but it's narry so i giffed it

“Knock knock!” You didn’t have to turn around to see who it was peeking their head into the room, you knew that voice. He met your eyes in the reflection of the mirror and you gave him a big smile and nod signaling that it was okay for him to fully enter the room. “I just came to see how you were holding up love, checking to make sure your feet aren’t getting cold.” You laughed at Harry’s remark, you turned around loving how your movement caused your dress to sway.

“My feet are toasty warm actually.” Harry just smiled as he took the time to take in your appearance. You smoothed out the top of your gown feeling a bit nervous under his gaze, when you felt him reach for your hands you instantly felt more relaxed. “Is it too much? Will he like it?” You we’re starting to become a bit panicked when you began wondering if the dress and the shoes and the whole thing was too much.

“Now love, you know you could walk out there with a paper bag on and he would still think you were the most beautiful thing he has ever laid his eyes on.” Harry began rubbing soothing circles on the tops of your hands and you started to take deep breathes trying to calm yourself down a bit. “You look gorgeous, you’re gonna make the whole place drop silent when they get a look at you in this dress.” His voice was soft and soothing just as it always was, you gave his hands a squeeze and he shot you his signature smile making his dimple appear.

“How is it you know how to make me feel so relaxed when just a moment ago I almost snuck out the back door and told him let’s just go elope!” His hands squeezed yours as you spoke, you had always been so lucky to have Harry in your life and now that he was here standing in front of you on your wedding day, you just couldn’t help but start to get emotional. Harry immediately noticed and shook his head at you.

“Now now, none of that just yet.” He let go of your hands so he could pull you in for a warm hug. He started rubbing your back up and down, “You’ve got a whole ceremony to get through love. So come on and dry those eyes, don’t want ya ruining that mascara!” You couldn’t help but laugh at him as you pulled away from him and he reached inside his pocket and grabbed his handkerchief and handed it to you.

“I’m just happy you’re here.” He rolled his eyes playfully at your statement as you patted your face trying your best not to mess up your makeup. He gave you a small smile before he leaned in and gave you a sweet kiss to the top of your head.

“Of course I’m here, it’s not every day your best mates get married.” He held his arm out for you to take and the two of you started making your way towards the door. “Still can’t believe you said yes to that Irish bloke.” You just rolled your eyes as he held the door open for you. The two of you walked down the hallway and when you reached the double doors at the end you heard him take a deep breath.

“Nervous Harry?” You teased and he just shot you a playful glare. Your bridesmaids all lined up in front of you each one giving you a happy smile as they passed you. You gave Harry’s arm a gentle squeeze
“Ready love?” You just nodded and then the double doors opened and the music you had spent weeks listening to song after song until you and Niall had decided on this one, and now that you were hearing it as you watched your bridesmaids make their entrance you could already feel your eyes getting watery.

“Don’t let me trip Harry.” You whispered as you watched your last bridesmaid make her way down the aisle, Harry gave the top of your hand that was wrapped around his arm a gentle tap.

“Never.” And with that you heard a moment of silence before the song changed to the classic wedding march, you squeezed Harry’s arm one more time as you took a deep breath and exhaled through your nose as you tried your best to calm your nerves. “Relax love, it’s just Niall waiting for you down there.”

You couldn’t fight the smile that formed on your lips, just as the words left Harry’s mouth you saw him.
Niall was standing at the end of the aisle that was now covered in flower petals looking as handsome as ever. You could see his face instantly light up as you and Harry came into his view. The look on his face made your heart skip a beat, his icy blue eyes were fixed on you and his smile almost didn’t fit on his face. You could see his eyes were glassy as you got only a few steps away from him.

“I think I can take it from here mate.” Niall’s voice was playful causing everyone in the church to laugh as they took their seats. Harry leaned over and kissed your cheek before sliding his arm away and placing your hand in Niall’s. “Ya look absolutely stunning darlin.” Niall’s voice was low and you knew it was because he was close to tears.

“You don’t look too bad yourself.” You whispered as you took your place beside him, he gave your hand a gentle squeeze as you turned to face him. He looked so handsome in his tailored suit and you knew he was counting down the minutes until he could loosen his tie a bit and get more comfortable.

