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rather than throwing these rejected doodles that were gonna be for a merch design im working on i guess i’ll post ‘em as a ‘work-in-progress’.
i kinda like the style i did but eh all i can see is disappointing flaws when i look at it so…i’ll try again! :)

my redbubble can be found here btw

I saw a post by @saltykei asking for Tsukki as the Morton Salt Girl and I


 MOTDs from yesterday and today! Don’t ask me what was going on with my hair yesterday; it just does whatever the hell it feels like most of the time.

Products List:

Yesterday (top) -

Brows: Essence Brow Designer pencil in “Blonde”

Lips: Covergirl Oh Sugar! Balm in “Caramel”

Eyes: NYX Jumbo Pencil in “Milk” (primer), elf Mini Shadow Palette in “Tantalizing Taupe”, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Pure Gold”

Under-Nose Highlight: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Pure Gold”

Concealer: Wet n Wild Single Eyeshadow in “Brulee”

Blush: NYX HD Blush in “Amber”

Today (bottom) -

Brows: Same as yesterday

Lips: Essence Longlasting Nude Lipstick in “Porcelain Doll”

Eyes: Same primer as yesterday, elf 48 Shadow Compact

Under-nose Highlight: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Pots and Pans”

Concealer: Same as yesterday

Blush: Same as yesterday

i don’t draw liam often. i thought i’d change that. please click for more detail


I don’t even own this game 

Mommy Wearing Daddy's Shirt
  • NSFW-ISH. Based on @kukumomoart's kinky fanart of Genos wearing only the Sensei shirt. >;D
  • -------------------------------
  • -For doing another note-taking session while he was in the shower, Saitama makes Genos go through a punishment sort of game in dressing up in something Puri Puri Prisoner had picked out for him from the store.-
  • Genos: ...S...Sensei...Do I really have to...?///// [-holds the package up nervously-]
  • Saitama: Come on now, a deals a deal. You promised me that if you started doing note-taking again while I showered that you would wear one of Puri's presents~[-smirks as he looks all flustered.-]
  • Genos: ...O..Okay.../////....
  • Saitama: [-grins-] Remember~ Nothing 'but' the shirt. And sit in 'exactly' the same position as that girl in that poster on our futon.
  • Genos: ///////...R...Right.
  • -Waits patiently for him in the kitchen, feeling quite giddy at how he'll look once he's done.-
  • Genos: ...S..Sensei. I'm done.
  • -Eagerly saunters out from behind the divider to look and see.-
  • Genos: ...Uhm...D-Does this look right...? [-He asked curiously-]
  • Saitama: ....;; [-Quickly turns away feeling really weirded-out-] (W-W-W-WHAT THE HELL IS MY FACE DOING ON THAT SHIRT?! What the heck was Puri THINKING getting that as the shirt-kink?...I..I mean it definitely looks sexy on Genos...B-But it's my face that's on there. It's totally weird as hell!! Like I'm staring at myself!!)
  • Genos: ...[-wonders why his teacher is so flustered as he looks down at the shirt.-].../////...C...Could I wear this more often, Sensei? [-smiles and blushes, feeling all happy with this situation.-]
  • Saitama: NOPE! NO! OUT OF THE QUESTION![-Quickly waves to him without looking-] Turn it inside out and backwards this instant Genos, or we're not doing it tonight. ///////