but it's my finals for the rest of this month


I absolutely love this book! It’s full of aesthetic drawings and the poems are so deep.

Anyway, I started my September month since it’s almost September. I finally had the courage to write in my bujo after I only did the first page then had too much pressure to write in it again. August went by so quickly, and it’s gonna be school soon so I’m trying to be productive again but not it’s not really going well since I’m still in the summer mood. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer and good luck with school! And for those who already started school, I hope you survive and have fun too!

Way of Kings thoughts/feels

So I finally took the time to sit down and actually read this book. It’s been sitting on my bookshelf for like two months as I’ve made my way through Mistborn, Elantris, and Warbreaker first, which probably wasn’t a bad idea as WoK was definitely more cosmere heavy than the rest of the books so the foundation I had was good.

and i finished it a couple of days ago

I am still screaming

it was so so good

so here are some of my thoughts and reactions in no particular order:



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It’s been 10 months since I made this blog and it was never my expectation to reach 1k before reaching one year! Thank you so much for everyone who have been following me all the way though I never get to talk much to most of you but still thank you so much! I met friends along the way and you guys know who you are! I was too shy to talk at first but I got used to it eventually but I’m still shyyy to some so I would really appreciate to continually meet more amazing people ^.^

Actually, I was supposed to make this a few days ago but since the past month I had a lot of priorities in my life such as being busy at school which it became impossible for me to be around most of the time. But still this blog will keep on existing till whoever knows when ;)

My 1st FF yet I don’t even know if I deserve this but I’m happy to reach this milestone!  I started getting a lot of follows ever since I started making edits yet I’m not  satisfied most of the time how they turned out but I still post them anyway. Again, thank you so so much guys! All of you are awesome! Until next FF ;)

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@casandsip guess who’s posting the thing 12 years later… on mobile no less😋

So obviously when Gabriel shows up on their door beaten, bloody and exhausted, the winchesters are confused to say the least. But they take him in, bandage him up and give him a safe place to rest. It’s only after a few months then he’s still there that they start asking questions. And of course Gabriel would vieww that as them kicking him out, when that’s not at all what it’s meant as, so when Sam walks in on him packing his meager belongings, hes fucking confused cause “did we do something to upset you? Where are you going to go? Do you want a ride?” and Gabriel just glares at him like “you don’t want me here im gonna stop taking up your space it’s fine.” And at first Sam is pissed. Cause they took him in and gave him a room and fed him and took care of him when he was injured. Then he stops. And thinks. And realizes that this is the first time Gabriel has needed someone else, and they’re the only ones he has. The poor man is probably scared and embaressed and a whole shit load of other emotions that he doesn’t know how to deal with yet. So he takes a deep breath, swallows his pride and asks for Gabriels help researching before he leaves. Amd makes sure he knows hes free to leave, but he doesn’t have to. And Gabriel insists he’ll help with just this one then he’s gone. But of course he stays, and keeps helping Sam research, and help Dean fix up their cars, and he starts shopping for them and cleaning their weapons and otherwise being a huge help, and it’s slow at first but the brothers can see the change in him, he’s happier, more like his old (less murdery) self. But its not till he starts with the obnoxious jokes that Sam really falls for him. Not till he’s waking him up at all hours of the night to tell him some stupid pun that he starts wondering what it’d be like to hold him and kiss him and be with him. So one night, when Gabriel walks in to ask “hey Sammich, whats the difference between an a bra and a zebra” Sam scooches closer to the edge of the bed and holds his arms out. “Stay?” And the playful smile just melts off his face, and he nods so so slowly and just curls up in Sam’s arms with a tiny “of course, samshine,” and it’s so much better than Sam was expecting, and when the morning comes neither of them is quite ready to let go because what if it didn’t mean anything, what if it never happens again but eventually they part, and neither mentions it. Till Gabriel shows up, a little earlier in the night, pouncing on Sam’s side. “Moose! What do you call a bi spider man?” And Sam just holds his arms open, and Gabriel nuzzles against his chest with a quiet “he swings both ways” and a sleepy giggle. So that’s how it goes. it’s weeks before Gabriel stops pretending he’s just going in to tell some stupid joke. Even longer before he stops showing up and starts going to bed with Sam, but when they finally kiss, one morning in the middle of winter, both sleepy and clinging to each other for warmth, its more than worth the wait.