“The couple have chosen to read their own vows.” The priests voice snapped you out of your thoughts and before you stop yourself you kneeled and got a small piece of paper from your shoe causing Niall to shake his head and laugh.

“For safe keepin yeah?” He teased as you stood up straight and fixed your dress before unfolding the paper so you could read what was written on it. You quickly stuck your tongue out at him making everyone laugh.

“Niall James Horan,” You knew this was going to be hard when you already wanted to cry and all you had said so far was his name. “You are my other half, the one who lets me take the bigger piece of cake at parties, the one who lets me sing at the top of my lungs to songs in the car or in public, the one who color coordinates my side of the closet because your OCD just won’t let you sleep if you don’t. The one who makes the best breakfast in bed hands down, the one who gets a bit handsy when he’s had a few too many, the one who makes me cherish all the time we have together because you’re also the one who makes goodbyes hard. You’re the one Niall, the one for me and the one I can’t imagine living my life without and I just love you.” By the time you were done you felt tears running down your face and you knew it was silly to try to fight them, Niall was fighting back tears and you just gave his hand a squeeze.

He took a deep breath and cleared his throat as he looked up for a moment to try to calm his emotions, when he finally looked back at you he gave you a smile. You gave him a reassuring smile as you took a quick glance to your right and saw Harry swiping under his eyes with his knuckles and you knew that he was going to be a mess by the end of this just like you were.

“My love, I knew from the night I met you and you could name all 32 teams in the NFL that you were going to be my wife one day. I mean that’s jus pure talent! You changed my life when you walked into that bar with Harry, you made my life have a whole new meaning and that meaning was to do whatever
it takes to keep that smile on your face. You took my whole world and turned it upside down and ya had no bloody clue! I promise from here on out I will always tell you I love you before I hang up the phone, I know that bugs da hell out of ya when I don’t. I will do my best to make you smile every day, I will make sure you feel loved every moment of every day. I can’t promise there won’t be days ya wanna kill me because we both know there will be, but I can promise that those days will be few and far between because I am going to spend the rest of my life showing you how much you mean to me love. You will always be the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me and I won’t take a moment for granted, I love you so much darlin.” His face was wet because the tears were now just flowing and you couldn’t help but place your hand that wasn’t holding his on his now wet cheek. He grabbed it with his free hand and placed a sweet kiss to your palm.

After a few more sentences and a not so simple and sweet kiss from Niall you were now pronounced husband and wife and you felt like you were in a dream. Niall had his arm wrapped around your shoulder once the two of you were situated in the limo that was going to take you to your reception. You rested your head on his shoulder as you felt the car start to move, he pulled you closer to him and placed a sweet kiss to the top of your head.

“Have I told you how stunning you look today Mrs. Horan?” You couldn’t help but smile ear to ear as the words left his mouth. You turned your head to look at him and his smile was mimicking yours.

“Say it again.” You whispered as he leaned in closer to you.

“Mrs. Horan” His voice was soft and sweet and you could’ve just melted as the sound of those words hit your ears once again, you closed the space between the two of you as you caught him in a deep slow kiss. You couldn’t believe you were wrapping your arms around your husband, you were married to the man of your dreams and you couldn’t be happier.

jealous ziam a minipost because i really need to get dressed for school,but this is calling me

starting with the most recent addition and then going out of order..

yes Niam moment this is cute.. BUT LOOK AT ZAYN IN THE BACKGROUND

everyone was all haha he’s joking.. no im 99% sure he was serious

fetus jealous as in who the fuck is touching him I demand answers

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hey! a heart eye post would be great, I'm new in the fandom, I kinda expected there to be somethin like that with narry, (tbh I'm also trying to prove to my friend that narry is cute af(whichexplainsthe-eyefuckingquestion.) )

Heart eye post? You got it ;)

okay first lets go back to the good old days. Ahh look how cute they look, like it’s so obvious that Harry is in love. I mean just look at him.


Um yeah sure, Narry is like so not real, pffttt yeah sure.

Life goal: have someone look at you the way Harry looks at Niall

I mean look at this!! How can someone not see the love in this pic?!?!?!

Like look they are so happy when together!!!!!

