but it's more of a love hate relationship

Think what you want about either character but can fandom stop pitting Sansa and Dany against each other, especially in regards to their relationship with a man? That’d be great, thanks

  • otp: both have a severe case of abandonment issues that they don't discuss and use anger or jokes to avoid talking about them.
  • me: yes...
  • otp: hate and annoy each other at every turn and have an overtly antagonistic relationship yet have more in common than they think.
  • me: niceeeeeee
  • otp: form a begrudging friendship that they deny to other people while still obviously caring about each other.
  • me: incredible
  • otp: fall in mutually beneficial love where they subconsciously help each other become better people just by being together.
my study moods
  • Tired but still going: eyes twitching, didn't sleep more than two hours last night (or not at all), "I can study a little bit more, it's okay"
  • Not today: opens book, reads a word, sighs, closes book
  • Doing a lot, learning a little: drinks 7 liters of coffee while listening to someone explain magnetic fields (even through I'm taking notes on biology), thinking about my to do list
  • The procrastinator: "I know I have like 36 chapters for tomorrow but I suddenly have this urge to research about aromatherapy"
  • Time traveling: studies for nine hours straight, "when did the sun go down?"
  • Inverse pomodoro: very proud because I wrote like two sentences, time to take a four hours break
  • Hate/love relationship: "I hate this subject" I mumble as I keep studying it
dear 2am reader
with a half-written suicide note
signed by dreams of permanent escape, 
i’ve been where you are.
which is not to say i understand.
which is not to say—i’m sorry.
so maybe a sunrise wouldn’t be enough to save you;
i think it wouldn’t be enough for me either.
the last time you felt joy is remembered, barely
what with earthquakes cracking around your ears
and you half-deaf to disaster. but i want to tell you this:
don’t break the promises you made to your best friend
when you said you’d be there for them forever.
one of these days, wrest an apology from your parents
for the shit they’ve put you through; you deserve it.
make sure your younger siblings get a chance to be
all that you never were. try not to leave anyone behind.
you won’t run out of words; you’ll only run out of time,
so use what you have while you can. i’m sorry—
which is to say, you have a lot left to live for.
i hope you do. i hope you do. i hope you do.
—  survival suits you || a. cho, 10 / 365
I hate that I love you - Jack Wilder Imagine

Prompt: Reader is an FBI Special Agent who arrests the four Horsemen along with Agent Fuller after they robbed the bank. Unfortunately Reader has met Jack before and they develop a love-hate-relationship.

Authors note: So this is the first imagine I´m putting up on this blog. I had this idea in my head for quite a long time now and I finally wrote it. It got pretty long tho so I forced myself to stop at one point. Since I´m having a lot more ideas for this story there´s probably gonna be a Part 2. I´m sorry for any typos but its currently 4am and I just spent about 3 hours on this so I don’t really feel like editing it right now. I hope whoever reads this likes it tho.

Fandom: Now you see me

Pairing: Jack Wilder x Reader

Warning: There´s like one cuss word 

Word Count:  1.622

„Alright, let´s get those magicians”, I said to Agent Fuller and the rest of our team. We were at the Aria Hotel ready to arrest the so called Horsemen for robbing a bank at their show last night. I had to admit that I thought Fuller was just messing with me when he told me about them. I mean magicians? C´mon these guys are entertainers. However it didn´t matter what they are. What matters is that they somehow managed to rob a bank in Paris from a Las Vegas stage in less than 10 minutes.  We were standing in front of their door silently nodding at each other and then I kicked the door open.

 “FBI! Hands where I can see them!” Fuller and I screamed at the same time. I don’t know what I was expecting but definitely not this. The Horsemen didn’t even flinch. It was as if they were already expecting us. Merritt McKinney was lying on a couch reading and not even bothering to put his book down. It took Agent Fuller to scream at him again so that he let the book rest on his chest and held his hands up. Daniel Atlas was standing at the window with a deck of cards in his hands. At least he put his hands up even though I did not like that smug look on his face. Jack Wilder was what it looked like sleeping on a chair with his feet on a table. I walked over to him with my gun pointed at his chest as he put his hands in the air. He looked rather bored but as soon as he saw me a grin spread on his face.

