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honestly just a reminder that you are so important okay?? i know you haven't been having the best of days recently and it makes me sad because, even though we aren't mutuals, i care a hella lot about you (as do MANY others). you put out so much content for those who are seeking inspiration, and even those who just want to be entertained. i've been following you for almost a year now, and thus, i've gotten to know you from the sidelines - i think you're WONDERFUL, and i want you to know that too.

i– idk what to say.. this is really sweet of you and omg i just ;;; thank you so much ♡ this means a lot to me… /gross sobbing

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Mcfreakin fight me

Sylph of Heart versus Knight of Breath

In the event that these two battled, it all depends on the maturation level of the Sylph. If the Sylph has gotten to a point where she can access her god tier powers, she could feasibly create an army to support her (see my Sylph of Heart analysis here). However, if that is not the case, or if the battle is occurring in a place that doesn’t have things for the Sylph to animate (given that treasured possessions or dead animals/people are fairly hard to come by), the fight would easily go to the Knight. As Knights are skilled with their aspect from the beginning, even early in the game the Knight would likely be able to harness the wind in order to form gigantic windstorms or other Breath-based attacks, effectively either 1) pummeling the Sylph into submission with gusts of wind or 2) just blowing her into next week. If the Knight, for whatever reason, doesn’t have access to their powers, they still likely would have an advantage over the Sylph due to their drive and motivation.

Also, let’s be honest, I could kick your butt if it ever actually came down to a fight between the two of us.

((Just a side note:

Its ok to like characters even if they are problematic.

If you like a character whos terrible or has alot of problems, it doesnt instantly make you a bad person. 

Its ok to have a favorite character who isnt 100% pure.))

I remember when I was younger, going to my white friend’s houses. I’d sit at the dinner table and hear their parents say the word “immigrants” like a sneer, like it was a dirty word. without taking into consideration that the small curly haired girl at the end of their table was one. I remember not understanding why that was an insult. I remember that being the day I realized being ‘’Venezuelan’’ was not something to be proud of and that I should hide it at all costs. they took away one of the most beautiful parts of me for a long time. I tried so desperately to fit in, act white. I stopped speaking Spanish at home. It drove my mother, who was sick and trying to support my brother and I alone, whilst learning a whole new language crazy. I hid from the sun and cursed my tan skin and dark brown curly hair and anything that screamed “not white” away. I grew up with all the “harmless” questions like, “so did you have to jump a fence?” or “so, is your family..like legal?” I was embarrassed of who I was and where I came from for too many years all because I was a child surrounded by non mindful, ignorant adults. I realize that a lot of Americans are not this way but I think that this is an important conversation to have. I know that everyone has strong opinions about immigration but I only ask that everyone that you be mindful of the words you use when talking about it. Being mindful of the words you use around kids, MATTERS. 


Russian Watsons (1971 - 2013)


Got tagged by argonapricot for the 6 selfies thing. It was hard enough finding 6 images of my face actually taken by me, let alone ones I liked, but here you go I guess. Probably the only person in my immediate tumblr friendgroup who hasn’t yet been tagged would be tinygaypuppetshow - ur up bro, im ready 4 ur face to be available online 4 my viewing. 

Since I finally have internet access again I’m filled with the burning need to abuse it

ducks-and-watermelons asked: Wrath!Dahlia and Pride!Kristoph work so well omg. I’m not sure if you’ve played AAI, but Cammy Meele would be a perfect Sloth.

nooo sadly I haven’t played that yet either !! I’ve got the game just sitting on my desk…waiting for me…taunting me…………

hawktalia asked: “Dahlia Protection Squad 2k15” is everything I ever wanted and can you please make that a real thing?

hoNEStlY im sure there are far greater dahlia lovers than I out there but. for real. sign up sheets to the left

anon said: paperman au… yes good



anon said: no but consider this: instead of papers, it’s just cravats. flying everywhere. breaking news cravat man seen riding the train. will he find tru love or will he find carrots?


anon said: I’ve started reading legal partners because of you. I love it. It’s terrible. You’ve done this to me I’m living in gay lawyer hell because of you you’ve ruined me. (legit thank you tho because it’s actually really good)

yes… ..yess ss… .these are the kind of things I like to hear