but it's mary so it's all good

  • Kanan: Dia, how about you sleep with us tonight?
  • Mari: Our bed is too big for the two of us~
  • Dia: That does sound nice. I was just about to turn in
  • Mari: What a coincidence, so were we
  • Kanan: You can sleep in the middle, where it's safe and warm
  • Dia: If I'm not getting in the way
  • Mari: Never!
  • Dia: (How sweet these girls are, I'm so lucky)
  • Mari, rubbing her boobs all over Dia: We want you right here, with us
  • Kanan, touching Dia's thigh: Let's have a... lovely night together
  • Dia: Could you give me a little space, it's too warm in here
  • Kanan: O-oh, yeah
  • Dia: Thanks. Good night, you two
  • Mari: (Why is it not working???)
  • Kanan: (Did she build up an immunity to us?)
  • Kanan: (You screwed up, past-us-es)
  • Mari: (Hey, leave baby Kanan alone!)

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Top 10 (5 if 10 is too hard!) favorite pieces by other authors?

So this has literally been sitting in my ask box for months and I sincerely apologize for that. Because I felt bad that I’m just now getting around to answering I made this incredibly detailed. It includes my top 10 favorite books; 5SOS works; Non-5SOS works and my favorite works of my own.


1.     Eight Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ (Ashton Irwin) by @hiashtonirwin SAMI I’VE TOLD YOU THIS BEFORE BUT THIS WILL /ALWAYS/ BE MY ABOSLUTE FAVORITE ONE SHOT

2.     Literally anything by @unkindnessofone but my absolute favorites of hers are Possibility Days (Ashton Irwin),

3.     Emmeline Clifford VS. The People (all 5SOS + OCs), and

4.     Wrapped Around Your Finger (Luke Hemmings)

5.     Let Me Spoil You (Michael Clifford) by @thedreamvevo

6.     Morning Sex (Michael Clifford) by @thedreamvevo

7.     Tattoo Artist!Luke Series (Luke Hemmings) by @2k15luke

8.     This Untitled Masterpiece (Calum Hood) by @michaelgclifford

9.     Efflorescenceseries (Michael Clifford) by @alreadymissings

10. “The Hills” (Luke Hemmings) by @thedreamvevo

Non-5SOS: (Mostly Batfam TBH)

1.     Nascent (Damian Wayne) by marshmellowtime on fanfiction.net {even if you aren’t into the Batfam in the slightest I think you’d enjoy this fic. Its probably the fic that got me /really/ into the batfam honestly. The character development is near flawless. The plot line is wonderful. Basically its 13 chapters of pure magic.}

2.     Skirts and Mary Janes (part 1 / part 2) (Jason Todd) by @uncpanda

3.     Solace (Jason Todd) by @cait-writes-stuff

4.     Comfort (Jason Todd) by @cait-writes-stuff {part 2 to ‘Solace’ but its so good it needs its own listing}

5.     Train Rides (Tim Drake) by @imaginethebatboys

6.     The entire‘Robin’s Nest’ series (all batboys) by @uncpanda (its absolutely wonderful I live for new parts being posted) (I only linked the first part because there are so many. if you want the other check out her master list in the bio! while you’re there id suggest just reading everything she has!!)

7.     What Do You Mean? (Damian Wayne) by @addicted-to-dc

8.     Bean (Tim Drake) by @antmanvshulk

9.     The Test (Sebastian Stan) by @just-call-me-mrs-captain

10.   Mine (Bucky Barnes) by @just-call-me-mrs-captain

My Own Works:

1.     CandleLight (Calum Hood)

2.     HotSpot (Calum Hood)

3.     Untitled / Unpublished Jason Todd thing

4.     Untitled / Unpublished Bucky Barnes thing

5.     Zip Me Up (Michael Clifford)

6.     “I’m the lonely one in all this!” (Michael Clifford)

7.     “Stop talking to them about it!” (Michael Clifford)

8.     “Tell me how you really feel about me.” (Michael Clifford)

9.     One More (Luke Hemmings)

10.  You’ll Be The Death of Me (Ashton Irwin)


1.     Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

2.     Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

3.     Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

4.     Delirium by Lauren Oliver

5.     Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

6.     Requiem by Lauren Oliver

7.     Panic by Lauren Oliver

8.     How to Love by Katie Cotugno

9.     The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

10.  Dreamology by Lucy Keating

When they got back to the bunker, Dean helped Sam out of the car and led him inside like he weighed nothing. Mary followed them and watched as Dean helped his brother onto the couch. Sam grabbed his arm when the older man moved away and his eyes looked panicked. 