 “(Y/N), good to see you again. Look, about that last-“ “It´s Agent (Y/L/N) to you”, I cut him off. “C´mon are we really going to the last name calling? It´s not like I don´t know you.” The other Agents gave me questioning looks I simply decided to ignore. I hadn’t told them that I knew Jack Wilder. After all it was none of their business.

 I met him on my way home a few weeks ago when he `accidentally` bumped into me and wanted to apologize by showing me a little card trick. I like magicians and on top of that he was very handsome so I let him. He told me to pick a card, put it back into the deck and then he started to shuffle it.

 “I´m Jack by the way.” His smile was contagious. “(Y/N)” I replied while he cut the deck with one hand and one card shot out of the middle right into his hand. “Is this your card?” I couldn’t help but grin at him. “This is a phone number.” “Yeah it is and you´re free to keep it” His smile was actually the cutest one I had seen in a very long time.  “You know, you said you were going to show me a card trick to make up for bumping into me. You still don´t know what my card was though so I guess I can´t call you because you didn´t keep your promise which doesn´t change anything about you being that asshole who almost made me fall onto the ground and I´m afraid you being so utterly handsome still doesn´t make up for it.” I crossed my arms smiling at him and waiting for his next move.

 He did look surprised for a split second but his grin didn’t vanish. “Well, if you insist.” With a swift movement of his hand the phone number turned into my card - the ace of hearts – with the slight difference of a number being written across the middle of it. “Now, was this your card?” A laugh escaped my lips and I grabbed the card saying: “I guess it was even though I like this version much better.” He wasn´t that much taller than me but that didn’t change the fact that he was looking down at me with a huge smile across his lips. He was just about to say something opening his mouth but I grabbed his wrist and put it quite high on his back. My smile had faded and so had his. Instead he looked pretty shocked. 

“Woah, hey, hold on, hold on.” I kept quiet for a little longer wanting to hear his excuse. “Were you just trying to steal my wallet?” I asked him not very friendly. Yes, he was handsome and yes, I did enjoy that little flirt but I would not let him steal from me. “What? Why would you think that? I-“ I cut him off getting tired of this. “I´m going to stop you right there. I am an FBI Special Agent and I don’t like it when the bad guys are lying to me. Are you doing this to all the girls? Now listen to me very closely. I will let go of you and you won´t run away, do you understand?” He made a huffed noise which I took as a yes. I let go of his arms and he turned around to face me. 

“What? No apology?” I asked arms crossed once again. “You´re from the FBI?” He asked in awe and I had to keep myself of smiling at him because he just looked too cute with disbelief plastered all over his face. “Does that sound like an apology to you?” I must have looked intimidating because after a few seconds of staring at him he sighed and opened his mouth for what I was expecting an apology. “I´m sorry, (Y/N), but I didn’t try to steal anything from you.” That made me raise up my eyebrows. He was actually going to stick to that story. I knew exactly that he wanted to steal my wallet and yet here he stood telling me he didn’t. Pathetic. 

 “Don´t lie to me, Jack. I know what you were about to do but I´m FBI. I don’t deal with pick-pocketers and it´s been a long day so I really wish this wouldn´t have happened. I like you, Jack, and trust me I would´ve called but whatever. Just go now.” His eyebrows went up in surprise. “Are you serious?” “I am but if I ever see you again I promise you I will put you in handcuffs.” A smile started to form on his face and I couldn´t help but smile back. Even if it was just a small smile. “Either way it was still a pleasure to meet you, (Y/N).” “Wish I could say the same thing about you, Jack.” With a last smile and a wink he turned around and walked away.

 And that´s the story of how I met Jack Wilder. I didn´t know he was one of the Four Horsemen but when Fuller showed me their faces I thought one of them looked oddly familiar and when he told me his name was Jack Wilder I immediately recognized him as the guy who had tried to steal my wallet weeks ago. I had to admit that it was nice seeing his face again. The circumstances weren´t so nice though. 

“Like I said, it´s Agent (Y/L/N).” Just in that moment Henley Reeves appeared at the stairs putting on her jacket causing almost all Agents to point their weapons at her. “Do one of you guys mind giving as a hand with our bags?” She asked while she put her hands up. I didn´t like the tone of her voice but it wouldn´t be of any use to call her out on it so I just focused my attention back to Jack. “Let`s go”, Fuller said and I grabbed Jacks arms making him stand up so I could put him into handcuffs. 

