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So this past weekend I went to a gf's house for a party she was having at her parents ranch. She said it was gonna be around back in the old barn. I got there around 8 and no one else was there. She was petting one of the 2 horses that they had recently got, and was naked. As I walked over to her she started stroking its dick, and asked if I wanted to taste... We got on our knees and sucked its huge dick till it came in my mouth, after that I let the other one fuck my ass after sucking it a lil.

Nice fantasy

I MEAN………its not the sole best thing about them but you can tell that every day6 member kinda admires one another like especially during their lyric song production videos or whatever. you’ll just have the other members casually being like “damn thats good”, “oooooh thats nice”, “woo !!!” whenever one of the members are singing or conjuring up some sick beat. I hope they know that every single one of them are out of the world amazin like I really hope they look @ themselves in the mirror n say that “I am out of the world amazin” every day because they are all literally………… out of the world amazin

Backfire: A Short Story

  Delilah slammed the door shut behind her. She leaned against its wooden frame, heaving, her lungs burning from pursuit. Catching her breath, she stood up and looked around the room.

  It was an office. A nice one at that. Unfortunately, it was not helpful in the least.

  She heard footsteps in the hall. Fast approaching and fast multiplying. She had minutes, maybe less.

  “Shit shit shit shit shit,” she repeated. Hurrying around the other side of the desk she randomly began searching through drawers. She ran to the window. Three floors up.

  Could be worse.

  A banging at the door made her jump. Time to go. She gathered her supplies and shoved them into the leather satchel that hung at her side. Taking a deep breath, she opened the french windows. A gust of wind blew stray hairs out of her face. She climbed onto the sill. Don’t look down, she told herself.

  She looked down.

  “Crap.” This was going to be more difficult than she had imagined. To be fair, everything so far had turned out to be more difficult than she had imagined.

  She peered up. The top of the building was only two windows away. Taking a deep breath, she gripped the top of the sill and turned around. Bodies slamming into the thick wooden door to the office urged her on. Her fingers found ridges in the stone. Thank god for gaudy old architects. She hoisted herself up, levering her body up with her feet. Just like rock climbing back home, she assured herself.

  She was an entire level up by the time she heard the guards enter the office. One stuck his head out the window. He looked down, then out at the sprawling courtyard. She breathed a sigh of relief.

  The guard looked up. He shouted at his friends in a foreign language. He’d seen her.

  Great. She reminded herself the job was never over until she was safely back home.

  Her arms burned from the effort but she couldn’t stop now. She found a wider ledge and stood on it for a moment. She had to reconsider her options. The guards would be heading to the roof, or at least one floor up. She couldn’t go down, they would have covered the exits by now. That left one option.

  “Really?” she asked herself skeptically. She tended to soliloquize while on a job. “That is a terrible plan.”

  Shuffling along the ridge, she rounded the corner of the building. She counted five windows on this side of the building. Her safest bet was the furthest one.

  She heard shouts. The guards were on the ground now. Hastening her pace, she shuffled along the outside of the building. If Katerina could see her now… She popped the window open and leaped inside just as a pod of guards emerged below her ledge.

  Delilah tumbled to the floor. She picked herself up, brushing imaginary dust off her blouse. She looked around and froze.

  Not two feet in front of her stood a young guard. He was pointing a gun straight at her. Of all the predicaments she had found herself in, this had to be the worst.

  She slipped her hand into the satchel at her side and rooted around until she found something useful amongst the crap she had collected ‘for later’.

  “Hi,” Delilah smiled hesitantly, “there seems to be some sort of misunderstanding here,” she began. Her eyes wandered ever so carefully from his face to her surroundings. There were in a sort of sitting room. A fireplace stood to her right, flames flickering on low in the hearth. Perfect. Three settees and a set of armchairs were scattered around the room.

  “Hands up!” the guard shouted at her. He was young, new, and nervous. She could see his hands shaking as he held the gun aloft. She almost rolled her eyes: the safety was on. The radio on his shoulder squawked. He was too nervous to take his eyes off her.

  There. Her hand wrapped around exactly what she had been looking for. She switched plans. She was no longer vying for the package, all she wanted now was to get out of this godforsaken house.

  “And if I don’t?” she asked flirtatiously, trying to distract him in some shape or form.

  “I’ll… I’ll shoot!” his hands shook. He flipped the safety off. Shit.

  “Fine, have it your way.” Delilah slowly brought her hand out of the satchel.

  “What’s that?” the guard asked. He almost lowered his weapon.

  Delilah looked at her hand. She held the neck of a bottle aloft. “Oh, this? Just a Martell Cordon Bleu. Pretty nice bottle o’ brandy to be hiding in a desk drawer, don’t you think?”

  “Put it down!” he yelled.

  Delilah shook her head, feigning confusion, “I thought you said to keep my hands in the air? I can’t do both now can I?”

  The guard was momentarily confused. Perfect. Delilah smiled, nodded at the guard, and hurled the bottle of brandy at the fireplace.

