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Soooooooo.. story time(ish?)
I was helping some family friends babysit. We were watching four Sweet little kids. (They where very nice and fun to play with!^-^) Our family friend took us all to what I think is the best store ever. You go in and it’s this small shop COVERED in lego boxes and bead examples. You could choose a bead-art example to do or choose any lego box and they will give you the pieces so you could build/make it, and when you where done with the legos you give back the set and you could choose another box. I don’t know about anyone but I love me some legos(when they don’t get under your feet>~<) Anyway! I was given the choice of building legos or making a beed-art thing while I helped watch the kids. Me wanting to keep what I make, asked for beads and grabbed a gingerbread example. I even remember telling myself as I grabbed the stencil “this is a nice break. Relax a bit. Take a break form your comic and your crazy fandom stuff” … I have a Bendy keychain now. I have been infected with Bendy… It was actually pretty fun to make x3.

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Hi Maddie! OK so I've been trying to look for a reading list elucipher made on monsters and the like and I was wondering of there's any chance you might have it saved somewhere? :( Ive looked in archives and everything but I just can't find it :( it's fine if u don't thanks and have a good day!

i only have a couple of her posts pertaining to monsters on my blog: here’s one on the intersection of monstrosity and divinity; one on her favourite kind of monster story; top five fearsome creatures. hope this helps somewhat!

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I CA N T ITS SO tERRIFYING TO ME, LIKE EVERY TIME I TRY TO I START PANICKING and livvy has explained my behavior to me before BUT IM STILL SO, WORRIED?? I get so SCAREd, it took forever to be ok talking about my characters but gOD FORBID I RECOGNIZE THEM IN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS, it takes me forever just to talk to friends about them on discord i jUST WANT to BE FR E E,,

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THANK GOD IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS ISSUE, you have no idea how  much it means to hear


Happy birthday, Kim Minseok!! 

I hope Minseok is having a great day full of love and happiness! 

you wanna know who uploads regularly? thomas sanders. you wanna know who’s cute af? thomas sanders. you wanna know who doesn’t shut down fan ships? thomas sanders. you wanna know who’s funny and relatable and awesome? thomas sanders. you wanna know who reblogs fan art and memes and appreciates their fans ALL the time? thomas sanders. you wanna know who i love with my whole soul? thomas sa