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The Matchmakers - Part 7

Art made by the amazing @bambz-art

@setthestarsxnfire​ and I wrote this one together! Hope you enjoy! This one is long so more under the cut~

MC: It’s a beautiful day!

Jaehee Kang: We should do something together

V: Agreed, it’s been awhile since we went out as a group.

ZEN: Like what?

707: Let’s go to the fair~!! ✧◕ヮ◕✧

ZEN: We’ve already been to the fair

Yoosung★: Oh? Since when :3

Saeran: ‘We’?

ZEN: Since
ZEN: Ehm
ZEN: No no, I misspoke
ZEN: I’ve never been there

Jumin Han: …

MC: Great!
MC: Then it’s settled, let’s all go!

Jaehee Kang: I don’t know if it’s something for me.

MC: Jaehee, it’s not the same without you (;﹏;)

707: MC’s secret weapon has been activated!

Jaehee Kang: Ah! I will go, MC!
Jaehee Kang: Don’t cry!

MC: Yaaayyy!!

Jumin Han: I really should finish writing these reports.

V: Come on Jumin, it’s Sunday.
V: Zen, you will be there, I hope?

ZEN: Hah… I suppose I can’t refuse if everyone wants to see me

Jumin Han: Alright, I’ll join.

MC: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yoosung★: Saeran, you’re not going to protest as well, right?

Saeran: Saeyoung is already dragging me out the door ⌐.⌐

707: Whoo~!

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Destruction Of A Muse [Part 2]

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Part [1]

Warning: Blood mention

“Just tell me.” Namjoon groaned, clearly fed up with you withholding information from him. Not to mention the killer hangover that was drilling at his skull from the inside out.

“No.” You murmured around a mouthful of chocolate chip cookie, chomping on it before stuffing another into your mouth.

He had his arm draped over his eyes to shield them from the light, but he removed it just to give you a pointed glare. “I didn’t even see you talk to anyone last night, how are you meeting someone?”

You brushed some stray crumbs off of your shirt, snorting when Namjoon spluttered and rolled away from you from his position on the floor when a few sprinkled onto him. “You didn’t see me talk to anyone because you had your head all the way inside that girls mouth.”

“Hey,” He grumbled, pointing a long finger at you. “She is a lovely woman.”

“What’s her name?” You blinked down at him, another cookie poised between your thumb and forefinger, ready for you to take a bite.

Namjoon squinted up at you, not saying anything as he once again draped his arm across his eyes. “At least I’m not telling you because I don’t know, not because I’m some hoarder of secrets.”

You rolled your eyes back in your head, inhaling half the cookie in one bite before nudging the other half against Namjoon’s lips, smiling to yourself when he gobbled it up in seconds. “Okay,” You started, “It’s Suga.”

He shot up into a sitting position so quickly that you jerked back, the packet of cookies crunching as you skidded into them. “What?” He stared at you with wide eyes, cringing for a second with the way his voice had the dull thudding in his head turning into a painful banging.

“What?” You asked, brows furrowed together in confusion.

“Y/N…” Namjoon began, cutting himself off to shake his head in disbelief. “No.”

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Jersey [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: You’re a journalist and your neighbor is playing music too loud, you go to complain and turns out he is writing a musical.

Word count: 1,168

Warnings: None. Light cursing maybe?

Author notes: MY FIRST DRABBLE YOU GUYS! I think it turned out better than I imagined. Please let me know what you think, if you like maybe I can write more?

“You need to stop!” Your words echoed on the hallway that connected your apartment to the rest of the building. The loud music suddenly paused and you exhaled in relief after slamming the door. 

You had three articles to write until the end of the week, the last thing you needed on that friday night was the same song played slightly differently for what seemed like hours to you, it was already bad enough that you had to ditch your friends because of work. 

When the inspiration came back to you the words just flew from your mind all the way to your laptop. Your fingers moved quickly and you wrote not more than two paragraphs before the loud drums started once again.

That was the last straw. 

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His Wedding | four

Summery: Modern-Day(AU) Bucky and you are former exes. He moved on but you couldn’t. Since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will go fine with your two best friends, Steve and Natasha by your side.

Word Count: 2624

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Genre: Romance/Drama

Warnings: Language and If you like Japanese cuisine then I’m sorry

Characters (appeared ones): Bucky Barnes, Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Lilly Parker (finally)

A/N: So this took me a lot of time to write and as promised I could not update it on Monday, but it’s totally worth the wait, I promise you guys! Plus this part is big af so I guess it’s okay. Feedback is always appreciated! Love me guys, please lol…

Tags are open. Just shoot me an ask, if you want to continue reading His Wedding.

“His Wedding” Masterlist

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“Um… am I disturbing you guys?”

The owner of the voice finally came in view, he had a cheeky grin on his face, having heard Natasha’s exclamations. The mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes told me he was eavesdropping on our conversation from the half open door.

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Percival Graves x Reader

Words: 970


You loved the way your damped hair caressed your face while you walked through the streets without a clear destination. In fact, you loved the sensation of coldness making you shiver with that strange emotion that you called excitement. The rain was the definition of alive, at least that’s what you thought…Percival didn’t agree with such a mad statement, he detested the idea of walking in the rainy streets of New York during December. (He was adverse to the idea of going out during a snowy day, but Percival absolutely preferred freezing to death with three coats than getting himself drenched.)

“For goodness sake!” Once you were standing in front of him, Graves exclaimed with a frown. “Don’t.” He stopped you from hugging him –even when you were just teasing him- and stepped back, watching how your boots left a puddle of water on the floor. “This is an official department, you can’t just walk inside in that unappealing state. I don’t know how you are still working here…”

“Sorry.” A grin appeared on your face with innocence, forcing your friend to chuckle before sighing.

“Its fine, but don’t catch a cold…” The tall, raven haired man stripped off his black coat with discomfort before reaching out for your hands. “This is the last time.” Percival assured you with a smirk placed on his handsome face, obviously lying because he was a gentleman, but making you feel a little guilty for the coldness he would confront thanks to your craziness. “Take it already, Looney, and do something about your wet clothes.”

“A charm?”

“A small one, but don’t tell Picquery I let you.” Now you giggled, eyeing him tenderly. Seconds later your wand moved slowly, your voice silently murmuring a spell to get your formal black uniform. “Well that´s it, weren’t you going to be at the novices class about ten minutes ago?”

“Oh god!! For Merlin´s beard!” With widened eyes and stammering steps, you managed to run away while you putted on Percival’s winter coat. “Thanks Graves! You are the best!” You yelled lacking shame, earning a full laugh behind you that thankfully belonged to your superior auror.

