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                                             margaery and loras tyrell of highgarden

Margaery was different, though. Sweet and gentle, yet there was a little of her grandmother in her, too. 
A Storm of Swords → Sansa II  

“Have you seen Mace Tyrell’s boy? The Knight of Flowers, they call him. Now there’s a son any man would be proud to own to. Last tourney, he dumped the Kingslayer on his golden rump, you ought to have seen the look on Cersei’s face.”
A Game of Thrones → Eddard VII


important background action there

Astral Travel Tips

I personally do a lot of my astral traveling while I sleep. I would do it during the day if I had time, but honestly… I am a store manager that typically sees 50 hours of work time. By the time I get home I have to do some chore or I just want to rest. So doing all my astral work is done while my body recuperates.

Here are a few tips that have helped me:

  1. Be okay with not remembering everything you do at night. I don’t remember everything. I do A LOT at night. To remember everything would take time I do not have. If I have the energy I will lay in my bed trying to recall the details of the night before. But its okay if you don’t remember everything or anything at first.
  2. On that note, I have learned that if I lay in bed I can remember what I have done better. Its how I can remember dreams. I know though I can’t always do this because of my work schedule. Try different methods to which will help you recall the best.
  3. In the beginning its nice to have a guide. I worked a lot with a couple beings I know who helped guide me. They would make it easier for me to move to the astral, as well as understand its mechanics. If you have done it before while awake then while sleeping shouldn’t be a huge step. Just ask help from someone you trust.
  4. Pay attention to your dreams. I have learned the difference between dreams of mine. Some of them hint at things I have done on the astral. Though these dreams may not be a literal translation. Sometimes my mind will try to make sense of the astral world by converting things into something in my mundane-waking life. I typically keep a dream log for this. Its something where if I have time I jot down notes of my dreams. (You can learn to Lucid Dream if you want, but its not necessary. I sometimes Lucid Dream but not all the time. I just learn the differences between how my dreams feel to understand if it had something to do with the astral)
  5. Everyone experiences the astral differently. Keep your mind open and let it interpret itself in the manner that is best for you. Like I am very claircognizant. I just know most of the time that something happened. That I knew someone/thing said such and such. There are few times that I actually hear it. There are times that trips the night before will play out like memories. It varies and I am okay with that. I just know what works for me.
  6. I have a dream/astral travel pouch under my pillow. Its of items that have meaning to me to help pull me into recalling my time in the astral. You can also make one to help with making it there. (if you would like me to post the bag I use then let me know.)
  7. Get on a regular sleeping schedule. A regular sleeping schedule helps your body get used to when its going to the astral. Plus self care helps a lot when you start doing astral work. 
  8. In the beginning don’t try doing astral work every night. It can make you more tired than before you fell asleep. Its easier to start slow and work your way up. I know that when my mundane life gets crazy I have to back off on the astral work. I crashed and burned in February because not only was I working 50-60 hour weeks in my waking life, I was also doing an insane amount of work on the astral during holidays through January. Its important to have down time from even astral travel! 

These are some of the things that has helped me out a lot when beginning my astral traveling at night. This is not everything you can do. There are so many tricks out there and its about finding what works for you. But hopefully this can help anyone out. C:


She felt one thousand years old. She also felt like maybe she was a condescending brat. She wanted her bike. She wanted her friends, who were also one-thousand-year-old condescending brats. She wanted to live in a world where she was surrounded by one-thousand-year-old condescending brats.

― Maggie Stiefvater, The Raven King


Derek might be able to fly through the clouds or stop a flying bullet, but he still can’t figure out how to change the username or profile picture that Stiles chose when he made Derek an Instagram.

AU | Derek is Superman and the Daily Planet Reporter Stiles convinces him to join social media

Okay but Yuuri’s anxiety is treated so damn organically and realistically…I have anxiety and a lot of the same symptoms that Yuuri has and I’m just so pleased with the way it’s been handled.

Like, first of all, Yuuri’s not in this for a cure.  That’s not what anybody’s trying to give him either.  A lot of his mental shit comes from within him, and nobody around him is reinforcing those thoughts.  He says as much in episode 4, that nobody in his life treats him as a weak person, and Victor tells him that he’s NOT weak, that nobody thinks that.  Yuuri is pretty much the only person who refers to himself as weak.  There’s so much evidence to the contrary but it’s just so hard for him to see it, because anxiety is a bitch who won’t let you see it.