“Last time we saw each other you did promise me you would put me into handcuffs, I just thought my charm would prevent you from doing so and instead you´d go on an actual date with me”, he said while I walked him out of the hotel room and led him downstairs. “Shut up, Wilder.” I couldn´t have him talk to me like that in front of my fellow agents or they would start questioning my authority. “No, I´m serious. I really wanted to ask you out but then that happened. I guess some would say it was the universe that brought us here together once again, don´t you think so?” He was messing with me just like McKinney was messing with Fuller but somehow he managed to get the idea of going on a date with him into my head and I couldn´t stop thinking about it. “I said shut the fuck up!” “Hey, no need to scream. I was just stating the fact that I find you very attractive, alright. However I already made myself clear about that last time, didn´t I?”

 These Horsemen had all of this planned, I could feel it. None of them were surprised or showed even the slightest change of emotion when we entered their room and now they were all talking to us as if we were not arresting them. Something was going on and I did not like it. When I sat back in the car next to Fuller he was giving me a questioning look. “Drive.” I didn´t feel like talking right now especially because I knew that he wanted to talk about Jack Wilder and if I did I might accidentally tell him something I didn´t want to speak out loud. Jack Wilder had been spinning around my head since the day I first met him and seeing him again like this didn´t make things any easier for me. God forbid when I need to interrogate him.

Reblog if you're shipping Sasusaku.

What makes sasusaku more than just an anime/manga pairing are its fans and shippers. Shippers who write the most mind blowing fanfiction and the most awe-inspiring fanart. Shippers who put logic to ridiculous anti-hate and advertise shipping freedom. Shippers who, despite the two being imaginary, fictional characters made them feel alive and real through cosplay. Shippers who understood the depth of the relationship between Sasuke and Sakura. And finally, shippers who gave love and still love giving love to Uchiha Sasuke and Sakura. Because we are one of the things that make them “something more.”

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♋  Cancer Romantic Compatibility 💙

Cancer And…

♈ Aries - This pairing can be challenging to navigate. It is imperative that both signs be diligent toward the others’ needs and preferences.  Aries is more adventurous than Cancer, but Cancer is more sensitive and level headed. Both are very strong willed, which can supersede the differences in these signs and make the relationship stable.

♉ Taurus - Like Taurus and Taurus, Cancer and Taurus have soulmate potential. Cancer has a tendency to be affectionate and loyal, characteristics that Taurus finds comfort in. Both signs have similar values; family, stability, and culinary arts. The signs’ tendencies toward jealousy are easily quelled in such a pairing.

♊ Gemini - Cancer and Gemini have some fundamental characteristic differences that can make this pairing difficult to navigate. Cancer is sensitive while Gemini has a tendency to make light of heavy emotional situations. If the couple can listen to one another and become accustom to their partner’s emotional characteristics, the relationship can become well balanced.

♋ Cancer - A double Cancer pairing is considered a soulmate level match. Cancers are emotionally intense, they both need and give affection constantly. However, not all emotions are positive and as intense as their romantic feelings are so are their feelings of insecurity and occasional doubt. Problems may arise when one partner has commitments that may take time and attention away from their other half, such as children from a previous relationship.

♌ Leo - Cancer and Leo are more compatible than most, but still face a fair amount of challenges. Cancer is good at making Leo feel admired and loved, but Leo has to go the extra mile to assure Cancer that they are valued. If cancer can communicate their needs to Leo without criticizing, Leo can rise to meet Cancer’s needs.

♍ Virgo - Virgo and Cancer are a very good match. They tend to bring out the best in one another. Virgo is patient when Cancer experiences mood swings and Cancer provides the stability and loyalty that Virgo craves. Try to avoid being too critical of one another as it can strain the relationship.

♎ Libra - Cancer can fall for Libra’s charm quickly, but it takes more than attraction to keep a Libra/Cancer relationship on track. Cancer requires a strong emotional connection in long term relationships, while Libra needs a mental connection. Both signs must find a way to nurture the aspects of the relationship that the other needs.

♏ Scorpio - Cancer and Scorpio are extremely compatible. Both are emotional, intuitive, possessive, and fiercely loyal. Both partners will feel loved in a Scorpio/Cancer pairing. Both can be possessive, but also prefer the intimacy of very few, so jealousy rarely rears its head.