You and the mysterious yet calm man, shared an odd but interesting relationship. Meeting him was one of your most bizarre days of your entire life. It occurred about three months ago, when you were still a junior for the juniors –a complete fool who asked questions about the magic security department to a tad less bunch of complete fools-. Because of that fact the new experienced aurors thought that you could be a great chambermaid and ordered you around. One of those awful days, you were serving them coffee and accidently tripped with another human being. Who was that human being? Awkwardly, Percival Graves, an auror who also served as the Director of Magical Security section. (Remembering correctly what did you assumed it was going to happen the exact second you met his gaze was hard, but in simple muggle words, you wanted to strangle yourself before he could.)

“Something to say, miss?” Jumping out of your train of thought, you shook your head wildly. Seraphina narrowed her eyes at you, not so convinced.

“No, President.”

“Great. Now, if I must continue with the ess-”


“Goldstein said you weren’t paying attention today, are you ill? I knew that letting you do whatever you wanted to wasn’t a good idea.” Percival tightened his lips in a straight line, talking to himself but at the same time questioning you with his piercing dark eyes.

“I’m okay, I was daydreaming…” Your answer didn’t help and he raised one of his eyebrows in disapproval. “I know, I know. I will not do it again…I need to get myself in a good position inside the MACUSA, you´ve told me that a million times.”

“Another million times will occur if you don’t settle down.” He leaned into your personal space, with his elbows above your desk, observing you in relief as well as a new overwhelming worry. “Stop doing reckless things, one day I will not be able to give you a hand. Porpentina it´s already at the edge of blackmailing me.” You contained a chuckle, however, a tiny grin placed itself on your expression.

“I will be okay, Percy.” Huffing, he didn’t go back to his seat, instead he leaned more towards your frame. Something more that wasn’t near worry appeared on his features. “Percy? That’s an offensive way to call your superior.”

“Is it?” This time, you poked his cheek with your index finger, mischievously tilting your head to the side, closing the small gap between both of your noses and playing with the burning sensations the simple touch of skin made you feel.

“If you grant me permission to kiss you, I will absolutely forget your previous rudeness. Maybe I will even let you repeat it.” Percival mumbled a millimeter closer to your mouth, breathing gently on top of your lips.

“That a tempting offer.”


“I accept it.” His lips brushed against yours moderately, warming up your cheeks with shyness, you got the bravery to kiss him back harder. The affectionate kiss began to change into kisses, quick pecks that provoked you to bite him and ghost open mouth kisses that didn’t really get to be fulfilled into anything but a skin contact. The touch was so fast that it reminded you of the ephemeral seconds the rain caressed your face before disappearing. “Don’t be unfair.” You pouted, getting away from a kiss that ended up in your jaw. (It was the first time you disliked something that felt similar to the rain.)

“I fancy you enough to know that I need to maintain you entertained. I´m not going to kiss you properly till our first date.”


“Of course, love.”

The Registry (Part 3)

Author: @joshs-left-earlobe

Rating: M

A/N: This third place setting of The Registry would not exist without the help of my beta-extraordinaire, @papofglencoe. Thanks love for all your support and guidance. (Also a big nod to @katamount for the idea of providing six full place settings! xo)

“And another three-pointer for Everdeen!” Katniss exclaims, entertaining herself as she shoots yet another piece of dirty laundry into her wash basket.

She scans each room one more time for any clothes in need of cleaning and spots a pair of jeans folded on her desk chair. Her hand dips into each pocket, taking care to avoid another costly fiasco, like last fall, when she missed a half-eaten bag of Skittles in the pocket of her hoodie. She cried for two days over that mistake.

She stares quizzically at the note she finds in the jeans, but the words, Spring Meadow SM-0508 $289.99, remind her instantly what it is— her attempt at a wish list. She can’t help smiling as she posts the paper on her refrigerator with a magnet, just underneath her sister’s graduation picture. Katniss kisses her finger and places it lovingly on Prim’s rosy face.

“Miss you, little duck,” she says sweetly, noticing how her sister’s hair is almost Peeta’s shade, but perhaps brighter. “I can’t wait to tell you my news.”

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Drunk On Love - Part 1 (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

I’m supposed to be studying for a kind of really important test I have to take tomorrow…instead I got one of the founding fathers drunk. Procrastination at its finest. 

I am so overwhelmed by the amount of likes on my first fic, you guys. Like, you actually noticed. Wow. Thank you all so much. I hope you all enjoy this one as well. I have expectations to live up to now, don’t I?

Words: 2210

Warnings: Language and drunkenness I guess? I don’t know!

“So, Y/N.” Angelica leaned forward, looking at you expectantly, and you groaned, knowing exactly what she was about to say. Having a girls’ night in with the Schuyler sisters was always fun, but it wouldn’t be complete without one or more of them hounding you about getting a boyfriend at least once.

“Don’t even start, Angelica!” You shook your head. “I’ve told you guys, I’m focusing on my career right now. I don’t exactly have a ton of time to go meet random guys.”

“We never said you had to meet someone new,” Peggy observed with a glint in her eye. “There’s no reason why you couldn’t date someone you already know.”

“Oh yeah? Like who?” you challenged, fully expecting her to crash and burn.

“Well…what about Lafayette?”

You impulsively whacked the youngest sister with a pillow. “He is like my very annoying, very French older brother. Hell no.”

Eliza stayed silent, her brow furrowed in concentration.

“John Laurens just broke up with his girlfriend.” Peggy tried.

“Oh, my god, Peggy, no!” You shook your head, laughing at the thought, and pushed some stray h/c hairs behind your ear. “We’re just friends. And no, don’t you even mention Mulligan. None of the guys, okay?”

“James Madison.” Angelica threw out carelessly, tilting her head at you as though contemplating whether the match would work.

You gave a theatrical groan. “Give it up guys, honestly. I’m not interested in any of these idiots.”

Eliza rearranged herself on the floor where you all were sitting in Angelica’s apartment, lying on her stomach and propping herself up on her elbows while regarding you with an expression you weren’t quite happy with.

“Eliza, what is that face for?” you asked, a warning in your tone.

“Here’s a thought,” the middle sister said suddenly. “Describe your perfect guy, Y/N. And then we’ll figure out who he is.”

“My perfect guy?” You wrinkled your nose doubtfully.

“Yes!” Angelica clapped her hands. “And then we promise we’ll leave you alone and watch a movie, okay?”

Well. If it meant they’d stop. “Fiiine.” you whined out.

Eliza looked at you expectantly. “Personality traits?”

You paused, considering. I may as well put some effort into this, you reasoned. Then they’ll be satisfied. “Um… I don’t know…Confident. A good sense of humor. Someone… someone with intelligence and ambition.” As you spoke, the image of a faceless stranger began to take shape in your mind, and the qualities rolled easier off your tongue. “Charming, but not fake. Bold enough to flirt but not a player. Someone who knows what he wants. Someone I can match wits with. Opinionated. Caring. Loving.” you trailed off, thinking, unaware of Eliza’s eyes slowly growing rounder.