“I’ll be right back. Gonna bring you all the blankets we have. You’re freezing,” Dean assured him and walked away in search of the blankets. 

Mary felt a presence beside her and didn’t have to turn to know it was the angel. In the few hours, she’s known him, Mary’s become used to Castiel’s presence. 

“You needn’t worry, Mary,” Castiel finally spoke up. 

“Who said I was worried?” Mary asked

“I was. We can’t afford to lose, Sam,” the angel’s confession made Mary balk. 

When she turned to face Castiel, he was gone.

She turned to her boys again and noticed Dean was wrapping his baby brother in a bunch of blankets. When he was sure the younger man was cozy enough, he sat down beside him. Dean pulled Sam close so that the younger man could lean his head against his shoulder. 

They both looked at ease and Mary couldn’t help but contemplate what their relationship was really like. She walked over to the two but noticed that Sam was already asleep. He looked exhausted but peaceful. Mary figured it was because he was close to Dean. 

“You know, that should be my job,” She whispered to Dean and pointed towards a swaddled up Sam. 

“No, it’s mine,” Dean replied. 

Mary knew that was the end of their conversation. Sam wasn’t her baby boy anymore, he was Dean’s. 


{ML: Cracked}{Akuma!SimulacrumAU}

Well…. that happened….


I am currently working on the Mari version… Which isnt really drawn but is written about and good lord its just as good….. Dreamy Butterfly…. Just…
My children….. so pure T-T