( 07.07.16, 130 days to finals )
Biology is probably one of my favorite science subjects when I can get my crap together and actually study it, haha. In unrelated news, apparently July for me is a blue month (´・ω・`)

Printable calendar by the lovely Nicole @cmpsbls! (つω`●)


Chubby Manjuu Adventures #1!

Silly chubby sharks… (@^-^)

Chubby Sou was getting worried that he couldn’t find his Rinrins–but alas, he found them! Those chubby Rinrins are quite a handful, aren’t they Sou? But they sure make you smile  (o^▽^o)

I finally opened the rest of my chubby manjuus! More adventures to come!

Hey guys. Im sorry im so annoying with the Tampa concert posts.
I worked super hard, everyday without rest, literaly. I went to work at 7 am and returned home at 10 pm. Its being 2 months of madness and I finally got all the money I needed for hotel, plane, etc.
its the first time in my life seeing Taylor, and im travelling from ARGENTINA, and it’s a pretty big deal.
The visa, plane tickets, concert ticket, hotel and all the things I might need made me do the impossible to get the money for it. Im super happy and proud of myself for this, and I really, really want to meet Taylor.
I dont think I deserve it more than others, I just want to reblog and if you could help me, reblog my things too, because I want Taylor to know all this sacrifice I made for this trip, thats only for her. And maybe she’ll want to meet me as I want to meet her. If you please can help me, i beg you to. I wont go around asking that in asks, because I know how frustrating it is, I just ask you to be patient, and that Ill return to be a normal blog after this madness, and I love you, and I hope you can help me gey Taylor to hug me, which I need more than anything

I love you guys.

Cleaning the closet due move revealed just how much I have shrunk after I figured out I’m allergic to starch and I had to change my whole diet. My body got finally rest and started to heal on its own - in 10 months I’m healtier in all possible ways than I have been in the last ten years.

A few days ago on January 5th I had major hip surgery up at Stanford University; (aka my favorite hospital with the best Marfan & cardiology teams in the country)… They had to shave down my actual hip socket (due to its massive over growth), remove my femur, remove three cysts from femur, shave & RE-SHAPE femur, and THEN sew me back up. I’ve been on total bed rest ever since and will be for another week or so. After that, comes 2 months of physical therapy to get my strength & mobility back. // Because of Marfan syndrome, my legs & hips are a constant issue for me (left foot/hip was repaired when I was young, now the right!) The surgery was one of the most painful I’ve had to date, but I’m so excited to recover and finally see some relief!! Living with Marfans is a constant war for me and my body, but we chalk this one up as a battle won, & on to the next! // The support from my family & friends has been so immense, I’m so grateful. Thought I’d also share on here before people start seeing me hobbling around on crutches asking me what happened. I WISH I could say it was some sky diving accident or something haha, but simply the reality of have a chronic pain & connective tissue disorder, a “MUTANT GENE” called “Marfans.” // It’s going to be a big year, this is just the first hurdle of many, but I’m ready! This gives me and @omandm the perfect opportunity to work on new music before we head into the studio to record a NEW album this year, which I couldn’t be more excited about! 2016 let’s go! 💯🎯🏥 @themarfanfoundation #MarfanSyndrome #Surgery #IfICanDoItYouCanToo #YouAreNotAlone #Medical #Marfan #MutantGene #IMWithTheXMEN by austincarlile

Echo - Chapter 1

Rating: Explicit
Chapters: 1/9
Relationships: Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons, Leo Fitz & Melinda May, Leo Fitz & Skye | Daisy Johnson, Leo Fitz & Antoine Triplett, Melinda May & Jemma Simmons, Jemma Simmons & Grant Ward            
Additional Tags: Drama, Psychological Warfare, Angst and Humor, Mild Language, Mild Violence, Some Humor, Team Dynamics, Explicit Sexual Content, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence

Summary: When Fitz and the rest of the team find themselves trapped inside an abandoned Hydra base at the mercy of a malevolent ghost in the machine, their only help comes in the form of long-dead S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jemma Simmons. Can they trust her? And what is the truth behind Project Lazarus? Canon-divergent AU set during season 2. 

Here’s my latest fic. Hope you guys enjoy! One note: only one chapter of this fic earns the Explicit rating. I’ll give a warning in advance of it. Aside from that, the story rates as a light T. So if explicit content is not your thing, you can read the rest of the story without worry.