“Tall and dark haired is always nice,” you joked with a laugh. “Other than that, I don’t know. Can I be done now?” You reached for the bottle of water you’d been given after choking memorably on popcorn earlier in the night, and took a few sips.

“We can finish for you.” Eliza pronounced with a smirk. “Let me see… a politician. Dark dreamy eyes, great hair, a bizarre flair for magenta–”

You spat out your water, your nose and eyes burning and a hacking cough escaping you. “Damn you all, this is the second time I’ve nearly choked to death tonight!”

Angelica reached over to smack your back between the shoulderblades a few times, laughing. “Well if that reaction didn’t confirm our suspicions…what d’you think, ladies?”

Eliza shrugged. “Y/N and Thomas Jefferson? I mean, Alex hates him, but he’s not the one dating him. You guys would be really cute together.”

Time to do damage control before these three give us a fucking shotgun wedding, knowing them. “I don’t even know him all that well, Eliza. Seriously. No freakin’ way.” I mean, he’s hot, but don’t tell them that.

Peggy snorted. “Let’s see. You two met at that party Eliza threw last summer, when Alex punched him and he tripped into you. Not ideal, but it’d make a great story to tell your kids.”

You made a face. “Okay. Hold the fuck up, Margarita Schuyler!”

“It’s Peggy!” she protested with a glare.

“How did we go from ‘hey you should maybe date this guy’ to ‘we’re picking your children’s names’? I object to this!”

“He then proceeded to apologise to you so many times he forgot to be mad at Alex,” Eliza jumped in. “Which, might I remind you, leaves you as the only person on the planet who has ever distracted those two from each other.”

“He was trying to be decent, is all.” you mumbled, feeling a blush creeping into your cheeks.

“Decent? Hah!” Angelica laughed loudly. “Thomas Jefferson went to William and Mary, graduated two years before you, and doesn’t have any interest in classical music. What reason could he possibly have had for going to Princeton’s band concert when you were a senior? Oh, wait, you were the first chair flute, in the front row, in a pretty dress.” Her voice was dripping with sarcasm.

“Maybe he had a…cousin…or something…playing?” you suggested feebly, your palms turned skyward.

“Oh, right. Definitely. That’s obviously it.” Eliza nodded along, rolling her eyes. “Give it up, Y/N. Just admit it, he likes you.”

“And you just described basically him for your perfect guy.” Peggy elbowed you, and you winced at the sharp bone prodding your ribcage.

Maybe if you concentrated hard enough, you could force yourself not to blush. You didn’t like Thomas. You just saw him around sometimes, that meant nothing. Right?

Your phone startled all four of you just then, blaring out your unexpected ringtone–the theme from the Broadway musical In The Heights–and you breathed a silent sigh of relief. At this point, you didn’t care if it was a telemarketer. You’d answer gladly, if only to save you from this conversation.

Eliza rolled over and grabbed your cell phone from where it was lying on the carpet a few feet away, looking at the caller before tossing it to you. “Told you,” she singsonged.

You looked down at your screen in alarm. Fuck. What the hell was Thomas Jefferson doing calling you now, of all times? Yes, you two talked sometimes, but you were hardly as close to him as you were to the group Alex had drunkenly christened the ‘Hamilsquad’. Besides, he’d told you a few weeks ago that he was going to be in France. It was nearly four in the morning there, and making a call back to the U.S. had to be pretty expensive.

You rolled your eyes, mostly for the benefit of the girls watching you, and held the phone to your ear. “Hello?”

“Heyyy, Y/N,” Thomas’s voice was hard to distinguish with all of the background noise where he was, but, even so, he was unmistakably drunk.

You sighed. “Thomas, what the hell? You’re drunk.”

“‘M not,” he protested, sounding insulted at the very thought.

“Right. So it’s pure coincidence that I can hear people yelling in a French bar somewhere, and you’re just talking like that for fun, and you had a legitimate reason for calling me in the middle of the night.” It was the middle of the night for him, anyway. “Admit it, you drunk dialled me.”

“You’ve got such a pretty voice, Y/N.”

“Fucking hell.” you cursed aloud. “Thomas Jefferson, you’re drunk as a skunk. Go back to your hotel before you get into trouble.”

In front of you, Angelica was laughing heartily at your end of the conversation, and you stuck your tongue out at her, making a childish face.

“But Y/N!” he whined.

A sigh of annoyance escaped your lips. “What do you want, Thomas?”

“I missed you.” His response was uncharacteristically despondent. Oh god, was that a sniffle?

You made a face at your friends. Covering your phone with your hand, you whispered, “He’s drunk and possibly crying, help!”

Peggy snorted. “Nice.”

“I do not envy your hangover tomorrow. Just go home and go to bed, Thomas.”

“I forgot to tell you,” he slurred stubbornly, “how much I love you.”

You froze, shock rendering you speechless while an unbidden blush rose in your cheeks. “T-that’s…uh-um… that’s…” you trailed off, forcing yourself to ignore the way your heart was racing. You don’t like him, damn it! He’s drunk anyway!

“Don’t you love me, Y/N?” He sniffled again. Apparently Thomas Jefferson was a very emotional drunk.

“Yes, I–no, wait—ugh! Thomas what-the-fuck-is-your-middle-name, you are fucking drunk. Go home before you get arrested, ‘cause I’m not bailing your ass out of French prison.”

“‘M not that drunk.” he insisted.

You rolled your eyes at that lie, playing nervously with the edge of the pillow lying next to you. “You just confessed your undying love for me, Thomas, you’re drunk.”

Eliza squealed, Peggy waved her hands excitedly, and Angelica shushed them loudly, a grin on her face. “See?” she mouthed at you.

“But it’s true!” Thomas was saying on the other end of the phone. “You’ve got gorgeous e/c eyes and you’re inc…int…intelligent!” he exclaimed triumphantly, having conquered his drunken tongue temporarily. “And…and you play pretty music.”

You slammed your head into your palm, shaking your head at his antics. “My god, Thomas, go home and stop embarrassing yourself.”

“You’re enchanting.” he slurred.

“If I don’t stop this now you’re going to hate me in the morning.” you said flatly.

“I would never hate you, Y/N. Why don’t you love me?”

“Christ.” you muttered. “Thomas, I like you fine. Please go home to bed now.”

At this point, to your great chagrin, your best friends were all in stitches at the conversation, managing to give you shaky thumbs up while wiping their eyes.

“You’d be a wonderful mother, Y/N.” Thomas informed you unsteadily. At the words, your blood ran cold. Oh god, no. Make it stop.