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Joel (Vinesauce) Sentence Meme
  • : --|) Send one and see how my muse reacts!
  • "It's a little old, ____."
  • "He has like, spikes too, right?"
  • "God, I can't stand it, even ironically."
  • "The trick is to just spam it."
  • "Oh god, my poor computer..."
  • "How about... Expand Dong?"
  • "I'll show you all the bestality porn to corrupt you."
  • "This is like the olden days of ____, where you just _____."
  • "Now we got that we gotta add some WACKY EFFECTS."
  • "Safe installer? Probably the safest installer in the world."
  • "Still up after all these years, what the hell..."
  • "And my friend with no talent, he would always ____."
  • "Kup teraz!"
  • "More like my credit card information."
  • "Love the sound of that."
  • "It's like it's a nuke about to blow off and we're sitting here at the safe distance."
  • --> [ CORPSE IN THE FRIDGE ] <--
  • "With my wah."
  • "I don't care what anyone else thinks, I think you're hot."
  • "Oh goddamn, you're ugly."
  • "You've got some issues, and I'm not sticking around to deal with them."
  • "Don't insult him, he's a god of shapeshifting."
  • "No, not in the toilet."
  • "HELP."
  • "Sick moves."
  • "Aw, what the hell...."
  • "Morning ritual - take a shit in the bush."
  • "I made him into a vegetable, man!"
  • "Goddamnit, ____, not again! You smug piece of poop."
  • "I am crying so bad."
  • "A moment like this needs music like this."
  • --> [ POKEDRAW ] <--
  • "Alright. I know the ____ really good."
  • "You know this is gonna be a fuckin' disaster."
  • "Lil' wink."
  • "How do I make him blue fast?!"
  • "Swiggity swooty, I am comin' for the booty."
  • "They are born with pants. These pants are flesh."
  • "Fucking great. Fuckin' ace."
  • "Lookit him. Give him some rose tinted fifties cheeks."
  • "Oh great. More horses."
  • "BEES. ....I hate bees."
  • "Dog. Dog. Dog. Dog. Dog?"
  • "This got grim so quick."
  • "How's he sitting?"
  • "Juicy."
  • "He looks like Dracula now."
  • "I'm gonna blow your mind."
  • "Somebody glued a Wheetabix to the cat."
  • "He looks like a cinnamon bun!!"
  • "This guy's goin' to work!"
  • "I can do this!"
  • "I tried. That's a bootleg ____ if I ever saw one."
  • "Screw you guys, I'm goin' home."
  • "He's got MIND BULLETS."
  • "This is not Zubat. It's AAAAAAAAGAAGHAGGHAHGA."
  • "This is totally the worst ever."
  • "Now we're stuck with... THIS!"
  • "Why did I put a dead skeleton on my face?!"
  • "Ugh, more birds."
  • "Everytime you hug them, it's a face full of spikes. Edgelord."
  • --> [ WINDOWS 7 DESTRUCTION ] <--
  • "What is technology?!"
  • "It's magic, ___, it's magic."
  • "It looks like a plate of oatmeal."
  • "This child has no idea what she's doing."
  • "I will change this for the better!"
  • "This doesn't look fishy at all."
  • "Oh my god guys. This comment section is from fake people."
  • "To make idiots think it's safe!"
  • "I DIDN'T DO THAT!!!"
  • "That's the most honest name for something. ____ Blaster. You will have nothing left."
  • "When I was 11 years old, I had a desktop stripper."
  • "The worst part, I couldn't get it off my ____, so I had to ask my dad to help me."
  • "Please, give me Jesus!"
  • "Oh, my sweet Jesus... There's Jesus."
  • "Nothing says this's more welcome than a creepy smiley repeatedly jamming a welcome sign into his crotch."
  • "Don't stop, keep injecting me those smilies."
  • "I dunno what he's doing, but that cannot be a good way to live your life."
  • "It pains me to do this, and it will be the only one ever."