And I could go on about the anxiety attack in episode 7 but there’s been so much meta written for that already, and it’s been articulated so well that I don’t really have anything new to add.  I do just want to say though that really the only thing that is different about the anxiety attack (compared to what Yuuri’s dealt with before) is that Victor is there as Yuuri’s support at the time.  Yuuri already has steps that he takes to manage his own anxiety.  They don’t always work well, but when it’s what you’ve got, it’s what you’ve got.  Having somebody new involved, somebody who hadn’t yet seen him like this, who Yuuri doesn’t WANT to see him like this, who doesn’t understand it, who doesn’t understand Yuuri’s methods to calm himself, and who doesn’t know what to do, that’s what really pushed him over the edge but even after they worked it out it still didn’t cure his anxiety!  They just learned how to work through it together. The fact that Yuuri had the strength to clearly ask for what he needed proves that Yuuri is a lot stronger than he gives himself credit for.

So it sort of looked like in this last episode he was going to have another attack, but he actually handled himself a lot better.  He’s still not cured, but he’s recovering.  Recovery is tricky and sometimes you have good days, and Yuuri had a Good Day™ with his anxiety.  He was still doing all the stuff he did before to work through it (isolating himself to stretch/practice like he did in episode 5), and he still had a moment before he started to skate (the callback to episode 3 with his blurred vision), and no, it wasn’t the best that he had ever skated the program, but he did it.

And he said something to the effect of, “This would be difficult whether Victor were here or not.”


And Yuuri IS getting better at managing his anxiety on his own.  He messes up, has a moment of panic, then tells himself to calm down, and figure out what he can do to recover.

AND he’s learning to be gentler with himself, acknowledging that he had ALWAYS wanted to win, he had NEVER gone into a competition expecting to lose, but when you have a brain that constantly lies to you, hearing affirmation from an outside source can mean the whole world.   That’s what having Victor around does for him.  He helps Yuuri to believe things he already knew, but couldn’t believe on his own.

Victor’s not going to cure Yuuri.  Recovery is messier and trickier than that.  Recovery comes with good days and bad days.  They’re both learning, but their love for each other comes from such a pure and mutually healthy place.

Today, I fucked up... by asking a girl out

So there’s some things you have understand before I start this story. I’m in grade ten of high school (this happened in June, so about a month ago). I am an incredibly anti-social person. Up until this point I have never even tried to ask a girl out. This was my first time EVER. So I walk up to her, absolutely terrified, and just before I say anything, I trip on a crack in the side walk and land right on my face. I get up instantly and try to play it off, blood gushing out of my nose. She is freaking, and I’m stumbling around mumbling “its okay, I’m fine, I’m fine” when I fall for a second time, this time backwards, cracking the back of my head against the sidewalk, knocking me out cold. I wake up in the hospital a few hours later, luckily with no serious injuries, except maybe my pride.

TL;DR Tried to ask a girl out, ended up in hospital

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k but imagine Dan trying to do his daughter’s hair for her first day of school and Phil walks in halfway and says, “Dan what in the world is that she can’t go to school looking like that” and Dan says, “Phil its a braid okay everyone wears them” and Phil pushes Dan aside and accomplishes the most perfect French braid anyone has ever seen and Dan is shocked and silent and Phil goes, “my mum said it would come in handy someday” and walks out with his coffee mug in hand


Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: CollegeAU / Fluff / Angst / Possible Series?
Word Count: 882 

Summary: Getting technique tips from your boyfriends best friend sounded like a smart idea at first. Now it just sounds dirty…

Author’s Note: I’m thinking of making this into a series but I don’t know at this point. Also, Its my first scenario so please don’t judge it too harshly. Besides that, I hope you guys enjoy it! :)

“Okay, so what you’re going to wanna do is make an oval with your lips. Like this,” Namjoon made an exaggerated oval shape with his mouth as an example.

You tried to copy his lip shape as best as possible, while simultaneously trying to control your laughter at your current situation. I mean, getting your boyfriends best friend to give you tips on something you’ve been doing since you were sixteen is slightly embarrassing. The entire situation is just made worse by the fact that you and Namjoon are sat “criss-cross-applesause" style on the living room floor of you and your boyfriends shared apartment while Yoongi is studying at the library.

“Like this?” you asked while pointing at your now oddly contorted lips.

“Yeah like that! Okay, the next step is to flick your tongue lightly. That way-“Namjoon stopped as soon as he heard the front door slam shut.

“What the fuck is this?” Yoongi said while taking off his shoes.

You froze is place. Fuck. This was suppose to be a surprise for Yoongi, but of course, he just had to walk in at the worst time.