  The glass shattered on impact. Delilah leaped behind a settee as a ball of flames exploded from the hearth. Shards of glass rained down and her ears rang from the explosion. That had worked better than she had expected. Almost too well. All she wanted to do was surprise the guard enough for her to run. She had inadvertently surprised herself, and possibly ripped a hole in the side of the room.

  She picked herself up, this time really brushing dust off her front. She swayed as she stood. Leaning on the settee, she shook her head to clear her vision. Through the dust, guards were advancing. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to see clearly. They came closer and raised their weapons at her. There was nowhere to go. She dropped her satchel and fell to her knees.

  That backfired. Literally.


Day 3! An AU

Well I present to you Underfluff, an au where everyone seem like they’re going to kill you but they’re actually just big overcooked cinnamon rolls

sans uses big floof hug……. it’s supereffective


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Can I ask you for kuroken? I wanna see it in your art style ┐(Wヮ ̄)┌ 

My style is mostly really embarrassing sappy comics… so here you go, anon, a sappy comic about having a one year age gap with someone you miss and thinking about them an awful lot.

(MonHun -> Monster Hunter, the game Kenma plays in the OVA)

Edit: pls pretend I didn’t accidentally swap the dialogue bubble colors in the second panel thanks lol

distorts are nice

Normal Horoscopes:

Aries: Everything is better said in song. 

Taurus: Cryptomicrobiology.

Gemini: The sound of irregular footsteps would be right to send you into fight or flight. Maybe theres a reason nobody knows about things that walk on seven legs.

Cancer: Having a nice time is mandatory. Otherwise, you wont have a nice time.

Leo: The stars say to look through your old board games. Not too quickly, dont want to startle it.

Virgo: What one calls a lost cause, another calls excellent practice. 

Libra: Use your skills at swing dance to confuse the authorities long enough to let your buddies get away.

Scorpio: There is no forward. The world is round. Its not a race.

Ophiuchus: Every second you spend worrying could be spent creating dangerous chemical explosives in your garage. Now who look silly?

Sagittarius: Wool and leather and plastic are pieces of the long dead. What better funeral?

Capricorn: Connect enough extension cables to each other and nothing will happen. The sense of completion is nice though.

Aquarius: Someone loafs you. They are collecting the dead skin from your bed and clothes and constructing fine pastries from it.

Pisces: At noon on Christmas of 2019 the shadows in the Sistine chapel will form a QR code for a free sandwich. 

for @hihohaha15

this turned out way more shippy than I was expecting it to be… well :^)

I’m actually really grateful for “Put It Down” in a few ways, most of them regarding South Park itself as a show. The show is, in my opinion, definitely at its best when the kids drive it (kid-centric SP episodes feel so much less literal than the adult-driven ones) and when despite whatever circumstances the episode presents there’s still a bit of an “I learned something today” moment. Something else that the episode did was return to a solid three-act structure: it presented a problem, it had a relevant conclusion, and it didn’t get too hung up on introducing a ton of other shit in between. Plus, I’m also a sucker for whenever there’s a musical number, so there’s that.

But what I enjoyed most about it was the fact that because it was a kid-centric episode, that meant that we were primarily seeing their viewpoint, and the one that most interested me was Tweek’s. Being a kid with anxiety in the ‘90s was hard enough and I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be 10 now with a smart phone (push notifications?! no thanks). But the whole “Tweek is the real actual center of this horrible event in the world” thing is exactly what having anxiety feels like, especially when you’re a kid, in my own experience. Not just “terrible thing x is happening” but “terrible thing x is happening and it’s happening directly to you and it’s all your fault.”

And when they presented that in this episode, they didn’t make fun of it. Instead, they presented an honest solution to it. They actually said, “hey, what this extremely anxious person needs isn’t facts or coddling, they just want to hear ‘wow, that sucks.’” Seriously, holy shit. That is it exactly. They didn’t leave it as a kid overreacting, they didn’t turn it into something gross. Craig learned that helping didn’t mean talking/solving, it meant listening, and he followed through. There was an actual message in there, and it was a good one. (To that end, too, it’s nice that they’re not making a joke of Craig and Tweek’s relationship, they’re doing pretty great.)

I haven’t been very impressed with South Park over the last few seasons (I don’t think I even finished season 19 come to think of it, I was just so done) so I am genuinely surprised at how good this episode was. It felt classic and I hope there’s some upward momentum from here.

i couldn’t find any phone background edits of just a bunch of fucken poes… so i made one myself. feel free to use if you like i might end up making a finn and rey one too cuz they’re amazing and its surprisingly fun making edits like these

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what are your favorite kaisoo blogs

Alright Bambzz! Delivering to you some of my favorite kaisoo blogs in no particular order. ^^

(Please note, some of these blog owners are also fanfic authors who write kaisoo! So please check out their stories and leave them lots of love!)