♐ Sagittarius - Sagittarius and Cancer enjoy sexual compatibility, but can face complex issues. Sagittarius often seek the emotional intelligence that Cancer innately knows. Unfortunately communication between the two can be lacking, and it is often difficult for Cancer to explain these concepts to Sagittarius without causing friction.  Sagittarius is innocent by nature and so they can be upset by harsh truths or may feel like Cancer is being condescending.

♑ Capricorn - Capricorn and Cancer are extremely compatible for short term flings, but long term relationships require more work. This pairing is the epitome of a love-hate relationship. Capricorn has a tendency to be emotionally distant, while Cancer needs communication and affection. Capricorns often consider other aspects of their life to be more important than their relationships, and this can be a deal breaker for Cancer.

♒ Aquarius - Aquarius and Cancer have very little in common initially. Cancer is likely to feel neglected emotionally as Aquarius is more interested in lively intellectual debates living independently than proclaiming their love constantly. Aquarius can seem cold or aloof to Cancer, but that’s just their nature. If Cancer can find a way to feel confident in their relationship.

♓ Pisces - A soulmate level match. Pisces and Cancer play off of each others’ emotions like a symphony. Cancer is likely to take the dominant role in the relationship while Pisces is happy to support Cancer’s more ambitious ventures. The danger within this pairing is the potential of social isolation. These partners are relatively content being with each other and can often fall into antisocial periods.

I want to say something

I know most of people don’t care, but I need to express myself. I think the drama with Kite in Kimera Ant arc is bullshit. 

I kinda like this arc. Lots of action, the story between Meruem and Komugi and the fight with Netero was really good. Really good plot. BUT. Gon’s attitude was so stupid and frustrating, and that’s what made me dislike Gon (and Kite).

Yes, I know Kite is important for him. He saved his life and if Gon was able to become a hunter it’s because of him. But Kite isn’t a close friend to him, unlike Killua, Leorio, Kurapika, Bisky or even Wing. Gon doesn’t know Kite very well. And I think that if Gon was so upset it wasn’t because Kite was dead, but because he couldn’t accept to fail, to be weak again. It could have been anyone instead of Kite, Gon’s behaviour wouldn’t have changed (except maybe worse for Killua). Gon is egoist and childish, so it’s not a surprise if he acts like a spoiled child. But nobody tried to reason him (come on, a good kick in his ass and go to bed). Not even Killua.

Tbh, the mission could’ve been a success without those two pussyas-I mean them. Okay, they’ve helped ( mostly Killua), but they’re not necessary. It has simply created more drama (but it was too much for my taste).

I don’t know how to feel about that. I don’t like how Gon turned himself into Gon-san. I don’t like how Pito got suddenly afraid of Gon because he was angry. Seriously, it was ridiculous! Literally a fcking shit fit! I was so angry with him, I wanted to kick his fcking ass! Nobody else feels the same?

I see many comments about how much Gon is a complex character, how much he got traumatized by this shit with Pito and Ging, but I hate the way Gon is written. I find this bland, uninteresting. It’s far-fetched.  

Togashi wrote so many things better than that. Clearly. DC arc, the relationship between the King and Komugi, Zoldyck family etc are so much better.

Gon’s only interest is to be the best (or lover for killugon fans) friend to Killua. They have the greatest synergy I’ve ever seen.

I don’t mind if Gon and Killua are separated at the “end”, it’s even logic : Killua found an objective and Gon found his dad. But it’s not the main topic so I won’t say more.

Aaaaand I don’t know who is the stupidest, Ging or his son. Everybody hates Ging because he’s a shitty dad, but Gon isn’t better. He just wanted to find him, not even to see or talk to him. It’s ruining the all “traumatism”, the character’s human side. That means Gon’s just copying Kite’s goal for no reason. SERIOUSLYTOGASHIOJFDMESFJI. BUT the manga isn’t finished so maybe Gon will be back (but really I hope not).  

So yeah, Gon pissed me off. I’m disappointed.  

anonymous asked:

I heard that u give great fic recs:)))? Do u have any good long fics? Maybe highschool AU's? Thank u & have a nice day❤️

Hello! So I’m gonna be honest, I haven’t really read that many High School AUs so I’ll include College AUs as well, I hope that’s okay? (Also I’m including some of my fav long fics too bc i can’t help myself) xo

High School / College AU

Unbelievers by isthatyoularry

It’s Louis’ senior year, and he’s dead set on doing it right. However, along with his pair of cleats, a healthy dose of sarcasm and his ridiculous best friend, he’s also got a complicated family, a terrifyingly uncertain future, and a mortal enemy making his life just that much worse. Mortal enemies “with benefits” was not exactly the plan.

