she liked the work, and even though it wasn’t far from where she lived, Lucas worries about her walking home late at night by herself.

Usually her parents were here and waited her for to get out, but it was Friday and they got lucky in being able to go to date night.

Shawn was watching Auggie at his place, Maya had gone home, too, once Riley mentioned Auggie and Shawn always liked to start prank wars and she worried that her room would become battle ground.

Farkle and Smackle had studied at his place, but Lucas had seen them study. They were both too cute and adorable to even get focused.

Of course around 8, they would both really buckle down and finish their homework and studying.

It happened like this all the time.

Zay had tried to stay, but he didn’t want to get in trouble so he had left an hour ago. So now, Lucas was sitting down still working on his notes. His homework long finished.

“You’re still here?” Mrs. Hunter asked him with a knowing smile.

“Yes, I am. Sorry.” Lucas said embarrassed. He knew he was staying over too long, but he didn’t want Riley to walk home alone tonight. “I’m waiting for Riley to finish.”

Katy sat down and grinned at him. “You are such a gentleman, Lucas. Riley is so lucky to have you as her boyfriend.” She gushed softly with a laugh.

Lucas felt his whole face get hot. Katy frowned.

“I’m sorry. I thought you two were a couple.”

And there it was. It wasn’t like they weren’t unofficially together. Lucas knew his feelings, Riley knew hers, but he wasn’t sure if he should do something about it.

He knew that he would be happy to be her boyfriend now, again, really this time around.

But something stopped him. Maybe it was nerves, maybe it was because he always felt like he could be himself around Riley, and there were parts of him that he was scared she would see, but whatever it was, it hold him back from asking her to be his girlfriend.

But Riley was his girlfriend in all but name.

Even Mr. Matthews had told him that when they started to date again, he warned Lucas to be sure and to not hurt Riley.

Lucas had promised him, and Mr. Matthews watched him for a moment, before nodding and excusing himself.

He looked over at Riley, who was jotting down today’s sales and he grinned to himself. Riley Matthews was his girlfriend. Now he just needed to ask her out.

He turned to Katy, when he heard her stand up. “Good luck.” She grinned at him, that knowing smile back in place and he felt himself blush. That seemed to happen every time he was around Riley.

He looked back at her with a fond grin, feeling warm from just watching her.

He looked away and until closing time, he was lost in his thoughts.


“You didn’t have to wait for me.” Riley said with a grin, as she shivered against the cold and hugged herself close.

Lucas wrapped an arm around her. “Come on, its cold. I’ll walk you home.”

“But Lucas, your house is closer than mine. I can walk home by myself.” She argued, but Lucas shook his head and pulled her close, enjoying her warmth in the cold night air.

“No, its fine. Lets go before it gets too late.”

Riley tried to argue some more, but Lucas waved her off every time.

When they got to the apartment, and stood outside Riley’s door. Lucas started to get nervous and loose his nerve. But he fought through it and one more look at Riley told him this was the right time.

“Riley.” He began. When she looked at him, Lucas’s heart began to beat wildly in his chest. He knew that things would change from now on.

He was still afraid of parts of him, but he would make sure that Riley never saw them.

“Yes, Lucas?” Came her soft reply and Lucas took a deep breath to steady his courage.

“Riley, will you be my girlfriend?”

Riley froze, looking at a loss for words. Lucas almost took it back. He panicked that he should have been more romantic. Bought her some flowers, took her out on a pre date and then dropped the big question.

He was about to stammer his way out of this when Riley nodded, her eyes misting over and she jumped on him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Yes, yes, yes! I’ll be your girlfriend.” Riley cried out happily.

She pulled back huge smile on her face. They both stared at each other, lost in the other’s eyes.

Slowly, Lucas began to lean forward, and Riley stood up a little higher, getting closer as well.

When they were so close that Lucas was engulfed in her strawberry shampoo, they heard walking down the hall and pulled away.

Just in time for them to see Riley’s parents walking down toward them.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Mr. Matthews asked, but by the look on his face, he already knew.

He looked at Lucas and he took a deep breath.

“Mr. Matthews, I asked Riley to be my girlfriend and she said yes.” He said and they all waited for his reaction.

“I see.” He cleared his throat and sighed softly. “Before anything else, no being in her room, no taking her away on holidays, and no breaking my daughter’s heart, is that understood, Mr. Friar?”

“Yes, sir.” Those were all simple things he knew he could do.

“Okay then.” He looked at his watch. “You should go home soon, Mr. Friar, its late.”

He and Mrs. Matthews passed by, with Topanga squeezing Riley’s shoulder affectionately, and once they were alone in the hallway, the door to the apartment still open and Mr. Matthews sitting down on the couch, not even trying to hide the fact that he was looking at them, Lucas gave her a smile.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Riley.”

