but it's my favorite from my childhood


Marks and Rec: Misc #380

(Captain Brofist, he’s our hero! :D I picked out the planeteers from the characters in Legend of the Brofist. Seemed appropriate, haha.) (Dialogue from Captain Planet.)

favorite Billdip fanfics
  • I’ve Made Mistakes in My Mind- ”Dipper Pines spent most of his childhood being haunted by a cruel demon and was known as the school nut as a result. The other boys didn’t take kindly to him and half of that childhood was spent hiding bruises and cuts on his body from his worrisome sister.Eight years later, The year is 1951, and Dipper is escaping his old home on a train to find inspiration for his book.Fate works in mysterious ways, and inspiration seems to find him first.” chapter 1 and 2 are so gay and so is the rest of the story
  • Forgive Me (the story is currently deleted but i will update this when it’s there again)
  • Payment in Blood- “ Dipper and Mabel Pines have always been able to get out of bad situations. But eventually, they get into one so bad that it takes a certain dream demon to rescue them, and his services are not free. And the payment he asks for will change their lives forever.” very dark and a lot of death and blood
  • No Sweeter Innocence Than Our Gentle Sin- “ Bill Cipher can give Dipper all the knowledge he wants on one condition: he must belong to Bill.” ALL THE SMUT
  • Dipper, Can You Hear Me?  -” Dipper and Bill find strange tracks across the lawn, and nobody knows what they came from. The Journals reveal nothing about what this creature could possibly be, and the idea of Dipper finding out something that the Author didn’t know prompts him to follow the tracks into the woods. Alone. Three days later he returns, but he’s not Dipper anymore.” as far as i remember it’s kinda sad
  • Like Gasoline- “ Surreal Dipper dreaming.” i don’t actually remember this but i approved on my list so shrug
  • Can’t Find My Way Home- “ After an argument with his sister in Portland, Dipper gets lost on his way back to Gravity Falls and finds a blonde hitchhiker with the same destination, little did they know they were more lost than they thought.” yes
  • KEEP CALM and USE THE WOK- “ Prompt: Bill and Dipper trapped in a bathroom by a serial killer like in saw.” yes
  • Lost Souls- “ What happens to souls when the body is gone? What do they become?” kinda sad but really good
  • Look At The Stars- “ “Person B knowing they’re undoubtedly about to die within the next few seconds. Instead of calling for help, they phone Person A and carry on a casual conversation as if nothing is wrong, making sure to mention how much they love them before their time runs out.” “ i cried
  •  A Tumble In The Bed- “ Bill thinks sex seems like a stupid waste of energy and time. By the end of the night, his thoughts are turned completely around.” yessssss
  •  What’s in a name?- “ After much pestering, Mabel convinces Dipper to finally join a dating website to, finally, get him a boyfriend. He meets a guy named Alex, and he is sweet, kind, loving, interesting, smart, adorable…well he’s perfect for Dipper…but the secrets between the two could be too much to handle. “ this is so great ahhh
  •  The First Dance is Always Free- “ A masquerade at the Northwest Mansion. A mysterious stranger. A night that Dipper will never forget. “ AHHHH
  •  Candyman- “ Dipper had always been taught to never accept candy from strangers. But candy is sweet, and candy from strangers is sweeter. “ yesssssssss