Was this a kiss? Was this a kissper? Was this a hug? We may never know, but what we do know is that Harry likes looking at niall like he is the love of his life (he kinda is tho)


We get it you guys,you’re in love!! OMG stop being so fucking cute!!!

Niall is so in love, like he literally looks like he’s about to pass out.

Geesh Harry calm down the thirst

Okay now lets come back to the present cos Narry is alive and so am I !!

So much love in just one picture

Same Niall, same


Okay Niall we get it, Harry is yours, but you don’t have to rub it in everyones face

When they were asked who’d they kiss under the mistletoe Niall felt the need to…

and later this is Harry’s reaction. Like go on tell me Narry is not real.

And I am going to end this list with this beautiful picture that we all should tattoo on our foreheads cos its amazing. :)


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Alex, I miss narry. It's been over a year and we still have not gotten a single narry moment since the break :'(

I miss them more than I can explain. The closest thing we have to a Narry moment is the gif from Louis’ x-factor performance…you know from backstage when they stood next to each other. I NEED A NARRY MOMENT SO BAD! Even if it’s just a tweet or something…A HUG WOULD BE BETTER BUT I’LL TAKE WHAT I CAN GET!



Harry makes some sort of joke at some person:

Harry finding his joke funny:

Harry probably now laughing about something else with mystery person:

Harry stepping out of camera frame to talk to mystery person:

Harry talking very animatedly and happy with mystery person

*Mystery person is Niall*

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Mind posting your favorite GIFs? <3

………OKAY, THIS IS GOING TO BE A REALLY LONG, PHOTO HEAVY POST. Hope you’re okay with that? x





(Seriously who can resist THIS MOMENT)


(This is probably fake but its still adorable as fuck)


(He looks like he’s checking Niall’s dick but really, he just wants a fist bump)

(Because look at them, its like they’re in their own little bubble, PDA-ing like there’s no tomorrow)

(I love the way he’s looking at Niall)

(I was looking for the ‘THAT WAS FOR YOU’ one but I couldn’t find it, so this one will do because Narry + Football is the best thing ever)


I’m sorry if this post was so long; I didn’t even post all of my favorites, there’s just too many. I just, ugh. Jesus, I love them so much :( 

PS. I DO NOT own these GIFs, most of them are from Google x

Narry Being Jelly

Harry look kinda annoyed when liam puts his arm around Niall

Actually maybe with every person who get close to Niall

Errm, basically every person who talk to him

I personally think Niall do it on purpose sometime

(Harry’s face when Niall said “I’m here with my boy Louis.”)

So Harry takes revenge. With Liam;

Oh wait, wait, who is pissed off?

Yeah, Ni. I don’t wanna see that ever again either… unless its to make you jealous.

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E i'm about to go through exams mind giving me some narry so I can make it thru hellweek? :(

I’m studying as well so I feel u:

Good luck, love!

Sooooooo, recently i hit 2k which is?????? idek like wow so i just like to say thank you thank you thank you to all of you!!! and I’m so glad i joined tumblr because here i met so so many nice people, and yeah so here’s my follow forever… (also this edit is ew but pardon me) 

bun and bum squad: YALL HATE ME SO MUCH JUST BECAUSE IM A NARRIE!! SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE!!! IM kidding i love y'all so so much, we’re always making each other laugh and i think that’s amazing! yeah I’m v glad that I’m in this group chat tbh! <3

morgan: my favorite narrie!!! you always make me laugh so much i can’t, ill never forget the day that we started talking with gifs only and we weren’t making any sense lmao and then morgarah was born that day.. good times!! #narrytopia

lika: you’ll probably never forgive me, but its okay i still love you


ana: remember when i thought melissa was you during s blog rate?? it was hilarious help, anyways you were one of the firsts that i started talking in here <333 ily

nelly: you were the first person i started talking here, we don’t talk as much as we used to but ilysm <3

janyha: you call me kale and you hate cotton candy… *insert here that photo.. you know which one* anyways besides the fact that you think cotton candy is nasty i still love you and you’re so funny and yeah <33

jena: ahhh we should talk more because you’re so nice and love dogs and ahhhh you’re the cutest

destiny: we started talking the other day and we should totally keep doing it because you’re so cute and nice and ilysm and you should def keep doing your youtube videos!!

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