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Hey um Kenzi,, I have a serious question. I'm live in South East Asia so we don't have it here,,, but what the fuck is a poptart??? I googled it and it looks like the most sugary shit ever?? Like someone smeared melted marshmallow and sprinkles over two crackers holding jam together?? What does it taste like???? Why do people like it??

I didn’t anticipate this blog turning into a Poptart discourse zone but I actually have a lot of strong feelings on Poptarts so strap the fuck in, this is probably going to be a lot longer than you wanted.

In its simplest form, a Poptart is like a soft-ish (kinda depends on how stale they are tbh) pastry stuffed with filling. If you want the best experience of your life you can pop the little bastards in the toaster for five seconds and then bite into the closest thing to heaven y’all sinners will ever experience.

What you probably saw was the standard Poptart, which is frosted strawberry or some shit like that. Idk I never look at the package or the name because that jam-stuffed hell pastry is not worth your time. Do not even think about eating this shit because I will come all the way to you and smack it out of your hand.

Look at that bullshit. Fucking disgusting.

Now, if you want a real Poptart you go for the ice cream sundae shit. That shit is straight magic and I will dead.ass. fight anyone that says otherwise. Meet me in Walmart’s breakfast aisle in 15 minutes for an asskicking. 

See, look. This brilliant bastard put actual ice cream between their hot fudge sundae pop tarts. If there was ever someone who deserved to be a world leader it’s this muthafucka.

Anyway yes Poptarts are sugary as all fuck and your stomach’s probably going to hurt if you have too many but it’s kind of like getting a hangover from drinking too much. While Poptarts will eventually cause you pain and discomfort they’re gonna make you feel like a straight baller while they’re in your mouth.

They’re also pretty cheap so a lot of people who have somewhat given up on life (or maybe they just unlocked the key to real success idk) just have some of these fuckers for breakfast and then they’re wired for a few hours because their blood sugar spikes higher than goddamn Everest. Also college kids tend to shovel them like it’s a job for whatever reason. 

They’re also pretty good when you get the munchies after smoking a blunt. Like in ten years when I’ve given up on everything catch me higher than the Empire State building straight up tearing through boxes of Poptarts in the middle of the grocery store.

There’s a lot of flavors but they all kinda taste like the Lisa Frank aesthetic shoved in a blender with enough rainbows to supply every Pride parade for the next three years. 

So to sum up, people like them because they’re sugary and you can get them everywhere and also they hate healthiness in general idk

today has been so weird already and its not even 11 o'clock yet

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Do you have any krypton/kryptonian culture headcanons?

yah i mean idk if its a headcanon but part of kryptonian virtues is like. before u hurt someone u exhaust every other method of coming to a peace so i reckon there are these enormous debates as part of like. entertainment. students practising their debating skills & its like this joyous fun intelligent thing & the head of the houses preside over it & the first time kara goes to watch, she’s heard all about how incredible these scientists, these soldiers, these artists are & her parents bring her to a great seat & shes waiting & then they announce the topic & its like,,,, it’s funny. & kara sits back & she’s confused & maybe a little disappointed? bc she expected to come & listen to these Heroes debate very serious topics & then here they are & they’re smiling & debating idk!!! smth ridiculous like whether sand is better than grass, or whatever their equivalents were on that planet

& kara is like what is the point of this!! bc they’re throwing out arguments like u can roll down grass & that’s a classic experience all young ppl should have & the other scoffs & responds with the fact that dune racing is thrilling & stuff like that & it takes a while but kara finally understands that this is smth that can be fun. that it can be smth good & part of their whole life, not just for very serious matters. that everything that can be argued is interesting, that opinions differ, that there are so many ways of exploring a topic, that creativity is important, that when u argue smth u have no foundation in ur gonna get trounced

& theres a junior version of this & students can put questions anonymously into the debate box & the students hold these massive debates that go on all night & they have snacks & drinks & dress in whatever they want to & its loud & everyone gets their chance to speak & voice their opinion & they’re so well versed in like manipulation of speech that when ppl try to use fallacious arguments they get reprimanded by like 300 of their peers

Precious bby Steven<3

I really like how Steven’s associated color is pink, I mean.. how many male main characters do you ever see in western cartoons really associated with pink??

none that I can really think of. :v 

Anyway though, this little piece was like a destresser/coloring experiment sorta thing. I’ve  been trying to do… Something with colors.. I guess just kind of improve on my coloring skills, but I honestly am not sure what to improve on. :s

Oh shit here she comes the most boring red army sona!