Or: The one where Louis and Harry definitely aren’t friends, and football is everything.

Give Me Truths by iwillpaintasongforlou

‘Just like a little cat,’ Louis thought later, as he drifted off to sleep. ‘A little kitten with his claws sunk right into me.’ It isn’t that terrible of a thought, after all.
Louis is a psychology student with a tattoo count as high as his genius IQ. Harry is in a (sort-of) relationship with a homophobic man and hates himself a little more every day. Things fall apart and Louis puts him back together.

Or, the one in which Louis falls in love with a fragile boy and tells him every beautiful truth in the world, as long as it makes him happy.

Here In The Afterglow by fondleeds

“If you hadn’t noticed, I don’t have many friends,” Louis whispers, the blossom of insecurity in his stomach unfurling and clawing its way into his throat. Harry is silent for a long time, and then he speaks; a soft, slow uncurl that makes Louis’ stomach shake. “I’ll be your friend.”


1970’s AU. In a tiny town in Idaho, Louis’ life is changed forever by the arrival of a curious stranger.

Dance to the Distortion by domesticharry

Louis accidentally breaks Harry’s camera lens and in order to get it fixed, they decide to participate in a romantic couples study. The only issue is that they are not actually couple. Well that and the fact they cannot stand each other.

Young & Beautiful by velvetoscar

Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes.

more under the cut!

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[ Therapy ] • 3

 Therapist!Negan x Reader

A/N: *sharply inhales* HERE WE GO! This is the last part of Therapy. I thought of this idea, and I’m really nervous to post it because I’m not quite sure if it’s what people might expect. Keep in mind there is a huge plot twist, and it does get kind of dark in the end. Oh gosh, I am nervous to post this but I do hope you guys enjoy the chapter! It is intense, and full of angst. xx I am going to be catching up on fics within the next few days, but the next thing I’m posting is Chapter 21 of Why I Love :)  I’ve got one more challenge piece, then I promise I’m pumping out requests. 

Tags: SMUT - TW: attempted sexual assault, suicide, inappropriate doctor/patient relationship, blackmail, angst, stalking ** I am not promising a happy ending please don’t hate me for that lol 

|| Masterlist || Part 2 || 

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Tick, tock, tick, tock… 

The grandfather clock marked off each passing second, its lonely sound echoing in the quiet foyer. The dim light that hovered above the entrance reflected off the glass panel and painted a soft yellow light on your arm. 

This felt strange

Stepping away from the front door, you were going to follow the path down the narrow hallway until you saw something out of the corner of your eye that caught your attention. 

On the blank wall near the staircase was a single photo hanging all by itself. You shifted your footing towards the stairs, climbing up a few steps up until you found yourself facing the sweet portrait before you. 

Enclosed around the black wooden frame, was a photograph of a younger Negan looking devilishly handsome in a tuxedo. He was clean shaven, sporting a head full of luscious, dark hair while resting his arm over the shoulder of a well-built, moustachioed man. 

Standing next to that man was a woman in a gorgeous wedding dress. The train cascaded down like an avalanche of snow with its ends trailing along the grassy field that tainted the mesmerising white. Her exceptional beauty radiated straight from the photo and nearly knocked the wind out of you. 

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i don't expect soon answer for this, so take your time with the answer. anyway, could you please tell me what do you love about akeshu? you seem to like them a lot. (i love your blabbering about couples and things you love).

this ask has me so excited, bc boy do i have some thoughts on the wildcard pair. & i know i took like. 3 weeks to answer it. but hey! have a ~4k word essay in response lmao

this is gunna get long (& spoiler-y), so ill drop in under the cut. but for a preview of why i personally love akeshu as well as why its my favorite ship for both of these boys:

  1. im a sucker for foil ships in general
    1. subpoint: what they have in common
    2. subpoint: where they differ
    3. why this creates a distinct opportunity for growth for both characters
  2. akechis clear & genuine interest in akira (& how much that has to cut thru to exist)
  3. akira will, whether the player wants it or not, bond w akechi; it is impossible to prevent akeshu from having a blood oath
  4. satanael (youll have to stick w me on this one. its symbolism heavy)
  5. i just rly think its a unique, weird, & fun dynamic

so. lets talk meta!

