but it's narry so i giffed it

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E i'm about to go through exams mind giving me some narry so I can make it thru hellweek? :(

I’m studying as well so I feel u:

Good luck, love!

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About that pic u reblogged,I was thinking,every time I see that pic/gif/interview I always thought that Niall's face seems so off,in a sort of sad way. Its the look someone has when remembers something bad,it saddens me. Am I reading it too deeply?

This one?

This nightmare Narry hellscape of an interview?

#1: reading into things too deeply is my whole blogging MO so welcome, have a seat.

#2: I think about this interview a lot, and this bit, and this question. The way that Harry answered and the way that Niall answered and what that says about the way they conceive of love and the way that they cope with loss? Did I mention I read into things too deeply? Anyway get comfy here we go…

When I was 20/21 years old, I dated about a hundred people (i’m exaggerating but you know…) and it was always simultaneously casual and ~*very deep*~. Anyway, at some point someone I had dated wrote me a letter and in the letter he said “I’m still a little in love with everyone I’ve ever dated”. I read that and I was like “true”. 

I feel like there’s two sorts of people: firstly, those who feel the need to audit a relationship when it ends and pin down all the ways they were fooling themselves. To point at all the times they felt in love and declare that it wasn’t real, they were mistaken, next time they won’t be so reckless. I see that in Harry, putting up the “NO” sign without hesitation, then waffling and turning it to “YES” and citing his mother. 

Then there’s folks who are always a little in love with the people they’ve moved past or grown out of or been left by, because they recognize that love isn’t invalidated by separation or the context of hindsight. They’re not afraid to make a declaration that “yeah, I was in love and it was real for a minute there and that’s ok”. Maybe they get a little wistful or maybe the memory is painful because maybe everything turned bad at the end, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good and authentic and valuable while it lasted. 

So that’s what I’m seeing in what you’re seeing, anon. Something kinda like that.