She is a communications ‘expert’ and works with radios and stuff, listening to hacked networks and taking notes on what they’re saying or general maintenance of the radio systems. She collects swords because she thinks it’s cool (she also has the gloves because of this). She want’s to experience fighting like the other soldiers but never had the opportunity to. Tired af and ready to die.


a little experiment I tried with the 1975, the front bottoms, and Lana Del Rey lyrics

its not letting me @ phoenixofthestars, but im posting this anyway. imma try to be civil here, but i watched lwymmd and have dithered over this reply for a couple hours, and…this is as coherent as i can get it. keep in mind that I’ve been up for about 20 hours on very little sleep, and if i say something awful please try to hear me out anyway.

a lot of Taylor’s fans are really young, really impressionable children. maybe you have the experience and maturity to know it’s satire but they probably don’t, and they hear it and that’s how you get manipulative pieces of shit that do shitty things and then say “lol #lwymmd!1!1” taylor either knows this or she’s dumb as a rock, and As A Role Model she has to not say bullshit that can be misunderstood like that. do you know how many people I’ve already watched be a shitty person to their SOs, friends, family, etc. and said basically the exact same thing? do you know how many times i’ve been screamed at and hit and then told “well if you hadn’t _______ then i wouldn’t have done it! it’s your own fault!”? do you know how many other people have, too? maybe you do. maybe you were abused and emotionally manipulated too. idk. but now there’s a Role Model saying it, regardless of how she means it, and people are gonna take that and twist it around. maybe it’s not her fault. but she needs to know better.

So new student story. 

Idk if you know about teaching or school in general (or maybe it’s my experience?) but students are little rowdier on Mondays cause they just had a weekend and Fridays cause its a countdown to the weekend.

So today they were almost as rowdy as friday. So one of my students went up to my desk while I was putting up the picture on the board and said “Ms. ____ do you need a fidget spinner to calm down? I have one you could borrow.” 

I’m like nah I’m fine. And then he pulls out his prized spinner that lights up and sets it on my desk “if you change your mind.” he said before sitting down.

During free time he came back up and took it and started spinning it while telling me to just watch the lights and breathe counting to 10. So I do cause I can tell he’s trying to do something good. “See. Don’t you feel better?” he asked soooo innocently. “Definitely” I said. “Told you spinners can help calm you down! If you need to borrow again just let me know.” he said before sitting down and going back reading a book. 

These kids…. they can be very sweet and totally weird at the same time. 

I’m almost sure I am more meant to  be a high school teacher than a middle school, but moments like this leave me a little second guessing. 

honestly whatever jack/anti does for halloween im just so happy that he has taken on this little fan created thing and made it into something really exciting and he has been so creative with all of it and it inspired creators in the fandom so much like its actually insane

the whole community has been coming up with theories and writing HCs and drawing and editing and its all started by a little glitch in a video but like its bringing all of us together???? 

thats my favourite thing about this whole situation is seeing everyone share their ideas with eachother and im fkn pumped no matter how jack decides to end it (or not???? permanent anti idk)) im just thankful for the overall experience


i had like the experience of a lifetime yesterday.. i was ringing thru this like 60 something year old dude and he called me a girl so i corrected him and he apologized and said he didn’t mean to offend me i said thanks y'know its ok im trying to get more into the habit of correcting people and he said “that’s good, and y'know people really shouldn’t assume anyway” and idk why but that was very… like i got a little emotional???

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So, can I tell you something? My bf has heart issues; sometimes his heart starts hurting, and I feel his pain, but nothing more. Like, I can't really feel his emotions, but I feel his pain and idk am I an empath?

I’m the same way for the most part!! i feel physical pain a lot more than emotions, tbh, but i do seem to pick up on emotions from time to time

physical empaths seem to be a little rarer, in my experience, but its still a thing!

also- try setting up protection around your energy points so they don’t become weak due to the empathetic input firing at them all the time. a lot of empaths develop back problems as they get older, because the base energy point takes a lot of the load when it comes to empathy, i have learned. so protect yourself if u can!!

I feel like youtuber choices can be very personal.

Like I like jacksepticeye because he’s funny and not super duper serious but can be wholesome and emotional when the situations call for it.