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kyle-broflovski-official  asked:

Honestly I can picture Tweek giving 0 shits about his dad when he grows up and realizes how awful he was, but I think he'll have a quite complicated relationship with his mom. I kind of think that his mom cares for him and in her way loves him, but is unable to understanding him and probably would have liked to have a more "normal" kid. And Tweek is aware of this and appreciate some of her attemps to bond but he can't ignore the part she played on his childhood's traumas so... it's complicated

^^^^ yup ^^^^^

I hate Richard, I hate Richard and how he exploits Tweek. Both of Tweek’s parents seem to brush his problems under a rug, but I can’t help but think about Helen and her trying to support the kids in Gnomes.

She was against using the kids for Richard’s platform from the beginning. Now, I’m not erasing her inclusion on Tweek’s mental abuse. She definitely was all for giving all of the kids coffee, she helped Richard with the screwed up ‘lesson’ to avoid child abduction in the home, etc. I feel like she’s what kind of happens to a LOT of the South Park moms, which is their detachment from situations that put them in the back burner to their husbands’ actions. She seems to be mostly just going along with whatever Richard does other than the Harbucks protest.

I’ve seen fics hc her or seem to characterize her without explicitly stating, as having some mental illness herself tho and I kind of like it since these things can be hereditary and could explain her detachment from Tweek

  • you: magnus loves alec more than he's ever loved anyone else
  • me, an intellectual: magnus has loved many people over many centuries and it's incredibly disrespectful to discredit his past loves just to make his relationship with alec seem more "special". magnus having deeply loved people in the past doesn't make his love for alec any less real or important. also, love isn't a contest and having magnus "rank" his various relationships is gross.

me realizing that jisung will be stripped of his maknae title once new dreamies come in

The Signs As Love

*check sun, mars, venus, 7th house cusp sign, signs ruled by any planets aspected to mars or venus*

**this post is mostly meant for when you’re really into a relationship but since the 5th house cusp shows the initial stages in a relationship which are still important in their way, it may or may not be checked*

Aries: the passion; feeling the adrenaline course through your veins, a blazing fire taking your body into its folds as you push each other up against the wall, fighting aggressively and then making up just as fast, smothering each other in kisses, playful banter, scolding them on little things yet inwardly smiling at their cuteness, love-hate relationships, not knowing whether to feel frustrated or even more in love with them than before when they do someting you hate, foreheads pressed together, their hand on the back of your neck, desperate for you to never pull away…

Taurus: the security; feeling safe in their arms, knowing that as long they’re with you and even if they’re not, not a single hair on your body could be touched with bad intentions, stability in every sense of the word because you both know you’ve got each other’s backs, having someone to fall back on, not having to be so damn rigid and firm all the time, finally saying what you want and doing what you want because yes, you do have someone to fall back on who’d never judge you, who’d rather support you, stand beside you and defend you, who’d not only protect you but also teach you how to protect yourself…

Gemini: the initial spark; mischievous eyes, playful smirks, harmless yet so damn lethal flirting, heart racing at the sight of them, sleepless nights, talking all night long about anything and everything, having absolutely no filter when it comes to them, playful inuendos leading to heated moments, chasing and being chased, getting jealous, acting possessive, butterflies in your stomach, big grins, shamelessly checking them out because why not…

Cancer: the emotional ups and downs; the longing, the hysteria, the drama, the denial, the jealousy, but also the understanding, feeling on top of the world, every single little emotion that led up to where you are now, the sheer extremity of everything when you were with them, like all your senses suddenly became heightened and the black and white world you lived in changed to technicolour…

Leo: the grandeur; showing them off in front of everyone, making it known to everyone that they are yours and yours only, spending endlessly on them, the grand gestures you’d pull off only for them because yeah, the thought may be what counts but you’d present the galaxies to them if it meant that you’d see their eyes light up like they always do…

Virgo: the innocence; nervous glances, head turning away as fast as lightning when your eyes meets theirs, hesitant touches, subconscious rambles, shy giggles, hiding from them because goddammit you can’t explain how your heart still goes haywire when you’re with them, ducking your head to hide how badly you’re blushing at their compliment, biting lips…

