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okay but, maggie finally has someone who will fight for her?? alex literally went and tracked down her ex to stand up for maggie. and then she learned that maggie lied and she wasn’t upset. alex knows maggie so well that she knew she kept the truth from her out of fear. maggie is so used to having people she loves reject her, having them tell her she’s not good enough, that there’s something wrong with her. so she keeps them at a distance. and alex absolutely will not allow that. she wants every single part of maggie, she wants to truly know her, and show her that she’s worthy of love. in the beginning, alex was the scared one in the relationship. but now that things are serious, maggie is the one who is going to need reassurance, and alex is going to be there every step of the way making sure she feels safe and loved.

goldenrose101  asked:

Even with some of the sillier hairstyles, I think you always manage to make Roy look pretty good! Have you tried him with an undercut? (Keep on rockin with your art!)

noice 👌

lmao just kidding hahhaa here

We gotta keep his hair pushed back. That’s the only way to save these hairstyle things lol

“I told you it’s only gonna get worse if you keep it a secret. It’s not just gonna go away, it doesn’t work like that.”

(I binge watched Eyewitness the other day, and so I have a lot of feelings about it. Have a quick pencil sketch of Philip Shea, because he must be protected at all costs.)

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