  • "This is a worse idea than the time I drank a martini with my eye, I legit did that once."
  • "I thought that everything was fine. But no. No no no no no."
  • "Animated Christmas Tree For Desktop?! Yes!"
  • "Look at it! It's the worst thing ever!"
  • "I blame you! You did this, you did this!"
  • "Two hundred dollars?! For a MIDI?!"
  • "It sounds like farting in a bathtub. BLEUB."
  • "This is the worst image."
  • "Pretty leggums."
  • "What if you have a bad dream in hypersleep and you can't wake up?"
  • "What is that?! That's the face of a strangle murderer!"
  • "Hey, we can do this. Hey, we can do this."
  • "GO FOR THE GOLD! .....FUCK."
  • "Guys, it's a spooky ghost in the vents! Go away!"
  • "Save me, Pochahontas! Save me!"
  • "Alien, please pry me off this thing."
  • "What're you waiting for! DO IT NOW!"
  • "Come on, I dare you!"
  • "'Advanced AI is unparalleled', my ass."
  • "Space poosy."
  • "He chucked a fuckin' traffic cone at me!"
  • "I see London, I see France, I see a dumbshit alienpants."
  • "Ok, drink up."
  • "Fuck you, karma."
  • "This guy's badly programmed. Like a bootleg OS."
  • "It's jazz, but in space!"
  • "So uh, what exactly is this?"
  • "I'm afraid there's gonna be boobs."
  • "What the shit is this!?!"
  • "Why is one of those Russian castles being pulled apart; what the fuck?"
  • "Hide in shame."
  • "Oh, dios mio."
  • "Nah, screw it."
  • "What in mother Mary's name is this?"
  • "Why am I doing like this twerk-a-thon?"
  • "Am I a furry?"
  • "Shameful. Shame on you."
  • "Pronounce this."
  • "You know what seals the deal for me? When shit's got that rainbow tint to it..."
  • "Ohhhh... That's SONIC."
  • "Wait a minute, that music...."
  • "Woooooow."
  • "Let's see how they did this."
  • "That's just being so illiterate it's beyond anything else."
  • "Good face there, _____."
  • "It's Windows 2000...."
  • "What we have here is an enigma."
  • "Play it, maestro."
  • --> [ LINK THE MURDERER ] <--
  • "Is that a tinted mustache?!"
  • "What are you fuckin' wearing?"
  • "Yeah. Yeah! Yeah!!"
  • "This music is not helping at all."
  • "Let's see how big you can go."
  • "You know those advertisements on the internet that're like, 'try this new cure; I did and I got RIIIIIIIIIPPED'."
  • "Chest break?! Crack neck? Holy shit."
  • "Knock him out with a punch."
  • "Why are you having a conversation? He just went down cold."
  • "OH SHIT, 'E DIED."
  • "Go home. GO HOME."
  • "That's all I need, baby."
  • "Replace your sadness with piss."
  • "Can I body slam a BABY?!"
  • "Let's order a pizza."
  • "Nothing tastes as good as... Toilet joint pizza ghost party."
  • "Ghost... You want some pizza?"
  • "Oh no, what exactly is this?"
  • "I killed death. I killed a concept."
  • "Great. I've killed so many people that they blend into society now."
  • "That's just the weak leaving your body."
  • "I'm too busy to care. Fire? Whatever."
  • "The brain, brain, brain, brain, bRAIN."
  • "I'll be having children's tears on the rocks."
  • --> [ BEST OF DOS ] <--
  • "NAILED IT!"
  • "What's the worst that could happen?"
  • "I believe my patient is balls high."
  • "It's not brain surgery, but it is surgery."
  • "Strange, I've never seen a doctor operate with his bare hands before."
  • "How fucking dare you, alright?"
  • "I am back... for MORE."
  • "To understand surgery, you must also understand flesh."
  • "It's like crayons, but with more gore."
  • "I was a surgeon, but now I CAN FLY."
  • "The MIDI zone."
  • "Light the pipeweed."
  • "Put pipeweed in Frodo."
  • "YeeeAAAAH. YEAH. YEAH."
  • "I killed him 'cause he was hogging the bong!"
Miraculous Day Care