“I can’t wait.” Riley said with a loving smile.

Even with Mr. Matthews watching, Lucas leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her cheek. Riley’s face turned adorably red and he smiled at her.

“Goodnight, Riley.”

“Goodnight, Lucas.” He walked away and only when he was going to round the corner did he look back.

Riley was leaning against the threshold of the door and she waved at him. He waved back and when he reached the stairs he paused for a moment. Feeling his heart still beating wildly in his chest, but now it felt like it was only out of happiness and excitement.

Lucas walked all the way home with a smile on his face.


And that is another prompt.

dean/cas fic: Cas and Chill (3.7k, nsfw)

cas and chill; episode tag, 3.7k, nsfw, the one where dean comes home and they watch tv.


Dean’s phone buzzes about an hour west of Fall River, just as US 6 curves toward the Rhode Island-Connecticut line. It takes him a minute to dig his phone out of his pocket; he hands his breakfast burrito to Sam and balances his soda cup between his legs. He swipes at the screen, but his thumb is so egg-and-sausage greasy that it doesn’t track. The phone shunts the call to his voicemail before he can get it unlocked.

“Is that Cas?” Sam asks.

“Yeah.” Dean drops his phone on the seat, wipes his hand on jeans, then picks his phone back up. Just as he’s dialing Cas’ number, Sam’s phone starts to ring. Dean changed his ringtone to Dancing Queen a couple days ago; it’s back to one of the default jingles, something that sounds like a xylophone going over a cliff.

“Hey, Cas. What’s up?” Sam asks. “No, we’re good. Dean’s driving.” After a pause he adds, “Yeah, we wrapped it up last night, so we’re headed back to you. Tomorrow… uh, tomorrow –” he glances at Dean and asks, “Night?”

“Yeah, late.”

“Tomorrow night, late.”

Cas talks for a few moments, his voice a dull buzz that just cuts through the wind whistling through Dean’s half-open window. Dean grabs his soda cup, rattling the ice at the bottom before draining the last of the Coke. He’d wanted coffee, but the stuff being brewed at the Fall River Fuel & Go had smelled like a swamp and had been thick enough to chew. Cas says something that makes Sam snort under his breath. Dean takes his breakfast burrito back; it wasn’t great to begin with, but the last two bites are mostly stale tortilla, chewy and cold.

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Rule 47

Previous part can be found here.

Big old thanks to yourenotascoolasyouthink for reading this.

Part Six

Hannah’s never felt so intimated by classical music in her entire life. And truth be told, it’s not the music that is making her nervous. It’s what the music means.

It’s hold music.

She’s been on hold for the better part of an hour. Because it’s Monday. Monday as in, not the weekend anymore. Monday as in a regular business day.

Monday as in, the government will take phone calls again.

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it doesn’t matter anymore. nothing does. did it ever really?

why do i keep doing this? i push away everyone i meet, knowing they’ll fall into the arms of another.

i guess its goodbye then. i was beginning to think we were friends until we stopped. you don’t seem so okay, but its too late anyway.

don’t think this is about you, cause its not. its not. its not. its not. but to you, you, i’ll miss you. fuck it, i already do.

i miss the way you used to make me smile all the time, the way you made me laugh everyday. i miss the way you’d confuse yourself. i even miss the parts where we didn’t know what to do for hours on end. i miss the way you’d stay up when you were worried about me, no matter that it was nearly 5am for us. i miss us.

you were a great and i guess i took you for granted? 

maybe i am better off dead?

from thousands to three right? how about none at all. isn’t sad how everyone leaves in the end after all?

you’ll be okay. you have her and you have him. you have more than those two. you don’t need me, you never needed me. was i just a game to you? was i not pretty enough for you? funny enough for you? skinny enough for you? 

tell me what did i need to change?

its too late now though. so i guess i’ll stay here all alone. alone, again. its a good thing i like being alone right? even she knows that.

goodbye boy, goodbye forever maybe.

and goodbye to the rest of you as well, indefinitely.

you don’t love me, you never did. i was never good enough for you, its her instead, it always has been.

anonymous asked:

I think I might be asexual, but I'm only 14. Is that too young to think this? I'm repulsed by sex, kissing, etc. and I've never liked it or felt that way about someone. Do you think it's safe to think I'm ace or am I just a late bloomer? Thank you, I'm very stressed.

Dear, you’re never too young to know what you like and what you don’t like. And even if it changes in time, that doesn’t make it invalid right now. If you feel ace, you’re ace. And if you’re just a late bloomer, you can find a better-suited label when that time comes, if it does.