“‘M gonna marry you.” he was mumbling.

“I’m going to hang up now.” Your voice was a little higher-pitched than you would have liked, and you did just that before the conversation could go any further. You let out a frustrated scream and flung your phone away before falling forward onto a pillow and groaning. “Oh, god, why?” You asked, voice muffled by the fabric.

“What’d he say?” Peggy clapped her hands excitedly.

“Some incredibly drunken shit about being in love with me.” you deadpanned. “He was completely smashed.”

“See, here’s the thing.” Eliza looked at you. “Alex gets ‘completely smashed’ every time the guys get together. But you don’t find him telling every woman in the bar that he’s in love with her. Lafayette says he still talks about me.”

“Your point?”

“People don’t do a lot of lying drunk. Sometimes, they drunk dial the wrong number, but whatever they’re saying is usually true.”

“In this case, though?” You raised an eyebrow. “I highly doubt it.” You crossed your arms stubbornly. “Come on, guys, let’s watch a movie or something.”

You were done with this conversation. It was going to end now, before the expert interrogators you called friends tricked you into confessing. Thomas was your friend. Just your friend. You were supposed to laugh off these kinds of things, not have your heart racing in terrified hope that he might have meant it. You didn’t have feelings for Thomas Jefferson. You didn’t.

And maybe if you repeated that enough times, you could make yourself believe it.

When your movie marathon finished hours later, you paused long enough to send a quick text to Thomas, simply because it was the friendly thing to do.

Hey. When you get this it’ll be morning, and you’ll be hungover as fuck. Have a glass of water, take a shower, and try not to look too dead at your meeting. PS-Advil does wonders for a headache if you packed some.

That was going to be the end of the situation, you told yourself firmly. One simple text, and then you were going to bed on Angelica’s couch and this was never going to be mentioned again.

You tried not to be excited when you woke up to see a reply from him the following morning. Your rational head, though, was being thoroughly overruled by your heart in that moment.

Angelica was making breakfast, banging pots in her kitchen. “Hey, Y/N! You hungry?”

“One sec!”

You opened your messages and scanned his, feeling the breath leave you all at once.

How did you know that?

Oh wait. My phone says I called you.

So sorry. I didn’t do anything stupid, did I?

You swallowed the disappointed lump in your throat. He didn’t remember. But then, what did you expect? You wanted to forget about this, remember? Here’s your chance, you thought to yourself mockingly.

No, just a stupid drunk dial.
Nothing happened. You were kind of funny, though.

“Y/N! Hurry up!” Angelica’s voice reached you again, more impatient this time.

“Coming,” you said lowly, dragging yourself off the couch. The lie you’d texted him weighed on your shoulders, and the bitter taste of disappointment lingered. But Thomas Jefferson was Thomas Jefferson, and you weren’t in love with him. Things were better this way. Right?


Ok, so my original Bathtub Bacta Post has been getting a TON of really great feedback, and I’ve had Yet More Ideas, so I figure it’s time for a second post to answer some questions and clarify points!


The conclusion reached in the original discussion of this topic is that in order to be “smeared on” as is described in multiple canon works, Bacta is probably about the same consistency as neosporin or vasaline, which is about the texture you want for, uh… the rough stuff.  Bacta is also great for treating micro-tears, which is also probably a good thing when you and your eight-armed partner decide to get freaky in the back of the freighter on the way to Concord Dawn or smth.

As with all forms of personal enjoyment, everyone has their own preferences, and probably more than a few people are going to be turned of by the medical/pineapple scent, or having to wait for the stuff to thaw out before use.


So, if you’re into star wars at all, you might have noticed the series have a few issues regarding canon, namely, there’s like, six canons, they all conflict, and basically most people have learned to pick out the parts they like best and chill.

TO THAT END, I’m drawing my use and statistical theories from the media i have most readily available and enjoy the most, namely the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series, the movies, and the Edge Of The Empire tabletop RPG system, which if you like star wars and rolling dice, you should all play right now.

No, really, go to your local nerd store and get the thing, you will thank me.

I KNOW, I KNOW, some of Y’all love the old EU and Legends and whatever, and You do You.  But EU does not regularly supply me with obscure economic data that my weird gremlin brain desires, so all of this is based on the newer canon(s), which are pretty explicit about bacta being short for Bacteria, and its administration and costs, if you’re willing to read between the lines a bit.

(If you wanna make you own post about bacta based on legends I’ll definitely give it a read!)


In EotE, the creators are nice enough to provide us with costs for everything your party might need, and an interesting cost discrepancy comes up:

“Basic” Medkit, which does not contain bacta: 50 cr

“Proper” Medkit, which does: 100 cr

Refills on bacta for proper Medkit: 20 cr.

Bacta Tank, which does not need refills if you don’t use it too much: 2000 cr


Bacta itself is pretty cheap, but the devices to administer it are expensive.  It also comes up in EotE that Bacta is transported Frozen (as half a sentence in the middle of an extensive paragraph about world-building, but it was important to keep the Players from doing something particularly VILE, so remember GMs- ALWAYS read all of your source material!), which leads me to believe that the extra 30 cr in the “proper” medkit are an administration device that thaws the stuff out

TANKS on the other hand, are like the vats bacta is grown in, and contain live cultures, so they don’t need to be re-filled.  It was a hell of a thing for the rebellion to accquire, but ultimately more cost-effective than trying to re-supply constantly.

Also, if you just sort of convert credits into USD, bacta is only slightly more expensive by the ounce than really good lube is.

4. to the half-dozen people int the tags freaking out that: YOU CAN’T JUST GROW A MEDICALLY IMPORTANT THING IN YOUR TUB!!!!

Guys, growing bacteria cultures is literally the easiest thing ever.  Just don’t do the dishes for a week.  No, really, growing bacteria for human consumption is a thing humans have been doing since probably three weeks after intentionally farming crops was discovered.

I have a red-wine-vinegar culture in an extra-large mason jar in my pantry right now.  His name is Steve, and I gave him a bottle of two-buck-chuck three months ago and give him a skimming every week or so.   Mom has a sourdough culture in the fridge back home.

This is easier than houseplants, and WAY easier than trying to brew your own booze, which has got fermentation, extraction AND the potential to explode on you, but people all over the world have been doing that with a remarkable level of safety since forever.

Like, it requires some know-how and probably a sterile container, but i promise IT’S NOT HARD AND REALLY FUN.


So, if Bacta is a microbial agent suspended in extra-thick Saline with vitamins, why not put other stuff in?  Especially if you were already in the Spice Trade, why not make a value-added product.  It’s not popularly discussed, but pretty much all banned drugs in the US have medicinal properties- IN REALLY SMALL DOSES. So while adding a lot of product to your bacta is probably a waste/going to kill someone, adding small amounts might get you something medically valuable.

