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Every Cave in Skyrim
  • Some fucking bandit dude:
  • Dear diary, my name is Nordsly McStabberson and my roving gang of assholes discovered this sweet ass abandoned cave in the mountains in the middle of goddamn no where, it seems like a good place to set up base. Bertha stationed one guy with the shittiest bow and arrows we could find out at the entrance to tell passerby's 'Thats close enough' if anyone happens to be scaling the side of a mountain. Its my birthday tomorrow and we will celebrate with generic off brand nord mead and boiled creme treats. TFFN <3 Nordsly.
  • It's me again Diary. Birthday was great! Nael Pinebrooktreelover the wood elf got me 2 iron daggers and a set of baked potatoes, just what I always wanted. We've been here in this stinking freezing wet cave for a few weeks and at night I've noticed weird sounds coming from inside the walls. Like...wailing? A sort of unholy otherworldly shrieking, as if the souls of a hundred damned men are screeching in unison for freedom of their wretched rotting prisons.Clawing. Grasping. Blindly searching in the darkness to rid themselves of their curse. I dunno. No biggie. Bertha told me to stop worrying and keep digging. I am sure nothing could go wrong.

You couldn’t help but let out a breath of relief when you opened the door and stepped into the house, finally escaping from the freezing cold after being out for the entire day. Leaving your Christmas shopping a week before Christmas probably wasn’t the best idea, but at least you were finally done with it! 

“Harry?” You called out, immediately taking note of the fact that the entire house smelt of gingerbread cookies. As you turned to lock the door, you noticed the mistletoe hanging above the doorway. “Typical.” You murmured to yourself, a small smile playing at your features. Harry was probably busying himself with Christmas decorations while you were gone. As you continued to walk down the hall to the living room, that’s when you noticed it. Mistletoe was hanging on every doorway, above the bathroom door, the kitchen door, and somehow, Harry had managed to stick a couple up on the ceiling. 

“Want some hot chocolate? Your nose is all red, Rudolph.” Harry popped out from behind the kitchen door with a smile, walking over to you and handing you a mug of hot cocoa. “Threw in some cinnamon, jus’ how you like it.” He hummed, leaning down to give you a kiss. 

“Uh-huh, thank you.” You paused as you took a sip. “Explain to me why our house has mistletoe littered everywhere.” 

“I dunno wha’ you’re talkin’ about.” Harry’s eyes widened as he gave you an innocent smile and a shrug. “It’s Christmas!”

“I know, but anyone who comes into our house is going to think we’re crazy.” You teased, setting the mug down to take your coat and scarf off. Once again, Harry shrugged. “Can’t we just take down a couple? Kissing in front of the bathroom isn’t very romantic.” 

“Oi, you said you’d let me decorate the house as I pleased, so not another word outta yeh.” Harry scoffed, before pulling something out from behind his back. “Speaking of.. I had extra.” 

“More mistletoe?” You laughed lightly, watching as Harry hovered it over your head. “I kissed you already.” 

“Yeh have to kiss me again.” 

“My lips are chapped from the cold.” 

“I don’ mind.” 

“I do-” 

“If yeh don’ kiss me it means yeh hate Christmas, Y/N.” 

“…Alright, you dolt. C’mere.” 


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ITH birthday headcanons.

Usnavi: Getting older scares him a lot, though, strangely, his birthday tends to be the only time he stops thinking about how he’s getting older. He loves to be pampered and have a party with his favourite people. Has been known to sing it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Vanessa: Age really doesn’t matter to her; she’ll do what she wants to do until she can’t. She’s never really organised how to spend it, she just goes out and has fun as always and is happy when more people come with her than usual.

Nina: Birthdays bother her a lot, they’re a reminder that she hasn’t done as much as she wanted to in that year. While she’s grateful for everyone’s generosity, she tends to work through her birthday more than any other time of the year, anxious to get things done.

Benny: All Benny asks for for his birthday is time with Nina which he his more than happily given. He likes to stay in bed all day and eat his favourite foods, it’s a very relaxing day.

Sonny: Sonny never really gotten over the idea of birthday parties, he still loves them, Everyone is more than willing to dedicate their day to wearing party hats and eating off of paper plates because who can say no to Sonny?