I saw the most adorable art yesterday by @tenchaa about a Miraculous Day Care AU and I simply couldn’t help myself because how cute is that ?

Check out the cute art : here and here.

So now we have a Daycare AU with a bit of the Super Squad mixed in because I can’t help myself (@dreamwips) when the Squad is involved. @rhaedarofworlds I wrote it out like you told me to.

  • Mme Mendeliev and  Mme Bustier run a small Daycare in the small town of Paris (pretend its small) and most of the people in said rtown know each other and have grown up together. Despite the fact it is small, it is very busy which means the youngest generation is often left to be worried about by busy parents.
  • Hence they form the Miraculous Day Care. Mme Mendeliev is in charge of finance and paperwork and Mme Bustier is the one who mostly takes care of the kids. Some older High School kids come and volunteer sometimes to help her.
  • Slowly, one by one, all the busy parents begin leaving their toddlers in the two women’s capable care until they all in kindergaten together. Its an easier way to get them to know each other and make friends before hand as well since the only public school nearest to the daycare is also nearest to the homes of the children.
  • The kids take time to adjust but fall in love with the place because its bright and vibrant and filled with toys. The perfect haven for a small child.
  • Marinette’s favorite toy is her yo-yo. Every morning she makes a beeline for it and doesn’t let go of it till the end of the day. (She doesn’t mind sharing though).
  • Her Mom makes her a plush called Tikki and Mari always brings it with her because she can’t bear to part with it. It’s like a little piece of Mama Cheng while she’s not there.
  • Adrien adores playing with Tikki so much that Marinette asks her mama to make one for him. He is so excited when the little girl hands it to him with sparkly eyes and a toothy grin.
  • Adrien immedietly dubs it Plagg.
  • Plagg and Tikki like to play together a lot.
  • So if a:b = c:d, then Marinette and Adrien play together a lot too.
  • Chloe always drags Adrien away though. Its a constant tussle of who gets to play with him.
  • Nino’s favorite toy is a pair of plastic headphones. They have a preset tune that plays on repeat at the push of a button. He likes them very much and listens to it all day.
  • Once Mme Bustier came in to check up on where Nino wandered off to when he didn’t show up for naptime and found him asleep on the couch with her very real headphones plugged in to her laptop. Apparently the boy got curious and fell asleep while listening to her music.
  • Alya has a toy phone which she brings with her to daycare and loves ‘interview’ everyone with. She enjoys seeing the reporters on TV do that so she walks around asking everyone questions in baby babble and limited toddler vocabulary.
  • She drags Nino with her as well and the little boy has a toy camera he takes pictures with.
  • Marinette loves to play with Alya. Alya loves peacocks because of their vibrant feathers. Mama Cheng makes Alya a peacock plush.
  • Nino likes to play with them too so he gets a Turtle plush he names Wayzz. 
  • Rose loves flowers. She brings Mme Bustier at least one from home every morning. Juleka and her play quietly with each other. Next to Mylene and Nathaniel, Rose is the quietest but most excitable.
  • She loves playing with the toy kitchen set and goes around all day cooking and feeding her friends.
  • Juleka loves the face paints so she’s constantly using them. She also loves everything purple. Her nap time blankie is purple as well.
  • Nathaniel keeps to himself and draws pretty much all day. He draws everything and animatedly explains the action scenes and the plot that inspired a scribbly picture but only when asked.
  • Alix falls in love with a pair of strap on skates. (The ones that are plastic and flat and you strap to your shoes). She wheels around in them all the time. She’s the most hyperactive next to Kim.
  • That being said, Mme Bustier has learnt to never under any circumstances give Kim sugar before and after a nap. He runs everywhere all the time and sugar makes it worse.
  • He has grown a fondness for teasing Alix and pulling at her hair.
  • Alix exacts revenge using her powerful grip. Seriously she has the tightest grip anyone has ever seen and she uses it to her advantage. When she gets too tired she latches on to Kim’s shirt like a leech and forces him to wheel her around everywhere until he cries or yells.
  • Max enjoys puzzles and blocks. He sits down and plays with them and Kim often joins him as they play together.
  • Sabrina follows Chloe around meekly but they are friends in their own way. Mme Bustier doesn’t approve of how they execute their friendship but doesn’t say much.
  • Mylene stays in her corner with her toys and books. She is shy and quiet and becomes good friends with Ivan. Ivan comes up to her in a mask one day and scares her making her cry. This prompts Kim to tease Ivan and the boy is guilty and angry. As an apology he draws a picture of sorts for her and she forgives him. They become best friends since.
  • One day a new boy joins them and seeing a new playmate Rose eagerly makes him ‘lunch’. Unfortunately Chloe also takes interest and drags him away, knocking over Rose’s food in the process and making her cry.
  • She also takes Tikki from Marinette when the little girl runs off to get her yo-yo. Marinette is very upset but seeing Ali happily play with it she says nothing. Sharing is caring after all.
  • Adrien sees her upset and doesn’t like it. So he goes and gets it back by asking nicely because Plagg misses his playmate.
  • Ali is left with nothing to do so Mari goes to him and tells him to play with Rose and Juleka. Ali is very much happier after that.
  • Mama Cheng makes a butterfly plushie just for him.
  • After that another new girl Lila joins them. She is fine for the first few weeks but then Tikki and Plagg go missing. So do Wayzz and Nooror and Alya’s plush. After looking for them everywhere Mme Bustier has to send the distraught kids home without them.
  • It makes them all miserable until Mme Bustier is cleaning out one of the corner’s of the room and finds them all hidden underneath a bunch of toys in a box seat. (The kind where you take off the cushion and its hollow, normally used as laundry or toy baskets).
  • She leaves them be and observes as Lila goes to it the next day and plays with them, leaves them at the end of the day and takes one home. (She switches them out every day).
  • When asked the little girl lies about it.
  • So Mme Bustier has no choice but to gently make her confess. Which goes wrong because Marinette has seen Tikki in Lila’s hands and the little bean angrily accuses Lila who begins to cry.
  • Finally they calm her down and when the root of the problem appears its very simple. Its hard to understand her but Mme Bustier laughs when she figures out that all Lila wants a plush for is because she saw the others playing with them and wanted something secure. A toy as a best friend like Mari and the others have.
  • Mama Cheng gets to work and makes a fox one for the tiny Italian who is now good friends with everyone else.
  • Finally Chloe wants one too. She sees the others sometimes play with their plushes and wants one. So she goes to Marinette and demands she give Tikki to her. That doesn’t sit well with our little spitfire. It takes a fight and a tug of war in which Tikki loses an arm and Mari bursts into tears before Mme Bustier calms them down. 
  • Later after Chloe apologizes and promises to be good and nice to everyone, Mme Bustier says she can have a surprise. A little while later a Mama Cheng Plushie™ is in the hands of Chloe Bourgeois. Its shaped like a Bee.
  • Nap time is Mme Bustier and Mme Mendeliev’s favorite time because "Hallelujah they’re all asleep ! We can breath now.” Both of them love the kids though.
  • Also Mme Mendeliev and Mme Bustier both take care of the kids. Mme Mendeliev is better at being strict and Mme Bustier is better at resolving conflict.
  • Also Adrien and Mari totally don’t make their Tikki and Plagg plushes kiss, nope not at all, what are you even taking about ?
  • Of course Alya and Nino don’t do the same as their best friends right ? Why would they.
  • Mme Bustier also totally does not have a little bet going on with Mme Mendeliev about which of the kids will grow up to get together. 