To the one person in the tags concerned about “Pineapple Express” being a treatment of PTSD- yes, PTSD is a complicated disorder than needs probably both meds and therapy.  The name was a joke about my cousin’s favorite marijuana strain for treating his, and how it’s a pun about the smell.  Psychoactive compounds in Bacta would probably be very symptom-specific (anti-seizure, anti-anxiety, sedative, etc), and would not be a substitute for the therapy that like 90% of the galaxy needs.  But! It would be helpful perhaps, in treating people who have received traumatic injuries, to prevent them developing the disorder.

It DOES have an issue of any mutant strains of bacta could cause serious issues, like cancer or unwanted limbs, so there’s probably development of a bacta-killing counteragent in case of decontamination.  It’s the rebellion’s MOST secret project, both because they don’t want the empire releasing THAT on the galaxy, and because you start talking about drug-resistance and the military/diplomatic type’s eyes begin to glaze over.


So… anyone who knows anything about birth, probably saw episode three and went THAT’S NOT HOW ANY OF THAT FUCKING WORKS.  We can talk about how Lucas maybe doesn’t know how uteri work, but if we take everyone’s spectacular incompetence there as a deliberate world-building choice… it kinda fits.

See, Earth, right now, has the GFFA’s ass kicked, in terms of potential available medical care.  We have all manner of surgery that seems to be absent- like facial reconstructions and c-sections.  

The Blue Shadow Virus was a serious concern in TCW, despite the fact that they knew what the virus was (the talk of a major outbreak starts BEFORE they know it;s been modified)  Do they not have vaccinations in SW?  

In Shatterpoint, Mace Windu ruminates on how a breakdown of sanitation on Harun-Kal has resulted in the outbreak of many diseases like dysentery and pneumonia, which people die from, despite having access to a hospital.  

There’s also some debate to the average expected lifespan in SW: wookiepedia and other sources cite 120-150 as being average for humans, but the low age of consent (15 in the civilized parts), lack of secondary educational institutions and relative youth of most of the protagonists suggests that life in the GFFA is rather short. Besides a handful of force-users, there are no humanoid characters in SW over the age of 60. (and I’m 90% sure the force is pulling some life-extending BS with it’s favorite toys, but that’s another post)

MY THEORY:  because bacta (and previously, Kolto) ARE so effective at treating traumatic injury, it’s kind of sapped a lot of the demand for medical advancement in SW.  Lots of modern surgical technique was developed in response to wartime injuries, which led later on to studies like orthopedics and oncology and the like.  In a universe where people live “long enough” if they make it off the battlefield in less than three pieces, medical science lags behind due to lack of demand and opportunities to experiment.

ADDITIONALLY, as was brought up in the tags, the Jedi have been progressively losing their ability to heal using the force.  Partly, i think from Bacta serving as such an effective crutch that Healing is gradually removed from the syllabus and replaced with more lightsabers/murderology, partly from the creep of the Dark Side, and partly from people with the know-how getting killed off.

So yeah, magical healing juice? Not so great for civilization.


Ok, first of all, I’m so glad so many of you think “Uncle Jesse’s Extra-Viscosity Varmint Grease” Is funny because I thought of it at 4AM while on cold medicine and laughed way too much.  Varmint Grease comes from eastern Ohio, heartland of the northern redneck, and is used when you gotta squeeze under the porch or behind the water heater because the goddang skunk is back.  (It also makes an appearance in Futurama and I promise whoever wrote that joke is from Ohio)

Think of all the objects that get misappropriated to smuggle Bacta: Kids lunch boxes, fuel carries, imperial plumbing, some jackass carves compartments out in the doors of their speeders, which works great until they leave it out in the sun and the stuff sort of melts everywhere, doing exciting things to the upholstery.

Smugglers would also have to disguise the scent from customs officials with all manner of interesting things.  Like mint, which gives you an exciting sort of tingle if you’re one of those deviants that uses it as lube, or possibly vanilla.  Do not disguise scents with vanilla, it’s more potent than you think.

“Why does this ship smell like a bakery?”  Asks some dumbfounded official to the smugglers, who then produce the cookies they had to learn how to bake to explain why their ship smells like the Pillsbury doughboy’s asshole.

Their Pineapple-vanilla clusters turn out to be a great side business tho.


Dean x Reader

Summary: You’re Dean’s best friend, and when Dean brings home his new girlfriend, she really hasn’t taken a liking to you.

Warnings: Cursing, brief fight scene.

Requested by me~! I had this random idea and decided to roll with it!

A/N: If your name is Victoria, you might want to change the other girl’s name.

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“Dean’s doing what?!”, you exclaim, lifting up your arms in shock.

“He’s bringing a girl back to the bunker”, Sam repeats, chuckling at your reaction. You just gape at him, mouth open and all. “I know, I know. It’s a surprise to me too.”

Never once in the five years you’ve hunted with the Winchesters have you seen the infamous Dean Winchester bring home a girl. Ever.

“Her name’s Victoria and her parents were hunters. She quit a while ago though”, Sam explains. 

Well at least she wouldn’t be as freaked out by the weapons everywhere. 

“Are you going to be okay, Y/N?” Sam asks, putting a soft hand on your shoulder. Of course, Sam found out your feelings for Dean a while ago and encouraged you to tell him. But, Dean’s your best friend and you couldn’t risk losing that. And besides, the girls he chose were tall, skinny, and beautiful and loved clothes and nails while you dressed comfortably and loved shooting and hunting. 

“Yeah, Sam. I’ll be okay.”

The next few hours pass quickly and you hear the bunker door open. 

“Guys, we’re here”, Dean’s gruff voice calls out, making you shiver.

Soon they make their way into the kitchen, practically glued together. Victoria is gorgeous, you have to say. She has long, curled blonde hair, a light complexion, and long legs. She’s wearing a dark blue dress and her makeup is done to perfection. Subconsciously, you look down at yourself- A band t-shirt of Dean’s, loose jeans, torn up combat boots. You also remembered you didn’t wear makeup unless it was a very special occasion, and your hair was put up in a high messy ponytail. You frown briefly before plastering on a fake smile.

“This is Victoria. Victoria, this is my brother, Sam, and this is my best friend, Y/N”, Dean gestures, grinning widely. 

“Nice to meet you, Victoria”, Sam gives a friendly smile before going back to work. 

“Ditto”, you smile too. But, she just glares at you, blue eyes in slits. Great first impression, I guess.

Breaking the silence, Dean decides that everyone should watch a movie, which you all agree to. You sit next to Sam and Dean and Victoria sits on Dean’s other side, snuggled against his chest. Waves of jealous flowed through you, but you pushed them away for now. 

