but it's kinda useless

the “tumblr strike” thing going around telling people to log out for a day tomorrow to protest @staff NOT DOING JACK SHIT ABOUT THE NAZIS ON THEIR SITE is definitely well intentioned and like not to be rude but its…..kinda fuckin useless… 

like the odds that enough people will participate to even make a noticeable dent in tumblrs activity is extremely low, and like. the whole reason strikes are effective irl is bc they actively disrupt the flow of a space and force it to be completely unable to function as normal. 

whereas all this is doing is POSSIBLY making this site have slightly lower activity for one day, probably not even enough to go noticed, which i Guarantee you they will not give half a shit about.

so like idk do it if you want to, its…possibly better than nothing. but honestly i feel like the petition going around has a better chance at making an impact, and thats not saying much bc i highly doubt thats gonna do anything at all either

..okay but what was the point of getting jian yi kidnapped AGAIN if nothing came out of it………………..


I really like yansim, like REALLY, so I am doing an AU from this game…
Well it started as an entry for a drawing contest about magical girls and yandere simulator, at the end this was the outcome(? and I love it!

In resume Senpai is the actual magical girl who should save the female population of the school from the evil reincarnation of the envy with the power of ❤LOVE❤.

Tarõ is a M.G. called cupid, the idea came when I was playing an namesake visual novel: “Cupid” …. But it does not have anything to do with it in terms of story so I guess its kinda useless to mention it? Well at least the dress was inspired in the one that wear the protagonist at the end \(o3o)/.

Midori Gurinu is the mascot! Well kind of… She is like Mirmo from Mirmo sibang (or sybang… I dont know how to write it propperly) or the little things from shuugo chara, I rather compare her roll with Navy from TLOZ. Info-chan and Kaga Kusha are the same thing.

Ayano is the rival, I thougt that it was funny and kind of ironic that the girl who is in love with him is the one that want “her” dead.

In the other hand Budo is the sexy man- I mean, the classic partner in crime of the protagonist, in other words: the friendzoned guy, the video of the epic rap battles of academy trigger my imagination (MULTISHIPPER CHRIS A LA ORDEN!).

And that’s all, I writed a lot… Sorry for that, and as always:

Sorry for the bad english ^¬^u

3 Billion Dollars [Part 18] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: fluff then possible angst

Warnings: swearing? cliff hanger?

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15} {part 16} {part 17} {part 18} {part 19} {part 20} {part 21}


A/N: This one is really short, and may be really bad. This one is definatly not my favorite. AND IT IS OFFICAL GUYS. ONLY 10 MORE CHAPTERS LEFT. I have a smut coming real soon so yeah. I’m a bit nervous for that smut though. Anyways please tell me what you think of this chapter, I love feedback! Inbox always open!

~Admin Brooklyn


You didn’t hear whatever Ji Yong said that night, but since then on he’s been happier. You don’t exactly know why you kinda just assumed that he got the weight off his chest from telling you about the marriage. He was a bit more handsy, which was a new thing for your relationship. It wasn’t the only change though. About a week after he saved you he had proposed an idea that you were both unsure about and very excited about it.

“So (Y/N), what do you think?” Ji Yong asked. Your hand was limp in his. A moment ago he was playing with your fingers, but he stopped as he explained his reasoning for his new idea.

“I don’t know,” you say cautiously. “Would it be weird if you took me out on a date?”

“We’re gonna get married anyway,” Ji Yong reasoned. He had a point. You felt your heart race at the thought of going out with him. “Think of it as like a test drive. We already know each other, we’re just testing out the waters of marriage and dating.”

“Don’t people usually go on dates to get to know each other?” You ask. Ji Yong furrows his eyebrows, a small pout forming on his lips.

“Only people who don’t know each other before then,” Ji Yong said sadly. “If you don’t want to go on a date with me that’s okay. I’ll never force you into something like that.”

Your heart broke as you heard his voice. You watched as his hand dropped and he got up from the loveseat in his office. You frowned as Ji Yong walked back to his office chair, sitting down in front of his desk, his head hanging low. You couldn’t help but feel disappointed in yourself. You sat on the loveseat, staring at the floor thinking through his offer.

“Ji Yong,” you said. Ji Yong looked up at you, his eyes meeting yours. “Can we try a date?”

You watched as a wide smile grew on Ji Yong’s face, happiness lighting up his features. He nodded his head wildly and left his desk walking back to you. He sat down next to you, grabbing your hand. “Really?”

