but it's not

Guys..I’m gonna say it…yoi was really overhyped..

cohenatwood  asked:

I'm having Costia and Lexa feels so here I am. When Costia's first boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with her she skips school and goes to the mall. Lexa just so happens to be shopping and sees Costia at the food court just sitting there. Lexa approaches and asks why she's not in school but Costia doesn't answer. Lexa realizes Costia is upset so she wordlessly buys her nachos and the two go see movies for the rest of the afternoon. It's only later that Lexa hears from Clarke about the break up.

Damn! Y'all are having headcanons for my story now? This is wild.

dear white LGBTQA people

i have struggles.

you have struggles.

but please, please, please, stop thinking you can “relate” to me by taking the problems you face by stupid people because of how you identify saying it’s “basically the same” on how i deal with racism. 

it’s not. 


an african american girl who is tired of this.