As the beginning credits begin to roll, you almost squeal in excitement as you see the title of your favorite movie pop up on screen.

Before you can express your excitement, Victoria pops in. “Ew, I hate this movie”, she spits out, making a face.

Dean flinches, because not only is it your favorite movie, its one of his too. 

Dean clears his throat. “Um, yeah, I do too. Bad choice I guess.”

You and Sam frown instantly. Dean, being the most cocky son of a bitch you know, just gave into a girl’s demand.

You roll your eyes before leaning back and relaxing, trying to ignore the obvious kissing sounds next to you. 

Before you know it, you’re out cold, and so is Sam next to you. The ending credits are rolling, but not that any of you noticed. Finally, Dean broke away from Victoria and took notice of the ending movie. 

“Oh, it’s over already”, Dean sheepishly smiles, before taking a look at you. You’re curled into the couch comfortably, making sure to avoid Sam’s long limbs, which are spread out everywhere. Dean’s expression visibly softens as he sees you stir in your sleep. 

“I’m going to the lady’s room, babe”, Victoria breaks the fond moment, standing up. 

Dean only grunts in reply, looking at you again. This time, he notices you shiver in your sleep. Deciding the couch wasn’t the most comfortable place to sleep, he gently scooped you up in his arms and carried you to your bedroom. Softly, so he wouldn’t wake you, he places you on your bed, tucking you in the covers. He takes a minute more to admire how peaceful and at ease you look. 

Suddenly, Dean feels emotions he hasn’t in a very long time. He hadn’t noticed it until now, but he had always liked you more than a friend. He admired your bravery, your humor, your immense loyalty. And when you almost died on a hunt a few years ago, he felt so broken, so hurt. 

Shit. He’d fallen in love with you and didn’t even know it. 

Fighting his emotions, he forced himself to walk out of your room, only to be face to face with a fuming Victoria. 

“What the fuck were you doing in there Dean?”, she snaps, tapping her foot obnoxiously. 

“I was putting my friend to sleep”, Dean says simply, even though its not true. 

“You know what I think Dean?” Victoria moves closer. “I think you’re a lying sack of shit”, she spats out, and drawing her hand back, slapping Dean hard on the face. 

You had heard the arguing instantly and stood by the door to listen in. And once you heard the hurtful words Victoria had said and the slap that echoed through the halls, you lost it. You harshly opened your door and strode over to Victoria, right past Dean. 

“You bitch!” you yell, bringing your fist back and landing it swiftly and powerfully on her nose, making an audible snap. She stumbles back, but not before landing a weaker blow on your jaw. Infuriated now, you tackle her to the ground and begin landing blows over her “flawless face”. 

“You listen to me, honey. If you ever, and I mean ever, hurt Dean again, my knife will be quite acquainted to your back, you hear?”, you threaten as a groggy Sam pulls you off of her. She only nods, and scrambles to her feet to leave. 

Adrenaline flows through your veins, but you soon relax against Sam’s arms, and he lets you go. 

You look over at Dean, who is holding his bruised cheek and open mouth gaping at what just happened. 

“Oh crap, let me get you some ice”, you softly mutter as you notice the obvious black and blue adorning his face. He lets you go, but not before giving Sam a shocked look. Once you return with the ice, Sam’s gone and Dean’s sitting on your bed. 

You sit next to him, lightly pressing the ice to his wound. He sighs in relief briefly.

“Are you okay sweetheart?”, Dean asks, rubbing your slightly cut knuckles. 

“Yeah, no big deal”, you mumble, shrugging your shoulders. “I’m sorry for beating up your girlfriend.”

He slightly chuckles. “You did give her quite the shiner huh?” You laugh as well. “But…”, Dean says a little quieter. “Why’d you do it? She didn’t hit me that hard.”

You let out a sigh. “I don’t know. She just said some pretty awful things to you and she didn’t have to hit you.”

Dean’s eyes soften as you continue. “No one should ever have the right to treat you like that, Dean”, you say softly.

“Thank you, Y/N, really. I’m sorry she treated you so poorly. I guess I’m not good enough of a friend to stand up for you. I’m so sorry”, Dean whispers the last part, looking deep in your eyes. “And the truth is”, Dean holds your hands in his much larger ones. “I’ll never love her as much as I love you. I love you so much sweetheart”, Dean smiles, liking the way the words flowed out of his mouth. It’s been years since he’s told anyone that. 

Hope rises in your stomach. “I love you too Dean, as a friend I guess-”

Dean cuts you off. “Darling, I love you a hell of a lot more than as a friend.” You can’t help but smile widely, eyes gleaming.

Dean smiles too, eyes crinkled as he pulls you close to him.

He lightly presses his slightly chapped lips to yours in a sweet chaste kiss. You’ve kissed a few people, but none have ever felt like this before. 

Dean softly presses his forehead against yours. “You’re so perfect”, he whispers, still smiling.

With a huge grin on your face, you mutter the phrase Victoria especially hated the most. 


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A Year Every Minute Pt. 26

A story centered around the lives of Gaster, Sans, and Papyrus from beginning to end. Themes will be both happy and tragic.

“Come on, lets go get some lunch.”

Gaster peeled the two away from the echo flowers and in towards one of the vendors, but stopped as soon as he caught sight of the old turtle sat behind the stall.

“You.” Both of them said in near unison, eyes narrowing.

“So this is where you slinked off to, huh?” Gaster hissed.

“Buy somethin’ or get out.”

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“Geno.  Hey.”  Sidney pauses, checking his step before he heads to his stall.  “I thought everyone’d be gone by now.”

“Still media left out there.” Geno glances up from his own stall, showing no sign of wanting to move.  Then his head ducks down again, eyes fixed on his hands.  “Not want to talk today.”

“You never want to talk to the media,” Sidney snorts.  He gives his hair one final scrub and tosses that towel and the one around his hips aside.  From the corner of his eye as he pulls on his underwear, Sidney can see that Geno’s holding on to what looks like a small gold card.  He clears his throat as he grabs his suit pants.  “Guess you found my Secret Santa gift, eh?”

“Yours?”  Geno’s head flies up; Sidney pretends not to notice.  “You leave this for me?”

“Well, yeah.  I signed my name, didn’t I?”  

He waits a moment until realization washes over Geno’s face, silently congratulating himself on the success of his plan, sheer elegance in its simplicity.  As far as Geno’s concerned, Sidney already gave him a gift, thereby removing himself from the suspect list.  Genius.  Maybe he’ll pursue a career in espionage after he retires.  

“I mean, I know a gift card’s a little uninspired,” he goes on, “but the fifty-dollar cap made it tough to find something.  A zoo membership was seventy, or it would’ve been that,” he offers.  “Anyway, it’s not like you’d have a lot of chances to go, so.”