  • Mirror, Mirror on the wall- “The universe didn’t always exist as one entity. There was hundreds of them out there, some were peaceful and beautiful, some were wild. They were all different from each other. Some differences were just small details, the slightly difference in coordination, but some differences were bigger, it altered the entire universe, making it unique. No matter how different one universe was from the other, there would always exist portals, disguising as normal every day things, tucked away in a far corner, forgotten. They were the windows that connected this universe from the next one. It was rumored that if one looked into these windows, they could see their other self, could communicate with them. There would always be a glass wall that separated one universe from the other to prevent both from collapsing. But perhaps, these portals brought two universes just a bit closer together.There were also special people out there, people who could look beyond the ordinary look of a portal to see what it really was. To be able to realize the significance of a portal, to communicate with beings of other universes. They were the chosen ones.Dipper Pines… was one of them.” kill me now
  • Problems of the Heart- “ Grunkle Stan has a heart attack, Dipper is having strange dreams, and Mabel keeps throwing Dipper at customers. So what happens when Bill offers Dipper a deal? “ yesssssssssss
  •  For the Health and Safety of Mabel Pines- “ If Dipper wants Mabel safe, then he’s going to have to make a fairly uncomfortable deal. “ THIS IS GREATEST THING I HAVE EVER READ OH MY GOD AND IT HAS A SEQUEL
  • For the Morality and Sanity of Dipper Pines- “ In order to save her brother and the town, Mabel makes a sacrifice that leaves her missing a bit of herself. “ OH MY GOD THE SEQUEL KILL ME NOW
  •  Decoding Pine Trees- “Bill has a plan , but like many other times for Bill, things tend to get in the way. And by things I mean a person. And by person I mean a 12 year old. And by 12 year old I mean Dipper Pines.But Bill has a plan.” yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  • This Is Who I Am-  “ Dipper has enough problems in life with identity, the last thing needed right now is great uncle Stan’s secrets, great uncle Stan’s brother’s secrets, sibling betrayal and a demon adding to the list of issues at hand. But they’re a probably, who will be in Dipper’s life to help?” trans!Dipper is life mate
  • Pine Tree I’m bored - 30 days OTP challenge NSFW- “ Bill is insistent on hanging around the Mystery Shack but Dipper knows the demon has to be planning something. What does he want? What does he have planned? Could he really be here just to annoy the twin? Whatever happens, Dipper’s keeping a close eye on this dream demon. “ all the goooooood smut
  •  I Won’t Fall (In Love With Falling)- “ “But what exactly is home for you?”
    Bill Cipher, a prophetic angel having guided civilizations for years, falls from his grace. Dipper Pines, now 22 and a paranormal investigator, brings this angel into his home. However, Bill has fallen for specific reasons, and now he must ride out his punishment, or risk becoming a demon. “ angel!Bill is great, but fallen angel!Bill is life
  • A Little Assistance- “ Loosely based off an au but tbh this is just shameless smut oh god don’t look at me tl;dr pwp tentacle stuff.
    Dipper is older here. “ i love tentacle stuff, hang me
  • Repeat it…Now.- “ U-Um… I have this headcanon that Bill is way too possessive with Dipper. But not in a master/slave way, more like… He wants to ruin and play with Dipper’s mind for being so curious about Gravity Falls and how he’s playing with fire for challenging Bill. “ yesss 
  • The Ghost of You it Keeps Me Awake- “Six years of visiting Gravity Falls, Dipper and Mabel decide to spend their last year in high school together with Grunkle Stan. Dipper expected many things to happen, but not to be visited by a particular dream demon.And Dipper didn’t expect him to become obsessed with the young man he used to call Pine tree.” i love this so much it’s actually unhealthy
  • Gears of the Heart- “ This is part of a steampunk AU I created for Gravity Falls, a multi-part fanfic of Billdip. I hope you guys like it, critics welcome. Updates will be posted once a week during weekends. “ steampunk AUs are what i live for 

