but it's not that pretty

Oh hey just my thoughts here.

Is it weird to wear brown lipsticks cause I bought a bunch of dark lipsticks(not all of them are too dark but eh)and my mom simply said “It’s scary” “It’s not common” or “It’s not pretty”
Excuse me?! I think the colours I bought are pretty and cool. I mean, I always wear black clothing and I think it suits me the most. And to be honest I don’t like wearing bright colours in the first place. Seriously. You should know by my arts. They are all dull colours XD
I think that it’s not common wearing brown lipsticks in Japan but I wanna wear it. I wanna be different. I don’t want to be like other girly girls. I wanna be a cool girl, not pretty.
Maybe I will avoid wearing really really dark lipsticks just because I don’t wanna scare people but I will wear brown lipstick and u can’t stop me😜😜😜


get to know me: [7/10] fav movies → Peter Pan
“It would be delightful to report that they reached the nursery in time…but then, there would be no story.“

Kay..but seriously, tell me Derek doesn’t look like some Disney princess in need of rescuing. The way he falls on those steps and his big eyes…he’s all dramatic even when he’s an Alpha. I mean this is after Prince Charming rescued him, but still…

bloodworx  asked:

How do you think the campers and Gwen would react if David was arrested on front of them in the Serial Killer!David AU?

with a whole bunch of disbelief, probably. he’s pretty much still canon!david after all, as far as the camp is concerned, and they would probably be pretty convinced that there is some kind of misunderstanding in the mix.

It’s all started by a photograph in the society pages.

The night before, Lockwood and Co had been the guests of honor at a commemorative event celebrating the decline of the Problem. It’s one year to the day from the fall of Fittes House, though most of London is still—and likely will forever be—completely in the dark regarding what actually happened there. The Problem isn’t solved yet, but things are getting better every day, and as far as London is concerned, they have Lockwood and Co to thank for that.

And what better way to say thank you than to throw a gala?

Very late the next morning, and still in his pajamas for once, Lockwood is relaxing over the paper and thinking back over what he considers to be a successful, enjoyable evening. His company is getting the recognition it deserves, the recognition he’d always known they would get, but his professional satisfaction pales in comparison to the deep-rooted contentment and pleasure he’d found in spending an evening with Lucy Carlyle on his arm.

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Someone cut s5 of Ellen’s sitcom where its only the stuff with her and her girlfriend and its 106 minutes long enjoy