“Gift card is very nice,” Geno says.  “Thanks, Sid.”  His shoulders are slumped, and he isn’t quite hitting the cheerful tone he seems to be attempting.  “You get your Santa present yet?”

“Yeah, it showed up at the house this morning.  Sunshine ordered me a Harry & David cheesecake,” he laughs, shrugging into his shirt.  “Asshole.  There’s no way I can eat the whole thing; he probably got it just to watch me suffer.”

“Probably,” Geno agrees, but he drops his gaze to the card in his hands again, and Sidney starts to feel a little uneasy.

“What’s that?” he asks after a moment, relieved to hear the words come out somewhere close to casual.  He focuses his attention on his buttons so he doesn’t have to look Geno in the face and blow the whole thing.  “You get something else?”

“Find this in my jacket pocket.” Geno’s voice sounds strange: a little choked, not altogether steady. “Don’t know how long it’s there.  But I’m …”

Sidney has to glance over when it doesn’t seem like Geno’s going to finish, and when he sees him looking Geno holds the card out in a silent invitation for Sidney to read it.  He steps over, carefully taking the card by one embossed edge and reminding himself that he shouldn’t know what the Russian on it says.

“Wow.”  He clears his throat and tries to school his expression into an appropriate facsimile of surprise.  “That’s a lot of zeroes.”

“To orphanage I visit in Moscow,” Geno explains shakily.  “Is … donate, all for my name.” Sidney looks up again, and Geno looks—he looks devastated, and Sidney’s heart thumps hard and painful against his ribs.

“Well. That’s.  It’s good, isn’t it?” he asks awkwardly, handing the card back and beating a hasty retreat back to his stall.  “I mean, that seems like a pretty good gift.  If someone did that for me, I’d be really happy.  So who …?”

“Don’t know.”  Geno’s throat works hard as he swallows.  “I think, when I find—I need to thank, but—is big.” He ducks his head again.  “More big than you give if you’re just friend.”

“I don’t know about that.”  Sidney absolutely does know, but like hell is he going to admit as much, and he snags his tie instead.  “Seems like someone just wanted to do something nice for you.  Make you happy.”

“You think?” Geno asks slowly, and Sidney’s heartbeat ratchets up another notch.

“Sure. I mean, it probably wasn’t anyone who can’t afford to spend the money.  Unless it’s one of the rookies.  But it’s probably not!” he hurries to add when he catches sight of Geno’s horrified expression. “You said you didn’t know how long that’s been in your pocket, right, so it might not even be anyone on the team.  Maybe you’ve just got a … a secret admirer.”

“Secret admire,” Geno repeats skeptically.

“Yeah. And anyway, whoever it was, they probably just didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.  They’d have left their name otherwise, right?” He pulls on his jacket and coat in quick succession before fishing around in his stall for his toque.  “They probably just didn’t want to make things weird, if you … you know, if you didn’t feel the same way.”

“Just do nice thing,” Geno says slowly.  When Sidney finally straightens up again, Geno is watching him with a strange look on his face.  He doesn’t look upset anymore, though, so Sidney will take it.  “Best thing I ever get,” he says.

“It’s pretty great,” Sidney agrees in relief.  “Anyway.”  He hoists his bag onto his shoulder, only hesitating for a moment before he decides he’s safe enough to ask.  “Do you want to come hang out for a while?  I need somebody to help me eat that cheesecake, and I was thinking I might watch a movie.  You can pick,” he offers when Geno just stares steadily up at him.

“Okay, Sid,” he finally says, rising in a smooth motion and stepping in to smooth the edge of Sidney’s scarf with a small, pleased smile. “Movie sounds good.”

#4 First Date {Famous Series}

A/N: You can find the previous parts of the series here. x

This Part is inspired from the lovely video of ‘Night Changes’


It has been a week since the x factor final. No, you didn’t win. Suprisingly you weren’t upset about it. You were happy about the whole experience. You made many friends , you became even more confident about your singing, you learnt so so much in the x factor. But the one thing that you were most grateful for was you got the chance to meet Harry. That night Harry asked for your number which you gave very happily. Since then y’all have been talking to each other on the phone , knowing each other. It was yesterday evening just in the middle of your random chats he asked if you would wanna go out with him. And here you are by his side in his car.

“Can you please tell me where we are going?” “Once again , no love” you blushed at the nickname he just called you. “We are almost there Y/N” he chuckled looking over at you blushing. He found you and your blush absolutely adorable. He knew that tonight is going to be one of the best nights of his life.

Soon you reached an ice-skating rink and you panicked. You did not know how to skate and you did not want to embarass yourself by falling down or something in front of Harry. Sensing your panic Harry started worrying too. “Did she not like it. I knew I should’ve gone for the dinner and then movie plan.” he thought. “Are you okay Y/N?” “Yeah…I just don’t know to skate harry…” you gave him a small smile. Harry sighed with relief. “Is that it? Babe I don’t know to skate either” he lied. “I just wanted us to come here and have some fun” He smiled. You were glad this was just about having fun.

You were about to put your skates when , “Let me…?” Harry spoke sitting down and tieing them for you. You blushed hard. Your heart filled with admiration for Harry. He is such a gentleman!

In the begining Harry held your hand giving you butterflies. When you were finally stable he let go. He was adorable , making you laugh and holding you again when you felt you lost your balance. Entire night was fun and both of y’all had no idea when the time passed and you had to go home. You enjoyed a lot that night and hoped Harry enjoyed your company too. Little did you know , Harry was hoping the same thing.


Even after you reached the hotel , you couldn’t believe Zayn asked you out. Either you were dreaming or it was some joke. You still couldn’t accept the fact when Zayn texted that he would be at your hotel at 7pm to take for dinner. It was only when you saw standing otside your room holding a rose bouquet in his hand that you finally accepted it. 

Zayn had taken you to a very fancy restaurent making you insecure about what you were wearing. Was it classy enough? As if reading your mind Zayn complemented you and that wasn’t the last time he did. Entire evening he was praising you and your work. When the waiter got the menu Zayn asked you what you would have and ordered the same for himself. Y’all talked about everything. You got to know what he liked and disliked. Till now you only knew Zayn from his great looks and amazing voice. But today you met the real Zayn Malik. You loved his personality, about how a smile makes its way upto his lips when he talked about something he loved.

“There is something on your…."he said pointing above his lips. You blushed embarrased and quickly wiped it away…but the wrong side. "No , the other side…wait..” he leaned forward and wiped it off. “Thank you” you blushed. “No problem Babe” and you just blushed harder. 

