but it's not

Max: Fuck off dad
David: Max (crying)
M: what
D: You called me dAD
M: no i didn’t what
Nikki: you definitely did
M: Nikki what the fuck I didn’t
Neil: I can confirm that you did
M: No I didn’t I said David
Nikki: no you said dad
M: fuck off all of you
M: But especially Dad–vId dAvId

         It happens because of a frat party, surprisingly not a Haus one. It’s a party at one of the nerdier frats, many of the inhabitants of the house being science majors of one kind or another, and Dex gets dragged there by one of his comp-sci friends, a guy who he doesn’t really even like that much. The party is loud and the liquor is shitty but effective and Dex’s “friend” disappears ten minutes after they walk in the door. Because of this, Dex finds himself wandering aimlessly from room to room, desperate for something to do. There was flip cup in one room, beer pong in another, and what is either an orgy or a large body shot session in a third room. Dex, a little buzzed and confused, feels overwhelmed.

         Then this pretty boy with great skin, soft looking hair, and a wide, charming grin walks up to Dex.

         “Hey,” the pretty boy says. “I’m Sean.”

         Dex blinks at him. “Dex,” he replies simply.

“You look just about as lost as I was at my first frat party,” he says.

Dex smiles sheepishly, rubbing at the back of his head. “S’not my first, actually, but the ones I’m used to usually have more people I know.”

Sean hums thoughtfully. “Well, you know me now, right?” He grins, his bright white teeth blinding and enticing. Despite himself, Dex finds himself charmed by Sean’s blatant and flirty banter.

He and Sean end up talking for the better part of an hour, leaning against a wall and laughing over their almost-empty red Solo cups. Sean is funny, easy to talk to, and downright hot, so when he leans in and softly asks Dex if he wants to go back to Sean’s place, Dex says yes without a second thought.

         Apparently, Sean lives at a frat, too, and they stumble up the stairs, attempting not to make any noise, until they reach Sean’s room. Sean shoves Dex up against his bedroom door and sucks pretty bruises into Dex’s neck, making Dex huff and moan and squirm with anticipation. Dex lets his hands wander, drifting under the hem of Sean’s shirt, brushing against his skin- he has great skin, Dex can’t stop noticing; it’s the kind of skin that makes Dex want to put his mouth on it. Sean huffs warm and wet against Dex’s neck, pulling back to grin deviously at Dex with a spark in his eyes that screams sin.

         Oh yes, Dex thinks, letting his eyes shut, tonight is going to be good.

         Dex wakes up in someone else’s bed, feeling sated and sleep warmed with Sean’s arm around his waist.

         After checking the time on his phone, he gets out of bed and starts looking for his clothes, as he has practice in an hour and needs to shower before he gets to Faber. He’s pretty sure that he has cum drying on his stomach and he would never live it down if the guys saw it. As he pulls on his t-shirt, getting a glimpse of himself in the mirror, he decides that he’s going to get a bunch of chirps no matter what because Sean left a multitude of hickies on Dex’s neck.

         “Mm, where’re you going?” Sean asks sleepily, his face pressed into a pillow.

         “Probably to be teased to death by my teammates from all the marks you left on me, dude.” Dex shimmies into his jeans, the good ones; Bitty says they accentuate his hockey ass. This seems to be true, if the look Sean is giving him is any indication.

         “Teammates?” Sean inquires as he drags his eyes away from Dex’s ass. “What do you play?”

         “I’m on the hockey team.” As soon as Dex says this, Sean’s eyes bug out and the sleepy soft expression on his face dissolves. “What? What’s wrong?”

         “You’re on the hockey team?” Sean asks. Dex nods slowly.

         “Yeah, why?”

         Sean groans and drops his face back into his pillow. He says something, but it’s muffled by the fabric, so Dex asks him to repeat himself. Sean picks his head up and says, “I’m on the lacrosse team.”

         Dex’s blood turns to ice in his veins. “I’m in the LAX frat?”

         “Mhmm.” Sean’s horrified expression represents exactly how Dex is feeling.

         “Fuck.” Dex takes a seat at Sean’s desk, covering his face in his hands. “I fucked a LAX bro. Shitty’s gonna kill me.”

         “Chad R. is going to kill me. So is Chad S.”

         “You have two guys on your team named Chad?” When Sean nods, Dex groans again. “What did I do?” Dex covers his face again.

         “Look, no one has to know,” Sean sits up a little in bed. “I won’t tell anyone, you won’t tell anyone. All you have to do is sneak out without anyone noticing.”

         This is how Dex ends up shimmying down the gutter on the side of the LAX frat house without his socks on. He would’ve put his socks and shoes on, but someone knocked on Sean’s door and neither of them wanted to take the chance. He runs to the other side of the street as fast as he can and hopes to God that no one sees him. He makes it back to his dorm without being spotted, his heart racing a mile a minute, and hops in the shower to wash away his shame.

         And, really, that should be the end of it. But things don’t always happen the way they should.

People with BPD are like people with third degree burns over 90% of their bodies. Lacking emotional skin, they feel agony at the slightest touch or movement.
—  Marsha M. Linehan

@onebizarrekai I HEARD SHIP CHILDREN!!!!!!!! 

Meet Gaige, A DS Cross x DS Blue ship child. There’s not all that much to know about him as of right now, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

His left eye doesn’t have any of the ERROR stuff in it. Instead, his birthmark (the scar) holds most of it. However, the ERRORs kinda dicked up his magic, so it’s constantly glitching. 

As for clothing, he spent almost all of his childhood around Cross and the Meme Squad, so his style is based more off of theirs than Blue’s. And I say most of his childhood because there was a point where Blue kidnapped Gaige and kept him for about a year and a half, during which Blue taught him some…stuff. He doesn’t seem to keen on sharing what went down during that time, so it’s kind of a little thing between him and Blue.

Personality wise, Gaige is rather sarcastic, but knows his boundaries. He can easily push people’s buttons and knows how to manipulate people, albeit with a small amount of difficulty. As for the whole taco thing with Cross, Gaige thinks it’s really weird. He doesn’t understand Cross’s obsession with them, and probably never will.


so yeah. If there’s anything else you wanna know, feel free to ask. I’ll come up with something. 

Guys..I’m gonna say it…yoi was really overhyped..

In a world with second chances, where tv and movies promote big romantic gestures, the interrupted wedding, the chance meeting in the future, how do we know when it’s over?

How do we know when that last glimmer of hope has died? How do we know that in five years he won’t knock on my door and tell me he’s been stupid, that he’s missed me, that he’s tried with other girls and failed?

Honestly, I don’t. It’s never over. Love lives on, but for me it lives in memories and chances that I’ve stopped giving. You see I gave them and if you show up in five years missing me I’ll tell you I missed you too. I’ll tell you I loved you everyday we were apart but that love has changed and it lives better when we are apart. I survive better when we are apart, and perhaps that’s when we will know it’s over.

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #189
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To all of the LGBTQ+ people, especially children. I 100% can guarantee that you are more than Cassandra Clare’s portrayal of you.
Representation for us isn’t perfect, but I promise that there is much, much more, better, representation out there for you.