But I also like cr1tikal because he makes dumb, expectable yet funny and wonderfully quotable jokes and just quits when things get boring or rubbish. And occasionally we see a little bit of him and its cute.

While I know my friend likes markiplier cause he does things all the way to the end, and while he’s funny sometimes he’s really honest and caring with his audience.

And she likes roosterteeth cause they’re entertaining and real with each other like a big family and happy to share their experiences.

Idk I don’t feel like people should be so put down for their choices of youtubers, ya know? They’re all there to entertain and educate, and as individuals we’ll naturally have different preferences with content.

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ive only ever had bad experiences with people who have my birthname as their name and because of it i dont feel like i can trust anyone with that name (plus it makes me feel weird cause its my birthname) and i feel bad about it cause like,,its not their fault thats their name u know? but idk how to get over it either

Maybe it’s just a coincidence??? I know a lot of people with my birthname and it’s quite common and even though everytime I hear it I cringe a little I try to remember that it’s not an attack on me. I hope I helped even a lil bit💕

send me confessions!

Driving across a strip
of glassy water, the music
soft, the lights soft and blinking
in and out of the treeline, winking
like stars, but bigger, dimmer,
warmer, sweeter;
there’s a cell tower pulsing
with little red lights, its metal bones
straining toward the prostrate night,
and I am it,
and I am here,
and I am home.
—  I felt my feet today. It may have been the first time. s.s.

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I'm a bit confused and puzzled my mother said marriage doesn't last because a person constantly changes and people grow apart, that's my marriage fails. A person must not stay in a stagnant relationship. I'm afraid...I don't think I'll ever have a stable relationship if I'm so obsessed with myself all the time. I'm not ready to give emotional support to someone. I feel like people are so obsessed with someone being there when it's not needed. Idk how people can invest so much time and emotion..

Her view of marriage and relationships is a little scewed, probably because of her own personal experiences. And she’s leading you to believe something that is not entirely true. My parents met when they were 16 & 18. They have been together for 40 years and married for 28. They still kiss each other good night and individually tell me how wonderful the other person is. They have their problems but every relationship does. Sure, stagnant relationships are bad. But not all relationships are stagnant. Two people will always be growing at an individual level, and they either grow together, grow separately and support each other’s growth, or grow separately and live separate lives. People don’t stay together because it’s good all the time. They stay together because at the core there is love, and because they know that at the core they should be with this person. This isn’t excusing bad behavior, because if you feel like you are dying from a relationship but there is still love, you should leave. But people grow and change and you have to realistically see whether or not this person is someone you should be with for the rest of your life. You have to decide whether or not you want to handle their downfalls forever. You have to see them as the whole person they’ve been since you met them, not the sliver of the person they are in a moment of fighting or in a moment of love. See the whole. If you’re not ready to give emotionally to others yet, then don’t. You don’t have to put yourself in this certain life because others say you should or because others are doing it. You have to listen to yourself and do what is best for you. If you want a relationship to last, then work on your self obsession. There is always work to be done on the self, and I think you have to intrinsically decide what you want out of life next and then work towards that.

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My girlfriend told me she wants to try a binder. I feel terrible about this, but that makes me a little uncomfortable. I know its selfish but her breasts are something that I love about her. They’re a huge part of my physical attraction to her. Of course I love her for a whole bunch of other reasons. Idk… I just don’t really know how to feel. Advice? :/

Hi anon,

You can think about this and not like this and experience negative emotions but then when you are done you need to let it go. If you care about your partner you will support her in her decisions around her body. Please be gentle and respectful around this topic with her and don’t shame her for wanting to make these kinds of choices. If you need to, talk to someone you trust who will keep this conversation private - not treat it like gossip - so you can talk through your feelings and get support.

She will still have breasts if she binds. They will just be in the shape and size more comfortable for her. Try to think of ALL the other fucking awesome things about your partner. There are so many more reasons you care and appreciate her - focus on those. 

People’s bodies are already policed by so so many people  - the media, the medical system, family, and even friends. Do not be another voice who shames and judges. Support and love your partner’s body the way she needs you to. 



Merlin has waited a thousand years, and just when he accepted his fate, he wakes up in a very familiar place, and realizes that Arthur wasn’t the only one whose life was cut short.

Together they return, and find a home in each other.