@kaisoo-catalog @kaisooficrec @life-n0t-knife @lookatnini88 @kissforkai 

@kyungsootrash120 @alphaksoo @dyodorant @sooing @loyalkaisoo

@at1stsoo @t-okiio @ilovepinkandkadi @kyungception @jonginssoo

@allthekaisoo @livinka-n-diland @maximumloves @kisookai @mym8812

@kaifordays @kaidoscopes @chocoberry-dream @plottwistisreal @hebira

@dika-dika @ninis-chicken-soo @deathbykaisoo @jiashineees @yeqon

@ilikechimchimnuggets @kaidonutsuniverse @tipahnoona  @dreamykaisoo @kadilemma

@beom-sil and @bhav-kaisoo-shipper (who I can’t tag for some reason, but wanted to include!) 

Okay there you have it! I may have missed a few. But mostly, these are some pretty nice kaisoo blogs. Check them out ^^ Thanks for asking. Whew!

Bates Motel feels

I have this little head cannon for Bates Motel. After Norman’s death Dylan got heavily involved in organizations dedicated to raising money and awareness for mental illness. He wanted to encourage those who needed help because he didn’t want the same thing that happened to his brother to happen to anyone else.

Nami from One Piece

I just felt like drawing Nami.

While I was looking up references on tumblr I also noticed that it’s around the time of her birthday (July 3rd), so happy birthday, Nami!

i like how people are looking at my joseph analysis and either thing its 100% canon or garbage and horrible and that im just trying to make joseph out to be a villain and that i think robert and mary have no flaws themselves

so have another analysis mostly focused on mary’s issues

this is just my theory guys i never stated anything in there to be canon mary could be an alcoholic for a completely different reason that doesnt relate to josephs cheating in the slightest but i find it hard to believe joseph would settle down with someone he’s fully away has a dependency on alcohol and for years outright do nothing about it to help her especially considering hes a christian youth minister.

it might have something to do with mary mentioning “this isnt my first rodeo, it’s my 5th” which hints that mary has given birth 5 times or shes calling joseph a manchild which would be absolutely savage of her to do right in front of his fucking face

so it leads me to believe she’s either

  • insulting joseph
  • has had a 5th child before that she either had to give up or it died at a young age
  • miscarried
  • or if the cult ending is real she gave birth to a literal demon at one point

“but travis, she says she gave birth to only four!!!”

c-sections are a thing you guys, she only really mentioned natural birth when she says “squeezed four little”

if she miscarried, lost the child when it was young, or had to give up one of her children, it would definitely hurt her quite a bit. she would most likely resort to self-destructive behavior as a result.

and ive got a lot of people wondering why mary would become friends with robert knowing that he’s slept with joseph. she must not know, right? otherwise she’d just hate robert, right?

nah man

mary’s smart, she pay attention to her surroundings. but she’s not a snitch. she most like did confront robert about it after she put the pieces together but robert was most likely still distraught after being thrown aside by joseph and she couldn’t help but feel bad for him. mary’s an extremely compassionate woman, i dont feel like after getting a full explanation from robert that she’d hate him.

she knows because she figured out on her own, assumed robert was the one who seduced joseph only to find out that joseph did the same thing to robert he did to the main dad; got close, told you that his marriage was over, slept with you, and turned around after not talking to you for a long time and saying that he and mary were gonna work things out.

mary resents joseph for not telling her what he did with robert, even after being aware that she knows what he’s doing and being aware of his lies, pretending that he’s only being nice and happy around mc dad just to get them into bed with him.

the way he acts really does take a toll on her and her coping mechanism is to drink and flirt with other men. it’s 100% not healthy and not something she should be doing to herself but its the only way she knows how to keep her marriage and really theyre only staying together for the sake of their kids. they’re all still extremely young, one being autistic as well. it’d be way too much on all four of them to divorce just out of the blue, especially when the children clearly love their parents very much even if we dont see mary interacting with he children in the story.

while joseph is off doing all his dates and organizing church stuff she’s most likely with the children. she doesn’t seem like the type to just avoid her parental duties when she knows her husband isnt going to be around. if she knows joseph is going to be home she’ll go and volunteer at the animal shelter, go hang out with robert, or just drink alone. she wants to detach herself from the world and try to keep her mind off of josephs infidelity.

keep in mind in the cult ending dialogue she does say “you ruined my life” we could piece that together with joseph just being a demon and forcing mary into the cult, but it can only tie to where her drinking problem comes in with joseph being the cause for her addiction. she’s fully aware that she shouldn’t be drinking as much as she is, but she’s become dependent on it since she cant leave joseph.

mary has her faults absolutely but to demonize her completely just from your first impressions of her isn’t fair. we get the first impression that joseph is a kind man who will bake with you and bring you cookies, but if we pull back a few layers, we can start to see something sinister in that pink polo shirt just like we can find a kindhearted but hurt woman when we look into mary’s wine glass.

mary definitely loves joseph, she most likely met him when he was still a sailor and they got together at a young age, she probably got pregnant which forced them to get married, lost the child in some way which started her drinking problem and then her husband started being unfaithful before they even had their first child. val is at least in her mid to late twenties, robert lost his wife around when she was getting ready to go to college, so if robert was josephs first offense (which i really dont feel like it is), joseph has been doing this for a very long time when you think about their childrens ages.

all in all please dont hate mary, she has been through a lot you dont have to agree with her coping mechanism but you also shouldn’t throw her under the bus for her self-destructive behavior.