i think my favorite headcanon ever is the one about peter, susan, edmund, and lucy from the chronicles of narnia representing godric gryffindor, rowena ravenclaw, salazar slytherin, and helga hufflepuff. it completes my childhood and everything is just full circle and i love it

AD Podcasts, Christopher Moore, and Turn-of-the-Century Impressionism

So this week I’m re-reading one of my all-time favorite books. It’s called Sacré Bleu: A Comedy d’Art, by Christopher Moore. 

Moore is a writer of comedic speculative fiction, combining fantastical elements from a variety of cultural sources with the sometimes over-ordinary events of daily life. He’s one of my all-time favorite writers; particular gems include Sacré Bleu; Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal; Fluke (or, I Know Why The Winged Whale Sings); Fool; and A Dirty Job (and its recent sequel Secondhand Souls). I’m not sure if Moore has a Tumblr presence, but he’s on Twitter @TheAuthorGuy.

Sacré Bleu is a story that mostly centers on Lucien, a (fictional) baker in the Parisian district of Montmartre, where congregated the great artists of the Impressionist era during the late 1800s. Lucien was taught by Renoir, coddled by Pissarro, sneered at by Degas, condescended to by Monet, and mourned the death of Vincent Van Gogh right alongside Dr. Gachet and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec.

It’s also about a timeless muse whose skin exudes magical memory-altering blue pigment harvested by a Neanderthal. But that’s not really why I’m writing.

What’s struck me on this second read is how plausible it is to me that all of these great artists knew each other, drank together, suffered together, and orbited each other throughout their lives. Because of course they did! They were all living in France, their paintings hung in the same galleries, and they drank in the same bars! But more importantly, they were the only other people crazy enough to believe with all their beings that their art would sustain them. (ok yes, some of them came from money, so they needn’t have worried–– just stick with me here, the point is coming.)

(collage courtesy of Ryan Estrada)

Back in the spring, I was invited to a group forming online which now includes most of the people who make your favorite fiction podcasts: Wolf 359. Wooden Overcoats. Archive 81. Kakos Industries. The Cleansed. We’re Alive. Our Fair City. Small Town Horror. The NoSleep Podcast. The Truth. The Black Tapes & Tanis. Within the Wires. ars Paradoxica and the Bright Sessions, of course. And that’s just some of the more well-known examples. I could go on for a huge wall of text listing all the shows who contribute. (To all of my podfriends I did not list, I love you all as well, and please feel free to tag yourselves!)

Not only do we discuss the ins and outs of writing, production, recording, gear, publishing, marketing, and social media – did you think #AudioDramaSunday happened by accident? – but we also have an incredibly lively Random/Off-Topic section where we talk about video games, food, TV shows, events, school, work, illness, life stresses, and general shenanigans. We’ve become a huge group of friends. I’ve honestly never seen a more supportive, welcoming, and friendly group of people, especially one so large and whose member list is constantly expanding. I feel so, so lucky and grateful to be included in this wonderful weird audio drama podcast family.

We support each other because we are the only other people crazy enough to believe, with all of our beings, that our art will sustain us.

a true story

teacher: class, do you believe there is only one universe?


teacher: you may remember the beloved children’s book series known as the berenstein bears. it seems that thousands of people, myself included, clearly remember them being called the berenstAin bears, with an A. there is no doubt in my mind about this. they were my favorite childhood books, and i can picture the name–berenstAin–on all the covers, clear as day. but every shred of evidence in the world shows that it has always been berenstEin. i, and many others, are now beginning to suspect that this is due to a ripple in the space-time continuum. i, and everyone else who experienced the berenstAin bears, may have actually come from an alternate universe that merged into our own, in which everything was exactly the same except the name of this book series and its authors

student: you’re a dumbass

teacher: what

student: you’re a dumbass. it’s always been berenstEin, with an E. you and everyone else who thinks otherwise just read it the wrong way when you were kids. wake up

as you may have already guessed… that student… was albert ainstain

temporarilyreality  asked:

magnolia, locust, carnation, aaaaand primrose

  • MAGNOLIA: Favorite kind of candy?
    BRO I FUCKING LOVE CHOCOLATE! Specifically chocolate truffles. 
  • LOCUST: What was your favorite book as a child?
    Pretty tough. I don’t remember a lot of childhood stuff tbh but I do remember reading the Percy Jackson books and I really love those! 
  • CARNATION: If I handed you a concert ticket right now, who would you want to be the performer?
    Achievement Hunter, as I hope the “concert” is Lets Play Live. BUT I ALREADY GOT TICKETS FOR THE ORLANDO ONE YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!
  • PRIMROSE: Favorite kind of soup?
    Wonton soup. Specifically the one from this little local Chinese takeout place like 5 minutes from my house. Its rly good and sometimes it’s free bc my dad always goes there and knows the people who run it.

Bought my Disneyland tickets for my spring break trip in 19 days.  So everything is pretty much set.  Only thing not paid for is shuttle and hotel (shuttle i’ll book soon, hotel I pay after my stay but it is booked).

Getting pretty excited.  Super stoked to see my favorite parade from my childhood, the Main Street Electrical Parade back in its home.  As well as the best fireworks Disney has ever created, which I saw on my first trip in 10 years that was also 10 years ago, the 50th anniversary Remember Dreams Come True show.