Libra: the genuineness; being a whole new person, being able to be just you when you’re with them, because they’re worth it, you know? They’re worth all of it, and you know they’d never judge you, you’d never have to please them unwillingly, and they’d always accept you as you, they’d love you wholeheartedly with all your flaws, all that darkness within you, the cracks in your being somehow visible only to them, the cracks that they love as much as they love you, never having to ‘rationalize’ your emotions because you know they won’t take it and they don’t deserve it either because they don’t want what is ‘acceptable’ or what is 'right’, the only thing they care about, the only person they want is you…

Scorpio: the intensity; that magnetic pull you feel around them, the obsession, the connection between two souls that makes it absolutely impossible to leave, the power of a single gaze to tell the story of a thousand words, the pain you’d long to feel over and over again if they were the ones who caused it because it reminds of how real everything is, loving them so much that your chest physically wrenches every time you think about it…

Sagittarius: the adventure; late night adventures, rebelling against the whole world just for them because you feel that thrill only when you’re with them and it feels as if they themselves are an adventure yet to be embarked upon, one that you’d embark upon over and over again til your body turns to dust and even then, your soul would find theirs to indulge in…

Capricorn: the trust; being mature enough to know they only have eyes for you and vice versa, confronting and talking it out instead of jumping to conclusions because you know them so damn well, not obsessing over them or thinking about them all the time because your love is beyond all comprehension and you know that and so do they, your life doesn’t have to revolve around them and that’s okay, both of you know the magnitude of your love for each other and are content with it, because at the end of the day, those daydreams and middle-of-the-day thoughts about each other don’t matter as much, what matters is the way your heart will always race at the thought of them, the way your chest will swell with warmth and happiness when you see them after a long day of work…

Aquarius: the understanding (between two people); finishing each other’s sentences, speaking at the same time, eyes lighting up as you look at each other knowing you just thought of the same thing, listening to each other go on rants and cutting between them so many times because you know exactly what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling, (but also) having so many words to say on the topic but choosing to remain silent because you know they know exactly how you’d feel about it and also because you know they need to fully let it out before you can express your thoughts about it…

Pisces: the idea; still daydreaming about them all day long, putting them up on a pedestal higher than any other, fantasizing everything about them because they inhabit your mind and you physically can’t think of anyone but them, watching cliché scenarios and thinking instantly about them, replacing the main characters of the scene with you and them because they’re the one, you know: the past, present and future and everything in your life revolves around them…

I think from point of view people don’t want to date black women is because we can don’t run around trying to figure out mind games, when it comes to relationships our mottos are you ethier in it or not, if your interested, well go for it, if your playing games, well tell you to leave because we don’t have time for games, we got other things that are more important than to chase some lover who can’t make up his mind. I also think that its the fact we have the ability to see through people Bulls hit, and people HATE that shit, people hate to know that someone is able to see their full of shit.

Honestly, my sisters, screw the people that don’t want a relationship us, you got alot more precious things in life for you then some dumass who don’t want you because he wants to play minds games, and knows that you can see through false halo they set up. You deserve someone that wants you values, loves you, cherishes you, respects you, and loves you every step of the way.

First Dates With Dear Evan Hansen: Headcanons

Female!Reader, Sorry!


•He hasn’t done this before, what does heee doooooo?

•He didn’t really expect you to say yes to going on a date with him, so he didn’t plan anything and he’s at a lost now.

•He considers asking Zoe for help but decides that that would be too embarrassing to do. He doesn’t want her all up in his business.

•Decides to keep it calm, like the park or something. He really has no idea what he’s doing.

•For the first time in forever, he’s really nervous, you’re the only person he has actually liked before that liked him back.

•He doesn’t need a replicate of what happen to Jenny in 8th grade.

•Don’t ask who Jenny is.

•He has a kite though. Just take the fucking kite and be happy, that’s all he wants please.

•His is a black box kite, just like his soul. Yours is an eagle.

•Welp, yours is kind of stuck in a tree.

•"You brought it back to its natural habitat.“ “Eagles don’t live on trees at parks, Connor.” “You don’t know that.”

•He climbs up to get your kite because he feels bad.

•Doesn’t fall because he isn’t a fucking acorn.


•Wowie, he is sHOOK.

•He doesn’t know how to confront girls? Well, girls he likes? So, he talks toJared about it.

