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okay so. you guys asked for it, and it’s going to be mostly world vomit because i haven’t solidified a lot of ideas or done much research on actual history of the area, but, here goes.

so the ‘curse’ of the vampire would have had. weird origins. extraterrestrial, in a way. back before anything, before worlds, only the empty void of the cosmos existed, and the angels. now, angels in this world wouldn’t be winged harp wielding white boys, no no, they’d be, colossal, planet sized drifting things. time and space would literally wrap around them, they were that huge. creatures spanning millions of miles wide, drifting silently in the dark abyss of space. they would have had the tasked of creation, and destruction.

their eternal curse was to try and create ‘perfection’. why?? who the fuck knows. some sad joke of a task for these guys, who, for the most part, would never realize it couldn’t exist. in the span of an hour, worlds would be created, only to be incinerated moments after, a failure. nothing would be mourned, no tears shed, the angels would silently move on to create again.

until one of them started to gain…well…compassion, for some of its creation. botched things, unaware of their inevitable demise. eventually, it started letting these things live, and gained a sort of odd attachment to what it’d created. this, of course, to the others, could never be allowed. it wasn’t perfection, so it must be destroyed.

and so the COSMIC WAR HAPPENED and i wont write all that shit down right now b/c even i dont have it written down and i want to move on to the vampires. suffice it to say, this one ‘angel’, we’ll call it GOD for now, decided to give up its life to shield these demonic beings, who in turn managed to capture and imprison angels away forever and hopefully move on with their lives. hopefully.

except that didn’t happen. there would be have been little, tiny openings, portals, just beneath the surface of earth. these lost angels would have been completely buried and lost in another dimension if not for the shifting tectonics of our world, breaking seals and allowing mere whispers to be heard. and it was enough.

a wandering tribe in ancient siberia, wandering, lost and starving, would have come across an ancient ruin. large, spanning statues carved of obsidian hewn into rock of beasts they’d never seen before. a dark whisper invaded their minds, promising them shelter, food, and salvation. they accepted, desperate and came to worship this miracle. then, they were promised something more.

an end to their hunger, their thirst and pain. to become like the world around them, cold and unending. never again would they feel the pain of losing a loved one to age, or the burning coils of starvation. they would be free to roam without the fear of freezing. a gift.

AAAND they accepted. it seemed good, at first. 

when they returned, they had been changed. Their skin had taken on an ashen hue, as if they had been borne from the very tundra that surrounded them. their eyes were dark bloodshot, pupils permanently dilated and as dark as the void. they slept during the day, the members of the tribe always carefully avoiding sunlight, and, when they were seen during the day, it was always wearing thick furs and fabrics. their was an unnatural way about them, perhaps it was the way they walked, stilted and harsh, or perhaps it was that they fed only on the blood of animals, the crimson liquid dripping from the corners of their mouths as they stalked silently across the pale landscape, only the reflections of their eyes visible flickering within the trees.

for a time, there had been a tentative peace. the elders had seen acts of desperation before, and as long as the wayward clan minded kept to themselves, there was no threat. It had taken all but one of the turned tribe to discover their true hunger in a scuffle between hunters, and that human was so much preferable to the alternative.

chaos erupted, with attacks on villages being all but commonplace. the creatures could not be harmed by flame or weapon, and those that had been killed by them would rise days later, the curse having taken hold of them as well. families and tribes were torn apart in a matter of days, those that survived being forced to flee. as suddenly as the attacks had begun, however, they stopped. the risen cadavers began to retreat, their empty eyes drawn to the West, where the curse had began. those that remained, bloodied and shocked by what had occurred, watched as the bodies of their family members walked into the mountains, never to be seen again.

ANWAYS, that’s my botched hopefully unique approach that’s part 30 days of night, part lovecraftian, part cosmic horror styled vampires. demons would have their own unique culture and be (so they would say) unaware of the curse plaguing humanity. they’re very aloof that way. 

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ooc. tbh guys i really don’t deserve this if you want me
to be honest, but here you are. i’m hardly active on this
blog due to school and my other blogs, but i appreciate
every single one of you all so god damn much.

jim means more than the
world to me, and has for years,
so just knowing that people are interested in the way i play
him is an honor. i love you guys.

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