“Well, It was suppose to be a surprise but I guess thats not happening now,” you said while standing up and walking over to him. Yoongi still hadn’t moved from his spot in front of the door, even when you wrapped your arms around his torso to greet him. The expression on his face was a mixture of anger and worry and you giggled at what he must think of what was happening. “Namjoon was teaching me smoke tricks with my new vape, idiot.” Yoongi’s face instantly relaxed at your statement and wrapped one arm around your shoulders and gave you a light peck on the cheek. “You said you thought smoke tricks were hot so I figured I’d surprise you.” You slapped his chest lightly while walking back to your previous spot next to Namjoon on the couch.

“She wanted to learn how to do rings but the crack in the window keeps letting in a breeze, so they blow away as soon as she tries,” Namjoon said rolling his eyes while refilling his own tank with liquid.

“Don’t blame me,” Yoongi said shuffling around in the kitchen, looking for what I can only assume to be duct tape to cover the crack. “Y/N’s the one who told him about American football and gave him an actual ball to throw in the apartment.” He chuckled slightly at your inability to say no to showing Taehyung things from your home country. It started out with binge watching some old 80’s action movies and quickly escalated to him yelling “Hey Y/N! How far do you think I can throw this?” Luckily, that day ended shortly after Yoongi took the ball and chucked it at Tae’s forehead for breaking our window.

“Listen here. I only show him this stuff because he calls me every hour till I explain something new.” You said after getting annoyed with not being able to make a single ring. Both boys chuckled at your frustration. Yoongi playfully rolled his eyes at you while taking a strip of tape over to the window and patting it into place.

After filling up his tank with vape liquid, Namjoon packed up his bag and stood up from the couch, “Well I better go, Professor Basu just assigned a 7 page paper about the controversy of the law of quantum mechanics.”

“Is that even a real law?” you ask.

He shrugs, “According to my 300 dollar textbook it is.”

Yoongi grabs the T.V. remote and flops down on the couch beside you. “That’s what you get for being in the honors college.” He says without taking his eyes off the screen.

“Yeah, yeah. I know,” Namjoon says as he shuts the door behind him.  
The room goes quiet for a bit as you continue trying to get this trick down and Yoongi flips through the channels.

“So, are you really gonna learn how to do smoke tricks?” he asks out of no where. You smirk at his question knowing just how to get revenge on him for ruining his own damn surprise.
“Well, I already know how to do one,” you say while moving straddle his lap on the couch. His eyes go dark with lust and he licks his lips desperately.

“Which one?” he asks as you take a deep breath from your vape.

“French inhale,” you say as smoothly as possible and open your mouth slightly in order to allow the smoke to enter your nose. Yoongi’s jaw drops at the extremely basic smoke trick and swallows hard.

“Fuck, I love you.” He says deeply. You smirk and quickly get off the twenty-something year olds lap.

“I know,” you say as you walk towards the kitchen. “Now what do you want for dinner?” Yoongi lays his head over the arm of the couch in defeat and chuckles at how you just played him.

“You,” he says quietly, probably only meaning for himself to hear. You smirk and roll your eyes at his remark while looking through the bar counter window.

“Shut up, pabo,” you say while turning towards the fridge.

“I love you too babe.”


What if Lena wanted to tell Kara she knows she is supergirl but then Alex would surely get mad because Kara cant keep a secret. So she decides she is going to tell alex first.

Lena knocks on Alex’ apartment then Maggie opens it. She comes in and keeps on pacing. Alex and maggie is giving her a curious look.

Lena stops pacing and looks at the both of them. “I have to tell you something. Its about Kara”

“Dont get mad. I never meant for it to happen. I never meant to keep it a secret but-”

“Oh my gosh” alex clasps her mouth with the realization of what lena was trying to say.

“Im sorry alex. Pls dont get mad at Kara. Its not her fault”

“Im not Lena. But are you okay? I mean is it okay with you?”

Lena nods “ofcourse. Im glad I know. Ive only known a feww weeks but im okay with it. I havent told Kara yet tho”

Maggie and Alex hug Lena.

“Dont worry, Little Luthor. Im sure Kara will be happy about the baby” maggie winks at her

“Im so happy youre pregnant!”

“Who’s pregnant?!” Kara asks as she enters, hopping and beaming with joy , a lollipop on her mouth, like a 5 yr old.

Lena pulls back, unable to speak out of shock. She looks at everyone and everyone is staring at her too


(let’s pretend Kara can get lena pregnant bcs yk Alien and all that)