Pete: He hates birthdays. It isn’t the actual birthday that bothers him but he isn’t one to have all the focus directly on him for an entire day, he’d much rather give that attention to other people.


McCree: Go ahead and get me a Venti Chai Latte – non-fat, please, if you don’t mind. Make it two, lemme get one for my friend Hanzo over there!

Hanzo: *surprised at being pointed out*

McCree:  *turns to him* “You wanna correct the record with your huckleberry maybe?” 

Hanzo: * looks away, blushing and trying to look inconspicuous, mumbling something* 

McCree: *chuckles* “Yeah I’m your huckleberry.”

I’m just, so glad for Matt Mercer. Like, seriously, he just gives me life. Thank you so much for your McHanzo lines, now I have something to draw after I finish my Hanzo cosplay tomorrow haha. <3


Sakura tried her best to keep the frustration behind her teeth and out of her voice as she spoke into her cell. “Nom that’s the problem, I don’t have an invoice for my visit so I can’t give you an invoice number. I have money and I want to pay before it goes to collections, that’s not the issue here.”

She didn’t say anything more about how that would ruin her already sub par credit score or how she was struggling to stay sane after being redirected for the fourth time in nearly two hours of waiting between calls.

She flipped the card over in her hand and looked down. She held in her hand the card for the billing office that had a grand total of zero actual human employees that she could talk to about her problem. It was all she had gotten from her visit to the Urgent Care hospital earlier that day.

Visiting the office had been the most direct means of solving her problem, she thought. Apparently, in the week she had spent recovering from her walking pneumonia, the Urgent Care had gone under and fallen t new management with a new team.

‘Good for them,’ Sakura forced herself to think through her clouded, frustrated brain.

But it hadn’t been good for her. The new place had zero medical files and even less financial records on all prior patients. That meant no invoice for Sakura’s visit.

“Have you tried phoning the billing offices for-“

“I’m sorry,” Sakura interrupted, feeling her resolve extinguish. “I have and I’m out of time. Thank you for speaking with me. Goodbye.”

Sakura didn’t wait to hear anything more, but turned her phone off and dropped it onto her desk. She had spent too much time at work on personal matters and had nothing to show for it. Thankfully, no one was looking over the top of their cubicles at her to see.

Most of the office floor was empty and Sakura knew that most of the team at the firm where she worked was away for the holidays. It was nearly Christmas, and too many people were too eager to take off at the first chance they got. When Sakura looked around, she saw only two other people at their desks out of a total possible twenty seven cubicles.

‘No one else wants to be here,’ she thought to herself as she packed up her things. ‘You don’t want to be here either.’

In a matter of minutes she was out of the building and in her car heading towards the old gym to work out her frustrations.

There was a gym right next to her apartments that was empty from abandonment and neglect. It still had working water and the lights nearly always worked, minus a bit of flickering, but Sakura never needed that much and always made do with what she could. The only one that still had a key was her and a few other tenants who moved in prior to the closing down four years ago.

Sakura never saw them in the gym.

The first half hour was spent driving into the sandbags with her fists. Then there was some light cardio, and Sakura pushed herself to the point of exhaustion. Sitting down against the wall she stripped down to her sports bra and felt bold enough to sit there in little more than her leggings. Her ipod was still playing and absently she stretched out her fingers to switch from screaming rock music that made her blood hot, to something a bit softer.

After a moment of rest and soft lutes she pulled herself up and raised her hands high above her head, bent at the wrists and poised like a doll’s. She lifted herself up onto the toes of her feet and then felt the dip in her back as she sank into the movements she could never quiet forget no matter how many years passed.

She wasn’t a girl anymore, but her girlhood was still in her when she moved like this.  

‘You couldn’t get anyone to acknowledge you but where were you ten years ago? You were a child but you killed kings in your dreams. Now you grovel for aid and toil behind paper trails like a shrew.’ Sakura spun and caught her reflection in the fractured mirror along the wall. Her form didn’t perfectly match the reflection that stared fully back at her, but when Sakura blinked the oddity of it all vanished and everything was as it should be.

The song drifted low and ended like a heartbeat. Sakura mourned its lost just as soon.

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Happy Birthday, Yuuri!!

Poor Yurio is irritated because Viktor made him wear a party hat.
Obey your father, Yurio.