Also Food and Wine is going on, so I’m definitely gonna try some weird ass fancy food.

BOY WITH HORMONES [Kim Taehyung x Reader] Pt.2

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genre: angst

Lengths: Not bad

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Trigger warning(bullying) and Bad words

Part 2/?

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JESUS CHRIST I’M DYING. But I’m also proud of myself. Please forgive the interlude of pones so I can upload my most recent animation here. So this is an assignment from my ToonBoom class. and the goal was to take our favorite childhood picture book and animate a scene from it, using its style and keeping it as close as possible to said style. I chose the cute little book Guess How Much I Love You. :3

This is the result of 24 hours of work non-stop to do. It would have been a lot less if the damned computer I was on didn’t corrupt my save and lose about 6 hours worth of work. :/ Regardless, I’m proud of how it came out. c:

Thanks you guys for indulging me. Headcanon and AUS and pones will commence soon! ^.^

Getting nostalgia of my childhood from beauty and the beast last night.
It was one of my favorites considering unlike the other classic disney princesses, this story didnt involve the love at first sight or love on the first day. Im not saying its the best but there is more character development compared to the other princesses before it.


Here is a post finally! I know right from now on my WIP will be on this site and my finished ones will also be on here but not as much but they will be on DeviantArt and Twitter. But my Tumblr is empty and needs a fresh post. So this drawing im working on is from my favorite childhood addition call Shinzo and its been forever but im doing a story of Dark Sago and im still trying see it in my head but im process great so far. But anyway this is Dark sago on the left and mushra on the right ready to battle post


31 Days, 31 Childhood Favorites | day twenty-three

One of the best film screenings I’ve ever been to was for Creepshow. A packed albeit small art theatre was playing Creepshow as part of its horror line-up and for the entirety of the film, the crowd was so into it beat by beat, laughing and clapping appreciatively along. That was until They’re Creeping Up On You started. When the roaches began burrowing out of E.G. Marshall’s throat, there was a mass exodus. Easily a dozen people had to excuse themselves from the theatre, stricken looks on their faces.

And yet, this is a movie I consider a cherished part of my childhood. It’s very cartoony and comic-like in its design and direction, which appealed to me big time as a kid. It plays at the same kind of heavy irony that Tales From the Crypt does. And, excusing the aforementioned roaches, any scares or gags tend to be pretty low-impact as far as viscera is concerned. Creepshow remains one of my favorites as an adult and is one of the most incredibly quotable movies in horror history.

the prequels

“the original trilogy is my childhood and lucas ruined it with the prequels!!” ok i get that but also the prequel trilogy is my childhood, like i saw star wars when i was like 5 or 6 and i loved the prequels (i remember liking the ot too but i really loved the prequels). like attack of the clones was my favorite movie as a kid and i get that its pretty bad but im sorry that 6 year old me didnt understand what made it bad???? sorry i was fucking 6 and liked the lightsaber fights and the space battles and thought the old jedi order was cool and looked up to obi wan kenobi??? sorry i never read any discourse on why its flawed??? sorry that even now that im 17 and recognize everything thats wrong with those movies im still protective of them because i loved them so much as a kid?? sorry i still enjoy watching them?

and honestly there are good and bad things about both trilogies. i’d say the good definitely outweighs the bad in the ot especially empire strikes back, and the bad and good are about equal in the pt. i can look past the bad and have a good time. its your loss if you cant.

anyways i’m fueled by prequels hate and you can all taste this ass

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1. I read 1939: Countdown to War by Richard Overy in its entirety on a flight from Sydney to Melbourne

2. I have Star Wars figurines in my office at work, and when I press Obi-Wan’s belt buckle it lights up

3. I press Obi-Wan’s belt buckle when I’m having a tough day

4. I learned to drive on a red dirt road when I was eleven years old

5. In my culture, my cousins are classed as my brothers and sisters

6. My favourite sci fi novel is Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke, which is also the name of my favourite S1 Stargate Atlantis episode

7. I can teach geography but I am terrible at geography

8. I hate Jean Grey

9. I love country music

10. I wish I’d never opened my Voltron toys when I was a kid because they’d be perfect in my collection now

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