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"I'm GINGER I know what its like to be oppressed! YOUR ONLY BLACK, you could never understand my pain!"

Whitespeak for: You don’t understand my pain! All these stereotypes about us burning in the sun and having no souls…they hurt me so much. They hurt almost like bullets…being shot into my body multiple times…and I know you and your community have no experience with that!

mmmmmmmmm having to play with rude xbox players as mercy is quite draining

Two years later and my series of benders is still ongoing lol. Here’s airbending and Aang, who always maintains his compassion and ideals despite the instabilities and harsh realities that surround him.

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'' We will live... ''

 Thanks to @unisonraidd for helping me with the text ♥ 

seriously why people always wanna talk about how patriarchy affects men

like how do you hear something like “you throw like a girl!” and not realize that while one boy is being teased, literally the entire female sex is being told they suck at physical activity.

how can you look at that and just want to say “see! patriarchy hurts boys!!” No it doesn’t, not systemically. It tries to train them into actually being stronger than women, meaner to women. It teaches them that weak, and stupid are Girl things, and therefore all things girls do are stupid, inferior to things Boys do. How you want to look at that and say “yes, and look how that can hurt boys’ feelings!!” ???

Like no. i don’t wanna talk about boys. I don’t want to hear how their feelings got hurt when they got called a girl, as if their feelings getting hurt somehow overshadows the fact that being female is a shame, an insult, a curse. And I don’t understand why someone would want to make a boy’s feelings a priority in feminism. It’s a side effect, one that can be easily fixed if men wanted to fix it. They could start standing up for women, the women and girls in their life, they could teach their sons that women are not inferior, that the people who use ‘girl’ as an insult are in the wrong. 

But for some reason it has become feminism’s job, women’s job, to take care of boys’ and men’s feelings and comfort them. Just like always. Color me shocked.


He Tian and Guan Shan from 19 Days. The latest chapter totally killed me. I had to art for it uhuhuhu I love these two so much!! He Tian’s nickname for Guan, “Mountain” is just so cute. Ahhhh… He Tian you bully. Guan you crybaby, you should just not punch him lol


buffy summers appreciation week  » day five; favorite character strength (forgiveness)

forgive: to cease to blame or hold resentment against someone or something

can we just take a moment to appreciate how yoongi, actual poker face i-don’t-give-a-shit min yoongi, turned into an actual puppy for namjoon? like can we all just sit down and absorb how utterly adorable he was looking for namjoon (him being smol is an added bonus bc TIPPY TOES AND STRETCHING HIS NECK ABOVE THE CROWD) and when yoongi finally spotted him his face literally lit up and he was pointing like “there he is!! namjoon’s right there!!! he’s gonna kill it up there eeeee mUST SHOW SUPPORT!!!” then he hurries over to cheer on namjoon and i just. let’s just all lie down and cry over how genuine yoongi’s support/respect/adoration for namjoon is, and how it definitely goes both ways because namjoon’s gushed over yoongi so many times already too.