•"Hey baby, you look sexy.“ “Who the fuck taught you to speak like this?” “Um, ”

•You end up decking Jared in the long run after the date.

•You arranged the date because Evan was insisting that you do so because he doesn’t want to screw anything up.

•You make a fancy dinner in your back yard. You couldn’t afford a fancy restaurant, but you make fabulous pizza rolls.

•Evan doesn’t mind because he couldn’t have done better. He loves pizza rolls anyway, the good ol’ microwavable kind

•He ends up knocking the whole thing down. Like everything is on the floor.

•He’s so embarrassed and anxious and really didn’t mean to. He’s close to tears when you say something.

•"Oh well, the dinner was shitty anyways. We can just go watch a movie inside.“ "W-wait, you’re, you’re not mad?” “Um, no? It was an accident.”

•He hugs you, he appreciates that and appreciates you.

•You end up having more fun watching movies than if you had that “fancy,” dinner.


•Fuck, this boy doesn’t care anymore. You like him, he likes you. He’s going to take you home to play video games.

•You play super smash bros. and school him hard.

•Just keeps making dirty jokes. He won’t stop, and will never stop.

•"Oh yeah, smash me, smash me hard.“ "Jared, lemme smash.” “YOU WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO PLAY ALONG, BUT FUCK, IM GLAD YOU DID.”

•You get bored after two hours, no matter how fun you and Jared make it. (Fun, you know what I mean, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

•You end up prank calling Evan, but Connor answers the phone huffing and puffing. You guys immediately hang up. (FUN ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

•"Um, that’s not what I wanted.“ "I don’t think that’s what anyone wanted.” “Evan probably wanted it, if you know what I mean.”

•The four of you agree not to mention or talk about it ever.

•You end up just cuddling, it was not a bad date, and you would definitely do it again.

•10/10 date in Jared’s book too. He’s glad he can just chill with you

•Would definitely kachow in the future.


•Zoe goes all out just for you. She wants it to be absolutely perfect just for you.

•She sets up reservations at this really fancy restaurant and she was going to surprise you with it, but you end up finding it.

•You both are really excited for the date and when she comes to pick you up, you guys discover are wearing the same dress

•You swear to each other that you didn’t mean to. You both decided that you guys look hot anyway and just go to eat.

•You’re scared someone will be rude to Zoe because you guys are on a date. And you get ready to hit anyone with your stilettos if they make a homophobic comment.

•The waitress says you guys are relationship goals and your face just goes red but you couldn’t agree more honestly.

•You guys have the fucking best dinner ever unexpectedly.

•"I heard this restaurant makes you do the chicken dance on your birthday if you come here.“ "EXCUSE ME, ITS MY DATE’S BIRTHDAY.”

•Zoe ruins the whole date by publicly embarrassing you but at least you get a free biscuit.

•"I hate you.“ "Sure you do.” “I do.” “Saying it won’t make it true, you love me.”

•Calls you the very next day to set up another date.


•She had been really built up on homework because she took on too many project sooo, why not a homework date?

•You set it up at your house on your kitchen table. Your parents were surprised when you decided to have a date at home.

•You both just wear pajamas while you guys eat snacks and you help her on homework.

•You add in jokes between each problem to try to lighten up get mood and you get a few laughs out of her.

•"I guess we have chemistry together.“ "You have to wait till the third date to use the romance puns.” “Aw man.”

•She ends up getting bad grades on all of the worksheets you guys did together but she doesn’t mention it.

•Subtlety suggest she tutors you, and you agree because that would mean hanging out together more and anyway is a good way.

•The date ends up good with you guys finishing and cuddling on the couch.

@kawaiikoumori said 

 Look I’m not going to say that Joker and Harley is one to strive for, I’ve never said that and I will never say that. You should stay away from that relationship at all costs and if you’re in one like theirs then you need to get out of it. 

But the fact that you said “loving lesbian relationship” is really interesting because… 


hmmm… I can’t think of why… 

of why that would be… untrue… 

Hmm… I just can’t think seem to think of why this relationship isn’t so “loving” as it seems… Oh well. 

Side note, it shouldn’t matter at all whether the relationship is straight or lgbtq+, just whatever is better and more interesting IN YOUR OPINION for these FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. 

Along with a bunch of my friends in this fandom, I’m bored of this conversation. Just go away.