You smile at him sweetly. His expression similar to a little kid’s on Christmas. “Yes really. What’s the harm done? Besides, I think you owe me from after everything you did to me.”

Ji Yong nodded his head, understanding the situation. He had a wide smile on his face. He kissed your nose, still smiling as he spoke. “I’ll treat you like a queen baby girl. You won’t regret it.”

The weekend after you had found a box on Ji Yong bed, which is now technically yours because you’ve been sleeping on it as well. In it there was a long elegant dress with a note saying to put it on. Not a few minutes after your dress was on and your hair and makeup done, Ji Yong knocked on the door. You weren’t too shocked to find him with a tux and a bouquet of flowers in his hand when you opened the door. He smiled, grabbed your hand and took you away for your date. It was a sweet one and by far the best first date you’ve ever had.

Ji Yong had also been showing you more of his work. He says it’s to “prepare you for the future so you know what to do when you have to make decisions”. It’s not as bad as you thought, but then again you know he’s not showing you everything. You’re kinda thankful for that though when you had passed a hallway. You could still remember the chilling screams that echoed off the walls, and Ji Yong grabbing you and pushing you away from the area.

Other than that one incident, you had begun to like Ji Yong’s job. Most of it consisted of paperwork and deciding what would be best for the everybody in Big Bang. Ji Yong had even asked for your opinion sometimes. He didn’t always go with it, but it was nice to be recognized as someone who could help and not some follower.

Ji Yong also liked the new change. He was glad you were becoming more accepting of his lifestyle. He had begun to take bigger risks around you. He’s been kissing your cheeks more and holding you closer than he used too. He loved having you around more, and you liked going out of the room more.

You had begun to pick up self-defense lessons. Seunghyun and Daesung finding it more important to protect yourself after what happened. They say that now you have the experience of what happened, you’ll be able to handle yourself better incase it happens again. Logically they were right, so you went back to Daesung’s self-defense lessons and Seunghyun’s knife throwing ones. When you began to get good, Seungri sneaked you a pair of knives for you to keep so you can practice on your own. So on the days when you didn’t follow Ji Yong around, you would go to your old room and begun throwing the knives at your old closet doors. Your clothing was emptied out by now, and all your belongings were already moved to Ji Yong’s room. Everything had settled down, and you had grown to love the peace that overcame your mind for the past month.


Ji Yong was currently working on a minor problem. Cops were patrolling the Eastern border of his land. He knew that they probably won’t do too much to any damage considering how hilariously out numbered they are. Ji Yong looked up at he heard his office door open. He watched as the eldest Seunghyun stepped in followed by his dad and Daesung.

“Hey dad,” Ji Yong said, setting his pen down. “Everything okay?”

Mr. Kwon shook his head, dismissively waving his hand. “I’m fine. Things are just getting boring for an old man like me.”

A small smile jumped onto Ji Yong’s face. He gestured for them to sit before picking up his pen getting back to work. Mr. Kwon shakily lowered himself into the chair, letting out a small sigh of relief as he sunk into the armchair. “So, I’ve heard you’ve been bringing (Y/N) around, showing her the ropes.”

A ghost of a smile appeared on Ji Yong’s face. “Yeah dad, just showing her around and what to do.”

“I think she’s growing to like this place.” Ji Yong chuckled lightly. He shook his head.

“She’s getting used to it,” he said. “Liking it is something else entirely.”

“You’re probably right,” Mr. Kwon says with a small smile. “She’s a bit stubborn, but she’s more than useful. I think she’s perfect for you.”

Ji Yong let out a small chuckle. He tossed aside a paper, its contents being useless to him. “She kinda doesn’t have a choice.” His words spark something in Ji Yong’s mind. “Actually, I told her about the marriage already. Funny thing, she didn’t exactly react.”

“Women are complicated Ji Yong.” Ji Yong watches and Daesung nods his head in agreement, and a small smile appears on his face.

“Dad, I know you told her before I got to.” Mr. Kwon’s face goes emotionless for a second before he casually leans into his chair.

“She was gonna know anyways and I think I saved you the trouble of her being mad at you,” Mr. Kwon defended. He wasn’t wrong, Ji Yong gave him that.

“I know dad, thank you,” Ji Yong said. Mr. Kwon eyed him, finding his dismissive behavior with you a little weird. After a minute he concluded that you were probably easing up his rough and defensive mood about you, at least to some people. Mr. Kwon nodded his head and begun to lift himself out of the chair.