So here it was. I am working on the second part of the Meet the Robinsons AU so be patient with me (I have a few things in mind and I would like it if someone would be willing to take on an art prompt or two for the AU if anyone has time). I totally should have been studying for my Biology Practical Exam but I’m doing this instead. Oh well.

Tell me how you like them. I tried to mix Origins and Horrificator for the Horrifivan and I added a few other ships in there as well.

@volpinq you have a Kindergarten AU. Can we be childhood AU buddies now ? I’ll write some more if I can think it up.


izzyindefini  asked:

Yikes, now I'm thinking about Sam getting caught in flashbacks from the Cage while they're torturing him. By the time Dean shows up Sam is pretty far gone, mumbling incoherently about how he's dead, they're all dead and nobody's coming for him this time. This is all followed, of course, by a large number of scenes involving hurt!Sam and caretaker!Dean where everyone gets the love and care and healing they need... Well, I just made myself sad and I need to go write fic immediately right now.

*whimpers* PLEASE TAG ME IF YOU WRITE IT. ♥ Also what if Mary was there for her huge youngest son and it was awkward and perfect? And maybe Cas too because I’m greedy? And Sam is drowned in love and they live happily ever after?



Squid Sisters’ Splatfest Performance favorite moves

  • Sherlock (at the beginning of setlock): Well, this wasn't what I really wanted, but it's good to see John so happy with his baby and Mary...And as long as John is happy, it's all right, I presume...At least I have a new dog now...
  • Later *Moriarty's voice whispering in Sherlock's head*: "Oh Sherlock, it was not real...None of it...It was all just in your mind!"
  • Sherlock: THANK GOD!!!!!
As you know, has been brought into a situation and has grown through it and has developed an amazing relationship with a foster child. And as it would seem to all of us there seems to be something else that’s beginning to tug at her heart. I don’t wanna say too much, but there is a lot to be said about the courage it takes to be at a certain point in your life, having been through, in this case, an extraordinary difficult marriage with Jack. And then start to develop any kind of feelings for someone else. And it takes courage. And that’s all I can say!

Mary McDonnell on Sharon Raydor in Season 4. 


xbroadwayrosex  asked:

Last night's episode killed me. Francis is dying and she has sex with Conde. Mary is so selfish. It's not even about the rape now. It's disgusting of the writers that they put that storyline in there just to break up Frary. And why does everyone think Conde is a good guy? He's a traitor. How can she forgive him so easily but not Francis? What has he done?!

Truth to be told this just isn’t her, our Mary is gone. The girl we’ve been seen for the second half of this season is a dummy created by McCharty and her team to please all their twisted needs of what they seem to believe is creativity. According to these people this woman is a strong role model for women and their show is the quintessence of femminism.

So yeah, Mary our Mary is gone. Just like Frary.  What people are watching is nothing more than a zombie version of the show we used to love.