You both found many things in common one of which was drawing. He watched you go into an entirely different world when you talked about why you loved drawing and how it helps you destress and….he wasn’t even listening now. He just watched you getting excited like a little girl. “Umm..Zayn?” You brought him back to the present “Sorry” he muttered looking down , embarrased.

Sadly , all good things have to come to an end and so had this evening. You couldn’t wait to go out with Zayn again , while Zayn had already started planning the next date.


You and Niall exchanged numbers before going home from the party. Y’all have been texting each other continuously. You think Niall is simply adorable. He is funny and cute. He always knows how to bring a smile on your face. Niall finds you very sweet and lovely. He thinks that maybe you are the one he was waiting for such a long time. 

After a lot of persuasion from the boys , he finally gathered courage to ask you out. He was so glad that he actually jumped when you agreed to meet him at his place at 6.

And here you are standing outside his home , waiting for him to open the door. Inside Niall took a deep breath , remembering all that the boys had told him. “Please don’t embarass yourself” he said before opening the door.

“Hey Y/N” “Hi” you said shyly.

You liked his house. It was cosy and warm. You were sitting on his couch when you saw a photo of him and a baby. You lifted the frame and smiled , they looked adorable. “Thats my nephew , Theo” Niall said walking in with two cups of tea. “Thank you” you said taking one. “Well , Theo is really cute” “Heeyyy!” he pouts , “I am cute too” he prented to be offended. You laugh and he laughs along with you.

You and him talked for a while after which Niall got a board game to play. “Y/N you are soo going to lose” he jokingly teased you. “Oh yeah! Lets see that in the end.” Y’all weren’t even playing the game seiously. And it ended with both of y’all taking each others’ play money.

Niall was constantly making you laugh but that was not because he wanted you to think he was funny. All he wanted was to hear you laugh.

After the game Niall brought his guitar and started singing to you. You were stunned by how splendid his voice sounded. He asked you to join in to which you shyly refused. “C’mon princess there’s nothin to be shy about.” You gave in to his request. You both sang all your favourite songs. You found out that yours and Niall’s music taste was very similar.

The evening which was full of fun , music , laughter , and games had to come to an end and you had to go home. “I really enjoyed today Niall” you said grinning wide. “Me too” He gave you a tight horan hug before wishing you goodnight. There was just one thing going on in his mind - Can’t wait to do this again.


Ever since the incident in the airport , you and Louis have been texting each other without any pause. You and Louis playfully flirted with each other. In one such of a conversation you had expressed your love for cars and long drives.

So , when y’all decided to go out Louis decided to impress you with his beautiful car and amzing driving skills.

You saw Louis leaning against a car , waiting for you at the place y’all decided to meet. “Where are we going , Louis?” you asked. “Just me and you on a long ride” he said walking over to you , opening the door for you. “Thank you ” you giggled. Louis started driving. You turned the radio on. “Hey! Its What Makes You Beautiful!” you raised the volume to the maximum and started singing loud. Louis loved it that you weren’t shy or something in front of him. He joined you in the singing. You both laughed after the song ended. “I didn’t know you could sing” Louis said. “Well Mr. Tomlinson , there is still many things that you don’t know about me” you said. “Aah , then if that is the case , Ms Y/L/N, why don’t you tell me more about you.” “Okay. So let us play this game , one asks a question and the other answers it. This way we can get to know each other.” you suggesed. “I like it.”

And this way you got to know a lot about the little kid hidden behind the one direction band member. You loved how Louis found happiness in small things , how even after being a member of the world’s biggest boy band he didn’t let ego get into his head. Louis loved the same thing about you. Throughout the date he never really felt that he is with the daughter of some big movie actor. He just felt he was with a normal girl who liked having fun. 

“So here we are.” Louis said stopping the car before the hotel you were staying in. “Thank you for such a wonderful day Louis. I really enjoyed today” you smiled. “Me too babe.” “See you then” you said opening the door. Louis smiled softly “Good night Y/N” “Good night Louis” you said kissing his cheek.


After over 2 weeks of texting , Liam finally asks you on a date to the fair. You just couldn’t say no to that cutie. 

You reach the fair finding Liam waiting for you. “You look great Y/N” you blushed looking down at your feet. “Look up love , I need to take  a picture of us.” You smile for the selfie. “It’s good” he says looking at the photo. “Well Let me see it too” you said. “Liam chuckled and gave you his mobile. “Wow it really is good”  you smiled giving Liam back his mobile.

You both walked together looking around. You freed your hand from his hold to rub it with your other hand. “Feeling cold are we?” Liam asked. You just nodded. He instantly took his scarf out and put it around your neck. You were stunned at his beautiful gesture. You were so lucky that you were on a date with the sweetest guy on this planet , like the guy you have always dreamed about. That single gesture of Liam won your heart. You were looking forward for the rest of the night.

“Hey! Lets go there” and you felt Liam dragging you to a stall. “Okay Y/N , now I am going to win the biggest teddy for you” “Liam there is no need for it” You didn’t beleive such games. You just felt they were a waste of time and money. But you didn’t know Liam. He was determined to win it for you. And so he did. “Here Y/N , this is for you” You thanked him. 

You walked around finding different things to do , laughing , clicking pictures , sitting on rides etc. Basically it was a total fun night. You were throughly loving the night and Liam was loving that you were enjoying the night. 

When the night had come to an end Liam didn’t know how to say goodbye. “Y/N , I really enjoyed tonight and would love to go out again….I mean only if you want.” He said. “I’d love to Liam. Goodnight” you said kissing his cheek and getting into the car. And he just stood there wondering if it was real.

Blind Date, Ch 9

Synopsis: Saga was blinded in a freak accident at Stark Industries and ever since, Tony Stark and the Avengers have been helping her. Well, they think they’ve been helping, actually they’ve been holding her back, refusing to let her learnt to be self-sufficient.

Loki finds himself imprisoned in Stark Tower but when the Avengers have to leave, Loki finds a way around their security and encounters the blind doctor. He quickly finds himself intrigued by her and unlike her friends, he doesn’t go out of his way to “help” her perform simple tasks.

Both misfits in their own way, they quickly form a strong but needless to say, the Avengers don’t take kindly to the budding  friendship.

Based on this imagine

AN: Unbeta’d, please forgive any mistakes

Previous Chapters: Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five -Chapter Six - Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Saga’s concentration had been off ever since Loki left. One day, he’d said. It was now twelve days and counting.

“Hey, darlin’ you doin’ okay?”

“Tony, you don’t need to check up on me every hour.”

“I know, I want to, and it’s not every hour.”

“Gloating doesn’t look good on you-”

“Are you kidding Gloating looks great on me-”

“-And in any case you’re wrong, Loki is coming back.”

“-But anyway, I’m  not gloating, I’m worried.”

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