“Well I’ll get going,” he said, finally standing. “You seem to be busy and I mostly came in to check up on you.”

Ji Yong nodded at both Daesung and Seunghyun, quickly dismissing them as he went back to his work. The police really didn’t know their boundaries between defensive and stupidity as he cleared another report of them patrolling the Eastern side again, and this time the report said that they were beating people. Ji Yong looked up with concern as he heard a loud thump. His eyes went wide as he saw his father lying on the ground looking unconscious.


Quick overview

I was trying my best to hold off on Lukas but I get so many asks on him I feel its time to talk about, who might just be my favourite unit in the game as of right now. Rocking 38 defence at base means most red units will not even touch him, and he can Ko them thanks to his above average attack of 35. He also has solid hp at 45 points but his speed and res are rather lack luster sitting at 22 and 17. Essentially he has the stats of an armour unit but can move 2 spaces in return for giving up armour buffs. This makes him a better choice to be a wall for infantry teams. However he needs a lot of love and care to be truly efficient.

Base kit

Lukas has a Killer lance which will soon be replaced by the Slaying Lance whenever it comes, and should be changed out once it makes its way into the game but still the +1 cooldown on his special skill, which in the default set is Sacred Cowl which reduces damage from two spaces by 30%. Its cool down is now one turn meaning every second attack from two spaces he’ll take less damage. If he had better res he could make better use of this skill. Fortress defence is a mixed bag, you get +5 defence for -3 attack. Most times than not this is actually helpful in being a tank. But you may not like the attack drop. Finally obstruct is, its kinda useless unless you trap them in a corner so don’t worry about this skill.

If you insist on using his default set threaten attack is an a amazing c skill for him as is infantry pulse to support the team. Reposition and swap are his best assist skills to he can move into the oncoming attack while protecting someone.

Suggested set(s)

Okay since I love Lukas so much you get the nice treat of two sets for him, the second I find is superior to the first.


+atk -spd/res

Brave lance +, Reposition, Bonfire

Death blow 3, seal defence 3/renewal 3/ Lance breaker 3, Threaten attack/defence 3

So this set makes Lukas double everything thanks to brave lance, and potentially quad lance units if using lance breaker.

Bonfire is the best special thanks to his defence, and death blow adds onto his already impressive attack. The threaten you use is up to you but both work well. The B skill however is where it gets interesting. Lancebreaker like prementioned allows you to double Lance units and secure KOs, Renewal keeps your hp high but seal defence is a viable choice. By using Lukas to tank a hit first the foe will suffer -7 defence, which then Lukas can initiate next turn to utterly destroy the foe. Just use threaten attack with it. However Mages still plauge him

Don’t touch me

+atk/spd/def - res

Killer lance + (Slaying lance when it comes out), Reposition, Ignis

Close defence/Fortress defence 3, Quick riposte 2/3, threaten attack 3 or any c skill you need

So the set I use and by far the better in my opinion, lukas with close defence no longer worries about the attack drop and gets more defence when attacked on, including protection vs dragons. Of course its hard to find right now so fortress defence works nicely too. Quick riposte means he can also double when attacked, but here’s the nice thing.Due to most units doubling him there are 4 turns of combat. Ignis is a 4 turn cool down but 3 thanks to killer lance so because Lukas gets the last attack, Ignis will proc and do 80% of his defence as extra damage. Which will Ko most units. Of course he needs to have good hp so healers are a nice addition to the team. Finally threaten attack boosts his defences even more though any c skill could work, I gave mine infantry pulse to support my infantry teams but hey do what floats your boat.

My new favorite thing in my life is people making fun of Tuxedo Mask cause if there is one thing that rewatching Sailor Moon has made me see its that he is ridiculous and tbh kinda useless

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It's kinda useless predicting but I want to hear your predictions anyway for the next time scenario we see TianShan I'm so bored and need something to fire me up 🔥🔥🔥

