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Guys..I’m gonna say it…yoi was really overhyped..

Confession: some of these newer leafy fan blogs make me cringe to the fucking core


Person A: *leans on chair next to Person B’s*

Person A: *smiles*

Person B: No.

Because I’m weak for young!Royai…

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Riza sighs.  Leaning back in her chair, she taps the end of her pencil against her lips, a small frown painting her face.  The words on the page in front of her swim as if they are in a completely different language – which, granted, they are – but Riza knows how to speak, read, and write a fair amount of Aerugoean.  Why she couldn’t at the moment was beyond her…

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To all of the admins: what animes would you recommend to watch? I want to start a series but I can't figure out what to begin with.

Spongebob is my favorite anime


Post scriptum

lol. since i don’t know what you’re into i can only recommend some universally liked anime like: assassination classroom, one punch man, and my hero academia! although since they’re so popular i think you might have watched them already? i’ve heard samurai champloo was good too. x

Let’s see, some anime that I’ve recently finished that I totally recommend are: New Game!, WWW .Wagnaria!!, Space Patrol Luluco, Tenori no Seki-kun: Master of Killing Time, and I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying. The last three are really short anime with like, 7 minute episodes. As you can maybe tell I’ve been on a cute/funny kick lately.
Also, I literally choked laughing at Admin 7′s answer, lol!


38. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.” - anon 

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When Steve brought in his friend, all eyes were on him. Rumors spread like wildfire and you didn’t know who to believe. You had repeatedly told yourself to mind your own business and just focus what was in front of you. But that was the problem, he was always in front of you. No matter when or where, he was always just there. You would observe from afar. When Steve would bring him to Tony’s lab for a brief check in, you always peer in through the glass curiously, never close enough to hear actual words. The first few weeks broke your heart. He was nothing like what the gossip had painted him as. He was broken, hurt, mentally and physically worn out. He caught your eye the first time he was in Tony’s wing. You offered him a small smile before you looked away embarrassingly, going back to your work. As weeks passed, Bucky seemed to occupying the gym at the same time you were. Again, you stared from afar, curious, but not enough to attempt to strike a conversation. With each passing day, you began to disregard the rumors and talk amongst the soldiers.

The day the two of you officially met could be counted as the best day of your life. You had just walked into the gym, removing your drawstring backpack and throwing it on the benches. You noticed another occupant’s belongings on the same bench. Straightening up your mess, you set your water bottle down next to your bag before stripping off your jacket, bunching it up in a small ball before tossing it next to your stuff. “Sorry,” you jumped at the sound of the deep voice as it was followed with a small chuckle that was hidden under a tired breath. You rose to find the mysterious man staring straight at you with a faint smile on his face. “I didn’t mean to scare you, nor did I mean to make such a mess,” he gestured at his bag and towel. You were at loss for word. You heart thudded against your chest as you struggled to formulate a sentence to reply back to the man. “Cat got your tongue, (Y/N)?”

“How did you know my name?” you finally found the words, quirking a brow at the handsome soldier. Still, nervousness slowly took over you body.

“I keep seeing you everywhere I go, I thought I was seeing an angel until I heard Steve call your name one day. I don’t think you saw me linger behind him though, which I understand. He is a real looker,” he breathed out a charming laugh again, sending butterflies to your stomach instantly.

“Not as nice looking as you though,” you wanted to say. How were you falling head over heels for this man? The soft melodic chuckle that he sent through the air made you snap awake into reality as a sly smirk played on his face. You felt yourself melt, until you realized the situation. “Fuck me, I said that out loud, didn’t I?”

“Very softly, but audible,” he confirmed, then a faint, heavy smile appeared on his face instead. “But you don’t want to fall for a guy like me, sweetheart.”

“I suppose, everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy,” you joked, rummaging through your bag subtly before grabbing what you need.

“And what do you think?” he wondered curiously.

“I think you need to call me for a date,” you answered honestly with a brief wink before slapping a piece of paper in his hand and walking off to your very late training session with the new recruits.


“It’s about a prostitute, but not in a misogynistic or glamorising way. I was, like, 19, and I met this woman who I didn’t actually have sex with, but she was a prostitute. It was my obsession with the utilisation of femininity, and how it has power over everything. Over intellect, over anything that a man holds dear to himself. I think that that song is an ode to how I was very impressed with her as a young man.”

Matty talking about the intent behind ‘Woman’ (x)

you know something that makes me upset about that great wall movie?  it actually looks like a fun action movie.  i love watching special effects and shit, and sometimes i just need mindless action, just a movie to enjoy movies.

the thing is, they could use matt damon just to draw in the american audience, i can understand that.  most americans don’t know those chinese actors, i get it.

and very a narrative point of view, that could be useful.  use the white guy to show us what’s going on in a place and time white people wouldn’t have known about.  because a naive narrator is a device to explain things to the audience without too much, why the fuck are we talking about this, shouldn’t you know this.

just leave out the white saviour stuff.  just have him for the audience draw and the narrator angle, but then he fades to the background while we get to watch the battle unfold with the real heroes of the story, the people who have been fighting the force for years.

that’s just my two cents on it.