but it's my favourite scene


favourite ability: no longer human (人間失格)

“Death at the claws of a mad predator does possess a certain appeal… but sadly you cannot kill me. My power allows me to nullify the gifts wielded by others merely by touching them.”


original blingee caption: ThE bOiz iN aLL TiMe LoW r SoO kEwL n CuTe! <3333


Maybe I’m not used to it. Maybe I’m afraid of getting hurt, being rejected, for being myself.


“You fucked the dairy goat?”

mini-squatch  asked:

i submitted the hula diversion thing because its one of my favourite scenes in that movie, but i just realized how appropriate it is - using lion king quotes for a show about giant robot lions.

… Oh my god, you’re right. That’s amazing. Has anyone done a Lion King AU yet, becuase that sounds great. Like Shiro as Mufasa and like Pidge or Keith as Simba, because I’m a bad person. Thank you for making me think of this.

~ Jess