I can’t predict but I would like to see He Tian and Mo Guan Shan interacting in the morning after the dick pic night. I can totally see He Tian just chilling by the entrance of the school smoking a cigarette waiting for his favorite redhead to tease. Once he spots him, he smiles and Guan Shan at this point is hyper aware of He Tian and notices him right away but he’s a bit awkward because he doesn’t know what to say or act or what any of the stuff they did means so he just gives him an “I see you” look but kinda ignores him and goes about his business. But of course He Tian is not gonna let him go so he approaches him, still smiling, cigarette thrown away, he’s walking next to Guan Shan and he greets him good morning, maybe not a traditional good morning more of a tease like “you’ve been dreaming of me?” “I betcha you can’t get me off your mind!” which will then annoy Guan Shan, tells him to fuck off but secretly likes the banter and likes He Tian’s closeness, and likes the faint smell of He Tian’s cologne and cigarette smoke. Guan Shan doesn’t rush himself to get out of He Tian’s sight instead they keep walking together towards the building. People look, especially girls, because they wonder what a guy like he tian is doing with someone like guan shan, some girls approach him and guan shan rolls his eyes but he tian just ignores the girls at the moment because, as we know, he tian can’t control himself when he’s around guan shan. All he sees his guan shan, all he knows is guan shan, his body and his mind are just focused on guan shan and …and…he’s so in deep thought that he runs into a wall and Guan Shan just laughs at him a bit and , holy shit Guan Shan just laughed!!!! and it’s amazing and he’s beautiful and everything is right in the world. Guan Shan keeps walking a way and laughs to himself now and He Tian is left behind to plot his next move to tease Guan Shan. Maybe next time he sees him he’ll corner him and whisper in his ear……yeah….idk where this is going…lol. 

Realistically….they’ll probably get involved in the mafia plot -_- to save jian yi. hopefully not. Hopefully that gets resolved soon. 

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Other ships always use the "jimin said jk is like a brother to him" and it irritates me so much like why do ppl think saying that it makes a ship forever platonic..?? how many times have celebrities said they think of someone as a brother/family and then some time after, there's news about them dating... even some childhood bestfriends think of each other as family till they realize they like each other and start dating.. it's not that hard to understand that argument in kinda useless..

okay but that’s true. like selena gomez was all “no justin is like a brother to me” then like 4 months later it was like “selena gomez confirms relationship with justin bieber” like…. okay. as i’ve said before: thinking that best friends can’t fall in love is kind of dumb, because it happens a lot more than poeple would think. and also, ik i’ve said this a lot, but…. come on. obviously jimin’s gonna call jk his brother, not his boyfriend. like. if he’d said anything other than brother, netizens wouldve been all over that, trying to expose him or something. it’s the safest route in kpop to say your band mates are like your brother. 


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Gif credit as listed

-by Admin Bee

A/N: So this idea is actually the first one I came up with out of every soulmate AU (FTMYWU included) and here it finally is ! I just love this squishy genius even though I wouldn’t let him go near a pair of scissors. By the way, do you guys like full scenarios or bulletpoints better? The admins are experimenting with both at the moment and if you have a preference, please tell us, thank you~

  • Aight y’all ready for this no
  • Lets go
  • So Soulmate!AU where you and your soulmate have matching marks ie. bruises, scrapes etc etc
  • And as a child you always had bruised knees and bumped elbows but that was pretty typical bcs children fall down a lot so it wasn’t a huge deal
  • Plus you liked to play outside and RUN like kids do so you weren’t always sure if the bruises came from you or your soulmate
  • Basically you’re a mess from the start
  • Your parents have to explain that you need to be careful but its kinda useless because you sort of… like? The bruises
  • Bcs you show them off to your friends in class and everyone is so intrigued bcs none of them have that many marks and wow is that one in the shape of a dinosaur?
  • You start coming up with stories for the bruises you don’t remember giving yourself so at this point you think your soulmate is a spy/superhero/astronaut/lion tamer and goes on crazy wild adventures
  • In actuality he really just fell down the stairs again but shhh

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Hi Emma! Do you have any advice/motivational words for someone who want to start a studyblr but doesn't have nice handwriting and doesn't even know how to doodle or make their notes prettier? Haha I really want a studyblr because it think it's super motivational but I'm kinda useless :/ Thanks, you're the absolutely best!

Hey! Studyblr is much more than having nice notes or handwriting, even if it doesn’t seem like that on the surface. I think something that does get lost but at the heart, we’re all about improving ourselves and others during our individual journeys - regardless of what we are doing. I wouldn’t let not having ‘nice handwriting’ stop you from stopping starting a studyblr! Anyone can be a part of the community. Even if you’d prefer to not upload your own photos, that isn’t a problem! You can do other things such as tutorials, masterposts or answering questions with your blog. As I mentioned in a post earlier, I think the quality of your photos is more important than what is in them x


Serves you right (◕‿◕✿)

Not Who You Thot (Jay Park)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Hi can I have a jay park scenario (kind of like the song 2nd thots) where you and him get into a relationship and the crew tell him that you’re a thot and want him for his money but they’re actually mistaking you for someone else and you try to prove that you aren’t

Quicknote: I don’t know the crew of AOMG very well. I know who some of them are but I mainly know Jay…so like if I get something wrong I’m sorry.

Y/T/N: your twins name

Y/H/C: your home country 

“This is Y/N” Jay says as he smiles holding up his phone showing Chance and Seonghwa who took in the image and found something…odd about you. You looked incredibly familiar. “Isn’t this the chick who tried to ask you on a date?” Chance asked Seonghwa. Jay raised a brow “can’t be her” Jay says “it’s definitely her” Seonghwa said remembering the incident of the girl who constantly hit on him when she realized who he was. “That happened 6 months ago and Y/N wasn’t even in the country yet. Man she was visiting her family in Y/H/C” Jay said “no this girl grabbed my ass. My dick. And was really wanting something” “yeah your money. She straight up said it” Chance said as Jay stood up. “I promise you Y/N wasn’t the one who did it” he says as he dials your number. Putting you on speaker


“Hello?” you said as you pulled your phone from your uniform “babe where were you 6 months ago?” he asked as you. You made a weird face “I was in Y/H/C. Jay you faced timed my parents. Remember my mom wanted to see all of your tattoos?” you say as the line goes silent. “Jay I have to go. I have to give one of my patient meds soon” you say “okay okay. After work can you come here?” he asked “um I guess but that’s not til tomorrow around 7AM” you tell him as you glanced at the clock on your phone. “Okay um sleep then come over to see me, please?” he says as you could here the little pout “yes Jaybear I will” you say as you kiss through the phone.


“Y/N works as a nurse at Asan Medical man “she doesn’t get out too much. I met her at a store. Believe me Y/N was a very innocent girl when I met her” Jay spoke as he smiled to himself “maybe she’s lying to you” Chance says as Jay rubs his temples. “You know what you guys can come with me tomorrow to this cafe her and I like going to and I will prove to you she’s not who you think she is” he says as he looks at them both.


You decided to meet Jay pretty early at your favorite place and instantly smiled when you saw him there “I got you a coffee then. I know you’ll need it” he said kissing your cheek before he pulled you over to the table. You glanced at the two males “hello” you say giving them a small wave “this is Y/N” he tells them “that’s definitely her” one says quickly as you looked confused. “You’re really trying to sink your teeth into AOMG aren’t you?” the other asks as you suddenly felt uncomfortable. “What did I do?” you asked to anyone. “You grabbed me at a club” “I don’t even know who you are” you say as he scoffs. 

“Gray and that’s Cha Cha” Jay says pointing to them. “I’ve never stepped foot in a club” “oh no you did. You really wanted to know ‘what it was like to fuck a rapper’” he says hoping to jog your memory. A moment of realization filled you and you made a sound “did this person have like peach hair and have a tattoo of a little angel on her breasts?” you ask as Seonghwa thought for a moment. “Now that you mentioned it. Yes” he said as you pulled out your phone. “This is my sister Y/T/N. My twin sister” you say handing him your phone. 

“She’s a sugar baby. Always looking for a new daddy” you say as you laugh. “She’s currently with a 63 year old Japanese man” you inform taking the phone back then picking up the coffee and kisisng Jay on the cheek.

“Call me later” you tell him as you head towards the door. “Text me when you get home so I know you’re safe” he calls as you give him the thumbs up. He turned to his friends “I told you it wasn’t Y/N” he hissed “man its an honest mistake-” “no its not. You think I’d actually date someone who would go after my money? I met Y/N and I instantly knew she was a good person. Don’t just assume the worst of someone. Not my fault her twin is a thot” he cut of Chance. “She’s a twin man. Literally they are identical” “see that just proves you shouldn’t assume” Jay said. “You’re both apologizing to her when I bring her over next week. She took off all week to spend time with me and get to know my friends” he said as he sits down. “Okay we will I promise” Seonghwa “make sure you don’t mix them up” Chance jokes.

“I can tell them apart just by looking Y/N in the eyes. Plus she dresses classier than her sister I’m guessing” he says. “Sugar baby. Someone who just doesn’t lift a finger and makes everyone else take care of her sounds horrible” Seonghwa says. “I try to spoil Y/N and she gets mad at me. Telling me I shouldn’t waste money on useless crap. Its kinda nice but not so much at the same time” Jay says as he checks his phone seeing your name popped up saying you were home. “Hopefully you guys will be able to get along after that” Jay says a sthe two men nod at him.